The Favor 4

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Kurt got to twelve before he reported to Angus that he felt all the energy focused in his chest. Angus said to himself, “That took a little longer than I thought it would. I would've thought he had better mental acuity than that. Must be all the years of bullying. Going to have to do something about that before it's too late.”

“Ok laddie, can you hear me?”

“Yes sir,” Kurt said sleepily.

“Do you know how to do a push-up?” Angus asked.

“I think so sir,” Kurt said.

“Show me.”

Kurt assumed a push-up position and started to do a push-up, but was quickly stopped by Angus. Angus made several adjustments to Kurt's form before he let him continue. Then after fixing everything, Angus said to Kurt, “Ok laddie, I want you to do push-ups properly. And with every push-up you do, I want you to become more focused on how your muscles feel. I want you to feel each rep deep in your muscles, and I want you to remember the proper form I taught you and how your muscles are responding. And when your muscles start feeling fatigued, I want you to feel the energy flow from your chest down into your legs.”

Kurt started to robotically do push-ups with perfect form. Angus, pleased with Kurt's progress, got a weighted vest and started to do push-ups right along side of him. A few minutes later, Kurt started to slow down. Angus looked up at the clock and thought, “Hmm, not nearly as long as I thought. A lot of work to do.”

After the push-ups, Angus taught the trance-focused Kurt how to do squats, lunges and other body weight exercises. With each exercise, Angus worked on a base, introduced and reinforced various mental cues and compulsions such as how to maintain self control, how to work through muscle fatigue, the desire to push himself as hard as physically possible, and most importantly, how to control the vast amounts of energy that the formula would start giving him.

It took a few hours to go through the process. When Angus was satisfied with the progress that was made for the day, he started to bring Kurt out of the trance. “Ok Kurt, now this is important. I want you to start feeling the energy leave you. But as it leaves, I want you to remember clearly everything that you felt and did today, and everything I've taught you. I want it imprinted on your mind so you remember it always. You will start to learn how to bring yourself into this state and control it.

It took Kurt about the same amount of time to come out of the trance as it did to go into it. Angus waited patiently as the haze left Kurt's eyes. When he was totally aware, he looked at Angus with disbelief in his expression. “What was that?” he asked.

Angus smiled and said, “That, me laddie, is why no one can know abut this formula. The biggest issue is that this formula has, how should I put it, a hypnotic quality. If someone who doesn't have a lot of mental focus drinks it, they'll fall into a state where they are very, very suggestible. I'm here with ye, so I could guide you through and use it to put some compulsions and habits in that'll help you along the way, but if someone more nefarious got a hold of this, they could get people to do anything. Me biggest fear is someone making an army of huge mind-fucked, musclebound zombies.”

Kurt looked at Angus in amazement as he listened to Angus' tale. He knew immediately that Angus was telling the truth, but it was still amazing to hear. Angus' supplement was amazing, and Kurt was so grateful that he decided to share it with him.

Angus stood up and said, “Well laddie, I need to do a little more before I whip up your stuff. You can sit over there and have a couple of the bars to munch on. You're going to be starving in a little.”

Kurt nodded and went over to the desk that Angus' tools were on. He grabbed the two protein bars that were there and started to eat as Angus walked to the dumbbell rack. He grabbed a pair, 100 lbs from what Kurt could see, and started to curl them. Kurt snacked slowly as he watched the methodical way Angus quickly raised the massive weight, holding the muscle in contraction, then slowly lowering the weight before doing the same with the other arm.

Kurt sat mesmerized by Angus' arms as he did countless reps of dumbbell curls before a buzzer went off next to him. Angus stopped and said, “Oh good, it's done.”

