Second Chances 5

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Drew tired his best not to limp as he walked into the coach’s office. “Hey coach, you wanted to see me,” he asked pretending he had no idea why he was there.

The coach turned away from the computer monitor and grasped his hands tightly on top on his desk. “Bullard, what’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” The older man gave him a cut-the-bullshit look. “I know I’ve been a little off lately, but…”

“A little off? For the past two weeks, you have been on a downhill slide. You looked like a high school freshman out there today…a female, high school freshman….a blind, female, high school freshman.” The burly coach rubbed his forehead to calm himself before he spoke again. He knew his comments weren’t political correct. A forced smile appeared below his bushy moustache. “Tell me Drew, do you think you made one, just one, good pass in practice?”

“Hell yeah, I did. It’s not my fault the receivers can’t follow the plays.”

The coach pointed his stubby finger at his current team captain. “Don’t even try it. You couldn’t throw more than ten yards with any accuracy. It’s your problem not theirs.”

Drew turned his head away. “I, uhm, haven’t felt right lately. I can’t seem to shake this flu or whatever I’ve got.”

“What I saw today can’t be because you have the runs or a snotty nose. All your natural instincts were gone. Not to mention you threw like your arm was made of jelly. Drew, the other players were laughing at you for Pete’s sake.” The coach looked out toward the weight room. “Howard tells me you missed several workout sessions. Based on your performance lately you need to improve your conditioning. You were winded after the second play. That can’t happen during a game. You can’t bring the whole team down because you don’t feel right.”

“So I’ve skipped a couple workouts. I need a break.” Drew said defensively.

“A break?” The coach pounded the side of his fist onto the top of his desk as he stood up. “The season just started, damn it.” Drew squirmed in his seat and looked scared. The older man was surprised he was able to intimidate the young athlete. Usually the he would roll his eyes and blow off any criticisms. He sat down and rubbed his face. “Maybe it’s my own fault. I’ve put too much on you. I have to rethink things. Maybe Rich should be the team captain. His defense has stepped up to fill in the void left by our weakened offense.”

Drew knew that was a slam intended for him. “Coach, the offense will be strong. I just need a little time to get back to 100 percent. This flu is making me feel weak and tired. I’ve lost like fifteen pounds in two weeks. I’ve had to decrease the amount I’m lifting. I’m well off my personal bests. I think I’m over doing it with the weights. My body isn’t recovering from my work outs like it used to. I’ve been doing research into alternative training techniques. I think I know…”

The coach was getting tired of hearing excuses. “Howard is the strength coach, not you. He’ll decide how the team will train. He thinks you’ve become lazy. We’ve seen this before; players with your natural gifts think I don’t have to work as hard as the others. When things get tough, you look for excuses. The world’s supposed to bow down to the great DrewBullard. If you think things are tough here, wait until you play in the NFL. You’ll be nothing but a little fish in a big pond.”

“I’ll be a shark; the perfect predator.” Drew snapped back puffing out his chest.

The coach pointed his finger at the student again. “Listen Bullard, that huge ego of yours has always been a thorn in my side, but I’ve looked the other way because of your abilities on the field. If you continue to play like shit, you’ll be out on your ass. See how far you get in the pros if you’re cut from the team. Do we understand each other?” Drew shook his head yes. “Now get the fuck out of my office. Go see Howard. I want you working out today, if not lifting then running sprints.”

“Yes, coach,” Drew slinked out of the office. He dreaded the thought of working out for another hour or two. Every muscle in his body ached. All he wanted to do was crawl back into bed.

Edwin slapped the snooze bar on his alarm clock for the second time. He had always considered himself a morning person. However, the past four weeks it’s like his body was demanding more sleep. Aaron told him it was because muscle growth happened while he slept. Edwin believed it. His body was unrecognizable with its thirty pound gain.

