The Favor 2

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Kurt looked at Angus and was about to ask him what he meant by “a favor”, but Angus gently rotated Kurt towards the truck. Angus jumped straight up into the U-haul truck and walked to the back as Kurt watched. He was amazed how such a huge man was so agile and graceful. Wanting to be helpful, Kurt went to try and grab one of the boxes on the ground. But when he went to move it, he was shocked at how heavy it was. Even though it was at his height, he could barely budge it.

“Aye laddie, yer probably not going ta be able to move that. It's pretty heavy for a laddie like ya,” Angus said as he stood at the edge of the truck. Kurt looked up to see the huge man standing there with two of the huge boxes stacked in his left hand. He jumped down, leaving a small impact crater at his feet and walked over to Kurt. Kurt was again dumbfounded at the mere size of the man in front of him, but his eyes were locked on the massive forearms and bulging biceps of the man. He could trace the veins on the arm and there were more than he's ever seen on a man.

Angus saw the look of awe in Kurt's eyes and simply smiled and stood there. Kurt spent a few minutes admiring the size of Angus' arms. They were flexed from holding the two boxes and bulged to the side. Kurt thought how they were bigger than his legs. He wondered what it would be like to have that kind of strength and power at his command, what it is like being as huge as he was, and how long it took him to get that huge.

After a few minutes, Kurt realized he was almost drooling. He shook himself out of his staring and looked up shyly at Angus. Angus simply looked at him with a smile on his face and said, “It's OK laddie. I know what ye be thinking and I don't mind. I'm used to it and I can see you are really into the muscles. Just imagine what it'll be like when yer the huge muscleman.

Kurt sighed with relief and stuttered, “Thanks big man, it's just I've never seen anyone like you before. You're just so huge and powerful. I can't imagine what it's like being you. I look at you and see what I want to be one day and it's something I've never even thought of. I really have never thought of being anything before, but seeing you gives me a dream to strive for.”

Angus' fur covered face broke into an even bigger grin as he said, “Don't worry laddie. I know exactly what you be going through. I went through it a long time ago myself. But I will be here for ya. Now, let's get these boxes in the house. Going to need to get some meat in me before the day's done.”

Kurt nodded and said, “Ok big man.”

Angus knelt down and slipped his right hand under the two boxes on the ground. Without any effort, he lifted them and stood to his full height. Kurt gasped in amazement at how easy it was for him to lift two boxes that he wasn't able to move one of, much less carry four of them. What was even more amazing to Kurt was the fact that it was so effortless to him.

Angus led the way into the house with Kurt close behind enjoying the view. Every step Angus took was closely watched by Kurt who simply enjoyed the flexing and relaxing of each muscle. Kurt felt as if he would be happy just being around this man, but the fact that this muscle god before him not only acknowledged him, but took an interest in him and said he would help him follow in his muscled footprints made Kurt feel special.

Once inside, Angus put the boxes down and Kurt looked around. He saw a few dozen boxes stacked neatly in rows. Angus went to a box on the kitchen counter and retrieved a pair of scissors. Handing them to Kurt, he said, “You can open and unpack these boxes and just lay most of the stuff on the floor. This one box goes in the kitchen, this other one goes in the den and the rest of it can stay here.

Kurt nodded and went to work. Angus smiled and went back out to the truck to continue to unload. A few hours later, Angus came in with the last boxes and maneuvered his way around the odds and ends spread across the floor. With a sigh, he said, “There, everything's in. How are you coming along?”

Kurt said, “I'm doing good here. Got a lot of stuff out.”

Angus smiled and said, “Good. Let's take a break for a bit.” Kurt smiled and stood up. He stretched a bit before following Angus into the kitchen. Angus wiped his forehead before grasping his shirt. “Sorry it's hot in here, haven't had time to set the a/c up yet,” he said to Kurt before he took off his shirt.

Time seemed to slow down for Kurt. Angus' body was slowly revealed as Kurt stood there mesmerized. He watched as the shirt rose to reveal Angus' stomach, six bulging muscles on a large stomach. The muscles were heavily covered in dark red hair that did nothing to detract from the definition that he possessed. Kurt have seen muscles on some guys, but he had never seen huge muscles like Angus', nor did he see anyone as hairy. But the combination on Angus was amazing.

