Bigger is Good 6

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Well we finally get to see some growth in this part. The next one will include some more intimate action between Peter and Sam and..well you'll see. Don't forget, It's your feedback that helps us writers get it right. I hope you enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: Warning this story has Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under 18 years of age you should not be here.You have been warned.

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Doc's body suddenly jerked and he was awake in the tub and the water was getting cold. What woke him now was close to what woke him earlier this day. A dream of bathing and sex. At least this time he woke up in the bathroom. Of course, the downside of that fact was that Lalo was not there; even if it was only to wake him up.

The dream had started with him falling asleep in a very hot tub. There was bubble-bath in it to help the tub stay clean and add a thermal blanket to retain the heat. (He'd learned this from his mom who hated cleaning the tub without his dad helping her.) So all the elements for a really good dream were there before he fell asleep . Could you call it a WET NAP instead of a wet dream?

But once asleep the dream filled out very nicely. Doc heard the sound of someone in the house, but wasn't afraid. And the sound of shoes being pulled off and dropped didn't alter his feeling of safety. Then the sound of pocket change and keys you hear when you take off your pants just put a smile on Docs face.

Doc opened his eyes to see Lalo with a playful smile and an even more playful erection.. In the dream Lalo broke the silence with, "Is the water still warm?" as he starts to get in on the opposite end.

Doc just nods as he moves his feet to let Lalo in, but immediately puts them to good use . The balls of his feet start to massage the lower ab muscles just above Lalos stiff love muscle. Doc just barely avoids touching Lalos manhood, to tease Lalo into playing with Docs belly. It wasn't needed since Lalo had started stroking Doc anywhere he could reach as soon as he'd gotten in. Doc gets a mischievous look on his face after only a moment of this love play and asks, "What would you have done if the water had been cold?

At just that moment, Lalos feet found one of Docs tickle spot. Doc can't help but jerk a bit at this onslaught and his protests of, "HEY, HEY, HeHeHe" Doc squirms to avoid this until Lalo relents and pulls his knees up to his chest and says, "I would have had to heat up the water with your Hot. Sexy Body!" By the end of Lalos reply, he has levered himself up onto his knees and slowly laid his belly onto Docs as their lips and tongues meet and entwine.

The Dream kiss lingers awhile until they come up for air. They bask in the glow and anticipation of the kiss and what will come next and Doc huskily mutters, "Sparky likes water sports, "as he glances down to their Fat erections.

Lalo gets a chuckle as he looks at their happy members, and asks, "Sparky?" then he nods and says with a big yes in his voice, "Sparky. Ummmmmhhhh". Lalo starts to reach down to introduce himself to Sparky when suddenly the water is very cold.

Doc couldn't figure just what woke him up. He had napped in far colder water than this (and swore he wouldn't let himself do that again ). Then just barely audible, the sound of his pager and cell phone going off at the same time. " Shit, "popped out of Doc before he hustled to get out of the tub. The towel he grabbed was more for the carpet than for him. He muttered, "I covered them up with my pants again!" as he uncovered them both. He nearly dropped the cell phone when it started it's horse neighing ring just as he picked it up.

It was the Lab, and after only six hours!

Doc answers the cell phone with, "Doc here." just as he says this the house phone starts to ring and the pager goes off again. Before anyone on the other end can say anything, Doc reacts to the ringing buzzing barrage with, "Give me a break! I get to come home and water the plants, wash the dishes, wash my laundry, and finally get in the tub for maybe an hour only to be pulled out by three different little squawk boxes crying at me at the same time. the only thing left out is someone knocking at the door.!" Just then there's a knocking at the front door.

The cell phone blurts out, "That should be the pizza delivery guy. It's already paid for plus tip. We thought you'd be hungry, Doc."

Doc starts walking towards the front door until he remembers he's half naked. He has a confused look on his face as he asks, "Tina?!" and puts a robe on. The door bell rings again. Doc pulls the phone from his face as he yells at the front door, "Just a minute, I'm coming!"

