Alterations 6

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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story having Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here! You have been warned.

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I let myself wallow for just a few minutes, and then I mentally girded my loins. I reminded myself that Anthony was steady, gifted, honest, and caring. I thought 'He is going through the exact same thing you are'. Then I realized he wasn't.

I was here for my career and a silly notion that Zeus expects homage given in a certain way. And the whole reason I was able to get over to Greece and meet Anthony, was due to a group of people who wanted to find a Sex temple.

Anthony was denying himself My company (Now doesn't that sound arrogant on my part) all in the name of Love and helping my interests. And the silly notion Zeus wants a thank you performed in a certain way.

The truth was, that Anthony and I were wise enough to see how truly Zen the condition of Love was. At the same time, Love could be the most fragile of things to hold onto, and also be one of the most powerful force in the Universe.

~ Hold it too tight and you break it,
Don't hold on to it tight enough and it's gone. ~

Or for you pessimists :

~LOVE is an Oxymoron ~
~ A Gentle Force ~

Thinking these things got me looking at the sun as it set, and realizing Anthony and I hadn't done that yet. Surely we will have many days, to do this together.

I don't know if I am the best person for Anthony, though I am convinced He is the best man for me. With that certainty in my heart, I know I will be the man Anthony wants and needs. I will work to keep that smile on Anthony's face for the rest of my life. I swear this to the setting sun. If there is a heaven and a hell, and if I fulfill this vow; when they ask why I should be spared the PIT, I need only point to that smile as my salvation. Proof that I did right by that man.

Now I think that would be a good career. Make my man happy. Oh God. My man. Wow. I never had anybody that I thought of like that. I say, "My man, "out loud, just to hear the way it sounds. Sounds good!

The sun was gone but twilight still held sway. I swam to the cave and set things up for the early morning. I hadn't seen any scorpions but it was always a smart idea to be prepared. Sleeping bag on the cot and nothing hanging down to the ground. Sandals off the floor and tipped vertical so their not an inviting place to hide. The entrance flap was tight so probably no reason to worry.

The little eight inch walkman monitor showed the temple in starlight and later in partial moonlight. The Moon was waxing; it would be full in six days. By then the videotapes would be on their way to our sponsors. With them safely out of reach we could contact the people responsible for keeping worship of the Gods alive in the twenty-first century.

I wasn't very hungry but I had a piece of Janos' special baklava. I watched nothing happen on the monitor for a good ten minutes, then tested the VCR. No problem recording, so I turned it off and did a little maintenance. I pulled the generator out of the cave and hooked the DC leads onto the spare battery and turned it on. Within an hour the meter on the generator showed the battery to be full. I stopped the generator, pulled everything back into the cave and sealed the flap.

I set the alarm for four in the morning, set the spare battery next to the other for a fast change over if needed. Note pad ready. Camera ready for after the faithful leave. That's it.

Now to ignore the aching void. I've only been with him for a few days. Not having him right by my side can't be this.... I don't have the words to describe it.

It's just five days. Of hell.

It's like I'm backing up, and I know there is a cliff ledge in back of me. In fact I know it is inches in back of me, so I stop backing up. I'm safe, I'm just standing there. No threat and no reason to back up. But the void is at my back, and an endless fall.

When Anthony was in back of me, or near me; I could fly. With Anthony only in my heart, and not by my side; the cliff edge was close.

I have been able to survive all these years with half a soul; you'd think I'd be able to get through five days with no problem. It's going to be a long five days.

I drink a little wine, turn off the inverter. I turn off the lamp, and lie awake on the cot, counting my blessings till I fall asleep.


