Another Choice 8

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Something about Carl's talk with Paul kept mulling through his mind after they got home. His anger and rage was boiling, but Paul's words seemed to cool it. As much as he wanted to go get Buck and make him wish he were never born, he knew he couldn't because it would break Paul's heart. Paul's gentleness and caring soothed Carl's rage. But something else was bothering him. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was itching in the back of his head. It stayed there until the next morning when he woke up, earlier than the whole family.

He headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower. His eyes happen to glance towards the mirror and he stopped to examine himself. He hadn't measured himself in months, but he had to be around 6'5'' now, an inch taller than his massive father. He took a finger and started to trace his face, as if he was looking at something alien. His finger ran along his jaw, solid like his father's and covered in the same black hair that lined the rest of his body. His cheeks were lean, not chubby like they were not too long ago.

His eyes drifted to his finger. He then raised both of his hands, and was surprised at the size of them. He examined them closer, seeing how massive they had grown to, the callouses and the toughness that they had. They reminded him so much of his father's hands, how they looked so strong and tough from all the work he did over the years. He could tell that his would be the same way, maybe even bigger and stronger than his dad's.

He then saw his neck. He was shocked. It was like a pillar of muscle connecting his head to his shoulders. He took both of his huge hands and tried to wrap them around his neck to see if he could guess how big they were, but even with his paws, there was about two inches of space between them.

Carl stepped back from the mirror to see more of himself. For some reason, it all seemed new to him. He knew he was growing, but this was the first time he actually took time to evaluate his growth. But it was more than evaluation, it was examination. Even now, as he took in his massive change, he was plotting how to become bigger, stronger, better.

He looked at his shoulders. They were big, but not big enough in his eyes. He had seen pictures of guys shoulders that were so big that they went up to their ears. His shoulders were capped with muscle and he could see the fibers working under the skin, but they weren't big enough in his eyes. "Gotta work harder on the shoulder presses," he thought to himself.

He then looked at his chest. His pecs sat there like two stone pillows, hard and unmovable. He took his massive hand and kneaded the muscle, moving it around, appraising it. He looked in the mirror and focused, thinking about how they worked when he was doing a heavy press. They flexed in the mirror, their size increasing greatly. He smiled, pleased at the progress. He focused hard and flexed them a few more times before the mirror began to fog from the shower.

Carl grabbed the soap and a washcloth before getting in the shower. He let the hot water run over his body, warming and soothing his muscles. Standing under the torrent of water was the closest thing he had to Paul's gentle caress. Carl hung his head under the shower head, letting the streams of hot water pelt his body. He thought of Paul, how tough everything had to be for him even though he wasn't letting it get to him. He thought how simple things like this must've been hell. He started to feel the rage and anger at Buck and his goons, but Paul's face flashed across his mind's eye. Instantly, he felt calmer.

"I can't do anything to disappoint him," Carl said softly as the water splashed around him. He grabbed the bottle of Old Spice body wash and poured some in his hand. As he lathered himself up, he thought, "I gotta get bigger for him." His hands went along his arms and he thought, "I want these arms to be bigger. I want them to be so big that they're bigger than most people's legs." He then soaped up his back, "This has to be so big that when I flex I can shield him from anything." He continued cleaning himself and evaluating each body part as he went, thinking about how he needed and wanted to be bigger.

As he finished showering, his thoughts went back to Paul's dream, about how he was so huge compared to everyone else. Carl grabbed a towel and closed his eyes. He started to form a mental image to match what Paul dreamt of. He saw himself as a seven foot tall muscle monster. He'd have to be at least that big for what Paul wanted. His chest would have to be massive because Paul wanted to be lost in the caverns of his pec muscles. His mental image expanded and inflated with muscles, all while Carl thought of Paul's desires.

