We Change You: Baseball Player

It had been a long day when I got home to my apartment, only to find a package at the door. “I wonder what the hell this is,” I thought as I picked it up and brought it inside, “I wasn’t expecting anything.”

Once I got inside, I looked at the address label only to find it said “Fulfillment Center” and an address across town. It made me even more curious, so I opened the box, only to find a shoe box inside with a note attached to a packing slip.

“Thank you for ordering the baseball profile from us. Put these baseball cleats on and using your computer, visit http://www.we-change-you.com and enter your order number for further instructions. We hope you will be satisfied with our product.”

I didn’t order anything from this web site, but it really peaked my curiosity, so I opened up the shoe box, finding a bright red pair of adidas baseball cleats inside, size 12. I wasn’t anywhere close to a size 12, how am I supposed to wear these? At that point, I figured this was either a joke or a wrong delivery, so I set everything aside and ate dinner.

Thoughts about the box kept popping into my head while I was eating, so it wasn’t long until I had to go look at it again to figure things out. After looking at the cleats for a minute, I took the package over to my computer and typed in the web site address that was in the note. It took a minute, but the web site finally appeared, prompting me to submit my order number before I can continue.

Once I clicked submit, another screen popped up asking me to put on my baseball cleats.

You must be wearing the baseball cleats enclosed in the package to continue. Lace up the shoes and put them on before clicking Continue.

How in the hell does it know if I’m wearing their shoes or not? Plus they don’t fit! Oh well, I thought, I’ll put them on. It took a minute, but I got them laced up and put them on, finding they slipped on and off my smallish feet fairly quickly, then clicked Continue.

Finally! It actually could recognize I was wearing the cleats…anyway, the next screen came up and told me I was randomly selected to receive this package so they could get feedback on their product. I like freebees, so I clicked continue, only to find a questionnaire, asking me “If you were a baseball player, what would you be?” This is getting weird, but I went ahead and answered the questions.

1. What position would you play? (select one, some positions may allow multiple selections)

(_) Pitcher (_) Catcher (X) 1st Base (_) 2nd Base (_) 3rd Base
(_) Outfield (_) Shortstop (_) Designated Hitter

2. What player number would you want to be: 14

I clicked the Continue button again, with the next screen asking me about physical attributes.

We have determined optimal physical attributes for 1st base position to be:

Age – 24
Height – 6’3”
Weight – 225

Would you like to accept these attributes or modify them? Click the appropriate button below to continue.

Not knowing really what is going on, I decided it would be best to accept the defaults, so I clicked Accept Defaults. The next screen popped up:

Congratulations on completing our questionnaire. Click Proceed below to continue with our patent-pending process.

As soon as I clicked Proceed, I started feeling this shocking feeling in my feet. I looked down, only to see an electrical charge form around my feet, much like mini lightning bolts. The electrical field soon begins to encompass my whole body as I feel like tons of energy is entering my body. My clothes begin to incinerate from the power, leaving only the baseball cleats on my feet. My body then begins to grow, with my feet painfully beginning to grow to fill the size 12 cleats. Next my calves and leg muscles begin pulsate and swell with muscle as the bone lengthens, leaving extremely powerful legs behind, ready for running bases.

As the changes move up my body, it feels like my heart has stopped but I’m still alive with energy with a constant buzzing feeling all over my body. My ass begins to firm and fill with muscle, leaving behind a strong bubble butt. My cock begins to fill with blood, making my cock hard as it starts to lengthen and grow to a 10” monster, pointing straight up into the air At the same time, my balls start to expand, sending an extreme amount of testosterone through my body.

Once my cock finished growing, it felt as if my entire upper body begin to pulsate and expand suddenly. Painfully, my shoulders began to widen while my arms lengthened, hands grew, and my back lengthened to become a true 6’3”. Muscle then began to grow, making my back swell up while a six pack forms in the front. A strong desire began to build up inside me to be able to hit balls out of the park, so I raised my arms straight out from my sides, just in time for the electrical charge to suddenly surge and engulf my arms and chest in an even stronger electrical field. My pecs then began to swell with muscle at double the rate the rest of my body did, quickly becoming extremely large and solid mounds of power. My arms meantime were growing as well with the extra power, leaving behind 20” biceps and an upper body to be feared by all pitchers.

