Bear's Bars and Brews 6

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The wind whipped around Mark’s car as he drove down the highway. The weekend had finally come, and after the week he had, he was ready to get some beers and just chill. He had invited Jason and Zack to come along, but they had other plans with their girlfriends, so he was flying solo.

Being a bachelor didn’t bother him much anymore. He had long since forgotten his girlfriend and never put any effort in finding another one. He couldn’t understand how Jason and Zack could do the relationship thing and still work on getting huge. All of his spare time was either devoted to lifting, eating, sleeping or preparing to do one of those things. He was alright with it though. Nothing mattered more to him than getting huge. He was truly addicted to it and nothing was going to get in his way.

He reached over to the seat next to him to grab his sun glasses and noticed how tight his dress shirt felt. He smiled and flexed his arm, enthralling himself in how good it felt. He could feel the ball of muscle in his arm stretch and strain the shirt. He couldn’t wait till he was big enough to simply hulk out of the shirt, rather than take it off normally.

He loosened his tie before unbuttoning the shirt. He still couldn’t stand wearing the dress clothes that his job required. He could remember when he loved how they looked on him, but these days, they seemed to be more confining and annoying than anything.

Now, he simply loved being in as little as possible. He wore a tank top and a pair of shorts to the gym, and as soon as he got home, he was out of them and walked his house in just his jock strap or nothing at all. He enjoyed the freedom that came with being naked provided him. It was simply another thing that had changed since he started on his journey. Nothing was weird about it; it was just how things were.

Before he knew it, he was pulling up at Bear’s Bar. It was around 9 pm that evening, and was a lot busier than normal. Gangs of bikes and dozens of cars and trucks were parked in front of the bar, and even the side lot was full. He thought to himself, “What the hell is going on tonight?” as he parked his car across the street.

When he walked in the bar, he was assaulted by flashing colors and loud thumping beats. After he went through the foyer, he could see dozen and dozen of people, mostly guys, packed together in the bar. He pushed himself through the crowd and made his way towards Damien.

Damien was sitting near the tap along with Humphrey surveying the crowd. The duo seemed to be nodding to each other, talking and pointing at various people when Mark walked up.

“Hey boy, glad to see ya,” Damien shouted.

Mark spoke up, trying to be heard over the music, “Hey fellas, what’s going on tonight?”

“After party,” Humphrey said.

“What’s the after party for?” Mark replied.

“Oh, nothing, just an annual thing around here. You wanna drink?”

“Sure thing big man, I’d love one.”

Damien waved down a bartender while Mark looked around. He noticed that a lot of the guys here tonight were shirtless. Some were built, some were like he used to look, and some were just plain huge. He wondered why everyone was going around with their shirts off, but it was hot so he brushed off that thought. Damien handed him his beer and said, “Why don’t you enjoy yourself a bit?”

Mark took a long swig of his beer and nodded. He looked towards the dance floor where most of the guys were congregating and saw how much fun they were having. The lights were flashing and the music was playing and everyone looked so happy. He finished off his beer quickly, then made his way to the dance floor.

It was packed, but his size helped him maneuver through the crowd. Soon, he was in the middle of everyone dancing as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Nothing was on his mind except the music and fun. A few guys helped him out of his shirt and soon he was just another body in the pile dancing. He could feel a few guys feeling on his arms and chest, touching and groping him. Normally, that would have bothered him, but the lights flashing and the slight buzz he had from the beer had removed his inhibitions.

Mark didn’t know how long he was dancing there. Every now and again, a beer would appear in his hand and the group of guys would continue on as he drank. He could feel himself loosening up with each drink and soon, he couldn’t see anything past the ring of guys around him and the flashing rainbow of lights that were above him.

Eventually, people started leaving the dance floor, alone, in pairs or groups. Mark stood in the middle of the dance floor alone, enjoying the music as people watched from the sides. His body was drenched with sweat and glistened under the lights. Everyone that remained watched his muscular torso move and gyrate around as he danced alone. The sensation of freedom that came with the beer felt great. Mark had never known such freedom before that night. He wished it would never end.

Damien walked onto the floor and grabbed Mark gently by the arm. He yelled to the bartender, “Close up shop when it’s time. Me and Humphrey are taking our boy in the back room.”

The bartender nodded as Humphrey walked over. Mark wasn’t sure what was happening, but the buzz he had was too strong and his mind too foggy to put up any resistance. Once the three of them entered the room, Humphrey turned on the light and Damien locked the door. Damien said in an authoritarian voice, “Strip Boy!”

Slightly confused, Mark took off all his clothes and stood naked in front the two big men. “Yeah, that's a nice looking boy. Put on some nice size. Get your ass on the bed now!” Humphrey growled at him.

His beer addled mind said no, but he quickly laid on the bed sideways as Damien and Humphrey took off their clothing. Their huge bodies covered in muscle, hair and their hard cocks made him very horny for a reason he couldn’t understand. Damien opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled out some lube and poppers. He lubed up his cock as Humphrey took a couple of huge whiffs of the poppers.

Humphrey walked around the bed and stretched Mark out as Damien lined himself up near Mark's bare asshole. Sticking a thick finger roughly into it, he said, “Yeah, that is a nice tight hole right there,” he growled, “You're going to enjoy stuffing your meat in here.”

Humphrey smiled and said, “Well, hurry up then, I've wanted to fuck this ass for months now.”

