Wrestlr’s Stories

The ABCs of Desire
It’s family counseling, hypnosis-style.
Accelerated Takedown
Chris uses advanced psychological techniques on Jack to make him a better wrestler. And other things
Adytum Documentary Project
David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other students. One year after their disappearance, his footage was found.
You are being hypnotized by the author of this story.
The spacecraft is stranded, and the pilot is horny. What to do, what to do?
Assignment: Contact (An Institute Story)
An old friend comes back to town with a new ability.
Assignment: Cowboy (An Institute Story)
A mind controller goes after an assassin.
Assignment: Tracker
In this sequel to Assignment: Cowboy, the mind controller goes after a tracker.
Assignment: Futurist
The mind controller has to deal with a trainee on a mission to recruit a precognitive. An Institute story, and sequel to "Assignment: Tracker."
Attitude Adjustment
Jet has a bad attitude, and he's about to find someone who can help him make some changes.
There’s a storm brewing and a city-talking young drifter in town—it’s time for Paw to make a stand.
Bat-Shit Crazy (an Institute Story)
Stop me if you've heard this one before: A horny telepath and a precognitive walk into a dorm room ...
Beauty in the Beast w/ chester
A story of hypno-sexual domination, told simultaneously from two different points of view.
Three friends and an inhibition-lowering drug. I hope they’ve got plenty of lube.
The Black Room
Ever wonder how those all-male cam sites keep their models coming back for more?
Blind Spot
A reporter for the college paper discovers something odd is going on with the wrestling team, but who is responsible? And does he really want it to end?
Boy Next Door
Steve takes his neighbor and a friend on a camping trip.
By the Numbers
A college jock notices his teammates are wearing new numeral pendants.
Calling the Plays
A college football player runs into his therapist at the gym. Do you need to ask what happens next?
Change of Plans
Tony likes his life planned and orderly. Then his cousins Jase and Thumper come to visit. An Institute story.
Sometimes breaking out of the cycle of bad choices is hard.
Chosen (coming]
One hundred years after collapse of Old Time, human civilization is trying to begin anew. Arik, the son of a farmer, has been chosen, but no one can tell him what happens next.
City Boys, Country Boys
Trent takes his big-city boyfriend to visit the farm where he grew up, where they meet the new farm hand.
Coach Control
There’s a Controller on the loose, and it’s in the locker room.
Con Job
A telepath digs into the crime that led to Scott’s arrest.
Cool Gay Uncle
Everyone needs a cool gay uncle to expand their horizons. And when that uncle can hypnotize ...
A hypnotist finds love in unexpected places.
The Cravings
Two of his players have a sensitive problem, and the Coach is feeling the return of some old cravings.
The Dark Dance
A vampire walks into a metal music club in search of a snack.
The Deal
The college swim coach is offered a deal.
College is a difficult time to come out. Sometimes a guy just needs an opportunity to decompress.
Doctor's Orders
The secret to Jackman's new success on the field is an experimental treatment that changes more than he lets on.
Dog Tags
Kyle was supposed to use hypnosis to help Eric study better, but things got a little out of hand. And what's with those mysterious phone calls?
An aspiring singer-songwriter seeks therapy to overcome a creative block.
A stage hypnotist makes sure the show goes on.
Family Secrets (An Institute Story)
Our hero visits a friend and finds some Talents run in the family.
Two male prostitutes are hypnotized by their customer.
As Buck starts a new relationship with Barry, the ground rules begin to change.
Fraternity Induction
You are at the fraternity initiation, and you bring the new pledges into your fold.
Gently Down the Stream
The college crew coach wants a winning team. The team members just want to get laid. Guess what happens when a psychology professor gets involved. Another "InFiltration" story.
Getting Hypped
A college jock is both fascinated by and afraid of hypnosis.
Gifted (coming)
After his boyfriend disappears, Jimmy goes looking for him, but gets more than he expected when he finds him.
Ace lost everything in the psi-war, and now he seeks a new connection with his past.
Handsome Boy
Chris’ roommate has a new boyfriend who keeps telling Chris how handsome he is.
Head Coach's Tail New
Football season has ended, but ass-hunting season has just begun. Another tale of hypnosis, athletics, and butt-fucking.
Former college roommate Ruben stops by and suggests playing a familiar game that starts with the flip of a coin.
Hell Night
Hell Night is always busy, what with taking control of the pledges, staging the obligatory orgy ... and dealing with the rival fraternity.
The Hike
A college student keeps zoning out when he goes on a hiking trip with his professor and two other students.
Homework (an Institute Story)
Jase helps a couple of friends with their problems.
The House on the Island w/ Para*Psyte
There's someone new in town, and Andrew finds himself on the menu.
House Reunion
Dad, Mark, and the twins are back together again. A sequel to "House Rules."
House Rules
Supervising twin brothers can be a real chore without some house rules.
In the Dark
Dad discovers something about his son's college roommate.
Inevitable: 1 | 2
Yet another story about a college fraternity, a swim team, and a hypnotist. Who comes up with this stuff, anyway?
A college wrestler signs up for a course on using self-hypnosis to improve his athletic performance. Surprisingly, things do not go as planned.
The Inner Circle
His brothers are home from college for the summer--and they've brought a friend. An "InFiltration" story.
