Bear's Bars and Brews 4

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As Mark was driving to the gym after a long day at work, he started to reflect on the past few months. He couldn’t understand why work was becoming such of a hassle. While things at the gay site were improving because of his changes, things at the home office seemed to be getting worse. Cheryl complained constantly about his updated appearance and his new outlook on life and continued to threaten him with permanent transfer, but for some reason, he couldn’t muster up enough energy to care about her tirade. He couldn’t just go and change now. He had finally found a look that he was truly happy with. He glanced in the mirror and saw his very well kept facial hair and shaved head. He smiled, thinking to himself how he didn’t know how he lived so long without it.

But sadly, that was part of the problem. The people at the gay office seemed to react quite well to his changes, but Cheryl and some of the other higher ups didn’t understand. Just because he put on about fifty pounds of hard muscled beef, grown a full beard and shaved away his male pattern baldness didn’t mean he was going through a mid-life crisis. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt this good. Even when he swam and exercised daily in college, he didn’t have this sense of masculinity.

His mind shifted to his girlfriend for a moment, or, more precisely, his ex-girlfriend. He still could remember the fight they had. At first, things were great. She was constantly at his house once he really started going to the gym. He always had extra energy from his workouts and she really got off on seeing him get bigger and bigger.

Then the arguments started. She wanted more attention, and she wanted Mark to stop being in the gym so much. He was getting too big she said. Mark sneered at the mere memory of that statement. “Too big. Hah,” he thought. “There’s no such thing as too big.” He made sure she knew that. Gym was the most important thing to him and it was only so long before she would realize that she was second in his life.

She was complaining about not having any time with him or something about being neglected. Mark simply rolled his eyes and explained to her for the thousandth time how important going to the gym was. She bitched and moaned, chewed his ear off until he looked at the clock, saw the time and said he was leaving for the gym. He didn’t hear the rest of what she said, and when he returned home later, all her stuff was gone.

He had yet to hear anything from her, but for some reason, he wasn’t that concerned. She just didn’t understand him. He needed to keep working out. Gym was the best thing in his life and he wasn’t going to let her get in the way. Besides, what good was she anyway? She didn’t even want to help him stick to his bodybuilder meal. She wanted pastas and fried foods and all the stuff he couldn’t eat, so night after night, he made his own meals, even if she prepared something for dinner. All she was really good for was sex, and sex wasn’t as good as working out.

The people at the away office understood how important gym was though. The first week was slightly rough, but his work didn’t suffer and even some of the big guys at the office did the same thing. He thought about the three guys that quickly became his friends. They were pretty large men, almost as big as Damien and Humphrey, and they seemed to hang out with each other quite often. Mark gravitated to them slowly, feeling more comfortable with them than the fairy like men that occupied the rest of the building. Matt, Matt and Matt, or the three musketeers as they called themselves, even hung out at Bear’s Bar, which made them seem even more normal.

Mark sped down the road, his beefy arm hanging out of the window, free from the confining dress shirt that he was required to wear at work. In its place was a well worn wife-beater that he had grown to love so much that he constantly had to have one on under his work clothes. He flexed his left arm a few times, marveling in the swell of the muscle that he saw. He loved the changes in his body. He never would have imagined how good it felt to see yourself growing and changing over time, going from small to big. His pleasure was being reflected in the crotch of his pants as his cock began to plump from the stimulation. He used to be concerned when he started to get hard seeing his growth and thinking about getting bigger, and even though he thought it was slightly homosexual, somehow, it felt right. He wanted to pull it out and give his meat some well deserved attention, but he knew he had to wait until after his workout was done.

Mark was suddenly jerked from his internal reflection by smoke rising from his hood. He swore aloud before quickly pulling to the curb. He instinctively got out of the car and popped the hood. After a few moments of tinkering with his Lexus, he had everything repaired. It wasn't until he reentered his car did he realize what he had just done. He knew that he was never good with anything mechanical, but somehow, he had just fixed a foreign car. He didn't even know how to change his oil, but somehow he repaired it. As he thought, he couldn't even figure out what he just did. It was as if his body went into automatic mode and did everything without him thinking about it.

He started to panic, but he glanced at the clock and seeing the time made something in him click. He realized that he was going to be late for the gym. All his worries were immediately forgotten as he started up his car and headed to meet Jason.

By the time he got to the gym, he had forgotten he had even stopped the car, much less did some repair work on it. He simply grabbed his gym bag and headed inside. After quickly changing, he met Jason in his office.

Jason looked up from the book he was reading and smiled at Matt. “Time for your quarterly evaluation.” Matt smiled and dropped his bag as Jason came over with a tape measure. After a few minutes of measuring, Jason put the tape measure away and said, “Well, good news, you’ve seemed to have grown a bit since last time we did this. Haven’t gotten any bigger in the waist, but everything else has built up a couple of inches. Looks like you’re doing great.”

Jason placed his hand on Matt’s shoulder in pride and Matt simply beamed. He could remember when Jason completely dwarfed him, but now he didn’t feel completely like a shrimp when standing next to him.

“You know what,” Jason continued as he started to push Matt out of the office, “I think you might be able to keep up with me and my training buddy. You think you want to try that?”

As much as Matt tried, he couldn’t help but get hard at that comment. Hearing Jason’s vote of confidence and approval for some reason meant so much to him. Thankfully, he was wearing his compression shorts. The only thought that ran through his head at a million miles an hour was “YES! I CAN WORK OUT WITH THE BIG DOGS NOW!” He smiled up at Jason and said, “There’s nothing I would like more than to work out with you big man. Anything I can do to get to your size would be great!”

Jason smiled and said, “Ok cool. We usually work out from 12 to 2. That won’t be a problem for you, will it?”

Matt slightly winced, but any hesitation he might have had was completely drowned by the thought of getting huge under Jason’s wing. “Don’t worry big man. The only thing that matters is getting huge.” Jason smiled but Matt secretly wondered how he was going to pull it off at work.

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