Second Chances 6

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The stream of warm water felt good as it bombarded Edwin’s hard body. He applied the shampoo to his thick head of hair. He massaged his scalp with his strong fingers vigorously to clear the cobwebs away. His elbows kept banging into the walls of the shower stall. It seemed like the square fiberglass room had shrunk from the beginning of the semester, but he knew the truth. He grabbed a new bar of deodorant soap and sniffed it. How he loved the scent of the soap. He ran the bar down his arm. He found it amusing the bar no longer made contact with the crook formed by his elbow joint. The depression was too deep between his pumped bicep and thick forearm. He used his other hand to wash the area. His hand lingered on his upper arm. It was so solid under his fingers. He flexed to force its full 19” girth to swell in his hand. He did the same with the other arm to check his flawless symmetry. He moved the soap to his chest. He lathered up each muscle tit with a slow circular motion. The protruding blocks of muscle shifted under the force of his hand. When done they fell back into their natural plump, square shape. He cleaned the dry residue of last nights self-pleasuring from his abs. He turned to rinse his torso. The water cascaded over the edge of his cliff like chest and down his rocky abdominals as whitewater passed over rapids.

The muscle man washed his chiseled legs. The tenderloin like muscles bulged as he shifted his weight between the powerful limbs. His fingertips entered the deep crevice between his ass cheeks. The soap made his fingers glide effortlessly over the tight skin of his glutes. He forced them apart and let the water rinse away the thick lather. His attention moved to his favorite appendage. He always saved the best for last. Getting off on the feel of his body, the one eye monster was fully awake. He rubbed the bar of soap behind his sack. Once he had the beginnings of a good lather he placed the bar in the built-in soap dish. He needed both hands to work up a substantial froth. Soon his thick red pubes were engulfed in suds. One hand massaged his balls, while the other ran up and down the length of his 10 ½ inch steely pipe. The soap made his quickening strokes easier and more pleasurable. It took only seconds before he climaxed. He moved under the shower head and let the water sooth his panting body. These shower jerk-off sessions had become his favorite. It was so convenient. No clothes or sheets to change. No paper towels or tissues required. He just had to rinse off the shower’s smooth walls.

Refreshed and relaxed, Edwin stepped out of the shower. He was surprised by his own reflection again. He stared blankly in the large mirror over the sink. He still had difficulty reconciling that man behind the glass was him. For he was big, strong, muscular athlete; Edwin still thought of himself as a small, scrawny geek. He flexed and watched the sexy stranger match his moves perfectly. He had a body any man would envy. Edwin looked away and began to dry off. He slung the towel behind his wide back and twisted slightly to remove the beads of water. As he moved, his rubbery rod slammed back and forth off his thighs. “Careful dude, you can poke someone’s eye out with that thing,” he joked with his reflection. His laughter was interrupted as another man entered the common bathroom. Startled, Edwin froze for a moment. The guy glanced over Edwin’s body and became visibly nervous. He disappeared into one of the stalls after stealing several more glances.

Edwin put on his robe and went to one of the three side-by-side sinks. His broad shoulders and thick chest kept the top of his robe open. His smooth, deep pec cleavage was clearly visible. He ran his fingers back through his loose curls to push them out of his eyes. He looked in the mirror, this time concentrating on the stranger’s face. Large, clear eyes; slim nose; full lips; prominent cheek bones; strong jaw line; and a noble chin all worked together harmoniously. The morning’s course stubble only added to his masculine appearance. He was even more attractive today than yesterday. Edwin had noticed his entire body was becoming more masculine in appearance. His skin was darkening, his voice deepening, his hands becoming more corded, his veins thickening on his forearms and around his crotch. His growth had finally slowed. His 6’ 4” height hadn’t changed in six weeks. It was if his body was refining itself; concentrating on the details now that the framework was complete. Edwin covered his beard with a coat of cooling foam. He took a deep breath and ran the razor down the left side of his face. He was still uncomfortable using a real blade. Because of his formerly bad skin he had only used electric razors in the past. He only had to shave once or twice a month then too. Recently it had become a daily chore to tame his thick beard. Aaron convinced him real men used blades.

Being careful, Edwin removed more and more of the shaving cream. The sound of his beard being sheared off echoed in his ears. He looked away only once when the guy from the stall washed his hands at the sink next to him. He still seemed nervous. Edwin caught him looking at his crotch trying to get a glimpse under the robe. He probably didn’t believe what he saw the first time.

