A Taste of Their Own Medicine (mmmm pierce humil nc)

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Chapter 4

Adam and Jeff put their clothes on with a look of despair in their eyes. They felt like dying, but we were not quite through with them yet.

"Come over here you two, so you can here what your schedule is for this week," I said motioning the two once cocky jocks over to the desk where the announcer/owner of the club and I were sitting.

"You two guys were great tonight. Your manager here says you guys are available whenever and for whatever I need you. Well, to start out, I want you guys to do two shows a night on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday from five till one in the morning, I want you two guys to dance on the bar and in the cages, stuff like that. Now on Thursday, I'll use you two for my escort service that we run. This Saturday we have a magazine shoot for you two. It will be at ten in the morning at 399 Crestview Drive. Sunday is for whatever we need you for so keep a clean schedule. You'll make at least seventy to one hundred dollars an hour in tips if you impress the clientele. Here is a copy of the schedule. If you have any questions have your manager call me," said the announcer as Adam and Jeff sat stunned by what they had just heard.

"Will you supply their costumes and clothes?" I asked acting like I was a real manager.

"Here is three hundred dollars so they can go out and get some clothes get really tight stuff you know like lycra, some jockstraps, leather, stuff like that. Ohh, that reminds me. All of our dancers have their dick pierced. That's our little trademark," laughed the man behind the desk.

"I'll take them right after we leave, and get them fixed right up," I said.

"Well, Adam and Jeff just fill out these forms and you're a part of our little family," said the man.

He handed them each a clipboard and a pen with the contract, and application on it. "Don't worry about the fine print. It's just the standard stuff about taxes and other junk like that," said the man.

I glared at Adam and Jeff. "Well, fill them out. We haven't got all night," I said motioning towards my pocket where the pictures were.

They both started filling out the forms. It took them a few minutes then they were done.

"Well, it's been good doing business with you, and they'll be here on time tomorrow to start," I said.

"Well I have something I'd like for Adam to do. Jeff can go on home," said the man.

"Sure, Jeff you go out and with the other guys and wait for me," I said.

Jeff sighed, handed the form to the man behind the desk and walked towards my other friends who led him out to the car.

"Adam, a guy on 23rd Street saw you tonight and he is having a party. He wants you to strip for them. It's a quick thousand bucks. You interested?" asked the manager.

"Hell yeah he is. Can you drive him over there?" I asked.

"Sure, he requested he wear a certain outfit anyway. So after he gets ready we will take him," said the manager.

"Great. I'll take Jeff on to get his piercing, so Adam, see you later. You had better make a good impression," I said making the point that he had better not cross me.

"I guess I'll see you," said Adam sheepishly looking away.

I turned and left to go get Jeff fixed right up.

"Well Adam. My name is David. Follow me and we'll get your costume so you can head on over there," said David the manager.

Adam got up and followed him back to an area that looked like a dressing room.

"The guy said he wanted you to wear a leather harness and a leather jockstrap, so, take off your clothes and put these on," said David as handed a weird harness thing to Adam.

"Umm, how do you put this on?" asked Adam who was standing there having already taken his shirt off.

"Here, stand still," said David as he started to help Adam put it on. "It fits over your chest and under each arm and around your back. Take your shorts off," said David as he roughly pulled off Adam's shorts. Adam's face burned red with embarrassment.

"You've got a nice ass. No need to be modest around me. I see this stuff all the time," laughed David as he took a strap attached to the ring on the front of the harness and attached it to David's cockring. Adam was so embarrassed having another man look at him like this.

"You look hot. Now, let's get you a jockstrap," said David as he went to a drawer and fumbled around looking for what he wanted. He soon had what he wanted a shiny leather jockstrap.

"I know you know how to put this on," said David as he threw the jock to Adam who was standing there trying to keep his dick covered with his hands.

Adam gladly put the jock on to cover himself up. He glanced at a mirror and was humiliated at what he saw. He looked like some fag at a gay leather bar. The cockring attached to the harness lifted his dick up slightly causing him to be half hard which bulged the jock out.

