Alterations 7

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Here's the next part of the story. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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I've run to the temple and the last ten feet I slow down and realize I was running so I could catch Hermes placing the wineskins. I walk as quietly as I can through the back entrance to the temple and as I slip off my sandals I see a shaft of light swirl towards the basin and move into it. For a split second the swirling light formed into the shape of a man and then it was gone. Damn!

Gods can be tricky when they want to be. Suddenly my stomach growled.

I mutter, "Well that's what gave me away." I look at my belly and say, "You're going to have to be quiet if you expect to be taken on these archeological digs." I chuckled.

The one thing I haven't had to do this particular time was dig. Anything. I haven't dug for anything that might be buried by sand, dirt, silt, dust, rust, fear, or the hands of time.

This exploration of the past has been a strange one from many points. The stonework and statues have been laid out before me in pristine condition. Neither water, nor sand has had it's way with any of the structures or statues. That's it!

The reason the Island can't be seen by anyone not related to the original temple makers. The obelisk stele some how slips the island through time. As if the Island was eroded by years of time. A Zen like spell. All time and No time. Matt said it was like the sky and ocean rolled down like a curtain. Or something like that.

And the clouds form because the obelisk takes the heat from the sky before it reaches the Island. Well some of the heat, because the Island never does get cold. And at the area where the heat disappears. the cold air beneath causes an inversion layer. Moisture is attracted there and at night there must be rains. Why haven't I noticed rain? My stomach growls again and I finish washing my feet ant the carton bottom.

I gather the fruit and bread like last time and once again I get the giddy notion to kiss Zeus feet. Doing something like this can't get old when it's a thank you for bringing me to Anthony. There's a lot of years of 'thank you's in that . I think it again ' Thank you Zeus for my heart. Thank you for Anthony!'

My heart. Anthony has my heart and I have his. I hope I'm caring for it the right way. It's all the world to me.

Images of a lion with a thorn in it's paw. And after removing the thorn, I see myself licking the paw as it turns into Anthony's foot. Or Herakles foot. I wonder if Anthony's hotel has a weight room? I didn't think I would be so affected by having my toe sucked. Wow.

Maybe he could have sucked my earlobe and I would have had the same reaction. It was because he was doing it. And doing it with love for me. I really miss Anthony now, cause I can't show him how much I love him. I haven't moved from Zeus altar. I'm crying for just a minute, and then pull myself together. The tears on my hand get wiped on the feet of the statue to Zeus. Salty with the sweet. It must be LOVE. Love. love.

That song rings in my head now. I notice the wineskins again and this time I'm aware of picking the first one up and drinking half of it. I put the rest on the feet of Priapus and move on to the altar to Dionysus. I drink half there and move on to Hermaphrodite. and then to Herakles altar. I look up at the face of Herakles and see my Anthony. I say out loud, "You have a beautiful, great, great, great add a few hundred great grandson." I look at the mighty erection on the statue and think, 'He favors the father quite well' . I place the wineskin back at Herakles feet and move to Zeus altar.

I take the wine skin and drink half, thinking the other half is for Anthony. As I place it in front of Zeus feet I think, 'I wonder if Hermes is really keeping the wine for Anthony or drinking it himself.

There's a frown on my face and I say out loud, "That's a valid question. Is Hermes keeping the rest of the wine for Anthony or is he drinking it himself?" I suppose it would be a good payment for the messenger, but I had hoped to share some with Anthony.

Once again I get the urge to slip into the pool and I indulge the feeling. This time I don't float so long. My belly won't stop growling. I am hungry and I can't ignore it away. I get out of the pool and put my clothes into the carton.

This time I go to Priapus altar and take back the wineskin saying, "For my Love." An explanation to the god. I move over to Herakles altar and take that wineskin saying, "For my Anthony." That smile on the statue gets me every time.

I bow to Zeus and dip my feet in the basin before I go to the little clearing by the waterfall pool. I eat the food in the same order as yesterday and the hunger goes away with the belly noises.

