Nick the Muscle Escort 3

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When Nick woke up the next morning, he found himself in bed, with Mr J's big leg straddled across the top of him. Mr J was sound asleep, so Nick tried the slide out from under the leg, but he could barely move. He wanted to use the bathroom, so he tried harder to squirm on the silky sheets.

"Going somewhere?" Mr J asked, without opening his eyes.

"I gotta take a piss," Nick said. "Lemme up."

"Go ahead and move it," Mr J suggested.

Nick pushed on the powerful quad, but it wouldn't budge. He couldn't believe how dense and hard the thick muscle was on his big muscular client. He pushed harder, yet the leg didn't move an inch. The skin was hot to the touch.

"How much can you bench, Nicky?" asked Mr J.

"375 for 3," said Nick.

"And yet you can't budge my leg, can you? I could hold you here all day." And with that, Mr J bore down across Nick's torso with his thick quad. Nick let out a grunt. He tried to dig his thumbs into Mr J's leg muscle, but he couldn't even make a dent. He heard Mr J chuckle. Then the big older man rolled himself up on top of Nick.

"Geezus," said Nick, looking up at the super jacked up torso of the big man. "You already looked pumped."

"I'm pumped 24/7 now, Nicky. You should feel what this is like. And you will. But if you think my one leg is strong, let's test out two." Mr J rolled sideways, taking Nick with him, and locking Nick's torso into a leg scissor between his powerful thighs. Nick struggled as the heavily muscled quads tightened around him like two 32" boa constrictors. "You can't move, can you, boy?" Mr J said. "Try your hardest."

Nick twisted and strained with his 225lbs of bodybuilder muscle. He could feel his veins popping out, and his face turning red. But he couldn't break the hold. He could barely budge.

"I didn't think so. I have at least twice your strength now, Nicky. I could crush that morning pee right out of you if I wanted." Mr J rolled onto his back, lifting Nick right into the air with his power quads. He twisted Nick back and forth effortlessly, shaking him like a beach ball between his legs. Nick's thick limbs flopped around uselessly. Finally, Mr J lowered him back to the bed gently. "I don't want to mess up the mattress though." Nick felt the pressure of the leg scissor hold release, and he gasped in a deep breath. "Go take a leak, hot stuff, then I have something to show you," said Mr J, knocking Nick to the edge of the bed with one big thigh push.

Nick got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, feeling a slight sense of humiliation that his client, who was at one time 45lbs lighter than him and vastly weaker, was now over 40lbs bigger than him, and powerful enough to maneuver him in any way he pleased. Nick looked at himself in the mirror as he peed. He had never bottomed for a client before, but last night, he would have begged Mr J for it. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to beg, since Mr J had just taken control of him and pounded him senseless. Nick couldn't believe how good it felt, to have someone so much bigger and more powerful just raping the crap out of his ass. But he also had an aching curiosity to find out how Mr J had grown so fast, and so impressively, in such a short amount of time.

Nick shook his dick head clean, then went back into the bedroom. Mr J was out of bed, and was flexing naked in the full length mirror. The 45 year old executive had the body of a 25 year old pro bodybuilder.

"Just weighed myself, Nickie. 275 this morning. Gaining muscle every minute, it seems. And you ever see a set of abs like this?" he asked, turning to face Nick. Nick had to admit that he had never seen abs like Mr J's. An 8 pack of bricks that looked like you could break a tire iron on. And beneath the 8 pack was a raging hardon that was arching up like a satyr's. The horned up older guy had fucked Nick five times last night, and he was still raring to go. "Hey, Nick, how 'bout we wrestle, and whoever wins, gets a blow job." Nick had been a pretty good wrestler in high school, so he was game for it and said OK. Although he'd never wrestled 275lbs of solid muscle before.

The two powerfully built men locked arms in the middle of the big bedroom. Nick tried his hardest to move the big man, but his client had a big height advantage. And a weight advantage. And a strength advantage. Mr J picked Nick up and tossed him down to the floor like he was a pillow. Then he got on top of Nick and put his hands on Nick's delts. Nick struggled as hard as he could, but couldn't budge. All he could do was look up at the deep striations exploding all across Mr J's newly massive chest as he held him pinned to the floor like he was a little kid.

"One...two....three," counted Mr J. "I win." He pushed himself off Nick and stood up, towering over the beaten fireplug bodybuilder. "That didn't take long, did it?" said the big man. "Don't feel bad, though, Nicky," he said as he walked back over to the mirror and flexed into a most muscular pose. "I feel like I could beat three guys your size right now, with one arm tied behind my back." He flexed his right arm, then brought the peak to his mouth and kissed it.

"Come over here and suck me off, Nicky," said Mr J, clenching his 10" satyr dick muscle and making it slap up against his brick abs. Precum was already flying out of the tip. Nick walked over and grabbed the base of the big dick with one hand, then guided the head toward his mouth. Nick didn't normally blow guys, but he always honored his bets, and he had to admit, he was hungry to taste the power of Mr J's cock. He barely needed to lean over to get it to his lips. "Oh, geezus yeah, Nick. I knew you'd have a hot mouth. I'll pay you 5 times your going rate for this. Feels so much better on a ten incher than it did when I only had seven. Sinking in inch after inch into those big glutes of yours felt so fucking hot." Mr J grabbed Nick's ears and shoved his face down farther onto his dick. Nick gagged and tried to pull back, but Mr J's grip was far too powerful for him to budge. Instead, Mr J pulled his head up a few inches. "Just relax your throat, big boy," said the older man, and then he pushed Nick's head back down even farther. This time, as Nick relaxed and let the bigger man take complete control, and he felt the thick 10 incher plunging into his throat, he got a hardon himself. The harder Mr J fucked his face, the harder Nick got. And he started sucking hard. He put his hands on Mr J's waist, and got more boned up as he felt the heat of the dense muscle around Mr J's lower torso.

"Oh yeah, that's it, boy," said Mr J. Then he let go of Nick's ears, grabbed Nick by his lats, and lifted him off the ground, raising him until he was horizontal with the floor. He bobbed Nick's entire 225lb body up and down on his cock with his powerful arms. Nick felt like he was flying. It turned him on that Mr J was manhandling him as if he were a blow-up sex doll. In fact, the strength of the older man was turning Nick on more than anything ever had. And when Mr J's ten inch dick started to cum into Nick's throat, the airborne bodybuilder shot harder than he'd ever shot before, spraying his thick paste all over the bedroom floor. Mr J drained himself into Nick, then lifted him higher into the air, until his dick popped out of Nick's mouth. He held Nick in front of him, turning him a little from side to side, as if he were admiring a prize he'd won at a carnival. Then he tossed Nick across the room, landing him onto the bed with a thump.

"Look at this body, Nick. I'll be 300lbs of muscle before Christmas if this keeps up. Imagine, with your genetics, what will happen to you. Show me your arm."

Nick flexed his right arm to its full 19". Mr J leaned into the bed and flexed his arm next to Nick's. It swelled up 3 inches bigger than Nick's.

"Fuckk," said Nick.

"We'll get yours even bigger, boy," said Mr J, and he leaned in and kissed Nick on the mouth.

Nick kissed him back hard and deep. He was breaking a cardinal rule of his profession. He was falling in love with his client.

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