Bigger is Good 7

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Peter was out of the woods. All the tests showed normal liver function, and all other organs checked out AOK. The days just flew by for everyone involved. Peters hunger remained high but manageable, particularly with Sam helping in the kitchen. He just had to double the amount of food he would normally cook up for himself and Peter and himself would be fed.

Sam was at first surprised by the amount of food Peter was packing away, but also very pleased when he saw Peter getting bigger all over. Sam was showing extreme patience, waiting for Doc to tell him when Peter and he could start having sex again. For Sam this was another example of how much he loved Peter. Even though Sam's sexual urges were intense, his need to see to Peter's well-being took precedence. Sam thought Love was funny some times. Like the first few days he was with Peter. Making Peter happy, giving Pete pleasure, made Sam happier than he'd ever been before. And Sam saw the same attitude in Peter. When Peter would do things to please Sam, then Peter just shined. They were very proud of their ability to please the other. One of the few times when extreme pride was a very pure and good thing.

Doc came to understand a few of these things in the following days. Peter had asked to use the weight room on the third day and Sam reported that Peters strength just within two sessions had dramatically increased . From then on, Doc had Sam record Peters strength and size gains.

When day five rolled around a second bed was rolled into the Lab. Peter and Sam were curious about who was next to go through the procedure. When asked, Tina was surprised that Doc hadn't told them yet. She admitted, "I thought he'd already told you two. The bed is for Dr. Marantz. Doc is going through the procedure today. It's funny, because I'm sure he mentioned to me he wanted you both here for moral support."

Sam Shrugs and says, "Not a word to us."

Tina asks for Mrs Corrigan's nutrition report and comments, "Up another 400 calories . Well that should finally start to go down in two days."

Peter says, "I hope so or else our grocery bill is going to go through the roof. My scholarship doesn't cover that much food under Food and Board."

Tina says, "we'd never leave you high and dry like that. If your caloric requirement doesn't decrease the Program will set up an account with a local bank to help pay for the extra food you'll need. .. (She smiles and finishes with) You're family now, both of you. You won't go hungry."

Sam and Peter both chime in with, "Thank you, Tina."

Sam turns to Peter and asks, "Should we wait or go work out?"

Just then Doc comes into the Lab and says, "Go work out but I'd appreciate it if you'd both get back in an hour and a half, or there abouts... please?"

Sam looks to Peter first but then tells Doc, "Sure Doc we'll get back by then, promise." Peter nods and smiles in agreement.

Doc tells them, "Thanks," before they go to the hospital gym.

Doc pulls the curtain closed around the new bed and gets out of his street clothes and into a hospital gown. He calls out a little loudly to Tina, "Tina, has L.. ah has Dr Sanchez showed up yet. I sort of..." He is cut short by Tina pulling the curtain open with the serum /IV drip on a rolling stand. He finishes at a lower volume, "thought he'd be here by now."

Tina frowns as she tells him, "He told me he was going to call you before he got on the plane."

Doc looks confused and a little lost as he says, "Huh? What plane?"

Tina distracts him by walking him backwards to the bed and says, "Up. Into bed. " Doc does what she asks but still has a frown on his face. She starts to swab his arm as she tells him, "Lalo's sister called him after you went home yesterday and said she was worried about their mother. She was worried their mother hadn't eaten for a few days and possibly missed her blood pressure meds. Their mother's done this before and Lalo is the only one in the family who can get her to eat and take her meds regularly. From what I could overhear, Groia was very upset and she even begged him to come home to Los Angeles as soon as he could book a flight. She told him she would pay for it, and you know how Lalo jokes she's always counting pennies, so it looks serious. He told her to calm down and don't worry. He told her he had vacation time and he'd get there as soon as he could. That's when I started looking up the next available flight for him and booked it for midnight last night. I knew you wanted him here so I practically made him promise to call you before his flight took off. He usually does what he tells me he's going to do. I guess it really upset him too."

