Another Choice 7

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Carl, his father and two of his brothers arrived without incident at the mountain cabin. They had drove hours, completely off the beaten path to a weather worn log cabin in the middle of nowhere. When they arrived, Carl got out and looked around. He smiled as he turned. There was a beautiful lake not too far from the cabin and the area was populated with ancient pine trees.

"Ok boys, let's get all this stuff out of the car and we can go hit the lake before dinner," his father ordered. All the boys perked up and started to unload the huge trailer that held their three month supplies. They completely stuffed the refrigerator, the freezer, and the giant freezer that sat outside. Carl was shocked at the amount of meat that they brought and was stunned again when he saw the cases of protein powder and other supplements.

Finally, they were finished unpacking everything. There were boxes of stuff everywhere and a cabin that was immaculately clean a moment earlier looked like a bunch of college bachelors lived there. Joe took off his sweat stained tank top and tossed it to the side before he collapsed into the chair. Slater and Brad followed suit, striping off their shirts and collapsing on the couch. Carl on the other hand stood there and looked at his brothers. Something had been bothering him the whole time. He wasn't sure how everyone felt about him being gay and wasn't sure how to act around his straight brothers.

His father noticed his son's hesitation and unusual shyness and said, "What's wrong boy? That shirt's dripping wet, take it off and have a seat. We'll head out to the lake in a sec."

Carl stood frozen, rubbing his right arm, "Umm guys., It's just,"

"Dude, we know. We know you're gay and we don't give a damn," Slater said, his lazy gaze directed at the ceiling.

Carl still stood there, unsure of everything, "But, don't you guys feel weird about taking off your shirts around me? I mean, isn't that how it is?" Carl looked at the floor, tears almost flooding his eyes.

Joe stood up and went over to his son. He hugged him close, pressing Carl's face to his sweat-coated chest, "Look here boy, people might treat you different out there, but we're your family. We don't give a flying fuck about you being gay. You've got to stop being so shy and worrying about what everyone thinks about you. You've got to get some confidence; you're going to be the big man on campus. The big man does what he wants and doesn't worry about what people think of him. We've got to figure out how to build that confidence while we build that body."

Joe thought for a moment before his face brighten with an idea, "I got it. Everyone, we're going to spend the summer naked. When you're comfortable around us naked, you'll be comfortable anywhere. But more importantly, you've got to be comfortable with yourself."

Carl's jaw dropped in shock. He looked at Brad and Slater in confusion, but they simply got up, took off their clothes and tossed them into a pile. Brad commented, "Works for me, we don't have to do laundry the whole time we're here!"

"But...but...but don't you guys feel weird 'bout being naked 'round me?"

Slater causally responded, "Why would we? I mean, sure, you're 'gay', but you're not one of those 'gay-gay' guys. You know, the ones that might as well be girls. I mean, if someone didn't tell me, I wouldn't know. You aren't jumping on me or anything like that, so what do I care?"

"And don't forget son," Joe interjected, "You yourself said that you didn't care about girls or guys, you just liked Paul." Carl nodded in response.

Joe then stepped back, took off all of his clothing and tossed them in the pile with his son's. He turned and started flexing for his son. Carl stood in shock as his massive hairy dad stood before him. He was amazed at the muscularity of his dad. Even though he didn't have the definition of a bodybuilder, he still retained the mass of a professional football player. His muscles were completely hard from years of work and lifting and were covered in thick black hair that made him look more like an avatar of masculinity more than a normal man. Carl turned away in shame, but then realized that his dad was trying to teach him something. He looked back at his dad who was grinning broadly at him. He even wagged his penis around a little, much to the amusement of Brad and Slater. Carl glanced at his dad's huge cock hanging from his pelvis. It had to be at least half a foot hanging there soft from a big bush of black, curly hair.

Carl felt a sense of pride from seeing his massive dad there. He felt good that his dad was comfortable with his son being gay, even going to such lengths to get him to feel good about himself. He also felt a sense of desire. It wasn't a sexual desire, but a desire to be just like his father, even bigger. He then looked at his brothers. He saw the same genes in his brother that were in his father. They had the same build, the same broad shoulders and wide chest, the same big arms and legs, and the same cock hanging. He also saw the same sense of want that he felt in them. He could tell that they were just like him; they wanted to get bigger and stronger.

