The Favor 5

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Kurt exhaled deeply as he pushed the bar back upward. With a grunt, he powered the bar up and racked the weight before allowing his arms to drop to the side. Angus' bearded face came into view with a huge smile and said, "Thatta boy, laddie. You finally broke 200 pounds. How does it feel?"

Kurt laid on the bench, breathing deeply and enjoying the smell of Angus' low hanging ball sack. "I didn't think I could do it. But it felt great! It's awesome finally getting it. And for three reps even."

Angus' smile widened as he said, "I knew ye could do it." Kurt sat up and looked quizzically at Angus as he continued, "Judging by the steady gains you've been making, I figured you would break 200 right about now. Getting it for three reps though, that's just you being hungry for getting huge."

Kurt got up from the bench with a grin and followed Angus to the next bench. Angus lied down on his bench and gripped the bar tightly. Kurt counted up the plates on the bar and figured that Angus was going to bench 585 lbs today. Kurt stood where the spotter would stand, but he knew that the big man wouldn't need a spot. Angus smoothly lifted the bar and began to do multiple, quick reps. Judging by the people he had saw for the months he had been working at the gym, Kurt could only begin to imagine how strong Angus really was. Seeing how quickly the reps were going, he understood why Angus always waited until the gym was closed before the two of them worked out.

After twenty-five reps, he reracked the bar and sat up, barely winded. "Why don't you lift heavy? You always say that you have to lift big to get big."

Angus said, "That's simple me boyyo. Yer not strong enough to spot me yet. Until ye catch up a bit, I'm gonna lift just for maintenance." He stood up and ushered Kurt to the dumbbells.

As Kurt picked up his thirty pound dumbbells he said, "Why don't you get one of the bigger guys to stay after so you can lift big? I'm sure some of the guys would love to see you lift huge." Kurt could feel himself getting a bit harder as he continued, "I know I would."

Angus smiled as he picked up the 150 lb dumbbells and said, "It's ok laddie. If there were another guy here, they'd be too focused on me and what I could do, and it's more important that we focus on getting you huge. Besides, you have to be huge before you can give me my favor. Don't worry, you'll be big enough to spot me pretty soon."

Kurt smiled and said "By the way, am I ready to know what the favor is yet?"

Angus shook his head and said, "Not yet laddie. But a hint, you'll have to be able to bench twice yer weight and squat at least three times what you weigh before you get the next step."

Kurt nodded before he started doing dumbbell curls. He got done with his set before dropping the weights. Angus, as usual, continued doing rep after rep with perfect form as Kurt sat down. Kurt absently watched as Angus continued. As he watched, he saw Angus' arms slowly swell as blood. Kurt felt himself start to get hard as he watched, and he noticed that Angus' bulge also started to swell in his shorts. Seeing the big man's huge bulge starting to display itself got Kurt even more aroused.

"Big guy?" Kurt said as he started to rub his hands together.

"Aye laddie?" Angus replied.

"I think I might be gay?"

Without pausing, Angus said, "Is that so laddie? What makes ye say that?"

Kurt rubbed his hands on his shorts and took a deep breath. "Well, ever since we started working out real hard, I've been having dreams. And in the dreams, it's always similar. There's you and there's me, and we're both in front of a group of people. I don't recognize any of them except Tyler who's in front. And in the dream, you and I keep flexing and flexing. As we flex, we keep getting bigger and bigger. All of our muscles swell, and we just keep getting huge. Lately though, we've been naked with each other."

Kurt adjusted himself as Angus continued to lift his weights. He noticed that Angus was also getting hard as he continued his story, "You and I start out really huge and hard. Our cocks keep getting bigger and harder as we start hugging and squeezing with each other. The people watching keep getting smaller and smaller. We keep wrestling with each other and just keep getting bigger and bigger. Then I wake up with a huge boner that hurts so much. I've been doing push ups every morning like crazy. I'm up to over 300 push ups before I just stopped counting."

"Ah, that be why yer making more progress on yer chest. We're gonna either have to cut back on the push ups or hit the legs a bit harder," Angus laughed.

A few moments passed as Angus continued lifting. Kurt noticed the huge bulge in Angus' shorts that stuck out at least eleven inches. He stared at it for a moment before he said, "Well?"

"Well what?" Angus replied between reps.