Finally, Carl had an image. It was a huge man, over 7' tall and wide as a house. His shoulders came up to his ears, capped with thick, strong muscle. His neck was so wide and powerful, he doubted anything could break it. His chest was so wide and his back was so massive, it looked like it belonged on a superhero. His arms were so large, they would've made most men cry from jealousy. They hung at an angle from his amazing torso because his lats were so wide. All this tapered down to a waist that looked to be half the size of his massive chest. His abs were a thick six-pack and looked like they were armor and not mere muscle. His legs looked like they were tree trunks lined with more veins than he could count. They were so huge, even with his wide stance, they fought for room with each other. And his calves were so huge and thick, they should've been called bulls. His calves were bigger than most people's legs. And the entire body was covered in hair, not to thick that he looked like an animal, but enough to accent his ruggedness and manliness.

Carl smiled. This had to be what Paul dreamed of. He focused intently on his mental image, swearing over and over again that he would do everything in his power to become that. He finished drying off and went to put on his briefs before he realized his mental image didn't have a cock. He smiled and thought to himself, "Well, we're going to have to fix that." He brought up the image again in his head and focused on the crotch. Slowly, an image faded into view. When it was all said and done, Carl's mental image had a cock that looked like it belonged on an elephant. It hung almost to his knees and had to be thick as his wrists. It hung over a sack that looked like it held two tennis balls. Anywhere else, this set of cock and balls would look comical, but on this man, they fit perfectly.

Carl smiled and said, "This has got to be the perfect man for Paul. It's everything his dream had." Carl took the towel he had used to dry himself off with and cleared the mirror. Looking at his reflection he said, "I won't stop until I see that in my reflection."

Carl's workouts became a little more intense with that image driving him. Over the summer, he had learned where his boundaries were and how to push past them without hurting himself. His muscles burned every day with new growth, and every day he was happy because he was getting huge for Paul.

One night, Evan brought up the subject of Carl’s amazing growth. He was happy that the supplement worked so well, but he explained to the family how he would have to alter the results because Carl’s growth was outside the norm. They all came up with a plan to explain how Carl grew so much over the summer. Joe came to the conclusion that if anyone saw how hard Carl was working in the gym, no one would wonder why Carl was so big. His dedication and drive was more than enough to explain his strength and size.

Joe decided that the time for Carl to learn how to wrestle and how to play football had arrived. Since Slater was the best at wrestling, they decided to have him train Carl. Joe unrolled the thick rubber mat that he had bought in town weeks earlier. As his dad laid the mat in the empty bedroom, Carl couldn’t help but notice a twinkle of pride in his father’s eyes. It made Carl realize that these simple things made him so happy, and the fact that his son was continuing the tradition of being a jock pleased him.

After the area was set up, Slater began his class. The entire day was filled with Slater teaching his younger brother everything about wrestling; how you earn points, the various holds, what’s legal and what wasn’t, etiquette, etc…. And just like his first day in the gym, Carl took to it like a duck to water. Slater had to show Carl something once or twice before it stuck, and soon, the two were rolling around on the floor like a pair of Greco-Roman studs.

Around lunch time, the rest of the family came back from the lake. Since it was an off-day, they decided to relax and swim while Slater taught Carl. They came back to see the two jocks dripping with sweat, rolling around on the mat. Slater had the upper hand due to his years of experience, but Carl had obvious natural talent and strength on his side.

Joe, Evan and Brad started to cheer wildly. Carl and Slater smiled at each other and started to wrestle a little harder. Carl didn’t realize it, but his cock was starting to slowly snake down his leg. Slater went for his leg and caused Carl to land on his back. Slater went quickly for a pin attempt, but Carl turned in time and eventually scored a reversal after a hard fought ground battle.

The two of them stood up, panting like animals. Sweat dripped down their bulging muscles, causing them to shine as the sun poured through the window. They were about to lock up again when they heard Brad from the side yell, “Hey Carl, you’re going to put his eye out with that thing!”