Edwin didn’t completely understand what was happening to him. It was a little scary, but Aaron reassured him it was perfectly normal. He called Edwin a late bloomer. The changes were part of his puberty, just slightly delayed. Pumping iron further increased testosterone production and only accelerated the changes. The phrase “it’s all about the hormones” was Aaron’s answer to most of Edwin’s questions. Edwin had never heard of a delayed puberty, but Aaron said it wasn’t that uncommon. He repeatedly told Edwin not to worry. He should enjoy the ride. Most men would be thrilled to have it happen to them. He had the potential of being a real jock. He just needed to work at it.

Edwin was at the gym six days a week to show his commitment. Originally he only showed up to make Aaron happy; not believing it would do any good. But after the first week he saw real results. Now he was doing as much for himself as for Aaron. Edwin actually looked forward to lifting. He had always hated to exercise, but he saw it as challenge now. The more weight he could dominate the more he wanted to lift. He would be at the gym early and start working out before Aaron arrived. Despite Edwin quickly surpassing him in all lifts, Aaron continued to act as Edwin’s coach.

They spent a lot of time together in and out of the gym. It was as if they had known each other for their entire lives. Aaron knew what Edwin was thinking before he did. Edwin did whatever Aaron told him to do. He trusted him completely. Edwin took Aaron’s advice regarding exercise, nutrition, schoolwork and even how to style his hair or what clothes to wear. Aaron’s influence was paying off; Edwin never looked or felt better.

Once Edwin finally got out of bed, he had boundless energy. He had a difficult time sitting still during lectures. He found himself touching his body more and more in class. He would unconsciously feel up his growing pecs or squeeze his delts and biceps. His entire body felt so amazing. He loved his new size and how hard he felt even when not flexing. When he did flex, it was like his muscles became super charged. Come bed time and he would be out like a light after a little self satisfaction.

His cock was one body part that never got tired. The slightest sexual thought or brush against his crotch would set his cock off, or more accurately, up. The rush of testosterone was making him horny as hell. He would jerk off before falling asleep; again when he woke up, and several times during the day. With his legs and ass becoming more muscular, the fitted jeans Aaron picked out for him were becoming tighter. Now the simple act of walking could make him hard. It was a relief to undress for bed. He now slept in the nude. He found even his new designer underwear was too restrictive to sleep. He no longer cared about his dorm mates seeing him naked. In general Edwin was less worried about most things. The guys around campus weren’t taunting him like before. He was sure having a friend like Aaron improved his social ranking and made him less of a target.

Edwin looked at the clock and stretched his new bulk. He began to enjoy the subtle aches of his growing body. Still half asleep he began to explore what improvements were made during the night. All the softness was gone from his body. All he could feel was hard carved muscle. His hands caressed his beefy chest, abs and thighs. With his eyes closed, his hand finally made its way to his most improved body part. As his fingers wrapped around his swollen totem, his eyes opened. He threw off the sheets that covered him. His cock looked as big as it felt.

He got out of bed quickly. He stumbled slightly. He still hadn’t adjusted to his increased height. In addition to his weight gain, he had grown more than 3 inches. As he walked to the mirror over his dresser, he couldn’t help but stare at his stiffy pointing the way. He looked at his reflection. He was a living anatomy chart. Every muscle and vein was visible through his pale skin. He ran his hand over his deeply embossed six pack. He really tortured them yesterday and it showed. They felt harder and looked more defined. He turned sideways and clenched his butt cheeks. He grabbed his hard globes before moving to his joystick. He stroked his pole with one hand as he picked up the ruler he kept on top of the dresser. Holding it up against his cock, he chuckled. “Nine and quarter inches! Damn, what’s going on with you little Eddy? Every day is a pleasant surprise. I wish the rest of me was growing as fast as you are.”

