Another Choice 9

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Carl heard some shuffling around the door before it opened. Carl stepped back a step as the door opened. He smiled as he saw Paul's mother look up at him.

“I'm sorry sir, can I help you?” she asked as she eyed him curiously.

“Hi Ms. Wain. It's me, Carl. I'm here to see Paul,” Carl said, bubbling with anticipation.

“Oh my Carl, is that really you?” She looked at him in total shock. “You've grown so much since I last saw you. How big are you now?”

Carl blushed, “Umm, I'm about 6'8” right now, and I'm getting close to 325 lbs.”

“My goodness. You look like one of those guys on t.v.”

“Thank you ma'am,” he smiled.

“Paul's upstairs. He should be down soon. You can wait for him if you want.”

“Thank you Ms. Wain.

Paul's mother returned to the kitchen as Carl went towards the living room. He gently sat on the old couch, reminiscing as he waited. He thought about how a few months earlier, he was less than half the size he is now, waiting for his lover to come downstairs for an embrace. Carl's heart started to beat faster as he wondered how Paul would respond.

Carl took a few calming breaths, attempting to relax. He could hear Paul shuffling around upstairs and wondered how much his partner had changed. Eventually, he could hear the slow, soft footfalls of Paul descending the stairs. Carl immediately jumped to his feet and straightened out his clothing. He stretched his shirt down and smoothed out the wrinkles, wanting to make sure he put his best foot forward.

Finally Paul stepped around the corner. Paul stood in the door frame, completely awed by the mass of muscularity that was before him. Carl was grateful for that because he was completely shocked by what he saw. He had a firm image of his lover ingrained into his mind. Sadly, the Paul that stood before him had changed.

Paul had a brown wooden cane with him that he was leaning on heavily. All the tight, toned muscles that he had worked so hard for were gone. In their place, Carl could see that Paul was just skin and bones. Obviously, he wasn't eating as much as he was when he was going to the gym with Carl and his family. He even looked a little shorter than he remembered. Carl then came to the realization that the fight all those months ago took an incredible toll on his lover.

Carl's rage was beginning to boil and he was preparing to go hunt down Buck and his friends, but then he saw Paul's face. Even while he was staring at the slab of beef before him, and even though he had went through hell, his face still retained its angelic beauty and innocence. The things that Paul went through would have broken most people, but there stood his lover, as beautiful and uncorrupted as ever. Seeing his lover's face immediately cooled his rage and replaced it with lust.

Carl walked over to Paul and gently lifted him off the floor. He held him in the air for a moment before drawing him in close. In his tight embrace, they kissed. Carl poured his heart and soul into it, releasing only a fraction of the tension he had built up over the summer for his love. He could feel Paul returning it with the same fervor, his soft lips caressing his own, their tongues dancing. All too soon though, the kiss ended and they came up for air, “My mom's still here. We should wait.”

Carl smiled and put Paul back on the floor. He leaned down to pick up Paul's cane and smiled as Paul ran his hand along his arm. Carl flexed it and Paul moaned softly, “It's so big. You're so big.”

Carl handed Paul his cane and said, “I'm glad you like it. I did it all for you. There wasn't a moment I wasn't thinking about you and what we would do when I got back.”

Paul smiled his beaming smile and Carl's heart melted again. “I've missed you too big man. But I'm glad you're back, and I see that the time away agreed with you.”

Carl flexed a little more at Paul's touch and smiled, “Later tonight, I'll show you everything in detail.”

Paul's mom entered the living room and Carl snapped to standing. “Ok honey, are you ready for me to take you to school?”

Carl and Paul looked at each other. They both wanted to spend more time with each other, but Paul couldn't walk to school anymore with a cane. Paul sighed and said, “Sure mom. Can Carl come?”

Paul's mother smiled and said, “Sure. You might be a little cramped, but I'll be glad to take you.”

Carl replied, “Thank you ma'am. This'll be the only day. From now on, I'll just meet Paul at school.” He looked at Paul and Paul nodded in agreement.

The ride to school went by fairly quickly and quietly. Once they got there and Paul's mother left, Carl smiled at his boyfriend. “Ok, let me tell you the whole plan.”

