A Taste of Their Own Medicine (mmmm ws scat humil nc)

Chapter 1

It looked like it would be all too easy. And our merry gang liked a challenge. So this time we decided to take a risk. We'd not only trap and then torture one young hunk that had aroused us, but instead would try to capture a twosome. The rewards seemed to outweigh the risk. We had been having our fun on campus for the past few months and had become experienced in luring dumb jocks to our secluded hideaway. Once inside we had spiked their beers. It didn't take long for them to fall asleep, and then they became our playthings for as long as we wanted.

We decided to see if we could capture and sexually humiliate two hunks at the same time. We also decided to expand our torture activities. We brought along some razors and shaving cream along with the usual ropes and sex tools from previous escapades. We always chose victims who deserved this treatment. In a way, we felt we were the Robin Hoods of our campus. We looked for tough arrogant jocks that think it was all right to abuse women and treat them like sex objects, and make disparaging remarks about gays. Our aim was for them to get a taste of their own medicine.

We couldn't have found two better candidates than two members of our college soccer team. Both were cute hunks who loved to boast of their sexual escapades. You'd just get sick listening to them talk in the cafeteria. They were the best of friends and weren't all that bright. But they worked out and had just the tightest abs you'd ever want to see. They were as straight as could be. Boy, we couldn't wait. Oh, their names were Jeff and Adam.

Parties on campus are so common that neither would give another thought to coming to a phony one we'd set up. We planned the party for a Friday evening at a place that was in an isolated part of campus. Once we had these guys, we planned on having the entire weekend to have fun with them. When they arrived pretty much on time, the five of us were waiting for them. When they entered the door of our place, they did ask where everyone else was and we just said that they were early and the crowd was on its way. It didn't take much to fool these guys, and getting them to drink the spiked beer also wasn't much of a task.

We talked a while with both of them, waiting for the tell tale signs that the drinks were starting to have their effects. It didn't take more than five minutes before both were out cold. The fun was now ready to begin. I set up the camera, and we started our humiliation. I watched as the guys slowly removed Jeff's clothes. I got aroused watching a guy's pants slowly removed and waited to see how well he filled his shorts. Jeff wore tight white briefs that revealed that he was well endowed. As the briefs were peeled off, his cock, although limp, was a nice size. We all could only guess how large he'd be when he reached a full erection. He had lots of hair surrounding his cock and balls. I could only imagine how his crotch would look after all those hairs were shorn.

I went up to Jeff and removed all of my clothes. I placed my hard dick right on Jeff's lips. We made sure to get this on film but we kept our faces hidden in each picture while we made sure that Jeff was easily recognized. We snapped a ton of pictures. Then while he was still out cold, I stuck my dick all the way into his mouth. No one would be the wiser. Everyone who saw the picture would think he had his eyes closed and was sucking my dick. Next I jacked myself off and shot a load all over his face. Pictures were snapped with me running my cock all over his cocky cum covered sexist face.

One of the other guys then got on the bed and sat on Jeff face. I took hold of Jeff's cock and stroked it, bringing him to an unconscious erection. It made Jeff look as though he was rimming my friend as I was jacking him off. More pictures were snapped.

Then I got into a sixty-nine position on Jeff and we snapped some pictures his friends on the soccer team would not believe.

Jeff looked as though he was sixty-nining with me. Next I pushed Jeff's legs up towards his chest and tied his ankles with some small string to the headboard. His virgin rosebud was on display and I snapped some more photos of him in this humiliating position. To add to our revenge I picked up a beer bottle, lubed it up and stuck it into his hole, his hole was stretched beyond belief. We snapped photos as I fucked him with a beer bottle, then I replaced the bottle with my dick. My other friend stuck his cock in Jeff's mouth and adding to Jeff's unconscious embarrassment. He ejaculated while I was fucking him in the ass. More pictures were snapped and Jeff was humiliated even more and he had no idea it was happening.

After his assfucking, we decided it was time to do a little shaving. We carried him to the shower and tied his hands to the showerhead. We applied hair remover from his neck down making sure not to miss any spots. After about ten minutes, we rinsed him off and his manly hair went right down the drain. We took out a metal cockring from our supplies and snapped it on. Then we got out a very, very large buttplug that attached to his cockring and used great force to put it up his ass.

