Second Chances 3

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Aaron followed the directions of the beefy frat boy who answered the front door. All the brothers gave Aaron a disapproving look as he past. The house smelled of testosterone. The jocks all were dressed, or undressed, similarly. No shirt, flip-flops, and loose fitting shorts of varying lengths. Aaron enjoyed the exhibition of young muscle. It was like walking through an Abercrombie advertisement. When he reached his destination, he stopped just outside the small bedroom. After a quick glance about the space, his eyes fell upon the only noteworthy object contained within its four dull walls. It was a true work of art, an exemplary example of the human male that made the others look down right sickly. It was Drew. His chiseled body was exposed like his housemates. The athlete did not react to the voyeur’s presence. He had become numb to the constant bustle in the hall. The ideal man was lying on his back engrossed in a text book. His long, fit body was draped diagonally over his too short bed. His size 13 feet hung over the edge of the average sized mattress. His head was supported by a several pillows. One huge hand held up the heavy book. The weight made his bicep stand at attention. His other hand was tucked inside the front of his baggy shorts. Aaron watched the powerfully built man absentmindedly fondled his renowned fifth limb. It was as if he was stroking a favorite pet in his lap. Aaron’s own little friend pulsed as he imagined playing with that healthy puppy. After a few seconds, Drew yawned and put down the book. Aaron had hoped Drew would be tired. He knew the jock had to get up at the crack of dawn for practice. Then he spent over an hour in the gym and attended classes all day. That was why Aaron waited for it to be after 11:00 before he visited. Drew should be near exhaustion at this point. It was only after he rubbed his burning eyes that Drew noticed he was being watched. He pulled his other hand out of his shorts and sat up. “What you looking at, faggot?”

Aaron took several steps into the hunk’s lair. “You’re playing with a cock and I’m the faggot. That seems hypocritical to me.”

Immediately Drew stood up and grabbed Aaron’s upper arm. He forced him back out into the hall.

“Get the fuck out of my room. This is a no fag zone.” The anger in Drew’s voice was unmistakable. He squeezed Aaron’s arm tightly. Aaron tired to flex as a defensive move, but the larger man’s strength was too much even for Aaron’s well developed guns.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Go easy there Hercules. Black and blue isn’t a good look on me.” Aaron joked to cover his arousal at the realization of how weak he was compared to the gridiron star. The fact the same huge hand wrapped around his arm was seconds ago holding Drew’s manhood added to the eroticism. While he enjoyed being under Drew’s total control, his face showed the pain he was experiencing.

“What a pathetic weakling. I’m not even trying to hurt you.” Drew let go of the slighter man and shook his head. “And you wimps challenged me to a physical competition. What a joke. This is going to be the easiest bet I’ve ever won.” He put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest enjoying his superiority. “Where’s my report, loser?” Aaron sheepishly pulled out the report from a notebook he was carrying. “It’s about fucking time.” Drew snatched it from him and sat on the bed. “This better be good or your arm won’t be the only thing I’ll bruise.” Aaron knew he should feel humiliated by the way Drew treated him, but it only aroused him.

Drew began to skim the pages. Aaron stood at attention watching him. Drew’s moist lips moved slightly as he read. Even that was turning Aaron on. He imagined those lips pressed against his as their tongues intertwined. Knowing the beautiful man could easily dominate him was thrilling and dangerous. He wouldn’t mind if Drew did punish him, he probably would cum between punches. Aaron moved his notebook to cover his crotch as he slinked back into the room. He tried to refocus on his plan. “May I enter, sire?” he said with obvious sarcasm.

Drew didn’t answer, he just held up his index finger to indicate “hold on for a minute”. Aaron fought the impulse to stick the thick digit into his mouth. He would work that finger hard to proof to the hunk he deserved the opportunity to suck Drew’s tastiest appendage. Drew finished his quick review of Aaron’s work. “You lucked out, wimp. This will do. But I’ll expect better from you and your little friend in the future. If I get anything less than an A from your work, I’ll beat the shit out of both of you at the same time.” Drew narrowed his eyes, “And you know I can do it.”