Paul's eyebrow rose in curiosity as Carl continued, “First off, I'm going to come out to everyone today. I'm not going to hide any more, and I hope that you'll be there with me when I do.” Paul reached out with his left hand and grasped Carl's bigger hand in support. “I'm going to play football and wrestle this year. I'm going to prove to everyone that just because someone is gay, that doesn't mean they're less than anyone else. Brad's going to be supporting us too. And I'm going to make sure that I find Buck.”

“I don't want you to hurt them Carl,” Paul said softly.

Carl leaned down and kissed Paul, “I know baby, and I'm going to make sure that he knows the only reason I'm not breaking him into a million pieces is because of you. And I'm going to make sure they know that if they EVER hurt you again, I'm going to break every bone in their body.”

Paul gripped Carl's hand a little tighter. “You know I love you no matter what, right?” Paul asked.

Carl picked up Paul in a bear hug, squeezing him firmly but gently, “I know it in my heart. I just hope I can show you how deeply I love you too. You have no idea how badly I want to strip us down and have you explore my body. I get hard just having you touch me and I'm trying my best not to get too hard right now. After football practice, I promise you we'll have a great time.”

Paul smiled and kissed Carl, his hands exploring the massive chest that he was engulfed in. The warning bell rang as they groaned. Carl sighed as he squeezed Paul a little tighter, “Man, I want to do this for the rest of the day.”

Paul scraped his fingernails gently around Carl's nipples and replied, “I know exactly what you mean. I've never felt this good and safe before.”

Carl groaned at Paul's touch before slowly letting him down. “C'mon, we have to go talk to the principal. I gotta get a pass so I can carry your books to class.”

“You don't have to do that. I can manage.”

Carl smiled, “I know I don't hafta. I want to.”

They continued to hold hands as they walked into school, ignoring the glares of their fellow classmates. The principal agreed to Carl's request, granting him a permanent pass so he could help his friend. Carl followed up on his promise to come out to everyone by embracing his lover and kissing him deeply.

By lunch time, the two of them were the talk of the school. From the freshmen to the teachers, everyone was talking about the pair of gay students. Some were talking about how it was wrong and some were impressed that they were so as bold as they were. Carl smiled as he and Paul walked into the the cafeteria. He could tell all eyes were on them. A year ago, he would've shunned the attention, but now he was comfortable in the spotlight. He grabbed two trays and started down the line followed by his lover. “So, what do you want to eat?”

Paul picked out a few items while Carl got almost three times as much food as his smaller friend. Carl picked out a table that was empty near the wall and led the way. They sat together and started to eat. Carl started to woof his food down while Paul ate significantly slower. “Well, half of the day is over, how's it going so far?” Carl asked.

Between bites, Paul replied, “Surprisingly well. No one's picking on me for being gay and most of the girls are asking me how I got a super stud like you.” He smiled and said, “I still don't have an answer for that.”

Carl leaned over and whispered, “It's because you're sexy, inside and out. You're caring and there's no one that touches me like you do.” He then took his hand, placed it behind Paul's head and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

After the kiss, Carl turned to see almost the entire cafeteria staring their way. Paul blushed as Carl said in a loud baritone, “What, you guys never seen two guys kiss before?” And as if to emphasize the point, Carl leaned in and smother his man with another sensual kiss.

Carl looked back up to see most of the cafeteria had resumed their normal activity. But, Carl caught a glimpse of Buck sitting at a table with a few people. “I'll be right back baby,” he said as he got up from his table.

Paul looked in the direction that Carl was staring, saw Buck and said, “Remember, you promised not to hurt him.”

Carl turned back and smiled, “Trust me.” Carl strutted across the lunchroom and stood in front of Buck's table. He uttered a single word, drenched in malice, “Buck.”

Buck looked up at the massive teen and said, “Whaddya want?”

Carl thought to himself, “Even now he's still a fucking jerk.” “Look here,” he said, maintaining his cool for Paul's sake, “Don't think I forgot what you did to me and Paul a few months ago. The only reason you're still in one piece is because that man over there begged me not to kill you.”

Buck sneered at Carl, “I bet. You fags are all alike. You may be big as a tank and got muscles like a man, but on the inside you're still just a pussy.”

Carl leaned over the table, gripping the edge of the metal tightly, “This is your only warning you son of a bitch. If I EVER catch you even thinking about hurting Paul ever again, I swear, you will be drinking through a straw for the rest of your life. The pain I will inflict on you will be legendary. You will wish every moment of your life that you were dead. I will make sure you suffer if you EVER touch him again.”