Muddled dreams

I'm hunting boar with Anthony. But Anthony has a lot more muscles, and a full beard. Still handsome as ever, but he looks as strong as an Ox. I have a lot more muscles too, but something feels strange. I look down, but instead of feet I have hooves! I look in back of me and there's a horse body! I'm a centaur! I'm carrying his quiver of arrows and his bow, just in case. For some reason we want to catch the boar (and it's a big one) without killing it. Anthony hands me a cloak made out of a lions hide and I hand him this thick long club with sharp nubs near the business end of the thing. Now it really hits me. Anthony is Herakles and I'm Cheiron. Which means these arrows are deadly. They have hydra blood on them, a poison that can kill an immortal. We keep walking along, but we can't seem to find the Erymanthian Boar. Then I hear a soft snuffling, and a twig break in back of us. Anthony looks back at me and his eyes get real big, but I don't have time to look before Anthony raises his club to hit something coming at my flank. He brushes by me with an angry yell and as the club comes down I hear a low loud squealing noise before the sound turns into the alarm going off and I'm up turning it off. Four O'clock already. Ok so even dreaming of a life threatening event is good if Anthony is in the dream. I just now realize that our love making left a thick dose of Anthony's scent on the sleeping bag. That might get me through the days without going insane. Thank God for a heavy scented lover!

I turn on the inverter and the monitor and see the temple just like I saw it last night. No one inside and no offerings on the altars. I turn the lamp on and decide to have cereal this morning. The smell of fried bacon would be a dead give away. Just as I'm adding honey to my cereal, I hear something. The camera also has a microphone in it.

Now I recognize the sound. It's the sound of a yacht slowly pulling into a dock. There's still very little light, but I can just make out the shadow of a mast pass across the main temple entrance. Oh Shit!!

I forgot the VCR and now I push the record button and it starts just in time to see two larger than average men in black robes and hoods, start to wash their feet in the basin. They pick up these large baskets shaped like large platters with a one inch lip around. the edge. They were also carrying a small wooden bucket on a rope with a brush peeking out the top. As they walk the buckets occasionally splash out a little dollop of dish soap water. They start at the entrance Altars first. They don't even seem to look at the altar. They just scrape the food stuffs off the altars into the basket. Then they lay down the baskets and take out the wet brushes and scrub the altars clean. They pick-up the baskets and go outside. I can just hear a soft splashing sound and assume they threw it into the sea. They return and the buckets seem to have more foam in them. They go to the next altars and repeat the same actions. When they finish cleaning the second set, they go to the entrance with the baskets and buckets and another set of black robed acolytes take the baskets and hand the first set a bronze platter with a bronze scoop and a bronze bucket with a brush in it. The second set go out and dump the baskets into the sea, while the first set goes to the Zeus alter and scrape the food onto the bronze platter and wash the altar. They finish washing and put the platter and bucket on the floor. Then they go to the pool and each dip one hand into the pool. The water in their hands is brought to the feet of the statue of Zeus. They lovingly wash and dry the statues feet with cloths that had been over their shoulders. They picked up the platter and bucket and walked out the entrance.

Nothing happened for a good five minutes and then I could hear the sound of two flutes playing a duet. Then I see a very muscular man wearing only a loincloth (covering something very large) and playing an auloi . An auloi is double-pipes attached together at the mouth pieces and strapped to the face of the musician so he can play both unhindered. The man steps into the basin and faces into the temple. Suddenly there are some neat harmonics from the acoustic design of the temple. Two more very muscular men in white loincloths walk up to the basin and sit with their feet in the basin. They each take the musicians left foot and wash it then go to his right foot. After that the musician steps out of the basin to the left and proceeds to the space between Priapus and Dionysus. He faces towards the pool and continues his song. The two men have washed their own feet but remain seated. The reason becomes clear, as Five tall men with gymnast bodies, and five platters filled with food and wine, start up the stairs and step into the basin, one at a time. The two foot washers repeat the action on all five, before any move to an altar. The first Acolyte goes to the altar for Priapus, the second goes to Dionysus, then Hermaphrodite, and then Herakles. At each altar they carefully place the food and flowers and wine in a certain shape and order. I notice it is the same for each. Now the most muscular of the five tall platter carriers stands before the altar to Zeus. The flute player stops playing. The feet washers move into the temple and move around in back of the five foot wall, and take up positions on either side of the Zeus altar . The flute player plays a chord and stops. The men start singing in three part harmony and only when they are half way thru each stanza does the flute player join in. But each stanza starts acapella. The song is beautiful and the two in back of the wall lend an eerie echo to the song. The song ends and the head acolyte places the food in a different manner, and with different foods and flowers. The head acolyte stands before the altar and places the platter on the floor. the other platter carriers do the same thing to each altar. Then as one they tug at their loincloths, and they each come loose in one fluid motion. The long strip of cloth was covering enormous genitalia. Each man is hung like a horse. They each walk to the pool and dip half of the loincloth in the pool. They wring out the whole cloth, but I can see water still dripping a little bit. They each toss one end up and over the massive members of the statues on the altars. They start to chant a mantra that sounds demotic. They are washing the Statues very slowly at first, but soon the are calling out the mantra faster and faster as their washing gets faster. I wonder how the statues could have survived this kind of devotion for all the centuries. You'd think by now, the acolytes would have rubbed the stone cocks down to a nub. But each statue shows a huge member and very large balls. It's also interesting that each man seems to be endowed with a pecker that matches the size of each statue. This could be very interesting. Each acolyte has an erection and they are now moving and chanting so fast you can't understand what they are saying. Then as one they all stop. Just stop. A glow spreads from the statue to the acolyte and then to the other men in the temple. The glow dims for a split second before flaring up to a very bright nimbus around all the men and statues. They all orgasm for a good three minutes. I couldn't believe it at first, but the statues were ejaculating too. As the men came and trembled, the cocks on the statues shot a thick white fluid onto each acolyte. Where ever it hit on a man it was absorbed.

