Second Chances 4

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Aaron was sitting on the edge of his bed nervously rocking back and forth. He kept glancing at the clock on the nightstand. It read 11:16. He then heard someone running up the staircase of his dorm. The sound of heavy footsteps was coming closer.

Drew appeared in his open doorway. He smiled when he saw Aaron. He didn’t know why, but he felt happy to see the little man. “Hey,” he said nervously not understanding why he was there. It was strange when he looked at his watch and saw it was 11:00 he got up and left his friends without saying a word. He ran all the way from the bar.

Aaron greeted Drew and asked him to come in. He closed the door. “How are you feeling, Drew?”

The powerful athlete fidgeted, “Good, never better.” He put his hands behind his back. He grabbed his right wrist with his left hand. He opened his hand to cover his ass for a moment, before folding his arms over his chest. For some reason he felt vulnerable, like he had to protect himself. But that didn’t make sense either. He could easily overpower a runt like Aaron.

“I have that item you wanted.” Aaron calmly pulled the large crystal bead from his shirt pocket. He held it up at Drew’s eye level. “Beautiful isn’t it. See how it catches the light when I spin it.”

Drew stared at the crystal. “Yes.” He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it.

“You are feeling better and more relaxed with each passing second. All your worries and concerns are melting away. You are completely relaxed. You feel strong and healthy. Your mind is free of all thoughts. You want me to take control of your body because you know how good it will make you feel. You will become stronger and feel better if you do exactly as I say. The only thing that exists at this moment is my voice. You must listen to my voice and do exactly as I ask you to do. I control you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, you control me.”

“That’s it. Take a deep breath. All the tension and stress of the day is leaving you. You are relaxed, calm and happy.” Aaron sat down on his bed. The athlete stood in the center of the room directly in front of him. He wore a bomber jacket over a tight polo shirt. The bottom hem of the shirt didn’t quite touch the waist band of his lower rise jeans. The gap teased you with a glimpse of his six pack. “Remove your clothes.” Drew pulled his jacket off his shoulders and let it fall off him. He tugged at his shirt. “No, not your shirt; start with your shoes and socks.” Drew kicked off his loafers and removed his socks. “Now, your pants.” Drew quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. “Slower.” The athlete slowly pushed his tight pants off his thick thighs. He stepped out of them. He stood waiting for further instructions.

Aaron scanned the partially clothed jock. He wore only a pair of tight, black designer boxer briefs and the polo shirt. His legs were virtually hairless and well tanned. His thighs were thick with lean muscle. The leg openings of his underwear were completely filled. The leg bands sought relief from the strain of containing his quads by working their way up to the narrowest portion of his sturdy limbs. The thin material gathered behind his protruding basket. The size and weight of his manhood made the extended pouch hang below the garment’s legs. It only further emphasized how well endowed he was. Aaron’s cock surged to its full size at the sight. He stuck his hand down his pants to adjust himself. “Walk toward me.” Drew took a step forward. “Closer”. Drew now stood only inches from Aaron. The smaller man leaned forward and buried his face into Drew’s cotton wrapped package. He inhaled deeply. Aaron ran his hands up the back of Drew’s thick quads, pausing several times to squeeze their curved musculature. He sunk his fingertips into the athlete’s perfectly formed glutes. The fabric covering his solid globes was stretched tight as a drum over the vertical crevice. It prevented his fingers from exploring the deep division. He released his hold on the big man, “Turn around”.