I put the carton and my clothes back in the cave and get some soap and a wash cloth . I find a part of the pool that flows out towards the toilet and start my bath. I feel much better after that. I watch all the foam leave the pool before I get some clean clothes and start an exploration of the temple exterior.

I get to the back entrance and see a slight dip in the road. It gets deeper as the elevation drops towards the sea. It's a flood channel to divert the water away from the temple.

I follow it for a few yards and find an area stripped of vegetation. I look closer and see hand holds cut in the hard rock face. A nice gentle slope, so I follow it to the top of the hill the temple is hollowed out of. I follow a ridge line along the top of the hill and it opens out to a broad clearing. A one foot high ring of stone blocks marks the exterior of the temple's skylight. I look over the edge and see the temple pool and there's the statue of Herakles. The main part of the clearing is over solid rock. You'd think they would have made it over the temple to keep roots from growing through. Not that a lot was growing on the hill. Just sum scrub brush and no trees to speak of. I notice a trail heading towards the main entrance so I follow it to more hand holds cut into the rock. I take them feet first and I'm rewarded with a way down to the dock in front of the temple. The actual hand holds are screened by a rib of rock from anyone near the entrance seeing them. Interesting. That must be how new acolytes learn how to do the ritual. They come to the Island with the older acolytes and climb up to the skylight and observe.

I walk up the stairs and remove my sandals and wash my feet again (just to be neighborly) and walk through to the rear entrance. I notice the wineskins are already gone. Hermes does his job well.

I follow the flood channel all the way to the road to the other cove. I hadn't noticed it before. I thought it was just a part of the road. The cove was used to get the workers to the Island and build all these stone-works. But it was also a way of maintaining the temple and surroundings. I guess I'll call the front entrance water The Acolytes Cove and the water Anthony brought us to first, The Servants Cove.

I walk back to the waterfall pool and swim across to the cave. I get in and seal the flap and stop the recorder. I rewind it to just after the flutes player leaves the temple. There's Hermes again with the wine skins. He finishes and bows to Zeus and says, "Father," and then as he turns he looks towards the back entrance and his body dissolves into a column of light. The column moves to the basin and disappears. I fast forward to where I get out of the pool and wash my feet and leave. Hermes appears again moments after I leave and collects the three wineskins. As he moves from Dionysus to Zeus, he looks straight at the camera and winks! So gods can recognize technology! WOW. I take some time to write down some of my observations and decisions on what things will be called in my written report to the museum. Then I draw up the layout of the temple, it's entrances and hidden features, the altars and lamps, the waterworks and drains.

Suddenly my stomach growls at me and I realize I am very hungry. I look at the alarm clock and I am suddenly alarmed. It is only three o'clock. I haven't exerted my self at all. But my belly tells me a different story. I pull out some luncheon meats and make a big sandwich.

That gets wolfed down and my hunger backs off a bit, but I can tell it's not for long. I finish up the diagrams from notes taken previously, and then write up notes as I observe the previous two days of video tapes. I stop and make a swim/run to the toilet. While I'm there I make some mental notes and rough measurements, and count my paces when I walk back to the road clearing. Once back inside I jot down the numbers and realize I should have some more precise measurements. I swim back to the road with a tape measure and a compass and my note pad.

For the next hour and a half I measure the width and length of the road, the clearing, the outflow of the pool to the temple and the outflow to the toilet and to the sea. I measure the toilet and get its orientation to north as well as the roads direction. I take another hour to go to the top of the Island and measure the obelisk. At one point I slip and touch the surface of the stele on the obelisk. My hand and half my forearm is suddenly numbed with cold. Anthony was right! That was the coldest I have ever felt. My stomach decides to growl just then and I decide to finish the measurements tomorrow. I get back to the cave just as the sun starts to set.