Carl looked at him in confusion. Brad smiled and pointed down. As Carl looked down, he saw his man tool rising up from his crotch, pointing towards his brother. It was starting bob as blood rushed into it and Carl said, “Holy shit!”

Everyone in the room started to laugh. “Dude, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Carl started to apologize, but Slater just waved it off.

“I probably should’ve warned you. Don’t worry about it man, a lot of people get hard when they wrestle. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something about wrestling that gives guys boners. Hell, I got a chubby and I’ve had years to learn how to control it.” Carl looked down at Slater’s cock and saw that it was indeed plump with blood and thickening as he spoke. “You gotta be careful though, some guys will use that against you and grab it in a match to throw you off or try to hurt you.” Slater smiled, “But I bet that if anyone grabs that baseball bat of a cock you got, they’ll think twice.”

Carl couldn’t help but laugh with everyone. “Well, I guess we’re done for a while until this goes down,” he said as he swung his meat slightly.

Slater smiled and said, “Yeah, we’re going to have to start wearing jocks when we practice. That’s how I kept mine under control for the most part. Sometimes, it would still get hard, but at least it’s not tenting out the singlet, ya know.”

Joe smiled to himself as he watched his sons. Carl didn’t notice, but Joe did. A few months ago, Carl would have beaten himself to death about popping a boner in front of his brothers, now he was just as confident and self assured as the rest of his sons. “Looks like everything’s coming together perfectly,” he thought to himself.

After lunch, they went back to the lake and laid out on the sandy beach. They enjoyed the time they could spend there as the sun was at a perfect angle to heat the shore but not burn them. They all lay on the coast naked, working on their full body tans. Carl’s skin tone seemed to be a little lighter than his brothers, but it wasn’t a problem.

He spread his massive body out on the shore. It took him a few moments to get comfortable every time he came to the edge of the lake. His powerful butt and huge back always left his lower back without support, so he had to wiggle around to sink in the ground. That was never a hard part though, seeing as how he had to be close to three hundred pounds of muscle.

Carl heard Brad say, “Heads up” and a bottle of tanning lotion flew in his direction. Without looking, he caught the bottle and started to pour the liquid into his hands. After rubbing them together, he started to apply it to his body. He started with his chest. As he rubbed them, he thought of Paul and if Paul would like them. They were massive rocks now, even bigger than he thought they would be. Without even flexing, they were unmovable. He massaged the oil into the skin, flicking his nipples as he coated the muscle.

Next, he rubbed his abs. Since their trip to town, Carl had been working exceptionally hard on his core and now he had bricks of muscle to show for it. He could feel grooves and separations between each muscle and he imagined how it would feel to flex and catch Paul’s fingers in between them.

He continued downward to his massive quads. Even he was surprised at how big they had gotten. He hadn’t measured himself in months, but he was almost positive that they were just about the same size as his waist. He flexed them slightly and saw the muscles threaten to burst through the skin. Valleys and peaks appeared in the humongous legs that held up his body, and he took time to outline each and every one of them. Again, he couldn’t help but imagine having Paul’s hands running up and down each fiber of muscle, every striation and bulge gently caressed by Paul’s loving touch. Then he massaged some oil into his calves. Carl took a small measure of pride in his calves. They had been the hardest part to get good results out of, but hundreds of sets of seated and standing calf raises had grown his lower legs from a small bump to a set of meaty muscle almost as big as his arms.

Carl poured a little more oil in his hands and began to work on his arms. They made him happier than almost anything else because he knew that Paul would love them. His forearms were covered in hair, but when he balled up his fist, veins and muscles would pop out, even with the hair there. And his biceps and triceps were amazing. He had not only size of a guy years older than him, but they were as defined as a professional bodybuilder’s. Veins criss-crossed the gigantic limbs and from a distance you could see the fibers in his arms twitch as he massaged the oil into it. He couldn’t wait till Paul saw them. He was sure that Paul wouldn’t be able to wrap both his hands around his huge arm now, and he knew that would make Paul happier than anything.

