Alterations 8

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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with Male to male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Worrying about the difference between being nine feet tall and ten feet tall, lasted all of five minutes. I controlled myself to the point where I could walk at a normal pace to the temple.

But what's normal now? Every thing I became accustomed to in the past three days, looks smaller. Walking down the road to the temple I have to duck twice to miss branches of trees I never really noticed before. Talk about your different point of view.

The temple entrances are no problem and now that I'm thinking of height, I see that the entrances are high enough for a twenty foot tall man.

Then it really dawns on me. I've seen Hermes come to the temple. But he was portrayed as close to human height. What about the other gods? Poseidon would come through the Dock entrance from the sea, and at his full height. So twenty feet is the limit on gods walking through temples. Gods actually came to this temple. Not just one god, the messenger god, Hermes. Other Gods walk this floor. And perhaps in homage to Zeus, washed their feet in the larger, "basin". For a twenty foot tall god, the pool would be a foot bath. Wow!

Well the tapes show Hermes appearing and disappearing. And now they will show me at nine feet tall, washing my feet in the basin and collecting the food from the altars. I go through the same routine as the last three days. I notice my eyes come up to Priapus waist now. And I'm staring into Dionysus erection and Zeus Balls. On Hermaphrodite it's his/hers waist and on Herakles It's his erection.

I put the carton full of altar food aside and drink half of the wineskins. This time I take Herakles and Dionysus wineskins for Anthony. I put them in the carton and I slip into the pool. It's fifteen feet in diameter, so I don't have any problem floating without touching the sides. It was still a bit confusing getting in the pool. Yesterday the water level was four feet, while today the level appeared to be lower. Before, four feet deep, now it seems like three feet.

During my float/meditation, I noticed the blue patches were having a harder time shining through the clouds. One thick gray cloud rolled over the temple. It brought forth a gentle rain for eight minutes that fell through the skylight. As the rain hit my body, it seemed to disappear into my skin, like the cum from the altar statues. Then as the gray cloud passes by a blue patch appears between the clouds and more light falls into the temple. With the light comes something else. My huge cock decides to enjoy the pool, and I barely touch it and it gets as hard as steel.

This time it looked like the glow came from the tip of my dick. I just started stroking and pulling on my cock as I rub my balls. Well I should say rub my ball, since they are so big I can't hold them both at the same time. OOh Baby, that feels good. After ten or fifteen minutes I realize it's hard to hold one ball in my hand. They have gotten larger as I've jerked off in the pool.

Then like a friend calling just out of sight, I hear mumbles and then the one word that sounds clear ' Anthony '. This gets me thinking about Anthony's body and smile and voice and how we kiss. I must have been lost in the thoughts of Anthony for a good ten minutes, and I was wanking every minute of it. But now with me summing up Anthony's charms; my nut-sack tightens up around balls six inches in diameter.

I start to have a lengthy, prolonged, cum soaking, animal noise making, orgasm! I lose track of time, because the images that came to me with the bliss, were those of my true love. Let me tell you, images of the one you love rolling through your head can turn a one minute show into a fifteen minute extravaganza. I really was soaked in cum and the outflow channel for the pool had a white dam like clump, bunching near it. Every part of me that somehow stayed out of the water was covered a quarter inch thick with Nick's tangy spunk. The video tape shows that my shots of jism all went straight up and averaged fifteen feet at the apex of their trajectory. The tape ended up making me horny when I saw spooge splatters hit my body and make a bigger splash from the previous thickening layer of spunk. I roll it over my chest and rub it around my nipples.

I thought I was done but a glow from the basin reaches the altars and then the pool and my cock recovers in a minute. My balls are visibly refilling and filling up with half again more semen. My lips brush across the head of my dick and then I get them all the way around the thick purple head. I start licking and sucking and before I even notice I suddenly have fifteen inches down my throat and I'm trying to get the other fifteen down it too.