I swim over to the cave with my tools and note pad held above my head and get in the cave and seal the flap. I start cooking another of Janos pre-made meals. The last one was great. as this heats up I pull the generator outside and start to recharge the current battery. I get back in to find the dinner ready to eat. I try to eat slowly and enjoy what Janos sent, but half way through my belly had other ideas. I wolfed down the rest of it, thinking that at least I enjoyed half of it.

I cleaned up the dishes where I bathed this morning and by then the generator had the battery topped off. I turned the generator off and pulled everything back into the cave and sealed the flap. No reason to stay awake, I had half a glass of wine and after getting everything ready for tomorrow morning, I turned off the inverter and the camp light. I thought my prayer of thanks to Zeus, and a prayer to keep Anthony safe. My hear rang with ' I Love you, Anthony'. My heart felt lighter just after that, like he was sending the same thought to me. Sleep came easy.


A Dream Interrupted

I hear snoring. I am holding a massively muscled man. Herakles again. And I see my body is still Cheiron. I watch Herakles snore and then turn in his sleep towards me. I decide to pretend it's Anthony, so I grab his manhood and say out loud, "Now how did my but cheeks grab you?"

Herakles wakes a bit and groggily says, "Well for one thing you were turned the other way" What! How would Herakles know that? He says, "Nick Why do your hands feel small?" Nick?!

His eyes fly open and I look down to find his hands on my lower chest. He says with fear in his voice, "Nick, where is your dick?" He looks at me and calms down a bit and asks, "When did you cut your hair so short?" He looks down at himself and my upper body. He stops trying to find my dick (which is getting much harder now I know who this really is), and looks at his chest and arms.

He asks, "Where did all these muscles come from?" I am so happy I just kiss him. Sometimes that answers all the questions. We were in that kiss for awhile.

When we finally broke for some air we both said, "I missed you!" We both laughed and got serious for a second. we kissed for just a second and then again.

It wasn't fair, but since I had some idea what was going on I said, "I like the beard" He starts stroking his beard and I start to stroke his huge arm as I say, "And the Muscles."

He puts his hand on top of mine and thinks for a minute. He says, "I miss your dick, "as he rubs my lower chest.

I smile like a tiger as I say, "Oh It's still there, you just didn't reach down far enough." I wiggle my rear end and he hears and feels the vibration. I aim my dick up into view as he levers himself up for a better view.

He says, "OH my god. That is enormous! What has happened to you?"

I tell him as I start to stroke his cock, "The same thing that's happened to you." His moan tells me the equipment still works, even if he doesn't know whose equipment it really belongs to.

His head reaches out and he kisses my lips then my cheek then the nape of my neck. His hand reaches up to fondle the back of my head and his huge muscles brush my arm and shoulder. His eyes fly open and he holds his arm up to see how big he is.

He asks, "Nick, not to cause you to stop what you are doing, because I've missed that so much, but I need to know what's going on?"

I deliberately slow down but increase the pressure I'm holding and stroking him with. I tell him, "We are actually dreaming and back in time too. I've been here twice before. Both times, I was in the body of Cheiron, like I am now. Both times before, I was with Herakles. This time the gods decide to bring you along." I frown and look down. His hand comes up and gently rubs my face.

He asks, "What's the matter Love.?" I glance up to see his smile. He looks so happy to see me.

I have to tell him, "Last time I was here I had sex with Herakles. He looked so much like you. But I knew he wasn't you. But I missed you so much. I'm sorry Anthony. I love you so much." I'm crying cause I feel like I betrayed Anthony. I am suddenly enveloped in muscle. I feel and then hear a gentle chuckle. My back is being rubbed as I cry. I am holding as much of him as I can.

I finally hear Anthony say, "It's alright, it's alright. I forgive you. " When I calmed down enough to tip my head up through so much muscle to look at Anthony's face. He looks down at me with that beautiful smile and says, "You're silly. But I love you anyway."

I ask, "You do?'

He says, "Yes, even with the four legs." We're playing now, and I know everything is OK.

