The Coven Coin 7: MVP

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Cassandra checked her directions again before turning left onto the wide street. The boulevard was lined with ornate Victorian homes and hundred year oaks. She saw cars tightly parked ahead. As she got closer a sign on the lawn let her know she was at the right place. Cassie looked at the impressive structure. The painted lady was still beautiful, but the peeling paint and missing shingles showed her age. Cassie imagined the building in its prime as Darton’s social elite passed in horse drawn carriages. The utopian image vanished when a car’s crass horn startled her.

Cassie entered the home through a set of double doors. She covered her nose from the unmistakable odor of cat urine. Even with all the windows and doors ajar the stench lingered in the air. Despite the foul odor, tattered wallpaper and worn rugs, the home was still inviting to the young woman. She found great comfort being surrounded by older things. They had such great character, unlike the plastic era in which she lived. The 27 year old often felt she was born in the wrong era.

Cassie strolled from the foyer to a small sitting room touching objects to read their energy. Nothing called out to her. An experienced antique shopper; Cassie spent almost every weekend visiting flea markets and estate sales. As a practicing witch not afraid to experiment with the darker side of the craft; she especially liked the Darton area. It seemed to have an abundance of items with a somewhat malevolent pedigree.

The Wiccan felt herself being drawn to the formal parlor. Her eye went immediately to the room’s focal point; the marble encased fireplace. Above the elaborately carved mantle was a large portrait of an imposing man. He was broad chested and ruggedly handsome. His eyes seemed capable of seducing any woman he desired. His masculine confidence jumped off the canvas. Cassie could tell he was a great lover.

“He was quite the man wasn’t he?”

Cassie came out of her fantasy. She looked to her right to find a lanky, middle-aged woman wearing a fashionable dress. Cassie clutched the straps of her purse and tried to hide her embarrassment. “I’m MarilynWeathersby. My company is managing the estate sale.”

“Cassandra Leary”, Cassie looked back at the painting, “Did he own the house?”

“Yes, Quinton Dark, lord of the manor.”

The younger woman’s eyes widened, “Dark? Was he a descendant of Balthazar Dark?”

“I have no idea. Is that significant?” It was to her; but Cassie shook her head no. The estate agent looked back at the portrait. “He died many years ago…in an odd way of course. That seems to be a constant in Dark family.”

“Really?” Cassandra said faking some surprise.

“Quinton died at work when he accidentally fell into a plate glass window. They say he was decapitated in the incident.” Cassie thought the violent death suited such a man. It was sexier than a long illness were he would wither away. “He married three times but never had children. All the wives had miscarriages or still born births. It’s tragic really. You’d think he was cursed if he wasn’t so rich. He made a fortune in the market. They say he had some kind of uncanny ability to pick stocks right before they skyrocketed in value.” The woman fondled her pearl necklace. “Anyway, the three wives died strangely also. The first drowned; the second had a tree fall on her. The last Mrs.Dark lived here until six weeks ago. She was a bit of a recluse; lived alone for many years. Well, except for the 30 odd cats. Supposedly she was dead for more than a week when they found her lying at the bottom of the front staircase with a broken neck.” The woman leaned in and whispered, “They say she was covered with cat bites; her fingers and nose partially eaten away.” Cassie gasped. The woman shook her head yes. “I guess her pets got hungry.” She gestured to an older gentleman across the room. “That’s MartinDark, the nephew.” The woman’s eyes narrowed and she subconsciously brushed her hand over her left breast, “Strapping, good looks definitely run in the family.”

Cassie looked at the older man, “Is he the heir?”

Marilyn nodded yes. “He’s had some tragedy himself. His son died in the war. I heard he was even bigger than Martin. He was a weight lifter. You know, like that muscle man that’s dating JayneMansfield. Oh, what is his name?” Marilyn lowered her head to help her think.

“MickeyHargitay”, Cassie answered softly keeping her eyes on Martin. Like Marilyn, Cassie had an appreciation for big men.

“Yes, that’s it. Martin is going to use the money from the sale to purchase a gymnasium. That’s what his son planned on when he got out of the service. He should make a pretty penny for the house and all the possessions.”

Cassie looked around the beautiful room, “He’s not keeping the house.”

“No, they weren’t exactly close. Martin’s father and uncle held a long standing and very bitter feud. He says he doesn’t want any of his uncle’s things. Well, there was one thing.”

“What was it?” Cassie begged.

Marilyn shrugged her thin shoulders, “He never said. He searched the house for ten days. He went through the place with a fine tooth comb. He even lifted some of the floorboards. Our firm offered to help; but he said he had to do it alone.”

“Did he find what he was looking for?”

“I don’t think so. He’s still anxious about the sale. I think he’s afraid someone else will end up with whatever it is.” A well groomed man in a dark suit nodded to Marilyn from across the room. “Please excuse me. My assistant needs me. It was very nice talking with your Mrs.Leary. Let me know if you need any assistance.”

“I will”, Cassie smiled as Marilyn slipped away. “Thank you.”

Cassandra moved to the adjacent dining room. She stopped suddenly when she came to a table with the Dark’s jewelry. Precious stones, crystals and metals could be a great source of power so Cassie always took time for a thorough examination. The more expensive pieces were laid out and individually tagged. The prices were well out of Cassie’s budget. She didn’t sense any residual energy in the high priced items; but there was definitely something calling to her. A few costume pieces were piled inside a rather plain jewelry box. She poked around the costume jewelry. The feeling became stronger. He held each piece from the box one at a time; nothing. She realized it was the box wanting her attention. She picked it up. It appeared unremarkable. She turned it upside down. She noticed the bottom slid slightly. It had a false bottom. Using her long fingernails she pried it open. Under the red velvet covered piece of veneer was a small metal fragment. Immediately she recognized it. Cassie’s heart skipped a beat. It was part of the coven coin. There were only six pieces in the entire world. She covered her mouth with her hand to stop from squealing. She had searched for more than a quarter of her life for something this powerful. She could cast incredible spells with this in her possession.

“Are you interested in the jewelry, miss?” The well groomed man in the dark suit asked.

Cassie jumped at his voice. She took a deep breathe and closed the box. “Sorry you startled me.” She pulled the box closer to her, not wanting anyone else take it. “Yes, how much for the jewelry box?”

The man checked his notes. “The box isn’t listed alone. It comes with the costume jewelry.”

“Fine, how much?”


That was more than Cassie had with her. She thought for a moment. “It’s the box I’m really interested in. It would make a lovely gift for my an anniversary gift.” Cassie held it tighter in her hand.

The man bit down on his pen, “I don’t know. We really weren’t planning on selling it without the other pieces.” He looked around the room for his boss.