The metal table under Carl began to warp and bend as Carl threatened Buck. Then, before Buck could respond, pieces of the thick steel broke off in Carl's hands. Carl stood up to his full 6'8” height and dropped the chunks of metal in front of Buck. “I hope I made myself perfectly clear.”

He didn't even wait for a response. He turned and walked back to his table, not before hearing Buck utter under his breath, “Damn fags.”

Paul was grinning from ear to ear as Carl walked back. “Do you know how sexy you looked just now? Your arms and back were flexing and you looked so great.”

Carl smiled again, “I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't think Buck will be bothering us any more.”

“I'm glad you didn't do anything you might regret later.”

“Only because you asked baby, only because of you,” Carl replied as he kissed his lover once again.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. By the time school was over, Carl was beginning to become anxious. He knew that it was almost time for football tryouts and, even though he was sure he was going to make the team, he was still concerned about how they would respond to him being gay. But all that didn't matter, he had already started the plan; he had no choice but to finish it.

The end of the day came and Carl went to get Paul. Together, they walked to the practice field. There was a steel bleacher on the sidelines where Paul could see the field and vice versa. Carl gave Paul another tight hug before saying, “Ok bud, I gotta go change and then you can see what these muscles can do in action.”

Paul smiled and said, “I'm looking forward to it.”

Carl hurried off to the locker room. There were guys of all ages changing, joking and horsing around, but when Carl entered, the room went quiet. Carl was expecting this reaction, but was hoping it wouldn't happen. Everyone became uptight until he heard his brother's voice, “Hey bro! Back here! I got a locker for ya right here.”

Carl smiled and relaxed. Having Brad with him was going to make the transition easier. “Thanks!” he yelled back.

Carl made his way to the back of the locker room. As he walked, he noticed everyone shying away from him, moving out of his way as if he were a leper. Brad noticed also, and when Carl finally made his way to the locker, Brad hopped up on a bench and said, “This here's my bro Carl. I'm sure all of you know by now that he's gay. If any of you got a problem with him, you got a problem with me.”

One of Brad's friends piped up and said, “I ain't got a problem with him. I just wanna make sure that he doesn't hit on me.” A few of the guys in the locker room laughed.

Brad smiled and said, “Dude, look at him and look at you. If he wanted to hit on someone, it sure as hell wouldn't be you.” The locker room burst into laughter as Brad got down. He patted Carl on the shoulder and whispered, “That should solve it. No one should give ya shit now.”

Carl smiled and mouthed a quick “Thanks” before getting changed. He had barely stripped down to nothing before the same friend of Brad yelled out, “Holy shit, what are you feeding your brother man! Not only is he built like a bull but he's got a fucking anaconda in his crotch. Damn, I never thought I would be happy someone was gay because if you weren't, the entire school would be after you.”

Carl turned and smiled. Waving his penis around, he said, “Jealous?”

“Hell yeah I'm jealous. Who wouldn't be jealous of a musclebound porn star?”

Again, the locker room erupted in laughter and finally, all the tension broke. They continued to get dressed and then headed to the field. Carl looked at the bleachers on the way out to see his love Paul sitting there. Paul gave him two thumbs up and mouthed, “Good luck” before Carl hit the field.

The coaches' mouths dropped when they saw Carl. He was wearing a sleeveless cut off that barely covered the pads and another pair of compression shorts that showed off his bulging thighs. The head coach came up to Carl and said, “Damn boy, what's your name?”

“Carl Sanders sir,” he replied with a slight smile.

The coach turned to Brad and said, “This your little brother?”

“Yes sir, but he ain't exactly little anymore,” Brad chuckled.

“Goddamn, what do they feed you kids over there? I swear, every year you Sanders get bigger and bigger,” Coach exclaimed.

“Meat, and lots of it sir,” Carl quipped.

“Well if it were that easy, I'd buy a butcher shop.”

The team started laughing before Coach started practice. It was fairly routine for Carl. Some jogging to warm up, some push-ups, squat thrusts and other exercises, then tryouts. Carl tried out for the defensive tackle position, right next to his brother, which he got easily. He could see the joy in Coach's eyes whenever he hit the tackling dummy or plowed through the offensive line.

After practice was over, Carl quickly changed and went back to the bleachers where Paul was patiently waiting for his stud. They kissed once again before Carl picked him up. “Brad's going to take us back to your house. I told him I would walk from there.”

