Jake 3

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After leaving school that day, Jake walked the three miles home. Not a real long walk, but enough for him to feel his quads pumping up more than ever. Whatever caused the surge he felt in his classroom earlier, the effect was a trememdous rush of power to each of his already powerful limbs.

When Jake got to his parent's house, he accidentally ripped the solid oak front door right off its hinges. "Ut-oh", he thought. His mother was gonna freak when she saw this. Fortunately, no one was home. He laid the door aside, and went in. He went to the second refrigerator where they kept his food, and downed first one gallon of heavy cream and protein powder, then a second. "Ahhhhh", he said, then belched. He could practically feel himself getting stronger. He dug through the back of the hall closet, and pulled out his dad's bowling ball. Then he went up to his room, laid the bowling ball on the bed, and shut his door. He stripped down, then flexed out his quad muscles. He noticed that they were veinier than ever, and looked to be about to bust the skin. Jake picked up the bowling ball and wedged it between his massive thighs. He began to bear down on the ball, squeezing with his barrel-sized thunder thighs. He began to grunt and groan, like he was taking a shit. His face reddened and the veins on his bullneck began to swell out. He looked down at the ball and clenched his fists. Suddenly there was a loud CRACK, as the bowling ball gave in to the pressure of Jake's enormously strong legs.

"YEAHHHH," he yelled. The ball had split right in two, but Jake wasn't done yet. He started grinding his legs, every striation exploding and rippling, the veins snaking and pulsing. His eyes half- closed as if in a trance, he continued to bear down, until bowling ball powder began crumbling between his legs like an hourglass.

Before long, the ball was gone, replaced by a pile of black dust on the floor. Jake's display of brute strength had given him a raging hard-on. He strutted into his bathroom and began to stroke himself. "Holy Fuck," he moaned. His new power had also affected the intensity of pure animal pleasure he felt in his crotch. Jake supported himself against the wall while he continued to whack his thick bullmeat. He lubed himself with his pre, and then blew....and blew... and blew....He didn't know if it would ever stop....load after load spewed into his shower. After he finished, it looked like two quarts of yogurt had exploded on the tiled walls.

Jake felt like he was on another planet, or a different time zone. He'd never felt so incredible. He also knew it was time to get out of his parent's house. For good. He was almost nineteen, and time to get out on his own. He packed up a bag and headed out, knowing that his first stop would be the gym, to test out the power of his hormone-rich muscle.

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