"See, you haven't started drooling and you haven't jumped on me, so I think you'll be ok. What are you feeling? Do you feel like you wanna have sex with someone like me?" his dad asked.

"No sir, I am amazed at how huge you are. I'm proud that I'm your son, and I want to be just as big or bigger than you," Carl answered honestly.

Slater said, "That's exactly how I feel. I knew dad was big, but he looks even bigger than I remember."

"Same here," Brad continued.

Joe smiled and said, "So, I don't think you'll have any problems after we solve this one with those bastards. Once we're done with ya this summer, you'll just be one of the guys. I promise you son, you'll be even bigger than me when it's all said and done if I have anything to say about it."

Carl felt like a light bulb went of in his head. Everything suddenly seemed so much clearer. He was so concerned about how everyone else felt, he didn't’t think about his feelings. He had forgotten the most important thing; he had to get huge for Paul. All the tension that he had felt over the weeks prior to the trip washed away like dust in a summer’s rain.

“I understand,” he said with a smile.

His dad smiled back and said, “Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s say we go hit the lake!”

The boys cheered and Carl undressed, throwing his clothes into the pile with his brothers. “Last one there is a rotten egg!” Brad yelled as they raced out of the house.

The first couple of weeks were hell on earth for Carl. He thought his body was used to working out, but the week in the hospital combined with the insanely intense workout that his father was pushing him through took his body to new limits of pain and beyond. But, whenever he would get tired or his body would want to fail on a set, he would think of his lover stuck in the hospital and he would push out one more rep. His body felt like it was on fire all the time, but he knew that he was growing. He could feel it deep down inside of him; the workouts were helping.

Then, Evan came along. He had been working in the test labs of a major pharmaceutical company after finishing up his internship there. It took some effort to convince his boss to give him a couple of months off so soon after starting, but his work ethics and dedication to the projects he was working on warranted some extra vacation.

When he walked in the door and saw all his family sitting around naked, his eyebrow went up slightly. “Well, did I just walk into a nudist camp?” he said with a chuckled.

Joe stood and gave his son a tight embrace, “Yeah, you sure did, now, go pack your stuff up and get undressed and come hang out with your family.” The rest of the guys laughed in unison before Evan went upstairs to settle in.

At dinner that night over a few pounds of tilapia and vegetables, Evan unveiled some amazing news, “You guys, I have some amazing stuff to tell you. When dad called me and told me his plans, I started thinking about what I could do. You know I work for a nutrition and supplement company, and we’re doing some cutting edge stuff.”

Everyone nodded as he continued, “So, we have a few things on the list to start clinical trials soon, and one of them is what we’re hoping to be bigger than HGH. So far, all the results have been amazing and the trials will be starting in three months.”

“So, what does that have to do with us?” Slater asked, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m getting to that, ass. The reason I bring this up is because about two months ago, the head assistant on that project suddenly quit. I mean, it was complete and utter chaos for a little while. One day he's there working there on this major project, something that's going to reshape the supplement world and the next day he resigns saying he's going to be a librarian."

Carl unconsciously winced at the word "chaos" as Evan continued, "I ended up being assigned to that project back then and the research looked really good. So when dad told me about this, I talked with my boss and I convinced him to let me take enough for the four of us. I had to sign about a million disclaimers and shit, but I have in my possession some of the most powerful muscle builder you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t show up on any normal drug test and, until further notice, completely legal.”

Forks clattered to the table as the rest of the guys sat there in shock. “Well? Are you just going to sit there like statues or are you going to say something?” Evan said after a few moments of stunned silence.

Joe was the first to speak. “Well hot damn boy, I wasn’t expecting ya to go and do somethin’ like that.”

“Yeah, I know, but when you said we couldn’t hunt the bastards down, I figure this would be the next best thing. Most of the subjects we’ve tested have seen anywhere between fifteen and twenty-five percent increase of muscle mass. And there’s enough here for all of us.”

