The Alpha Kid 5: The Alpha Kid's Protege

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Marcus showed up early to the dorm, and went right to work painting a room on the second floor. Since this dorm was empty for the summer, he'd left all the painting supplies there, and was on his way to finishing up when he looked out the window and saw a kid walking up to the lobby door. He knew it must be the kid they were sending over to help him finish the painting before the fall session started. Marcus leaned his head out the window and yelled down, "I'm up here, man, take the stairs on the left when you come in." The kid looked up and nodded. Marcus noticed what big fat kid he was. Tall, probably a good 6'3", but real fat. Obese like those guys in the Biggest Loser show.

When Marcus heard the stairway door open, he stepped out into the hallway. "Down here, bro," he said. The big kid looked down toward him and stopped in his tracks.

"Whoa," he said, then he took a few more steps down the hall. "They told me to look for the big muscleguy, but I had no idea you'd be this jacked up, man." The kid got to the point where he was one room away from the doorway where Marcus was standing in his tight stringer tank and cargo shorts, his pro quality muscle bulging out all over him. "Seriously, dude, you're a beast." The kid fell to his knees and started bowing to Marcus. "I'm not worthy," he said.

"You're right," said Marcus, "but then no one is. Now get the fuck up."

The kid looked up from his bow. "Man, your calves are ginormous! Look at all those veins...Geezus, that's some sick shit."

Marcus rolled his eyes, and grabbed the kid's shirt and pulled him up. "You ain't exactly small yourself," he said, as the kid stood to his full 6'3, a couple inches taller than Marcus. "What's your name?"

"I'm Wally." Ironic, thought Marcus, because his bulk nearly filled the hallway wall to wall. "You must be Marcus." Marcus shook his head yes. "Mind if I call you Marcus the Great? Cause you gotta be the most jacked up fucker I ever seen. How much you weigh?"

"345," said the big musclekid. "You?"

"360," said Wally.

"Well, there you go. You're even bigger than I am."

"Yeah, but mine's all fat, man, I'm a big fucking mess next to what you got going on. Flex for me."

Marcus shook his head. What kind of goofball had they sent to work with him. Still, he couldn't help but show off his muscle when asked, so he said, "Step inside," and they went into the dorm room. Marcus stripped off his stringer and threw it on the floor.

"Fuckk," stammered Wally. "Dude, you look like you're made out of iron!"

"Yeah? You think?" said Marcus, flexing his right arm. "Cause I'm thinking it's even harder than that. Touch it and see what you think."

Wally reached out and put his hand on Marcus's arm. "Man, I think you're right, it is harder than iron. And look at this big vein, it's thicker than my thumb! How big is your arm?"

"Twenty-four inches last time I taped it, and I bet it's bigger than that now."

"Man, you must be crazy strong." Wally looked around the dorm room. "You think you could bend that bed frame?" He pointed to an empty metal bed frame on one wall of the room.

"Nah, man, I'm not going to do that."

"Try it, bro."

Both teens looked at the bed. Marcus's pecs twitched up and down as he thought about testing his power against the metal.

Wally went over and lifted the end of the frame, then dropped it down. It made a heavy clank. "Geez, that things sturdier than I thought. Maybe you can't bend it."

"Move out of the way," said Marcus, stepping up to the bed.

Wally looked at Marcus's hulking mass. "Man, your muscles are getting bigger just thinking about crushing something."

Marcus leaned over and grabbed the bed frame and began to bend it with his bare hands. He lifted the end and folded it upwards in half, then brought that end down till it met the top end, like he was folding up a sofa bed. The metal was thick and heavy enough that it creaked as he folded it in on itself. He stood up and looked down at the bent up frame. He felt power surging into his arms and delts. He felt his lats getting thicker. His dick was chubbing up from his sense of power.