Aaron pulled down the waist band to expose Drew’s beefy rump roasts. The skin was smooth as silk and a slightly paler shade than his lower back. Aaron massaged Drew’s cheeks with both hands. “Take off your underwear.” Drew pulled down his underwear. He bent at the waist, unknowingly presenting his ass to his worshiper. Aaron felt his cock painfully pulse. Aaron grabbed Drew’s ass and let his cheeks form in his hands as Drew returned upright. Aaron ran his thumbs over the point where the hamstrings ended and the glutes began. The skin was totally smooth with no creases. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of a wrinkle. That meant no sagging. The supersized muscle was powerful enough to defy the force of gravity. Aaron always found that incredible erotic on thickly muscled men with bubble butts. He kissed the spot and then began to lick it. He put his hands on Drew’s tight waist feeling the firmness of his oblique muscles. He pressed his thumbs into the small of Drew’s back. That was another favorite body part. The way it curved in from his thick back and round ass. Plus it was the narrowest point on of the hulk’s torso. He licked that too. “Tighten your glutes.” Instantly the firm mounds turned into striated granite. His tongue traveled over each carved cheek and along the length of the line of separation. Every inch of him was perfect. Aaron didn’t realize just how much he was enjoying himself until he shot a load into his own underwear. He leaned back and looked up at the giant before him. He hated that he found a man like Drew so sexy. He pushed the hair off his sweaty forehead.

He looked at the perfect ass still in front of him. “Relax,” the two globes softened. “Walk forward…small steps.” Aaron watched Drew’s round cheeks flex and fall with each step. Drew stopped when in reached the opposite wall. “Turn around and come back.” Aaron got to enjoy Drew walking his dinosaur without the hindrance of clothing. His fifth limb swung back and forth between his thighs unimpeded. “Man, you are one hot motherfucker.” Drew stopped when he returned to his original spot. His muscular body was relaxed and oblivious to the reaction he was causing within Aaron. The smaller man chuckled. Drew didn’t have to do anything, just stand there, to make a man cum. Now that’s true power. Aaron rubbed his soft cock through his jeans. He could feel it trying to grow again.

Aaron stood up and ran his hands up Drew’s powerful arms. He squeezed Drew’s relaxed biceps and triceps. He forced his fingers under the tight bands of the polo’s short sleeves. Like the legs of his underwear, the sleeves of his shirt rode up to escape the strain caused by his massive muscles. The sleeves had gathered between his delts and biceps. The material was bunched up in his arm pits. “Do a double bicep pose.” Aaron moaned as he rubbed the steely mounds. He moved to Drew’s equally developed shoulders before groping his thick pecs. The white shirt was pulled so tight across his chest; his nipples were visible. The shirt loosened around his waist but was neatly fitted. The garment had to be specially designed for muscular men like Drew. Aaron caressed his cloth covered tits, “Make your pecs dance for me.” Drew flexed his thick slabs; first in unison then independently. “Now keep them flexed.” Aaron poked the hardened muscle with his fingers before slamming the side of his fist into them. His hands bounced off harmlessly. Drew didn’t show any sign of discomfort. “Just like Superman.” Aaron rubbed his red hands and sat back down on the bed. He leaned back resting on his elbows. “Take off your shirt…slowly.” Drew grabbed the bottom hem and lifted it to his chest. He then raised his arms over his head inverting the garment. Aaron enjoyed seeing all the finely detailed muscles of Drew’s torso flex and bulge as the shirt was slowly pulled off him. The intercostals, lats and abs rolled in waves as he struggled to remove the tight shirt from around his broad shoulders. Aaron rubbed his crotch as he looked up at the massive V-shaped torso over him. Once passing his delts, the shirts only remaining struggle was his bulging biceps. The sleeves stretched to their utmost diameter before freeing his powerful arms. Drew slowly lowered his arms. His pecs morphed back into their pillow-like resting state. Aaron was hard again. “Bounce your pecs.” Drew’s chest slabs began to dance. Aaron rubbed is crotch harder until he came again. He fell back on the bed. He knew he should stop. The purpose of hypnotizing Drew wasn’t for him to have his fantasy jerk off session.

He sat up and saw Drew was still bouncing his tits. “Flex,” Aaron ordered. Drew went immediately in a most muscular pose. “Good you remembered everything from last time.” Over a minute passed, Drew’s body began to shake as he held the pose. “Relax.” Aaron watched as Drew gasped for air, his massive chest expanding seductively with every breath.