Paul smiled and said, “I take it that you plan on staying a little while.”

Carl returned the smile and said, “Yes I do young man. We have A LOT of catching up to do.”

They both gave each other knowing glances before bursting into laughter. Brad came out of the locker room and waved the two down. Together, they walked hand in hand to the car. Ten minutes later, they were standing on the steps of Paul's house. “How long till your Mom gets home?”

“She's working nights now. She takes me to school and then comes home and sleeps. So we have hours,” Paul said with a grin.

“Good, I don't have to be home for another four hours and I plan on using every minute.”

They almost broke down the door in the rush they were in. Carl picked up his lover in his bear hug and raced up the steps to Paul's room. Soon as they got in, Carl kicked off his shoes and gently set Paul on the floor. He was about to rip off his clothes but Paul stopped him. “I want to see you do it slowly.”

Carl grinned widely before he grasped the bottom of his shirt. He slowly flexed his pecs, then his arms and finally started to raise the shirt. He took one of his hands and slowly ran them along his abs as the shirt went higher and higher. He took the bottom of the shirt and put it behind his head to expose his hairy chest. With both hands, he kneaded his massive pecs, flexing as he rubbed them. He tugged a little at the layer of hair that covered his chest before he finished taking off the shirt.

By this time, Carl was already on his way to a full blown hard-on. But, he continued the slow stripping for Paul. He grasped his shorts around the waistband with one hand and with the other, slowly rubbed the bulging basket. He moaned softly, his eyes locked with his lover's. He flicked the elastic a few times before dragging the shorts and jockstrap down, unleashing his mighty python. He saw the look of astonishment in Paul's eyes when his cock was exposed, and it made even more blood rush into the massive organ. Finally, Carl could take no more and swiftly took the shorts off.

Standing in only his socks before Paul, Carl never felt sexier. He posed and flexed as he kept his eyes on Paul. He could see the pleasure and lust in his gaze and that made him even hotter. Paul went to take off his clothes but Carl stopped him, “No, let me do that.”

Paul smiled and stopped, putting his hands down at his sides. Carl walked up to him and picked him up again before gently laying him on the bed. Carl started undressing him at his legs. He slowly unbuttoned his pants, kissing Paul deeply as he unfastened the clothing. He raised his butt with one hand while the other slowly dragged the jeans down. Carl broke the kiss to focus his attentions elsewhere. After the pants were gone, Carl took Paul's underwear off, exposing his cock to the world. Hard and dripping with excitement, it stood straight up, approximately six and a half inches. Carl slowly licked the head of Paul's dick, eliciting a soft moan from his lover. Carl took his beefy hands and ran them along Paul's legs, massaging them gently but firmly. He felt the scars from months ago, but refused to let his anger spoil the moment.

Carl then unbuttoned Paul's blue polo shirt and slowly removed it from his body. After it was gone, Carl slowly nibbled on Paul's nipples, sucking and caressing them gently. No words passed between the two, but each of them were enjoying every moment.

After a few moments of Carl's attention, Paul stopped him. He slowly nudged Carl in the direction of the floor and Carl took the hint. He lay spread eagle on the floor and Paul got off the bed and laid on top of him. Paul took his hands and used his nails to scrape Carl's nipples. The moment he did that, Carl moaned loudly, “Fuuuuccccckkk.” Carl's body tensed up, each muscle standing out in sharp relief and Paul felt what seemed to be a torrent of warm liquid spray onto his back.

“God, you don't know how much I've missed your touch.” Carl said when his orgasm was done.

“I can imagine, you came that quick.”

“Don't worry, there is a ton more where that came from,” Carl said. Paul turned and looked at his cock. It was still as hard as a rock even after the massive amount of cum that it had just released. Paul smiled and started to lick the head. “Oh fuck man, that feels so good,” Carl groaned.

Paul grinned and released Carl's dick. “We'll get back to that later,” he whispered. He then turned his attention to the rest of Carl's body. He started at Carl's neck, raining soft kisses along his windpipe. Carl simply laid there, still, but groaning in pleasure. After Paul was finished with Carl's neck, he went to the shoulders. He licked and nibbled them, feeling the hard muscle underneath the hairy skin. He moaned in delight as Carl shrugged, making the muscle move as Paul attended it.