I ask, "Even if were stuck back in time, and you have these enormous muscles and a slightly larger dick?" He looks down at his truly huge dick and I know he is thinking ' Slightly larger' Anthony was big, but not this big.

He answers with, "Yes, Even with all my muscles and your yard-long dick."

I softly say, "It's more like a meter." I smile in a coy way and he starts to move down towards my now vibrating dick. (at least it feels like it's vibrating)

He says, "A meter Eh? We will just have to find out now, won't we?"

I tell him, "What ever My Love desires."

This makes him stop moving and then he puts one huge hand on the bottom of my lower chest. He says, "This is one of the reasons I love you. You never worry if you are getting what you want. Everything you do is to make me happy. I never have to worry about myself . That leaves me so much time to devote to making you happy." His hand comes off my chest and he takes my cock in both hands and starts to lick the end of it. I hear him mutter, "Hmm, thick."

I must be making those nickering sounds. What he is doing feels so good. I can't reach his cock, but I can reach his feet! Now that seems so appropriate. He was the one to show me how sensitive the feet are. I pull his foot closer to me and he mutters, "Hmm?"

Then when his big toe gets licked and then sucked like he showed me, I hear, "MMMMMM!" I guess that means I'm doing it right. His mouth engulfs my dick head and he actually gets a good foot of me down his throat. WOW. He is suckling my dick. I hope I'm showing how that feels by the way I'm sucking his toe. I stop for a second and hope he comes up for air. I don't want to lose him. He goes back to licking the head and I take the instep of his foot and gently bite it a bit. A shiver went through his massive body.

He stops what he was doing and seems to be perplexed. He says, "Not fair! All you have are hoofs." I chuckle. I bite at his instep again and I hear him say, "Okay."

He suddenly does the same thing I'm doing to his foot, but on the side of my dick. I can't describe it. I guess I knew what I was doing after all. I grab his other foot and bite at it like the other foot. This goes on for a few moments and then that big ol' toe has to get sucked. By the time I feel it is properly cleaned the head of my dick is deep down Anthony's throat. I suddenly feel Anthony's seed shot onto my lower chest, and that sends me over the edge.

O god he does that so good. I suck harder and get rewarded with another hot burst of my lover onto my chest. He sucks even harder and my orgasm continues for what seems like an hour. By the time his body stops shivering I am spent. I release his feet and he releases my shrinking centaur-hood. I see that my lower chest is now completly white and that Anthony's belly is bowed out like a big ol roid gut. He looks to where I am looking and he grins.

He says, "Pleasantly full." Then he burps. He backs up a little and I flip up on my knees. He gets on his knees and says, "Come here you."

We kiss like that and I finally taste Anthony in Herakles mouth and smell Anthony's scent. Then I hear someone hitting a bell. The sound changes to an alarm clock.

Damn! I wake up to a pool of come on my belly and No Anthony by my side! I almost throw the clock before I turn it off and put it down. I am very, very hungry and after I turn everything on for the morning show, I make myself a real Breakfast. Bacon, Eggs. I Stir up some Pancake mix and make eight pancakes. I pile on the butter and syrup. This is enough for two and a half breakfasts. As I'm filling my face the temple seems to be much brighter. I glance down at myself. I didn't bother to get dressed since I now need a swim to get clean. I notice my pecker is starting to stretch out without any horny thoughts to go with it. It is much longer than it was yesterday. It is at least twelve inches. That Altar food works good. I better be careful or I'll eat myself out of having sex with Anthony. I am not going to do that to myself. Or Anthony, either.

Activity in the temple. Same people as the past two days cleaning the altars. Same Flutes player, and same feet washers. and the line up for Acolyte is the sam as the first day, the deputy is nowhere to be seen. My dick grows harder and harder as the moment approaches. The glow flows over everyone in the temple and as they orgasm, i join in the joyous release. I don't think I could ever get bored with that. And If I was one of the Acolytes? With their equipment?

Talk about rewards of the faithful!! They must be very, very popular!

