A Taste of Their Own Medicine (mmmm pierce humil nc)

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Chapter 7

Adam entered the dorm room glad that no one had seen him enter. Jeff was sitting on his bed in a pair of boxer shorts.

"Man, how the fuck did this shit happen to us?" asked Jeff.

"I don't have a clue, but we are screwed if we don't do what they say," said Adam almost tearfully.

"I'm sorry about what we had to do at the club, you know I didn't want to do it."

"Yeah man, same here, but at least no one knows about it but us," sighed Adam.

"He told me I have to suck off three guys on our floor and get pictures of it by tomorrow or else--I can't do it man," moaned Jeff.

"Yeah, he told me the same thing except I gotta suck off two guys, but we got to somehow do it or our lives will be ruined," said Adam failing to mention the part about his brother cause he did not even want Jeff to know about that.

"Ohh shit, what did they do to your nipples man? Shit, that had to hurt. How will you keep other guys from seeing that man and what about Julie?"

"That did not hurt as bad as the other man. They made me pierce my dick man. It's all swollen and shit," said Jeff looking like he was about to cry. "I can't even wear a shirt right know cause my chest is so sore, I can barely wear underwear, and I don't know how I can keep Julie from finding out," answered Jeff. Julie was Jeff's girlfriend, and they were pretty serious.

"Well, we have to be at Crestview drive at ten in the morning. No telling how long that will take, so I guess unless we want this getting out we had better get started soon," said Jeff. "God, I can't believe we have to do this shit, man, it makes me sick. I am going to kill that guy for this!"

"Well, we had better do what he said. I don't know who to ask man; I am afraid they'll tell somebody about it," said Jeff.

"Well, just be careful man. If we do this stuff for them, they'll leave us alone. This has got to stay between us man. Don't tell anyone about this--ever," said Adam as he opened the door and left the room. He went to take a shower to clean up. While showering he was trying to think of someone to suck off. Adam showered quickly hoping no one would come in and see his bare crotch. He finally decided to go see Craig. He was a quiet guy who had his own room on the floor. Adam didn't socialize with him, so they had different circles of friends, which would help to insulate Adam in case Craig told someone. He went back to his room and put on some clean clothes and some cologne. Jeff had left the room, Adam guessed to try to fulfill his obligation as well.

Adam left the room and went down the hall to Craig's room and knocked. He heard shuffling footsteps then the door opened slowly. "Adam, it's three in the morning. What the hell do you want?" asked Craig, rubbing his eyes.

"I got something in my room that I want to show you," said Adam. He got a hold of Craig's arm and pulled.

"Let me put some clothes on." said Craig clearing his throat.

"No, don't worry about that just. Come on up here," said Adam.

"All right, let's go. This had better be awesome," said Craig as he walked behind Adam towards Adam's dorm room. Craig was wearing only a pair of white briefs. He was actually quite handsome.

"Come on in," said Adam. While Craig wasn't paying attention, he switched on his netcam. He had set it to take still photos every five seconds.

"I don't see anything man, what gives?" said Craig turning towards the door. Adam stepped into his path.

"I... uhh... brought you down here not to see something. I... uhh... brought you down here so that... uhh... I could... uhh... maybe suck your cock," said Adam. His face burned red.

"What? You're kidding right?" asked Craig.

"No, I'm serious man, if you promise not to tell anyone, I have wanted to suck your cock for a long time," said Adam trying hard to convince Craig to stay.

"Shit, I had no idea you were a fag. Well, if you want to suck it man, I guess I'll let you. Just keep it quiet. I don't want my friends thinking I'm a fruit," said Craig.

"Thanks man. I promise not to tell anyone," said Adam as he began removing his clothes.

"You gotta take off your clothes?" said Craig with a frown.

"Yeah man, I have to," said Adam. He was soon naked, his smooth crotch on display. His dick was limp, but he would have to change that soon.

Craig had pulled off his underwear and was standing next to the bed. "I guess I'm ready. I ain't never had a guy suck me off before," he said.

Adam approached Craig and got on his knees in front of his cock, it was still soft. Adam reached out and took hold of it. Adam could not believe what he was doing. Here he was Mr. Popular, who fucked any girl he wanted, on his knees getting ready to suck another guy's cock.

He opened his mouth and guided Craig's half-hard cock into his mouth. He started sucking on it.

"Man, you love that shit don't you? I would have never thought you were a cocksucker," said Craig. "Ohhh yeah, work that tongue on my cock, yeah," moaned Craig as he grabbed hold of the back of Adam's head guiding Adam's motions. Adam began jacking off as he had been told to do. He glanced towards the netcam to ensure that he was in a good position to be recorded.