"Now you need a little more," said David as he put two leather armbands on Adam's upper arms they weren't tight enough to hurt but they weren't exactly comfortable.

"Now for the clothes," David handed Adam some leather pants, a latex black shirt and some black leather boots. Adam put them on. The shirt was hard to get on but he finally had it positioned.

"Here is the finishing touch: a dog collar." David snapped a leather-studded dog collar around Adam's neck. Adam cleared his throat adjusting to the pressure of the collar.

"All right how do you feel?" asked David.

"Great," said Adam trying not to piss off David cause he knew if he did not go along those pictures would be circulated at school.

"All right then lets go," said David.

Chapter 5

After I left the club we took Jeff, down the street about two blocks to a tattoo and body piercing parlor.

"Please don't do this to me!" begged Jeff as we approached the shop.

"Shut up you big baby, or we'll get more stuff pierced. I said as we pulled him out of the car and into the shop. "Now be quiet or you'll regret it."

"Hi there, what can I do for you guys tonight." asked the man behind the counter.

"My friend Jeff wants to get his dick and his nipples pierced," I said.

You should have seen the look in Jeff's eyes. He had no idea that I would say that about his nipples.

"Sure we can do that. What do you want in his nipples? We'll do those first."

I whispered into Jeff's ear, "Say I want hoops, silver ones, a pretty big gauge metal too."

Jeff paused then repeated what I said to the man behind the counter.

"All right, take your shirt off and get in the chair over there. I'll have to prep you."

Jeff slowly peeled off his shirt as he walked over and sat down in the chair. The man got out some iodine or betadine, I couldn't tell which, and rubbed it all over Jeff's chest turning it an orange color.

"I'll numb you if you want me too?" said the man.

"Yeah do that please," said Jeff quickly. He did not want to endure any more pain than he had too.

The man got opened a new syringe and prepared it to do its work. "This will probably sting pretty bad," said the man as he stuck the needle into Jeff's right nipple.

"Oww shit!" said Jeff. The man injected the area around each nipple several times. He let the medicine do its work, and then he got out his equipment and quickly and professionally did each nipple. Jeff bled a little bit, but not much. "You should keep them clean with some betadine for a week or two," instructed the man.

"Now what do you want done to your penis?" asked the man. "Make sure you want to do this cause it is pretty painful for a few hours afterward."

"Most men like this one--it makes sex better," said the man holding up what looked sort of like a hoop with a small section missing with little balls at each end.

"That's what you want, isn't it Jeff," I said looking at Jeff who looked scared to death.

"Yeah, that's it," he said with a whimper in his voice.

"Well then let's go back here to the back room. You guys stay out here. There's not enough room for the rest of you," said the man as he led Jeff back to the back room.

We stood there and waited, after about ten minutes we heard Jeff moan really loudly. Then a few minutes later he came out. "Don't forget, to keep that really clean for a week or so," the man said. Jeff's face was red where he had been crying.

We paid the man and left the store. We all got into the car as we drove towards the dorms.

"Show us your dick," I said. Jeff gingerly lowered the front of his shorts; his cock was a little swollen, but it looked really hot with the ring coming out of his piss slit. "You'll be the hit of the show," I laughed.

We drove back to the dorms to let Jeff go to his room. I threw him his key. "You can't leave me like this. What if someone sees me trying to get back into my room?" whimpered Jeff.

"I don't care about that, but I have a little assignment for you. We will come to get you tomorrow to take you to work, so before we get here at five tomorrow, you will have to suck off one guy on your floor, and to prove it, we want a picture of the acts in progress. You have to be naked in the picture jacking yourself off. If not it's goodbye college, and your friends too."

"There's no way I can do that!" said Jeff.

"Well, since you're complaining, you'll have to suck off three guys on your floor, and you have to suck one of them off in the public showers. If not you know the consequences." We pushed him out the door and sped away leaving him out in the open dressed in only the shorts since he had not put his shirt back on. We watched through the back window as he ran towards his dorm.