Aaron did know and it made his cock surge to its full length. Aaron took a deep breath. “Don’t worry, I enjoy the subject matter. I guarantee you an A.”

“For your sake, I better.” Drew stood up and purposely knocked into Aaron as he passed. He put the paper in his own notebook.

Aaron moaned from the contact. He watched Drew’s back muscles bunch and bulge as he shoved his books and papers from the desk into his backpack. His lats looked like the wings of an angels spreading before flight. Aaron adjusted his aching rod in his tight jeans before asking, “Isn’t psychology an important part of sports too?”

“Why are you still here?” Drew responded without turning to face his visitor.

“I’ve heard mental preparation is just as important as the physical.”

“Fuck, you sound just like the coach.”

“So, it’s true. I’ve read a lot of professional athletes use mediation and even hypnosis to improve their performance on the field.” Aaron swallowed hard before adding, “Have you ever tried anything like that?”

“Only those who lack real athletic ability need to compensate with that mind over matter shit.”

“But if it does help those without your natural gifts imagine the advantage you would have if you tried it. No one would be able to stop you in the championship game. You would be the MVP for sure.”

Drew turned around to face Aaron but didn’t say anything for a moment. Aaron could tell he had the jock thinking. Eventually Drew shrugged his yard wide shoulders, “I’ll be the MVP, because I’m the best man on the field.”

“No doubt that’s true. I really admire your confidence. I know I would do whatever it took to make sure it happened. It could mean the difference in millions of dollars for your NFL contract. Not that I’ll ever have the opportunity. I don’t have one tenth of your skills.”

“Yeah,” Drew said rubbing his chin with a far away look in his eyes. When he finally rejoined Aaron he said, “Damn right you don’t.”

“I imagine hypnosis helps you focus, think more clearly and really concentrate on the game. Maybe you should try it. It’s such a simple thing to do.”

“How the hell would you know?” Drew asked folding his arms over his chest.

“I told you I’m into this stuff. It’s kind of a hobby of mine.” Aaron forced a big yawn. “Sorry, I was up late working on your report.” As he hoped, his action was contagious and Drew yawned. “It looks like I’m not the only one who had a late night. But I’m sure it wasn’t the books you were hitting. Am I right, dude?”

“Whatever…dud.” Drew moved to his bed and sat down. He tried to fight off another yawn.

Aaron spoke in a slow, soothing tone. “Man, you look really tired. You push your body so hard every day. It needs sleep to recover and grow. Your bed’s calling your name. The soft pillows will gently cradle your head. The blanket will cloak you in soothing warmth. It will feel so good. You could fall fast asleep right now couldn’t you?” Drew didn’t answer as he rubbed the back of his neck. He yawned again and repeatedly blinked. “Well, I’ll get going once I take down any changes you want me to make on the report.” Aaron pulled out a pen from his shirt pocket. At the end of the pen was a short chain with a golf ball sized crystal hanging from it. Aaron twisted the pen to make the crystal spin. The many facets of the ball made it sparkle even in the room’s dim light.

Drew stretched his lithe body. “I said the report was fine. Just get out so I can get some sleep.” Drew noticed the crystal dangling in front of him.

Aaron continued to make the crystal spin. Drew didn’t take his eyes off it. Aaron spoke more softly. “See the light bouncing off the crystal? Look at all the colors. Clear your mind and count the colors. How many do you see? Ten colors…or only nine…or eight…seven, six, five.” Soon Drew was counting down along with Aaron. “Drew, I can see how very, very tired you are. You are so tired; it must be hard to keep your eyes open. Your eyelids are heavy, you can’t keep them open. All you want to do is to close your eyes and relax. Don’t fight it. Close your eyes. It feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” Drew whispered.