Edwin turned to face the mirror and did a double bicep pose, straining to pump up his arms as big as possible. Baseballs formed under his smooth skin. He did a most muscular pose checking out his traps and delts. Next was a side chest pose. His pec ledge looked thicker today. He flexed harder making the muscle ripple. Satisfied with the night’s enhancements; he returned his hand to the steely pipe at his crotch. It felt really good in his hand. It was heavy and solid. It made him feel powerful, even more than his larger muscles. He cupped his ball sack in his other hand. “At least the twins are keeping up with you Eddy.” He gave them a quick squeeze to verify their larger size and heft. A wave a pleasure rushed through him. He inhaled sharply. The bigger they got the more sensitive they became. His cock surged harder. He began to stroke it with one hand. In less than a minute he released a large load into the paper towel he held at the tip with his other hand. His morning spankings always produced the most cum. It made sense since it had built up over the nine or ten hours he slept. That didn’t include the mornings he woke up to sticky sheets. It had been years since he had wet dreams. It added credence to Aaron’s delayed puberty theory. His happy sessions where becoming more and more enjoyable. He looked forward to the time between classes when he could get back to the dorm and beat off.

Edwin looked at himself in the mirror. His tapered torso was exaggerated by his deep breathing. He caressed the smooth skin that covered his firm chest and abdominal ridges. He looked even bigger than he did just minutes ago. He pinched his taut nipple; his cock pulsed. A smile formed on his face, “Fuck, if I keep doing this I’ll be blind before lunch.”

Drew moved slowly as he entered the locker room. The other players made comments about how bad he looked. Others remarked about his recent performance on the field. Words like “pathetic,” “loser,” and “wimp” were used. They spoke loud enough for him to hear. Two players passed on either side of him and purposely smacked their shoulders into him. He stumbled back slightly. It was apparent he was in some pain. Uncharacteristically, he kept his head down and silently went to his assigned spot. Drew sat down awkwardly. He kept his left leg straight since he couldn’t bend it at the knee. Rich was already in his practice uniform and lacing up his cleats. “Hey, bro.” He did a double take. “Your leg still bothering you? The guys said they hardly hit you. You must be getting soft.”

“Whatever,” Drew mumbled. He groaned as he began to undress less than a yard away from his team mate.

Rich could see Drew was in no joking mood. He had been in a bad mood for weeks. The athlete’s performance on the field matched his mood. Rich decided to change the subject. “Where were you last night? All the girls were asking about you. They haven’t had the pleasure of our company in over a month. They’ve missed the Drewosaurus, if you know what I mean.” Drew didn’t respond. After a period of awkward silence, Rich leaned closer to Drew. “You’re still not freaked out about your face. They’re only pimples, everybody gets them. It’s no big deal.”

Drew looked at Rich and growled. “I’m not everybody.”

Rich raised his hands, “Okay, dude. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Drew’s anger ebbed. He didn’t have the energy to stay mad. Rich was the closest thing to a friend he had. He dropped his eyes back to floor. “Rich, there’s something going on with me. I don’t know what it is exactly. I’ve never felt this weak or looked this bad. The team doctor says there’s nothing wrong; but for the last six weeks I haven’t felt like myself. And it’s getting worse.”

Rich knew he should say something comforting. “Uhm, maybe it’s stress. That can wear a man down. What you need is some R and R. The coach’s decision to have you sit out the next game may be just what you need.” Drew pulled off his shirt with some difficulty. His torso was covered with scraps and bruises. “Shit dude, you in a bar fight or something?”

Drew scanned his battered body. “It’s from the game and practice.”

“The game was four days ago.” Rich looked around the room at his partially dressed peers. No one else on the team looked as beaten as Drew.

Drew rubbed his shoulder as he moved it slightly. He could feel small bumps covering his back. He twisted his head, “Fuck, do I have more of them on my back.”

Rich didn’t want tell him his upper back was in worse condition than his face. “I don’t think they’re all zits. Some are ingrown hairs.”

Drew stood up and contorted his body more in an attempt to see his back. “Hair? You’ve got to be shitting me.”