Then Angus' chest was revealed. Kurt sucked in a deep breath as the huge pecs were uncovered. They had a size and heft to them that Kurt wanted to feel, but for the time he simply watched. The hair on them was a bit thicker, but even through the forest of chest hair, he could see the striations of muscle underneath. Kurt thought to himself how one of the giant's muscle was probably bigger than his waist.

Kurt didn't even know how to describe the muscles he was seeing as the shirt continued to rise. Flanking his chest were two giant muscles that spread even further as Angus' arms rose. Kurt knew that really muscular men had those muscles, but he never imagined that they could be so wide and visible. Thick with veins, they simply looked like slabs of beef attached to the thick, telephone pole sized midsection that seemed to swell wider and wider as the tank top stretched to get passed the muscles.

Then finally, Angus got the shirt above his neck and arms. Again, Kurt was struck breathless as he watched the arms and neck surged outward. The veins in his thick neck steadily pulsed as he worked to remove the shirt. Kurt was flabbergasted at the sheer size of his neck. He was sure that both of his legs together wouldn't begin to be as thick as Angus' neck, and nowhere near as powerful. And as powerful as his neck looked, Angus' arms seemed to vastly overshadow it. They seemed to be basketballs of muscle as he flexed his shirt off and lost very little size as he stretched his arms upward.

All too quickly, the show was over. Angus stood before Kurt in the kitchen, shirtless and smiled. He took the stretched tank-top and used it as a rag to wipe down his head and body. Kurt let out a deep breath of appreciation as he watched. Angus smiled and said, “So you want a drink there laddie?”

“Ummm sure. May I have some water please?” Kurt responded.

“Aye, no can do there laddie. I haven't had the time to flush the lines yet. But you can have some of me daily drink.” Angus opened the refrigerator and Kurt saw three gallon jugs sitting on the shelf in an otherwise empty box, one red, one yellow and one half filled green. Pulling the green one out, he pointed to the coffee mugs behind Kurt. Kurt handed him two, but Angus smiled and motioned for just one.

Angus poured the liquid into the cup and Kurt noticed that it didn't flow as fast as water, but wasn't something thick either. Seeming to read his mind, Angus said, “This is my special daily drink. I made it a while back to help with what the body needs after you work out as hard as I do. It's made specifically for me, so I'm not going to give you too much. Tell me what you think.”

Angus passed the cup to Kurt and started to chug the rest of the gallon. Kurt raised the cup to his nose and took a sniff. He smelled a few different flavors; lime, mango, cherry and some others. He then took a sip of it. It was definitely not water he thought. It had a syrupy texture with some grit, but it went pretty smoothly. Kurt quickly finished his cup and smacked his lips. “That tasted great. What was in that?”

Angus sucked down the rest of the liquid before wiping his mouth with his giant forearm. “Just a bunch of different vitamins and supplements and other things along with a bunch of fruit juices. It's an extension of my thesis work.”

Kurt's eyebrow raised reflexively. “Thesis?” he asked in disbelief.

“Aye laddie, I got two degrees. Human biochemistry and kinesiology. I went into it to get a better idea on how to get huge.”

Kurt was amazed; not only was Angus huge, but he was really smart too. He felt even more lucky that Angus took a liking to him.

“Once we get started getting you huge, I'll make a formula specifically for you too. The one you drank is for me, and that's probably way too strong for you considering your mass and structure. In fact, you might feel a bit hyper in about ten minutes, but that will wear off before it's time for you to sleep.” Kurt simply nodded as Angus continued, “I need to get a shower real quick, then I'll take us to get some food. How does that sound laddie?”

Kurt smiled and said, “Sounds great, I completely forgot to eat when I got home.”

“Good man then. Give me a few mins to clean up a bit, then we'll go have some steak and celebrate you getting on the path to being huge.”

Angus headed to the back of the house while Kurt went to the only empty chair in the living room. He looked around and saw some of the stuff that was unpacked and thought about what else Angus did and what he would be doing now that he moved to his neighborhood. It wasn't long before Kurt started to feel weird. He was starting to feel full of energy, almost like he wanted to vibrate. It was about that time that Angus came out of the back room. Kurt turned to see Angus walking down the hall and again, Kurt was awed by what he saw.