Edwin finished the worst part of his morning grooming. He splashed cold water on his face and patted it dry. He examined his work to make sure there was no bloodshed. His skin was taunt, but soft and smooth. A single wet curl fell onto his forehead. With his clean shaven, angular face and exposed powerful chest; the stunning stranger could be mistaken for Super Man. Edwin gathered his things and exited the steamy space. On the way to his room, he passed by Sam’s. The student looked up from the book he was reading. His voice cracked as he said hello. Edwin nodded without stopping. When Edwin entered his room, he found Aaron waiting for him. His visitor was lounging on the bed wearing workout clothes. Edwin thought he looked good on his bed. Edwin smiled, “Good morning, sunshine.” He closed the door behind him.

“Hey handsome, I can’t believe you’re shaved and showered before 10:00.” Aaron spoke with a faux shocked expression.

“Ha, ha; I’ll have you know I’ve been up before nine for several weeks. I’m getting back to my normal sleep pattern. I’m hoping it means my growth spurt is over. I was worried that I would have to duck to get through doors.” Edwin stood in front of the smaller mirror in this room. He worked some pomade into his damp hair.

Aaron laughed. “Don’t worry that pretty head of yours. You may have maxed out on your height; but you can still continue to put on muscle. You can become a world class bodybuilder if you wanted to.” Edwin laughed. Aaron interjected, “I’m serious. You can get bigger. The muscle just won’t come as easily as before.”

“Hey, I’ve worked hard to put on this weight.” Edwin was working his hair as Aaron’s stylist showed him.

Aaron looked away from Edwin “Yeah, I know you did.”

“Is that why you let me buy a pair of real tennis shoes instead of the usual Kmart bobos? You knew I wasn’t going to grow anymore.”

“Yeah your size 13 clodhoppers are as big as they’re going to get.”

“How did you know?”

“After all this time, you dare to question my amazing psychic abilities.” He sat up on the bed and hung his legs over the side. “That’s enough primping pretty boy. Let’s give those beautiful muscles of yours a work out. How about tennis? We haven’t tried that yet.”

“Tennis? What is with you? It’s like being a member of the sport of the week club.” Edwin dropped his brush. He faced his visitor and leaned up against the bureau. The angle opened the bottom of his robe exposing one of his carved thighs along with his chest.

Aaron’s breath was taken away by the masculine vision before him. He had to look away before he was able to speak. “Uh, it’s called muscle confusion. It’s the latest trend in maximizing your muscle gains. Plus I’m searching for a sport in which I can beat you. I tired of losing to Edwin the mighty jock.” Aaron threw a pillow at Edwin. Edwin caught it in mid air and threw it back harder in a split second showing his incredible reflexes and strength. His throw was much more accurate too. It hit Aaron in the center of his face. “Ouch, go easy big guy. I guess those huge muscles do more than just make you look hot.” Edwin gave him a faint smile and looked back into the mirror. His expression turned melancholy. “Why so glum, chum?”

Edwin folded his arms over his chest, “I was wondering who that big jock is?”

Aaron stood up, “One great guy. The kind of guy everyone wants to look like; tall, handsome, muscular, athletic and hung.”

Edwin laughed. “Exactly, but that’s not me.”

“It is now.”

Edwin turned to face Aaron. “I know I should be thrilled and part of me is. But it doesn’t feel…right. It’s like I’m stuck in somebody else’s body. I keep catching myself in the mirror, startled by the reflection. For eighteen years I was this one type of person, who wasn’t all that attractive granted, but at least I understood him. Then eight months ago, I became this perfect looking guy who excels at sports and uses pomade.” Edwin pointed at the mirror. “Who is that guy? I don’t recognize him. I don’t know who I am or how to act.” He turned away from his reflection. He could see Aaron had no idea what he was talking about. Edwin sighed, “I can’t explain it.”

Aaron inched closer to Edwin. “You need some time to adjust to the new you. Like you said it’s been less than a year. I know it’s a big change, but the change is good. I mean you’re fucking gorgeous. Most guys would give their left nut to look like you.” Edwin made a face. Aaron put his hands on his hips and shook his head. “You should be so incredibly thankful. You have no idea…” Edwin could see Aaron was becoming emotion. His eyes were tearing up. “You have no idea how your appearance will impact your life. You are going to have incredible doors open for you because of the way you look. Your life is going to be so much better than mine.”

It was another one of those confusing things that came out of Aaron’s mouth every once in awhile. It always worried Edwin. “You’re only 22 Aaron, and about to graduate college. You’re whole life is ahead of you.”

Aaron took a deep breath and smiled. “Of course, you’re right. I’m too emotional. So cliché, I know. I’m just happy you had this transformation.”

“But why did it happen to me? I don’t deserve this. It feels like there has to be a catch, some price to pay. I’ll probably get hit by a bus tomorrow or something.”