Kurt looked on the desk next to him at the devices that Angus had set up earlier and saw green lights on all the boxes. Angus put the dumbbells back and walked over to the desk. He nudged Kurt aside before reaching for some hand sanitizer. He pulled the strips out of the machines, looked at various numbers and symbols on boxes before writing them on a pad. He then took them to a nearby cabinet and took out a bunch of containers. With practiced precision, he quickly measured and mixed three separate vials which he poured into empty jugs. He filled one with water and it turned from a powdery substance into a yellow liquid. He handed the jug to Kurt and said, “Drink a cup of this and we'll go grab something to eat as soon as I clean up. The red jug is before bed and the green jug will be for when you wake up and before you work out. This should last you a few days, but I'll make you a couple month supply tomorrow.

Kurt took the jug and quickly poured a cup before relishing the fruit flavor. Angus smiled and ushered Kurt out of the basement and upstairs. After a quick change, they both got into his truck and went to the restaurant to have another meal.

Angus and Kurt spent their afternoons together constantly. They worked out six days a week and rested on Sundays. Angus taught Kurt how to prepare and cook the massive amounts of food he would need to eat and told him his plan for the gym. He told Kurt how he spent his days fixing up the building and getting weights in. Kurt always listened intently. He was happy to spend hours just listening to Angus' stories and watching his huge muscles.

As the weeks passed, Kurt worked as hard as possible and was rewarded at night when he would take his red drink, followed by going to his room, stripping down and looking at himself in the mirror. He could see his body slowly changing. He would flex an arm, and where there was nothing before, he could see visible muscle. Where there a bony chest, there now were a set of definite pecs, and where there was baby fat, there now was the faint outline of abdominals. His legs were making great progress in his opinion and to his delight, his cock was starting to grow too. He wasn't nearly close to Angus' size, but he felt like he was starting to actually catch up with some of the other kids at school. Then he would reaffirm to himself how he would get huge, then go to bed.

Summer came quickly, and like Kurt promised, he spent his days working at Angus' gym. But one day, he had a dream where he and Angus were flexing in front of a group of people including Tyler. He was the same height as Angus, and both of them were huge and swollen with muscle. They bulged everywhere as they flexed, and everything was huge, including their cocks in their posing trunks. As they flexed, they seemed to get even bigger and bigger as the people that watched them gasped in awe. Their muscles swelled to mammoth proportions as they flexed harder. The bulge in Kurt's trunks grew thicker and longer as it dropped towards his knees. Finally, before he awoke, Kurt thrust forward his immense package, knocking down Tyler as Kurt roared with power.

He awoke to a throbbing pain and his penis was as hard as a rock. Panicking, he quickly put on some shorts and a shirt and raced over to Angus' house. Kurt rang the doorbell a few times before hearing the giant footfalls of Angus come to the door. Angus opened the door to find Kurt standing there, hands covering his groin and legs crossed. Angus let out a hearty laugh and said, “Aye, I was wondering when this day would be comin'. Get in here laddie.”

Kurt rushed in and turned to asked Angus what was going on, but Angus interrupted him. “I know what yer going to say, but there's no need to worry. I knew this was going to happen. You've got yer first morning wood,” Angus chuckled.

Kurt looked at Angus in confusion as he explained the concept of puberty and the birds and the bees to Kurt. Kurt nodded along, as he heard most of it in sex ed, but when Angus got to the stuff that they didn't teach in school, Kurt's eyes widen.

Finally, when that conversation was done, he said, “The reason you are feeling like that is because the formula hypes up your hormones. You're probably really horny right now, so horny that your cock probably hurts.” Kurt nodded as Angus continued, “I though so. Normally, you would have to beat the snake a bit to relieve the pressure, but you need to work it out instead. Let's go.”

Kurt followed Angus down to the basement gym. Angus quickly took another blood sample from Kurt before telling Kurt to do push-ups until the pressure was relieved. Soon, Kurt was in his mental workout zone doing a steady stream of push-ups as Angus prepared the new formula.

It took about an hour before Kurt stopped. By the time he felt relief, Angus had finished the new formula and was ready to head to the gym. Kurt was exhausted, but thankful that his hard on had subsided. Angus simply stood at the door and chuckled. “Don't worry laddie, we'll be putting that energy to work. Now is the time where you'll really start getting huge.”

