The Favor

Kurt stumbled towards his house after another long day at school. It was another tough day for him as he had to endure more than one shove into a locker by his bully, Tyler. He rubbed his shoulder gingerly, trying to rub some of the pain away but failing.

As he got closer to the safety of his house, he glanced up and saw a U-Haul parked in front of the house next to him. He thought to himself how it was empty for at least two years. He idly thought how it might be nice to have a neighbor his age, but dismissed that thought quickly, saying to himself that anyone would probably just pick on him like Tyler.

He passed by the truck and glanced around. He didn't see many things that gave him a clue who was moving in, so he continued to his house. Once inside, he put down his backpack, wincing from the movement and the weight on his sore shoulder and arm. After settling in, he picked up the phone to call his mother. She was a nurse and always worked 2nd shift and was never home when he was awake. But like a good mother, she wanted to know exactly when he got home and kept tabs on her little boy.

�Hi mom,� Kurt said, trying to not sound too pained.

�Hi honey, how was your day? Anything new happened?� his mom responded.

Wanting to avoid talking about his day, he said, “Well, it looks like someone's moving into the old Smith house.”

�Oh really? Well then, you should go over there and greet our new neighbors. Tell them that I'll bring over some cookies tomorrow as a welcome to the neighborhood. Make sure you're polite.�

Kurt nodded and said yes to his mom before hanging up. He sighed and went to change clothes before he headed to his neighbor's house. He wasn't sure if he should take anything or what to do, so he just went empty handed. He walked over and went up the driveway. As he passed the truck, he saw several boxes as big as him in the truck and lined up along the ground. The boxes were unlabeled so Kurt didn't know what was in them, but he was shocked at the size of them.

As Kurt wondered what the movers looked like, he felt a presence coming from the house. He turned and he saw coming out of the front door the largest man he has ever seen in person or in any of the magazines he's read. He slightly ducked and twisted to get through the door before standing to his full height on his porch.

The giant of a man stood before Kurt with a smile on his face and waved. Kurt's jaw dropped as he watched the huge man's massive arm move. He was in a white tank top and black shorts and they hugged the contours of his body as if they were painted on. Kurt saw the abundance of red hair that poked out of the edges of his shirt, ran down his arms and legs and covered his face in a huge, fluffy beard.

As the man walked towards Kurt, he was dumbfounded by the size of every part of him. As he got closer, Kurt could see more and more details about the man. His arms weren't only huge, perhaps bigger than Kurt's head, but were also quite vascular and defined. Kurt saw that the thick, red hair that covered his body sank into the grooves of his arm, making his muscles look even better. His chest seemed to bulge against the shirt even as the lower part billowed gently in the wind. Kurt almost started to drool as the wind blew his hair gently.

The muscle man stood in front of Kurt and all Kurt could see was the huge man's stomach and waist. He strained to look up at the man's face, seeing the huge chest between them. The man looked down at him with a huge smile on his bearded face, extended his hand and said, “'ey there laddie, I'm Agnus. Who are ye?”

Kurt stared at the outstretched hand still in awe. He was certain that the massive paw in front of him was bigger than his head. In fact, he was sure that if Angus wanted to, he could easily palm a basketball and make it look tiny. “'m Kurt.” He pointed at his house, his gaze not leaving Angus' hand and said, “I live over there.”

Kurt reached out to shake Angus' hand. Angus said, “Well then laddie, it'll be a good thing having ye livin' next ta me then.” Angus gave Kurt a hearty shake and said, “Great to me ya, hope we are good neighbors.”

Kurt finally gathered enough composure to close his mouth and said, “My mom told me to come over. She said that she'll come by tomorrow with cookies.”

�That sounds like a wonderful idea, I'll appreciate it. Where is she now?�

�Oh, my mom has work during the evening. That's why she isn't here right now. It's just me at the house.�

�So, yer home alone, are ye laddie? How old are you?�

�I just turned twelve.�

�Boy, you're a youngin'. You ok with that?� Angus asked as he lifted his shirt to wipe his brow.

Kurt gasped slightly as he stared straight ahead into Angus' midsection. Covered in a layer of dark red hair, he saw, while his entire stomach bulged out a bit, he could still make out six distinctive muscles covered, with hair sinking into the grooves between them, making them even more defined. “Yes sir, I'm used to it,” Kurt replied.