As the electrical field dimmed somewhat it encompassed my head and neck, with my neck growing slightly. My face began to enlargen slightly and hair begin to retract into my head, leaving behind a short, blonde buzzcut and long sideburns. A goatee began to form as well, becoming thick and blonde . My eyes also join in on the action, quickly becoming bright blue and my vision quickly becoming very sharp for seeing the pitch from the plate.

The electrical field finally died down completely, appearing as if it is going back into the cleats, leaving me somewhat startled and needing to regain my orientation. I notice my clothes are all burnt up and laying in the floor but the cleats still on my feet, then I look up at the computer screen, finding a new notice:

Congratulations on finishing the physical transformation process. The end result of this process was a body customized for you, perfect for playing 1st base. Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it? The next screen will proceed with our patent-pending process to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

Good question! This awesome body, all kinds of power within me. What am I going to do with it? While slowly jacking off my new monster of a cock, I clicked the Continue button and the next screen appeared:

This process will auto-update on your screen. Please wait patiently as the process completes.

Contacting Major League Baseball servers…
Sending player specifications…..
Name: John Alan Patterson
Age: 23
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 225
Position: 1st Base
Player Number: 14
Transmitting 3D player dimensionals….
Transmitting thought pattern analysis…..
Player specifications transmitted!
Waiting for analysis result…..

“Is the major leagues interested in me?” I began to think, “they better, with a body like this!”

Analysis result complete!
Analysis code: 1B-343824D
Starting Major League Baseball Virtual Draft…..
Contacting MLB team managers……

So I guess I’m going into the pros!

MLB team managers contacted!
Bidding events begin
Base bid - $250,000/yr
1st bid – Oakland A’s - $275,000/yr
2nd bid – Chicago Cubs - $280,000/yr
3rd bid – Arizona Diamondbacks - $285,000/yr
Exception! St. Louis Cardinals have requested re-analysis
Additional player analysis to commence…..

Suddenly I feel the electrical charge coming out of the cleats again, with it quickly encompassing my body in an electrical field.

Player analysis processing…..
Player analysis real-time results
Potential 1st season batting average: .353
Running speed: Exceptional
Psychological programming compatible with team standards
Player analysis complete…transmitting results to St. Louis Cardinals…..

As quickly as it came, the electrical field disappeared back into the cleats, with the screen updating with a final offer.

Bidding events begin
4th bid – St. Louis Cardinals - $4,500,000/yr, 5 year contract
Bid accepted, draftee joins St. Louis Cardinals
Bidding complete!
Begin psychological programming and player completion…..
Loading St. Louis Cardinals custom programming
Transmitting custom programming…..

What is psychological programming? A lightning bolt quickly jolted from the cleats, unlike the electrical field from before, but this time striking my head, making me feel like I am being electrified. As it continued, all kinds of baseball statistics flooded my brain, knowledge of all the rules of the game, and I could feel new connections to my eyes and muscles forming, improving my ability to play the game and hit balls with exceptional accuracy. I started feeling a new personality entering my body as well, a new jock attitude, cocky yet a team player, raw sexuality oozing throughout. It felt good, it is making me feel complete. The lightning bolt then quit, leaving me to realize I was now wearing a St. Louis Cardinals uniform, tight baseball pants and a perfectly fitting jersey, tight compression shorts, and the special cleats finishing it out.

Player uniform generated!
Player surroundings altered!
Psychological programming and player completion complete!

Player will report to the Busch Stadium in 24 hours for a game against the
Pittsburg Pirates.
Player complete!

With the process complete, I got up out of the chair and ran out to a new SUV that was outside waiting, ready to drive to the stadium for an early workout.

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