They go through the same actions as the past two days, but this time I am going to wait and see Hermes in real time. I know, unless I start running the moment the Flutes player leaves, I would not get there in time to see Hermes appear with the wineskins.

I could set the alarm for an hour earlier and see if they actually have students observing through the skylight. If there's no body observing from their yacht I can wait till I hear the Flutes player leave and observe Hermes from the skylight!

That is what I am going to do tomorrow!

I see a column of light appear along with the form of a man, in the basin. Wine delivery! Hermes places the wineskins like he has for the past two days. I better get going. Don't want to keep a god waiting!

I take the carton and leave the cave and swim and walk to the temple. I slip out of my sandals and wash my feet. This time I take the same food as I did before but I drink half the wine from that particular altar as I gather the food. Then I move to the next altar and I gather and drink. I go to Hermaphrodites altar and then Herakles altar. Before I move to Zeus altar and just after I put the wineskin back at the feet of the Herakles statue I smile and look into the face of the statue and think, 'Handsome devil '. Then I gather at Zeus altar and drink half the wine.

I get that goofy innocent urge again and I jump up to kiss the feet of Zeus statue as I repeat my mantra of thanks. ' Thank you Zeus for my heart. Thank you for Anthony.'

As I hop off the altar and rearrange the remaining food I think, 'I guess it couldn't hurt to say that out loud'.

I look into the eyes of a Joyous aroused Zeus and tell him out loud, "Thank you Zeus for my heart. Thank you for my Anthony." I close my eyes and an image of Anthony smiling in the morning light, brings a bright light to my heart.

Suddenly something hot and wet hits the top of my bowed head. I open my eyes in time to see something white drip past my eyes and onto my chest. I lift my hand to see what could be on my head and find nothing! Not even a slippery residue. I look at my chest in time to see what looks like semen disappear into my body. I get the goofiest grin on my face.

I tell the statue of Zeus, "I was thanking you for the gifts you already gave me. I didn't need any more presents. Though I would have liked to catch that in my mouth.!"

This time, just in case I'l keep my eyes open. I look into his eyes again and tell him, "Thank you Zeus for my heart. Thank you for my Anthony."

I half expected another volley of god-spunk to come flying my way, but no luck. You know I'm going to be ready tomorrow with eyes wide open. Zeus ejaculate. Sounds like one of the aspects of the god instead of one of his projectiles. I sure want to stay away from the other projectiles. Thunderbolts and lightning.

I slip out of my clothes again and slid into the pool for my morning float an meditation. Once again that beautiful song runs through my head and I whistle the melody while watching the blue of the sky try to peek through the Island cloud cover. I close my eyes and imagine Anthony is floating next to me. Then I get out of the pool, because I wouldn't be floating for long if Anthony was in the pool with me. I start humming the beatles song Michelle, except I change the lyrics to, "Anthony ". I collect two wineskins for Anthony and once again explain, " For my Love" " For my Anthony."

I guess Hermes isn't upset or else he wouldn't have brought five wineskins again, He'd have only brought three. I dip my feet in the basin and leave for my mid morning snack.

By the time I get to the clearing I am starting to get the slightest hint of hunger. What is going on with my appetite? I had an enormous breakfast not more than an hour ago. Or was it two hours ago? I lose track of time in the temple, but it's not more than two hours and that is still too soon to be hungry again!

My belly ignores all that I'm thinking and I eat the altar food just like the past two days. I relieve my self at the ancient toilet, and miss toilet paper. Leaves work, but they are just not the same. My rinse off swim to the temple wasn't quite good enough and I take another bath near the toilet side outflow of the waterfall pool. I get the carton and the soap and washcloth back into the cave and take my measuring tape, a pair of goggles, a pencil and a note pad and head for the dock in front of the temple.