"Man, that is sick!" said Wally. "Let me try." He walked over to the bed. The two stubby legs from the end of the frame were now sticking up into the air. Wally grabbed them with his thick hands and bent them inward. Then he bent them back up straight. Then inward again, back and forth until the metal tore from the frame and the two legs broke off in his hands.

"Wally, man, you got some strength," said Marcus, impressed by the fat kid's move.

"Aw yeah, man, geezus!" said Wally, looking at the broken legs with surprise. Then he started squeezing down on the metal, until his thick fat fingers dented into them. He crushed down on them until they looked like handgrips on a bicycle, with indents for each finger. He dropped them to the floor and looked at his hands, awed by his own power.

"Man, that was sweeeet," said Marcus. "You should workout more."

"Dude, you got to train me!" said Wally, as he felt a rush of blood pumping into his forearms and hands. "I bet you could get me jacked up as you."

Marcus looked Wally up and down. The kid was super fat, but he had a solidness to him. "You ever lift before?"

"Nah, man, but you could show me. I'd love to get half as jacked as you." Wally flexed his arms, and both teens seemed to be surprised at how big and solid his biceps were. Marcus guessed they might be 26" around if you measured them. A lot of that was fat, but a lot of it looked like some real muscle. Marcus looked out the window as he pondered the possibilities. It might be awesome to see this kid morph his big fat ass bulk into a huge powerhouse. As he looked out across the quad, he saw a guy walking toward the dorm. Marcus recognized him. Jake was one of the maintenance crew, a guy who worked full time for the college. He was 26 years old, and did mixed martial arts in his off time. He was a scrappy guy, probably weighed around 180lbs of pure muscle at 5'10", all tattooed up, with a drinking problem and a short fuse. Marcus got an idea.

"You see that guy coming up the walk?" he said to Wally.

Wally looked out the window. "Yeah."

"If you can keep him from coming into the dorm, I'll train you."

Wally looked at Marcus, then back out the window at Jake. "He looks kinda mean."

"If you can't handle him, how you gonna handle working out with me?"

Wally had to make a quick decision. Jake was getting closer and closer to the dorm. He swallowed hard, then booked out of the room and down to the stairs. Marcus watched out the window as Wally came out front and stood in front of the lobby doors like a bouncer at a club. As Jake came up to the door, Wally shifted his bulk so that it was directly in his way.

"Sorry, can't let you in," said Wally.

"What the....? Who the fuck are you?" said Jake.

"Just following orders, sir. Can't let you in."

"The fuck you can't," said Jake, and he tried to go around Wally. Wally moved over just enough to block the way. Jake tried to dodge around him the other way, but the big teen put his arm out like a roadblock. When Jake tried to duck under it, Wally put his thick hand on Jake's chest and pushed him backwards. Jake stumbled back ten feet and almost fell on his ass. Marcus could tell that Wally had barely used a fraction of his strength.

"You fat fuck," said Jake angrily. He undid his tool belt and let it drop to the ground. "You want a piece of this?" he said. "Cause I will mess up your face."

"Still can't let you in," said Wally, surprisingly calmly. Jake walked up to him and shoved him hard, square in his chest. Wally didn't budge. Not even an inch. "Seriously, dude?" he said to Jake. Then he grabbed the smaller man by his armpits, lifted him right off the ground and tossed him backwards. This time, Jake did land on his ass. Hard. And about ten yards away. Wally snorted. "You want a piece of this?" he said mockingly as he stripped off his shirt. Fat as he was, he had the solid build of a defensive lineman. He walked over to Jake, who was on his back on the ground. As soon as Wally got close enough, Jake kicked his work boot right into Wally's left knee. Wally stumbled back a step, but then came right back at Jake, who kicked out again. This time, Wally caught his leg mid-kick. He lifted Jake off the ground like a bed sheet, and then twisted his ankle hard. Jake's whole body flipped around 180 degrees, and Wally slammed him down onto the ground, stomach first. The big teen straddled the smaller man, then leaned down and put one big fat knee in the small of Jake's back. He leaned into it with his ponderous weight. Jake bellowed out in pain. Wally grabbed one of the smaller man's arms and pulled it back. He held it there with ease. He realized that he could pound the crap out of this guy like he was a little doll. "Tell me you won't go into the dorm, or I'll rip your arm off, sir," said Wally, pulling on the tattooed arm even harder.