Chapter 6

Adam meanwhile was just arriving at the party. "Go on and go to the door. Have a cab pick you up. We will reimburse you," said David as Adam got out of the car. David sped away, and he walked up to the door and swallowed then he knocked. He heard footsteps and then the door opened.

"Ohhh, Adam, come on in. You look fabulous. Go into the kitchen to your left, and I'll come get you when I am ready for you, okay? By the way, my name is Alex," said the man as he led Adam into the kitchen. He fondled Adam's crotch then turned and left Adam alone in the kitchen.

He sat in a chair waiting for the man to return trying to figure out how he could have gotten mixed up into a mess like this.

A few minutes later the man returned. "Okay Adam, the guy in the chair is the birthday boy, so give him special attention rub your crotch on him and lick his chest and stuff like that. Your boss said that for a thousand dollars you will suck off anybody who asks so let's get started."

The man opened the door, and Adam followed him out into the living room. There was about ten different men in the room. All of them where dressed in leather, some wore only jockstraps, a few were totally naked. Some music started, and people started yelling. "All right man. Do your stuff," said Alex as he pointed towards the young man sitting in the chair.

Adam sighed then entered the room. He knew he had better do a good job or those pictures would be sent out so he started dancing to the music as men pawed him and yelled for him to take off his clothes. Adam first took off his boots as he made his way over to the man in the chair he rubbed his crotch on the man's legs. God, he felt sick doing this shit. In a few more minutes he was totally naked wearing only the harness as he danced around. Then the guy in the chair took off his clothes and motioned for Adam to come over. Adam knew what was coming next the man pushed Adam to his knees and shoved his hard cock into Adam's face. Adam heard a clicking noise and saw one of the workers from the club snapping photo after photo of him sucking the guy off. To make matters worse, the cockring had caused him to get a hard-on. He could not believe that he was being photographed doing this. Another man squatted down beside Adam and put Adam's hand on his cock. Adam began to jack the man off. The humiliation continued for several more hours. He sucked off ten guys, and he jacked off at least that many more. They had even sucked him off three times, and it had all been caught on photographs. Then the party started clearing out. He stood up and found that his clothes had been taken all that was left was his jockstrap, which he put on.

"I called you a cab. You did a great job tonight," said Alex.

"Uhh... thanks, I guess," said Adam.

"Well there is your cab," said Alex as he pushed Adam out the door. God, Adam was horrified that he had to make his way back to the dorm that way. He walked towards the cab.

"Oh no," said Alex as he looked up and saw me driving up towards him.

"You won't be needing the cab. You have cum all over yourself. I guess you had a good time," I laughed.

"Fuck you. You made me do this," said Adam hatefully.

"Oh, watch your mouth little man get in the car unless you want to ride to the dorm in that condition in a cab." I said, opening the passenger side door. Adam climbed inside. "We can't get you pierced tonight the shop is closed, so to make up for that and your little outburst a moment ago, you have to suck off two guys on your floor of the dorms, I'll need proof of it so you have to take pictures of yourself in action or get someone else to take the pictures I don't care which. That is for not getting pierced tonight, for your little outburst you have to get me naked pictures of your eighteen year old brother."

"What the fuck I can't do that." said Adam

"You just sucked off at least a dozen guys so I know you can do that, but you will get the pictures. I want him naked with a hard-on. In one picture you have to be sucking him off, you even have to fuck him. I also want pictures of you with your dick in your brother's mouth. I don't care how you get them but I need them by the day after tomorrow at noon. Now sit there and be quiet. Here put these shorts and this shirt on, and I'll take you back to your dorm." Adam sat quietly after my last instructions. We soon reached the dorms and I let him out of the car.

"Remember, you got to suck two guys off by tomorrow at five and the pictures of your brother the next day at noon." I closed the window and sped away leaving Adam as he went back into his dorm room.

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