Marilyn came up from behind Cassandra. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes, this young woman wants to purchase the jewelry box without the jewelry” the man explained.

“Please, Marilyn. It would mean so much to me and my husband.” Cassie put her small hand on the woman’s forearm and smiled warmly.

The estate agent smiled back and patted the younger woman’s hand. She tired to assess the box but was limited since Cassie wouldn’t let go of it. “Its mahogany I believe, let’s say $10.”

“Sold!” Cassie said excitedly. She held the box up against her as she reached for the money. She clumsily pulled a ten from her purse. “Thank you so much. I don’t need a receipt.” Marilyn quickly exited the house. As she drove away, she checked the rear view mirror to make sure no one was following her. It wasn’t until she had driven out of the city limits she stopped to examine her purchase. She clutched it in his small fist. She could feel its dark energy. Her body reacted erotically. It felt more satisfying than anything she experienced in the bedroom.

Cassie arrived at the occult store she owned with her husband. It was a small place near Hyde Square in Boston’s Jamica Plain neighborhood. The store was Cassie’s idea. It opened over a year ago and was still in the red. Her husband continued to do accounting work on the side to supplement their income. When Cassie showed Charlie the coin his response was less enthusiastic. Being a witch he knew of the coin; but was wary of its legendary power. Charlie was thirteen years older than his bride. The years had worn down Charlie’s ambitions. He had everything he wanted in life, except for a child of his own.

Cassandra wanted a child too; but not with Charlie. It wasn’t that she didn’t care for him, for she truly did. But Cassie felt like she had settled on him when they married. He wasn’t the Prince Charming she dreamt about as a girl. In a crowded room, she would watch Charlie move about. He seemed like a mouse lost in a maze. If Charlie were a woman, he would be called petite. He and Cassie were almost identical in height and weight with Cassie holding a slight advantage in both areas at just 5’ 5” and 128 pounds. Not that she was a beauty queen. She knew what it was like to be overlooked by men when there was a pretty girl around. But physical size wasn’t as important in deciding a woman’s attractiveness as it was for a man. Men were meant to be big and strong. While it didn’t seem to bother her husband when others ignored him; it upset Cassie to no end. She didn’t want that for her son. He would be a leader of men, not the brunt of their jokes.

As their third anniversary approached, Cassandra decided it was time to get pregnant. She devised a plan to use another man to do the job without her husband’s knowledge. She didn’t want just any man; but a man with imposing size and looks who commanded respect. She knew to attract such a man; she would have to enhance her own appearance. She spent some time researching how to achieve her goal. She had the spell, but not the power to make it a reality. With the coven coin, she now had everything she needed. She selected the night and marked it on her calendar. She would be at her most fertile and Charlie would be out of town.

Charlie was an extremely perceptive and intelligent man despite his milquetoast demeanor. He observed his wife’s research and figured out what she was planning. He didn’t like it. However, he understood his wife’s erroneous thinking and wanted her to be happy. He would gladly raise any child she bore even if it wasn’t biologically his. He played dumb and even created the accounting conference to get him out of the way. On that night, he waited outside their home in a rental car. A strange woman came out. Even in the dim streetlight, Charlie could tell she was extremely beautiful and no more than twenty. Her long, straight blond hair flowed behind her like gossamer wings. A tight red dress hugged her perfect figure and showcased her voluptuous curves. The stiletto heels made her long legs and perky ass shapelier. Charlie waited for the stunning woman to drive away in his wife’s car. He ran inside the house and went to the attic where their altar was located. It was left as if in the middle of a ceremony, the incense was still smoking. In the center of the altar was the coven coin fragment. It rested on a full page pantyhose ad torn from a woman’s fashion magazine. The model in the ad looked identical to the woman who had just left his house, right down to her clothes. “She actually did it”, he mumbled to himself. He placed the coin piece in his hand and squeezed tightly. Its power flowed through him for a second. He slowly descended the stairs deep in thought. He sat on the couch in the living room not sure what to do next. His attention went to the pile of magazines neatly stacked on the coffee table.

It had been almost an hour and Cassandra was still looking for her ideal man. She decided to go to a bar in Allston she read was a hang out for college students. A college athlete offered the perfect combination of brains and brawn. She couldn’t believe how easily men were seduced by her new shell. The untouched drinks they bought filled the bar space in front of her. She had many suitors, but none met her expectations. They were too short, too homely, or too skinny. Cassie looked at her watch nervously. The spell would only change her outward appearance for six hours. She looked at herself in the mirror behind the bar. She straightened her long stresses with her slender fingers. Her attention was diverted from her feminine perfection by an equally spectacular masculine specimen. He stood literally head and shoulders above the crowd. Cassie thought he had to be at least 6’ 6”. His thick blonde hair was neatly combed back off his face. His thick eyebrows were a darker shade of gold. He looked a few years older than the college boys surrounding him. His Nordic face was strong, rugged, and incredibly handsome. As soon as their eyes met, each knew what the other wanted. He came over to her and rested his arm on the bar. The clothes he wore looked brand new. The short sleeves of his knit shirt strained to cover his thick upper arms. The outline of his chest muscles was also clearly visible. Cassie could see chest hairs poking out over the open collar. She loved body hair on a man. There was something about soft hair covering hard muscle that made her juices flow. Her husband only had a few sprouts on his chest, much like the top of his head.

The man spoke intelligently and confidently in a deep voice. He said he was a professional hockey player from Canada in town for a game. The fact he wasn’t a local made him more appealing. As they chatted she ran her hand up his arm. She paused at his bicep and gave it a squeeze. It was thick and solid. He knew she was testing his worthiness and didn’t mind. He knew he was just what she wanted. Cassie let her intentions be known as only a woman can. He guided her out of the bar. She loved the feeling of his large hand on the small of her back.

In a nearby hotel room, Cassie watched the stranger undress as she slid out of her dress. As more of his body was exposed, the more certain she was about her choice of stud. He embodied everything she wanted her son to be. Everything her husband wasn’t. He stepped out of his boxers. Cassie felt a lump in her throat. He was flawless. He radiated the masculinity, strength and beauty of a Norse God. She reached for him. A dusting of blonde hair carpeted his entire body. It was at its thickest on his chest as Cassie had hoped. Her fingers combed the curly mat. She moaned as she felt the hard muscle move underneath. Everything about him was big and hard. They embraced and kissed passionately. He scooped her up in his powerful arms and carried her to the bed. He positioned himself over her. Cassie shuddered and her eyes rolled back as he entered her. He went deeper and deeper. No man ever made her feel like this.