Jake yelled out in pain. "I won't," he said.

"You won't what?" said Wally, grabbing a hold of Jake's other arm and pulling it back. He put one hand around both of Jake's wrists and held him there like a rodeo calf. Then he pulled up, lifting Jake's upper torso off the ground, causing his back to arch at a 45 degree angle.

"I won't go into the dorm," Jake hissed in surrender.

Wally let go of his arms and Jake's face plopped down onto the pavement. Wally stood up over him. He walked back over to his position in front of the doors.

Jake stood up and brushed himself off. "Fucking snotty assed college punk," he said. He went over to his tool belt and pulled out a ten inch wrench. He came at Wally fast, and swung at his face. Wally leaned back just enough so that the wrench just grazed his nose. He grabbed Jake's arm and squeezed his wrist hard. The wrench fell out of Jake's hand as he grunted out in pain. Wally let go of his arm and then picked up the wrench. He grabbed it with both hands and held it out in front of Jake's face. "Watch and learn, weakling," Wally said. Then he started squeezing down on the wrench. The wrench began to bend downward. Jake stared in fear and awe as Wally's big meaty hands bent the wrench in two. He continued to bend it until its ends touched. Then he dropped it to the ground where it bounced on the pavement, chipping the concrete. Wally looked up at Jake, and extended his hand. "You wanna shake, little man?" he said with a smirk. Wally's hand was twice the size of Jake's and probably 5 times more powerful. And both of them knew it.

"Fuck this bullshit," said Jake. He picked up his tool belt. "I'll be back," he said, as he slunk down the walkway.

"Better bring a couple bigger friends," yelled out Wally. He'd never felt so jacked up in his life. This was his first fight. If he'd known how it was going to go down, he'd have started dominating dudes a lot sooner. What a rush. He bolted back into the dorm and up to the second floor. "You see that shit?" he asked Marcus as he came into the room. "Man, I am fucking raging!"

Marcus laughed. "Yeah, and you're oozing some too, bro."

Wally looked down at his pants, which had a big precum stain coming through. "Aw man, I can't help it, I am so jacked up with power. All thanks to you. Shake?" Wally put out his hand and Marcus took it. They both squeezed down hard. And then harder. They pulled themselves into each other and squeezed harder. They got nose to nose, both their nostrils flaring. Wally's bloated chest pressed up against Marcus's rockhard pec slabs. Wally leaked more pre as he felt himself going up against some real power. He had tremendous natural strength and a weight advantage, but Marcus had been training hardcore for nearly a year, and soon his crushing grip made Wally's knuckles begin to buckle in on each other. This just made Marcus bear down hard. And then harder. Wally went down on one knee from the pain.

"OK, stop stop, you win," said Wally.

Marcus released his grip. "You got an insane grip, man," he said as he pulled Wally back to his feet. "You sure you never trained?"

"Not really. But I used to work summers for my uncle's construction company. Even when I was 15, I could tell I was stronger than most the grown dudes. I just didn't like showing it."

"How'd you like showing Jake?" The two massive teens were nose to nose again.

"Man, it was like the best drug ever." Their faces got closer as they talked.

"Imagine how huge and strong I could get you."

"Oh man," said Wally, breathing heavier. "And you'll be the biggest monster bodybuilder the planet's ever seen."

"Oh yeah!" And then the two big dudes started kissing. Deep and hard. Drinking in the feeling of strength and size and potential. Tasting each other's desire for it. Marcus broke off the kiss first. "Let's go find a room with mattresses. I got a huge protein shake to get you started on your transformation to freakdom."

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