The master vampire trains his latest thrall.
Jeremy's Story Fave!
Jeremy, a wrestler, sees a sports psychologist who uses hypnosis to help him with his problems. It works out so well, that the entire wrestling team gets hypnotized.
Ted is tired of being the butt of practical jokes and wants revenge ... or a piece of his roommate’s butt.
The Last Photograph: 1 | 2
When his brother goes missing, Peter sets out to find him.
Lessons Learned
A college student watches two of his frat brothers experiment with hypnosis.
Jim considers buying a friend’s country cabin, and meets a local man who gets into his head.
The Manhood Game
The coach helps a new football player adjust his attitude.
A Matter of Time New
He keeps losing time and waking up to memories of a porn star.
Mergers & Acquisitions
The jock fraternity is reaching out to the other campus frats-and reeling them in. Another "InFiltration" story
The wrestling coach has been awfully horny lately. What happens when he gets really motivated?
My Name in Every Language Means Death
A vampire and a pyrokinetic are paired for a special assignment.
Nano-Hammered (coming)
The new medical specialist offers an experimental solution to Daryl's football injuries.
New Frontiers
Grant goes on a camping trip with friends who have mental powers.
Night Blind
Brent finds himself fascinated by the neighbors’ son.
Night Walker
A sexual vampire plays with his food.
No Saint Fave!
A man hypnotizes his lawnboy.
Number Seventeen
A driver, a hitchhiker, and a lonely stretch of road, late at night with a telepathic serial killer on the loose. A story set in the Institute world.
The Offer: 1 | 2
Jack’s a runaway. If he wants a place to stay, he has to agree to be hypnotized.
Pair-Bonded (an Institute Story)
Two Talents on the run from the Institute struggle to survive on their own.
On the Couch
He always finds his therapy sessions arousing.
A photographer uses hypnosis to get the best from his models.
The new kid at the gym catches your eye. Now all you need to do is get him hypnotized.
After watching the football game at the frat house, the post-game celebration gets out of hand.
What happens when a super power gets out of control for a college baseball player?
Private Voyeur
A private investigator goes looking for a cheating husband but finds a horny security guard.
Project SEAL Trance w/ VA23456
A team of Navy SEALs lets themselves be hypnotized by the Doc.
Alone in an abandoned building, Andy begins to realize he is following post-hypnotic suggestions. Then he hears footsteps.
Jase and Thumper clean up one of Andrew’s messes. An Institute story.
Return on Invesment (coming)
The master vampire begins training another new thrall. A sequel to "Investment."
Rockz Off
The members of an up-and-coming rock band turn to hypnosis for help and discover a new way to make beautiful music together.
The Seduction Engine
A soccer jock gets introduced to Doc and notices changes in himself and his teammates.
Servicing Andrew
Paul trained Andrew in the basics of mind control. Now he finds out what Andrew has been up to since then.
Sockie Says
Sockie knows the magic words, and he's not afraid to say them.
Spark (An Institute Story)
In a world where some people have mental powers, Jayden finds himself fascinated by the new fireman. An "Institute" story.
Subject to Change
After you attend a hypnosis show, things start to change.
Super-Villain Academy, Class 301: Lecture #8, Sex and the Superhero
That diabolical genius Minion Master teaches aspiring super-villains the proper way to use erotic mind control to subjugate populations and manipulate nemesis-heroes.
Scion of the Minion Master
While the villainous Minion Master is away, the clones will play--a tale of secrets, superheroes, and butt-sex.
Keeping Up Appearances
Just an average day in the life of a logistics expert for the Super Villains Union.
The Surprise
He's hired to film a yet another video, but he gets more than he expected.
Symbiosis w/ Para*Psyte Fave!
The new guy sees his dorm-mates as dinner.
Talent (An Institute Story)
In a world where some people have mental powers, Kip lusts for his brother's roommate at the summerhouse, and their vacation week takes an unexpected turn.
Team Entrancement
A psychologist tries to dominate a college football team.
The football coach thanks his star player for the teamwork.
Thank You, Mr. Giggles
Robert hates clowns. Then he meets Mister Giggles.
Thorne in His Side w/ BrockJr
A high school teacher runs afoul of an arrogant student and his friends.
Thumper’s brother Jase brings a friend home for the weekend.
Top Dog
Paul is top dog on the soccer team, and he'll do whatever he must to keep it that way.
Training Andrew
In a world where some people have mental powers, Pete’s friend Andrew asks for help in mastering the art of mind control.
True Life
Brock's new boyfriend demonstrates his hypnosis abilities on him.
Turnabout w/ cicero
Two guys. The Internet. A case of mistaken identity. Just another tale of hypnosis gone awry.
Boyd’s special Talent shuts down others’. Andrew is a mind-controller. What happens when they meet?
Voice of Authority New
It's the campus police versus nefarious super-villain The Ferret in the men's locker room, but this time The Ferret has a new toy.
What We Did That Summer
Joe helps Clark with his workout using breathing and focusing techniques.
White Light
His roommate keeps trying to hypnotize him, and our hero is too drunk to make him shut up
The Wrong One
Sometimes, we all fall in love with the wrong one
Yes S.I.R.!
A young recruit volunteers for a special training program.
An enterprising young life coach expands his clientele.