He intuitively knew what she liked. It was as if he had known her for years. After twenty minutes of artistic fucking he collapsed from exhaustion. Cassie was surprised the professional athlete didn’t have better stamina. She wanted him to take her over and over. She checked the clock on the nightstand. She let him sleep for about an hour. She woke him up by playing with his beef stick. She wanted at least two doses of his superior seed to better her chances of getting pregnant. After the encore performance, she got dressed and kissed him goodbye. She took one last look at the golden Viking that conquered her. He was sprawled out on the bed with his hands behind his head. His large feet hung over the edge of the King size bed. He smiled at her. She rubbed her pelvis thinking of the beautiful child they created.

Charlie arrived home the next afternoon. He kept the pretense of attending the conference. He never asked her about that night. He decided it best she never knew he was aware of what she had done. Nine months later, they welcomed a son to their family. They named him Ryan after Charlie’s father. For the next seven years they were happy. Charlie and Ryan were as close as a father and son could be. Cassie often felt pangs of guilt when she watched them play. She wondered if she would be forced to tell him as Ryan matured into a blonde giant. But that concern became mute. Charlie died due to complications of pneumonia that winter. Cassie had to be both mother and father to Ryan now.

Running the store alone took any free time Cassie once had. She spent less time working on her craft. And she didn’t even think of dating. Widowed at 34, she accepted that part of her life was over. Her first priority was her son. The curious 1960s meant more people were interested in the occult. The store was finally doing well. Charlie’s life insurance provided a safety cushion and money for Ryan’s college tuition.

Cassie worried Ryan was spending too much time with her. He needed a masculine presence in his life. After school he seemed content to sit in the back room of the store and read. She was concerned he was too sedentary. She pushed him into sports. The outdoor activity and a coach as a substitute father figure would solve both her problems.

Ryan was hesitant to play T-ball. His mother’s constant pushing made him try. After a couple of games he actually liked it. At nine, Ryan was too old for another season. After a two year break, the ten year old was able to join his local Little League. The game took on a more serious tone. Gone was the “just do your best” mentality. It was obvious who did and didn’t play well. That first season was difficult for Ryan. He found it frustrating that he wasn’t progressing as fast as the other boys on the team. It seemed easier for them, like they had some kind of natural advantage. He found himself spending more time on the bench with each passing game. His team mates began to tease him, especially the older boys. He returned for a second season because he didn’t want to disappoint his mother; but Ryan had lost interest. Cassandra, who made ever effort to come to most of the games, noticed the change. She saw the other boys push her son off the bench and laugh at him. He fell to the ground and cut the palm of his hand on a sharp rock. Cassie went to him. She scolded the other boys, but got little support from the coach. This only embarrassed Ryan. He knew he would be labeled a momma’s boy after this.

Once the game ended Cassie spoke to the coach. “Coach Moore, why didn’t you say something to those bullies? My son was injured.”

“It was just a small scrape.” The middle aged man with the beer belly said without talking his eyes of his clipboard.

Cassie folded her arms, “So you support this kind of behavior by your players?”

“Well, boys will be boys. The others pick on him because he’s afraid to fight back. It’s the way boys are; how they establish their rank. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. You can’t protect him 24 hours a day” The coach could see his attempt to minimize the incident only angered the doting mother more. He pulled her to the side. “Mrs.Leary, not everyone is cut out for baseball or for sports in general. I think your son’s strengths may lay elsewhere.”

“My son is very athletic. His T-ball coach said he had real determination.”

“T-ball?” The coach scoffed. He hugged his clipboard and looked into Cassie’s eyes. “Listen Ryan is a good kid, but it takes more than determination to play this game. This isn’t hitting a stationary ball off a stick. He’s the smallest boy on the team. He lacks the size, strength and coordination of the other boys his age. He doesn’t have the natural aptitude to excel in the game. He just doesn’t have it in him.”

Cassie shook her head in disbelief, “His father was a professional…” She looked at Ryan over her shoulder. “Isn’t it possible he’s a late bloomer? You hear about boys having growth spurts all the time. He’s only eleven years old. How can you write him off like that?”

The coach sighed. “I guess anything is possible. But statistically a smaller boy will grow up to be a smaller man.” The coach looked at Ryan and spoke softly. “I doubt your son will be much taller than you. A boy reaches approximately half his adult height around his second birthday. Do you remember how tall he was then?” Cassie’s mind was processing the information. She didn’t answer the coach’s question. “Ryan can finish out the season. I’ll put him in the game when I can.”

Cassie walked away still confused. She grabbed Ryan’s shoulder as she passed. He mumbled, “I guess I’ll never be the team’s MVP, huh mom?”

When they arrived home, Ryan went to his room to change. Cassie pulled out a photo album. She flipped through the pages until she came to the pictures of Ryan’s second birthday party. He was standing between Charlie and herself. His head was at the same level as their hips. If the coach was right, her son would be her height as an adult. It didn’t make sense. His biological father was well over six feet tall. And she was on the tall side for a woman. Her thought process was interrupted by the doorbell. It was Charlie’s mother. She lived nearby and often stopped by to visit her grandson. The sound of her voice sent Ryan running down the stairs and into her arms. She pulled him away and held him by the shoulders. “My, look at you. You are the spitting image of your father when he was your age.” Her words delighted the boy, but puzzled his mother.

The three of them went into the living room. Grandma Leary began to look through the photo album Cassie left open. “You are definitely your father’s son.” Cassie never realized how much Ryan looked like Charlie. But that wasn’t possible; she purposely didn’t have sex with her husband a month before and after the night with the hockey player. She excused herself and went up to the master bedroom. From the closet she removed a box of books. She found her diary from eleven years ago to double check the dates. The page was marked by the folded advertisement she used to cast her spell. She remembered how it felt being so beautiful. She refolded the ad and checked the book. It was as she remembered; no marital relations with Charlie for sixty days.

In the same box was Charlie’s journal. She never looked at it before; she only kept it for Ryan. She thumbed through the pages looking for the same time period. As she got close a folded piece of paper fell out from between the pages. There was no submission for the date Ryan was conceived. No mention of the conference he said he attended. She unfolded the faded paper. It was glossy like from a magazine. Cassie’s gasped as she saw the image. It was an ad for a men’s big and tall clothing store. The model was the man from the bar, Ryan’s biological father. She remembered every detail about him. He was wearing the exact same outfit as when they met. Then it made sense. She put her hand on her forehead, “Oh Charlie, what did you do?”