Carl smile widened even more as he said, “Looks like this summer’s going to be better than I imagined.”

Carl couldn’t have dreamed how right he was. After just a week of taking Evan’s supplements, they all had gained at least five pounds of lean muscle mass. Carl’s growth was exceptionally great as he gained close to fifteen in the same time period. Evan took great care in tracking all their vital statistics and concluded that, while on the high end of the spectrum, Carl’s growth wasn’t abnormal or something to be overly concerned about.

Their lifts and food intake went up proportionally also. Everyone was lifting more, harder and more frequently and eating to match. The most interesting thing was that Carl seemed to be responding to it a lot better than the rest of his family. He was growing like a weed, getting bigger and stronger every day and putting away food like he was starving for years.

After a month and a half, they had nearly exhausted their entire three-month food supply. Joe, Evan, Slater and Brad had gained an average of forty pounds of lean muscle mass. Carl, on the other hand, was the exception. Not only had he gained close to a hundred pounds, he grew a whole foot. They joked how it was lucky that they decided to run around naked because nothing that he brought would fit him anymore.

On a Sunday afternoon, Joe decided that he would head into town to pick up some more supplies. Evan and Joe figured at the rate they were eating, they would need to have some help, so he planned on getting some delivered as well as bringing some back in the truck. He was planning to go alone, but Carl begged him to come along so he could call Paul and check up on him.

It was fortunate that Joe was a large man, but even with his size, Carl had some difficulty fitting into his clothing. The tank top fit well, allowing Carl's developing back to be free and his massive arms to hang at an angle by his side, and the fact that the shirt had no collar was a boon since Carl's neck had thickened to an amazing seventeen inches.

The shorts on the other hand were a problem. Carl had fallen in love with deadlifts and squats and his body showed it. His legs were thick with muscle and strained every pair of shorts his father had. Not only did he have trouble with the legs, Carl's cock seemed to grow just as much as his muscles and he couldn't find any comfortable way to contain them.

They finally settled on some clothing that did nothing to hide the young muscleman's physique. Each item accentuated his body and made him look like a teen professional bodybuilder. His cock was stuffed into his dad's biggest jockstrap, and even though it was a really tight fit, Carl decided he would suffer through it for the chance to talk with his lover.

The ride to town wasn't a quick one and Carl couldn't hold still, one because he was anxious to talk to Paul and two, his cock was so confined it hurt. His dad helped the time go by though. "So son, how are you liking the summer so far?" he asked as they sped down the main highway.

"I would've never imagined anything like this ever happening to me. Not two months ago I was the smallest guy in the family. Now, I'm getting bigger than you are. I'm almost afraid it's all a dream and I'm going to wake up back in the hospital."

"It's definitely not a dream boy. You are getting bigger than your old man, and that makes me proud as hell. Nothing like seeing your kids exceed you. Your brother Evan is smart as a whip and I'm sure he's going to make history eventually. Slater and Brad are a killer duo on the football field and you are going to be a Mr. Olympia if you keep this up."

"That would be great dad, but first and foremost comes Paul. If it doesn't come between me and him, I'll probably do it."

"I'm glad you have your priorities in mind. I'm glad you've come into your own. These last few months have really impressed me. I have seen a lot of people work out in my time, but hardly anyone that lifts with the determination that you've shown. If you keep that mindset and that stubbornness, there will be nothing you won't be able to do. That, more than anything else, makes me proud of ya son. The fact that you're determined to get to where you wanna be."

Carl smiled at his father, "Thanks dad."

The rest of the ride was filled with idle talk as Carl squirmed in slight discomfort. Finally, they arrived at town and Joe went into the store after handing his cellphone to his son. Carl's hands were trembling as he stood in front of the general store. All he had to do was dial a number and he'd hear his lover's voice once again.

It took a few moments for him to gather up the courage to call Paul. It wasn't that he didn't wanna hear his voice, it was that he was slightly afraid that Paul would still be in pain. But that didn't stop him, and soon, the phone was ringing. After three rings, someone picked up.

"Hello, Wain residence," a female voice answered.