�Well then, that's that then.� He looked down at their hands and Kurt noticed that he was still shaking the massive paw. He blushed and quickly jerked it away. Angus smiled before he said, �You want to stay and give me a hand?�

Kurt almost jumped in joy at the suggestion, but held in his excitement. “Sure,” he said, “I'm not doing much today and I would love to help.”

Angus bellowed a deep laugh and said, “Good! Well then laddie, let's get to it.” Then Angus patted Kurt on his shoulder. Kurt winced painfully and tried to hide it, but Angus' expression hardened. “You ok there laddie?”

Kurt tried to nod yes, but before he could, Angus pulled Kurt's t-shirt and looked down to see several bruises from his shoulder down his arm and back. Angus' smile faded and his eyes narrowed as he said, “Son, what happened?”

�Nothing sir, I just fell.�

�Bullshit!� Angus spat, startling Kurt. Speaking a little softer, �These are too many bruises and too old for you to have just 'fell'.� He knelt down and, still towering over him, ask, �Tell me the truth, did your dad do this?�

Kurt shook his head. “No sir, I haven't seen my dad ever. It happens at school.” He bit his tongue before continuing. “You see, there's this kid at school. He's bigger and stronger than everyone else and everyone loves him. But he hates me for some reason. He keeps shoving me into the lockers or pushing me down and everyone just laughs.”

Angus ground his teeth as Kurt continued, “No one stops him because he's so popular and he's on all the sports teams. So I just ignore it and try to avoid him. Nothing I can do about it anyway. I'm worthless.”

Kurt looked down at the ground and his eyes fell on Angus' huge legs. Quietly, he sighed, “If I were as big as you, no one could hurt me ever again.”

Angus took a single thick finger and placed it under Kurt's chin. Raising Kurt's gaze to meet his own, he said, “You are not worthless! No one is any less worthy than anyone else.”

�Well, it doesn't matter what I think. As long he wants to, he can just keep doing whatever he wants. I'm only like 4'5� and he's like a foot taller than me. And he's a ton stronger.�

�I used to be short and small too. I wasn't always this huge. If I can do it, you can do it too.� Angus said with a smile, flexing his arm.

Kurt openly stared at the massive arm in front of him. Reaching up, he placed one of his hands on the huge softball sized mound in front of him. He tried squeezing it, but it was completely unfazed by Kurt's attempt. “Are you serious?” he whispered, “Can I really get to be as big and strong as you?”

Angus slowly relaxed and flexed his arms as Kurt held on. As his arms pumped bigger and bigger, he said, “You might not get as tall as me, but I know for certain, you can get huge and strong.” He placed his arms down and flexed out his chest, stretching the tank top further. Kurt looked up at Angus, his eyes asking permission, and Angus nodded. Kurt put both of his hands on Angus' chest and gasped, feeling how huge and hard the chest muscles were. “I can help you. I know what I'm doing,” he said with a chuckle.

Angus stopped flexing and took a serious tone, “But it won't be easy. Honestly, you have to want it. And I'm not talking about how you want a new toy or something special for dinner. You have to want it more than anything. You have to want it as much as your next breath. To get truly huge, you're going to have to think about it more than having fun, taking breaks, everything else has to take a back seat to being huge. You think you can do that?”

Kurt looked up at him and said, “If it stops me from getting beat up. If I can walk down the hall without having to worry about picking up all my books or not getting knocked into a locker. If I don't have to hide my shirts from my mom because they're bloody. Yes, I can do that.”

Angus stood up to his full height and again Kurt was mesmerized by the abs and massive bulge of the giant. “Well,” he laughed, “ there's a few rules if I'm going to help you.” Kurt raised his eyebrow in wonder. “This is going to be a big project. It's not going to be done in a few months or even a year or two. This is life. If you're serious, you're going to have to do everything I say. If I say eat something, you eat it. If I say lift this rock, you lift it. Even if you feel like you can't do it, you need to do it. And in exchange, I'll give you my all in helping you get huge.”

Kurt smiled. “I can do that sir. But why?”

�Why what?� Angus said.

�Why are you helping me? I can't pay you or anything.�

�I'm helping you because I see potential in you. I feel like you can do it if you put your mind to it.� Then, he whispered to himself, �And I feel like you are the one who can finally grant my wish.�

Kurt smiled gently and said, “So what do you get out of this?”

Angus placed his hand on Kurt's back and gently led him to the front door. “That's easy. All I want in the future is one little thing.”

Kurt looked up at his new musclebound hero and asked, “What?”

�A favor.�

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