It continued on to the arms, where Paul couldn't wrap both hands around the massive ball of muscle. Carl had no qualms flexing it so Paul could dig his tongue deep into the division between the bicep and triceps. Paul was awestruck at the size of his lover's arms. He assumed they were at least nineteen inches around when he wasn't flexing and simply huge when he was. He coated both arms with his mouth and took time to make sure each massive gun and forearm received equal attention.

Carl was completely passive as Paul explored his body. He was concentrating on not cumming again as he felt Paul's hands and mouth explore his body. But once again, when Paul reached his chest, it was as if Paul had a button that said, “Cum Now”. Paul bit down firmly on Carl's right pec and again, Carl moaned and shot another load. Paul simply smiled and gave the left pec the same treatment.

Paul shifted slightly to lick some of the sweet salty cum off of Carl's cobblestone abs. Once he had a mouthful, he kissed Carl again. Their tongues intertwined as they unleashed months of pent up tension. Once they came up for air, Carl said, “God, you don't know how many nights I jerked off thinking about this moment.”

“I know what you mean. I've dreamt of this for the longest too. I just never thought you would be this big.”

“Do you like it? I hope you do, I did it all for you,” Carl said, his voice shaded with a trace of self doubt.

“You're more than I could've imagined. You are simply huge. Here I am, laying on you and not a single part of me isn't touching hard muscle. And all this hair on you is perfect. It's not too much, but it's enough that I can feel it against my skin. And I can rub you all day, feeling the grooves in your muscles. You are a perfect man and I don't know why you want me.”

“You haven't realized yet? You're the only one that gets me this hard. I've cum twice now just from you touching me. Your touch is like a drug to me. I am addicted to having you with me and I worry about you not wanting me.”

Paul smiled and said, “Well, I guess it's a good thing we both love each other then.”

Carl hugged Paul and said, “Yeah, I guess it is.”

They deeply kissed again before they started to enjoy each other again. They sucked each other to climax and Carl came another time from Paul's chest play.

School went well for the most part. Carl busied himself with football and Paul was there watching him every day. No one in the school openly said anything negative about their love, except Buck who Carl overheard on more than once occasion. Every time he heard him say something like “Damn fag” or “Stupid gay fucker”, he wanted to punch him in the face. But his promise to Paul was more important than putting one intolerant person in his place.

It was one afternoon that made Carl and Paul overly happy. Paul was sitting at their table, which had gotten a large portion of the jocks over the months Carl had been playing football. Carl had gone back to the line to get more food. On his way, he heard Buck talking with a couple of the football jocks.

“Man, why are you guys not kicking the crap out of those fags? We did it before, we can do it again,” Buck whispered.

“Dude, they're not bad guys once you get to know them. Carl kicks ass on the field and that Paul is a really nice kid,” one of the jocks said.

“I can't believe what I'm hearing. You two are a couple of gay lovers now?” Buck all but screamed.

“Man, we did it the first time, but we were wrong. They're not hitting on all the guys at school, they're not acting fruity or anything. They're good guys. We're not following you this time man,” the other jock said.

“Fine then, I'll do it by myself. Fucking pussies.” Buck spat as he walked away. Carl smiled to himself. His dad's plan actually worked. They had proven themselves to everyone and changed almost everyone's view on gays. Carl couldn't wait to tell Paul, and as soon as he got back to the table, he whispered the good news to him.

A few days later, Carl was focusing hard on his job as a lineman. Every now and again, he would turn to the sideline and look for Paul, and when he saw him, he would always smile and wave. He was comforted by the knowledge that Paul was there and he was sure that Paul was enjoying the show. Carl even had to force himself not to show off for Paul out of fear of hurting someone.

After a long series of plays, Carl turned to the bleachers to look for Paul. He scanned the bleachers but didn't see his friend sitting there. He turned to his brother Brad and almost screamed, “Where's Paul!”

Brad looked at the sidelines, “Don't see him dude. Maybe he went to the bathroom.”

Carl started to calm down, “Maybe you're right.” But then his eyes happen to fall on Paul's cane. “Fuck! His cane is still there, he wouldn't go anywhere without his cane!”

Carl threw down his helmet and started running to the sidelines. Brad quickly followed as their coach yelled, “Sanders! Where are you two going?”