Cassie spent the remainder of the evening looking at Ryan as if for the first time. He held his fork the same way Charlie did. His mouth formed the same shape well he got annoyed. How could she not have seen it before? She also saw everything she didn’t want him to inherit from Charlie; his lack of height, his narrow shoulders and his slender, feminine arms. The coach was right; Ryan didn’t have it in him to be a great athlete. Cassie knew what she had to do.

After dinner, Charlie’s grandmother left and the boy went to bed. Cassie escaped to the attic where she kept her spell books. She hadn’t been up there in years. Wiping away the dust, she found an incantation to make Ryan the type of man she always intended him to be. It had to manipulate his body for the rest of his life. Not just create an illusion for six hours. A great deal of power, and some blood, would be needed for the spell to have that kind of long term impact. Cassie unlocked the fire proof safe box she kept under the altar. Inside was a small envelope. She tore it open and poured her most valuable treasure into her palm; the coven coin shard. She went downstairs and slipped into Ryan’s room. She carefully removed the bandage off his hand. She pressed the coin into the wound. She applied enough pressure to make the blood flow again. Ryan moaned but didn’t wake up.

She went to her alter to cast the spell. “I’ll show that ignorant coach there’s nothing I can do. My son will be a great athlete; the best on any team.” She muttered to herself as she lit a candle and burned some sage. She placed the bloody coin fragment in the middle of a small pentagram. She waved the smoldering herb over the coin and took several cleansing breathes. As she entered a trance, her head dropped then snapped backward. A husky voice emerged from her pale lips. “I call the demons of the coin. Hear my plea. As you gave strength to Balthazar Dark give it now to my son; the one who offers you his blood.” She held the coin in the flame of the candle. The odor of scorched protein filled the room. She seemed impervious to the heat as the flame licked her fingertips. “Make him the biggest and best member of any team in which he belongs. Take whatever he needs, be it physical or mental, from his team mates. Use them to ensure his superiority in every way as long as he possesses the coin. The older he gets the faster and more dominant his superiority shall be.” Ryan’s sad words never left her subconscious, “Without fail, make him the MVP of his team.” The candle flame leapt up two feet. She pulled the coin from the flame. She came out of her trance. She dropped the hot piece of iron and licked her fingers.

She did a short incantation in Latin to end the session. Once cool, she placed the coin piece into an inexpensive gold-plated locket. It was a birthday gift from her husband when they first dated. She rarely wore it because it was too small and plain for her taste. But it was perfect for a boy. She sealed the locket shut with super glue. The next morning she slipped the necklace over her son’s head and made him promise never to take it off, no matter what. She told him it belonged to his father and would bring him everything he ever wanted. Ryan was excited to have something of his father’s. He promised to cherish it forever. It didn’t take long for him to become so accustomed to it; he forgot he was wearing it. It became part of him.

Over the next several days, Cassie noticed Ryan’s appetite had increased dramatically. He grew an inch in height in less than a week. He grew wider in the shoulders too. That Saturday, Ryan’s team wasn’t doing well. The best players were well off their mark. The coach thought the game was a lost cause with two outs and four runs behind. It didn’t matter if his worst player struck out now, so he put Ryan into the game. When Ryan got to the plate, everything felt different. The bat didn’t feel as heavy or awkward as it usually did. It was more like a natural extension of his arm. When the pitch came toward him, everything slowed. All his senses were heightened. He followed the ball’s progress with razor sharp focus. He knew the precise moment to start his swing. His follow through was perfect. His whole body was coordinated flawlessly. He made contact at the bat’s sweet spot. With a loud crack, the ball went high and far. To everyone’s surprise, it sailed over the fence plus a few yards. With another boy on base, the homer cut the deficient in half. Suddenly the game wasn’t a done deal. Next to bat was the team’s best player. The coach gave him a pep talk to try to get him to focus. The boy tried but he didn’t feel right. He struck out. Even with the loss, Ryan became a hero. With each successive game he got better. His growth spurt lingered for weeks. He soon surpassed every other boy on the team in height and weight. By the end of the season he had the team’s best stats.

His incredible growth spurt came to a halt when the team was disbanded. At thirteen Ryan was too old for little league and there weren’t any junior leagues in his area. He muddled through his last year of junior high and planned on joining the high school’s baseball team the following year. In gym he noticed the other boys were changing; becoming bigger and stronger, while he reached a plateau and stagnated. Once again he was one of the smaller boys in his class. Things got worse when Ryan entered high school. Surrounded by 16, 17 and even 18 year olds in the throes of puberty made Ryan’s self confidence fade. They looked like men to him while Ryan was still boyish.

In the spring, he was eager to join the baseball team. He hoped his talents on the field would make him stand out again. The coach made every one try out, even if they were on the team the year before. Ryan was one of only three sophomores at the tryouts. He didn’t wow the coaches as he did in little league, but they saw his skills. He was good enough to earn a place on the team. Once Ryan saw his name posted on the roster he immediately felt better; both physically and mentally.

The next morning, Cassie had to literally shake her son awake so he wouldn’t be late for school. Normally she just had to knock on his bedroom door to get him up. As the days progressed, these sunrise battles became a ritual. One morning she noticed a new odor as she entered Ryan’s room. His musky scent permeated the space still decorated in a little boy’s motif. She looked down at her slumbering son lying on his stomach. His left leg was uncovered by the flat sheet. When did he stop wearing pajamas she wondered? She then noticed the shape of his leg. The calf muscle was well defined and the thigh flared out above his knee. It was also covered in hair. Not fine baby hair; but the darker, longer hair of an adult. She called his name. He didn’t respond. She pushed his shoulder and said his name louder. He rolled over and put his hand over his head. Another small patch of hair was exposed in his arm pit. The muscles in his arm were as defined as his leg. Even his chest looked solid and strong. Each pectoral muscle had a masculine shape to it. And a few hairs had sprouted around his nipples. The enchanted necklace still hung around his thicker neck. Cassie now understood. Ryan was going through puberty. She thought about what she had done. Was the spell making his body mature too quickly? Would his 14 year old mind be able cope with an 18 year old body?

It took her a moment to notice the tent at his crotch. She stepped back away from the bed staring at his sheet covered erection. Not only was he not wearing pajamas, but he couldn’t be wearing underwear either. She turned away not sure what to do. She went to the window and raised the shade. The sun shone on his face. He curled into a ball with a groan and put the pillow over his face to hide from the light. She cleared her throat nervously, “It’s time to get up, Ryan.” He grunted something. “I mean it. Get out of bed and get ready for school. And that includes a shower.” Ryan didn’t respond. “Did you hear me young man?”

He threw the pillow in her direction, “I heard you, now leave me alone.” His voice sounded deep and rough. Puberty explained his new moody behavior too.