Damien looked down at Mark before he shoved half of the length of his huge cock in Mark's virgin ass. Mark screamed in pain before Damien said, “Quiet boy, you're going to take this and like it.”

As much as Mark wanted to scream and squirm, he was suddenly unable to. Humphrey laughed and said, “Yeah, that's right boy, just now realizing it, huh? You can't disobey your daddies, can ya? Don't even remember all the changing, do ya? Well, after we're finished, you won't have to anything to worry about.” Humphrey lined up his cock to Mark's head and said, “Open up boy, time for you to take care of this daddy's cock while Damien opens up that nice hole of yours.”

Mark had no choice but to open up and allow the first cock ever to enter his mouth. He wanted to scream in disgust, to bite the huge sausage in anger, to fight and run away, to do anything but lie there and take it, but couldn't compel himself to disobey.

Damien shoved a few more inches of his massive tool deeper into Mark and said, “That's right boy, make your daddies happy. And once both of us cum, you'll forget all about your old life. You won't remember anything except being daddy's cum dump and working for Humphrey at his garage.

Mark's eyes darted back and forth between the two men that towered over him. “I think he wants to know why him,” Humphrey said snidely. He slid his meat further into Mark's mouth and said, “We've always wanted a nice little boy to take care of us whenever we wanted. And when we saw you, we knew you had potential. You had a good frame, not too tall and you looked like you could put on some muscle. Plus, we don't need another gay bashing homophobe in the world, so we changed you. It took a while to change you to what we wanted, but now that I have my cock in this hot mouth, it was all worth it.”

Damien started to pick up his pace, shoving his thick meat in Mark's ass with long, deep strokes. Meanwhile, Humphrey shoved his cock into Mark's mouth, pushing deeper with each thrust. Tears began to stream down Mark's face as he realized the situation he was in. He never thought anything like this could have happened to him. He was a big shot. He had a great job and life. He didn’t deserve this he thought to himself.

But what was worse was he couldn't do anything about it now. He suddenly remembered several times when he was spewing his hatred of gays and how the two men looked at him with a condensating smile. He also remembered several times where he felt like something was wrong, but how he always ignored or forgot about it.

As they fucked him without abandon, Mark felt himself getting light headed. Between the rapid thrusting in his mouth making it hard to breathe and the pounding of his prostate by the thick cock in his ass, he felt himself getting dizzy. Finally, after almost an hour of grunting, groaning and fucking, Mark could feel both the cock in his mouth and his ass thicken and stiffen. He was frozen in place as the two men gripped him tightly and, with one final deep thrust, both of the bears started to empty their loads in Mark. As much as he wanted to move or do anything, Mark could do nothing but lay there as what seemed like gallons of cum emptied into him. The cock in his ass throbbed angrily as the one in his mouth slid deeper into his throat, his gullet lubricated by the salty liquid unleashed from Humphrey's cock. Mark started to have trouble breathing and his eyes started to dart around in panic, but neither man let up or pulled their huge cocks out. Finally, Mark fell unconscious as the two big bears moaned and groaned from their orgasm.

Mark woke up and rubbed his temples. He wondered to himself why his head hurt so much. It hurt to think and everything was so foggy in his mind. It was as if something was wrong, but he couldn't place his finger on it, almost like he was forgetting something. He then opened his eyes and saw his two daddies standing over him, naked and hard. Suddenly, it felt like everything clicked into place. He jumped off of the bed and got on his knees, hands behind his back and asked, “How can I service you sirs?”

“Who are we boy?” Damien asked.

“You two are my daddy bears. You are Damien sir, and he's Humphrey.”

“What do you do boy?” Humphrey asked.

Mark thought for a second. Images of computers and suits flashed in his mind before he winced in terrible pain. The brief images were quickly replaced with memories of fixing cars and trucks, rebuilding engines and oil changes. He responded, “I work for Humphrey's Garage. Humphrey's my boss.”

“And what's your name boy?” Damien asked.

Mark squinted his eyes as he tried to concentrate, but his mind was so foggy, he couldn't remember even the most basic details about his life. “Ummm, boy?” he replied.

“That's a good boy. Now, you can get your reward,” Damien said as he gripped his cock and waved it in Mark's direction. Mark smiled and scrambled across the floor to the two big men. Taking both their meats in his hand, he licked one, then the other, all the while thanking them for the privilege.

A few weeks later, Mark, or Joshua as he was known around the club was lying in the back room again with Humphrey's large cock stuffed into his ass. Every time he was being fucked by one of his daddies, he felt that all was right with the world. There was nothing he liked better than wrapping his hand around one of their thick, beefy cocks, or licking their huge, furry muscles. He never got tired of feeling their pulsating meat deep inside him, or feeling the thick head of his daddy's cock rubbing against his prostate.

And when he was rebuilding an engine, or taking care of customers, or helping Humphrey fix his classic car, everything was good. Even when he was in the gym with his dads, pumping heavy iron trying to get thicker and bigger for them, he felt good. But, when he was alone at night in his room above Humphrey's garage, he would look up at the ceiling and feel a sense of loss. Sometimes, he would feel like there used to be more to life than fixing cars and sex. But every time he tried to think about life before pleasing his daddies, his head would start pounding in pain. It got to the point where he simply stopped trying to remember, but somehow, he knew deep down that he lost something.

But, he took pleasure in the fact that nothing else really mattered now except pleasing his daddies and having their huge cocks inside him.