“Bullshit. You deserve to have that body more than that asshole Drew Bullard.” Aaron regretted bringing up that name as soon as he said it.

Edwin slapped his hands together. “Perfect example; everybody thought Drew was this perfect looking man. Did you know he didn’t return to school this semester? I used to be obsessed with him. He hasn’t been around for three months and I didn’t even know it. I’ve been so self involved.”

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t make you self involved.”

“How could I have not known the school’s star athlete was cut from the team and lost his scholarship? It was the biggest thing to hit this campus since that professor killed those two students back in the 50s.”

Aaron scoffed. “Please, that’s just a school myth. I mean a guy gives a lecture, then hulks out and kills two students in his underwear. The cops shoot him like twenty times and later his body disappears from the morgue. Do you really think a seven foot tall muscle man wearing tighty-whiteys and riddled with bullet holes could slip away unnoticed? In 50 years students sitting in this very room will be talking about the star athlete’s mysterious departure. By then the story will be he was kidnapped by space aliens and made their intergalactic sex slave.”

“It’s not a mystery, Aaron. He has some weird form of muscular dystrophy or MS.” Edwin crossed his arms. “Now don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Who cares? DrewBullard is old news. You are the current event people are talking about. Everybody wants to know who the anti-social muscle hunk is? When you’re not with me or in class; you’re cooped up in this room. You have to enjoy your new celebrity. Attend school events, go to clubs, and show up for the fraternity keggers?”

“They’re just distractions. I don’t need that. Like I said, I’ve been too self absorbed lately. I don’t know the last time a read the school newspaper. I’ve neglected my obligations to the school government. That’s my future, not posing on stage in a bikini. I don’t like the person I’m becoming. All I think about is working out, fixing my hair, and pleasing you.” Edwin turned away from Aaron. He quickly added, “I’m becoming as shallow as Drew.”

“Well I bet he’s not so shallow now.”

“Exactly, his entire life changed in an instant.”

“He got what he deserved,” Aaron snapped.

“Got compassion?” Edwin gave Aaron a disapproving look. “Who are you to decide such things? No matter what kind of person he was or what he did to me, I don’t wish a crippling disease on him or anyone else. And neither should you.”

Aaron wanted to change the topic. He put his hand on Edwin’s shoulder. “To your point, life is a crapshoot so enjoy it while you can. It’s not like we all get a second chance to get it right.”

Edwin arched his eyebrow, “Did you get that from a fortune cookie?”

“Just wise for my years, dear boy. I have an…”

“An old soul. Yeah, yeah, I know.” Edwin gave Aaron a sly smile.

Aaron almost melted. His protégée had become achingly beautiful. He swallowed hard. “Listen, maybe it’s my fault. I’m the one that pressured you to work out and style your hair and change your wardrobe. But I wanted you to be the man you deserve to be.”

“Aaron, you are the first real friend I’ve had. I’ve enjoyed every minute we’ve spent together. I don’t regret any of it.” Edwin put his hand on top of Aaron’s.

Aaron pulled away and took a step back. “Not even throwing out all your old clothes?”

“As a psychic you should have known I would grow into those extra large shirts one day.”

“I did know. I just hated those ugly things.” Both of them laughed. Edwin pushed Aaron down onto the bed playfully. “Hey go easy there Hercules.” Aaron settled on the bed. His expression and tone became more serious. “Listen, finals start next week. I won’t be around to advise you anymore.” Edwin looked away. He didn’t want to think about his last year at Wabash without Aaron. After a pause, Aaron continued. “I think maybe you should join one of the school’s teams. That’s the real reason we’re trying all these sports. To see which one you like the best.”

Edwin laughed, “Me, on a team?”

“You said it yourself, you excel at sports now. You’re a natural athlete. Plus, It will force you to hang out with your peers. Being around them will help with your confidence and social skills. You know silly little things like going to clubs…parties…and maybe even, God forbid, dating.” Aaron joked.

“More distractions. I’m not interested in that stuff.”

“Yes you are. You just didn’t think anyone would ever be interested in you.”

Edwin looked at the stranger in the mirror again. “Someone once said I look like a Sigma man. Is that what you want me to become?”

“Why not? They are the school’s power players. You can learn a thing or two from them.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Edwin began to pace around the room. “This is exactly want I was talking about. I don’t want to be thought of as one of those…dudes.”

“Well, you will be because of the way you look. You better get used to it and learn to embrace it.”

