We Change You: Football Player

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It is 6:30 a.m. with the alarm clock blaring out rock music when Kurt hit the off button and crawled out of bed for his first day of college classes. As always while he was in High School, he went to the computer first thing to check his e-mail, only to find yet another spam e-mail.

“Congratulations Kurt! As a college student, we know you value your money and time when purchasing products. We here at We Change You know that you’d always like to change something about yourself, so we make it quick and easy to facilitate making it happen. Because our product is new, we’d like you to try it free of charge and give us your feedback. Please visit our web site, www.we-change-you.com, for more details!”

“I wonder how they got my name?” he wondered, thinking about requesting their product to see what it is about. After reading the rest of his mail, he went back to the message, deciding to click on the link and request the free product. On his screen popped up a questionairre:

Would you like to receive our free We Change You sample?
(X) Yes (_) No

Are you 18 or over?
(X) Yes (_) No

What is your favorite sport?
(_) Basketball (_) Soccer (_) Baseball (X) Football (_) Hockey (_) Other

On the bottom he hit submit, then the web site told him “Thank you for your request. We will ship your free sample shortly. When you receive the sample, visit the web site again for further instructions.”

“This is weird!” Kurt mumbled to himself, getting up from the computer and getting ready for classes and heading out for the day. His classes went well, and he didn’t think about the web site until he got back and found a box in front of his dorm room door. Picking it up and walking inside, he quickly opened the package, thinking it was a present from his parents or something, only to find a note, packing slip, and another box.

The note began “Thank you Kurt for ordering your free sample from We Change You.” “Damn, that was quick!” he thought, continuing reading the note. “Inside the enclosed box you will find an Under Armour compression shirt. While wearing the shirt, please visit www.we-change-you.com for further instructions.”

He took the shirt out of the box, finding it was black, size XL, and “Under Armour Football” printed across the front with a graphic of a football. “How is this supposed to fit met? I’m only 5’8” and this thing was meant for a monster!” he thought while taking off his shirt and pulling the compression shirt on. It fit better than he thought, but was still baggy.

Sitting down, he opened his web browser and launched www.we-change-you.com, finding it prompting him for his order number. He typed in the number from the packing slip and hit continue, with the web site coming up with another message:

“Congratulations Kurt on receiving your free sample! Our goal is your satisfaction, so please fill out the following questionnaire and click submit when you are done. Keep your compression shirt on during the entire time you are visiting this web site.

What is your favorite NFL team?

Do you enjoy offense or defense?
(_) Offense (X) Defense

What defensive position would you prefer?
(_) Defensive end (_) Defensive tackle (X) Linebacker (_) Cornerback
(_) Safety

Who is your favorite player?
Brian Urlacher

What is your favorite number?

Kurt had always enjoyed football, but since he was just 5’8” and 150 lbs, he couldn’t really cut it in high school, so he never played. Watching the linebackers mow over the other team always turned him on though, the players showing off so much power. Once the form was filled out, he clicked Submit and the computer popped up a please wait message.

After about a minute, the next screen popped up “Please wait while we process your request. The screen will show the current status as needed.”

Connecting to We Change You servers…..
Sending player desired preferences…..
- Team: Chicago Bears
- Player Number: 56
- Position: Defense-Linebacker
- Player Template: Brian Urlacher
Processing player specifications…..
Player specifications processed!
- Age: 27
- Height: 6’4”
- Weight: 260
- Auto-spec for Defense-Linebacker selected!
Beginning player formation…..

When the last message appeared on the screen, Kurt felt himself lift out of the desk chair and begin to float about a foot off the floor. The compression shirt then begins to blow up around him and an electrical field from within the shirt surrounds him tightly, making him look electrified.

Adjusting player height…..

Kurt felt a stretching sensation throughout his body, his legs, arms, and torso all beginning to lengthen. As everything stretched, he started screaming from pain as all of his muscles were being stretched beyond their limits. His height quickly approaches 6’4” when his feet stretch to a size 14, his bones becoming heavier and heavier as his frame continues to strengthen to handle the constant abuse from football.

Adjusting player musculature…..

All of his muscles suddently begin to twitch and swell, making Kurt start to scream from the pain even louder. His pecs start to pull out, quickly becoming a large shelf of power with his nipples pointing down. An eight pack then appears on his abs, showing off their definition to an extreme. His legs then double in size, appearing to be tree trunks ready to propel his body down the football field and mow the offense down, with his arms beginning to grow and become 25” guns.

Once his arms legs were done growing, his back then blows up, making Kurt’s posture straighten up suddenly. Growing wider and wider, his back eventually makes his torso fill up the compression shirt to it’s maximum, leaving his back and shoulders so wide he will have to turn sideways to go through doorways. The compression shirt showed every single muscle’s definition in all of its glory.

Adjusting player appearance……

Kurt’s eyes then begin to change to a piercing amber while his face hardens and show off the power and determination in his body. His hair retracts fully into his scalp, leaving him bald. A small stud appears in his left ear, while a tribal tattoo draws itself on his left bicep, on his right bicep his number 56 boldly gets inked.

Adjusting player mental programming……

Kurt began to feel a surge of information pouring into his brain. All of the different plays, play maps, workout routines, player stats. As more pours in, his head begins to hurt, throb, and become numb as his old life begins to erase itself. “Power, football, I am a machine….” Kurt begins to think as a rage starts to build inside him, the desire to punish his opponents, the urge to crush their bodies on the field. “Football is life! I am football!” keeps going thorough his head.

Equipping player……

The compression shirt begins to change, with the Under Armour graphic on the front quickly changing to read BEARS across the front in large print, while a pair of compression shorts with a cup appear over his crotch and ass, gripping tightly to his body yet pulling his manhood up and out to show off. Quickly, a pair of football pants, socks, and cleats form themselves on his body. Shoulder pads then begin to grow out of the compression shirt, custom fitting itself to his wide and thick shoulders.

With only the jersey and his helmet remaining, the electrical field intensifies around him, making Kurt begin to feel like he is burning, while the jersey materializes, tightly fitting around his massive torso, emblazoned with number 56 and his last name Jones on the back. The electrical field then moved to his head, where a Bears helmet forms, chinstrap and mouth guard attached, ready for action.

Player complete!

With a big flash, the electrical field retracted into the compression shirt, leaving Kurt somewhat dazed from what he just went through. The computer then made a noise “Countdown to transport….9…8…7….”

Transporting to Soldier Field for game against the Oakland Raiders…..

As soon as one hit, the electrical surge burst out from under his uniform and with a loud flash and boom, Kurt disappeared from his room to find himself transported into the Bears locker room.

To be continued