"Man, you're getting off on this aren't you?" said Craig as he noticed that Adam was jerking off.

Craig was fucking Adam's face hard. His cock was really thick, and Adam's mouth was hurting pretty bad. He kept at it for about ten minutes; he was moaning and groaning a lot. Adam felt him tense up, and then Craig did it, he shot his load all in Adam's mouth. Adam tried to swallow it all, but there was so much. Craig pulled his dick out and shot his last few streams right on Adam's face.

"Yeah man, eat my load. Now, lick my dick clean since you like the taste of it so much," said Craig.

Adam licked the cum off of Craig's dick, then he felt his own orgasm coming. He shot his load and let out a moan. Shit, thought Adam, that made him sound even more queer. His cum shot on Craig's legs and feet.

"You stupid fag, lick your mess up," said Craig pushing Adam's head down to the floor.

Adam was so humiliated, but he licked Craig clean.

"You give good head, better than a girl," said Craig as he pulled up his underwear.

"Remember, you said you wouldn't tell anyone," said Adam still on the floor.

"I won't tell anyone if you suck me off whenever I want it," said Craig.

Fuck, Adam had not thought about what might happen afterwards. He did not want to suck Craig off again, but he would rather he not tell anyone. He thought those guys probably knew this would happen, that's why they wanted us to do this in the first place.

"Okay," said Adam not looking at Craig.

"Good, I expect to see you very often. I'm not gay, but a guy can't turn down a free blowjob," said Craig as he turned and left the room.

Adam was still upset from his ordeal, but he got up and turned off the camera. He booted up the viewer program and looked at the pictures he had captured, his face was quite visible in each. God, I look like a fag, thought Adam as he looked at the pictures. He loaded a blank CD into his CD writer and burned the images to disk for his blackmailers. He still had another guy to find and that shit with his brother. Jeff was still not there, and it was nearly three in the morning. He had to find another guy on his floor. He thought for a few minutes then he decided on Matt, a guy he had a few classes with. At least he knew his name. For some reason, Adam thought it would be easier to ask someone he knew.

Adam got up cleaned himself up. He put his clothes back on and decided to call Matt and have him come to his room. He got out the campus directory and looked up Matt's number he took a deep breath and dialed. The phone rang several times before it was picked up.

"Hello Matt, this is Adam from your sociology class. I have something to show you down here in my room. It will really help you out in class for that test next week."

"Man did you have to call so late. I mean, it's like three in the morning?"

"I am sorry. I gotta leave early tomorrow, and since we are partners in the class study group, I thought I would give you a call."

"All right, you're in room 310 right? Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes," said Matt, and the phone clicked.

Adam waited for about five minutes then there was a knock at his door. He opened it, and a sleepy-eyed Matt walked inside and plopped down on the end of Adam's bed.

"All right, what's so great that you have to wake me up this early in the morning?"

Adam held his breath then he went on with it. "Well Matt, I don't really have anything for class. I have been watching you for sometime, and I brought you down here so I could suck that cock of yours."

"What, man, I am not gay. I don't care if you are, but I am not into that stuff," said Matt as he started to get up.

"Wait, I won't tell anyone about it man, if you won't?" said Adam.

"I ain't gay man, so don't go telling your fag friends about this," said Matt as he sat back down.

"I won't tell anyone," said Adam. He hit the switch on the camera and began stripping off his clothes. God knew how he did not want to do this, but he was trapped. He went forward and knelt in the floor beside Matt. He reached up and pulled Matt's shorts down taking his boxers with them. He reached out and took a hold of Matt's cock. He jacked it a little then he went to work. He sucked on Matt's cock hard and fast wanting to get the ordeal over as soon as possible. He did not last as long as Craig he shot in only about six or seven minutes. Adam once again jacked himself the whole time. At least Matt did not shoot his load in his face, but it was disgusting swallowing another guy's dick juice.

Matt got up and quickly pulled his pants back up he seemed kind of upset that he'd let this happen. Adam did not know how he could go to class now and see Matt.

"Remember man, you said you wouldn't tell anybody," said Adam.

"Yeah, I won't tell if you will suck me off whenever I want it. My girlfriend won't suck me off so I guess you'll do," said Matt.

Damn, thought Adam, no guy even if they were embarrassed could turn down free blowjobs even if it came from another guy. He had to agree just as he did with Craig. Those blackmailers had planned it perfectly; they knew what would happen. He would be stuck sucking cocks to keep those pictures from coming out. "All right, I'll do it."

Matt turned and left without another word. Adam got up burned the pictures to CD and got onto his bed trying to figure out how he had gotten mixed up in all of this stuff.

