We Change You: Growing the Team

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The door bell rang at Jason’s house, and since his parents weren’t home, he ran upstairs to the door only to find a box at the doorstep. Figuring it was for his parents, he picked it up to set it on the kitchen counter when he noticed it was addressed to him.

“Hmmm…I wonder what this is?” he thought as he opened the box only to find another box inside with a packing slip and a note. The note said “Congratulations! A friend of yours, John Patterson, recently tried our products and was extremely satisfied. He’s so satisfied, he asked us to send our product to you as a gift! Please put on the enclosed sliding shorts and visit our web site at http://www.we-change-you.com for further instructions.”

“Why would John want me to wear sliding shorts? I haven’t even seen him for a few days!” Jason thought, but trusting his best friend, he took the box into his bedroom where the computer is, and began to strip, showing off his somewhat scrawny 18 year old body and circumsized 6” cock.

Once he opened the inside box, he found a large pair of Shock Doctor compression sliding shorts with a cup. Since he had all of his clothes off anyway, he slid the shorts up slowly, making sure his cock fit into the cup. They were too big, so it was hard for him to keep his cock in the cup while he was walking around the room, staring at the note.

Still puzzled about why his non-jock friend John would send him sliding shorts, Jason decided to visit the web site and see what it’s all about. When he got to the site, it prompted him for his order number, which he entered and clicked continue. Up next on his screen:

"Congratulations on this gift order from John Patterson! Because this is a gift order, many of the features have been preselected for you by John. You may now click Continue and we will ask you a few remaining questions."

“Okay, so what did John select? I guess I’ll have to click continue to find out!” John said to himself, curiosity piqued. He clicked continue, only to get a question asking him what his favorite number is. “I’ve always liked number 4, so I’ll put that in there” and clicked onto the next screen, only to find some questions about facial hair.

"Do you like facial hair? (X) Yes (_) No
Facial hair preference: (_) Full beard (_) Goatee (_) Soul patch
(X) Chinstrap (_) Mustache"

Jason had always liked guys that had chinstrap beards, so he chose that and clicked Next.

"Thank you for answering the short questionnaire. Please click Proceed to continue with our patent-pending process. We will detail your friend’s preselected features on your screen as they occur."

“What’s going to happen? Patent-pending process? This sounds serious, but I trust John……” Jason slowly thinks as he clicks the mouse button over the Proceed button.

Line-by-line, the next screen began to fill with status messages.

-Contacting We Change You servers……
-Retrieving special order specifications…..
-Subject Name: Jason Michael Smith
-Age: 22
-Height: 5’11”
-Weight: 225
-Sport: Major League Baseball
-Position: Catcher
-Predetermined Team: St. Louis Cardinals
-Player Number: 4
-Processing, please wait!

As he read the stats line by line, he was beginning to think this was a big joke or something. “I’m definitely not jock material, I’m only 5’7” and barely 150!” The screen began to change again…

-Order specifications processed!
-Proceeding with player formation…..
-Modifying subject skeletal structure

With that message, Jason began to feel an electrical charge forming around his body, coming from the sliding shorts, making his skin appear like he was covered by an electrical field with mini lightning bolts

As it engulfed his body, Jason began to feel every bone in his body begin to grow. It felt as if all of his limbs were getting heavier…make that much heavier, and his muscles stretching to their limits, burning like hell to accommodate the new length his bones were gaining. As his pelvic bone grew, the sliding shorts began to fit better and hold up themselves on his hips.

-Skeletal structure substantially complete!
-Modifying subject musculature

As the electrical field began to intensify, Jason’s muscles began to pulsate and throb. After a few seconds, he suddenly was overcome by every muscle in his body contracting powerfully, practically contorting his body and making him scream in agony as they swell.

-Musculature process 25% complete!

With Jason still screaming, his pecs began to swell and become huge plates of steel making his nipples point down. His arms then begin to swell, with his biceps quickly becoming 21” and extremely powerful. Jason is definitely going to become a star hitter on the team.

-Musculature process 50% complete!

A six pack begins to form on his abdominal area, while his back begins to swell with muscle and widen. Between his arms, pecs, and back, Jason is going to have a hard time fitting into his uniform and keeping his arms to his sides.

-Musculature process 75% complete!

His legs then to form, making them extremely large and powerful for running the bases, yet keeping him nimble enough to stop runners from reaching home plate.

-Musculature process complete!
-Modifying subject appearance…..

As Jason began to catch his breath and wipe the sweat off his forehead, the electric field began to pulsate while he began to feel his face harden and become more angular, definitely identifiable as a baseball jock. His hair began to retract into his head, leaving a short, messy brown haircut. A chinstrap beard then began growing, quickly filling in an appearing well trimmed.

-Subject appearance complete!
-Modifying subject personality and athletic brain programming…..

The pulsating electric field began to pulsate even faster when Jason realized his brain is filling with all kind of foreign things to him….baseball stats….how to hit a ball….years of being on the baseball team in high school….giving the signs to the pitcher…..going to college and being drafted to the Cardinals….how much of a jock he is…..I’m such a stud….cockiness….fucking teammates after the game….it was coming in so fast he couldn’t process it all. As the flood started slowing down, it kept repeating in his head that he was number 4, catcher, for the St. Louis Cardinals. He couldn’t get it out of his head.

-Subject personality and ABP complete!
-Modifying subject sexual organs…..

The electrical field then began to shrink back into the sliding shorts, stopping when only the shorts were electrified. Then the cup began to pull away from Jason’s crotch while his cock begins to fill with blood, hardening but not stopping when it reached 6”….growing past 8”, only to become a 10” monster. As it fills out, his balls begin to swell to golf ball size, barely containable in the cup, and begin to fill his body with the extreme amounts of testosterone he needs.

-Sexual organ modification complete!
-Generating player uniform and equipment…..

A barely big enough sleeveless compression shirt with the Cardinals logo on the front forms on his body, barely able to contain Jason’s new huge back and pecs. Baseball pants then begin appear, again tight but comfortable, and bright red Nike baseball cleats form on his feet. A home St. Louis Cardinals jersey then appears, complete with number 4 and Smith on the back, and a team issue hat forms backward on his head. With his uniform complete, a team issue duffel bag appears to his side containing a catcher’s mask, protective gear, and a catcher’s mitt.

-Player uniform and equipment complete!
-Player formation complete!
-Relaying player instructions….

NOTICE: Player will meet John Patterson,1st baseman, player number 14, at Busch Stadium at once for a workout. Player will play next game against Milwaukee Brewers in 36 hours.

“So that’s why he gave me this, we’re going to be playing together! Awesome!” Jason exclaimed. “I guess I better get going!” he thought to himself as he ran out of his old house, old life, to meet his teammate and get ready to play ball.

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