Bigger is Good 5

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Disclaimer : This is a Science fiction story which has Male to Male Love and sex relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years you shouldn't be here. You have been warned.

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Doc could smell a combination antiseptic cleanser, a mix of colognes, and a certain sweaty male scent. Like walnuts and musk. He knew exactly who had that scent. Filthy or clean, that undertone of odor came through when ever Lalo was near.

Doc thought he was in the doctors lounge again, and none of the other odors could cover up Lalo's scent or stop him from what he always wanted to do. The first few times he'd smelled that scent and then knew it was from Lalo, he knew part of his heart was forever lost to that man. Doc found he had to start wearing jockey shorts instead of his preferred boxers, or else he would tent up at the most inappropriate times. But for some reason this time there was no reason to hold back or act uninterested.

Doc could hear the water flowing over a body in the shower. He had already called out to Lalo, but this time he says, "Mi compadre, do you need any help in there?"

Doc is taking off his clothes in record time as he sees a profile and a very stiff member through the shower door.

Lalo turns to the shower door and peers through the steam and blurts out, "Doc?"

Doc is sporting a thick woody and a big grin as he opens the shower door and says, "Or could you maybe help me?" His grin turns sheepish as he steps into the shower and then into the arms of a very hot looking Hispanic doctor.

As Doc starts kissing and then tasting that scent off of Lalo's neck and under his jaw, Lalo says, "About time. I've been waiting for this for a lo" Doc cuts the conversation short by sucking Lalo's tongue out of his head and for a few seconds keeping a certain vacuum on as much of it as he could.

Lalo breaks the vapor lock to say, "Doc, I don't need help; I want help. From you. I want you." He looks down at two fat eight inchers sliding across each other and says, "And it looks like you want me too. You're my brave stud ."

They both take their left hand off each others shoulder and reach below their raging cocks to fondle the others aching balls. Lalo continues with, "I am so glad you had the cajones to finally say how you feel. Now you ARE my brave stud. " Lalo's forehead is resting on Docs as he gently smiles pure contentment at Doc.

But something is not quite right. Docs senses that they, no that he is on his back. The sound of the water is gone, as well as the lights and the feel of another cock pressed against his belly. Doc thinks, "WAIT!" and almost shouts it out loud but something stops him.

Why can't he speak? What is he waiting for? (Lalo has asked that question a thousand times) Then it hits him again... That scent!! Walnuts and musk and Oh just call it essence of Lalo.

An overhead light for another hospital bed gets turned on in the room Doc and Sam were sleeping in. Lalo is there, and completly dressed. That scent wasn't so powerful now that he was awake and the dream was over (at least for now ). But the scent got thicker as Lalo came over and gently shook Doc fully awake.

Lalo starts with, "Wakey-wakey sleepy heads. Kasey is over picking up Peter and taking him to the Lab. If you get up now, you two can get a bite of breakfast before we have to start."

Lalo's words helped but what's really working on Doc's' adrenal glands is that scent of his. Doc now realizes the shower was just a dream. Just a really hot dream. A dream he's gonna have to realize someday real soon.

Doc throws back the covers to show the boxers he sleeps in holding back a half hearted morning chub. Lalo notices and waits a moment to see if Doc acknowledges. Doc for his part is trying to hold on to as much of the dream as he could while looking past and down towards his crotch. Doc has a little grin on, as he thinks, "I sure want to be his brave stud" and then he looks up and into Lalos eyes for the first time like he wants Lalo.

Lalo shakes his shoulder as he says, "good-morning Doc, You awake now. So I can go on to waking up Sam?"

Doc pats Lalo's right hand on Docs left shoulder with his right hand and says. "Go ahead, I'll give you a hand if you want it."

Lalo says, "Well not this minute, but I'll take a rain check on that, If you don't mind."

Doc says, "Anything for a good friend!" as he slips out of his boxers and into his jockeys and then his slacks and a shirt on top. He tackles the socks and shoes as Sam sits up and stretches. Sam nearly gets himself tangled in the little chains holding the privacy curtains in the room to the ceiling, and Doc thinks, "he has got some reach on those arms!" This observation gets him studying Sams massive bowling ball size biceps as Sam stretches and this gets something on Doc to try and stretch out a little longer.

Doc looks down at his chubby and softly mutters, "Down Simba," and smirks.

The smirk gets chased off when Lalo asks, "What was that Doc?" Doc just looks up at Lalo and shakes his head with a never-mind smile.

Just then Sam finishes stretching and dressing in the borrowed scrubs and asks, "did I hear someone say breakfast or was I dreamin?"