Rich stood up to try to calm him. But before he said anything, his was shocked by how short Drew looked. Both men scanned each other, knowing they were thinking the same thing. Both were also a little freaked by the realization. Rich mumbled, “I’m wearing cleats.” But neither one of them believed that was the reason for the vast height discrepancy. Drew sat down quickly. Rich backed away as he spoke, “Uh, I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you out there.” He turned and jogged out of the room. Drew looked around to make sure no one else had overheard their conversation. He grabbed his practice jersey and pulled it on cover his back. It covered him like a blanket. He remembered when he filled it out completely. Next he wrestled to remove his pants. He had put his jock on back at the frat house. He wasn’t comfortable parading around the locker room nude anymore. His days of intimidating all the other men were gone. He pulled on his practice pants and sat back down. He slid his foot into the smaller size cleats he bought last week. They were 11 ½; his old battered size 13s were still at the bottom of his locker. “God please no,” he whispered. He removed his foot and put on another pair of socks. He needed the extra material to prevent the too large shoe from slipping off.

“Class, dismissed,” the professor said after glancing at the clock that hung over the door. Edwin stood up and put on his coat. He nonchalantly adjusted his package through his tight jeans before grabbing his books. The bigger he got the more uncomfortable it was to sit. When he looked up he saw two guys watching him. He caught them checking him out during the class too. Not sure what to do, he nervously smiled and shrugged his shoulders as to say “what can you do?” They quickly looked away. No one ever paid any attention to Edwin before, now people were always watching him. Being the center of attention made him very self-conscious. As he entered the crowded hallway, the recent increase in his height became more apparent. At six foot, he was taller than the average man now. He heard someone calling his name. He peered over his school mates and saw Sam waving to him.

“Hey, Sam.” Edwin stopped just long enough for Sam to catch up.

“Hey, Edwin. I haven’t seen you hanging around the dorm much lately.” Sam nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he spoke.

“No, I’ve been pretty busy with classes and spending time at the gym.”

“Yeah, it shows. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed. You’re like a totally different person. Your body is incredible…that is the changes in your body are incredible; almost miraculous. You look like a Sigma man.” Sam spoke quicker and in a higher pitch than usual due to his sudden rush in nervous energy.

“I guess.” Edwin didn’t know if that was a compliment.

Sam kept one step behind Edwin as they descended the buildings center staircase. He had a harder time making his way through the crowd. They didn’t get out of his way as they did for Edwin. Sam tried to think of something else to say. “Even your hair is different. Did you change the color…or have it relaxed or something?”

“My hair?” Edwin put his hand on top on his head. At the bottom of the stairs he walked over to a small ornate mirror in the lobby. He ran his fingers through his thick tresses. He didn’t see anything different. “What’s wrong with my hair?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. I think what ever you’ve done looks great.” Sam scanned the back of Edwin’s body. He lingered on the great ass filling out the tight jeans. “Everything looks great.” Sam took a step forward and stood on his toes to see over Edwin’s shoulder to see the mirror. “Are you taller?”

Edwin gently combed his wavy locks with his fingertips ignoring Sam’s latest questions. He hadn’t noticed how his hair had changed. The uncontrollable Brillo pad had been replaced by large, soft curls of silk. The color was no longer that of RonaldMcDonald’s, but a dark, rich auburn. Even his eyebrows had grown thicker bringing more definition to his face. He was so consumed with the changes to his body he didn’t realize how his delayed puberty impacted him above the neck. Sure, he knew his face wasn’t ravaged by acne anymore. But he didn’t realize just how clear and smooth his skin had become. It had the appearance of flawless alabaster. His cheeks were as smooth as a baby’s under his fingertips. He was seeing his new self for the first time. He was truly handsome with his high cheek bones, a strong chin, a straight nose and large blue eyes. Wait, his eyes were blue? They were always a non-descript muddle of various hues he called hazel, but now they were the color of the Caribbean. Could he really be that attractive man in the mirror? His body changing from exercise he could understand; but his face and his hair. Once again Edwin began to question what was happening to him. He looked away from the stranger, embarrassed by his narcissistic thoughts. He turned to Sam, “Um, I didn’t do anything except have it cut by Aaron’s stylist. And use some gel that Aaron recommended.”