“Let every muscle in your body relax.” Drew’s shoulders drooped forward. “Block out every sound but my voice. Clear your mind of every thought and only listen to my voice. You are falling deeper and deeper asleep. You feel very good and totally relaxed. You have never felt so relaxed and comfortable. You feel safe and at ease. All your problems and concerns are drifting away. All you have to do is breath; let me make all the other decisions for you. Let me take control of your body so you can relax and enjoy your deep, deep sleep. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Drew mumbled.

Aaron wiped the sweat from his brow. He had hypnotized others before, but he had never been this nervous. He closed the room’s door and locked it. “Drew, I want you to stand up.” The jock slowly rose to his feet. “Now, flex your pecs.” The two muscle mounds jumped to life right before the shorter man’s eyes. Aaron smiled and put his hands on the hard pillows. As his fingers played over the smooth surface of Drew’s tanned skin he added, “You find my touch very calming and enjoyable. It makes you feel better than you have ever felt.” Drew’s head fell back and he let out a big sigh. “Now flex your biceps.” The big man went into the classic double bicep pose. Immediately Aaron’s hands moved to the softball sized peaks. “You have never felt stronger or more muscular than you do when I touch you.” Aaron could feel Drew’s muscles grow larger and harder in his hands as the jock flexed with more effort. “Yeah, you feel really good and powerful don’t you Drew. It’s like nothing or no one could stop you. You’re invincible. You’re like a super hero.”

Every muscle in Drew’s body tensed as he lengthened his spine, pushed back his shoulders, puffed out his chest and contracted his abs. “Yes, I’m all powerful.”

“Do a most muscular pose, flex every muscle in body.” Drew did as he was told. “Flex harder, flex every muscle as hard as you can and keep flexing until I say stop.” Drew’s body began to shake as he flexed is entire body. For almost a minute Aaron explored Drew’s rock hard form. Drew’s face turned red as beads of sweat formed on his face and body. “Relax.” Drew gasped for air and struggled to keep his balance. He was lightheaded from the exertion. “Drew whenever I say ‘flex’ you will repeat that most muscular pose until I say relax. Do you understand?”


“Now remove your shorts.” Drew slid his thumbs under the elastic waistband of his loose fitting gym shorts then stopped. “Clear your mind of all your thoughts, Drew. Listen only to me. Every time you do as I say, you will feel better and better. You’ll become stronger and more muscular. Do you understand?”


“Good. Remove your shorts.” Drew pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them. He dropped them on the floor next to him. Aaron scanned the nude Adonis before him. Drew had to be one of the most beautiful men on the planet. Aaron couldn’t see a single flaw with his muscular frame. A shiver went through Aaron. He felt wetness at his crotch as precum oozed from his achingly hard cock. “Turn around.” Drew did as he was told. Aaron ran his hands over the carved wall that was Drew’s back. Once again Drew’s head fell back and he sighed as if receiving a great massage. Aaron’s hands moved to Drew’s round ass. He squeezed each globe repeatedly. Each time his thumbs went deeper and deeper into the enticing crevice. Lust filled Aaron. He kept swallowing to keep from drooling. He had thought about this moment for years. “Kneel on the bed, Drew.” The athlete moved onto the bed. “Lean forward, get on all fours.” Aaron removed all his clothing, then got on the bed behind Drew. He positioned his smaller than average cock at the opening of Drew’s virgin hole. “I only wish I was hung like you. I would tear you open like a bag of Doritos.”

“No,” Drew’s muscles tensed.

Aaron forgot Drew was listening intently to his every word. Aaron began to caress Drew’s back with his hands. “Remember my touch makes you feel good, relaxed and very powerful. Don’t you want to be bigger and stronger?” Drew hesitated. Aaron continued to rub the muscular man’s body. “Don’t you want to be the MVP in the championship game, the greatest football player every known, the strongest athlete in the world, invincible, a real Superman?”

“Yes.” Drew relaxed his muscles momentarily. But as soon as Aaron tried to enter him again he tightened back up. Aaron knew he would have to take a different tactic with this straight jock.