Doc just looks at his lap and says, "I forgot to plug my cell phone in last night and I found out it was dead this morning. It just turns itself off when the battery is too low without even a beep. I didn't think to check my voicemail this morning. " By now Tina has the catheter in his arm and has adjusted the drip rate to complete the serum in one hour. She unclips his cell phone from his pants and hands it to him.

Tina warns him, "Just your voicemail. He'll be busy and you need to relax before the Electro-stim. Ok?"

Doc agrees, "Ok."

Doc scrolls through his cell phones menus and gets to messages then to voice mail. His voicemail tells him, "You have three new messages and no saved messages. First new message : 'BEEP' Doc it's Lalo. I have a family emergency and I've got to get back to LA and see what's happening to my Mom. You remember she did something like this two years ago and I was gone for about four days. I hope this is just the same. I'm going to try to get through to your cell phone again, for some stupid reason I've never put your home phone in my cell phone. I hope you didn't forget to plug it in again. 'BEEP' Well I guess your phone turned itself off just like mine does. I wish... I know even though you didn't ask directly, that you wanted me to be there when you go through the procedure...I am so sorry I can't be there for you tomorrow... I needed to talk to you face to face about something . Something I've meant to say to you for a long time.. I don't know why I've hesitated... you are my best friend why is it so hard to tell you. But I can't do this through voice mail.... I'l try to reach you again before I take off. Bye. 'BEEP' Matt it's Lalo, I'm here in LA. I'm waiting for my sister to pick me up. Sorry I didn't call before the flight. I guess this got me really upset. We need to talk when I get back. Mui importante . And we gotta talk about your nickname.. I like calling you Matt better than Doc. Anyway, I'll be saying a prayer when you have to go through Electro-stim. I'll be there in spirit, my friend. See you in about four days . 'BEEP' ...." Doc hits the signoff key and hangs up.

Doc still looks a bit glum as he mutters, "You're my best friend too." but his mind starts to turn over just what that something might be... Then he cheers up thinking about the fact that Lalo thinks of him as his best friend. They had never actually said those words to each other. He pulls the sheets up to his chest and tries to get a quick nap.

Docs nap held a strange procession of images : fire and flames flow into firemen with fire-hoses, then he is a fireman but the fire hose he's holding is really his dick and then he's naked with this ungodly huge erection pushing a surgeon in scrubs back against a wall that disappears with the surgeons clothes and its Lalo who tries to hold on to the ever enlarging dick as Doc starts to get taller and taller till his dick lifts off of an action figure that looks like Lalo and his dick finally starts to shrink to something close to normal (for a horse) when the action figure suddenly comes to life and runs into an isle at a toy store with row after row of all the same Lalo action figures and Doc can't find out which one was his Lalo and each time he gets near the row of action figures his dick knocks another ten or twenty onto the floor and he just slumps onto the floor amidst the boxes of Lalos muttering 'where'd he go' and the lights in the toy store dim and he realizes he's dreaming and lays his head down to wake up, wake up, wake up

Tina softly says, "Wake up Doc. Wake up. Your dreaming Doc. Time to wake up. " Her hand is on his shoulder as he wakes up.

Doc says as he focuses on her face, "I know I was dreaming, that's why I put my head down."

Tina takes that in and replies, "Put your head down to stop dreaming." (almost a question) After the pause she says, "OK." a thin smile plays across her face.

Doc is almost all there as he says, "Well it makes more sense when you're dreaming."

As She nods she clamps the rest of the IV (the serum bottle is empty) and removes the catheter. Tina's ready with a small gauze square and a two inch square thick bandage and covers the puncture site. She makes him hold the bandage for a while and says, "I'd tell you to try to get a quick nap but I wouldn't want you to get back to that dream. It didn't seem to be such a good one."

Doc frowns then smirks as he recalls putting out a fire with his dick, "It wasn't that bad, not until the end."

Tina sensing a good bit of Lab gossip innocently ask, "OH? What was it about?"

Doc focuses in on her face before he gets this real neutral look on his face and tells her, "Maybe I should talk to the other person in the dream before I tell the whole Lab." Then Doc tips his head to one side and smiles as he finishes with, "Ok?"