Angus had changed into a black sleeveless shirt and matching pants. The shirt seemed like it barely fit the massive man. Kurt thought he could see the seams of the fabric stretching to the point of breaking. His arms hung out to the side as he walked, swinging back and forth, flexing ever so slightly. His beard and arms were still slightly moist from the shower and seemed to give him an almost otherworldly sheen. The pants he had on seemed to fit him perfectly. The waist was small enough that the gray belt he wore wasn't stretched, but the legs seemed to bulge perfectly. Even completely covered, Kurt could see the separation between the various muscles in the legs.

Angus felt Kurt's eyes on him as he walked and again smiled for his new buddy. “So, how are ya feeling laddie?”

Kurt snapped out of his reprieve and said, “I'm feeling like I'm buzzing. Almost like I'm going to vibrate.”

Angus said, “I'm not surprised. Figured even with that small amount, you would feel it. Well then, let's get some food in you. You're going to need it.”

Kurt hopped up with a ton of enthusiasm and followed Angus to his truck. A few minutes later, they were at the local restaurant. Kurt followed Angus in and watched how he interacted with everyone. He took in how comfortable he was with himself, yet how he didn't lord over the people he was talking to. Even though everyone knew that he was superior, Angus didn't treat anyone less. Even the wait staff and workers he treated with respect.

When they got to the table, the waiter went to hand both of them menus, but Angus waved them away. “I'm going to have your twenty ounce steak, two baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and water,” he said, “and he,” pointing at Kurt, “will have exactly half of what I am having.” Kurt went to say something, but Angus held up his hand. The waiter nodded and left the table.

“I can't eat that much sir,” Kurt said. “I usually just have some chicken fingers when I come here.”

“What are the rules, boy?” Angus asked.

Kurt thought for a moment before saying, “I am supposed to do what you say, no matter what?”

Angus smiled and said, “Right. So when I tell you to eat something, you eat it. I know your body's going to need it, and you're going to have to get used to eating a lot more than this. So you might as well get started.”

Kurt replied, “I understand sir.”

Angus then leaned forward and said, “So, tell me about your school.” Kurt immediately started to tell Angus about everything, his classes, his teachers, his few friends, and of course, Tyler. When he got to the subject of Tyler, Angus said, “Tell me everything you know about him, especially what sports he does.”

“Well, I don't know too much, but I know he's into wrestling and football. He's been doing it for a while.”

Angus stroked his red beard before saying, “I know you're wondering why I asked. The reason is, we have to do something about your attitude. It's not enough that you're huge if you don't have the composure to back it up. You have to be confident, assured, alpha in your thinking. You have that and the size to go with it, and no one will think about picking on you.”

Kurt nodded as Angus continued, “You could easily get huge and fight him, but that wouldn't prove anything. You'd just be a bully like he is. You need to have that self confidence and attitude that shows that you're better than him. What we're going to do to get you that attitude is, while we're building up your body, you're going to learn how to wrestle and play football and some other sports. Then, you're going to prove to yourself and Tyler that you're better than him. You're going to beat him in what he loves the most and prove you're the better man.”

Kurt's eyes widened and he said, “You really think I can do that?”

“It's not whether I believe it or not. You have to believe it. You have to start seeing yourself as the future muscle man you're going to be. If you don't see it, there's nothing I can do.”

Kurt nodded and said, “I think I can do that sir.”

“Good,” Angus said, “because you're going to need to have that total dominant alpha stud
attitude before you can even think about knowing what the favor is going to be.”

“I was wondering about that sir,” Kurt said, “Could you tell me what you want in the future?”

Angus leaned back and stretched. Kurt could hear some of the threads of the shirt popped as he slightly flexed. Then Angus said, “You don't need to worry about that for now. You just need to focus on doing what I am telling you. The important thing is you get huge and confident, then I will tell you the next step. But you don't need to worry, my favor is nothing crazy like you killing a man or anything.”

Angus leaned back and flexed his arm. As Kurt stared at the massive mound of beef, Angus smiled and said, “In fact, I'm willing to bet you will gladly help me get my one wish in the end.”

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