I dip my feet in the basin again before I measure the length of the dock and the short pillars the ships moor to. I set my things near the steps at the end of the dock where the cove opens to the sea. The steps lead a good ten feet down into the water. I put on the goggles and dip my head in before I decide to take a swim. I want to see if there are any eels or sharks swimming in the cove. Funny, no fish to speak of. The water is crystal clear. I swim to right in front of the entrance to the temple. The place below should be covered with some kind of debris. I let myself float a foot under water and I feel a gentle current sweeping along the face of the dock wall, and out to sea. That explains no rotted food, or debris. That also means no reason for much more examination of the area below the dock. There won't be any accidental artifacts just waiting to be found.

I get out of the water by the steps and note that the rock face of the hill runs right into the sea at a steep angle. If you didn't know about the hand hold ladder to the top of the temple, then you would think the only way from the dock to the rest of the Island is through the temple.

I go through the temple to the back entrance after dipping my feet again. I walk back to the crossroads and swim back to the cave for my camera. The tools that were left behind included a small shovel, so I grab that and the camera and swim back to the road and slowly walk back to the top of the Island. I finally notice small odd colored square stones inset into the stream side of the road. I walk back down hill and exactly one hundred paces I find another square marker, that had been hidden my mud. I measure and make notes, then move up hill. after six marker the change in to three squares of the previous size, all in a row perpendicular to the direction of the road.

I look at the hillside and notice a strange vague terracing that runs away from the road and looks like storm-drain catch basins. Many cities use storm-drain catch basins to slow flooding and put water back into the ground. The builders must have done this to provide year round water to the temple. And with the obelisk stele providing an attraction for clouds, these catch basins are guaranteed to be filled every night. I check another one hundred paces and find another set of three squares at the side of the road and a terrace. Three more times the same group of three squares every one hundred paces and then a block of nine squares.

I can see three terraces about thirty yards separating them. Then Its the quarry and the Plaza of the Stele Obelisk. I am going to have to set the alarm for midnight, for me to see when the clouds let loose with the rain. The rain hasn't woken me up yet. I know it happens but other than the constant running stream, there is no evidence to prove that that is where the water comes from. I go to the quarry's edge by the sea and can see this end of the Island. I see the terraces circled around the Island. That has to be part of the Magical/mundane waterworks that supply the temple and waterfall with water.

It snuck up on me. Suddenly I am very hungry. I head back to the cave and make another very large sandwich. I hardly taste it as I wolf it down. I find a bag of potato chips and stuff them into my mouth. My hunger dies down a bit. I remember to turn of the VCR and rewind it. I put a new tape in the VCR and label the one I removed. Suddenly I'm very tired and decide to take a nap. I set the alarm for near sunset so I'll get things ready for tomorrow, and drift of to sleep in moments. I sleep without dreams this time.

I awake to the alarm and my stomach. I'm hungry for a bigger dinner than usual. I heat up two dinners that a the same and end up wolfing them down just like breakfast. How can I be so hungry? Well at least the two dinners stopped the empty feeling in my belly.

I take the pan, plate and silverware and wash it near were I take my bath and think, 'Now what can I do for that empty feeling in my heart? ' I'm starting to really miss Anthony like I'd miss a hand or arm. He really does make me feel whole.

I go through the routine of getting the generator and the current battery and recharging it and hook up the spare battery to the inverter. In no time at all the battery is charged and I pull every thing back inside the cave. I go use the toilet and come back and close the flap to the entrance. I have some of the normal wine and set the alarm for an hour before the acolyte usually arrive. I say my prayers for Anthony's safety, and I again thank Zeus for bringing Anthony and me together. Then I drift off to sleep.