Cassie quickly left the room. She waited outside the closed door to make sure he was fully awake. She heard him groan as he stretched his body, then the mattress springs squealed as he sat up. “Not again. Shit, there’s more today than yesterday. I hope this stuff doesn’t stain.” He said aloud. She put her hand over her mouth not sure how to take the news her son was having wet dreams. She quietly went down to the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later Ryan came down barreling down the stairs wearing jeans and a shirt. The clothes looked tight on him. The pants he wore cuffed were unrolled and still too short. Ten days ago they were baggy on him. Like most parents, Cassie always bought larger sizes to give him room to grow. But most boys didn’t grow this fast.

Cassie watched him devour his bowl of cereal. She looked at him more closely. He had side burns creeping down the side of his cheeks. She saw more dark hairs poking through the skin below his nose and on his chin. She ran her hand through his wet hair. “I think we have to get you some new clothes and maybe some pajamas.”

He slurped the last bit of milk from the bottom of the bowl after munching two pieces of toast. “I don’t need pajamas, mother. They’re too uncomfortable to sleep in. I could use new sneakers, I have to jam my foot into this pair. It really hurts by the end of the day.” He thought about another part of his body tortured by his too small clothing. He hesitated for a moment and looked slightly embarrassed as he kept his eyes focused on the bowl. “I need new underwear too…in a larger size.” His voice cracked as he spoke.

“Oh, of course.” She thought about what she overheard earlier. She nervously pushed her hair behind her ear. “I’m going to do the laundry before I open the store. I’m doing my bed sheets. Do you want me to do yours too?”

“No”, Ryan snapped in a low register. Cassie was startled. That was the first time she was frightened by her son’s voice. “I mean…you are always saying I should do more stuff to help you around the house. I’m old enough to do my own laundry now. You don’t need to anymore. Okay?”

“Fine”, Cassie grabbed her coffee cup and squeezed it tightly. “I was thinking of inviting your Uncle David over for dinner one night next week. The two of you can have a nice talk…about things.”

“What things?” Ryan got up. He dropped his cereal bowl into the sink and went to the refrigerator. He rolled up several slices of bologna and stuffed it in his mouth. He had an unconscious need for protein to feed his growing body.

“Nothing in particular.” She fidgeted in her seat and tugged at the collar of her robe. “You are getting older and your body is changing. I know boys…or better yet, young men don’t want to talk about such things with their mother. I thought it would be easier with your uncle.”

“Mom”, he said in an annoyed tone, “I learned about that stuff in health class last year.”

“Oh, I see. And you don’t have any questions…or concerns.” Ryan shook his head no as he searched the fridge for more food. A feeling of great relief overcame her. She got up and went to her son. “Close the door, you’re letting all the cold air out.” Ryan did as he was told. He opened the cabinet door and took out a jar of peanut butter. He stuck his finger into the jar and shoveled the chunky spread into his mouth. Cassie handed him a spoon. He took the spoon. “You certainly are hungry this morning. My growing boy is like a bottomless pit.” She reached out and lovingly tugged on his chin. “Maybe your uncle can show you how to use a razor then?”

Ryan jerked his face out of her hand, “Mother.” He felt his chin and a slight grin formed on his lips. “I’m not going to use the same razors you do to shave your legs and arm pits.”

Cassie gave a slight laugh, “I’ll ask him to buy you the same kind he uses.” She realized he was taller than she was now. Cassie watched him move about the kitchen confidently. Cassie recalled her own awkward adolescence. But he didn’t appear the least bit uncomfortable in his growing body. From the back, the tight clothing revealed his mature body shape. His shoulders were noticeably broader than his narrow hips. His limbs filled his clothing with their sturdy girth. He grabbed a couple of cookies from the jar. He held them in his mouth as he struggled to put on his jacket. “A new jacket too? This is getting expensive.” Cassie grabbed his book bag. It took both hands to hold it up for him. “What do you have in here, bricks?”

He grabbed the bag and swung it over his shoulder like it weighed nothing. He removed the cookies from his mouth, “Remember I have practice after school so I’ll be late.” He ran out the door. Cassie knew her little boy was becoming the man she wanted him to be.

Ryan’s baseball coach was shocked by how quickly the 14 year old improved. No matter what the coach demanded of him, Ryan did it easily. The veteran had never seen anyone with more natural talent in his twenty years of coaching. Ryan’s mind absorbed every critique and his level of play advanced. The coach was frustrated that the other players didn’t show the same improvement. Their abilities seem to suffer as much as Ryan’s improved. Even his best players from the previous year struggled with the basic stuff. They complained of feeling tired and weak. They blamed it on the flu going around. The coach didn’t fall for it and pushed them harder. Only Ryan responded positively to his tough tactics. His latest growth spurt gave him the size and strength he needed to excel. Ryan unknowingly took what he needed from his team mates to become the superior player. Instead of building muscle from the workouts the others were unchanged. All their muscle gains were transferred to Ryan. They didn’t notice their loss in height either as Ryan’s six inch gain was spread out amongst all the other players equally.

Throughout the season, the coach changed Ryan’s position. Outfield, short stop, catcher, and finally pitcher; no matter what he played it took only a few days for him to adapt. As he learned the fundamentals of the position, the players he replaced got worse. Ryan drained the knowledge and skills from them to make it his own. By the end of the school year the 6’ 1”, 190 pound sophomore outplayed everyone, even the seniors. He set new county records in home runs, RBIs, and no hitters. It was no surprise he received the team’s MVP trophy. The last week of school Ryan was stopped in the hall by Coach Wilson. Impressed by the 15 year old’s athletic prowess, the football coach suggested he try out for his team in the fall. Ryan told him he would think about it.

Ryan stepped into his favorite jeans. He hadn’t tried them on since school ended. He sucked in his gut and still struggled to button them. He didn’t realize how out of shape he had gotten. All summer he wore nothing but basketball shorts. He never had to think about his weight before. He always had a naturally lean, athletic physique when he played baseball. For the past two months however he did nothing accept sit around the house and eat his grandmother’s bountiful cooking. It surprised him how soft his body looked. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose. Most of the definition was gone. He rubbed his rounded stomach as it hung over the constricting waist band. His hand traveled up to his flabby chest. He squeezed his soft tits before concentrating on his face. Over the summer his skin started to act up too. He had several large zits on his face and neck. It made shaving hell. He blamed his diet for that as well. His grandmother did love to fry food.

His hand came to his father’s necklace his mother gave him years ago. He grasped it in his hand. It meant more to him now that both parents were gone. His mother told him to never take it off and he never would. He pulled on an oversized Red Sox jersey and went downstairs. As usual his grandmother had a hearty, calorie laden breakfast waiting for him. He looked down at the bacon, eggs and pancakes. His stomach growled as it craved the food. But the pressure from his pants reminded him of his poor physical condition. Without sitting down, he shoved a piece of bacon into his mouth. He took a bite of toast and chugged down the OJ.

