Bear's Bars and Brews 3

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The next day couldn't go by fast enough for Mark. As usual, he had to fend off the advances of several of the company's flamboyant gay men, dodging their questions about his lifestyle. If it wasn't for a few of the guys there that reminded him of Damien and Humphrey, he wouldn't have known what to do. The flamboyant gays seemed not to hang around those guys much. He was thankful for the little peace that was afforded him.

At his lunch break, he drove straight to the gym. A stray though crossed his mind, wondering how he knew where to drive, but was quickly forgotten as he saw Damien and Humphrey standing outside the brick building.

The duo waved at Mark as he exited the car. They were already ready to work out, both dressed in a pair of black mesh shorts and white shirts, Damien in a tank top, Humphrey in a wife-beater. Mark felt a wave of emotions suddenly that could best be described as fear, lust and awe. Mark didn't even realize he was staring at the two behemoths as he walked up, watching their chests inflate and decompress with each breath, how both of their bodies were covered in a layer of hair that made them look more like animals than mere men, legs corded with thick striations of muscle that he had not seen on anyone except Jason.

“Well, hurry up BOY, we ain't got all day!” Humphrey yelled with extreme emphasis on the word ‘boy’.

Hearing that, Mark hurried and flung his bag over his shoulder as he ran towards them, covering the parking lot in a few moments. Damien smiled and said, “Ready to work out boy?”

Mark smiled and said, “Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be.”

Together, the trio walked into the gym. As soon as they hit the door, Mark was assaulted by the aroma of sweat and iron. It was as if he was walking into a locker room right after a big game. It had never affected him before when he was young, but for some reason, he felt a twinge of energy run from the top of his head, down his body and straight to his cock. He subconsciously adjusted himself as he walked into the gym.

The crew walked up to the counter that flanked the entrance. Mark could tell this building used to be a garage. There was an office behind the counter that reminded him of the old style repair shops. It wasn't closed off, just slightly partitioned with glass so the boss could see out into the shop. It was inside the office where Mark saw another huge man, not quite as big as the two he was with, but large in his own right.

As he got up from the desk, Mark could see the polo shirt that barely contained his bulk. It was stretched across his chest and reminded him so much of how Jason's shirts fit him. The arms were at their limit trying to contain the mass of muscle that was his arm. He didn't walk, but instead he swaggered from his office to the counter. As he approached the front counter, Mark found himself wishing he looked half as huge and intimidating as the man that was coming toward them.

“Who's the little man?” the guy growled as he looked down at Mark.

Mark audibly swallowed as he looked at the mammoth man. Damien said, “He's with us, just a guy visiting from out of town, name's Mark.”

“Think you belong here?” he said, glaring sideways at Mark.

“What do you mean?” Mark responded.

“Look around,” he said,” Most of the guys here are serious lifters. I don't have any of those fancy machines or bikes or treadmills here. Just iron.”

Mark turned and looked around. Sure enough, the entire place was nothing more than a weight pit like one would see in the old pictures of Muscle Beach. Racks, benches, bars and plates occupied every corner and free spot in the gym, along with several very large men, a few of them he recognized as power lifters.

He was about to respond, but Humphrey cut him off, “Don't worry Dan. By the time we're done with him, you won't recognize him. We're going to grow him up.” He grinned and gave Dan a quick wink.

Dan smiled. He looked at Mark with a gaze that could be best described as a predator looking at his prey, “I see. Well, this should be interesting.” He pulled out a few pieces of paper and sat them down. Handing Mark a pen, he said, “Liability forms, sign 'em rookie.”

Mark immediately obeyed, signing the forms in triplicate. Dan handed a pink slip to him, tore off another section, handed that to him and growled, “Twenty-five bucks for the week.”

After handing over the money, Dan pointed to the locker room. “Locker room's there. Bring your own lock. Towels are in the bin, dirty ones out here.”

“If you need some chalk,” he snickered,” they're near the dea lift area in the back. I got spare straps and wraps but a little guy like you probably wouldn't know what to do with 'em. But if you stick with these two, I'm sure that you'll get there eventually.” After that, he turned to Damien and Humphrey and said, “You guys sure do have a challenge on your hands with this one.”

Damien smiled and said, “You'd be surprised how easy it's going to be.”

Mark looked at the two in confusion before Humphrey shook him out of his reprieve, “Better go get dressed. We got work to do.”

Mark nodded and went to the locker room. Quickly changing and securing his items, he returned to the main room to see Humphrey, Damien and Dan talking at the counter. Dan was the first to see him, and when he saw him, Dan's jaw went slack. Humphrey and Damien noticed Dan and turned to see Mark walking toward them.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Damien asked forcefully.