The small amounts of remaining hair were then removed with shaving cream and a razor. We snapped many pictures of his new appearance. We bent him over and made sure to show his stretched plugged hole and the cockring around his newly bare balls and dick. We untied him and sat him beside the toilet putting one leg on the toilet seat and the other on the counter top so his plugged ass was exposed. I then stroked him to erection again and we took some more pictures. My friend opened his mouth and gave me the camera, what he did even surprised me. He sat his ass over his mouth and started to take a shit. He let a huge turd right into his mouth. This too was memorialized on film. We closed his mouth and made it look as thought he was eating it. I then pissed in his reopened mouth making Jeff a human toilet. Finally, we washed his mouth out and set about on the next victim, Adam.

Chapter 2

Adam was still lying where we had left him. We carried him to the bed and removed the rest of his clothing. We Snapped several pictures of him in his nude state.

Next, I propped him up on the headboard of the bed and stuck my hard cock deep into his mouth. He looked as though he was sucking my cock. We then propped him up on his knees and put pillows under his chest to support his weight. This position put his virgin hole on prominent display and more pictures were taken. Next, I lubed up a dildo and shoved it all the way into his tight ass. You would not believe how hard it was to get it up his ass. With the dildo lodged up his ass, I then sat on his face one of the other guys jacked him to erection and sucked on his cock. We took some more pictures and decided it was time to fuck him. One of my friends mounted Adam, while the other stuck his cock in Adam's mouth. I took the pictures as he fucked Adam and my other friend face-fucked him. The stimulation of Adam's prostrate soon had him throwing a boner and I made sure to take pictures of that. Adam came after about fifteen minutes of fucking and my friend shot his load up his stretched ass. I took close-ups of the cum leaking out of his ass. My other friend shot his load all over Adam's face that was also caught on film. Adam and Jeff would not believe what had happened to them.

Adam also needed a shave so we did the same to him as we did to Jeff. He was soon as smooth as a baby's bottom. Then we decided to put the two friends in some poses together. We stuck a cockring on Adam like the one Jeff was wearing and we set about more humiliation. We put the two friends in a variety of positions: sixty-nining, eating each other's asses, fucking each other. It had been a great night so far and we only had about another hour until, they woke up. There was one more part to our plan. We had brought some very revealing clubwear tiny shorts, which barely covered up the wearer's ass, and lycra shirts. We even had patent leather boots. Adam's new outfit consisted of a newly inserted butt-plug that attached to his cockring that matched Jeff's bright blue lycra shorts which left the fold of his asscheeks exposed and made his cockring obvious, a yellow lycra shirt with the word "Q-Boy" emblazoned across the front, and a pair of shiny patent leather boots which came to just below his knees and to finish the look a dog collar. Jeff's outfit consisted of tight pink shorts that basically were speedos, and a white lycra tank top with "Brat" on the back. His boots were the same as Adam's.

Then we took the next step in our plan. We called a cab, when it arrived we carried them to it, and we all got in the cab and headed down to a gay club where some of our friends worked. We carried the two inside and sat them at a booth and waited for them to wake up.

Chapter 3

We had been at the club for about ten minutes when they both started to wake up. Adam was the first to completely wake up, and Jeff did only a few seconds later. They both had very confused looks on their faces as they looked all around the club, and all they saw were men dancing with other men.

"Hey finally, you two are awake. You too had too much to drink at the club tonight and you passed out. We decided to stay here to let you sleep it off rather than risk you two getting arrested," said one of my friends.

"What are you talking about?" asked Adam.

"You and your boyfriend Jeff had too much to drink. That's all." I said.

"Boyfriend? I am not gay. Me and Adam are just friends," said Jeff with a look of concern growing on his face.

"Well you two could have fooled us earlier tonight. We all fucked like rabbits." I laughed.

Adam and Jeff were so confused and we were loving every minute of it. They had no idea how they had got at the club, and they had yet to notice their clothes.

"We've got some great pictures. I'll show them to you guys later," I added.

Adam stood up, and Jeff's eyes widened. What the hell was his friend Adam wearing? He looked like a total fag! His leg hair was even gone and his shirt said "Q-boy." Jeff stood up also, and he noticed what he was wearing. He thought to himself, how the hell did I get in these clothes? He could not see the back of his shirt, and his muscular ass and large package were on display. When Jeff stood up, his butt-plug rubbed against his prostrate and he realized he had something stuck up his ass. His face burned red with embarrassment. Adam too was trying to figure out how they had gotten dressed like this. He also felt the pressure up his asshole. They were not used to the anal stimulation, and both of them were soon sprouting erections. Jeff tried to hide his by placing his hands in his lap. Adam sat down and crossed his legs. He thought, I hope no one else sees me like this.