Needless to say, I was jerking off by now and almost immediately started coming only a minute after they started. As the trembling subsided and they all stopped coming, each man cleaned the area he had shot his semen and as one turned to the pool and slipped in. They each took a handful of water and poured it over their own head. Then they joined arms around each other in a circle and touched the tips of their dicks together. They all said, "Filioid, "and then touched their heads together. they held this for only a moment and then the flute player started playing again. The men behind the wall moved to the entrance and dipped their feet in the basin before leaving the temple. The tall acolytes each wrapped their loincloth around their waists but only draped them over their cocks. They left without stepping into the basin. The last to leave was the flute player and he did step into the basin. The last notes he played were played in the basin and he seemed to shudder as the last note echoed through the temple. That might have been an orgasm, but it was hard to tell. He stepped out of the basin and down the steps. The sound of the men getting under way could be heard and then slowly faded away. WOW!

I didn't foresee them coming back right away, so I sealed my camera into a double plastic bag and hooked it to my shorts. I opened the flap and closed it back. I left the VCR running to get an idea how long it takes to go from the cave to the temple at a normal walking pace.

I get to the temple's back entrance and I feel elated. Not quite a happy horny feeling, but almost! As I walk into the temple proper I slip out of my sandals and quickly move to the basin and wash my feet. For a fleeting moment It feels like Anthony is on the other side of the basin, like yesterday. I look up and he isn't there, but my heart feels like he is. That safe feeling is with me, and I know it's the gods bridging the gap between Anthony and I.

I get out of the basin and start taking photos of the altars as they were left by the acolytes. I make the rounds to the minor gods and after I take a few shots of Zeus altar, I put my camera on the floor. I take another good look at the statue of Zeus.

Joyous smiling face, with the power he has shining through. The power of Love. Broad shoulders and a deep chest. Thick arms and big hands. Slim hips made to seem all the thinner with a truly massive cock and huge balls. The thighs flare out and the calves are in proportion to them. And the feet are big but fit the size of the statue.

I linger on the feet, thinking about what Anthony did yesterday. I never had a foot fetish, but now I have a lot more respect for that part of the human (and god) anatomy.

Like a little kid that would just reach out and kiss someone they love anywhere at all, not thinking twice if it was a proper place or not; I jump up on to the altar and kiss the top of each of Zeus feet. I'm thinking ' Thank you for my heart, Thank you for my love, Thank you for my man.' In each phrase my heart means Anthony. Thank you God for Anthony!

At that point I'm so happy, I feel like the next five days will pass in no time.

I've disturbed the arrangement of the food on the altar. I touch the food to put it back and get this strong urge. I need to get a bowl or carton. I NEED to take certain foods off the altars. I know which ones to take and which one to leave. I am not even thinking about this urge. I don't question the source of that urge, or the wisdom of removing food that might be missed by the faithful. It's like taking photos of the altars. Taking the food is the next thing on the list.