Tina knows better than to say ' and you're breathing heavy too ' though the thought puts a smile on her face. Doc brings her back to the matter at hand after she hears him say thanks to the pizza guy.

Doc finds all the right toppings on the pizza and says, "AHHH. You guys remembered. " He takes a bite out of a slice and says around it, "Tina, please tell me this is good news and not an emergency."

Tina cringes but he can't see that, and she tells him" Well sort of good news, but not an emergency, I hope. " Doc takes another bite and chews it slowly as he looks at the phone with an even more puzzled look on his face. this is not like Tina to be so cryptic.

Doc breaks the silence after swallowing and asks, "This is Tina, right? From the Lab?" He has a bit of a smile in his tone of voice.

Tina connects with just what he means and answers with, "Ok not enough information." She pauses to collect her self and starts with, "Sorry Doc, he got me flustered... Just after we ordered your pizza, Peter suddenly got very very hungry."

Doc interrupts with, "This soon, we figured another six hours!"

Tina just replied with, "I know, but we got that handled. Then just as we finish talking with kitchen services, who should walk through the door but Colonel Maitlan. He was polite and respectful! And he didn't bother Peter or ask for any documentation. He saw you weren't here, asked for us to contact you. He said he hadn't eaten dinner that he could be found in the cafeteria and that he'd like to talk to you about a list tonight then said if you thought it was more convenient for you to just schedule a time tomorrow and let him know so he isn't left there waiting for you. Then he smiled and left. And I didn't get the chills when he smiled either!"

Doc is just shocked, "He smiled like a normal human being?"

Tina replied, "Yeah! Eerie huh?"

Doc asks, "He was polite?"

Tina answers with, "And respectful. I kept checking his security badge. It's him alright."

All Doc can say is, "Wow."

Tina tells him, "I took a blood sample from Peter and the results won't be back till tomorrow. He's wolfing down food like the baboons did so that looks positive. Do you want me to schedule a time for tomorrow or what?"

Doc has taken another bite and finishes it before he tells her, "Tell Mr. personality I'll be there in about an hour. I gotta see this for myself. He didn't mention what was on the list did he?"

Tina replies with, "No not a peep. I'll tell him an hour and a half . Take your time."

Doc tells her, "No keep it to an hour or else he might think to come over here and that would really weird me out. Thanks Tina, and thanks for the pizza. It's just right."

Tina's pleased as she tells him, "You're welcome Doc. See you in a while."

Doc signs off with, "See you. " they both turn off their phones.

Doc wolfs down two more pieces before he starts to get shaved and dressed and then he remembers to empty the tub. He thinks as the last of the foam disappears, "So much for wet dreams. When am I ever gonna tell him?" Then Doc locked up the house and got in his new VW beetle and headed to the hospital and Lab.

Docs cell phone rang and he answered it with his earpiece, "Marantz here."

Agent Tom Erickson said, "Hey Doc. I just hung up with Tina and she told me about Colonel Klink. I agree with her that he's acting very odd. So I should get there by the time you do."

Doc chuckles, "Moral support, Eh Tom? Or are you acting as my bodyguard, in case Maitlan has a fit?

Tom admits, "Maybe a bit of both. Anyway I'll see you in about fifteen minutes."

Doc ends with, "See you soon. " and they hang up. Now Doc feels better meeting the Colonel with Tom at his back.

Doc and Tom reach the Lab entrance at the same time; they check in with Tina and take a respectful and distant (read that safe distance) look at Peter as he is Power Eating.

Peter notices the attention and visibly forces himself to stop eating even with the overwhelming feeling of HUNGER and ask Doc, "Please tell me this starving feeling goes away eventually!?"

Before Doc can answer Tom plays with Peter's mind a bit with, "About a year.. Ahh.. well definitely thirteen months.." Peters eyes start to resemble a deers when caught in a cars headlights and Docs face starts to get angry at Tom until he sees the results of the joke, and can't keep from laughing . Doc quickly stops, takes his hand and slowly pushes himself away from Tom with a chagrined smile.

Doc faces back to Peter with a 'shit happens' kind a grin and says, "Peter, Agent Erickson should know better than..."