Tina takes on a mock shocked look as she says, "Whatever could you mean by that? It sounded as if you were calling me a gossip."

Doc smiles since he has enjoyed her very kind form of gossip. He admits, "I honestly can't remember when you told a story about someone that really embarrassed them ... except for a certain college Frat party that had everyone so drunk they followed a certain young and impressionable Med students lead and everyone stripped naked, only to find in the morning everyone still there .. STILL naked! People draped over each other or in very unlikely sleeping places.."

Tina interrupts with, "I liked the ones in the tree best!"

Doc glares at her and responds, "She was my Date! (Tina gleefully agrees with fast nods) She never talked to me again. Neither did the guy that took her home. I had the hots for him too." He's frowning now.

Tina finishes up with, "And there's poor Doc floating in the middle of the pool on a floating lounger. As your Frat brother described it, you're sporting Enormous morning wood. Only to be woken up by said date, still in the tree, blaming you for everyone else getting drunk and naked, and she went on and on as she fell out of the tree and the guy that took her home fell out of the tree too." She gleefully giggles.

Doc got a mischievous grin on his face, "It all started that night when she started to break up with me and said I wasn't spontaneous enough or adventurous. She wanted to have sex in the restroom weeks before that."

Tina just frowns her SO?

Doc explains, "The women's restroom!" {guys will understand this, gals won't} " Anyway, I was still so burnt by her comments and the obvious results of said comments, " Tina chimes in with, "Tony your Frat brother said everyone else had the best time they'd ever had!" Doc agrees, "Exactly ! So I just grabbed Sparky and started jerking at her and the faster she talked the faster I jerked. And just before I came i told her ' Maryjane we're through!' and that got her to finally shut up. .. When I was finished she just looked at me for a moment and then the applause started. She told me while everyone was still clapping she'd have stayed with me if I had been in the tree, and I told her I'd have stayed with her if she'd have been in the pool."

Tina had to end it with, "Now don't you wish you could remember the rest of the party."

Doc says, "yeah."

Tina looks down at Doc and says, "Try this; just close your eyes like you're meditating."

Doc agrees with, "That might work, "Tina moves to the main desk as the Lab phone starts to ring.

Tina answers the phone with, "Applied Sports Medicine Research, Tina speaking."

Doc can hear her but she's trying to speak softly. She says, "Well about time, "then a pause, "why!" then a longer pause, "You're going to rack up a big phone bill. " little pause, "well Ok, but We need to talk when you get back. Is that clear mister?... Alright then, I'll make sure you get through at the right time.. Yeah yeah your welcome... But I should have had a talk with you two a long time ago." Pause, "Just be patient ."

Doc can't hear anything else and he closes his eyes. As his eyes close down his brain also closes down for fifteen minutes. This time no dreams appear. Doc is gently shaken by a very large hand; and a very handsome slightly stubbly huge face says, "Doc. Wake up Doc. It's time. " Sams face curls into a lazy grin. He tells Doc, "I promised we'd be back and we're here. Your support is ready."

Doc comes fully awake to see Tina pull Sams shirt to get his head down to her level to whisper in his ear. When she's done she has a wicked little grin on her face and now Sam's got the grins (he always like showing off to people who appreciate strength ).

Sam only gives Doc a short, "Here Doc. Let me help out here." and then Sam has the sheets flipped off Doc and he reaches and lifts Doc as if he were a feather pillow. Tina by now has pulled the curtain open as Sam takes the slightly shocked Doc to the Electro-stim table and places him gently on it.

Doc is still a little keyed-up but he still smiles and says, "Thank you, Samson." with a little nod of the head.

Sam answers in kind with, "You're welcome Dr. Marantz, "and he bows back.

Doc looks at Peter and says, "He does that to you all the time, doesn't he?" Doc's got a little grin on his face.

Sam moves to in back of Peter as Doc talks and crosses his forearms over Peters chest. Peter grabs onto Sams arms as he grins real proud and tells Doc, "Yep! All the time." Sam has a real proud smile on his face too.