I hurry out the back entrance and even forget to put on my sandals. The camera is still sitting in front of the altar. I swim across to the cave and pull open the flap. I dump out a carton with dry foods and take one of the inner-tubes and tie the carton to the inner-tube. I float it across the pool and carry it over my head to the back entrance. As I enter, I pause before stepping down to the temple floor. Like one of those daydreams I feel like I'm in front of an uncle of mine. He's big and muscular and happy, but he doesn't want me to do anything I don't really want to do. In my head I hear ' Are you sure you want to do this?' and I hear an inner voice say ' Yes! This is a way to thank you. I want to thank you for the Love you helped bring to me!' His smile got bigger and he said ' Then you are welcome. I am very pleased you wish to thank me this way. '

Suddenly the daydream is over. Was it a vision? I am so happy, I don't think about what just happened for very long. I walk over to the basin and wash my feet again and wash the inner-tube bottom. I go over to Zeus altar and pull off the grapes and one of the two apples. I break the eight hard baked rounds of bread in half and take eight halves, leaving the other eight. There are three figs and I take the large one.

Then I move to the Altar to Priapus . I take all the grapes and two of the three plums. I don't touch the bread, but an orange is first peeled and then half left. I leave the apples.

The next altar is to Dionysus. I take all the grapes again and one of the three plums. I again don't touch the bread, and I peel the orange but squeeze all the juice onto the bread. I put the remains of the orange, including the peel onto my carton, but later I just throw it into the sea. I leave the apples.

The altar to Hermaphrodite is next. Again I take all the grapes and two of the three plums. I take one of the two apples. I break the bread in half but don't take any. This time I take the whole orange.

The last altar is to Herakles. Once again I take all of the grapes and one of the three plums. I take one of the pieces of bread. I take one of the two apples, and the whole orange.

As soon as the orange is in my carton, I suddenly find my self at Zeus altar with a wineskin in my hands. Half of the wine in the wineskin is gone!. How did I know how much wine was in it in the first place? I don't feel intoxicated, so where did the wine go?

I look at the other altars and the wineskins are all now on top of the statues feet. Before I can get freaked out, a calm sensation comes over me and a sense of correctness. Like someone just told me I was doing everything the right way. I cap the wineskin and put it on the feet of Zeus statue.

At least I wasn't drunk. I turn back to see where the carton is and see it near the basin. As I look at the altar to Herakles I finally notice that my dream had a lot more parts that related to the here and now. I just now realize that the statue looks just like the Herakles in my dream. But that also means that Anthony looks just like him, minus the beard and the massive muscles. The same handsome face on Anthony was once a model for a great sculptor's idea of Herakles.

I figure at this point I should take the food back to the cave, but I'm not moving. Instead I pull my shirt off and unbutton my shorts and let them fall off me. I don't feel horny, just happy. And in the mood for a dip into a cool pool of water. I can hear in the back of my mind the main reoccurring tune in the song the Flute player played and the song the men sang. I whistle the tune and as I slip into the pool the water takes on a gentle glow. It is at just the right temperature. I sink down and get completly submerged. With a four foot depth to the pool I have to crouch, but I get all of me wet. Then I tip back and just float belly up arms out, gazing at the blue sky peeking through the constant cloud layer above the Island. I come back from my floating meditation when the sun beam coming through the opening in the ceiling hits the inner ring of marble and Altars.

I get out of the pool and retrieve my clothes. For some reason, I don't want to put them on just yet. I put them in the carton and pick it up. It doesn't feel heavy, so I just continue on to the back entrance and slip on my sandals as I leave the temple.

I get to the grassy clearing where Matt, Anthony and I had lunch that first day and I decide to have something to eat right here. I pull my clothes out and spread them out like a picnic blanket. Then I pull all the grapes out and set them on my shirt. Next come the six plums, and three apples. One whole bread round and eight halves of a bread round. The shorts got the two and a half Oranges, and the one large fig.

I strip the grapes off the stems and pop them into my mouth. I just go in order of : Grapes, Plums, Bread, Apples, Oranges, and Fig. I didn't think I was so hungry, but I must have been. Each thing tasted so good! I let out a loud burp. Then I realize we forgot something. A port-a-potty!