“Be right back Coach,” Brad yelled as he dropped his helmet and chased after Carl. Carl ran around the side of the building panicking as he yelled for his lover with Brad close behind. They turned a corner and saw Buck standing in a corner. Buck had Paul pinned to the walled and was growling at him, “Look here you little fag. I know you're a cock sucker, so you're going to suck mine.”

Paul replied quietly, “Carl is the only guy for me. Forget it, you'll never make me betray my lover.”

Buck sneered, “Fine then. I can easily make you do it.”

Carl stepped around the corner into the nook. Paul saw his huge man and yelled, “Carl!” He tried to break away from Buck's grip but ended up falling to the ground as he tried to walk without support.

Buck spun around, his small cock flapping out of his pants. Carl saw his lover on the ground and Buck's cock and became enraged. “I'LL KILL YOU!!” he screamed as he ran up and grabbed Buck by the throat. “I told you if you ever tried anything with Paul again, I would break you in half, and now I catch you trying to make my man suck your pathetic cock?!”

Carl lifted Buck up by his throat and slammed him against the wall. “You son of a bitch. Did you think I wouldn't find out? I bet you were going to do something even worse to my lover. I'm going to do what I should've done when I got back and teach you a lesson you won't forget.”

Carl started to tighten his grip, his thick, powerful fingers slowly working their way into Buck's windpipe. Buck started to gurgle as the muscles in Carl's forearms rippled with irresistible power.

Brad had picked up Paul and made sure he was alright. Paul was leaning against Brad to maintain his balance and whispered, “Carl, please, don't.”

Carl's vice grip around Buck's neck squeezed a bit tighter, “Why shouldn't I? I told him this would happen and he didn't listen. I tried to be nice to him and he still went and tried this shit. I got the right! I have the strength and power to do this! He can't stop me. He's too weak of a pussy to do anything but pick on those smaller than him. He needs to be taught a lesson. Hell, Brad you agree with me, right!”

Brad nodded and said, “Hell yeah, if it was anyone else's girlfriend-boyfriend, they would beat the living crap out of scum like him. Hell, I want to watch him get what he deserves.”

Paul spoke again, slightly louder, “I know Carl. I more than anyone know how strong and powerful you are. But just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. I know how much you hate him for what he's done to us over the years. I know you could easily kill him right now and no one would say you were wrong. But I don't want you to do that. I don't want you marred by his hatred and ignorance. I don't want you to be haunted by the memory of this moment. And most of all, I don't want to see the muscles and man I love so much participate in such a gruesome act.”

Carl turned to his lover to see tears pouring down his face. Immediately his grip around Buck throat loosened and Buck fell to the ground, gasping for air. Carl walked over to Paul and lifted him off the ground. Embracing him in a tight bear hug, he whispered, “You're right baby. I just lost it for a sec. I can't stand seeing you hurt, but I know if I did what I wanted, you'd be hurt even more.”

Paul snuggled closer to Carl's massive pec and said, “I'm glad you listened.”

The two of them hugged for a few moments before they heard Buck coughing loudly. Brad, who the two of them forgot about for a moment, walked over and slammed his meaty fist deep into Buck's stomach. He fell to the ground, coughing furiously before Brad picked him up, slammed him against the wall a few times and then threw him over his shoulder. Glancing at the two lovers, he smiled, “Don't worry, I'm not going to kill him or stomp a mud hole in him. Just going to take him to coach and let him know what's going on.” He started to walk away but turned back for a second. “I'll tell him you'll be a little behind,” he said with a knowing smile.

After Brad turned the corner, Carl kissed his lover deeply. “I'm so glad you talked some sense into me. I swear, I probably would've killed him if you didn't stop me.”

Paul ran his fingers along Carl's massive chest. “I'm glad you listened,” he said softly.

Carl gently smiled at Paul as he started to walk back to the bleachers, “Hope you don't mind me carrying you.”

“No, I don't mind at all,” he said as he huddled closer to Carl. Together, they walked back to the field where they saw the Coach talking with Brad. Buck was laid in a pile at the coach's feet. Carl ignored him and went to the bleachers where he gently sat Paul down.

“I'll be back as soon as practice is done.”

“Don't worry, I'll be here waiting,” Paul said with a smile. Carl leaned over one more time, locking lips with his lover before running back towards the field.