“Someone like you doesn’t deserve to look like that. But I know someone who does.” Aaron grabbed the dinosaur. The stud inhaled sharply. He looked straight ahead and his arms hung loosely at his side as he was being worked. His cock rapidly expanded. He began to moan and buck his hips. “That’s it. You are fucking the most beautiful woman you ever imagined. She’s cumming over and over. The other women are caressing your growing muscles. You are the most powerful, the most handsome and best endowed man on the planet. You never felt so strong and sexy. You are perfect in every way.”

Aaron continued to stroke Drew’s hardened tool. He kept in rhythm with Drew’s thrusting hips. His other hand explored Drew’s crunching abs. Aaron put his lips near the bulbous tip, “cum.” He barely had enough time to take Drew in his mouth before the big man exploded. Drew’s juices hit the back of Aaron’s throat with the force of a garden hose. When it was over both men were out of breath: Drew from the physical demand of blowing such a load and Aaron from having to take it all in without choking.

Aaron wiped his mouth. “Let’s see if you are truly at your sexual and physical peak“. Aaron began to stroke Drew’s semi-hard cock again. The big man’s muscles tensed. He bit his lower lip as his cock began to rise. “That’s it. You’ve moved on to the next woman. She is wet from watching you fuck the first woman. As you enter her, she tells you no man has ever filled her like you. You know it’s true by her tight cunt. She begins to moan louder and louder. As she cums over and over again, her juices lubricate your cock. Your steel hard rod penetrates deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her soft female body is no match for your manly strength.” Drew was humping faster and faster. Beads of sweat began to run down his body. He grunted loudly. Aaron put his mouth on Drew’s beefy tube allowing the stud to face fuck him. Aaron pulled away remembering he had to say the magic word. “cum”. Drew stopped pumping as a smaller stream of hot crème was expelled from his tool. Aaron licked Drew’s tip clean. He smacked his lips. “Not as sweet as the first harvest. But still delicious.”

Drew’s body was glowing red. Aaron could feel the heat coming off him. Drew’s cock was slow to recede. It was like it was a parade balloon with a small leak. It dangled in front of the hunk bouncing with his slightest movement. Aaron knew he was tired, but the plan was to push him beyond exhaustion. Aaron’s sadistic plan was to use Drew’s greatest attributes against him. The two things that gave Drew control over everyone else, his muscles and cock, would cause him to become powerless. “Flex,” Aaron commanded. Drew went into most muscular pose. Aaron fell back onto the bed. After about a minute, he ordered Drew to relax.

“Flex….relax……flex…..relax….flex….relax…flex.” Aaron laughed, “It’s like flipping a switch “. Aaron stood up. He got undressed and cleaned himself with a paper towel. He had forgotten he had the muscle man in flex mode until he heard him groan. Aaron ran his hand over Drew’s swollen, sweat covered chest. He wrapped his arms around him. He pressed his body into Drew’s pumped-up, rock hard physique. “Relax.” Drew’s whole body went limp. With no mercy, Aaron slid his hand down to Drew’s manhood and began to stroke it. Drew soon started to hump the next imaginary goddess. Going against his own wishes, Aaron was hard again. Drew offered no resistance this time as Aaron invaded him. Aaron synchronized his own thrusts with Drew’s. Just as Aaron reached climax, he moaned “cum”. Both men exploded at the same time.

Aaron fell onto his bed. His body was exhausted and his cock was glowing red from abuse. He imagined how Drew felt. He looked up and saw the God struggling for oxygen and staggering around the room. “Flex” he said.

Drew went into the pose. Aaron continued to flip the switch for more than twenty minutes. At this point, Drew was having difficulty staying on his feet. His shoulders were hunched forward. Sweat was dripping from his matted hair. Aaron sat up and grabbed Drew’s still plump cock.

Drew groaned in protest. “No more, please,” he pleaded meekly.

Aaron quickened his strokes, “You must obey, I control your body. Think of the beautiful women. They want you, the need you, they must have you. Are you a real man or a faggot?”