“You’ll get indigestion eating standing up, dear”, his grandmother said from the sink.

“I’ve got to go gram. I don’t want to be late for my first day as a junior.”

“Is that all your having for breakfast? You’re going to be starving by lunch time, Ryan.”

“I’ll be fine. I’ve got to lose some weight.” He patted his round gut. He kissed her on the cheek before walking out the door.

After school Ryan went to the gym looking for the football coach. The coach’s office was empty. He walked around and heard noise coming from the weight room. He walked in to find the coach watching what was left of last year’s team working out. He yelled insults to encourage them to work harder. Ryan looked at the brutes pumping iron. The biggest guys in school were all there. Most wore sleeveless shirts to showoff their well developed arms. They all looked in amazing shape. He thought he must have been the only athlete in the school who took it easy during the summer. But they didn’t have their mother die on them. “Hey, coach”, Ryan said as he approached the fit older man. “I was wondering if the offer to join your team was still on the table.”

The coach looked up form his clipboard. He had a confused look on his face for a moment, before asking, “Damn Leary, what happened to you?”

“I’ve put on a couple pounds over the summer”, Ryan folded his arms over his torso to try to hide his extended gut. He tired to camouflage his insecurities with his words. “The extra weight should make me a better player. Football isn’t a skinny guy’s game right?”

“No, but you have to be in shape. Even linebackers need stamina. The best players are fast and maneuverable.” The coach said with expertise.

“Coach you know I’m a good athlete. My MVP award proofs that. It’s only been a couple of months. It won’t take long for me to get back into shape.”

“I guess. A real athlete can bounce back quickly, especially at your age. How old are you now?”

Ryan squared his shoulders and stood tall, “I’ll be sixteen in December, sir.” The coach looked over the student. While the boy was big, he wasn’t as impressive as he remembered. “So can I still try out?”

“Sure, I encourage everyone to. But try outs aren’t for two more weeks. You’re welcome to work out with us until then. I can see what you’re made of”, the coach tapped Ryan’s soft stomach, “and help you lose some poundage. This is your opportunity to impress me, son.”

Ryan rubbed his waist, “I appreciate the opportunity coach.”

The coach liked the boy’s humbleness, “No problem. Consider yourself an honorary member of the team for the next couple of weeks.” Ryan was welcomed with a hand shake. Immediately he felt a surge of power throughout his body. A deafening crescendo of clanging weights filled the room at the same moment. The team members who were lifting at that moment suddenly lost control of the weights. They all felt a wave of weakness overtake them.

“That was weird”, Ryan said looking back at the coach.

“Yeah.” The coach winched as Ryan’s hand crushed his.

Ryan let go quickly, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

‘That’s okay. I asked you to impress me.” The coach rubbed his hand and looked at Ryan. The boy looked taller and bigger to him.

Ryan saw the strange look on the coach’s face. Nervously he adjusted the strap of his backpack. He felt the muscles in arm and chest flex from the effort. He hadn’t felt his muscles bulge like that for some time.

“Well, you better get into your work out gear and tighten that gut.” Once again he slapped Ryan’s waist. But his hand went further into the billowing fabric of Ryan’s shirt. When his hand finally made contact with the student’s stomach it was much harder than he remembered earlier. The look on the coach’s face made Ryan look down. He rubbed the same area. It felt harder to him.

“Great, I’ll be back in a few.” Ryan pulled up on his pants as he walked to the locker room. They weren’t digging into him like they were this morning.

The coach focused back on his team. “Okay girls, let’s get back to work.” The weightlifters shook away the weak feeling from their limbs before they picked up the weights again. They strained to lift the same amount of weight they did a few seconds ago.

Ryan went to his old locker. He kicked off his Converses and pulled off his shirt. He looked down and saw the shape of his chest had changed. His pecs were flatter. He ran his hand over them. They felt firmer like stomach. He walked to a large mirror hung near the door. He had a lot more definition now. His muffin top was gone. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose. His biceps pushed through his tight skin as they rose higher than ever before. “I’m in better shape than I thought. It must have been excess water weight or something this morning.” He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his jeans and ran them back and forth since there was now room to play. His favorite jeans fit him like he remembered.

Ryan returned to the weight room in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. The other athletes were surprised by his appearance. He was well known for playing baseball; but his sturdy frame made him look better suited for the gridiron than the diamond. They were cordial as he worked into their routine. Acceptance soon turned into admiration as he surpassed the lifts made by the other players. Ryan never pushed himself so hard before. His baseball coach emphasized flexibility as much as strength. He recommended using lighter weights. The football coach wanted his team to gain as much bulk as possible to prevent injuries in the contact sport. As the others were a plate of two under their personal bests; Ryan got stronger with every new attempt. The loose sleeves of his t-shirt were soon filled to capacity. His traps rose higher, while his neck, chest, and legs grew thicker. He was as stunned by his strength as the onlookers.

After the players finished their hard core resistance training, the coach told them to do drills, and finish off with laps outside. He not only wanted his players strong, but lean to improve stamina and speed on the field. After an awkward start, Ryan excelled at the drills. He just seemed to know what to do, as if he had been playing football all his life. The other players were slightly off, making Ryan look even better. The coach tested him further by having the quarterback throw him the ball. Ryan dropped the first two but soon his hands were like glue. The QB didn’t like the attention the coach was giving the new comer. He threw the ball harder. Ryan used his solid core to stop the ball. The ball was then thrown high to make it more difficult to catch. Ryan used the new power in his legs to snatch the pigskin from the air. The quarterback became frustrated; but a huge smile formed on the coach’s face. .

On the track, Ryan did just as well. One by one the players ran until they couldn’t. The last two on the track were Ryan and the team’s best receiver. After eight laps, the receiver staggered away. Ryan did one more to show the coach he could do it. He was glad that was over. His shorts felt different on him. His cock head was rubbing against the fabric as he ran. He never experienced it moving around so much as it did today. It swung like a pendulum. It seemed to be getting in the way during his entire workout. He crouched down at the finish line on the verge of exhaustion. Sweat dripped off his face and hair. His wet clothes clung to his body.