"Well am I gay or what?"

Angus stopped lifting the weights. He put them back on the rack before smoothing the huge lump in his shorts. He walked to the bench Kurt was sitting on and sat next to him. "Laddie, you might be gay. You might be straight, you might be bisexual. Doesn't really matter honestly. What's important is that yer happy with yourself."

Kurt let out a huge sigh of relief and said, "Oh thank god. I didn't know how'd you'd respond."

Angus wrapped his arm around Kurt and laughed, "It's no problem laddie. If it makes ye feel better, I'm pretty gay too." Kurt's jaw dropped as he continued. "Yupper, haven't done anything since I moved here. Busy getting the gym up and running ya know. Also, getting you up and going is more important."

"Thanks big guy," Kurt said with a tear in his eye.

"Ah now don't you go tearing up laddie, we still got work to do."

Angus and Kurt got up from the bench and went back to the dumbbells. They picked up their weights and started their next set of bicep curls.

"Oh, also, school's going to be starting soon. I don't think I'm going to try out for wrestling and football this year though."

"Oh, is that true laddie?" Angus said between reps.

"Aye," Kurt said, realizing he said "aye" instead of "yes", "I wanna get a bit bigger and stronger before I try out. Plus, next year will be my first year of high school and that will be a great time to start something new." Angus nodded his head as Kurt continued, "Would you be willing to go clothes shopping with me?"

Angus grunted, "Ya want me to go with ye?"

Kurt put down his weights and slumped over the rack. "Aye, I can't fit into hardly anything anymore. And no offense to my mom, but she would dress me like her little boy. And honestly, I want to look more like a man. Like you."

Angus stopped lifting as he belly laughed. "Sure thing laddie, we can go this Sunday. We'll even get ye a proper kilt."

Their combined laughs echoed off the walls of the empty gym.

A few days later, Kurt was cleaning the locker room. He was whistling a tune as he picked up towels and emptied the hamper. Suddenly, he was grabbed, spun around and thrown against the locker. He blinked a few times in shock before seeing Tyler holding him against the lockers.

"Ok you little wuss, what are you taking? You've grown too much in the past months to not be taking something," Tyler growled at him before pulling upward on his uniform.

Kurt noticed that he was almost looking Tyler straight in the eye. He also noticed that Tyler wasn't lifting him nearly as high as he did before, and the slam into the locker didn't hurt at all. Suddenly, he realized that he was definitely making great progress if even Tyler noticed. He looked into Tyler's eyes, and where there was spite and conceit before, he could see a glimmer of fear behind them.

Kurt lifted his hands up and knocked Tyler's hands off of him. Tyler stepped back in shock and Kurt said, "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm not on anything except vitamin iron. Unlike you, I've been busting my ass all summer working on getting huge. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you."

He shoved the shocked Tyler back a bit and continued, "You've always had it so easy, haven't you? Always the big, strong one. Popular with everyone even as you picked on me and beat me. But I didn't get anything handed to me. I didn't grow up bigger than everyone. But I'm hungry for it. I want to be huge, and I will be huge. Did you know that I do over 300 push ups every morning?" Tyler unconsciously took a step back. "Did you know that I eat more in one meal that you probably do all day? Did you know that I'm working out six days a week? And not the crappy thing you call a work out. I don't spend hours sitting on a bench playing with my phone. No, I'm lifting as hard as I can. I'm lifting so hard that I can't even fucking move when I'm done."

Kurt moved back to his laundry cart and said, "So no, you bastard, I'm not on anything. I don't need to be. I'm going to get huge because I want it a lot more than you'll ever even realize. So enjoy being bigger than me while you can. It's not going to last long."

Tyler recovered from his shock and went to punch Kurt, but someone started to come in. Tyler lowered his fist and muttered under his breath, "Fucker."

Kurt picked up a couple more towels before he said, "Now, little boy," he said sarcastically, "I have work to do before I work out. Leave me alone so I can do my job."

"This ain't over!" Tyler quietly yelled before storming out the locker room.

After Tyler left the room, Kurt let out a huge sigh. He laughed a bit to himself, shocked that he actually stood up to his bully. He was shocked that he went that far, but he felt so good that he did that. He never felt stronger or more powerful. And to his surprise, Kurt realized he had a huge erection.

To be continued?