Muddled Dreams

I'm standing in the clearing near the waterfall pool, and suddenly the rain starts to come down. At first it's gentle. then the wind picks up and the drops get bigger. Lightning strikes the waterfall and I run to the temple. I'm naked and when I get to the temple entrance I see that someone has lit the oil lamps inside. I peek inside but there's nobody inside and I can't see a ship at the dock. I go over to the basin and as I wash my feet I can see no ship tied to the dock or pulled up onto it. I turn to the statues and the flickering of the lamps throw shadows onto the walls, the rain has died down a bit and it gently enters the temple through the skylight. The weather is still warm and on a whim I slip into the pool and float. It's a neat feeling of floating as rain falls on your skin. This goes on for a few moments until I realize I have never done anything like that. I've never been in water where rain could fall on me. I start to get goosebumps and I stand up facing the statue of Zeus just as a lightning bolt arc through the skylight and hits in back of the altar wall. For a moment I'm blinded and suddenly the sound of an alarm clock pulls me back to the real world.

At least I think it's the real world. I am lying face up on a mound of sticks they seem to be about four feet long and smaller ones are crossed and held together with small hinges. The alarm clock is getting to be annoying and as I reach for it I realize Its closer than I thought. Then I see it's smaller than I remember it. I reach for the camp light only to find It's smaller too. I stand up and nearly hit my head on the ceiling of the cave! The ceiling is at least eight and a half or nine feet high. I find the tape measure and It feels small. I pull out enough to reach from the top of my head to my feet. I can't believe the numbers. I look for my sandals. they are two thirds the size they should be. Is this a joke.? Did Anthony and Janos come back last night and change everything? But how could they have changed the height of the cave. I flip open the flap and nearly tear it open. I'm so big the old opening isn't big enough anymore. I swim across the pool and it feels small I start towards the temple and stop myself.

What's happened is not a joke. I can't go to the temple until the acolytes come and then leave. I head to the toilets instead and find I can barely use them. Luckily the stream washes away my shit. As I'm walking back to the cave I realize there is more than just height that changed. My body seems a little longer in the trunk and my muscles are bigger. Now that I notice it, my arms and thighs are almost two-thirds larger than yesterday.

Then as I get into the pool to swim to the cave, my dick starts to get stiffer. I think of Anthony and it gets even harder. By the time I get to the cave I have an enormous hardon and it is giving me a hard time getting through the opening. I have to pull it against my belly and it almost reaches my sternum! I get in and close the flap as well as I can and turn on the inverter and the VCR/ monitor. The image comes in and I can just see the yacht come into view. They just got here. I don't know why I worry. They haven't gone anywhere but into the temple.

My dick deflates a bit as my belly tells me I missed my breakfast and to make up for it I decide to have more this morning. I cook up nine eggs and three of the hash browns, and add a bowl of cereal for good measure. That fills me up, but I wonder for how long?

With food inside me my dick decides to show off and come to full attention. I really didn't take stock of the changes down there and as I reach for Sparky's friends I find they have grown too. I realize my hands are a bit larger proportionally, and still my balls feel huge. This discovery causes my cock to flare and seem to thicken just a bit. I can't wait anymore. I start to jack off and only moments into it I start thinking of Anthony.

Oh my god!! Anthony would be like he was four feet tall to me. I lose a little momentum thinking He couldn't hold me like he used to. But a happy thought gets me going again. Now I can give him head while I lick his balls. Now I feel better. and while all this has been going on the acolyte have been cleaning the statues cocks. I see the glow hit the men and I'm suddenly coming like a cannon. It just shoots out in thick long ribbons and its like its not going to stop. Long after the men have cleaned up their own cum, I'm still firing. It eases up and then ends and the men are getting out of the pool. That had to be seven minutes. Oh wow!

I calm down and when the men leave and I can see the yacht leave, I start to think. My belly is not helping. I figure, three days of food and wine from the altars and I'm three feet taller. My belly says One more day will be just another foot in height, and I'm already a freak, go for it. My head shys away from it but then I notice the glow from the temple basin. Hermes has returned. He places the first two wineskins and this time he smiles and winks at the camera. He finishes placing the wineskins and disappears in the basin.

My head says one thing and my belly says another. My heart just wants my Anthony right now, but that won't happen for a few more days. I look at the monitor and remember that smile and a wink. My face screws up. I don't know what I'm going to do.

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