Doc says, "A real safe feeling, Huh?!"

Peter says, "The safest place in the world is in Sams arms." Sam slightly blushes as he reaches with his right hand and musses up Peters hair. Peter leans back into Sams embrace and just smiles.

Sam bends down and says for just Peters ears, "I just think I'm holdin on ta the world." and kisses the top of peters head . Peter tips his head and kisses Sams arm.

Tina instead of starting to strap Doc down, hands him the phone receiver. She tells him, "Somebody wants to talk to you before we zap ya."

Somehow Doc knows who it is and bursts out with, "Lalo!" his face is ear to ear grin.

Lalo responds over the phone with, "Matt. I couldn't let you go through that without wishing you Good Luck."

Doc says, "Thank you Lalo. You were right about my phone; and, "(his volume goes way down) " I like you calling me Matt too." He gets a silly little grin now.

Lalo says, "I know Tina has filled you in on everything by now, not that she's a gossip..."

Doc repeats, "Oh no. Not that she's a gossip or anything!" he finishes loudly enough for everyone to hear.

Tina bursts out with, "Not a gossip, "as she starts to strap Docs legs.

Doc tells Lalo, "Oh now we've done it. She's strapping down my legs." Tina mock chuckles as she gets his other leg down.

Lalo says, "I'l get things done here as soon as I can and get back. You know you're gonna be alright, I'm just so sorry I couldn't be there."

Doc cuts him off, "It's Ok. I understand. Family is important. Just make sure everything is Ok with your mom before you come back."

Lalo says, "I will."

Doc adds, "And send her my love."

Lalo is caught with those words but recovers with, "I will. We have got to talk when I get back . Ok?" Tina could just hear that as she straps down Docs left arm.

Doc says, "Ok... " just as Kasey appears with the head harness and starts to shave four little spots on Docs head.

Kasey mutters, "Sorry Doc, we gotta get this going."

Doc says, "Well their getting ready for the zap .. " As Tina takes the phone out of Docs hand.

Tina tells Lalo, "Yeah yeah. Kiss kiss hug hug. Are you going to stay on the line for this?" Her face says she is skeptical.

The last thing Lalo wants to hear is Doc in pain, but he says, "It's the best way I can be there in spirit so leave the receiver on the desk. Ok.?" Tina seems to relax with this.

Tina tells Lalo, "Good. I'l get back to you after the Electro-stim..." Before she lays it on the desk she tells Lalo, "And if you two don't talk over whatever you have to say, then I won't talk to either one of you! Understood ?!"

Lalo and Doc miles away from each other say, "Yes Ma-am." Tina has a silent giggle to their response and relents.

Tina tells them, "Ok. Good boy, good boy, "like talking to the dogs.

By now Kasey has Doc shaved and the harness on and plugged in. Tina does the honors with the last two straps. She looks down at Doc and says, "We'll begin in a few moments. Ok?"

Doc tells her, "Ok. Thanks Tina."

Tina replies, "You're welcome. " as she walks behind the equipment.

Kasey appears with another glove and hands it to Peter as he says, "I guess it's your turn this time ." Peter nods as he puts it on and moves to Docs right side.

Peter starts to say, "I can't begin to thank you enough for.."

Doc cuts him off with, "Peter... " and pauses and says, "You're welcome. Thank you for being here for me."

Peter smiles and says, "You're welcome."

Just then Agent Erickson comes through the door and says, "I'm sorry I'm late." then to Doc, "Hey Doc."

Doc says, "Hey Tom. You'll forgive me if I don't get up."

Tom has moved to Docs left side as he says, "Pissed Tina off again huh?"

Doc says, "Yeah, but I deserve it this time."

Tina pushes tom out of the way as she says, "Watch it, or you're next." She tells Doc as she is about to put the breathing wedge in his mouth, "You know the drill. We need a few moments of quiet for the EEG and then we'll begin. Ok?"