I start coming but it goes on and on. I focus back to what I'm doing to my self when the sun is straight over head and my belly has expanded to the point it is pushing me away from my dick. My belly is over full, so what's the next sensation I go through? You guessed it.

I am still hungry! I flip over and wash off the cum on my body. My dick will not deflate to anything less than half mast. So it's bobbing around as I get to things and My balls start to sort of sing each time my cock bounces on them. They want more bounce.

My belly filling wank lost me two hours easy. I get to the clearing and tear through the altar food. I toss out the seeds and pits, and float the wineskins and carton across to the cave. It still feels small. I rewind the tape to find that I was ten inches shy of sucking myself down to the base of my cock. WOW. That was a powerful glow from the basin. Hermes again? By the time meter and the amount of tape I fast forwarded through, I was slurping down my seed for an hour and forty one minutes. And I don't even have blue balls. Or a recollection of the time doing it. I knew you got a neat glow after coming, but a glow that made you cum?

I change the tape for a new one and mark the case of the one I removed ' Special!! ' and then mark todays date on it.

The minute I put the tape in the proper carton, I reached for the cooler and made two big sandwiches. I got control of myself before I started eating and I made myself chew and taste every bite. They were two of my best sandwiches I ever made. Yeah. I didn't wolf them down. Tomorrow I might have a chance of controlling myself and Not eating or drinking any altar food.

I went to the edge of the pool that feed the toilet outflow to take a piss. I was frowning by the time I was through. The stream of piss was at least three eights of an inch in diameter. I had to have passed at least a gallon and a half. I realized the danger of what just happened and I swim over to the waterfall and start drinking water to replace what I just lost, and then some. All I need is to dehydrate myself, and My Anthony could be finding the Late Nick Stavros.

I put my head down and let the water pummel my neck and back like a shower massage. The cold water and just the right height for the water to fall and my upper-back and shoulders feel great. I don't stay there more than ten minutes, and I swim back to the cave to set the alarm and take a small nap. Eating and masturbating and growing. They can wear you down if you don't take a nap every once in a while. I set the alarm for five PM and collect the wood from under the sleeping bag, and what's left of the cot material, and pile it near the entrance.

I spread all the blankets and sleeping bags and pillows out and at least the upper two thirds of me is off the cave floor. I fall asleep seconds after my head hit the pillows.

Sharing one more Dream

My body is curled up in an odd way and I feel a huge hand with a familiar scent rub my lower back down to my tail. My tail! My eyes are a bit gooey and it takes some spit to help get all the sleep from my eyes.

Herakles smiles at me and says, "Well Cheiron, I'm back. And the storm didn't last the night, just like you said. Have the gods given you a vision explaining why they brought Nick and I from the future only to take us back?"

I get up and grab his arms and pull him to me as I'm pulling myself the rest of the way standing. I get Anthony into one of our kisses and it takes five minutes before he comes up for air and smiles his most beautiful smile.

He just looks into my eyes for a moment or two. I'm doing the same. Like charging up your Love battery. Then he softly murmurs, "Nick." He looks so happy. I hope my face is saying the same thing. He pulls me into an enormous embrace. Just mountains of muscle.

It's such a safe feeling, enveloped in thick loving strength. His head inches down towards mine without letting me go. He tells me, "I never knew the sound of nickering would turn me on like this." I realize I was so happy my half-horse brain started me making happy horse sounds.

I tell him as my lips brush against his nipple, "That just might be because you are holding onto the happiest centaur in the world." I kiss his nipple then roll it between my teeth. Just enough pressure to get it gently moving across my teeth without hurting it. I start to kiss his massive chest right under the thick edge that almost rolls back up to the ribcage. I kiss along the front and by the time I reach the other nipple, he has his hands on my back giving me one of the best back rubs ever. his knees are quivering just a little bit as I suck and tease his other nipple. I try to reach as far around him as possible and only reach to a hands width on the back side of his Lats. He is so wide, thick, deep, massive, swollen, pumped, solid, and generally humungous. Then as I tip my face up through that valley between his pecs, I see that oh so handsome face. His eyes, his lips, his face is beautiful in a very masculine way. And also beautiful because his face is animated by Anthony in a way that tells anyone he looks at, that his attention is one hundred percent on you. You feel that you are the one he wants to focus on, that he's happy to pay attention to.