“I can’t. My body may have changed but not my soul. I’m still that scrawny guy with the bad skin and clown hair on the inside.” Edwin sat on the bed next to Aaron. He lowered his voice to a whisper and pointed in the direction of Sam’s room. “Sam was the person who said I looked like a Sigma man. I think he was coming on to me. He wanted me to have coffee with him. He was acting so strangely and I’ve known him since my freshman year. Everyone is acting strange around me now. They’re all nervous or embarrassed. They’re always staring at me. I know why they’re looking. I just don’t know what to do.”

Aaron put his hand on Edwin’s strong thigh which had slipped through the opening in his robe. Edwin’s entire body tensed at his touch. Aaron noticed Edwin’s quad hardening and removed his hand. “That’s why you have to spend time around other jocks. You’ll learn to handle other people. In fact, you’ll learn how use it to your benefit.”

“Like having people do my term papers for me if I allude to some sexual reciprocity that will never happen.” Edwin stood up and began to pace again. “That makes me just as bad as DrewBullard.”

“Not if you do reciprocate.”

“No, then I’m only a whore or a gigolo, whatever you call a male prostitue.”

“Hey gigolos have a hell of a good life; traveling the world, dining in the best restaurants, and sipping champagne poolside all on someone else’s dime. Not a bad way to muddle through your twenties.”

Edwin was shocked by how calmly Aaron talked. “I hope you’re joking.”

“Look. I didn’t come here to argue. Let’s go play some tennis, shoot baskets, or toss a football around. Anything you want. We only have a few more days together.”

Sadness overcame Edwin once again. He sat in his desk chair. “I know. I’m gong to miss you.” He ran his hand through his hair. His face suddenly lit up. “Hey, why don’t we spend the summer together?”


“You said I should travel the world. Why not do it with me? We can spend the summer in Mexico…or better yet, Greece.” Edwin could see Aaron wasn’t excited about the idea. “Imagine sunbathing by the Mediterranean with a local Greek god in a black Speedo rubbing oil on your back. Doesn’t that sound like a good time?”

“Yeah, but I can’t. I have to get my life together, find a job, an apartment.”

“What’s postponing the real world a couple more weeks going to hurt? You said life is a crapshoot with few second chances. You’re only young once.” Edwin stood up. “Don’t you like spending time with me?”

“You know I do.”

Edwin knelt in front of Aaron who was still sitting on the edge of the bed. “When we first met, you assumed I was gay. I told you I wasn’t because I couldn’t admit to myself no less a stranger. But now I know.” Edwin stood up and untied the sash of his robe. “I know how we can enjoy each other’s company even more.” He dropped his robe revealing his nude body.

Aaron stared at the ideal specimen of masculinity before him. Edwin’s slightly swollen cock was displayed right at his eye level. Aaron licked his lips, “My God, look at the size of you. You’re huge.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Aaron put a hand on each of Edwin’s corded thighs and slowly moved up to his hips. Edwin gasped for air. He thought about his moment for months. As Aaron’s hands rose so did Edwin’s meat. The muscle man’s abs began to flex as his breath quickened. Their sensual movement caught Aaron’s eye. He ran his hands over Edwin’s carved six-pack and up to his heavy pecs. He spread his fingers over the broad expanse of muscle. He strained to reach Edwin’s spherical delts. He leaned forward nuzzling Edwin’s cock with his cheek. Edwin went into a double bicep pose. Aaron stood up. He cupped Edwin’s bulging biceps. Edwin pumped his arms several times to force more blood into his muscles. He wanted to be as big as possible for Aaron. The muscle writhed under the smaller man’s grip. Aaron moaned at the sight and touch. He tried to dent the stony mounds, but couldn’t even wrinkle the tight skin encasing them. A deeper moan echoed from his gaping mouth. Aaron finally met Edwin’s unwavering gaze. “You have become more beautiful than I ever hoped.” Edwin titled his head and leaned down. Aaron lifted his chin so their lips cold meet. The kiss was hard and passionate as if both men were starving for affection. Edwin wasn’t sure how to position his throbbing cock between them. He pulled away. The two men looked in each other’s eyes, breathing deeply. Edwin took Aaron’s hand in his and placed it on his throbbing cock. Aaron squeezed it several times moving his hand up its imposing length. Edwin was moaning now. Suddenly Aaron released his grip. “I can’t. Not with you. It’s not right.”

Edwin decided to become more aggressive. He made the first move and he didn’t want to back down now. He grabbed Aaron’s swollen cock that was tenting his shorts. “This feels right to me.”

Aaron stopped breathing when Edwin’s strong hand groped his swollen hard fuck stick. “I can’t.” Edwin kept up his massage. Aaron’s face became distorted. He was struggling to prevent himself from losing control. “I said, stop.” He grabbed Edwin’s vein covered forearm and tired to force him to let go. It was clear to both of them Edwin’s one arm had more power than both of Aaron’s combined. “Stop…please,” Aaron finally shouted in frustration.