Drew clenched his jaw and willed his rubbery cock to rise. It took much longer for Drew to grow to his ten plus inches. Aaron ordered him to cum. This time only a small dribble of cum sputtered out from the dark purple head. Aaron could see the pain on Drew’s face. Forced to flex all his huge muscles repeatedly and cum four times in less than a thirty minutes Drew could no longer support his heavy frame. He stumbled back and fell. He laid there motionless and tried to catch his breath.

His master didn’t grant him a respite. “Get up, stand up. Get on your damn feet, Drew.” Drew slowly got to his knees. He put one foot on the floor, then using his knee as a support, pressed to the standing position. “Flex.”

The puppet master went to his bureau. In the top drawer under some shirts he removed his knife and small white cloth. He stood behind Drew and broke open the skin between his shoulder blades. With Drew flexing, the blood seeped out quickly. Aaron blotted up the red flow with the cloth. Satisfied he had enough of his blood, Aaron told Drew to relax. He went back to the bureau and put the cloth into the same plastic bag he stored Edwin’s.

Aaron continued to torture Drew for almost an hour. At the end, Drew’s body refused to do want he demanded of it. His most muscular pose looked pathetic. His battered cock was swollen with strings of cum dangling from the bloated tip. Aaron ordered Drew to get dressed. He had to help him since his muscles were virtually useless; drained of all their formidable strength. Aaron gave Drew his final instructions. “Go directly to the frat house and then to bed. When you wake up in the morning you will remember nothing from last night after you left your friends, not even coming to my room. The aches and pains you’ll feel will not concern you. You’ll just think you’re getting a cold. You will show up at the gym on time. It won’t be until the contest starts that you’ll feel real pain. It will be the most excrutiating pain you have ever experienced. Your muscles will be so sore and stiff it will be a struggle to do the simplest movements. Your cock will be extremely tender. It will feel as if you have an open sore at the tip and your clothing is made of sandpaper. The slightest touch will feel like someone holding a blowtorch to it. Your muscle and cock pain will subside once the contest is over and you won’t remember it. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Drew whispered. Aaron helped Drew with his jacket and guided him out the door. He followed Drew home to make sure he made it safely across the campus. Aaron waited a few minutes outside the frat house before heading back to his room. He needed to try to sleep; it was going to be a big day tomorrow.

Edwin was bent over stretching out his back. “My body is still sore. I think you pushed me too hard. Until three days ago, I never really exercised before. Maybe I should do more to warm-up? You know, a couple pushups or sit ups?”

Aaron was standing near his friend, nervously watching the gymnasium’s door. His mind was so preoccupied he didn’t hear Edwin’s question.

“Coach, did you hear me?” Edwin asked straightening up.


“Do want me to do some pushups?”

“No, it will only tire you out. We want you fresh. Save your energy for contest. You have to do as many reps as possible.” Aaron answered before turning his gaze back to the door.

“As if it’s going to make any difference. This whole competition is going to be a fiasco. I’m going to lose so badly. I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”

Aaron snapped his head to look at Edwin. “Hey, we’ve talked about this. No more negativity. No more putting yourself down. You will win because you deserve to win. You are a better person than he is.” Before Edwin could form a rebuttal, both men’s attention was diverted as the gym door closed with a bang.

Edwin’s self-doubt increased when he saw Drew. He wore sneakers, gym shorts and a tank top. The outfit was almost identical to what Edwin wore, but it looked very different on him. While Edwin’s clothes hung on his bony frame, Drew’s looked painted on. His muscular build was on full display. Even his shorts were skin tight today. There was an unusual smoothness of his bulge. Edwin thought he must be wearing a support jock. Edwin never saw Drew with his dinosaur caged before except when wearing his football uniform. The closer Drew came the more imposing he became. Once again, Edwin felt like a little boy standing next to a man.

“Right on time, Drew,” Aaron said obviously relieved.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Drew was rubbing his right bicep with his left hand. He appeared to be in some discomfort. He had dark circles under his blood shot eyes.

Aaron raised his line of sight from Drew’s crotch to his face. He was slightly surprised, Drew didn’t have is usual golden aura. ‘You okay, Drew. You look don’t look so good.”

