Bear's Bars and Brews 5

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Mark could barely hold the keys up to the door when he got home. Today Jason had the crazy idea of doing giant sets, so he and Zack were following him around, close to dying from the sheer amount of exercises and weight they were tossing around.

It had been about four months since he started working out with Jason and Zack and in that little amount of time, he had saw more improvement in his physique than he thought possible. He smiled and grimaced at the thought as the door swung open. As usual, he tossed his bag towards a chair, but his arms were too weak to throw it far, so it missed the mark and landed near his desk, knocking a notebook to the floor. Grunting a string of incomprehensible gibberish, he continued onward to the shower. He needed a bit of heat and relaxation after the grueling workout that he had done today.

He took a bit of time to examine his body. Mark was loving how he was adding size at a steady rate since he started working out with the big guys. Even though he had a little trouble at the office, it was all worth it when he saw himself in the mirror. The added muscle on his body made him look even manlier than he was before. He started to get hard as he posed in the shower. It didn’t bother him at all anymore that he was getting aroused by muscles or his own body. He knew he wasn’t the only one. A bunch of guys at the gym said the same thing. He loved how his muscles swelled at his command. He loved it even more when he licked his biceps as he stroked himself. It just felt so good and manly to him, a primal eroticism that swept through his body, stoked by the fires of him growing bigger and bigger.

After about thirty minutes of standing in the hot shower, he felt like a new man. He quickly dried off and headed towards the kitchen, completely naked. He had gotten into the habit of walking around naked as much as possible, enjoying the freedom and the new size that he possessed. When he got to the kitchen, he went into his normal routine. He opened the fridge, pulled out a container and put it into his oven. After that, he pulled out a special glass that was filled with his after workout shake, put it on the blender and mixed in some various powders. He quickly blended it, then took it to his desk.

Sipping on his chocolate shake, he walked over to where the notebook fell earlier. He moved his bag to the side of the desk and picked up the notebook. He started to wonder where it had come from, so he opened it and began to read.

“Aug 29: I saw a guy in the store today that called me Joshua. I had no clue what he was talking about, but some how, he knew a lot about me. The guy was a damn fudge packer too, wearing tight pink clothes and floating around like fairy. I told him I had no idea who the hell he was but he said that I had met him at the club, then FUCKED him! I was about to punch his lights out, but he said he knew about my birth mark. He even described it perfectly. Seeing how it’s on the inside of my leg right next to my cock, I started to believe him.

A lot of weird shit like that has been happening lately. Seems like I’ve been forgetting shit left and right, weird people have been saying hey to me and I have no idea what’s been going on. I figure I should start doing something to keep track, so I’m going to keep a weird shit notebook, kinda like my workout log.

Oct 3: Found this notebook while I was cleaning up and read the previous entry. Didn’t remember writing it down, but it’s my handwriting so I should probably try to do something about it. Will call a doctor tomorrow.

Oct 18: Knocked the notebook over while grabbing the phone. Don’t remember any of this stuff. Oven’s ringing so I will be right back.

Nov 1: Reading all this stuff should freak me out, but I’m too tired to worry about it. Maybe I should call someone.”

Mark started to worry. “Maybe I’m getting forgetful in my old age.” He tried to think of someone that could relate and Damien and Humphrey popped into his head. “Hey, those guys should know what’s going on. I’ll call them!” he said to no one in particular. Keeping a tight grip on the notebook, he started to call Bear’s Bar.

“Bear’s Bar and Brews. This is Damien. Whadda want?”

“Hey Damien, this is Mark.”

“Hey there stud, what’s going on?

“Well, it’s kinda weird. I got this notebook right here that I’ve seem to have written some stuff I, but I can’t remember doing it. And there’s some strange shit in here. Me fucking a gay guy and stuff.”

“Really huh? Well, ain’t that something. We should do something about that then, shouldn’t we?”

“So you know what’s wrong then? Will I have to call the doctor or take some drugs or something?”

“No, no,” Damien said coolly, “All you have to do is get ready for another beer, boy.”

Mark’s eyes glazed over and his entire body relaxed as he said, “Mmmm, beer.”

“That’s right boy, just relax. Now, follow my directions carefully. As soon as you get off the phone, you will put the notebook in your trunk, along with anything that will remind you of it. You will not be able to see it again once you close your trunk. Then you will come back in your house, turn on the tv and fall asleep. You will wake up ten minutes later, not remembering anything after you saw the notebook. You won’t remember the notebook at all or calling here and you will just think you fell asleep watching tv. When you wake up, you need to come visit the bar this weekend. You won’t know why you’re coming. You will just feel a need to come hang out for a while. And if anything makes you feel like you’re forgetting something again, you will just feel calm and relaxed. Do you understand boy?

Mark muttered wistfully, “Yes sir.”

“That’s a good boy. Now, that’s enough beer for you.”

The next thing Mark knew was him waking up with Sportscenter on the tv. “Damn,” he yawned, “Jason and Zack really kicked my ass today.” He stood up and stretched before heading to the kitchen to get his after workout meal.

As he ate his meat and veggies, he said to no one in particular, “I could use a little break. I think I’ll visit Damien and Humphrey this weekend.” He didn’t even realize that he was getting hard at the thought.

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