"God, you two are horny tonight. You all have been hard all night," said one of my friends pointing to their obvious hard-ons from the plugs.

"Well you two are on in just a few minutes so you had better get ready."

Adam and Jeff sat unsure for a second and Adam said, "What do you mean we are on?"

"I am getting out of here." Jeff agreed and they got up.

I said, "You two are going to strip of course. That's why you wanted us to come here tonight."

"Like hell, I am! I ain't gay and I ain't stripping for no faggots," said Jeff very forcefully.

"Well, these pictures say you are going to do it, and do exactly what we say." At the end of my statement, I took out the pictures and laid them on the table. Jeff and Adam's eyes and mouths opened wide in astonishment.

"How the hell did you get us to do that!!" screamed Adam.

"It didn't take much. You guys had a great time," I answered. "And if you don't want your soccer friends to see these you will get up on stage and strip, and dance. Hell, you'll even jack and suck each other, and if I say too, you will fuck each other. Either you do this or you will be a laughing stock and lose all of your friends and your soccer scholarships."

Adam and Jeff looked at each other and you could tell they accepted their fate.

"Why are you doing this to us?" pleaded Adam with tears in the corner of his eyes.

"We are giving you two a taste of your own medicine. You take advantage of women and make horrible comments about gays, so now you know how the other side feels."

The D.J.'s voice blared out over the loudspeakers. "Now for what you have all been waiting for, the dancers! Tonight, besides our regular dancers, we have two amateurs who are a little shy--Adam and Jeff. They are lovers and I want everybody to do their best to make them feel welcome. The first show will feature Adam and Jeff by themselves and they will be joined onstage by the rest of our professional scene for an actual onstage orgy. They will suck and fuck until they give out or until you guys run out of money!! An added bonus: tonight's performance will be filmed and made into an erotic video which will be available soon! So everyone give them a big round of applause. Adam and Jeff come on up!"

I looked straight into their eyes and said, "You guys had better dance like you mean it, and I want you two to kiss and rub all over each other, and when the announcer tells you to do something you had better do it, or your friends find out."

They both stood up with teary eyes and made their way up onto the stage. Music started pumping and the D.J. motioned for them to come up to his booth.

"First I want each of you to do a little solo dancing. Take your clothes off slowly, then dance around and mingle with the patrons. They will stick money in your socks. After about ten minutes, I will come on and say something about a little duo action, and then I want you two, to make out on stage--you know kiss, jack each other--stuff you guys do in the bedroom at home. Go slow. Then for the finale, before the other guys come out, I want you to suck each other off okay. Either sixty-nine or do each other one at a time, I don't care which, just make the action really hot okay!" instructed the D.J.

Adam and Jeff could not believe what they had been told to do, but they knew that the consequences of not cooperating were worse.

"Okay guys, hit the stage!"

Adam and Jeff reluctantly went out onto the stage. They felt sick at the sight of a couple of hundred gays lusting after them, but they had to do it. Adam went to one part of the stage and Jeff the other side, each did not want the other to witness them doing this degrading act.

Adam slowly started dancing to the music keeping his eyes away from the crowd. He felt like crying he danced and looked over at the D.J. who motioned for him to take something off. He was so embarrassed he reached under the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head the crowd cheered and his face glowed red. He had just now noticed that his chest and underarm hair were gone humiliating him even more. He danced some more as men pawed at his legs. He looked over at Jeff and he was experiencing the same embarrassing situation.

He saw that the D.J. was motioning for some more clothes and the only thing left was his boots and his shorts. He decided to remove his boots. He sat down and pulled them off, all the while the plug up his ass was stimulating his prostrate and he had an erection that he could not hide. He had leaked so much precum that there was a huge wet spot on the front of his shorts. He hoped that it would go down, but it did not. After a few more minutes he knew what was next men were chanting "take it off" and putting money in his socks so he just closed his eyes and pulled them off. He was humiliated at what he saw, his crotch was bare and had some kind of ring around his cock and balls making them harder and sticking them out in front of his body. His dick was rock hard and shiny from all of the precum. Men were grabbing his cock and balls he felt like he was going to puke. Worst of all the whole performance was being recorded.

The announcer came back on, "Now for a little duo action! Watch as they suck and do stuff that only goes on it their bedroom."

Adam and Jeff were shaking in fear, but they had to do it. They walked towards each other and Adam mouthed "I'm sorry" and Jeff felt the same way. They had never done anything with another guy, so they were nervous and not being gay caused other problems.

