Nick the Muscle Escort 4

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"When do we start?" Nick asked, as he eyed the 22" biceps that his favorite client was flexing in his face. Nick wanted size like Mr J's, and he wanted it now.

"We already have," answered Mr J.

"What do you mean?"

Mr J opened up his bedside table, and pulled out an 8x10 sheet that was covered with translucent, stamp-sized stickers. On the top right side of the sheet, one of the stickers was missing.

"I took the liberty of putting one of these on you last night," said Mr J.

"Where?" said Nick. He started looking over himself.

"Right here," said Mr J, and he reached down and cupped Nick's ball sac and lifted it up. "On your inner thigh. Feel it?" Mr J stroked the skin of Nick's loin.

"Not really," said Nick. "I don't even see it."

"It's real hard to see, especially after it's been on awhile. It starts to meld into the skin."

"So it's like a testosterone patch?"

"It's so much more than that, Nicky. The serum in this patch will enter your system and alter your DNA, improving the way your body will nitrogen and other nutrients to build muscle tissue, and strengthen your tendons and ligaments, among other things."

"When will I start to feel it?"


"Are there any sides?"

"If you consider a deeper voice, thicker hair, better skin, and vastly superior muscle growth as side effects, then, yes, there are sides. Oh, and your cock will get bigger. Your balls too," said Mr J, as he rolled Nick's family jewels around in his powerful palm. It made Nick's dick twitch with pleasure. He looked at Mr J's handsome face, and then his hair.

"You didn't dye your hair?" All of Mr J's salt and pepper hair was now jet black, with the luster of an Romanian model.

"Nope." The two men looked at each other. They were both getting hard again. Mr J dropped Nick's balls back down and said, "Let's get a move on before I decide to fuck your hot ass again." Mr J headed to the bathroom and took a piss. It sounded like a garden hose was shooting into the toilet. "Put on your workout gear, Nicky," he yelled out. I have something to show you. I think you're going to like it."

Nick put on his clothes and went out to the living room to wait. When Mr J came out, he was wearing sweatpants, a stringer tank, and black high top boots, which he had to leave untied at the top because his calves were so big. "You ready?"

"Yeah," said Nick, checking out his jacked up superclient. "Where we going?"

"Just one flight down. I bought the apartment below me and had them turn it into a gym. You ready to get the pump of your lifetime?"

Nick was more than ready. He didn't know if his serum stamp was kicking in already, or if he was just amp'ed up to lift with Mr J, but he felt like he'd taken a triple dose of Jack3D. When they got down to the apartment, Nick was amazed. Mr J had turned the place into a state of the art gym. He'd also replaced some of the floor-to-ceiling windows with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

"Check this out, Nick," said Mr J, leading him over to one corner of the gym. "I got an official arm wrestling table put in. "You wanna try your luck at it?" Mr J said with a grin as he put his elbow down on the top of the table. When Nick hesitated, Mr J said, "Come on, musclehead. Let's see what you got against this old man arm." Mr J clenched his fist open and shut a few times. Nick swallowed hard as he realized how much bigger his client's hand had gotten. He stepped up to the other side of the table and put his arm up. "That's the spirit, boy," said Mr J. "But wait," he said, and he stepped away from the table and brought over a weight lifting block and slid it next to Nick's feet. "Stand up on this, that will balance out the big height advantage I have on you." Mr J walked back to the other side of the table.

Nick stepped up onto the block. He wasn't sure he liked having to use it, but once he stood on it, he realized that it almost brought him eye to eye with his jacked-up client. Almost. Mr J put his arm back up on the table, and the two muscular men locked up hands.

"OK, when I count to three, we go," said Mr J. "One....two.....three...GO."

Nick pushed against the older man's big hand as hard as he could.

"I said 'GO'," Mr J said.

Nick couldn't believe it, but the bigger man's arm didn't even budge.

"Come on, Nicky. I'm almost 50 years old, you gotta be able to move this arm a little. Lean into it with your shoulder if you want."

Nick leaned forward and felt his powerful delt muscles tighten as he pushed even harder. Mr J's arm held him straight upright.

"Nicky, you gotta feel what having this much power is like." Mr J lifted his other arm and flexed it. He leaned into it and kissed the peak. Nick realized that the big man wasn't even straining to hold him in place, yet Nick was pushing so hard, his whole upper body was shaking. Suddenly, Mr J pushed Nick's hand two inches down toward the table. "Even I didn't know I'd gotten this strong, Nicky. I could hold you like this all fucking day."

Nick pushed back so hard, he thought he was going to burst a head vein. He looked up at Mr J just to see the older man still flexing out his free arm, this time admiring the size of his huge forearm by bending his hand at the wrist and making the ropey fore bulge at the base. Then he brought the arm up again and flexed the bi. The massive peak had to be topping out at 23 plus inches.

Mr J pushed Nick's hand down until it hit the table. "I win," said Mr J. He pulled his hand out of Nick's grip, then turned and flexed a double-bi shot into the nearby mirror. "I think I got a little pump from that, don't you?" Nick almost came in his pants see his client's huge arms rippling with size and superstrength. "Looks like you did too, Nicky. Look at your arm."

Nick looked down at his right arm, which was still shaking, and he couldn't believe it. He'd never seen his arm so bloated with pump. His skin was purple with it. And his forearm had twice as many veins as he'd ever been able to bring out before. He brought his arm up, and even though it hurt like hell, he flexed it hard. He looked at his biceps in awe as it bunched up and swelled out like a gnarled softball. He looked at himself in the mirror. "Fuckkk," he said. His forearm had to be 17" around.

"Looks like the serum is kicking in fast for you. Feels good, right?" said Mr J. "Shake out your arm and let's step over to the weight rack." Nick shook his swollen right arm as he followed Mr J to a row of dumbbells. "How much do you usually curl, Nick?"

"I work up to the 75's, but it's hard to go strict with that much."

"Pick up the 90's," Mr J said.

Nick grabbed the 90's and pulled them off the rack. He knew he could do shrugs with this much weight, but he doubted he could curl them without cheating real bad. Then he tried a rep. The weight moved up like he was curling a 35lb dumbbell. Then he tried a rep with his left arm, and it went up just as easily. He started doing rep after rep, slow and strict. He looked up and caught Mr J's smile in the mirror.

"Nice, right?" Mr J said.

"Better than fucking nice," Nick answered as he continued to rep out the 90s. He put them down after twenty reps. He felt like Hercules. He felt the power surging not just thru his arms, but his whole body.

"You wanna try breaking out of my bearhug now, Nicky?" asked Mr J.

"Bring it," said the jacked-up muscle escort. He turned to face his client with renewed confidence. Mr J leaned down and wrapped his huge arms around him. As the big man lifted Nick effortlessly off the ground, Nick realized that he'd gotten cocky way too quickly. He struggled against the crushing super strength of Mr J's arms. He even shook Nick back and forth in his bearhug, letting Nick feel how much stronger he was.

"You're not there yet, boy, not even close," said Mr J. "And before we workout, I'm gonna own your ass about ten times, just because I can." The big man squeezed Nick so hard that Nick almost passed out. Mr J pinned him up against the mirror and then leaned in and kissed him. Then he lowered him to the ground and released his vice-like hug. He pulled his stringer over his head and tossed it aside. He kicked his boots clear across the room, then pulled off his sweats. "Fuck, I love owning my own little musclebull," said the big man. "Now strip."

Nick pulled off his clothes as fast as Mr J had. He was raging hard, and aching to feel Mr J's power inside him again. He was beginning to like being owned.

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