Tom cuts him off with, "Agent Erickson does know and apologizes for the inappropriate joke. I'm sorry Peter, it was more of a joke at Doc and the poor baboons Who just reacted to the hunger for the first three days. You see, Doc and his people had calculated the duration of ultra-hunger would be the same as humans... starts to slack off at seven days and becomes normal after ten." Peter is visibly relieved and starts to eat again.

Tom continues with, "I just felt sorry for the baboons who had no idea when the clawing hunger would leave them. You could see by the fourth day they knew we had done this to them and some of them must have thought it was permanent. I had thought it extremely unfair to the baboons that we had no way to tell them just hang on for a few more days. the hunger decreases after seven days. They just got more and more desperate looking until halfway through day seven when they all let out a soft AHHH and their feeding slowed. Their surly look went away and they didn't act like you were going to beat them for breathing wrong. But for four days the baboons had surly looks on their faces and I guess I had to make something positive or funny about the same procedure before I could get the image of the baboons face out of my head. ... (pause) And thats enough of me." turning to Doc. He tells Doc, "We have that appointment in the cafeteria."

Doc nods his head and tells Peter, "I'll be back to see you before I head home tonight.

Peter, still eating nods his head and mumbles around a mouthful, "Shure Dok."

Tom and Doc find Colonel Maitlan in an uncharacteristic position; his back to the main entrance to the cafeteria, and talking to Mrs Corrigan. It had been discovered by the FBI, when the blood and tissue samples had been stolen from the Lab that a newly employed Kitchen Services chef had falsified his service record in the navy. The chef had actually only been with the navy for six, not ten years as he had stated. the other four were swallowed up by the CIA . During the search for the tissue samples, the FBI discovered the chefs little secret and some of his involvement with the CIA. They caught up with him two weeks later, and with his cooperation they recovered the samples and arrested the other, "ex- CIA, "members. Back at the hospital rumors had flown about Colonel Maitlans connection thru the pentagon with other CIA groups and the chef that Mrs Corrigan had hired. Mrs Corrigan believed the rumors and had refused to talk with him ever since. It also hadn't helped that he completely ignored her at the same time. Now they were talking and she even had a smile on her face.

She looks up to see Doc and Tom and said loudly enough for all to hear, "Well you've had enough of my version of eating crow, I think you have two more servings right here. " She nods at Doc and Tom as she smiles broadly and says, "Evening Doc, Agent Erickson. " and she moves back into the kitchen.

Doc says, "Evening Mrs Corrigan... Colonel Maitlan?"

Colonel Maitlan turns in his seat and smiles at them both and says, "Gentleman, I'm glad you're both here. " he reaches into a briefcase as Doc and Tom sit down and then hands each a similar list of People with statistics, medical records and association with Congress, Pentagon, FBI, or LAB personnel.

Colonel Maitlan tells them, "The people on this list are the ones authorized by congress to receive the procedure. So far indications lean towards Peter's life being saved by this procedure. This list and note are meant to remind you of your promise to start large scale testing on humans after the baboon trials had succeeded. You are required to use the people on this list and I hope you're happy with the compromise the military has come to regarding it. No military personnel are on this list. And I might add, Congratulations Doctor you fought for this to remain a benefit for the public first and foremost and the members in congress who know about this procedure have agreed to keep all test subjects civilian ..

Doc flips through the list and notes close relatives of the LAB personnel; and tells Colonel Maitlan, "You have missed one man I want on the list and I want him to take the procedure next." Doc starts to write the name in on Tom's list and then his own.

Colonel Maitlan pulls out his copy and asks, "Ok what's his name?" and he waits to begin writing it down.

Doc just grins and says, "Doctor Matthew Marantz" he gets the reaction he wants but from both of them. He continues with, "My father died of colon cancer that spread to the liver, and I'm at risk with that possible type of cancer, so this procedure should help keep me from developing any of my fathers medical problems."

Colonel Maitlan just nods and says, "Sounds reasonable. " and he starts to write Docs name out at the top when Doc interrupts him with, "You are being awfully cooperative..... " Doc gets a brain storm.