“Don’t worry about me wimp. I could be in a coma and still beat your scrawny ass.” Drew growled back.

“Sorry,” Edwin said as the last bit of self confidence left him.

“Sah-ree,” Drew mocked in a whiny voice.

“Hey, don’t take it out on him because you have a hangover.” Aaron said defensively.

“I don’t have a hangover, asshole. I don’t ever have more than two beers. Not that you girls would care, but alcohol lowers your testosterone levels.” Drew rubbed his forehead. “At least I don’t think I drank too much. The last thing I remember….”

“Blacking out is a sign of drinking more than two beers.” Aaron joked.

“Shut the fuck up.” Drew’s tone was less forceful than expected. He seemed more bothered by the way he felt than by Aaron’s joke. He moved his hand to the back of his neck and twisted is head back and forth. “I don’t have all day. How’s this so called competition gong to work.”

“Right, let’s get started,” Aaron said anxiously. “It’s simple. Edwin will do as many repetitions of each of the three exercises within one minute sets.” He held up the stopwatch in his hand. “You then have to complete more than 5 times as many of the same exercise in a minute. If you fail to complete just one of the three exercises, you lose. Got it?”

Drew swung his arms back and forth. “Whatever. Let’s get started so I can get the hell out of here.”

“Edwin,” Aaron said gesturing toward the floor. “We’ll start with the easiest: sit ups.” Edwin sat on the floor. “Start,” Aaron began the stop watch. Edwin did the first three quickly, but started to slow on the fourth. He completed the eighth when Aaron said, “Stop!” He patted Aaron on the back, “Good job, buddy.” He then looked up at Drew who was preoccupied with massaging his thighs. “That’s 40 to you, Drew.”

“40! Fuck, I do over 250 a day.” Drew went to sit down, but suddenly stopped. He grabbed his lower back, “Jesus Christ.” He moved slowly to the floor and groaned more like an elderly man than a young jock. Once down on the floor, he bent his knees and folded his arms across his chest.

“Ready?” Aaron asked. Drew nodded. Aaron started the stop watch, “Go!” Drew started the first crunch; he only raised his back an inch or two off the floor when he stopped momentarily. “Fuck” he screamed, his face showed his incredible pain. He looked at the two little men. He couldn’t look weak in front of them. He put on his game face and pumped out the first twenty in as many seconds, but the pain was becoming unbearable. His abs felt like a truck was parked on top of them. He stopped momentarily and took a deep breath. He repositioned his legs and lifted his ass off the floor. This caused his jock to shift slightly. “Shit,” he palmed his crotch. His eyes filled with tears.

“Thirty seconds.” Aaron announced. He knew his hypnotic suggestions were working. Drew clenched his teeth and continued his reps. He was at 34 when Aaron said “Fifteen seconds.” Drew forced out the 40th sit up and collapsed on the floor, breathing deeply. Aaron said “You have to do one more to better Edwin. Five, four, three…” Drew did one more just in time. “That was really close, but you won that one big guy.”

Drew rubbed his battered six-pack with one hand and lifted the waistband of his shorts with the other. He hooked his thumb under the top of his jock. He examined his package, expecting to see a bloody mess. It didn’t look any worse than it did when he got dressed this morning. That was bad enough. He thought wearing a jock would protect it; but it felt like it was on fire. “What the fuck is going on?” he whispered.

Aaron didn’t want to give Drew any time to recover. He told Edwin to get into position for push-ups. “Go, Edwin.” After the fourth rep, Edwin’s form began to fall apart. He stopped in the raised position to regain control. “Come on Edwin, you can do it.” Edwin lowered to the floor. His arms began to shake as he pressed up. By the time he straightened his arms, the minute was over. “Okay, so that’s at least 26 to you.”

Drew didn’t say anything this time as he rolled over onto his stomach. He inhaled sharply as his cock was crushed by his own weight. “Fucking hell,” he groaned before he raised his body up.

“Ready?” Aaron asked.