“ It's one of the outfits I usually wear to the gym,” he replied. He looked down at his clothes wondering what the problem was. It was one of his newer Abercrombie & Fitch , blue with splashes of purple and red. He thought it looked really nice on him. The color matched his eyes and the shirt was well made and fit his physique nicely.

Humphrey stomped over to Mark. With his meaty hands, he grabbed his shirt at the shoulder and ripped the sleeve off. He repeated the action with the other sleeve. Annoyed, he growled, “Guess that'll have to do for now. But don't you ever come in here again with an outfit like that. You're not here to put on a god damn fashion show. You're here to work out and get huge, and to do that you need to see the muscles working. You better go by the store and get you some plain tanks or wifebeaters and some shorts if you're going to work out with us.

The obvious anger in Humphrey’s voice jarred Mark. Profusely, he started to apologize. He didn’t know why, but it felt like the right thing to do. Obviously, he should’ve known better and he made the big guys upset.

Damien shook his head and sighed, “This better be worth it in the end.”

Mark quickly said, “I promise I’ll do better tomorrow, I swear.” A brief moment of confusion washed over his mind, wondering why he was being so submissive to these two guys, but an echo of a thought entered his mind rebuffing him. “Rule No. 1: The big man is Always right.”

He shook his head slightly, letting that rule cement in his psyche. “Whatever you want me to do guys, the big man is always right.”

Humphrey looked at Damien and both of the smiled, as if they were laughing about some inside joke. Damien looked back at Mark and said, “Well damn boy, I figure it would’ve took you a few weeks to learn that.”

Mark felt a quick wave of pride rush over him, quickly followed by a wave of confusion about why their approval meant so much, but both were quickly gone as Damien pushed him toward the weight pit.

Damien ordered Mark on the bench and he obeyed. The moment his hands wrapped around the bar, Mark seemed to dip into a trance. He was still conscious, but the zone of his focus extended only as far as the bar he was holding on. It was as if he was super focused on solely the lifting that he needed to do. He could hear stuff going on around him, but it sounded like he was underwater. Voices were disjoined and distant, clanking weights made soft thuds and nothing else really existed as he lifted. He just followed the two big guys around lifting what they set for him to lift.

Before he knew it, he was standing outside with his bag. He looked back at the gym and then at his new workout buds. He remembered lifting, but everything was foggy, as if he was in a trance the whole time. But, from the way his body felt, he wasn’t going to complain. He felt sore and stiff, but in the good way that you feel when you know you’ve worked hard.

Humphrey and Damien were going to their bikes, walking slowly away from him. He took in the way they walked, the sweep of their backs, the thickness of their muscles, and the simple hugeness of the two men, and against his will, he started to get hard. But before he could even think about it, his phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his gym bag and noticed that he had almost a dozen missed calls. Confused, he answered.

“Where have you been?” the voice on the other end yelled.

“I decided to go to the gym for lunch. What’s the big fuss?”

“The big fuss? The big fuss is that you’ve been gone for almost four hours without telling anyone anything. We had meetings and shit to take care of and you just vanished.”

Mark’s face blanched. He slowly muttered in the phone, “Ok, I’m on my way asap. Don’t worry.” He hung up his phone and was about to race to his car when he heard Damien’s voice, “Hey! Who was that on the phone!”

Instead of continuing to get back to work, he walked over to the two large men and relayed the story quickly. Humphrey nodded and said, “Feel like another beer, boy?”

Soon as he said that, Mark could feel a wave of relaxation wash over him. “Yeah,” he thought to himself, “a beer would be great right now.” He nodded his head slowly and the two men smiled.

Humphrey said, “Mark, you don’t need to worry that much about work today. What you want to do is get something to eat, go to the bar and have some beer, then go do that shopping that we told you to do.”

Mark thought, “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. I need food to help build muscle and beer to relax and I have to buy new gym clothes.”

Humphrey continued, “After you finish all that, you will call your work and smooth over everything. Then you will let them know that you will be leaving work at 2 every day because you have to work out. Working out and getting huge is the most important thing to you. Being huge will keep the gays off you. Being huge is the best thing in life, just seeing someone huge or thinking about you being huge makes you hard. You love the way it feels and you will continue to do everything you can to get there. Nothing can get in the way of your gym time, not work or your girlfriend. Do you understand?”

Mark floated along as he listened to Humphrey. He repeated everything that was said and nodded his head in agreement.

Damien and Humphrey smiled as he said, “Ok boy, you won’t remember what was said just now, but you will know exactly what to do. Now, that’s enough beer for you.”

Mark snapped to focus on the two bears and shook his head. He didn’t understand why he was so anxious a few moments ago. It was just work; work could wait. Gym was all that mattered. He smiled at his two friends and said, “So big guys, where can I find some protein in this town?”

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