Off to his side, he heard, “Hey bro, come hit my back.” Carl woke from his daydream and nodded. He grabbed the oil and went over to his brother. As he rubbed the tanning lotion on his brother, he dwelt on how big everyone else had gotten over the summer, but how much bigger he was than them. He also thought about how most people would be. He knew people like Buck would be so cocky and arrogant about their size, but Carl felt nothing but a sense of humility about everything. He knew that he was probably the luckiest person in the world to have a family like his. He knew how it felt to be small and weak, and more importantly, he still remembered the sting of the incident at the end of school. He still held so much rage at Buck and his friends for what had happened, but every time he started to feel overwhelmed, he would see his lover’s face and hear his gentle voice asking him not to seek revenge, and he would calm down.

Carl finished with Brad’s back and he turned around. Brad grabbed the bottle and started to rub the lotion on his back. Brad’s hands were just as hard and rough as his and the rest of his family, but that didn’t bother Carl. It felt nice to him, to have a pair of man’s hands on him, but nothing could compare to Paul’s touch. He couldn’t wait till he had Paul on his back again, reaching around him to rub his chest. Carl smiled to himself, “Paul probably won’t be able to reach around me anymore. My back and lats have gotten so wide, Paul will probably be able to use them as handles to hang on to me.”

After Brad finished with his back, he handed the bottle back to Carl before laying back down to tan his rear. Carl moved back over to his spot where he had already indented the ground. He looked at the rest of his family, all spread eagle on the coast, sleeping as they tanned and smiled. He was so proud to be like them. He was even happier though that he was making so much progress. He took one last handful of tanning lotion and started to gently massage his cock. It immediately started to harden as he thought about Paul. Carl thought about all the things he would show Paul, all the poses and the strength he gained over the summer. He even imagined how Paul would react when he saw his new cock as he started stroking it with his second hand.

All too soon, he started to approach the edge of explosive orgasm. He stopped before he hit the point of no return, his massive hands releasing his thick organ. He swore that he wouldn’t cum unless it was Paul doing it, but he had been getting close for months now. Carl couldn’t wait till they went back. He fell asleep on the beach thinking about all the things that he and Paul would do.

The last few weeks went by fairly quickly. Carl learned how to be a defensive lineman just like his brothers Slater and Brad. He also added another twenty pounds of thick muscle to his frame. Evan gathered up all the results and documents he had collected over the summer and rationed out the last few days of the drug that he brought. He had to leave a few days early, but he was fairly certain that with the results he had, he could get the supplement on the fast track to the FDA.

Finally, the vacation was over. They knew it was coming, but they all were still sad to see it end. The entire family had added more muscle than they could’ve possibly imagined, with Carl transforming into a huge, muscled hulk.

The pants that his father bought him at the thrift store came in handy. As Joe guessed, the waist was far too big, but the clown pants quads fit perfectly. Carl grumbled at the fact that he had to wear yellow and purple polka-dot shorts back to their town, but Joe promised that his mother had bought him some clothes from a website that sold bodybuilder attire and that he would have stuff to wear to school the next day.

Carl was sad that they didn’t leave earlier, but also sad that the summer was over. He wanted to stay and enjoy being with his family, but the hunger to see Paul was overpowering. He was a little frustrated that he wouldn’t get home in time to see Paul until the next day, but he was sure that Paul was going to be surprised when he showed up at his door.

It was around 10 p.m. before they got home. They unloaded the truck quickly, much to the awe of their mother. She knew they had grown, but she was surprised to see how much. She was especially pleased with Carl’s growth. She kept saying how she was so happy her baby boy had grown into such a big man. Carl couldn’t help but blush as his mother showered praise on him.

Eventually, they got settled in and went to sleep, after they all got used to staying dressed and sleeping in beds which had gotten smaller. The next morning, Carl woke up early, brimming with energy and anticipation. He quickly jumped in the shower and thought about jerking off a little, but decided that he wouldn’t and leave the honor to Paul.