During all of this time, Jeff had also been gone trying to fulfill his so-called punishment. He had found one guy quickly; his name was Ron. He had sucked him off in Ron's room. He had a small camera, and he had snapped a few pics of himself in the act. Ron had not said anything about having Jeff do it again, so he had been lucky with the first person.

He was not so lucky with the second guy he found. He went to a guy two rooms down from his and Adam's. His name was Mike Wilson. He had no trouble getting Mike to agree to let him suck him off. He had made fun of Jeff the whole time making fun of his piercings and his bare crotch. Jeff tuned him out. Once the deed was done, Mike had demanded that in order for him not to tell Jeff had to suck him off whenever and wherever he wanted. Jeff had to of course agree; he could not say no. Even though Jeff agreed, he knew that the guys would not stay quiet for long.

Jeff now had the easy part done. He now had to find a guy in the showers to suck off. This would be very hard to pull off and not risk being caught. The showers were open with about fifteen showerheads on the walls and a set of about six or seven in the middle. It was about five in the morning by now. Jeff went back to his room and went in. Adam was asleep on his bed. Jeff got his video camera and a towel and washcloth and the rest of his bathroom supplies and headed down to the shower room.

There was no one around yet but that would change pretty soon. Lots of people would be around in a couple of hours. Jeff wanted to try to find someone quick. He set the camera up in his gymbag. He set it near the entrance of the shower room. He then sat down and waited. After about fifteen minutes, a guy came into the shower room. He was rather small he must have been a freshman. He had black hair and looked to be a medium build. Jeff acted as though he was getting ready for a shower. The guy stripped off his clothes and went into the shower area.

Jeff turned the camera on and went in. The guy was at one of the central showerheads in the middle. Jeff took the one beside him. The guy glanced over and did a double take at Jeff's pierced dick and bare crotch. Jeff decided to get this over with.

"I... uhh... saw you looking at my crotch man. I... uhh... think you're pretty hot. Why don't you... uh... let me suck you off?" said Jeff very awkwardly.

"I... uhh... ain't into that stuff," said the guy.

"So, you don't have to do anything," said Jeff.

"I... uhh... don't know," said the young guy with a very red face.

"Oh here, let me do it," said Jeff as he got down onto his knees. He did not want to have to ask someone else; that would be more room for embarrassment and humiliation. He grabbed the kid's soft cock and quickly wrapped his mouth around it.

"Hey," said the guy squirming.

Jeff started sucking hard and the kid's cock started lengthening from the stimulus. The kid was breathing hard, and Jeff began jacking himself off. It hurt pretty bad because of the ring but Jeff had to get this over with. The guy had his eyes closed, and his head tilted back. Jeff was sucking with all his might working his tongue all over the guy's dickhead. He wanted to get finished before anyone came in. The guy tensed up and shot his load into Jeff's mouth. He swallowed it all. Jeff jacked himself furiously till he shot only a few seconds later.

"Thanks kid," said Jeff as he quickly got his stuff and left the shower. He left the dude standing there basically shocked. As he opened the door another guy came in. He had barely gotten finished in time. He went back to his room and laid down on his bed trying to forget all that he had endured in the last twenty-four hours.

Chapter 8

At around eight in the morning Adam heard the phone ringing and got up to answer it.

"Hey there sleepy head," I said sarcastically.

"What do you want? Haven't you done enough already?" asked Adam with a whine in his voice.

"Now you don't want anymore punishment do you? I didn't think so. Now don't forget you two are to be at 399 Crestview Drive by ten this morning, and we will be by at five to pick you two up for tonight. Remember to have those pictures I wanted of you and Jeff."

The phone went click and Adam hung it up and shook his head. He had to find a way to get out of this mess. It was eight fifteen. They would have to leave in about thirty minutes so Adam woke Jeff and they got ready to go over. Jeff was complaining about how sore his nipples and dick were and how he had to call Julie.

"There isn't time to call Julie and until we figure a way out of this I think you should forget about calling her," said Adam as he pulled on his jeans and put on a gray sweatshirt.

"Man, it's easy for you to say that. You haven't been dating her for six months, but I guess you're right. I'll make up some excuse. God I don't want to go over there." Jeff however knew he had to go he could not face what would happen if those pictures got out.

Once Jeff and Adam had put on some clothes, they both went out and got into Jeff's car for the drive over to Crestview Drive. Traffic was bad downtown so it took them about forty minutes to get there so it was around nine thirty by the time they arrived at the correct address. The building they came up to was a plain brick building. It looked sorta like an old warehouse with its large dark windows. They parked the car in the parking lot. Both guys took a deep breath and got out of the car.

Adam approached the door with Jeff at his side. He reached forward and rung the doorbell. A few moments later, he heard locks being undone and the door opened. A very attractive blonde haired woman was standing there. She looked to be close to Adam and Jeff's age.