“Christ, give me a second will you?” Drew barked as he held himself with one arm and adjusted his jock with the other. No matter what he did, he couldn’t make himself comfortable. He gave up and began to reposition his hands on the floor before saying “Ready.” Drew did his reps very methodically and with perfect form. He exhaled forcibly on every exertion. He used his experience in playing with an injury to work through the pain. His skin turned bright red. Sweat covered his body. As soon as he reached 26 he stopped despite having more than twelve seconds left on the clock. He brought his knees to his chest. He spread his thighs apart and palmed his dinosaur. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. He looked spent. Edwin looked concerned. Aaron looked thrilled.

“Drew you won that one too. The only thing remaining is pull ups.”

“Oh God, no.” Drew mumbled still curled up. Aaron walked over to the pull up bar. Drew slowly stood up. He was breathing very deeply almost on the verge of hyperventilating. His hair and shirt were soaked with sweat. Beads ran down his forehead and dripped off his nose. He looked like he had just completed a triathlon in Death Valley….and lost.

“Are you all right Drew?” Edwin asked seeing how exhausted Drew looked. He was surprised how out of shape Drew was. After all he had the incredible physique of elite athlete. Drew didn’t answer, but continued to gulp for air. “Maybe we should do this another time.”

“Hey, sure we can do that.” Aaron looked at Drew. “Do you want to forfeit to Edwin?”

Drew was pumping his arms trying to work out the kinks. He did want to forfeit. His body never felt like this before. Every inch of him was racked with pain. He was going to collapse or throw up at any second. He looked at Edwin’s scrawny body. Then at Aaron who had a big shit grin on his face. He knew he would never live this down loosing to someone like Edwin. “Let’s finish this. You two faggots aren’t going to get out of the bet that easily.”

“Okay then. Edwin get into position.” Edwin grabbed the bar, bent his knees and slowly pulled up his body. It took him almost 25 seconds to complete one repetition. “Come on, Edwin. You have to do another.” Edwin struggled to raise his body again. His arms were shaking, he began to swing. The effort showed on his face. He was only able to get the bar to eye level before his arms gave out.

“That didn’t count. He didn’t finish the rep.” Drew cried out. For the first time he showed signs of concern about winning.

“Time” Aaron said visibly upset. He knew Drew couldn’t do more than ten reps in his condition, but he may be able to do six.

Edwin slinked over to where Aaron stood. He didn’t look at him as he mumbled, “sorry”. Aaron patted Edwin’s narrow back and said sternly. “It isn’t over yet. Drew has to complete six pull ups to win.” Aaron looked at Drew, “And I’ll be watching that you don’t break form.”

Drew sneered at Aaron before he walked up to the chin-up bar. He grabbed the bar with a narrow, underhand grip and bent his knees. He groaned as his arms took all of his 235 pounds. He finished one repetition and then did the second quickly as if trying to get it over with before the pain reached his brain. Aaron began to get nervous. But as Drew tried to complete the third rep, the burning in his arms was too great. He lost control and his arms straightened quickly causing his body to swing. “30 seconds.” Drew called out with some glee. Drew repositioned his hands to a wider, overhand grip. He pulled himself up for the third time. His face and body flushed red. The veins in his arms and neck were engorged. They looked like small snakes trying to break through his skin. With a loud groan that echoed in the vast emptiness of the gym he completed his fourth rep. “15 seconds left.” After several deep breaths, Drew began his fifth pull up. His body rose slowly. But when his arms hit the 90 degree mark, they started to fail. “55 seconds.” “No,” Drew screamed. He reached down and put everything he had left into the simple movement; an exercise he had done thousands of times without thinking. His powerful body which he had built to perfection over the past six years, refused to listen. His arms gave out, his body dropped, his hands lost their grip and he fell to the floor.

“Time’s up. The contest is over. Edwin you win!” Aaron said joyfully. He wrapped his arms around Edwin and lifted him off the floor. “You did it. You did it. Thank God, you won. Everything is going to be okay now.”