Doc accuses Maitlan with, "They all grew too big, didn't they Colonel Maitlan? Your volunteers ? ... And their appetite..... I bet that never did decrease completely did it?"

From Colonel Maitlan came no subterfuge, Pretense or Lie. Very direct, "Yes Doctor, Very big and very hungry. And yes it still hasn't gone down to normal. They're not suffering with that aching hunger, but still it's one that crops up six or seven times a day. There is no reason you should feel disposed to research a solution for my men, but I was hoping to see if there was some way to persuade you to at least look at them."

Doc stated flatly, "After we verify Peters treatment is a success and after I myself have gone through this procedure, I will probably actually help if I'm able to. And if you can stay the way you are now!" this gets all three of them laughing a bit.

Maitlan takes a stab at humor with, "Trying to maintain a human personality will be difficult but for the men I will do my best."

Tom responds with, "Very good."

Doc still smiling says, "Good then, If things go as planned, Peter should be fully recovered by the end of the tenth day, perhaps sooner. But I want to begin in five days."

Maitlan says, "No objection here doctor. When do you plan to set up the protocols for a larger group of test subjects and designate a suitable facility?"

Doc nods yes and says, "The protocols are already written up. I'll have Tina send you a copy. She and Patrick have been looking into local buildings appropriate for the tests and we should have one rented within two weeks."

Maitlan says, "Thank you Dr. Marantz... Uh .. Doc."

Doc grins and says, "Thank you Colonel for this change in attitude. Strange as it may sound, I think that alone may be the determining factor in helping your men."

Maitlan smiles but says, "I honestly think your help will matter more than my attitude, but thank you just the same.. Well I'll let you two get back home, I'm headed that way. For some reason I didn't think this meeting would work out well. I'm glad I was wrong. Good evening gentlemen." And Maitlan leaves the cafeteria and the hospital.

As soon as Maitlan leaves the cafeteria, Mrs Corrigan bursts out with, "That's no way to make a man grovel!" both men jump a little at the volume. Mrs Corrigan is fifteen feet away and Doc and Tom both have a shocked and goofy look on their faces.

She continues with, "And he apologized to me. He said while he hadn't ordered the theft of your samples, he admitted that it was one of his groups that he was overseeing for the pentagon. He said he should've had some idea they'd pull a stunt like that but he assured me they were paying for their unsanctioned activities . Un-sanctioned activities indeed! Underhanded theft is what I call it!" She pauses to get her breath and neither Doc nor Tom have anything to say. She sees that see has their attention and gets a little shy from her outburst and finishes with, "At least one o' you coulda asked him for an apology. " She has had her say and is happy now.

Doc gets his wits back sooner and says, "Maybe next time." slightly tentative.

Mrs Corrigan replies with, "Yeah, "She thinks of something else and brightens as she tell Doc, "I need to be thankin ya for sending me that giant of a man, Sam, to help with the extra cooking needed for your patient. He understands hospital sized portions perfectly. Had all the proportions just right with not one bit of supervision, tho I watched him for over an hour. And he thanked me for givin him something to do. I just giggled like a school girl. I'd have ta pay two people to do the work he did and at top pay. So thank you again for sending him over."

Doc smiles and says, "I'll tell Tina, It was her idea in the first place."

Mrs Corrigan turns to go back into the kitchen as she says, "Well you've got gem there in your Tina, Dr Marantz."

Doc ends with, "Don't I know it. Good night Mrs Corrigan."

Mrs Corrigan waves and calls back, "Goodnight to you both."

Tom tells Doc, "We'll have to try that next time we see the Colonel. Groveling . Hmmmm." he looks curious as he turns to Doc.

Doc chuckles as he says, "Groveling, the Colonel, Hmmm. Doubtful... Lets not push our luck."

Tom nods and then says, "Yeah . Five days huh? It sounded as if you had already planned on being the next test subject. What's your real motivation. I mean other than the health part?" He smiled a big shit eating grin since he knew his position gave him the right to ask but his friendship with Doc wouldn't push it if Doc said so. Sort of - as a friend will you tell me or are you to embarrassed---.