"I'm Lisa. You guys must be here for the magazine shoot. Come on in," said Lisa as she motioned the guys inside the building.

"You two are Adam and Jeff right?" asked Lisa Adam and Jeff nodded. "The photographer is set up down the hall this way. You guys play for DSU or something I know I have seen you two," said Lisa looking hard at Adam and Jeff.

Adam and Jeff froze shit she recognized them. "Yeah now I remember you two guys are on the soccer team. I go to DSU too. This is my weekend Job," explained Lisa. This totally humiliated Adam and Jeff for she knew who they were.

"Uhh... Lisa we would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about this. We try to keep this private," said Adam hoping Lisa would agree.

"Sure guys, I can't tell. It's in my contract. I'd lose my job. Anyways I don't care if you guys are gay. I am not a prejudiced person. Oh here we are," said Lisa as she opened the door to the room where the photographer was set up.

Jeff whispered to Adam, "We got lucky with that I think she won't tell." Then they both walked into the room.

The room was very large with a concrete floor it had high ceilings with fluorescent lights hanging on the steel beams which supported the roof. In the far left corner there was cameras and equipment set up. A guy was back there talking on a cell phone. He had his back turned as Lisa led them back towards that area.

"John, this is Adam and Jeff," introduced Lisa. The man finished his phone call and turned to look at them.

"Good, you guys are here early. We have a lot to do for this shoot. Lisa, you can go on back to the office now." Lisa turned and walked towards another door in the room.

"Which one is Adam and which one of you is Jeff?" asked John. Adam and Jeff identified themselves.

"Well, this shoot is for a magazine called Real Jocks. Its focus is on real life athletes, so over there. On those racks are some soccer uniforms from your college so go put those on and we'll get started." John turned around and started preparing his camera.

"Damn this sucks. If anybody sees this, they'll be sure to tell the team about it," said Adam to Jeff.

"I know man, but let's just get this shit over with." They both walked over and put on the uniforms. There were even jocks with the uniforms so they put on everything that was provided for them. When they had their uniforms on they went back to where John was standing.

"Good, let's get started. You guys go stand over there in front of the background and put your arms over each other's shoulders and smile real big for me." They both did as they were directed with sick feelings in their stomachs.

"Now I want you two to kiss each other for me. Make it really passionate, lots of tongue. You know how you guys do it at home," said John from behind his camera.

Adam looked at Jeff and mouthed "I'm sorry" as they got closer and wrapped each other in their arms and began a very passionate kiss. John snapped pictures the whole time.

"That's enough guys. Now I want Jeff to take his shirt off and Adam, I want you to suck on his nipples for me. Those always make great shots. Jeff, you lean back in that chair for me while he does it, okay?" instructed John. Jeff went and sat in the chair and peeled off his shirt. He was embarrassed to let another guy see his newly pierced nipples. Adam felt sick at his stomach but he knelt beside Jeff and leaned forward and did his deed. It felt weird sucking on his best friend's chest just like a cunt would. John snapped pictures while Jeff could not help but enjoy himself.

"Okay guys, that was good. Now both of you take everything off but your jocks for me, and get yourselves hard for this okay. When you are ready, I want you two to do some poses sort of like we started out with then we will do some more."

Jeff and Adam got up and awkwardly removed their clothes in a few seconds they were both standing in their jocks.

"Do you guys need some help in getting hard or something?" asked John waiting for them to reply.

"Uhh... I guess, uhh..." said Jeff trailing off.

"Oh well here let me help," said John as he calmly walked forward and grabbed both their crotches through their jocks and started massaging them. Adam and Jeff's faces lit up like candlesticks. They were so embarrassed to have another guy feel them up like that. "Everybody has a little trouble sometimes. Is this helping?" asked John. The guys did not want to admit it but John's stimulation was working very well. "From the feel of you two I would say that was a 'yes'," said John. He took his hands away and went back behind the camera. "Now that you two are ready, let's get going again."

He had Adam and Jeff do some more poses of them hugging and stuff then. He made them turn around and show off their asses looking back between their legs. The shoot went on for hours. They were made to suck each other off. They even had to rim each other, something that disgusted both of them, and finally they had to fuck each other. When all that was finished, it was two o' clock. John thanked them and he told them they could leave.

"Oh and by the way, the magazine will be on newsstands on Tuesday. You guys are gonna be the cover," said John as he showed the guys out of the building. Adam and Jeff left the building as the two very humiliated jocks.

They caught a cab and went back to their dorm room and laid down neither one spoke to the other about what they had just done with each other. At around three o' clock, they both decided they had better clean up since they had to be picked up at five by their blackmailers and forced to do other perverted stuff.

To be continued...?

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