Doc says, "Ok I'm ready when you are." Then he opens his mouth and Tina puts the wedge in. Tom moves to in back of the equipment and Sam moves with him. Tina looks to Pat for the alright which comes after about a minute.

Tina looks down to Doc as she says, "Ok Doc. We'll begin the six second Electro-stim on zero from five, Ok. " Doc gives a little nod . She nods back and says, "Ok. starting on zero in Five .. Four.. Three.. Two.. One.. Zero."

And Docs back arches as his throat locks off a strained groan and his hands try to crush whatever is in them. Peter is surprised by the strength of the grip until he remembers that Doc is after all a surgeon. Dexterity and strength.

And in the time it took Peter to react and think through those thoughts and a few more, the zap was over. Peter could tell cause Doc was howling through the wedge just like he did.

Tina pulls out the wedge and say, "Ok, Ok . You are Ok Doc we just need a few more seconds to record Post stim EEG.. and, "Pat stands up and gives the thumbs up sign and Tina starts to take off the strap and harness as she tells Doc, "And we're done. There ya go Doc." Peter helps by getting the right leg restraint and Sam moves to the left leg restraint as Tina gets Docs left arm, then Sam moves over to Docs right side.

Sam looks to Doc and asks, "One more time Doc?" as he holds is hands out palm up and tips his head to the side. Doc nods yes and Sam scoops him up and takes him over to the second bed there. Doc clings on to as much as he can of Sam. Doc shivers twice on the trip over to his bed, and Sam holds him closer till he sets him on the bed.

Doc pulls the sheets up to his chest and says, "Thanks Sam."

Sam nods and says, "your welcome."

Doc looks at Peter and say, "Peter, I am so sorry. I never knew what that really felt like."

Peter just shakes his head no and tells Doc, "No Doc. Nothing to be sorry for. It saved my life. I have no complaints." As he was saying this Doc finally clues into just how much bigger Peter is.

Doc says, "Peter. How much bigger are you now? It's just over five days."

Peter stands up straighter and says with a grin, "Well, now I'm six foot three from five foot ten."

Sam chimes in with, "Six foot four Pete." Pete grins as Sam comes up in back of him and puts his hands on either side of Peters shoulders.

Sam starts to list off each group and does a hands on display of Peters gains. Sam puts his hand on top of Peters head and says, "starting at five foot ten we now have six foot four" his other hand cups the back of Petes neck and says, "once seventeen inches his neck is now twenty-two. " Sams puts his hands on either side of Peters neck and says, "shoulders were twenty-one inches, "he moves his hands wider an taps the ends of Peters clavicles, "now twenty-six inches" Sam then moves his hands to a few inches wider apart as he says, "Delts were only two and a half before and now five inches each bringing the over all width to, "he does a 'tada' with his hands and then widens them to cap each end of Petes shoulders, "an impressive thirty six inches. Next we have his chest measurement" Peter taking his cue, rolls his shoulder in and makes his chest look small. Sam says, "was forty-eight inches and now, "Pet sticks his chest out and sucks his stomach in, "a whopping sixty-four inches. This coming from his Pectorals, "Pete does a quarter turn to the side and flexes his pecs and as Sam says the next bit Pete turns another quarter with his back to Doc, "and from his latisimus dorsai, "Peter now flexes his back out like a cobras head. Sam moves down to the waist and says, "before thirty inches now thirty two inches" Peter turns around and San bends down and grabs Peters thigh muscles and give them a quick shake, "Quads before twenty-four inches" He gives a few more shakes, "now thirtyyy ah seven" as if he was deciding right then and he then cups the left calf muscle and says, "calfs before eighteen inches now twenty-four inches" Sam moves in back of Peter and says, "And now the show stopper single side biceps shot" and Sam and Peter both do the impressive move leaving a lasting impression of them doing a duo pose for Doc.

Peter notices that Sam is doing the same thing as him and says, "Sam nobody is going to notice me if you're there flexing your muscles too." they look at each other and Peter leans/falls into Sam and then recovers . Sam just keeps smiling and rubs Peters head as he stands up straight again.