“Drew, you are surrounded by three of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. They are hotter than supermodels. They are completely nude. Each woman has large, plump breasts, a tiny waist and round, soft hips. They all want you because you are so handsome and well built. The woman can’t keep their hands off of you. The more they touch you the more attractive you become. The more attractive you become the more they want you. You are growing taller. Your muscles are getting bigger. Every last bit of body fat is disappearing. Your face becomes even more perfect to match your flawless body. Your hair grows thicker. Your skin becomes more golden and tighter. You have never felt more virile and handsome. The women’s hands are all over you, probing every inch of your perfect body. No man has ever been as perfect as you are at this moment. They love the roundness of your ass. They’re getting wet on how amazing your glutes feel in their small hands. They know your powerful ass gives you incredible thrusting power for your huge cock. Meaning you can fuck them like no other man can. You are getting as much pleasure from their touch as they are from touching you.”

Drew was reacting favorably to the new approach. Aaron began to squeeze Drew’s ass. The big man sighed and his head dropped loosely between his arms. His muscles relaxed and Aaron took the plunge. He went deeper into Drew until his rod disappeared. Drew was tight, but reacted as if he felt nothing. It only took a few seconds before Aaron released his pent up juices. He fell onto Drew’s back and wrapped his arms around the granite like hulk. Aaron didn’t want to withdrawal his deflating joy stick from its muscular hole. Aaron rested the side of his face in the center of Drew’s broad back. His unaware lover was warm, hard, and smelled clean but manly. Drew moaned as his mind was filled with erotic pleasures encouraged by Aaron’s constant touch.

The two stayed in that position until Aaron caught his breath. He reluctantly released his hug and backed off the bed. “Roll onto your back.” Drew’s magnificently massive manhood came into view. Aaron moved back onto the bed. He knelt next to Drew. Again he began to explore Drew’s expertly developed body with his hands. Drew reacted by inhaling deeply. His eyes were still closed. By the way his body was reacting; Aaron knew the athlete was imagining the beautiful women groping his growing muscles.

Aaron made his way to Drew’s extraordinary icon of masculinity. The rigid pipe laid flat on his stomach passing his belly button. It rested in the deep center groove between his perfectly matched abdominal muscles. Aaron followed the thick, purple vein which traveled its entire length with his fingertips. He started at the bulbous head and slowly moved to the furry sack. He rolled the twins in one hand barely able to contain their enormous size. “The women are now fighting to touch your cock and balls. It is not painful in the least. You are too big and powerful for mere women to hurt you. It is the most sensual thing you have ever experienced. It is more pleasurable than you thought possible, beyond anything you could have even imagined. You can’t help but get hard instantaneously. You have no control over it. Your cock is harder than steel. As they touch it, it grows longer and thicker.” Immediately Drew’s tool began to pulse. More blood filled the bloated tube. Aaron tried to lift it. The stiffness, size and weight of the engorged rod overwhelmed Aaron’s small hand. He lost his grip. It slammed back into place against Drew’s hard abs. Aaron saw Drew’s balls enlarge as they produced more jock juices.

“That’s it your cock and balls are getting bigger and bigger. The women’s lust is growing as it grows.” Aaron had to know just how big The Drewosaurus was. He saw a standard ruler on the desk. He leaned over the moaning god and picked it up. Using both hands he forced the now slightly curved piece of meat against the measuring implement. It almost matched the length of the piece of plastic. The mushroom cap ended just below the 10 ½ inch mark. He was more than twice the size of Aaron. The smaller man began to stroke the meat to encourage it to grow larger. “Drew, your cock is just like your muscles, it’s getting harder and bigger by the second. Your cock has never been this hard before, but it still grows longer and thicker. The women are overcome by lust as they continue to stroke your huge piece of meat.” Drew’s breathe quickened, his entire body tightened. He began to move his legs in little kicks. His tan skin glistened with sweat. Aaron continued to stroke the dinosaur against the ruler. It crept toward the number eleven. Precum began to ooze from the huge slit at the tip. Drew’s moaning began louder. Aaron had to push Drew’s hands away. “Your cock’s growth is beyond your control. It has to get bigger as the women touch it. Do you understand?”