Buck was suspended from school for a week, but more people came forward to report their encounters with Buck. Dozens of students reported the bullying that they experienced, and even a few of the kids that helped Buck beat up Carl and Paul came and told the principal. Soon after, Buck was expelled from the school and sent to juvenile hall never to be seen by Carl or Paul again.



Carl continued to grow as school went on, with Paul by his side. Paul studied to become a teacher as Carl specialized in football and wrestling. They went to college together and Paul received his degree in Math and Science with a minor in Child Psychology while Carl got a degree in Health and Science.

They got married out of college, moving to California where Carl played football for a professional team. Paul taught at one of the local schools alone for a few years before Carl retired from the NFL to join his partner in public education.

Carl was watching his students go through the physical assessment test. Coaching made him very happy because he could make more of a difference at a school than just being a good role model as he played football.

He walked over to a kid that couldn't do many push-ups and placed his huge hand on his shoulder, “That's ok, Joe, we'll work on that. Don't get yourself down.” The kid smiled up at Carl, obviously enthralled with the huge coach. Carl then walked over to the kid who did the most and said, “Great job Matt, but remember,” then turning to everyone else continued, “it's not how strong of a body you have, it's how strong your character is. Anything can happen and cause you to lose your muscles, but nothing can kill your character if you don't let it.”

The kids started cheering and, as if on cue, Paul walked in. Carl focused on not getting a hard-on in front of his students by seeing his lover. He was wearing a tailored suit, black with a red silk tie that fit perfectly and a smooth black cane. He was also wearing his new glasses which made him look smart, yet gentle and caring. Carl felt like he was falling in love every time he saw Paul. Carl motioned for him to come over, and when Paul did, Carl leaned over and gave him a big kiss. The kids made a little fun of them, but the two of them knew it wasn't serious. Carl stood up to his full height and said, “This man is what I'm talking about. He is the most determined and honorable man I've ever knew and just by being himself, he's made such a difference in not only my life, but dozens and dozens of other people.”

The kids started cheering and the end of the day bell rang. All the kids started going to the locker room except Joe and Matt. They walked up to Carl and Paul.

Matt said to Paul, “Is that the truth?”

Paul replied, “I tend not to think about it, but if he said so, it must be true.” Matt stood there deep in though as Paul said, “If you need to talk about anything, I'm always available.”

Matt looked at Paul and smiled, “I'd like that I think.”

Joe said to Carl, “Hey coach. Umm, if you don't mind, I want some help getting stronger.”

Carl smiled and said, “Sure, I'd be glad to help. But maybe you should see if Matt here would wanna give you some help first.”

Joe looked up at Carl in shock before he looked at Matt. Matt smiled and said, “I wouldn't mind. I've always wanted a little brother.”

Joe smiled back and said, “I always wanted a big brother.”

Paul said, “Well there ya go, you two were made for each other.”

The two kids smiled and thanked their teachers before heading off to the locker room. Once they were gone, Carl picked up Paul and again showed his passion in a deep kiss.


Now, some of you may be wondering, “Why would Kaos manipulate events to where two guys would fall so deeply in love with each other and live peacefully?” For one, love can be one of the most chaotic things in the universe along with bringing order. That’s the funny thing about it. Love can tame the most savage beast, but it can also make the most sensible person do the craziest things.

Other people would probably ask, “Why would you give Lee-Carl a clean slate? It's like giving him the winning lottery ticket. He got everything he wanted out of life and all he had to do in the end was listen to the guy he was in love with whenever he was angry.”

I know it doesn't make sense to mortals, but the exchange was fair. He gave up his abundant pride in the end. He learned to put others before himself, and in the end, became a better person for it. But, in the end, Carl and Paul weren't the only two affected. You have to look at the whole picture, not just the lives of two men. You see, if Carl wasn’t in Paul’s life, Paul would have been beaten most of his life and the abuse would have given him the drive to become a senator. Using his childhood as a platform, Paul would have had several laws passed to create a volunteer task force whose sole purpose was to improve student-to-student relationships. In ten years, Paul’s program would have completely eliminated bullies from every school in America. If that had happened, then I would’ve never been able to approach Steven, who in this time line, was abused by bullies all the way up until his junior year of high school. That is, until he had a fateful meeting with Kaos.

But that is a story for another time.


And with that, this journey of what feels like years comes to a close. I hope everyone enjoyed the trip.

As usual, comments and critiques are always appreciated.