Sam asks Doc, "So Doc what ya think."

Doc thinks, 'Well I've got a chubby' then realizes that is not the best comment to make. He would have applauded but he has had to hold down a very aggressive erection from past the first few seconds of their display and decides on saying, "very impressive."

Tina calls out from the main desk, "Oh boys. I think you left out two of those measurements again. And I have pictures to compare before with after. " Docs eyes get very big as something is also getting very big on Peter.

Peter looks down to see 'little Johann" start to flex too as he tells Tina, "Uhmmmm, Tina, no you don't. I've gotta use the restroom. I'll be right back" He moves off as Sam checks his own package and then Docs."

Sam says, "Doc it looks like you could use a little time by yourself. I think I'll use the restroom myself. Bye" He hurries off in the same direction as Peter went.

All Doc can say is, "Bye, "and the he asks, "Tina could you please close the curtain. and turn down the lights?'

Just as he finishes saying this Tina is at the curtains and closes them but she warns him, "If you expect me to put on romantic music you're out of luck!" She dims the lights and smiles as she says, "Be good."

Doc could only reply with, "Yes ma-am."

Doc knew that with an erection this hard he either had to ignore it, which led to frustration and fitful sleep; or whack his pud for all its worth and have a good rest. Looked at that way it almost approached a kind of therapy. He still kept himself under the covers for familiarity sake; and the fact that there was only a thin curtain between his colleagues and his pudwhack self. He had just started in ernest when footsteps and a foot taping and then Tinas voice saying, "Before you get going full gallop..." a long enough pause for Doc to actually pull his hands off himself.

Doc broke down since she wasn't going to continue until he said something, and says, "Yes Tina?"

A hand with a two photo quality prints appear around the curtain but Tina stays behind the curtain as she moves them and the photos close to Docs bed and tells him, "Don't say I never did anything for you!" Doc grabs the photos and her arm drops as she moves away and the curtain is again closed. Doc looks at the photos. They are copies of two of the digital photos Tina took of Peters enormous tallywhacker. Doc is shocked and yet so pleased by this act of heart felt assistance.

Doc tells her, "Thank you Tina for this heartfelt assistance in my endeavor..."

Tina cuts him off with, "Yeah yeah. You're welcome . Just do me a favor. AIM AWAY FROM THE PHOTOS, Ok?" She barely keeps from giggling.

Doc laughs and tells her, "Yes ma-am. I will make every effort." He is holding a photo in one hand while he jerks himself with the other. He starts to whisper the mantra for today which is, "Aim away from the photo, aim away from the photo." This mantra becomes quieter and faster as Doc contemplates just what Peters pecker looks like fully erect. Then Doc realizes that it probably is massively engorged right now with Sam helping any way he can. His imagination takes a left turn for only a moment as he wonders how Peter and Sam can both fit in one restroom stall and have sex without beating the stall to pieces. He can't help but chuckle thinking of the poor guy in the stall next to them.. Hahaha. Like some looney tune cartoon, by the time they finish the walls of the stall would be flat on the floor like something exploded. Then Doc thinks Peter and Sam and their privates exploding and over flowing with cum, which leads him to his explosion as he remembers his mantra, the mantra : Aim away from the photos!! Doc thinks, 'WOW' then as he starts to cum. 'Aiming away!!!' And as he continues to come he jerks his head back and forth a little and still aiming away from the photos he lets out some short moans like a horse softly neighing . He finally comments out loud as he finishes, "Oh Yeah, now that's therapy!." Docs sigh and remark produces short but enthusiastic applause from Tina, Pat and Kasey. Doc chuckles and says, "Ah my public. I really haven't done enough for them."

Kasey cat called, "Enough already!"

Doc replies with no daffy duck inflection, "Ahh my public, I really haven't done enough TO them."

Just then Tina calls out, "Knock knock. Put it away" as she pulls back the curtain and rolls an adjustable table over to the bed. She finishes with, "though I've seen it a few times already and I must admit you were right up there fallicly speaking.."