"Um, hello Ms. Wain. This is Carl. Is Paul home?" he said, his voice cracking slightly.

"Oh, why hello Carl. I didn't even recognize your voice. It sounds so deep now. Yes, Paul's home. We were just getting ready to go to his physical therapy. I'll hand him the phone."

Carl waited as he listened to shuffling and mumbling on the other end of the phone before he heard what he was waiting for the whole week.


Carl's heart melted at the sound of Paul's gentle voice, "Hey there Paulie. How's my man?"

"Whoa, mom was right, your voice DOES sound a lot deeper."

"Yeah, that's not the only thing that's changed. A lot has happened this summer, everything is different. But I've missed you so much."

"Yeah, I've missed you too. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed seeing you every morning until the first morning I didn't have you ringing my doorbell."

Carl could hear the sadness in Paul's voice, "Dude, I know exactly what you mean. I've been missing you so much. The sound of your voice, the feel of your hands in mind, everything about you. Every time I feel like stopping this, I think about you and it drives me further. You are truly my everything man."

Carl could feel a few tears running down his face and could hear Paul on the other end sniffle. "So, your mom said that you are going to physical therapy in a little bit. How's that going?" Carl asked, changing the subject.

"Oh, it's going ok I guess. The first month was hard. I couldn't even stand without bracing myself but now I'm working with crutches. Hopefully, I'll be down to a cane by the time school starts, and if I lucky, I'll be walking back to normal by next year."

Carl's fist balled up in an almost uncontrollable rage. "I'm going to get those guys back Paul. I swear, they will pay. I got a plan and by the time this summer is over, I'll be more than big enough to break them apart one by one or all together. They will pay for what they did to you."

"Carl. That's not what I want." Paul said softly.

Carl slammed his fist into the side of the brick building. "How can you say that? They crippled you, almost killed you, and they don't give a fuck about it! Hell, they would probably do it again if they had the chance. How can you say you don't want vengeance?"

Mortar crumbled around Carl's fist as Paul quietly responded, "I know you feel that you have to do this. You sound like you're getting really big and strong and could take them all. But, I don't want you to. Really, I don't."

Paul took a deep breath and continued, "I want us to be better than that. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, and I don't want you to be set on the path of revenge. Revenge just leaves you angry and I don't want you to be angry. I don't ever want you to be angry or sad or depressed because of me. I want you to focus on our love together. They don't matter to me at all. I forgot about them the day after I got out of the hospital. All that matters to me is you. As long as we have each other, I will be more than happy. Besides, what goes around comes around. I am determined to keep putting good out there. You came into my life and because of you I know that it works. So please Carl, for me, promise me that you won't hurt them."

Carl sat down on the curb near the truck, Paul's words running through his head like a stampede of wild horses. "Ok Paul. I won't do what I had in mind. But I WILL make sure they know that it's because of you that I'm not breaking every bone in their body and I will make sure they know that if ANYTHING happens to you, all bets are off."

"That's all I can ask for my big man," Paul said with a laugh. "Ok a big lug, I have to go now. Mom's saying it's time to go. When will I hear from you again?"

"I don't think until the end of the summer. We weren't planning on coming into town, but I lucked out and we had to."

"Ok then, I will talk to you again before school starts. Love you."

"I love you too."

The phone disconnected and Carl sat there, staring at the blue screen. He sat there and thought deeply about his man. He couldn't understand how someone could be so completely loving and caring and selfless.

Carl closed the phone and stuffed it into his short's pocket. As his fingers ran along the grooves of his quads, he said to himself, "I don't deserve him. He's just too good to be true. He's like an angel."

Carl took his hand out of his pocket and leaned on his knees. He started to twiddle his fingers as he thought to himself, "Ok, so he doesn't want me to hurt them. So I can't just beat them into a bloody pulp. But dad's plan doesn't involve beating them up. And I guess beating them at their own game would be better. I guess football and wrestling are really going to be the answer."

Carl's right fist balled up as he thought, "I swear though, if they hurt him ever again, I will break every bone in their body." His meaty fist swung downward towards the cement curb, indenting it slightly.