Oh well, I can improvise with a bucket and some help from the water a little further downstream. I don't want to pollute the water flowing into the temple.

I decide to take care of that right now, and I swim over to the cave and empty out a bucket. I swim back and follow the flow of the stream. The part that doesn't go to the temple, heads to the sea through thickening shrub and trees.

Suddenly the path I'm taking turns into an actual pathway lined with flat stones! the path follows the stream for another fifty yards and there before me is a stone toilet with two seats! WoW! The builders of the temple planed for everything. They had a place for the workers to take a dump!. Now that is planning!

I sit down, but before I let go I look for something to wipe with. We forgot toilet paper, and that would be wrong to use if it all just flowed into the sea. So I get up and look at the plants near the toilet.

Interesting. There are three types of shrub like plant nearby. One looks scratchy, one is broad leafed and the last one is medium sized. I take the broad leaf and deliberately scratch my left forearm and rub the leaf and it's juices into the scratch. Then I scratch my right forearm and rub the medium sized leaf into the scratch. Fine. Now I have to wait at least half an hour before I can use either one for toilet paper.

I wait. And wait. Of course now I need to use the toilet. But I wait. I check my arms and no reddening . And I wait. Still no reddening. But I wait.

OK! Enough of this. Neither leaf looks bad. So I gather a clump of each and relieve myself and wipe and I'm almost on my way when I realize I want to see how good the engineers were. I've only ben away for a minute and every thing is gone. Washed away by the stream. Cool! Good engineers.

I float the carton back to the cave with the unused bucket and close the flap. Then I remember the VCR. I never turned it off!. I stop it and rewind it to the point of the glow filtering from the statues. I'm getting horny again as I watch these guys clean the statues. I stop noticing anything unusual as I start jerking off . This time I come before they do and in the afterglow I notice something very interesting. I start to get goose-bumps!

Not one of the altars has a wineskin on it! The men go through their ritual bathing and they exit the temple like last time. I hear the ship leave and a few minutes go by. By this time I had already started to get my camera into a plastic bag and I started walking to the temple.

There I am just in the edge of the picture. I go over to the basin and wash my feet. Hey and I wash the camera in the plastic bag. I don't remember doing that! I pull it out of the bag and put the bag in my pocket. I take pictures of all the altars and do the altar to Zeus last. I put the camera down and jump onto the altar and kiss the feet of the statue. I remember that. Then I put the food back that I knocked around. A glow forms around my head and I rush out of the temple.

I lost track of how much time it takes to go from the cave to the temple. But at the time I must have started swimming to the cave I notice something . A gentle glow started flowing from the basin. It flows up to the form of a young man. He has a kertle like a Greek warrior and chest armor, but no weapons. His helmut is strange. There are little wings on it.

Oh my god! He steps out of the basin and his ankles have wings on them! It's Hermes! He has five wineskins over his shoulder and he starts to place one at each of the statues. He ends with Zeus and bows. Then he smiles and softly says, "Father, "In english! What is going on?

Hermes walks back to the basin and the glow dissolves as Hermes body disappears. Five minutes later and I appear. I still have a nimbus around my head. I pause as if I'm talking to some one. The conversation is blurry. I look happy. I go over to the basin and wash my feet and the bottom of the inner-tube. then I start gathering food. While I was gathering the food, I had completly ignored the wineskins. Just as I'm taking the last piece of food, the wineskins start to glow. I see my body turn to Zeus, I kneel and say, "I'm not worthy" as I bow my head.

A voice rings in my head as I hear it from the TV and my memory. He said, "Who else would be worthy? Your family and the family of your lover honored us long after we held sway over this earth. Very few places honor our memory . What we can do we will do, to honor your dedication and respect. Do not fear any of the spirits here. You are loved for what you do. You are loved because you are our children." I see my body look up and smile at the statue of Zeus. Like a little kid I say, "Father" and get up. I move over to the wineskin on Priapus altar and drain half of it. I move on to each altar and do the same. Once again I leave the altar to Zeus for last. I finish half of the wine skin and as I bring it down to cap it I look dazed. I place it on Zeus feet and the dazed look goes away. I pull off my clothes and slip into the pool. I float for a good half of an hour. At one point I hum the tune the men sang. The glow dissipates into the pool. that's when I get out and grab my clothes and put them into the carton, and leave.