Edwin let go. “What’s wrong? It’s obvious you find me attractive.”

Aaron fell back onto the bed gasping for air. “Of course I do. Look at you. You’re fucking perfect.” Aaron’s eyes ran up and down Edwin’s superhero physique lingering a little longer on his drooling rod. “You’re a living fantasy. But I can’t. Not with you.”

Edwin knelt down beside the bed. He positioned himself between Aaron’s knees. He put a hand on each of Aaron’s thighs. “Is it because I’m….bigger than you? It doesn’t matter to me. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. You can take the lead.” Edwin dropped his eyes. “I’ve never been with any one before. I want you to be the first.” He slowly brought his eyes back to Aaron’s. “I think I love you.”

Aaron pulled his body away from Edwin. “No, no. You can’t be. Don’t say that. Don’t feel that.” Edwin could see the true panic, almost horror, in Aaron’s eyes. The look hit him like a shock wave. He fell back on his ass. Aaron got up and leaped toward the door. He stopped before leaving and turned to Edwin. “I’m sorry. It’s not what I planned on happening. Please forgive me.” Then he was gone. Edwin sat there for awhile, numb to all the emotions racing through him.

Edwin wondered around campus trying to erase Aaron from his mind. He had to get out of his room, the scene of the crime. He kept seeing him there with that look on his face. Edwin’s original plan was to go to the gym. He always felt better after working out. Aaron told him it was endorphins. “Damn it, get out of my head.” Edwin slammed his fist into his thigh as he walked. He knew pumping iron would only make him miss his work out partner. He needed to forget Aaron, more than an endorphin fix.

The warm spring day had everyone wearing shorts. Edwin was no exception. He had on one of the outfits Aaron picked out for him; a pair of powder blue compression shorts and a matching muscle shirt. The outfit hugged his muscular form tightly. It showcased his body’s superlative condition. He wore his new size 13 sneakers without socks. His legs looked long in spite of their girth. He turned the head of every one he passed; man, woman, gay or straight. No one could refute his incredible strength and beauty. Edwin didn’t notice or care today.

He found himself at the school’s track. Running was something he could do alone. Aaron always told him he had to do cardio in addition to weight lifting to achieve a perfect body. Again he punched his thigh. “Stop it.” He did a couple of laps, increasing his speed with every passing mile. He tired to outrun the thoughts that plagued him. He easily lapped the handful of other runners on the oval. After completing more than 5 miles he slowed and walked to a stop. His shirt was soaked. He peeled it off to the delight of the onlookers. He hadn’t even noticed the group of local girls who regularly hung out in the bleachers trolling for boys. But their loud catcalls made their presence known to Edwin and everyone else. Edwin was in no mood. He turned his back to them and walked off the track. That only heated their reaction. His yard wide shoulders and narrow hips inflamed their instinctive female sexuality. The sight of his pumped up ass fighting for space in those tight shorts was too much for them. They begged him to come back offering every kind of incentive imaginable. Edwin ignored them and continued his trek back to the dorm. Maybe another shower session would make him feel better.

He passed by the football team was doing drills at the Mud Hollow. Once again, Aaron’s words ran through his disobedient subconscious. Was this where he belonged? Were these jocks now his peers instead of his tormentors? Could they teach him how to deal with people reacting to the way he looked? Should he become a manipulator like them? Maybe he could learn to manipulate his own emotions and forget about Aaron. A football bounced several yards in front of him before coming to rest at his feet. Was this a sign; a divine way of saying he belonged here. A hunky player wearing a short jersey that exposed his ripped abs came jogging toward him. He stopped about twenty yards away and yelled, “Hey dude, how about a little help?” He held up his hands to further indicate he wanted Edwin to throw the ball to him.

Edwin was caught off guard by the greeting. Usually the jocks used a derogative term to address him. “Uh, sure.” Edwin bent down and picked the ball up. It felt comfortable in his hand. His long, fingers held it firmly in place. In an effortless, flowing motion he cocked his arm back and threw it straight into the players gut. By his groan, it must have hit with some impact. The player stared at the Edwin with a strange look on his face for a moment before saying thanks. He turned to join his team mates. But he wasn’t the only one who had noticed Edwin’s natural talent. The entire team was drawn to the imposing athlete standing on the side lines. Edwin became uncomfortable with the attention, but fought the impulse to walk away. This was where he belonged now. The head coach gave instructions to an assistant standing next to him. The young man who had a thin build ran toward Edwin.