After he showered, he opened the giant box that was at the foot of his bed. He tried to be quiet since Brad was still asleep, but he could tell that his brother was starting to wake up. Nevertheless, he opened the package and started to lay the contents out on his bed. He was shocked at how much stuff was in the box. There were at least three dozen outfits stuffed in the container. There were shorts, pants, tank-tops, shirts, and even some jock straps. He picked up one of the tank tops and held it up in the low light. It was a black tank top, made out of a very soft fabric. He especially liked the way it was cut. It looked like it was very thin in the back and tailored so it would hang on his chest. He decided he would try this one.

At first, he had trouble getting it on. It looked like it might have been a size too small, but as he twisted and turned, he saw that the fabric had a lot of stretch to it. Finally, he got it on, and after smoothing it out, he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

He was shocked at what he saw. The tank top fit him perfectly. It looked like it was a second skin. It molded to his body’s contours and bulges. His chest seemed to press against the fabric to the point where it would tear, but also seemed so secure in the shirt. He flexed a little, testing the stretch of the material. It moved and adjusted with him flawlessly. He turned around to look at the back and was again amazed. The rear strap was only about an inch wide but held the garment together while exposing his massive back. He did a lat spread in the mirror followed by a double biceps pose. Carl couldn’t believe how good it looked on him.

He was going to pose a few more times but Brad walked in the bathroom, “Looking good bro, that tank looks awesome on ya,”

“Thanks man, I thought so too.” Carl smiled as he went back to his bedside. Brad closed the bathroom door as Carl picked out a jockstrap from the pile. He settled on a white mesh one, and, after a few calming breaths, put it on. He adjusted himself a few times, moving his cock and balls around in the pouch to get the best feel. He was glad he got these new ones because the only ones that they had earlier made his penis feel so confined. The new jock straps provided excellent support while still being roomy for his bigger meat.

He picked out a pair of shorts to match his tank top. It was the same type of fabric as his shirt and also looked like it was too small, but after a few moments, he had them on. It took him a while to adjust it, but after he was done, he walked to the closet mirror to examine them. The legs of the shorts went down to a little above his knee and hugged his legs just like the tank top hugged his chest. Carl squatted and flexed his legs a few times, marveling at how stretchy the fabric was and how well it showed off his huge legs. His eyes settled on his cock pouch and, no matter how much he adjusted himself, it looked almost obscene. It was as if he took a few pairs of socks and stuffed them in his crotch. Carl knew that people were going to think that and he was going to have fun proving them wrong.

Brad had finished his shower and walked back in the room, drying himself when he saw his brother. “Man, you’re looking awesome. You look like one of those pro bodybuilders. People are going to be all over you today.”

Carl looked up from his new weightlifting shoes and smiled, “Thanks bro, but you know that this body belongs to Paul.”

“Yeah, I know. And if anyone gives you shit today, let me know. Just because I’m a few grades above you don’t mean that you ain’t my bro.”

“I’m glad to know that. I plan on letting everyone know exactly where I stand off the bat. Even before I get to football tryouts. I hope I don’t get into any fights.”

“Dude, with a body like yours, who would be crazy enough to pick a fight with you,” Brad laughed as he put on a pair of worn boxers.

Carl laughed, but in the back of his mind he hoped Buck would be stupid enough to start one. “Ok bro, I’m going to go get Paul now. I’ll see you at school.”

“Ok man, take care.”

Carl went downstairs, kissed his mother and grabbed his sack of food with one hand and his breakfast with the other. He chowed on his mother’s excellent cooking as he walked to Paul’s house. The closer he got to his destination, the faster his heart beat until he was standing on Paul’s doorstep.

It took him a few moments to calm down. He laughed at himself for being so nervous. He was sure his love would throw open the door and jump into his arms. It was with that thought and a huge smile that he pressed the doorbell and waited.

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