Between deep breaths, Kurt could do nothing but smile. It took him a few moments to catch his breath, but as soon as he did, he and Angus headed off to the gym.

As usual, they arrived to the early morning goers waiting patiently outside the gym. Angus smiled to his customers and quickly opened the door. He led the way in with the members behind, followed by Kurt and the giant cooler of food for him and Angus.

The day continued normally for the two in spite of their eventful morning. They had their breakfast and afterward Angus manned the desk while Kurt worked the floor. Kurt's job was to rerack the stray weight, keep the floors clean, and collect, wash, and fold the towels for the members. Kurt was quite happy working for Angus because, not only was he a great trainer, he was an excellent boss. The work kept him busy most of the day, and during the quiet times, he and Angus either ate or worked out.

His mother came in around lunch time as usual. She and her fellow second shift nurses were one of the first clients Angus had to sign up for gym access. Kurt saw his mother on her way out as she talked with Angus. She playfully flirted with Angus before she turned to Kurt. “Are you having a good time son?” she asked.

“Yes mom, I'm having a great time working with Angus. No need to worry about me.”

“Well that's good boy. It looks like hanging around Angus is having a great effect on you. I'm happy for you.” She leaned down and kissed her son on the forehead. Kurt moaned aloud as Angus chuckled. She said, “Well boys, I'm off to get ready for work. You keep doing a good job you two, and thanks again Angus.”

Angus tipped his head towards Kurt's mother as she left. Kurt smiled and turned to go back to work, but as soon as went to leave, he heard in a sarcastic tone, “Aww, isn't that cute. The little baby misses his mom.”

Kurt cringed visibly. Angus' eyes narrowed in response to Kurt's reaction and turned to the door. Kurt turned around said, “Hello Tyler.”

“What's a little, weak baby like you doing at the gym? The gym's for real men to get big, like me.” Tyler asked snidely.

Kurt straightened and said, “I work here.” He smiled, pointed at Angus and said, “This here's my boss.”

Tyler turned toward Angus and his eyes widened in shock. Kurt was used to seeing the reaction that everyone had when they first saw the huge muscleman. Either it was awe, fear, or more commonly, lust. It never got old seeing people's faces for him. Tyler obviously was intimidated by the big man as he stuck out his hand. “Hello sir, I'm Kurt's friend, Tyler.”

Kurt almost choked aloud at Tyler's statement as Angus reached out and shook his hand. Tyler winced slightly at Angus' handshake before he said, “I'm here to sign up for your gym sir.”

“Well there me boyo, you'll have to have your mum or dad sign ya up if yer under eighteen,” Angus replied.

“That's no problem sir, my dad's on his way. I'll go get him.” Tyler quickly exited the building and Kurt walked around the counter next to Angus.

“Yer friend, eh laddie?” Angus asked with a small smirk.

“Fuck him,” Kurt growled. “If you weren't standing there, he would've still been teasing me. Bastard probably thinks that he can get in good with you by pretending to be my friend.”

“Oh laddie, you don't have to worry about that. I can see through him like a pane of glass. Now, I need ya to get back to work while I take care of him and his dad. Remember, you gotta get your work done before we work out. Just because you had a case of the ol' mornin' wood doesn't mean yer getting off easy today,” Angus said with a wide grin.

“Sure thing boss man,” Kurt said as he headed to the back of the gym.

Later on, Kurt came out with a laundry cart of towels and saw Tyler sitting on a bench. There was a 45lb plate and a 25lb plate on the bar, but what really caught Kurt's eye was that Tyler wasn't lifting. Instead, he had his phone out and was texting or playing a game on it. Kurt shook his head and continued working. He saw him again around fifteen minutes later, then again twenty and thirty minutes later as he did his daily duties. Each time, the same weight was on the bar, and Tyler was still playing with his phone.

As Kurt walked back to the front desk, his dream flashed in his mind. He smiled and said to himself, “I WILL be bigger than you.”

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