Doc looks at him then looks at his feet as he begins with, "OK . .. I've been five foot seven for the past eighteen years, ever since I turned fifteen. I kept waiting for that growth spurt. And waiting, and waiting, and...(he looks up at Tom defiantly) Enough! It wasn't so bad in college or med school or residency. All sorts of people at all sorts of height. No big deal, or at least I thought so."

Tom helps him along after a pause with, "But?"

Doc picks it up again, "But after four years of research subjects and going before review groups and congress and all these athletes that tower over me... I'm tired of being short. I'm tired of getting a crick in my neck every time I try to talk to these, these .."

Tom helps him with, "Big men?

Doc agrees with, "Big Men, yeah."

Tom helps out again with, "Ok, good enough for me." He is smiling big again as he tells Doc, "Well Doc I'm gonna head home. Tell Tina I'll call her day after tomorrow to verify your schedule for the procedure, and the dinner date you are going to decide on in the next few days. Cause if you don't, Marla will be down here and in your face until you give her a date you'll come back over for dinner. You remind her of her younger brother, I don't know why. She thinks you don't eat enough."

Doc replies with, "Tina says that to."

Tom grins and says, "Well, even though you're not interested in women the same as I am, you should take some advice about women."

Doc looks puzzled but says, "Ok :

Tom steps closer as he tells Doc, "Make sure the women are happy then the men around them are happy too."

Out of the Kitchen Mrs Corrigan shouts out, "Amen Brother!"

Doc looks startled before he laughs with Tom and says, "Good hearing."

Tom agrees with, "Good night . I'll see you in a couple of days ."

Doc says, "See you Tom. Oh and say hello for me to Marla."

Tom ends with, "Will do ."

Doc turns to the entrance that leads back to the Lab as Agent Erickson goes out another.

Doc enters the Lab to find Tina preparing to go home . She's telling Pat all the key things to watch for in the event of an adverse reaction or new side effect, while Pat lets her wind down. She finally remembers that they both worked on the protocols she's repeating to him.. She lets out a little, "OOP's. Sorry about that. I must be really tired." She looks at his placid face and lack of response and frowns as she asks him" How long were you going to let me ramble on?"

Pat tells her with a very warm grin on his face, "Meja, as long as you needed. Besides, I like listening to your voice."

She playfully slaps at his arm and says, "You better not let Rob hear you say that!"

Pat chuckles and says, "Too late for that. I told him that five years ago, before I knew you two were dating and he turns around and asks you to marry him the very next day. The snake."

Tina not quite believing him says, "So now I should thank you for getting Robert to propose when he did? I don't think Robert would see it that way."

But Pat is shaking his head no as he tells her, "No, no thats not what I'm getting at. I told you so you could get breakfast in bed or something else you'd like from Robert. Just mention that I remarked how I still like listening to your voice and if you've talked about what you'd really like but don't often get from him, then I guarantee Robert will have what you desire on a silver plate the very next day."

Tina looks at him in silence for a moment and then says, "Thank you Pat. I think I'll test that out tonight. I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow. Have a good evening."

While this was going on Doc had come up to Peter's bed and observed Peter's belly bulged out a good four or five inches. Peter is asleep after all that eating and Doc hates waking him but the bulge should be examined. He puts his hand on Peter's shoulder and lightly taps. He calls peter's name and is greeted with, "Oh hello Doctor Mar... uh Doc."

Doc tells him, "Good evening Peter. Sorry I had to wake you but I need to examine your belly and the stitches . I assume the new size is due to the amount of food you were stuffing yourself with?"

Peter nodded and says, "I was so hungry it hurt, but half way through eating, I realized the only other person i'd ever seen eat that much food at a time was Sam. And he does that regularly ."

Doc had pulled the hospital gown away from Peters stomach to reveal a very healthy bulge on a once slim young man, and he says, "Sams grocery bills must be intense." Peter just nods in agreement as Doc starts to palp and gently push on Peters belly. Doc asks, "Any tenderness where I'm poking?"