“Excuse me ssssir,” the student was extremely nervous and intimidated. Edwin’s exposed body was even more impressive up close. The assistant took several steps back. He didn’t want to invade the bigger man’s personal space. “Hi!” He smiled before continuing, “Uhm…I’ve seen you around campus right? I mean you go to this school?” Edwin gave him a puzzled look, before nodding yes. “I’m sorry but I don’t know your name?”


“Nice to meet you Edwin. I’m Chris, the coach’s assistant. Uhm…the coach would like to talk to you.”

“Me?” Edwin pointed to himself. It was the assistant’s turn to nod. “Why?”

“I’m not sure sir? But I’m guessing it has to do with the way you threw the ball. It was amazing.” The student back several more steps back. Once Edwin moved in his direction, he turned and jogged toward the gathered team.

Edwin followed behind. He walked first, but picked up the pace to a jog easily catching up to the assistant. When they reached the coach, everyone still had their eyes on Edwin. He could see them estimating his height and weight; comparing the numbers to their own. When he glanced at the team, many of them were focused on the bulge in his tight shorts. Edwin remembered reading research that showed men look at other men’s crotches more often than women. The size of a man’s cock determines his rank among his peers. The better endowed the higher the rank. It’s probably why men are so obsessed about their size.

Statistically Edwin knew he was probably one the biggest, if not the biggest man on the field. The ruler confirmed it. He wondered if the other men were coming to the same conclusion as they sized him up. Even the coaching staff was silent as they looked him over. A sudden surge of confidence overcame Edwin. He realized he was the alpha male in this pack of young, muscular, jocks. The same pack who once intimidated him. He could feel his cock fighting for more room in his already filled supporter.

“Coach Walton, this is Ed. He’s a Wabash student.” The assistant spoke then stepped out of the larger men’s way.

The coach held out his hand. “Nice to meet, Ed.” The 40 something man was a few inches shorter and less wide than Edwin, but looked in pretty good shape for a old guy.

Edwin shook the coach’s hand. “You wanted to talk to me, coach?”

“Yes, why haven’t I seen you before? You don’t look like a freshman. Did you just transfer here from another school?” Edwin shook his head no. “Are you on another of the school’s teams?”

Edwin shook his head again, “No, I’m not really into sports.” The coach looked shocked by the statement. The team began to mutter things amongst themselves that Edwin couldn’t understand.

“Well then I’m even more impressed. It’s obvious you’re athletic. You don’t get a physique like that without the right genetics and a concentrated effort. That tells me several things. One, you are blessed with strong body. And two, you are disciplined. That throw you made shows me you have natural talent. These are the attributes I look for in my players. I want you to try out for the team, Ed. I think someone like you could be a real asset.”

The coach wanted him to become a Little Giant. That would certainly make Aaron happy, not that it mattered anymore. “I don’t know,” Edwin uttered.

“It’s only a try out, Ed. No pressure.” The coach put his hand on Edwin’s shoulder. He squeezed it to test if the athlete was as strong as he looked. It felt like a piece of unyielding marble. Edwin reminded him of a former player, a truly gifted athlete. “We can really use someone like you. The team’s taken a hit recently and I think you may be able to fill that void. Why don’t you think about it and let me know tomorrow.” Edwin nodded his head yes. “Good man.” The burly coach slapped Edwin’s back forcibly. Edwin didn’t flinch. He passed another test. The older man turned his head to look for someone. “Rich, get over here.” One of the tallest men on the field ran to the coach’s side. “Ed, this is Rich, the team captain.”

Rich lifted his helmet to expose his face. “Hey, how’s it going dude?” Edwin shook his hand. He was surprised that the captain didn’t recognize him from the committee hearing. But then, he didn’t recognize himself in a mirror.

“Rich, show Ed around the facilities? Do your best to convince him to join the team. Tell him about all the perks, official and unofficial, that come with the uniform.” The coach smiled at both of them before turning away. “All the rest of you, start your drills. Let’s see if I can get you in as good shape as Ed here.” Everyone moved to the tackling dummies at the far end of the field leaving Rich and Edwin alone.

Rich watched his team mates hustle away with a bright smile on his face. “Sweet, I get a pass for the rest of the day.” With his attention elsewhere, Edwin used the time to check out the team captain. With Drew gone, Rich was the school’s best looking man. The athlete had the sleeves of his jersey tucked under his shoulder pads fully exposing his powerfully developed arms. His huge bicep curved outward even with his arm relaxed. Pale brown hair covered his forearms and trunk like legs. His limbs were like the rest of his body; thick and powerful. He was by no means fat. His waist was tight. He just didn’t have the same definition of someone like Edwin. His hips were wider, giving him a more rectangular body shape. He was the kind of man who was born with a muscular physique. Even if he had never visited a gym, he would have two or three times the muscle mass and strength of the average guy. While most of his team mates struggled to put on muscle, he was the opposite. He struggled to keep his body fat low.