When did i pick up my camera? I rewind and see I picked it up when I got the food from Zeus altar. I fast forward and stop when I see a glow again. I rewind to the start of the new glow. There is Hermes picking up the wineskins. After retrieving them all, he goes back to the basin and disappears just like last time. WOW. I didn't think I was going to eavesdrop on the gods!

Now the distance to Anthony comes crashing back onto my heart. How I wish I could share this with him right now! My stomach growls and I realize it's already five O'clock. Where did the time go?

I make one of those prepared meals Janos packed for me. It's good but I wolf it down. I swim back to the road and use the toilet again. I swim back and close the flap. I remove the VCR tape and put a new one in. Then I remember to charge the batteries. I pull the generator out and the battery I used all day. I turn the generator on and start charging the battery. It doesn't take long before it's charged and I turn the generator off. I pull all the stuff back in the cave and close the flap. I get the inverter hooked to the new battery and every thing ready for tomorrow. I set the alarm clock for a few minutes earlier and have a little wine. That done I decide to get to sleep.

I pray Anthony is alright, and I thank Zeus again for bringing Anthony into my life. I ask Zeus to watch over him. I turn off the camp light and before I drift off to sleep I think 'I love you Anthony! '


A Dream Continued

I am being carried, but it feels very strange. My chest is a little above the shoulder of the man carrying me. But it feels like more of me is in his arms. I look at his back and it's huge. So much muscle! And then I see a horses tail flutter from the other side of him. This is weird. I turn my upper body around and find my lower body is a horse. I freak out a bit and my legs start flailing.

Anthony's deep voice calls out, "Whoa, calm down, Calm down. I've got you. Cheiron! You were hurt by the other boar."

I calm down and as soon as I do, Anthony puts me down. I stand on shaky legs for a second.

Anthony asks, "Are you going to be OK?" His hands on my belly and flanks have a calming effect.

I tell him, "I think so, but I think I want to sit down." My back end goes first, and the the middle. Oh wow. That is a weird feeling. My dick is huge and my balls are proportional. Having that much genitalia plopped onto the ground is a eye-opener.

I look up and Anthony/Herakles looks white as a ghost. I say, "Maybe you should have a sit down too, Herakles." I wanted to call him Anthony but knew he wasn't.

He smiles and sits down. Color is coming back into his face. He looks at my flanks and says, "Herakles is it. What happened to Anthony? Is there someone I should know about?"

I flash on my Ancient Greek history and Myths, and reply with, "The man with fifty-one children by fifty princesses and he begrudges me an Anthony on the side?"

He looks hurt and I could never do that to Anthony. He says, "You swore you'd never bring that up again." He is not Anthony, but I can't lie to him.

I tell him, "My love, I am sorry I hurt your feelings, but I am not Cheiron. " He looks up with a concerned look on his face. I quickly tell him, "I am not a demon or evil spirit, taking over his body either. I am a man from the far future. And I do not know why the gods are doing this."

He seems to take this in stride and asks, "What is your name Man?" This last brought a smile to his lips.

I tell him, "My name is Nick Stavros, and when I fell asleep, I was a man."

Herakles asks, "And this Anthony?"

I say, "Is my lover in my own time. But his face is just like your. Handsome, loving, ready to embrace the world."

He tells me, "You are definitely not Cheiron. He saves his poetry for the gods."

I look down and notice how his muscles are larger and his dick is much larger than Anthony.

He notices where I'm looking and he grins. He asks, "See anything else a little different?"

I feel my own equipment starting to enlarge, and it feels good. I tell him, "My Anthony is large but not that large. Woof!"

He stands up and somehow I do too. That gives my cock and balls freedom to go all out.

He says, "That is one of the nicest compliments I've gotten in a long time. People always comment on my muscles. They seem to want to ignore my manhood."