Lalo turns back to Sam and says, "No not a dream, just follow me, my friends to the land of Milk and Honey bran wheat flakes... Oh yeah, with a side of bacon and two eggs.!" He starts to chuckle and Doc joins in as they head towards the cafeteria.

Sam smiles and his bass rumble of a voice says, "sounds like a good start. But what else we got goin for breakfast?" Doc and Lalo take this in and only laugh louder.

Lalo says, "Well Sam we'll just have to see," as they enter the cafeteria.

For Peter it's different. In his dream he knew something bad was about to happen but he couldn't see what it was. But just before whatever it was was about to hit; Sam appeared out of the fog. He picked up Peter in one quick swoop and held him in his arms so nothing could harm him. In dreams or in the real world, Sams arms were the safest place to be.

But that was only Peter's mind; his body was starting to fail. His liver wasn't filtering storing or converting all the nutrients and hormones it was supposed to. It couldn't . Not right then, not yet.

Kasey was a joker at times but never with a patient. So when he saw the rapid eye movements Peter was showing and then saw the outline of a very very large dong just trying to give Peter some morning wood; Kasey got one of those goofy grins that either means practical joke or compassionate older brother.

Kasey decided he could wait till Peter's R.E.M. subsided. "It shouldn't be much longer, "He muttered and he was almost immediately rewarded with eye movement stopping and slowly eye lids opening. Peter had a slight smile as he opened his eyes. He didn't seem confused or groggy.

Kasey says, "Good morning Peter. My name is Kasey. I'm one of the researchers with Dr.Marantz Lab."

Peter smiles a little broader but then frowns a bit as if in pain. To cover this Peter says, "Good morning Kasey."

Kasey continues with, "I'm here to get you awake and over to the Lab, so we can start the procedure. I wish we could offer you some breakfast or at least some of that nutrition drink; but you're not allowed anything except a little water before the procedure."

Peter says, "That's good cause I sure could use some water right about now."

Kasey gets a small glass of water and asks nurse Parker, "Parker, could I please get some help moving our patient and equipment onto the gurney after he finishes this?" as he holds up the water.

Parker tells him, "No problem Kasey."

Things go without a hitch and in less than 20 minutes Kasey and Peter are in the Lab and they start Peter's serum/IV drip.

Researcher Tina tells Peter as she fine tunes the IV mix, "Peter this will take an hour to enter your system and then a half hour more to insure diffusion throughout your body. If you want to doze off there is no problem with that. And don't worry that we'll shock you while you're asleep. We will have to transfer you to another table for the Electro-stim, and afterwards transfer you back to your original Bed. At that time we'll be allowed to get you anything you want to eat, or drink."

Tina. tells Peter, "The paperwork you signed describes, one of the side effects to this procedure. Within twelve hours after electro-stim you will become extremely hungry.... Knowing this we have special orders with kitchen services. They know to bring the food, both you and your body will need to repair itself. And within 24 to 36 hours it will do just that. Another side effect that may happen is that your body might get larger. Did Dr Marantz discuss this with you?"

Peter grins and says, "That was the selling point for the procedure."

Tina smiles back and says, "Ok then I'll just let you get some rest if you can. In about an hour we'll need to take measurements of your body to keep a record of just how large you get if you start to grow." she turns the overhead light for the bed off and goes over to another area as Peter settles in for a nap.

Peter's mind is still a jumble of emotions as he tries to get to sleep . One central feeling seems to calm all the others; Sam is nearby. That feeling alone gives Peter strength enough to find sleep.

Just as Peter is fully asleep a presence wakes him and he opens his eyes to see Sam standing next to his bed smiling down on him.

Peter smiles and says, "Sam, "as he grabs Sams hand. Sam bends down and gives Peter a long lingering kiss.

The kiss gets interrupted with the heart monitor beeping very fast and the rest of the room at first quiet then everyone laughing. Sam and Peter stop and get a deep blush on both their faces.

Doc steps in with, "If I didn't know you two were kissing I'd of sworn Peter was having a heart attack." the room chuckles again.

Sam straightens up as he says, "sorry Doc." but he doesn't let go of Peters hand.

Doc shakes his head and says, "Don't be sorry. Signs of life are good." he smiles down at Peter. Peter glances at the clock and realizes an hour has already passed and the serum/ IV is nearly empty. Kasey comes over to Peter and removes the catheter, and puts a bandaid and gauze wrap on the injection site.

Doc ask Peter, "Are you ready for us to take your measurements?"