As he let go, Edwin could see Aaron had tears in his eyes. “I think this meant more to you than me”,

Aaron wiped the tears away, “Maybe so. I know what this means for the rest of your life.”

“What does it mean?” Edwin asked slightly confused. Aaron didn’t answer. He just looked in Edwin’s eyes like a proud parent.

“Big deal, you beat me when I’m sick or something. I hope you feel proud because I couldn’t do five, that’s five times,” Drew held up his hand with the fingers extended, “as many reps as you. It was hardly a fair contest.” Drew lowered his hand and stretched out his arms. He suddenly felt better now that the contest was over.

“Hey, you agreed to the terms. Don’t try to make excuses now. You lost and you have to pay up.” Aaron said with a touch of arrogance. He had his arm draped over his trainee’s shoulders.

“Whatever. The world still sees you as losers even if you won this little competition.” Drew flexed his arms. The cocky grin returned to his face. “I’ve still got everything I need to win at life. And that’s what really matters. This bet changes nothing.”

Aaron’s expression changed as he witnessed Drew’s dominating display. “We’ll see about that. Hurry Edwin, tell him what you want as payment for the bet.”

“Yeah Edwin, what do you want? My truck? Take it. The alumni committee has already promised me a better one when I win the championship. I was going to get rid of it anyway.”

Aaron pushed Edwin toward Drew. “Tell him Edwin, just as we rehearsed.”

Edwin looked up at the smirking hunk of man. Even in victory he made Edwin feel insignificant. “I want…” He stopped and looked back at Aaron. “You know the truck isn’t a bad idea.”

Aaron gave Edwin a look of disbelieve. “Oh no you don’t. Not after all I've done. There's no second chance at this.” Aaron clasped his hands together. His building anxiety showed in his body language and facial expression. “Edwin you don’t need a damn truck. You’ve got a perfectly good car. Don’t screw things up now. Say it exactly as we rehearsed.”

Edwin looked up at Drew again. Embarrassed about what he was supposed to say, he lowered his head and barely whispered, “I want your athleticism, your strength, your…”

“I can’t hear you wimp. Try acting like a man for once.” Drew chuckled.

“Edwin, you won the bet. You beat Drew Bullard.” Aaron said loudly.

Edwin raised his head. “I want your athleticism, your strength, your stature, your metabolism and….” Edwin sighed, “your masculine beauty.”

“What? You want my beauty?” Drew started to laugh. “This is unbelievable. I mean, I knew you two were a bunch of fags, but this takes the cake…the fruitcake. What complete and total morons. You could have anything of mine; my ipod, laptop, truck….money; but you want my masculine beauty. What does that even mean? Is that gay code for saying you want to suck my dick. Of course you faggots want to suck it. Everybody does.” Drew cupped his package in his huge hand. He hesitated for a moment and squeezed harder, the searing pain was gone. A big grin emerged on his face. “You’ve tasted it once and now you want seconds huh? You’re like every woman I’ve ever fucked.” Drew made a sucking sound with his mouth as he squeezed his manhood again. “What a pair losers.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Aaron stepped forward. “You heard him. Now shake on the terms.”

“Wait, I’m not agreeing to have sex with you queers. You’re not sticking anything, not even your pinkie sized dicks, up my ass.” Drew protested.

It was Aaron’s chance to smirk. “Of course not Drew. We know a big macho guy like you would never let that happen. This has nothing to do with sex. We’re not talking about any kind of physical contact at all. We would actually prefer to never see you again. In fact, let’s make that part of the terms. That Edwin never has to see you or hear anything from your homophobic mouth ever again.”

“Oh, okay. So you want to never see me again, and my masculine beauty, my athleticism, my strength and what were the other things” Drew asked.

“Your strength and metabolism,” Edwin answered not looking at the big man.

Drew laughed again before extending his hand, “Done”. Aaron elbowed Edwin and handed him a stem from a sage plant. Edwin placed in his palm before shaking Drew’s hand. “What the hell is that?”