I remember what Herakles told me when I complimented his face, and enveloped as I am in thick meaty Herakles/Anthony, I tell Anthony, "Poor Herakles. He is so massive that people hardly ever see how handsome he is. His muscles make people miss the power of his face." Anthony releases me enough to be able to reach down and start another one of our kisses. Time flows and we discover our bodies are determined to start something with a little more movement.

Our surroundings finally come to our attention. We must be in Cheiron's half cave half hut. There's a lot of straw on the ground along with blankets and thick cylindrical pillows. There are shelves carved out of the cave wall for little jars and bottles and boxes. Anthony reaches for a half opened jar of gooey honey colored grease. Lube! He looks down and frowns a bit but smiles and says" It is my turn to feel bad, but I have to tell you. Last night I dreamed of a storm and I found myself In Herakles body and I had sex with Cheiron. I was hoping You would arrive sometime during the stroking and such, but hoping didn't make it so. From the way you felt the other day when you told me about having sex with Herakles, I know that my behavior might hurt you. I have no excuse. But you have to know I would die before I would do anything to hurt you."

His face now looks tortured and frightened. I have got to stop what ever he thinks is going to happen. I put my hands up to his face. I'm covering his cheeks and the sides of his forehead. I try to flatten out the frown, fear look.

I tell him, "Anthony, I was taught by a very wise man to use this phrase, and I know it will make everything alright." I pause and smile into his eyes. I tell him, "And the words are: It's alright, it's alright . I forgive you. You're silly. But I love you anyway."

The look in his eye as the smile burst through like a thousand suns, will never leave me. Our love is solid, and any of the worries we bring to it will be talked about and dispelled. Their passing will make our love stronger.

I know he saw this too. He reached down and pulled my centaur body closer so I could hug his head as he hugged my body and let his hands rub and caress and tickle and knead, and love me in this body the gods and mortals have let me share. My hands are telling him the same thing as I push and massage, and love Anthony In the body of Herakles.

For the first time I could hear in the back of my mind the voices of Herakles and Cheiron. They were talking like older brothers watching a pure and strong love wash over their youngest of brothers for the first time. A love that guides two men to the true coming of age. Not the physical. But emotionally and spiritually becoming a man. Your love is the prize, protecting it my duty. Taking the responsibility to honor and respect the love we share, and the vessels that generate that love. The love I receive is a gift, as is the love I give to you. Freely given and freely received. Cherished, for Love is priceless.

We realize this time we will be having an audience, while we quicken our Love. Two souls that shared a love just as deep. In the time they were sharing that love. So generous a love they are willing to give us a stage, a foundation to express our love, and allow it to echo down time into the future. A Love broadcaster/ amplifier. The kind of love that can bond with space and vibrate through time, touching all who come into it's presence.

Anthony and I begin with the declaration of the power involved.

I look into his eyes and tell him, "I love you, Anthony."

Looking back into my heart and my very soul, Anthony tells me, "I love you, Nick."

We draw close, and our lips hesitate so they may honor the next act of surrender/victory. In a kiss, you give your whole heart and get back the world. The Zen of Love.

Anthony picks up the jar of lube and chuckles. Instead of putting it on his dick, he reached under his balls and put a dollop on his asshole. Cheiron has a mound of loose hay and straw covered with blankets and pillows. Anthony takes both my hands and walks us over to the blanket mound. He sets up the pillows so his manhole can be reached a bit easier by a centaur. I start to careful walk over him and he reaches down and coats my meter stick of a dick with lube from his hands. My upper body curls down towards him when he strokes my monster. He's watching my reaction and my ' I'm so lucky ' Smile. He's got a ' Look what I can do ' Smile.