Peter shrugs and says, "I guess . First part went quick."

Doc pauses as if to comment but sees that they have to get this process going. Peter's face looks pale, slightly yellow, a little swollen under the jaw, but that could be from the impact during the accident. Doc thinks, "No he is not doing well. We have got to get this going ASAP!"

Doc starts calling off body parts and numbers as Tina writes them down.

Doc says, "Height five foot ten, cranial circumference : twenty two inches; forehead to chin: nine inches; neck: seventeen inches; shoulders (clavicle tip to tip ): twenty one inches; arm length : Thirty two inches; biceps : seventeen inches; forearm : thirteen inches; chest : forty eight inches; waist : thirty inches; legs (hip crown to heel ): forty one inches; thighs : twenty four inches...." At this point Docs began to have trouble keeping a professional attitude. Taking the thigh measurement caused his hands to brush by Peter's impressive manhood. Even with Peter being in the condition he was in; his limp dick was still enormous. With any reasonably sized penis, Doc could maintain his composure. But the sheer magnitude of Peter's NON-erect member, and Doc's familiarity with human anatomy, was causing Doc to do mental cartwheels.

Doc thought as he cleared his throat, "Sam would have to be as big as he is for their relationship (Love-making/Intense Sex) to work out."

All of this went through Doc's mind in the time he paused a second and cleared his throat. He continued with, "Ummm.. " Then he moved down to Peters calfs and told Tina, "Calfs: eighteen inches; knee : sixteen inches; ankle : ten inches; foot size umm."

Peter chimes in with, "Ten and a half triple E."

Doc and Tina say thanks at the same time and Doc turns to smile at Tina. As he turns back to Peter to tell him that's it; Tina cuts him off with, "Doc I think you missed two measurements" as she finishes saying this she looks heavenward. Doc looks straight forwards, blinks a few times then looks up at Sam, then down to Peter. At this point Doc starts to lose his battle with his own Privates as his dick starts to try and find a way out of his jockey shorts. He needn't have worried so much about anyone commenting on his chubby; as this comment from Tina had the effect of causing both Sam, Peter, And Lalo to become visibly aroused to one degree or another.

Tina's eyes hadn't remained heavenward for long and as she observed the reaction to a simple request for a patients penis measurements; she suddenly burst out with a short giggle and the comment, "We're gonna have a circus here in a minute." She giggled some more.

Peter reacting to the giggle and the fact that he was walled in with varying stages of erectness; put his two cents worth in with, "Then I guess I'm the big top." This snapped the tension in the room into pieces. Everyone was laughing. Doc slowed up first and put a hand on Peters shoulder. He then turned to Tina and gestured for her to give him the clipboard.

Doc was about to hand the clipboard to Peter, when Sam reaches over and takes it from Doc while saying, "I can help out with this one, "and smiles like a little kid who has a special toy thats his and his alone. A few chuckles erupt as Doc raises his eyebrows and looks to Peter for an explanation.

Peter reads Docs expression and replies, "Well he would have a better idea of the measurements than I would.!" Then he looks sheepish at Doc and shrugs.

Sam pipes in with, "We never did get to measure him proper." at first Sam seems a bit annoyed then his face changes to pure joy as he says, "We always get side tracked, one way or the other."

Sam beams at Peter as he hands the clipboard back to Doc and says, "That there is close, but it's still just a guess."

Doc checks the numbers and his eyes glass over for an instant; then he frowns as he focuses in on the numbers. He looks over to Peter with a curious look. Peter can just make out the numbers and looks back to Doc with a nod yes and a shrug. Docs look remains unchanged as he hands the clipboard to Tina while he continues to look at Peter. Tina bursts out with a clipped unintelligible comment, then calms herself and says softly, "Wow."

Doc immediately reacts to Tinas comment with, "WOOF, "then starts to stand up. He says as he pushes the chair out of the way, "Well enough of that. Lets get you healed."

Doc looks at Kasey and says, "I think the serum has had about twenty five minutes to diffuse itself into Peter's tissues, lets get him on the other table and ready for the next part of the procedure."

Just as Kasey starts to wheel Peters bed over to the Electro-stim table, Kasey starts to whistle the tune that every circus band has played for the past one hundred and fifty years. Peter actually likes the joke and chuckles. Docs reaction is not the same.

Doc softly reminds Kasey, "Kasey, remember you are a professional. " as Kasey stops his song.

Kasey grimaces, shrugs and tells Doc, "Sorry Doc. I just get a little silly around really big people. My girlfriend says its a way to get attention." Kasey and Lalo have the bed flat and next to the Electro-stim table, and Kasey lowers the side rail.