Adam leaned in and kissed Jeff on the lips. The announcer was motioning for more, so Adam wrapped his hand around Jeff's hard cock. Jeff had never been so disgusted. Here he was the Big Man on Campus performing some kind of gay sex show with his best friend, but he could not let the other guys find see those pictures. Jeff put his hands on Adams ass and rubbed his hands around his muscular globes. He was almost in tears. They were still locked in a kiss when I yelled, "Sixty-nine or the pictures are revealed."

They heard my demand and they slowly responded. They laid down on stage and tried to suck each other off. It was hilarious, Adam was gagging and he had his dick stuffed so far down Jeff's throat, that Jeff could hardly breathe. They continued sucking each other until, Adam couldn't resist anymore and he shot a load in his friend's mouth. Jeff gagged, but he couldn't spit it out, and he swallowed the load as best he could to keep from choking. Jeff raised up a little and he too shot his load in Adam's mouth. Cum was pouring out the corners of his mouth mixing with the sweat on his face. They felt like dying. A camera was recording all of this!

"Jeff rim Adam while you jack off. And Adam, you jack off too," I added. Jeff could not believe what I had instructed but they had to comply. Adam stood up over Jeff and sat his ass right on his face, Jeff could smell his hole and he gagged. He stuck his tongue out slowly and started lapping at Adam's hole. Adam was embarrassed because it actually felt good and his dick that had gone limp started rising again. The crowd was going wild. They were throwing money all over the stage--Adam and Jeff were a certified hit.

The rimming went on for about five or six minutes, then the announcer came back on. "Now are amateurs are going to be joined by our regular guys on stage. Watch as Adam and Jeff take it in both ends from all comers."

Five studs came out on stage and started gyrating to the music. They were wearing only thongs, and they worked the crowd for a few minutes leaving Jeff and Adam alone in the middle of the stage, then they each converged on Adam and Jeff. They all removed their thongs.

Adam and Jeff had a look of fear in their eyes as the men approached. The first guy to reach Adam stuck his hard cock into Adam's face. He looked at us and I mouthed, "Do it!" He opened his mouth and the guy stuck his cock in and started face-fucking him. Another guy got behind Adam and put on a rubber. He then lubed himself up and Adam was not expecting this. The guy lined his dick up and lunged forward. Adam jerked in pain, but he did not get up. He knew he had to do this. He sucked the guy's cock while he was being fucked. He looked like a real fag. The fucking was causing him to get an erection and he was even more embarrassed.

The camera was making sure to record this hot scene in detail. Jeff was undergoing the same thing except he was on his back and the guy had his legs up on his shoulders and was really fucking him hard while Jeff was sucking another guy's cock. The fifth guy walked over to Adam and he stuck his cock by Adam's face. He wanted Adam to suck him too. He put his cock by Adam's face and Adam tried to suck two cocks at once. He could only get their heads into his mouth but it was hot. After about ten minutes of this the crowd was screaming and throwing money all over the stage. It was time to wrap it up, so they all went into overdrive fucking them hard in their faces and their asses. They shot their loads all over the two soccer jocks, then I yelled, "Lick each other clean."

Adam and Jeff had both cum from being fucked up the ass. They looked like they would die but they complied. They were soon licking the cum off of each other like they were in love.

The crowd loved it, the music stopped and the curtain fell.

"You guys were great! Hope to work with you again," said one of the five guys. The other guys made similar comments and walked off to the dressing room leaving Adam and Jeff naked on stage.

"Great job. I hope you guys can do some more shows this week. I could really use you guys. I need some go-go dancers and some guys to be escorts, and I even have some videos and magazine shoots I think you'd be great in. I'll go talk to your manager," said the announcer.

Adam and Jeff were putting on their clothes. "Our manager?" asked Adam.

I walked up and said, "I am their manager and they would love to do two shows a night for as long as you need them, and they would love to do the videos and magazine shoots, They will also go-go dance and do the escorting for you. I just need to settle details about pay, benefits, etc."

Adam and Jeff had a look of disbelief on their faces. They could not believe what they had just heard.

"I need to talk with my clients first okay," I said to the DJ who was also the owner of the club.

I walked back to Adam and Jeff. They were broken. "You heard me right back there. You guys are going to work here and do all of that stuff until I say to quit or I reveal all these photos and tonight's tape to your teammates and family, so you guys had better practice your cocksucking, and go get some more club clothes 'cause you will need them."

"You can't do this to us," whined Adam, Jeff nodded in agreement.

"I can and I already have, so put your clothes on and come over here to the table with me and the DJ, so we can here about what he has planned for you two."

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