Then he lines me up and I inch forward. My cock head is in and then it's riding over the prostate love button. So I pause and sort of roll it a bit, and his smile says thats good for a few minutes. I tell Anthony, "I'm pretty sure what my dick is telling you. But did you know my dick was telling me' Damn. We only go to the best places.' " He closes his eyes and tips his head back, then looks into my eyes.

His skin just got goose-bumps. He tells me, "Nick my love. You know what we are doing every time we get near each other?" He pulled me deeper into him and I start a rhythm with twelve inches in, then twelve inches out. I bring my head as close to his as possible.

I say, "I have a good idea, but I can tell. You know exactly what happens when we come together. Tell me love, what is the perfect words for it.?

He gives out a little coo of a laugh cause he and I feel so good, then he says, "When we come together, we make heaven." My head reeled and I pushed all the way into MY world, my love, MY Anthony. My skin got goose bumps, and I had to make every inch possible, run over his love button.

I knew no truer words. I called out, "YES!" I started to push all the way in and pull out two feet of centaur love. My body was a tool of love and Anthony deserved every bit of it. Each thrust was Giving him LOVE. He had given me so much love in so short a time I could only be worthy of that sharing if I gave every bit of love in my heart, body and soul, to the man I love. Some how with all that I could send to Anthony and the effect it must be having on him. I suddenly realized Anthony was using Herakles superior muscle control. His man-pussy was grabbing and caressing and it felt like there was no other word for what we were giving to each other. Heaven.

This passion to please went on for a while and though it was in the middle of the night in the past; the area and our very bodies started to throw off light like celestial sweat. The glow that I saw in the temple was coming from us and when it reached the walls, our peak came into view. We both got that catch in the throat feeling that we would cum together at the same time. The pace picked up and suddenly out side we saw a flash and then thunder. Oh god!

We both said it like a prayer. " Zeus is watching too!" The lightning flashed again and thunder very close. Our pace got to where we were just at the top and we could hear little crackling lightning strikes far away. They spurred us over the edge and the moment I poured my love of Anthony deep inside him and he coated my belly with his love for me; the Lightning struck right outside the hut and the deafening roar was anything but frightening. It was a shout. It was an exaltation from Zeus hand. It was joy in what we were making right there, from Zeus himself. Heaven!

My Anthony is so smart and so wise. He knows the right words for what is happening. I scoot back and lean my upper body on Anthony to kiss him. We stay like that for a few minutes. Then I hear distant rumbling . I look into Anthony's eyes and tell him, "I love you, Anthony."

He sees into my soul and his words echo there. He says, "I love you Nick".

The rumbling speeds up and then another deafening lightning strike and the thunder washes over me and I feel like a leaf in a swift wind.

Oh god! The cave is not as dark as usual. There is something wet on my feet, and I can feel wind. I look down and My feet are poking through the flap but my head is where it was when I went to asleep.

This is not good for humans. Total ecstasy one moment with the one you love. Then in a flash (literally), you are some-when else in time and in a cave and you've grown taller. No this is not that healthy for humans. Am I still human? How tall am I now?

I find the camp light and when I get it turned on I can see that I didn't just grow one foot taller. I don't need the tape measure. At nine feet in height, things seem smaller but not that small. It's an odd proportion of your original height. What time is it? I slept through the alarm going off last night.

But twelve feet tall gives everything the look of being half as big as it used to.

My heart starts to race. My head did the math. The thought Three days makes you three feet taller and one more day makes you three feet taller. that doesn't add up. Oh no! NO, NO, NO! I did not do this to myself. I did not just eat myself into being so big I can never make love to Anthony again. NO, NO, NO,NO,NO!!!!