“Well, it’s looks really good on you. With your red hair, pale skin, and blue eyes; you’re like the quintessential All-American male. Good for the red, white, and blue!” Sam could see he was making Edwin uncomfortable; but couldn’t stop from blurting out. “Add your muscles into in the mix and you’re better looking than Captain America.” Sam laughed nervously. He pointed at Edwin, “Uncle Sammy wants you!” He continued to chuckle trying to read Edwin’s reaction.

Edwin was getting aroused having someone compare him to a superhero. He couldn’t count the number of times he masturbated while looking at the cover of a Captain America comic. Those men were his ideal. Did he really look like one of them now? Not sure what to do, he tried to downplay his appearance. “Thanks. It’s not that uncommon for guys our age to change like this. Aaron said it’s due to our hormones balancing out. Of course he says everything is hormone related.”

“Really?” Sam questioned. “I can understand how that can make some changes. Like your deeper voice and muscle growth; but your hair…and your height. I’ve never heard of a twenty year old guy growing a foot taller in a couple of months.”

“It’s only been a little over five inches.”

Sam licked his lips, “And how much muscle, I mean weight have you put on?”

“About 50 pounds.” Edwin rubbed the back of his neck anxiously. It sounded like a lot when said aloud. “But that was over two months, so it works out to less than a pound a day. That’s understandable.” Edwin continued to rationalize. “And I’m sure you’ve heard about pregnant women’s feet growing a couple of sizes.” Sam nodded half heartedly. “I had a cousin whose hair became curly after she had a baby. It’s because their hormones are out of whack. So it’s perfectly plausible.”

“Yeah, I guess so. My dermatologist did tell me acne is hormone related.” Sam scanned Edwin’s body. “It’s like you went through some kind of second puberty.”

“Exactly what Aaron said. See, it’s all logical. He’s a smart guy.” Edwin sighed in relief. Feeling better he continued on his way and exited the building.

“I’m sure he is.” Sam whispered to himself in a sarcastic tone. Then he ran after Edwin. He moved to his side. “I’ve noticed you have been spending a lot of time with Aaron. Are you two…..friends?”

“Yeah, he’s a great guy; smart, funny, and he knows all about grooming and fashion.” Edwin was only partially concentrating on the conversation.

After a hard gulp, Sam continued. “Are you more than....friends?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know.” Sam lowered the volume of his voice. “It’s common knowledge that Aaron is gay; he’s out and proud!” Edwin glared down at him. Sam chuckled then coughed before he continued. “I thought maybe….the two of you are, uh, together.”

Edwin came to a halt. “No!” He put his hand on his hip, “I’m not…” He moved his hand thinking the pose was too feminine. “We’re friends, only friends. We do schoolwork together and he’s helped me get in shape…like a coach. He’s a very knowledgeable about that stuff. It’s like I said he’s a very smart guy.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great you’re friends. It’s obvious you have never been happier or healthier.” Sam lowered his gaze to break eye contact. He didn’t want to see his reaction at what he was about to say. “And personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay. In fact, I’m ga…” Sam never got to finish his sentence.

Edwin saw Aaron walking on the other side of the quad behind Sam. He called out interrupting him. “Aaron, Aaron.” Edwin stretched out his tall frame as he raised his arm to wave to his friend. As he did he leaned toward Sam. Sam’s nose was literally inches from Edwin’s chest. He took a deep breath. Aaron did look at Edwin, but gave him a strange look as if he didn’t know him. “Damn, I wonder who he is today,” Edwin mumbled. He then focused back on Sam. “I’m sorry dude. What were you saying?”

With his booming voice, towering height and powerful build; Sam realized Edwin really could be a Sigma man. He was now out of his league. Why didn’t he make his move earlier when he was a nerd? All the courage he managed to muster was gone. “Oh, it was nothing important.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Sam said with a defeated look.