Carl didn't notice how hard he hit the ground as his father was exiting the store with a huge smile on his face. Carl stood up to his full height, adjusting his increasingly uncomfortable clothing. His dad smiled and said, "Ok boy, I got the food handled. We'll pick it up after we get you some clothes to wear when summer's over."

Carl stepped back and tripped slightly, but his body recovered quickly. Sadly, his legs bulged to stop him and tore the shorts he was wearing. His dad shook his head and laughed, "Looks like we'll need to get you something to wear home too."

Carl couldn't help but laugh and together, they went to the clothing store. They were lucky in finding not only a pair of shorts for Carl's immediate need, but they also found some clothes big enough for their quickly growing family. They even bought the two pair of clown pants they happen to had in the back of the store. Carl couldn't see himself wearing them, but Joe reminded him that at the rate he was going, his massive quads wouldn't be able to fit into anything.

Joe was very amused as he shopped with his son. He constantly saw the owner of the store watching his son from a distance. He was sure that she had probably never seen someone of that side before, and probably wouldn't afterwards. "If only she knew she didn't have a chance with him," he laughed to himself.

A hour and three hundred dollars later, the duo exited the store, arms full with clothing. They quickly loaded the truck with their packages, then drove back to the grocery store. One quick stop later, they were on the road back to their cabin, followed by a U-Haul full of food with more to come the next day.

"So, how was your talk with Paul? He doin' ok?" his dad asked as he rolled down the window.

Carl rolled his window down, wishing to enjoy the evening breeze, "He's in therapy right now. He's walking with crutches and he hopes to be walking with a cane by the time school starts."

"Damn, that must be rough on him."

"Actually, no it wasn't." Carl glanced out the window. "He seems perfectly happy. Even though all this has happened to him, he's not letting it get him down. He said he's just going to keep putting good and happy out there because he knows it'll come back to him eventually. He's an angel." Carl sighed and muttered, "I'm not good enough for him."

Joe laughed softly and said to his son, "Boy, do you got it bad." When Carl looked at him in confusion, he continued, "I feel the same way about your mother. I felt that way from the moment I met her and I continue to feel that way to this very day. The secret is, nothing you can ever do will make you worthy." Carl looked at his dad in shock. "I'm serious, if he doesn't love you, you can't make him love you. And even if you could, would you want love like that?"

Carl shook his head and Joe continued, "Paul loves you for you. All you have to do is be the best person you can be and everything will work out for the best. Trust me, I've lived it. Your grandad taught me the same thing. Love conquers all, even when we do stupid things trying to impress the ones we love." Joe laughed and rubbed his forehead.

Carl raised an eyebrow and said, "Did you do something stupid when you were trying to get Mom?"

"Oh boy, did I!" Joe laughed again, "You see, your mom was on the fast-pitch softball team at her college. One of my friends told me what she was into, so I figure that I would go there on the weekend and join a game and impress her, right? I mean, how hard can softball be right?"

Carl smiled as his dad continued, "So, I get there that afternoon and she's there and I get all nervous. Someone asked if I wanted to pitch and I said yeah. Someone else asked, 'You know how to pitch?' and I said, 'Hell yeah, I'm great at it!' So, there I am on the mound, your mom is catching, and the only thing I know is I'm supposed to pitch underhanded. The problem is, I pitch it slow. Next thing I know, I'm lying on the ground because the batter line-drived that damn ball right into my forehead."

Carl bursted into laughter, "Yeah, stupid right? So, your mom comes running up to make sure I'm ok and all I can say is 'I think I didn't throw it hard enough.' Well, even though the first time we talked I was flat on my ass, we got together later, and the rest is history."

Carl had to hold his side from all the laughing he was doing. "The moral of the story is," his dad said loudly over his son's laughing, "love is love no matter what you do. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, and I think that you two are going to be together for a long time."

Carl wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and nodded, "Thanks dad, I understand."

Joe smiled and looked at his son, "And if you ever tell your brothers that story, you're grounded for a month."

Carl laughed, "That month is going to be so worth it when I tell 'em!"

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