I pull my feet into the cave, and curl up in a fetal position. My mind (the logical part) had told me. It makes sense if One day grows three feet taller. but the growth is delayed three days. I ate four days. In the next two days I'm going to grow six feet taller. Why? Why would Zeus do that? Why bring us together just to make a freak show and stop us from ever sharing our love again. I can never push Anthony's love button again! My dick will never fit inside anyone ever again! I curl up tighter and start crying and sobbing. I keep on asking Why? Why? Didn't we please you? didn't we take the spirit of the temple to heart? I wore myself out within an hour and fell back asleep. The Alarm clock read two- thirty Am and luckily my body was so tired from growing I was able to get back to sleep. But further dreams did not appear.

My stomach woke me half an hour before the alarm should have. Five PM was ignored last night and I never reset the alarm! I turn on the inverter and the monitor and the VCR. The camp light lets me see just how dinky everything is now. I start scrambling eight eggs while frying twelve sausage. I get another pan going with four servings of hash brown potatoes. It was just weird cracking the eggs, like a sparrows egg.

Breakfast was just enough to cut the feeling of hunger. I was going to run out of food very soon, If I kept on this way.

I finally feel calm enough to really look at my body. At twelve feet tall and shoulders at fifty-two inches wide, My arms were very, very thick as well as my shoulders and chest. My lats were also very thick and wide and they kept my arms from hanging straight down from my shoulders. My torso was longer than normal and my legs at a shorter proportion than before. My thighs were on their way to being so thick I couldn't run let alone walk fast.

Then Sparky became half aroused and refused to be ignored. My dick became erect very quickly the minute I ran my hand over it. Then when I stopped rubbing, it got painfully hard. I started jacking it and was soon near the edge, when I reached down and brushed against my balls. Oh my god! How can they be that big. My hands were proportionally larger and I still couldn't hold one in my hand. Once I got the stroking going and I rolled and rubbed my balls I just started to shoot like a fire-hydrant. Thick ropy streams of cum shot out of Sparky up to two feet long at times and at least a quarter of an inch thick. Then after five minutes of at least ten spurts a minute, I wondered if maybe I would shrink back to a smaller size if I kept on coming. But no such luck. after five minutes I got six spurts to finish the spoogefest. I had aimed towards the empty ice chest with the lid left open and when I checked how much cum was in it, I couldn't believe it. There was a good three inches deep puddle of cum in the normal sized ice chest. And that from end to end. That has to be at least a gallon and a half!

The light was coming up in the temple and the men in black robes were starting early. The procedure was the same as the past four and the deputy did not return today. When they started to clean the statues I got as hard as a rock again and I tried not to touch my self. But It was too much. When the glow hit the men in the temple My hands flew to my cock and started to go from end to end. Then I got the bright idea to suck my own dick. This led me off on my own for at least half an hour. I would come for a few minutes and then stop for a minute. Then I would come again for two minutes and stop for a minute. I came ten times in that half of an hour. After the half an hour, my dick did finally go limp. But for how long?

The men were already gone and Hermes had come and gone. I got that urge to collect the food But I was not going to eat it. In the back of my mind I prayed that maybe Anthony would eat some to be closer to my height. But my heart couldn't think of hurting Anthony like that. Become a freak because I screwed up? I don't know what I'm going to do with the altar food but I do know I'm not eating any more. And I'm skipping the wine too.

I feel weird walking over to the temple. Not a stitch of clothing on and now even more branches I have to duck under. I wash my feet and they both can fit in the basin at the same time, but I doubt tomorrow will be the same. I collect the food and wrap it in plastic wrap to try to keep it fresh.

I take the wine skins from Priapus and Herakles altar and when Its all together., I kneel at the Zeus altar and pray I can be close to normal size again. I plead with Zeus in my head to not take my Anthony away because I did something stupid. I slip into the pool and it feels like a kiddy pool at the local public swimming pool. I can sit down and almost stretch out but I'm too big to float.