“Okay then. Listen I have to go. I’ll see you later.” Edwin took a few steps back.

“Hey, maybe we can have a cup of coffee or something one day soon…you know to talk.” Sam blurted out not wanting to totally waste the opportunity.

“Sure.” Edwin gave him a casual smile before turning away.

Sam’s heart fluttered. Edwin was the beautiful swan that once was the ugly duckling. “Great,” Sam called out. He watched Edwin jog across the quad in the same direction Aaron went.

Aaron ducked behind a large hedge until he heard the heavy footsteps pass. He peered around the bush to make sure the guy chasing him was gone. He didn’t understand why the jock was stalking him. Sure the guy was hot and getting better looking all the time; but still it was a little weird. He acted like they were best friends or something.

For months now, Aaron’s life has become a Twilight Zone episode. He was having blackouts and not remembering periods of time; sometimes as long as five or six hours. It always happened when he was alone in his dorm room. He originally thought he was somehow falling asleep; like a form of narcolepsy. But often when he woke up, he clothing was different. Also several people made comments about seeing him or having conversations he didn’t remember. The idea he was walking around campus and talking while asleep was frightening. He went home and visited his doctor. She couldn’t find anything wrong, even after a brain scan. His health wasn’t impacted negatively by his episodes. In fact, he was in the best shape of his life. He had gained several pounds of muscle; which was odd since he wasn’t spending much time in the gym. At least not that he remembered. It wasn’t affecting his schoolwork either; he would often have half done or completed papers on his desk that supposedly he wrote.

Aaron checked his watch; he had a few minutes to get to his next class. After making sure the coast was clear, he headed toward the arts building. He saw someone coming toward him. The guy looked a mess. Aaron tired to ignore him, but the guy blocked his path. He moved to go around him, but the unattractive boy got right in his face. Aaron was about to take the guy down, when he finally recognized him. “Drew?”

“Quiet dude.” Drew put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder and guided him to the side of the pathway. “I’ve been looking for you.” Drew spoke softly and kept his face tilted down. His eyes darted around as people passed. It was like he was hoping no one noticed him; a real departure from his usual behavior.

“Are you sick or something?” Aaron eyes scanned the former heartthrob. It was hard to believe it was the same person. He was shorter and definitely thinner. His face was marred by acne and his hair looked unkempt. Seeing what he looked like now made Aaron’s stomach queasy. It was like looking a masterpiece that was maliciously defaced.

“Not according to the school doctor. Coach says it’s all in my head too.” Drew muttered.

“Drew, you should get a second opinion. I mean you’ve lost so much weight. Your face, your hair, your body; it’s not normal. A man your age shouldn’t be shrinking, you need help.”

“No kidding, Einstein. That’s why I wanted to see you.” Drew became more frantic, his eyes locked on Aaron’s. “You talked about how the pros use hypnosis to focus on their workouts and the game. I think hypnosis will help me get better. For some reason I know I’ll feel bigger and stronger if I do it. I need to feel like that again. It’s all I have.”

Aaron’s heart was breaking. Drew was like a wounded animal begging for help. “I’m sorry Drew but I don’t know anything about hypnosis.”

A look of shock overtook Drew’s ravaged face. He grabbed Aaron’s shoulders. “You practically said you were an expert. You wanted to hypnotize me in my room that night.”

Aaron was becoming frightened by Drew’s desperation. “I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve have never been in your room.”

Drew squeezed Aaron harder, “Liar.”

“Let me go.” Aaron had no problem pushing the weaker Drew away from him.

Drew rubbed his chest where Aaron pushed him. “It’s because of that bet. What else do you want for me? You and your boyfriend won. Do you want me to say, I was a fucking asshole. Is that it? Okay, I’m an asshole. I treated you both like shit. I’m sorry. Now please help me. I’m running out of time. I don’t know what else to do.”