Peter shakes his head no. This is odd since that much food should make his belly a little tender just from stretching. Doc starts poking and saying, "Any tenderness here, Or here... How about right here? ' Doc is pressing directly over the surgery site and gets no response but No from Peter. Doc palms the right part of Peters abdomen and side to get a feel of the hardness of the liver and surgery area, and still no residual tenderness. Just as he moves his palm over the stitches, some of them pop loose. There is no bleeding! Doc Frowns NOW. He places his left palm near the stitches to immobilize the skin and with his right index finger pushes on just one strand of stitching. It pops loose too and there's no bleeding and the skin looks pink and health where the stitch popped loose. He looks Peter straight in the eye but says nothing. Peter starts to frown but Doc grins and shakes his head.

Doc calls out to Tina before she can leave, "Tina could you please come here and witness this reaction to the procedure.?" Docs grin is getting bigger as he moves to let her get next to the bed.

Tina looks concerned but professional as she says, "What's happening doctor?" and she looks at the stitches as if something is wrong.

Doc begins with, "The patients abdominal walls are distended due to excess food intake as previously observed. But the area that had sustained major damage and is overlying the liver that had also sustained considerable damage from a car accident, is no longer tender to the touch and in fact, "at this Doc spread the skin and popped two stitches loose, " the skin has healed at a much faster rate than previously seen. So much so that stitches that normally are absorbed by the body after seventy two hours, have ben absorbed under forty eight hours. And the skin underneath seems whole, with no abscess or swelling. " Tina reaches over and pops another one loose, she stops her urge to wipe them all off and just smiles at Peter and Doc.

Tina calls out to Pat, "Patrick could you please bring the digital camera over here and document this?" She pulls the bed sheets up a little further to fully cover Peters huge member while leaving his belly fully exposed.

A flurry of photos and stitch popping and more photos and she tells Pat, "Schedule an MRI as early in the morning as you can and take another blood sample before the scan." She took the camera from Pat as he went back to the main desk.

Doc adds, "let Kasey know I'll be in around nine am and to please calculate the caloric intake for Peters breakfast. We'll have to keep up on that since it can't be some standard meal like we fed the baboons. Each meal has to be recorded along with body changes."

Pat nods and says, "Got it."

Tina has been looking at Doc and nodding when she remembers something they had forgotten to record. She gets an Oh well look on her face, puts the camera down for a moment as she tells Peter with a little smirk, "I'm sorry Peter, but we forgot to record a few things, and we might as well do that now. " as she flips his bed sheets off his body and picks up the camera again.

She forces a serious look n her face as she asks Peter, "If you would be so kind as to do the honors sir?" She then smiled her best smile and focused the camera on his groin.

Peter began to lift his hospital gown but hesitated.

Doc tried to keep a straight face and looked straight ahead, but noticing the hesitation couldn't help himself. With his eyes still looking off into the distance he told Tina, "Promise you won't post them to the internet Porno sites."

Peter and Tina both look shocked for just a second before Tina quite seriously swears, "I promise I won't post these photos anywhere.. Porno or otherwise. " She puts her foot on top of Docs and thinks about flattening his instep before she changes her mind.

Peter sees her difficulty with just saying Porno and starts to shake his head and chuckle. He tells her as he lifts the gown off his massive endowment, "Actually I might want some copies of this for my album."

As he finishes, Tina take five photos in rapid succession from five different positions. She immediately pulls the bed clothes back up to his waist, steps back from the bed, says, "Thank you ", does an about face and quickly walks to the main desk. Doc and Peter were both thinking 'What was that?' but couldn't think of anything to say about Tinas photographic style.

With all the photo taking over with Doc playfully reaches over and rubs the rest of the stitches off Peters belly. He tells Peter, "The procedure is working faster than we thought it would. But it seems your belly is going to get bigger than we thought also."

Peter looks at his bulging middle and smirks as he says, "My belly gets bigger but I get to stay alive. Bigger is good!!"

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Ok there you have it! You knew I had to have that phrase in there at least once. Well, the next few parts should get rolling a little faster. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it.