Doc comments, "Isn't that how you got her to start going out with you? You pulled one silly stunt after another until you had her laughing so hard she could barely breath."

Kasey and Lalo get ready to transfer Peter with Kasey saying to Lalo, "On three. One two THREE" as they pull Peter onto the table. Kasey replies to Docs comment with, "That was the whole idea. Keep her laughing so hard she couldn't breath and she could only nod yes or no. In case she said no I wouldn't have to remember one of those stupid rejection cliché's ..." his voice gets lower, "I love you but I'm not IN love with you. " his voice changes as he continues with, "or how about, "voice change higher, "No, no . It's not you It's me". This all got a few chuckles from the Lab personnel. While Kasey was talking, Lalo and he were strapping down Peters legs and arms with his hands free to grab rubber handles secured to the table. he left the head restraint for last.

Tina has moved to Peters head and gets his attention with, "Peter. We have to make sure there is proper contact with the sensors, the electrodes and your head. Which means I have to shave four small circles of hair off your scalp. They shouldn't be too noticeable." She starts to use scissors to cut his hair, then changes to a small set of electric clippers, and finally lathers and shaves the little half-dollar sized circles free of any hair.

Peter tells her in the middle of the shave, "If it meant it would save my life, you could shave my whole body." Tina giggled at this.

When Tina finished she softly murmurs to Peter, "I'll let you and Sam take care of that job later on this month." She looks straight into his eyes as she winks and smiles before she move over to let Lalo put the harness on Peters head. Peter smiles at her before she leaves and at Lalo as he starts to wrap his head.

Lalo says, "Well Peter you only get the best." Lalo adjusts the harness and starts to put contact gel on the sensors and electrodes as he secures each under a rubber restraint built into the harness.

Lalo continues with, "Yep. Brand new harness, never been used once, still has that new car smell."

Peter says, "I would have said B and D dungeon feel to it, but we're not into that sort of thing." Peter looks a little uncomfortable by now.

Out of the blue Sam breaks the mood with, "At least we're not into that stuff yet." He catches Peters eyes as he catches Peters hand and smiles his joke at his lover.

Lalo was grateful for Sams help and tells Peter, "Peter the sensor are a partial EEG to help set the proper current and discharge pattern. After we get a baseline recording we'll give you a rubber wedge with a breathing tube in it to bite on during the electro-stim. The actual shock will be six seconds and then we check your EEG again to make sure nothing's wrong. Then we pull off the restraints and get you back into bed. We'll be done before you know it."

Sam blurts out ' Hell, it took twice that long for the truck to stop rolling. " He looks down at peter with a little grin mixed in with a solid look on his face. He finishes with, "And we got through that" The cord that was tying their souls together suddenly hummed like someone plucking a guitar string. Peter and Sams hands tightened on each other at the same time.

Lalo moved off to the equipment connected to the harness. It was like Lalo could hear that cord being strummed. Seeing that kind of Love made Lalo feel like saying fuck-it and telling Doc how he really felt about him. Unfortunately now was not the time to deal with his needs.

Peter took in the feeling of strength and oneness Sam was projecting. Peter could sense the cord he had seen before, connecting his soul to Sams. And it got him thinking of the sheer horror Sam must have fought through to get Peter out of the wreckage. Peter had been at the wheel of that truck. He could have gotten Sam Killed. All because he had been so angry, so self-centered at that moment. Acting like Sam never thought about what Peter wanted or needed. Peter pulled himself up short with the thought, "when was the last time I worried about what Sam needed?"

The cord vibrated again and Peter could feel Sams words ' Ya worried about me when I was in the waitin room Pete. Ya loves me everyday. A man can't feel that an not Love ya right back.'

Sam continues that thought and says, "I loves ya Pete. And I know ya loves me. Thats all I need in this world . Now or ever." Sam suddenly looks like he's going to explode, there's so much love in him for Peter.

The feeling catches Peter right where he needed it. He tells Sam, "I don't know what in this world I could have done to deserve you Sam, but I swear I'm gonna earn your love every day for the rest of my life" Sam reaches over and gently wipes the tears out of Peters eyes. He then flicks one knuckle up to wipe his own eyes.

Sam tells him, "I'm gonna keep you to your promise." Sams smile went from ear to ear.

Doc walks up to the table and says, "Ok boys we've got to settle down here for a few minutes and you Sam need a rubber glove."