I smile and say, "There's too much to ignore. They might be afraid they can't accommodate you if it grows to full size." He looked at me with a young mans ardor.

He says, "I am sure you are not Cheiron now. But I am also sure your body can accommodate me. And I yours."

These last words prompted a reaction I wasn't even aware I could do. My dick got so hard so fast it hit the ground with a thud. It shocked me in a good way.

He smiled and said, "Well Nick. I don't think you've felt your dick hit the dirt in quite that way before." I shake my head no.

Then he says, "But I take that reaction as you want to have sex with me as much as I want to have sex with you. " I nod my head yes fast a few times.

He says, "Good. Now you're in a centaurs body so I'm going to be slow at first, so as not to spook you. Though your head looks human, It really has quite a bit of horse in it."

Though I'm centaur sized, he still is a good six inches taller than me. They should really say half man half pony. Though, what's throbbing under my belly would be more than what a pony usually has. He puts his left arm across my chest and his left hand on my upper waist. He's smiling and I finally notice he's been talking to me like he would a skittish horse. Constantly saying soothing sounds. I take hold of his arm and his manhood just as he reaches under and gets ahold of my yardstick of a dick.

I tell him, "You really do have a way with horses." Oh my god! His hand is huge, but it cant make it all the way around my cock. As he starts to stroke it, I start stroking his massive cock.

I chuckle and tell him. " No wonder you got along so well with centaurs. You're built as big as they are." I take him in both my hands and then reach up and kiss him.

He didn't expect that, but responds very well. This is so strange! He looks like Anthony, and sounds like him. But he doesn't smell like Anthony, or kiss like my love, or taste like Anthony.

He notices my hesitation. He smiles as he says" Not quite like the man you love."

Before he lets that hurt his pride, I kiss him like I kissed Anthony for the first time. I share my love for Anthony with the man who gave Anthony his good looks. It took centuries, but some forms of beauty stand the test of time. I don't know how long we were at it, but we break and catch our breath. He looks at me with a serious face. Lots of thoughts pass through his mind. He drops my cock but I hold on to his. He takes his left hand and cups the back of my neck and with his right hand he holds the side of my head. He starts to kiss my lips, and my nose and cheeks. He nuzzles my nose with his and rubs his lips across mine. Then so gently, but so firmly, he shows me how he kisses the centaur he loves. He tenderly strokes my face and runs his hand through my hair, while still keeping his left hand cupping the back of my neck. I let go of his dick and start to massage his back as we kiss. He is so big!

It's hard to reach all of his back, but I do the best I can. As I finishing, I notice his dick is even harder! I can't take it. I ask him, "Herakles. I need this giant inside me. My tail aches for that two legged horse meat, to be rammed home.

He gets a goofy grin and says, "I'll satisfy your tail. But you must promise to pump my tail before you leave Cheiron. He hardly ever does that for me." This gets my horse flesh harder than before.

I don't have any idea when I'll go back, so I do the right thing and tell him, "Then we'd best start that first, since I have no idea how or when I'll return to my time and body." I wiggle my hips and that gets a neat vibration running down my dick. He looks so happy and he pulls off his clothes and gets up on a small mound. He pulls his knees up to his chest as I steady him and my self. My fire-hose of a dick is dripping pre-cum, so I don't have to worry about a lubricant. I scoot up further and he can reach my dick now and a little coo of anticipation comes out of his mouth. I keep moving up and my lower chest is over his belly and my dick is just starting to move into him. My dick is just so BIG, His hands stroke and pull and he pulls my body forward.

They have done this before! It is tight for only a moment and then I start sliding in. I start making nickering sounds. Oh it feels so good. and suddenly I hear, "AAHHH!"

Herakles is a big man, but I didn't think he was that big! My balls are resting on his huge but cheeks. His head is just above my lower chest. My forelegs are over his huge shoulders.

And we start to ride. I feel like I am becoming all dick. I start out slow and build a rhythm and then back off a bit then I notice certain spots get a good reaction so I spend some time with a medium speed on those spots. I hear a groan and a giggle a and a nickering from his throat. I am sure the same sounds escaped my throat too. Then he started saying, "Oh my rider!" Like he was the horse and I the man. I started saying, "Oh my fine horse!"