Aaron realized this was one of his Twilight Zone events. “I’m sorry but I can’t help you. I can’t even help myself.” Aaron became as upset as Drew. He ran away as fast as he could, forgetting about the class.

Rich ran into the locker room. As he passed by the row of sinks off the shower area. He saw Drew coming from the opposite direction. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. Rich was stunned by how thin Drew looked; every day he became smaller and smaller. Most of his muscle mass was gone. Rich forced a smile, “Good, I’m not the only one who is late. Maybe the coach will go easy on us if we show up on the practice field at the same time. Hurry and get changed.” Rich pulled his t-shirt off over his head. Drew threw his toiletry bag on the sink counter and stood in front of the mirror.

Rich hopped on one foot as he removed his sneaker from the other. “You missed it last night, dude. The bar was crawling with hot chicks. They were all over me. I took the hottest one home, huge tits, and she was a real carnivore. She couldn’t keep her mouth off my meat. She had more suction power than a Dyson.” He took off his remaining shoe before starting to undo the buttons on his jeans. “That’s why I was late. She wouldn’t let me get out of bed this morning before she could do a repeat performance. I swear, she got off more playing with my balls than I did.” As he stepped out of his pants, he realized Drew was not reacting to his Penthouse forum fantasy come true. Drew stared into the mirror stone faced. He struggled to pull a comb through his frizzy hair. Rich threw his jeans toward his locker. He was nude now. He could tell something was wrong with his team mate, something more than usual. He walked up to the next sink and looked at Drew’s reflection. He noticed his skin was wet. “Why did you take a shower before practice?”

Drew didn’t change his expression or gaze, “Practice is over for me. The coach just cut me from the team.”

“No way! What happened?”

“I’m not surprised. I haven’t done anything but warm the bench for the past 3 weeks. He told me if I didn’t improve my performance he would cut me at the end of the semester. Today I had the worst time ever in the quarter mile. Even that fat slob, Wzynoski, beat me.” Tears welled up in Drew’s eyes as he spoke.

Rich didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t used to his friends crying. It wasn’t really a guy thing. As he thought of something to say; he looked at his own reflection in the mirror. His eyes went back and forth between his image and Drew’s. It was like a before and after picture. Rich had a powerfully built chest, broad shoulders and buff arms. Drew looked thin and weak. All his amazing definition was gone; even his prized abs had vanished. Rich couldn’t help but to flex his muscles. Before when he stood next to Drew he looked bloated and smooth; but now he looked like Mr.Olympia. In a strange way, it gave him great pleasure knowing he finally had the better body. Rich was the undisputed alpha male on campus now. He felt himself getting aroused. Rich knew he should be ashamed of himself. He had to say something. He turned toward Drew, “Is there anything I can do?” Drew looked up at Rich. The former hunk had a real sadness in his eyes. Rich could tell Drew wanted to talk about it. He didn’t have many friends at school. His cocky attitude alienated him from just about everyone. Drew had taunted every guy on the team with the fact they would never be able to compete with his perfect physique no matter what they did. Now every player, except maybe Wzynoski, had a better build than Drew.

Drew turned his body toward Rich. As he moved, his towel caught on the counter and it fell away from his waist. Both men looked down. They scanned each other’s body. The differences in their musculature carried over to the size of their manhood. Rich’s balls were large and heavy. His cock was long and plump from being sucked dried minutes ago. Drew looked shriveled and prepubescent. Rich was in shock. The mighty Drewosaurus had turned into a tiny newt. Drew didn’t say a word. He quickly picked up his towel and covered himself. He went back to combing his hair in the mirror. Tears ran down his cheek. He couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. Rich knew Drew was suffering from something much more permanent that a horrendous case of shrinkage. He backed away from the sink. He worried whatever Drew had was contagious. “Dude, you have to get to a doctor. That just ain’t right.” Rich went to his locker to get dressed for practice. He had to pass by the sinks again a few minutes later to get to the field. He was thankful Drew was nowhere in sight.

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