The Alpha Kid 4: The Alpha Kid's Summer

This one's short and sweet, just to keep it going.

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After the spring session ended, Marcus decided to stay around campus for the summer. He got a job with the college's maintenance department, mostly painting dorm rooms while they were empty. It was a perfect job, even though the pay wasn't much. Still, he was able to workout in the morning, show up at 9 for work, paint a couple rooms before noon, eat a free lunch at the cafeteria, then paint some more in the afternoon. He brought a backpack full of protein shakes and packaged tuna, so he could continue to eat throughout the day, and no one really monitored him, so sometimes he was able to take naps on the bare mattresses that were in the dorm rooms.

This helped him pack on more size than ever. By midsummer, he weighed 308lbs. He was working out twice a day now, once in the morning before work, and once in the evening. He worked each body part until the muscle burned like someone was holding a blow torch to it. The pain was almost unbearable, but the pump he got afterwards made it all worth it. His muscle would visibly throb with pump. And he was getting veinier and veinier. Every week, he had more veins popping out, snaking across his body, feeding his hugeness. At the gym, he would hear dudes gasp when he stripped down to flex in the mirror. They'd stand with their mouths open and stare at him, unable to get back to their own workouts until they'd soaked in as much alpha powered mass as they could stand without cumming in their pants. It just made him flex harder and harder, the muscle striations popping out all over him.

When he was at work, each dorm room had a full length mirror on the back of their door, so Marcus could strip down and flex for himself whenever he felt the urge, which was often. He loved seeing his superheavyweight thickness swell and ripple as he flexed. He imagined outflexing the pros with ease as he hit a most muscular pose and watched his superior delts and traps explode with size. "Ah yeah," he'd say out loud, "This is what size looks like, Centopani." And he'd flex tighter and bigger and harder. "Ah fuck YEAH." And he'd jack to himself till he shot clear across the room. "Good thing for drop clothes," he'd think, as his thick ropes of jiz would fly all over. He started leaving an open can of paint on the far side of the room, so he had something to aim for. He was cumming with so much more volume these days, that when he hit the can, he'd mix it in, then paint the room with it. He'd laugh to himself as he imagined coeds wondering why they were so horned up when they were in their rooms later this fall.

As the summer session drew to an end, the college hired some more guys to help finish with the dorm painting. Apparently, a lot of the crew would sneak out after lunch, so Marcus was one of the few who was actually getting rooms painted. His boss lets him know he'd be working with a new guy when he showed up to the dorm the next morning. Marcus was cool with that, as long as the guy could handle working with a muscle beast. Because by mid-August, Marcus weighed in at 335lbs and still had his 6 pack showing. Maybe it rounded out a little, like a roid gut, but he didn't care. He was a beast.

As he went to bed that night, he wondered how the new guy would react to working next to a pair of 24.5 inch arms. Cold. He squeezed his biceps and felt the power in them. He'd seen what other guys were curling at the gym, and he knew he had four times the strength of any of them. Maybe five. Wait till he pumped his monster arms to 26 inches. And then some.

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