That set us up for the race. In about fifteen more minutes of this and we were at a full gallop! He pulled me harder and harder on to him and I thrust like I was moving that mound out of the clearing. We came together and came and came for such a long time. The sounds were of wild horses.

As we finished, I twisted sideways and ended up with him on top and both my backs to the ground. I pulled my legs in, so I wouldn't hit him. He pulled himself off my dick and had to move up and kiss me. The kiss lasted for a while. His feet started to rub the sides of my horse body. Felt good.

He chuckled and looked at me. I smiled at him. He said, "Your Anthony Is a lucky man. But I bet you think you're lucky too."

I grab his head and tell him, "You bet your ass I do. He looks like you!" He kisses me again and I notice his pecker is getting hard again.

All I can say Is, "You are the son of a god!" he moves down past my dick and rubs some of his come onto my pucker.

He grins and says, "It comes in handy." He starts to slid into me and I grab my upper legs as he starts to move all the way in and almost all the way out. I get to see my dick this time and I'm rapidly getting hard. Then Harder. Oh god, He slows down and grabs the tip of my dick and sticks his tongue into the piss slit. He keeps it there as he starts thrusting again. His tongue just sort of rolls around inside. His Dick hits all the spot inside. This session doesn't last as long as the last but for me it was just as intense. By the end the wild horses had returned.

When we were spent, he pulled free and gently kissed me and nuzzled my nose. Then suddenly the smell of walnuts and sandalwood burst through, and the sound of an alarm clock.

I was in the cave on the cot, covered in my own come. I turned off the alarm. I knew I had been there! It was not just a dream. I wonder what Cheiron thought of the situation when he returned to his body?

Just in case I turned on the inverter, monitor and VCR. I started the tape rolling and started to get breakfast ready. This time I was able to finish my cereal before the Yacht arrived.

The smell of walnuts and sandalwood was an interesting way to get back to my time. But now I miss the one who made that walnut scent. If each day was going to be this eventful, I should be able to stay sane until Anthony returns.

The men in black robes came up and washed their feet, before scraping and cleaning the first two altars. Wait! They didn't scrape the food off before they both hesitated over the food. They dump the food into the ocean and return to ready the next two altars. Hmm. The same hesitation and then scrape it all off onto the platter. The second set of cleansers swap platters and buckets. This last time they don't pause or slow down. Just like yesterday, they clear and clean the altar and then wash Zeus feet. None of these brawny men look familiar.

The Flutes player gets to the basin and the foot washers clean his feet. He takes up his position and the five hunks with offerings start the parade of foot washing. Some one is different!

The acolyte to Dionysus is the deputy to the chief of police! This could be a problem. Or it could be just fine. Now is when I really could use some advice from Anthony. Like yesterday, I'm getting horny when they start washing the statues privates. But this time I notice something else that's different. But it's on me. My dick is at least two inches longer and it's thicker! The Altar food must have done it.

Oh yeah. Along with the wine from Hermes. I can't stop stroking myself. And then they stop. And the glow spreads over everyone and they start coming like yesterday. Now I'm coming. Oh god it feels so good.

But why do I miss Anthony even more now? You would think this kind of release would tone that ache down a bit, but it didn't. I close my eyes and think, 'I love you Anthony. I really miss you!'

While I was thinking that, the five acolytes cleaned up their spunk and slipped into the pool. They touch dicks again and then heads. They say, "filioid" and get out of the pool. the two in back of the wall leave like before, and the five acolytes do too. Then the flute player leaves and the temple grows silent.

This time the urge to get some food off of the altar starts now. Whoa. I just ate. Why would I be so hungry now? Then that thought just evaporates. I know I won't be eating any of the food in the cave so I dump out the other carton and open the flap and swim to the road as I enter the temple I think, "This is going to be another interesting day!"

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Well. There are a few more days til Anthony returns. At least Nick's dreams get a glimpse of what Anthony looks like, even if it isn't really Anthony. They will get back together in the next chapter, but what else could happen to Nick from eating the Altar food? I'll try to get the next chapter done by the weekend. Don't forget to send feedback. And thanks for reading the story.