I try not to cry and barely do it. No glow comes today. I get out of the pool and take the food to the cave . I rinse the empty ice chest out, and put the wine and fruit and bread in it with the rest of the dry ice.

I take out twice what I would normally eat at lunch. It's only ten AM, but my hunger is starting up. After I finish lunch, I take a nap, hoping for dreams but they never come. When I wake up it's two PM and I eat the same amount of food as I did for lunch. I swim over and try to use the toilet but I end up hanging over the edge. Luckily the stream doesn't care if it went through the seat or not, It takes it away anyway. I walk back to the pool and swim to the cave and I'm suddenly tired again. I figure my body won't let me sleep too long so I take another nap and again sleep with no dreams. I wake up to a growling stomach and find it is eight PM. I eat two dinners and set the spare battery onto the inverter. I pull the generator and the other battery out and start recharging the battery.

I swim over to the waterfall and let the water run over my back like a shower. I must have fallen asleep, because the sputtering of the generator woke me up. I swim over and check the charge in the battery. It's fully charged and I turn the generator off. After I put it in the cave I add gas to it's tank and stow it away. I take the time to rearrange the things in the cave, so I won't break anything when I get taller. Then I try to get to sleep. I pray for Anthony to arrive tomorrow, that he's safe and that I don't frighten him away. I pray I don't lose the best thing to happen to me in my life, Anthony. And I fall asleep hoping for another dream with Anthony.


Muddled Dreams

I had no body. I floated above a scene of fighting and carnage. There were humans fighting with centaurs and the humans were winning. The place they chose to fight was too hilly and the rows of archers in small pockets of the hills kept them safe from the centaurs archers. In the entire battlefield, there were no places large enough to shield a centaur.

Even without a body I felt sick. Heart sick! I could sense that the gods were watching and the profound sadness coming from them was beyond description. Even Ares was disgusted by this act of genocide. My location shifted and I was floating just outside the battlefield.

I was floating in a small cave where Herakles was restraining Cheiron. He was keeping his lover from being slaughtered with the rest. No wonder there was never an account of Herakles being in the fight against the centaurs.

They could not sense me watching. They must have been in so much agony.

Cheiron was neighing and whinnying and pleading with Herakles to release him. " My sons are out there being murdered!"

Herakles was sobbing and holding him and saying, "I've lost everyone I've ever loved, I won't lose you too!" and after more crying, "I can't lose you too!"

A human hearing the horse sounds thinks Herakles is fighting a centaur. When Herakles sees him, he grabs the mans sword and breaks it in two before he realizes he's cut himself. The mans hand and arm are broken in the process. The man groans and asks" Herakles, Why? They raped our women?"

Herakles eyes flash red as he says, "I don't care what you say happened. Leave us alone." He got to the cave entrance and shouted, "Leave us alone, or I will wipe Sabine from the map with your blood. Leave us alone." The fire died in his eyes and the men near the cave dropped their swords and held their ears and ran from the battle. The words 'Leave us alone' rang in their ears for days. Perhaps Ares took pity on a half god, who had more than his share of loss.

In any event, no one came near the cave. Herakles turned back and found Cheiron weeping. Cheiron took in a ragged breath and sobbed out, "Is there nothing we can do?"

Herakles said, "We arrived too late. If we tried to do anything now, we would both be just throwing ourselves onto the pyre." His love for Cheiron pulled strength into his next words. " And if I thought that, that was what you would want, I would gladly have walked into the fire with you. But you were the one to keep me from that path when my wife and children lay dead at my feet and by my own hand. How could Hera hate me so, and all I wished was to make her smile?"

The ropes were finally loose but Cheiron reached over to the crumpled form that was his lover. He took Herakles in his arms and Herakles held on to him like his own children were dying outside. Cheiron whispered, "Will you help me build a pyre for them when the killing is done?"