Drew said “yes” between gasps for air. His cock reached eleven inches. “You select the most beautiful woman. You enter her warm, wet pussy. It feels so good. Immediately she starts to cum. The deeper you go the more she cums. She’s having one uncontrollable orgasm after another. Her eyes roll back in her head. Her body becomes limp as she faints. You continue to grow bigger, stronger and better looking. You are the best lover the world has ever known. The other women beg you to fuck them.” The veins shrouding Dew’s magnificent tool had doubled in size as it continued to lengthen passing the 11 ¼ inch mark. “You plunge your perfect cock into another woman. She begs you to cum, but you can not until I tell you to. No matter how much you want or need, it is impossible for you to cum unless I give you permission.” Aaron wiped his mouth. He was enjoying this as much as Drew. “And when I tell you to cum, you must do so immediately. It will be beyond your control, you will have to cum. You will do it with all the power and volume your young, muscular body can muster. Do you understand?” Drew shook his head no, but said yes. “You pump her harder and faster. Her body begins to convulse with pleasure. She pleads you to fill her with your juices. She wants to feel your warm explosion inside her. She moans you are the greatest lover the world has ever known, perfect in every way.” Drew grabbed the blanket under him with both hands. The tightness of the grasp was apparent by the bulging muscles in his forearms. He began to sweat and squirm more. “

“Please” he pleaded. Aaron’s own hard-on was painful too as he watched Drew beg him for release. He was enjoying having total control over the man you who easily possessed twice his strength and endowment. “Please, it hurts. I can’t hold it.”

Fearing he would cause damage and convinced Drew’s massive tool had reached its physical limit of almost 11 ½ inches, Aaron whispered “Cum, Drew”. Immediately Drew’s muscles and enlarged eggs contracted, his toes curled and he stopped breathing as a solid stream of thick, white cream erupted from his cock. The sticky gel spattered all over his massive chest. After three smaller eruptions, the athlete’s twin canisters were dry. His body went limp. Drool fell from his open mouth as he gasped for air. Aaron ran his fingers through the milky puddle between Drew’s two heaving pecs. He sampled the sweet and salty elixir. He savored the primal delicacy in his mouth. “Drew every time I touch your cock you will relive every thing that just happened; all the beautiful women lusting after you, the perfect specimen of masculinity you become. Your body will react in the same way. Do you understand?” Drew shook his head yes, still unable to speak. Aaron lapped up the remaining seed from Drew’s powerful chest as it began to cascade down his abdominal ridges like whitewater flowing through rocky rapids. He wondered if he would be hungry tomorrow after ingesting so much jock jello. Once finished with his meal, Aaron gave Drew some instructions. “Drew once you are told, you will fall deep asleep for the remainder of the night. You won’t wake up until the alarm goes off in the morning. You will not remember anything that happened tonight after I gave you the report until you are in a hypnotic state again. In the morning you will feel completely refreshed, happy and strong. You will excel in your workouts and practice sessions like never before. You will go about your day as normal until 11:00 Friday night, when you will have a sudden urge to come to my dorm room to get something from me. You won’t tell anyone where you’re going and you will come alone. You will be happy to see me and will allow me to hypnotize you without any resistance. You will do it because you know it will make you feel incredibly strong. Do you understand?”


Aaron bent down and kissed Drew’s unresponsive lips passionately. “Now sleep, Drew, sleep.” Drew’s breathing changed as he fell into a deep slumber. Aaron wrapped one of Drew’s arms around him as he draped himself over the larger man. He rested his head on Drew’s chest. He ran his hand over Drew’s torso. “Your body is so beautiful. I can’t wait for it to belong to me forever.”