Rich could feel Edwin checking him out. He didn’t mind, he was in the best shape of his life. Thanks to Drew berating him with names like lard ass and fatso, he had put everything into trimming his bulk. He fought his body’s natural tendency to put on fat. He was at the point where at certain times of the day, usually in the morning or when he was slightly dehydrated, you could see his abs. When he first noticed them, he walked around the frat house without a shirt. When Drew saw him, without skipping a beat he said, “I guess I’ll have to come up with a new nickname for you.” Rich never felt more proud in his life.

Like the other players, Rich’s midriff was exposed by his cropped practice jersey. Though not designed to be, Rich’s shorts were fitted on him. They hugged his overly muscled thighs and ass. Edwin studied how the wet fabric clung to his skin. The garment had inched up his crack making his ass look even beefier. The straps of his jock were clearly visible. The barely stretched elastic waistband hung low on his hips. A few stray hairs crept up his spine above the waist band. Edwin found it incredibly erotic. He licked his lips as he stared at the small of Rich’s back. Rich turned to face Edwin, but he was slow to move his eyes off Rich’s shorts. He wanted to see if the front was an arousing as the back. The wet nylon clung to his cup as well. Edwin wondered how tightly he was packed inside the large protective piece of plastic. Edwin’s cock pulsed again, when he saw a similar stream of hair. This one climbed past Rich’s belly button and thinned out as it reached his chest.

When he finally made eye contact with his host, Rich was smiling down at him. Rich’s bright white teeth contrasted against the tan skin of his ruggedly handsome face. There was nothing pretty about rich. His face was square as opposed to the classic oval. His lantern jaw and cleft chin were carpeted with thick stubble. His face matured with the decrease in his body fat. Gone were the plump cheeks, now they were concave. His nose was crooked from being broken more than once. He was dirty and sweaty. The bright whites of his large eyes contrasted with his soiled skin. Virility oozed from every pore. Edwin felt his knees buckle slightly. It had been some time since he was this close to a larger, stronger man. He forgot the effect it had on him. Sexual thoughts filled Edwin’s mind. Unlike Aaron, he wouldn’t have to be gentle with this colossal hunk. He could take all of him and beg for more.

Edwin imagined Rich in a few years. He would be married and putting in 60 hours a week at some office job. He would stop going to gym because of demands on his time. He would regain the body fat he struggled so hard to keep off. But he wouldn’t lose an ounce of his muscle mass. His chest would still have a bigger circumference than his waist. And his body would feel hard and powerful. He would come home after working overtime with his jacket off and his tie loose around his bull neck. His thick hairy forearms exposed by his rolled up sleeves. The pants of his $2,000 Italian made suit would be filled by his thick thighs, beefy ass and huge package. All the wives in the neighborhood made sure they caught a glimpse of him on Sunday mornings as he retrieved the paper from the front lawn without a shirt. At night they imagined it was him who was fucking them not their chubby, balding husbands. He was the sexiest DILF of the cul-de-sac. Edwin was woken from his erotic daydream by Rich’s deep voice. “You really don’t play any sports?”

“No, sorry.” Even with his support jock, Edwin worried his aroused state was noticeable. He glanced down and his bulge. It did appear to protrude more than usual. He pulled the shirt he had tucked into the waistband of his shorts out. He wiped his brow then held it with both hands in front of him to cover his crotch. When he looked back to Rich, the taller man had big smile on his face.

“With those muscles you must at least be into the bodybuilding thing.” Rich ran his fingertips slowly over Edwin’s abs. “I could never build a six pack like that.”

“Thanks,” Edwin mumbled. Rich’s touch made his whole body tingle. “I, uh, just enjoy working out.”

Rich put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest, “How much you bench?”

“About 410, 420,” Edwin said without any bravado.

“Shit, you’re one strong fucker too. It will be good to have someone on the team who can challenge me in the gym again. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to make you push yourself harder. Am I right?” Rich punched Edwin’s shoulder with the top of his fist. Again, Edwin didn’t flinch. He passed Rich’s test too. “Come on, let me give you the nickel tour.” He walked toward the gymnasium. He removed his helmet completely and ran his fingers through his long wet hair. Edwin watched his plump ass move in his clinging shorts. Every little movement was like a seductive dance to Edwin. He had to focus on something else. He knew there was no way Rich would be interested in him. Edwin adjusted himself before catching up with the bigger man. “The person who challenged you in the gym, was that the void the coach was talking about?”