Herakles said, "Yes, my love. If you are there I may be able to bear the sorrow of more loved ones taken by the fire." Their crying could not drown out the sounds of hatred and killing.

For me the loss, radiating from these two mighty beings, who were powerless to stop this genocide, was like the sound of a very bad rock concert, just painful sound at an unbearable volume. This loss demanded a marker, required some cosmic leveling. I could not leave this place without knowing exactly where it was.

Oh my God. It was God that did this time slip. Not the gods, but God!

I was pulled into the past to bear witness to the murder of the centaurs. There must be some evidence proving the existence of centaurs in the past and their genocide during Herakles time. To admit humanities part in that heinous act and to try to atone for it.

I am pulled away from the cave and the light flickers. It is another day and the majority of the dead centaurs are being taken to a mass pyre by Herakles. Then time slips again and I see three handsome dead centaurs being lovingly placed into the cave that Herakles saved Cheiron in. Herakles and Cheiron have pulled slabs of marble from some other place and created a mausoleum of sorts. The three centaurs have their bows and some arrows at one side and their swords on the other. Herakles doesn't notice, but Cheiron has placed the sword that Herakles broke protecting Cheiron, into the mausoleum just before they close the entrance. The light flickers and I see the covering stone now has an inscription in ancient Greek.

"Here lie the children of Cheiron, No more will their sweet voices sing the songs of their childhood."

With those words ringing in my ears I float up and notice a river near the cave. Then I float up higher and see the river flow into the sea. My orientation twists so everything seems to move counter clockwise forty-five degrees. I was facing north-west. the coast line moves upward so I must be traveling south. Then there is another river and then after I travel the same distance between the first river to the second, I stop going south. I suddenly go east and I float above an Island that has clouds that cover it completely. I sink through the clouds and see the top of a waterfall with a cave next to it, and I fall through the rock and into my body.

I wake up to a cave that feels smaller. I can't sleep in the cave tonight, I'll break everything. I'm lucky I didn't this time. My stomach says feed me now and I'm able to. all the eggs are gone but I fry up the last of the sausage and hash brown potatoes. I have enough milk for the cereal thats left and I finish off a box and a half of corn flakes. I get the inverter and VCR turned on and recording. The pencils are too small for me to write where i think the mausoleum is, so I'll just have to make a note on the VCR when I gather the food.

The men appear and go through the same ritual as before and once again I am caught in an overload of orgasm. This time I fill the other cooler to over half full with my cum.

When they leave and Hermes sets out the wineskins I swim (closer to wade now) over to the road and walk over to the temple. I have to crouch for the last fifty feet before the back entrance because of the low hanging branches. At the basin, one foot will fit but two won't now.

I collect the food and three wineskins this time. before I kiss Zeus feet, I thank him for Anthony and pray Zeus will show me a way to shrink back to normal. I comment out loud that I can hardly do my job and uncover Cheiron's mausoleum to his three sons, if I am eighteen feet tall.

No flash of light or glow comes from the statues, so I slip in the pool and I can touch the edge with my hands and feet. The water starts to glow and my four and a half foot dick suddenly has all my attention. I just start sucking and licking this huge purple beast that reaches two thirds the way up my chest. I start coming and once again repeat the pattern from the other day. Come for two minutes pause for one. But this goes on for an hour and fifty-five minutes. When I am finally spent, I remember to leave a description of where I think the mausoleum is located. Then I take the food and wine and put it in the cave I pull enough normal food out for three meals and wolf it down.

I hope Anthony is going to show up tonight. I have enough food for three meals and maybe one more. What is Anthony going to think of me? Am I going to lose the best part of my life, and all because I had to see that ritual? Wasn't Zeus just as happy with wine and baklava?

Please please Anthony. I miss you so much. Please don't be afraid. I don't think my heart could take losing you. Please Anthony hurry back to me.

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