After about twenty minutes, Aaron got up and dressed himself. He made sure Drew’s alarm clock was set for the morning. He saw Drew’s pocket video camera on the night stand. Aaron hit the play button. The memory card was empty. Aaron scanned the room and saw a laptop on the desk. He searched the hard disk and found a file named fag in the video folder. He played the small mpeg file. It was the video of Edwin. “It only took 52 seconds to ruin a life.” Aaron whispered to himself. He deleted the file. In the same folder were other much larger files with women’s names. Aaron played some of them. They were videos of Drew’s many conquests. He didn’t treat the women very well. He demanded they tell him how big and strong he was. He wanted to know if he had the biggest cock they had ever seen and if he was the best lover they ever had. All said yes, of course. No wonder Drew enjoyed Aaron’s hypnotic suggestions. They were his fantasies. Aaron closed the files. He gathered his belongings and slipped out of the room after one more look at the unconscious giant. He locked the door before closing it so Drew wouldn’t be disturbed.

“That’s it, Edwin. You can do one more. Keep your legs bent behind you. Come on, come on.” Aaron stood behind his trainee. He took a small knife from the pocket of his shorts.

Edwin released the bar despite Aaron’s encouragement. He was sweating and breathing deeply. He could barely move his thin arms. “I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.”

“It’s okay, we still have two days. Your chin almost made it to the bar the second time. You did one better today than yesterday, and tomorrow you’ll do one more.” Aaron placed his arm around Edwin’s bony shoulders to comfort him. He had the knife hidden in his closed hand with the tip of the blade sticking out. “Good job.” As he pulled his hand away he slid the blade over the back of Edwin’s arm.

“Ow!” Edwin exclaimed as he reached for the back of his arm.

Aaron slipped the knife back into his pocket. “Sorry, I must of caught you with my watch band.” Aaron snapped the metal stretch band. “Here let me take a look. Yeah, it’s just a little scratch.” He took a small cloth from his other pocket and applied it to Edwin’s wound. He pushed on the skin around the cut to force more bleeding. “You’ll be alright in a second.” Aaron held the cloth to the back of Edwin’s arm. “Let’s take this break in your workout to discuss what you are wearing.”

Edwin looked down at the t-shirt and shorts. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“Nothing, if you weighed 300 pounds.” Aaron looked at the label in Edwin’s shirt. “There is no way you are an extra large. You are a small, my friend.”

“Small? No man wants to wear a small.”

“I wear a small.” Aaron said.

Edwin looked at the tight t-shirt that clung to Aaron’s fit physique. “Well…we have different body types. You have muscles.”

“If I wore your shirt you wouldn’t be able to see them. Most guys think oversized clothes makes them look bigger, while the opposite is true. You look like a little boy in his father’s shirt. You get lost in all that fabric. If you wear the appropriate size, you will fill it out and look more substantial.”

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t look as good as you do.” Edwin blushed. He didn’t want Aaron to know he found him attractive. It would confirm his suspicion that Edwin was gay.

“Thanks, but how do you know.” Aaron removed his hand and cloth from Edwin’s arm. “There, you’ve stopped bleeding.” Aaron put his hands in his pockets and scanned Edwin’s body. “Take off your shirt,” he ordered. Edwin didn’t move. “Come on, don’t be shy. I’ll go first.” Aaron pulled his shirt over is head. Edwin’s eyes fell onto Aaron’s naked torso. His body matched his model face. He was lean and well muscled. “Come on, it’s your turn.” Aaron said pretending not to notice Edwin’s wide eyed reaction to his exposed body. Edwin looked around the gym nervously and then removed his shirt. He hid his thin chest with his arms. “Now put this on.” Aaron gave him his small shirt. Edwin quickly pulled it on. “There you look hunkier already.” Aaron pulled Edwin to a nearby window to check his reflection. Aaron twisted Edwin’s body so he could see his body’s profile. Edwin pulled in his stomach and pushed out his chest. He ran his hands over his body. He did look better, more grown-up. Aaron put his hand on Edwin’s smooth stomach. “See, I was right.” Edwin smiled in agreement. “Do you know how many fat guys out there would kill to be as thin as you? They would be thrilled to wear a small not embarrassed. So there is no reason for you to be.”