“Yeah, you probably didn’t know him. DrewBullard was…or is his name. He was our best player and an okay guy too.”

“An okay guy?”

“ know…how some of us let the attention get into our heads. Drew was stuck up, rude and enjoyed using people. Most thought he was a real asshole. Hell, most people probably think I’m an asshole. How about you Ed? Are you an asshole?”

“I don’t think so.” Edwin never thought about it.

“Don’t worry, dude. Take it as a compliment. People are just envious of what we are, how we look. Every guy wishes he could be a college jock. They confuse our confidence with arrogance.”

“What do you mean?” Edwin’s education had begun. He listened as intently as when attending a lecture.

“It takes a big ego to be a great athlete. A big ego makes you confident.”

‘When does it become arrogance?”

“An ego grows from attention and accolades. It can grow so big it overshadows a person’s good points. That’s what happened to Drew. He was in a league all his own. People treated him like he was a God. No one ever said no to him. That had to fuck with his head. I understood that, I saw past all the shit. In time he would have seen the error of his ways. It’s called maturity. But that doesn’t matter now.” They reached the gym. Rich held open the heavy steel door for his guest. “Over there are the whirlpool tubs. You can use them for ice baths too. Those blue doors are the saunas and over there the steam room.”

“Very nice,” Edwin said politely. He really wasn’t interested in the tour. “What happened to Drew?”

“This is the massage room. We have two tables now, but they plan to add a third next season.” The two entered the weight room. “Nobody knows. He got sick, was cut from the team, and dropped out of school. I think he’s back home with his parents. Hopefully he’s seeing a specialist who can find the problem.” Rich gestured to the assorted state of the art weight machines. “We won’t spend much time here. Obviously you know your way around a weight room.”

“The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him?” Edwin followed Rich into the locker room.

“Nope, all the tests said he’s fine. At first they said it was all in his head.” Rich sat in front of his locker and removed his cleats; then his socks.

Edwin thought about Aaron’s plan to bring down Drew. “Could it have been psychosomatic? You know someone fucking with his head.”

“Could you help me?” Rich asked as he struggled to remove his shirt. Edwin helped to free the damp jersey from his shoulder pads. “I really doubt it. His whole body went haywire.” Rich removed and put away his shoulder pads. “He actually shrank in height and lost over a third of his body weight, most of it the muscle he spent years building. His face and back became covered with huge zits. He said he never had pimples before.” Rich stood up and pulled down his shorts. He tossed them into the hamper along with the rest of his clothes. “Even his hair changed. It became all frizzy and changed to a strange color. The medical specialist couldn’t explain it. But that’s not the worst part.”

“No?” Edwin was so enthralled by the story he hadn’t even noticed Rich was standing in front of him wearing only his jock.

“No…his dick shriveled to a nub. The doctors didn’t believe him. They said it was physically impossible for a mature man’s penis to grow or shrink in size that much. But I know it happened because I saw it.” Rich held up his hand indicating about two inches with his thumb and forefinger. He then stepped out of his jock revealing his large endowment. “Hell, before he got sick he made me look tiny and there’s nothing small about me. Am I right?” Rich laughed as he gently fluffed his freed member. He waited for the newbie to check him out. But Edwin didn’t look. He stood staring off into distance. Rich didn’t understand. Less than five minutes ago, Ed was getting off looking at his body. He saw the wood expanding in his shorts. Rich was getting a little frustrated. He swung a towel in Ed’s direction to wake him out of his daydream. “You okay, bro?” He tossed the towel over his shoulder and put his hands on his hips giving Ed a second chance to check him out.

“Yeah fine,” Edwin muttered. He sat down on the bench staring off into the distance. It sounded like everything that happened to him happened to Drew, only in reverse. Was that just a coincidence?

Rich was shocked Edwin still didn’t look at him. Maybe Ed made him look tiny too, just like Drew. “We’ll go to the frat house when we’re done here. We can discuss some of the unofficial perks the coach mentioned. Okay?” Ed shook his head yes without looking at Rich. “Listen, I’m going to take a shower. You, uhm, what to join me? You know, get cleaned up. I’m sure we can find something for you to wear afterward.”

“No, thanks. I’m good.” Edwin answered softly, obviously still preoccupied.

“Okay,” Rich tired to hide his disappointment. He wanted to know if the new guy was packing something that could rival the Drewosaurus. He had to see the dinosaur freed from its cage. “I’ll be only a couple of minutes.”

“Fine, fine. No hurry.”

Rich left for the showers. He hoped he was being ogled. But Edwin continued to stare at the wall in front of him oblivious to the missed opportunity to enjoy Rich’s great ass walking away.

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