“Just an old Druid custom to seal an agreement between two foes.” Aaron placed his hand on top of the other two men’s clasped hands. “Drew, do you agree to give your possessions, which
Edwin requested, to him freely?”

“I said yes, moron.”

Aaron removed his hand and the men released their hold. Aaron plucked the sage from Edwin’s open hand. He held it in front of him like a piece of fragile, priceless crystal. “Great, nice doing business with you Drew. We hope you have the life you deserve.”

Drew shook his head in disbelieve. “What drama queens.” He turned around and walked out of the gym.

Aaron’s mind was working overtime. He had things to do. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

“That was really embarrassing. Now he’s going to tell everyone I’m not only gay but crazy.” Edwin finally began to relax for the first time this morning.

“He’s not to tell anyone anything. You have to remember he lost to you. He’ll never admit that. It’s like I said, it’s all a game to get inside that thick head of his. We’ve planted the seeds of doubt. They’re going to grow and consume him. Mark my words; he’ll never be the same again.” Aaron smiled, “And neither will you.” The two friends walked toward the exit side by side.

Aaron came running into his room. He shut the door and locked it. He gingerly set the sage stem on the top of his bureau next to a partially burned pillar candle. He opened the top drawer and removed the plastic sandwich bag which contained the two cloths soaked with Edwin’s and Drew’s blood. He placed the cloths in a small porcelain cup on the bureau. Aaron had put a few ounces of distilled water in the cup before he left this morning. The water in the cup began to turn red as the blood leached out from the preserved cloths. He turned over the small area rug positioned next to his bed. Several objects were painted on its underside; small mystical symbols surrounding a larger pentagram. Aaron placed the china cup, the piece of sage, and the candle on the rug. He went to the large wooden wardrobe in his room. He slipped his small hand behind it and struggled to get a grip on something. He slowly worked the object toward him. He was able to grab it once an inch or two was revealed. He pulled out a letter sized portfolio. The accordion style folder was made of thick brown paper. It was in good condition, but had yellowed with age. He undid the string closure and pulled out the contents. A stone disc carved on both sides and less than a foot in diameter.

Aaron placed the disc in the center of the drawn pentagram on the back of the rug. He tried to ignite the candle using the lighter he took from Edwin a few days ago. His hands were shaking uncontrollably. He steadied himself before he was able to finally light the wick. He took a deep breath and began to chant softly. He held the cup up for a moment before returning it to the rug. He held up the piece of sage next. He then dabbed the stem into the cup making the water darken to a deeper red. As he continued to chant, he used the sage as a brush to paint the diluted blood onto the surface of the disc. Once the disc was evenly coated he held it up and chanted louder. When he reached the end of the ritual’s dialogue he set the disc down and blew out the candle.

Drew was sitting in the cafeteria at his usual table surrounded by his frat brothers. Suddenly he felt a strange tinge in his balls. He adjusted his thighs but the tinge worsened. He rubbed his pride and joy through his tight shorts and jock. “Fuck,” he said under his breath as a jolt of pain shot through his balls. His suddenly felt weak. He lost his grip on the carton of milk he had been drinking. It fell from his hand and the few remaining ounces spilled onto the table. His companions asked him if he was okay. Drew shook his head. What ever had happened was over. The pain was gone. But his body still felt weak and heavy. He told them he was fighting a cold. He left the table. All he wanted to do was get back to his bed and sleep.

Edwin was in his room changing his clothes. He looked at his nude torso in the mirror. He looked for the six-pack Aaron promised; he didn’t see anything. He felt a strange sensation in his balls. He looked down and saw them pulsing. Then there was this sharp pain. “Shit,” he grabbed them in his hands. The pain subsided as quickly as it came. He removed his hands and inspected his twin set. Everything appeared fine. He guessed it was something like a muscle spasm. He looked back at his reflection. He was breathing heavy from the pain. He narrowed his eyes. He put his hand on his stomach. He could feel ridges under his pale skin. He did have abs. Edwin put his work out clothes back on. He felt so energized he decided to put in more time at the gym even without his coach hounding him.

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