“Okay, okay. You were right again.” Edwin began to pull off Aaron’s shirt.

“No, keep it. We’ll go shopping later and get more of the right clothes for you.” Aaron slipped on Edwin’s shirt. It looked ridiculous on him.

Edwin chuckled, “I would like that.”

“Good, now let’s get back to your training.”

“Why bother. Even if I somehow manage to do three pull-ups, and that is doubtful. Drew can do fifteen with one arm.” Edwin bent his arms to relieve some of the pain he felt. No visible change occurred in the size of his muscles. “His arms are like three times the size of mine. He’s some kind of muscle freak.”

“Men with his natural musculature tend to get lazy and take their bodies for granted. He’ll be out partying like every other Friday night. He’ll get home in the wee hours, drunk off his ass. That’s why I picked Saturday morning for the contest. His freaky muscles may betray him when he has a hangover.”

“You really did have this planned out? Like some kind of evil genius.”

“In this comic book, the evil genius will really defeat the muscular hero.”

Edwin chuckled, “Comic is the right word to describe this whole scheme.”

“Keep laughing while you do sit ups.” Aaron said pointing to the floor.

“Yes coach.” Edwin sat down slowly, he was still sore from yesterday’s workout. He raised his torso off the floor with a groan. After completing his ninth rep, he collapsed on his back.

“Come on, one more.”

“I’m not falling for that again. Yesterday you kept saying one more over and over.”

Aaron gave his trainee a look. Edwin slowly bent his body upward. Aaron patted Edwin’s stomach. “Look, it feels harder. Before you know it you’ll have a six pack.”

Edwin fell back gasping for air. “Wishful thinking.”

“You keep this up and that wish will come true. You are so lean, if you just work out you’ll be surprised how fast your muscles will emerge. I bet you’ll end up as drop dead gorgeous as Drew.”

Edwin laughed. “All the wishes won’t make that a reality. It’s genetically impossible.”

Aaron looked directly into Edwin’s eyes in an earnest tone. “You’ll be surprised what you can make happen with the proper knowledge and motivation.” The smile left Edwin’s face. Something about Aaron’s eyes scared him at times. They were like dark holes without a bottom. Edwin could feel himself falling into them and losing himself. A shiver ran down his spine. Aaron could see Edwin was frightened. He smiled down at the thinner man. “I just mean I think you are a late bloomer. You have a lot of potential. With a little exercise, you’ll be amazed at the transformation that will occur in your body.”

Edwin shook his head. “Sure, everyone can benefit from exercise. But not everyone can look like Drew.”

“We will see. All I ask is that you continue working out and keep a positive attitude.”

“Speaking of attitude, what was your problem earlier today? I saw you in the quad and called your name. You gave me a half hearted wave with an are-you-talking-to-me look and continued along your way.”

Aaron seemed surprised by the incident. “Oh that. You see, I’m a Gemini. We have split personalities. It’s my problem not yours. If that happens again, just let it go. It doesn’t mean anything, I promise.”

“Split personality? You’re joking right?” Edwin asked with real concern.

“I have it under control, I’m not dangerous or anything.”

“What, you take lithium or something.”

“Yeah, just like the Duracell Bunny.” Aaron joked, but he could see Edwin was still uneasy with the whole concept. “Think of it as my secret identity. All the super heroes have them, why not evil geniuses.” Aaron smiled and pushed Edwin’s sweat soaked hair out of his face. Edwin thought no one that cute could be a psychopath. He returned the smile. Aaron deepened his voice, “Now give me ten, soldier.”

Edwin rolled over onto his stomach and struggled with the set of push-ups. Aaron pulled the cloth with Edwin’s blood on it from his pocket and a small plastic bag. He put the cloth in the bag and sealed it closed. “Good Edwin, that’s three. Remember to maintain proper form.”

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