The coach walked over to him. “For someone who hasn’t worked out in two months, you’re in incredible shape. You bested every one of my players in every session. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.” Ryan stood up. He kicked one leg outward to reset his package inside his shorts. He cupped his balls to sooth them. His chest heaved up and down with every deep breath; his plump pecs were clearly visible through his soaked shirt. His bulging arms were no longer smooth, but covered with veins. Again the coach was caught off guard by Ryan’s appearance. It’s like he got bigger every time he saw him. He could possibly be the biggest guy in school. The older man realized he was looking up at Ryan. Wasn’t he shorter before? “Why, uhm, don’t you hit the showers.” The teacher scratched his head as he watched the hulking teenager swagger away.

Two of the best built players were standing in front of the mirror by the locker room door. “Damn, after than work out I thought my abs would be about to burst through my skin. But I look smoother than when I started.” He had his arms behind his head and tilted his pelvis forward to crunch his mid section. “Maybe I worked them too hard. I heard if you overwork them you can actually lose muscle.”

“I don’t know bro.” The handsome quarterback was rubbing his washboard. “I look smoother too, like I put on fat or something. It doesn’t make sense. I watched my carbs all summer and I sweated my balls off today.” He leaned into the mirror. “Fuck, is that a pimple on my forehead? I never get zits.”

Just then Ryan passed by. “Looking good guys” he said buttering up his new team mates.

“Hey Ryan, you may have the skills on the field but do you have the real goods. Girls go crazy over a ripped six pack.” Both boys put there hands on there hips to make them appear narrower and sucked in the guts to show off their much desired physiques.

Ryan looked at the two lean and muscular jocks. They were the BobbySherman and DavidCassidy of the school. Every girl had the hots for one or both of them and they knew it. “I’m no where near as cut as you guys; but give me a couple weeks.” He sucked in his gut. He felt a tightening like never before.

The boys smiled. Both got off when other guys felt inferior to them. It was twice the rush when the guy was as big as the rookie. “We know it’s difficult for you bulky guys to get this ripped. We can help you, but we need to see where you are now.” The QB said. It would make him feel better to see Ryan’s fat covered waist.

“Yeah, take off your shirt”, the other chimed in, “We promise not to laugh, bro.”

Ryan chuckled, “Thanks.”. What did he care? He knew he wasn’t as shredded; but he was in better condition than the other guys in the room. The workout and laps proofed it. He pulled his shirt over his head. It was much harder getting off than it was putting on. Once he had it off he stood there with his arms at his side. He squeezed his wet shirt in his left hand and waited for the snide remarks. But they only stared at torso. He clenched his abs tighter. Again he felt an incredible feeling of power.

“Holy shit”, one of the jocks finally whispered.

“You’re ripped to the bone”, the QB added in a higher pitch than his normal voice.

Ryan thought they were joking. He turned to face the mirror. “Fuck”, he said before he could stop himself. The elastic waist of his gym shorts was totally relaxed and hung loosely off his hips revealing his Apollo’s girdle. A deeply cut eight pack had replaced his flabby gut. Fingerling veins were scattered over his lower stomach. Every ounce of fat had vanished from his body. As his mother’s spell transferred to him the things he needed like muscle and height from his teammates; it also gave them the things he didn’t need like his excess body fat.

Ryan didn’t believe his eyes. He never looked like this before. He ran his fingertips down the hard ridges of the eight stacked bricks. His plump pecs cast a shadow over his abs. He twisted his torso to allow the light to reach his washboard. The movement made his pecs, intercostals, and abs bulge. He felt so strong and virile. He tightened every muscle. His entire body jumped to attention. He was getting hard looking at his reflection. When he saw the outline of his thickening member through his shorts, he looked at the other guys. Both had their mouths still agape. He quickly excused himself, “It’s, uhm, getting late. Thanks for your help. I better hit the showers.”

Ryan sat down on the long bench in front of his locker. He took a couple deep breaths to relax. He tired to rationalize what had happened. He did skip breakfast and hardly touched his fries at lunch. Today’s workout was definitely grueling. It had to be water weight, that’s why he felt so bloated this morning. He sweated the weight off. It made sense. His grandmother did use too much salt in her cooking. Feeling better, he got undressed. His body looked incredible as he peered down at it. He twisted his wrists to make the muscles in his forearms writhe. His lower arms were covered with veins. He tired to flex his guns without the other guys knowing. His left bicep swelled under his command. It looked huge. He ran his right hand over it. It was the size and hardness of a baseball. He felt himself getting aroused again. The spell made sure everything about him was superior to his team mates. His balls and cock looked bigger. But he just assumed that was from the heat and work out. With his boosted ego, he decided not to cover himself with a towel as he walked to the shower room.

He avoided eye contact as much as he could. But he couldn’t help notice the way the other guys checked him out. His body felt different under his hands as he soaped up. He kept trying to think of disgusting things to keep from getting hard in front of his new team. But it wasn’t working. He was incredibly horny for some reason. He quickly rinsed off, forgetting to wash his hair. He toweled off and stepped into his underwear. He had to keep adjusting himself in the tighty-whities. He couldn’t get his cock to lay right. He ten pulled on his 34 x 36 jeans. Once again he struggled with the garment, but this time it wasn’t the waist causing the problem. He had to fight them up his thighs. Once in position, he had no trouble buttoning them. The zipper was another story. The fly was pulled wide open with his cotton covered package spilling out. He tried pushing it in to no avail. He found what he believed was the problem. The denim was tight as a drum over his hard, round cheeks. He told himself his glutes were still pumped from his workout. He gave up on the zipper and would use his shirt to cover the opening.

Ryan threw on his oversized jersey which now fit him well. The shoulder seems lined up with his delts instead of falling off to the side of his arm. Luckily it did cover his exposed crotch, but barely. He thought this morning it reached mid way down his thighs. He pulled on his socks and slid into his sneakers. They were uncomfortable tight. His feet must be swollen from all that running. He stood up and looked down at his contorted feet. He saw at least two inches of white sock. His pants didn’t even cover his ankles. After almost ripping it apart he gave up trying to fit into his jacket. Ryan was very uncomfortable now. He left in a hurry and went right home. He held his books in front of his crotch the entire way. He was both embarrassed and little aroused about walking around with his man parts hanging out his fly. By the time he arrived at his grandmother’s house, he was in great pain and semi hard. His jeans kept riding up with each step creating the world’s most painful wedgie. When he passed through the front door of his home, he immediately kicked off his sneakers and rubbed his tortured toes. His grandmother called out to him from the kitchen. He answered and quickly went up to his room so she wouldn’t see him.

He undressed in record time. Within seconds he was choking his hormone infused chicken. It felt so much thicker, longer and harder in his hand. He created a larger puddle than ever before on his new abs. After cleaning himself with a handful of tissues he sat on his bed waiting for his cock to shrink. After ten minutes it still looked unusually plump. It felt completely soft in his hand. He went to the mirror over his dresser. His torso was still pumped and ripped. Like his cock, he wondered how long it would be before his muscles would return to normal. Even his skin looked better. He saw only one small pimple on his chin.