Tina pushes a large wooden chair over to Sam for him to sit in, and Kasey comes up with the Mother of all Giant Rubber Gloves. Doc sees the size of the glove and asks Kasey, "Where in the hell did you find that?"

Kasey only says, "You have some very resourceful people working for you Doc."

Doc agrees with, "I'll say!"

Sam just says, "Fits good. Thanks.?" They haven't been introduced. Sam holds out his huge and now rubber gloved hand to Kasey.

Kasey takes his hand as well as any normal sized human could and shakes it as he says, "I'm Kasey research tech. Uh-oh. " Sam lets go and kasey turns to Doc with a triumphant grin. He says louder than normal so the whole Lab can hear." Ok Doc Pay up . Thats a dollar a man."

Tina chimes in with, "And woman, "as she reaches over to get a plastic coffee can that jingles with coins in it. Sam looks confused.

Doc tells Kasey and Tina, "except for Lalo I introduced him to Sam Last night."

Lalo gets a sheepish look on his face and shakes his head no as he says, "Well Doc... No ya didn't. Between the security guard nearly shooting you and me threatening to tear the guard apart you left the introductions for a later date."

Doc starts to fish out one dollar bills as he says to Lalo, "Well I can't call you a traitor cause you did threaten that guard with great bodily harm if'n he shot me. But I still say that I shouldn't have to introduce everyone in the Lab when everyone has to wear their ID badge just to get into the hospital." He wasn't angry just distracted from the job at hand.

Doc finishes and says, "Ok, now that I have paid for my transgression, you each must now introduce yourselves to Sam and Peter."

Tina started with, "Tina Munoz : research tech General secretary Third year graduate studies Pharmaceutical researcher."

Kasey says, "Sean Matthew Kasey : research tech, Scrub nurse for five years."

Lalo says, "Eduardo Jesus Sanchez : Final year intern, Co recipient federal grant moneys for the Physik of healing time. Number Two mover and shaker."

Pat pops up from the equipment and says, "Patrick Daniels : research tech, Sports medicine PHD, EEG specialist."

Just then the security door opens and Agent Erickson enters with, "and last but not least ... Agent Robert Erickson Federal Beauro of Investigation, former fireman, former paramedic, glorified security guard and mother confessor if needed. I'm sorry I'm late."

Sam walks over to Erickson and starts to shake hands as he says, "Thanks for helpin out with the local cops. " Erickson looks down to see his hand engulfed by the gigantic Rubber gloved Paw of Sams. Sam lets go with an, "Ooop sorry."

Erickson looks up and up with a big smile on his face and says, "thats ok. But Sam You're welcome. Those charges made against you were complete lies. There's no student with that name that goes to this college. There's nobody in this town with that name."

Pat pops up again and announces, "Peter's EEG looks good and I think we can begin."

Sam moves back over to take Peters hand as Kasey looks down on Peter and says, "Ready Big guy?"

Pater smiles and says, "Yeah." Just as Kasey is about to put the wedge in Peter's mouth Sam squeezes his hand and says softly, "I loves ya Pete."

Kasey pauses so Peter can say, "I love you Sam." Then in goes the wedge.

Doc moves to take Kasey's place as all the other people get behind the equipment.

Doc looks at Peter then his people and says, "OK just six seconds, Ready Peter?" Peter nods. Doc looks to his people and they nod. He continues with, "Ok here we go . On zero . and with a three, two, one ,zero.

Peters world lit up. The pain in his skull was not so bad, but the things the current was doing to his mind was intense. His whole body went stiff as he clamped down on the rubber post and Sams hand. His throat shot out an inarticulate growl as the seconds went past three, four, five, six and OFF. Peter drew in a long raggid breath and then let out a muffled howl. Doc was quick to remove the wedge.

Doc had to keep Peter from squirming about for a few seconds as the EEG gave them some indication of his brains physical state. Doc says" Thats it, it's over, it's over. Only a few more seconds to check your EEG." Just then Pat gives the thumbs up and Doc starts to take off the harness. He tells Sam, "Sam you can start taking those restraints off while I get this harness. Ok Peter we'll have you out of this in just a moment."

Peter was mumbling something and only when he was free of all the restraints did the volume increase with" thank you, thank you, thank you..." he stopped and calmed down. He looked up at Doc and says, "Thats the part that should be in the disclaimer!!"

Doc smiles and says, "I'll get my writing team on it right away."

Peter accepts that and says, "OK."

As Kasey and Lalo get Peter back into bed Doc tells them all, "Well We'll know how well this is going to work in 24 hours. And now Peter what would you like for breakfast?"

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