He put on his favorite shorts. Even they felt different on him this afternoon. They seem only to accentuate the size of his cock instead of hide it. He opened a dresser drawer and took out a shirt. It was a wife beater. It hugged his body like a second skin. He thought the cut of the shirt made his muscles look bigger too. He couldn’t believe how different he looked. It had to be an illusion. No one could change so much in just a few hours.

Ryan came downstairs when he his grandmother called. Dinner was waiting for him on the table. He sat down and began to inhale the food. His grandmother watched him eat, “And how was your first day of school?” Ryan shrugged his massive shoulders. Wearing the wife beater, his delts were in full view. His grandmother couldn’t help but notice the muscles fibers in his arms bulge as he shoveled in the food. “I worried you may be getting too big, Ryan. I don’t think it’s healthy to have so much muscle. You aren’t using those stereo drugs are you?”

Ryan choked on the mouthful of mashed potatoes as he laughed. He took a drink of milk, “That’s steroids, grandmother. And no I don’t take them. I just had a really demanding workout with the football team today. My muscles are still pumped…I mean swollen and I’m a little dehydrated that’s all. I won’t look so big in the morning…unfortunately.”

“Swollen and dehydrated; I don’t like the sound of that.” She got up and went to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry. I feel fine…great actually. I didn’t realize how much I missed exercising. I’ve been kind of depressed lately, you know with mom and all. I think getting back into sports in just what I needed.” He spoke loud enough for the older woman to hear in the next room.

She returned to the table with a large class of water. “Drink up. I don’t want you getting sick.” She sat down and waited for her grandson to do as he was told. Ryan gulped down the water. She smiled and rubbed his arm lovingly. “Now, what’s all this football talk? Boys get hurt all the time playing football. I thought you liked baseball. I told all my friends at the community center you are the next TedWilliams. He was on the Red Sox, that’s baseball right?” Ryan nodded. “I remember your grandfather talking about him.”

“I do like baseball; but the season is months away. I thought I would join the football team to get back in shape. Over the summer I really let myself go…well, I thought I did. I guess I wasn’t in that bad of shape. Ryan smiled as he thought about his workout. “Man, you should have seen the look on the other guys’ faces. I kicked their asses in the weight room and on the track.”


The big boy lowered his eyes dismissively, “Sorry, grandma.”

“I’m sure when you are in the locker room you talk like a sailor. But you have to learn how to speak properly. No decent girl will date someone with a potty mouth.”

“Yes, ma’m.”

She tapped his thick forearm and flashed a warm smile, “I better get you some more meatloaf.”

“Thank you.” Ryan watched his new guardian enter the kitchen. He put more potatoes into his mouth. He began to speak before he swallowed. “Grandma, I know I said I didn’t need new clothes for school. But do you think I can get a couple pairs of jeans, new sneakers and some underwear…boxers, not briefs. I think I grew a little during the summer and everything’s too small for me now.”

She emerged from the kitchen with a platter filled with meatloaf slices. “Of course. We can go to Woolworth’s after dinner. They still have a sale going on.”

Ryan whined, “Oh grandma, I don’t want bobos.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Woolworth’s. I’m certainly not spending $50 for a pair of tennis shoes. I remember your mother telling me she had to buy clothes for you almost every week the last time you had a growth spurt. I’m not throwing good money away on shoes you will wear for only a month of two.” She ran her hand through her sulking grandson’s hair.

Her touch felt nice. “Can I at least get another pair of Chucks? They’re cheap. You don’t have to give me my allowance for the next two weeks.” He looked up at her with pitiful eyes.

She brought his head to her chest. “You’re such a good boy.” Her hand went down the side of his head to his thick neck and hard trapezoid muscle. “Oh, you feel so hard. I’m surprise you can even move. What’s the term; muscle bound?”

Ryan laughed; “Grandma, I’m hardly muscle bound.” He flexed his arm to show how easily he could move. He put his hand on top of it. It was still much larger than he remembered it ever being. He estimated it girth to be at least 16 inches.

“I can’t believe how big you are getting. You’re already twice the size of your father when he was your age. Your mother was a little thing too. I don’t know where you get it from.” The old woman went back to the kitchen with his empty water glass.

Ryan felt his other arm and pumped it several times, “Yeah, just lucky I guess.”

Ryan was watching television in the living room after putting away his new clothes. It took less than twenty minutes before his eyelids felt heavy. He went to bed almost two hours earlier than normal. He fell into bed and was out like a light. He woke the next morning, still completely dressed without remembering how he got there. He was pleasantly surprised to find his body looked as big and buff as the night before. If anything he looked in even better shape. The hard ridges of his abs were ready for a load of laundry. He went through a short posing routine. His muscles were sore from his first work out in months; but the pain felt good.

He cracked opened his bedroom door and make sure his grandmother wasn’t around. He heard her working on breakfast in the kitchen. He quickly walked to the bathroom with his morning wood pointing the way. It didn’t take long before he climaxed. As he soaped up, he got hard again. He came a second time. He rinsed his aromatic spunk off the tiled wall. He found it easier to reach the medicine cabinet without leaving the tub. He wondered how tall he was now.

He brushed his teeth and shaved in the shower. The sound of the razor sheering off his thicker stubble was louder than yesterday. He dried his body and combed his hair. It seemed to lay better this morning. He checked his face in the mirror. The remaining zit had disappeared during the night. He was blemish free for the first time in months. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his clearer skin or well behaved tresses; but he thought he looked pretty good, rather handsome actually. He was as good looking as those blown-dry Tiger Beat wannabees on the team.

He returned to his room with a towel wrapped around his waist. His grandmother called up to him to say breakfast was ready. He quickly got dressed in his new jeans. The fuller cut pants fit him like regular pants would an average built boy. His beefy ass and thighs took up the extra room. He pulled on a large sized t-shirt. It hugged him tightly. He should have asked his grandma to buy a couple new shirts. His delts filled the arm holes. The seams cut into his pits restricting his circulation. He tugged at the sleeves to stretch them. Ryan decided to cut off the sleeves and enlarge the openings a little. He put on the mutilated shirt. His exposed shoulders emerged from the openings defiantly. His bis and tris bulged outward in opposite directions. Ryan couldn’t believe how stoked he looked. His grandmother called him again. He sat on the bed to put on his new size 12 sneakers. After a quick check in the mirror and a final rake of his fingers through his wet hair he was off to start his second day as a high school junior.

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