Doc interjects with, "Why thank you.

She says aside, "You're welcome, "then continues at the louder volume as she breaks the news to him, "Yes sir right up there with the greats, UNTIL.

Doc mutters, "I know what's coming, "as he hands Tina the Photos of Peters massive member.

She has adjusted the table for him to have a light breakfast and as he hands her the evidence of what she is talking about and says softly, "Why thank you" and then goes on at the louder volume with, "Until a young man among men came along to knock everyone off their pedestal quite literally with his far reaching member..." She can't go on just looking at the limp evidence of Peters superior status caught in the two photos. She doesn't know what to say. She looks at Doc and then back at the photos and she does that, back and forth a few times before she finds the simple statement, "Sam and Peter really were meant for each other."

Doc nods then remembers someone was on the phone. Excited he calls out with, "Lalo! Is he still on the phone?" Tina had walked back to the main desk and looked at the hung up receiver.

Tina calls back, "Now Doc, you know us better than that! I told him you and your brain came through with flying colors and he said that was one weight of his heart. He said he had to get his Mom sorted out and he'd give you a call tonight and tell you how it went." She looks at the rental documents secured yesterday for the multiple human testing building (read warehouse ). They have to start getting the Equipment over there soon if they're going to get the human trials started when Doc requested.

Doc tells her, "So he's going to tell me and I'll tell all of you guys so it doesn't make Tina look like a gossip." His volume decreased near the end but she still heard that last word.

She loudly calls out, "Not a Gossip!" Everyone there snorts derisively or tries not to laugh at all.

Everyone at the Lab knew that if Tina didn't chat at everyone she could and poke into everyones business with her loving way, the Lab and the people in it would fall apart at the seems. She was that rare gem of a coordinator/organizer, that kept a tight ship but a happy ship. She got you to clean up after your self but she didn't obsess about it. She set up schedules but when people got tied up with something else ; she was the one to help straighten out that something else after rescheduling with all parties concerned. And without stepping on toes, or ruffling feathers.

Doc had been power eating while this went on and he gets out of bed to close the curtain. Tina looks up to see the curtain close. She asks Doc, "Finished already?

Doc says, "Yes but it's not due to any aching hunger, at least not yet."

Tina smiles and says, "Well good.. " She thinks about closed curtains and gets a sly grin as she asks loudly, "Doc, would you like those photos back?" this got Pat and Kasey and Tom muttering and snickering.

Kasey can't stand it and says, "Doc you're an animal, "all thinking that Docs libido is in overdrive.

All are surprised when Doc comes out fully dressed in street clothes and goes over to Kasey and picks up one of the rubber hoses and hands it to him as he tells them all, "No. I'm just hairier than most men." Doc sits in one of the side chairs in the Lab and says as Kasey takes a blood sample from him, " I thought I'd take Agent Erickson over to the Human Trials Testing Site, and see what he has to say about security and if he can figure out a better name for the damn warehouse."

Tom puts his sunglasses on and with a very erect posture and very neutral face and voice tells them, "I'm sorry but after the X-Files show went into syndication, the bureau decided to discourage any form of imagination or humor in it's agents. In effect, I am required to be unhelpful in that regard, except of course when the FBI is trying to secure more funding." He remained at attention for a good ten seconds before he started making a low snorting kind of laugh then tipped his head yo see over the rim of his sunglasses and then smirked at Doc and Tina.

Doc shakes his head as he picks up the rental agreement and keys to the new building and tells Tom, "At ease Soldier. You've gotta good line of bull, but we still need to get the job done. Now we've gotta use your vehicle since my accountant says my personal vehicle's gas and maintenance is not deductible ..."

Tina yells at Doc who is out the door and a few feet away, "I can't do your taxes this year, Sorry."

Tom is just letting go of the door and looks at Doc then to Tina and then to Doc again and shrugs. Doc calls back, "Thanks anyway" and continues to the parking lot with Tom. Doc muttered under his breath, "Now my ex-accountant. " and shook his head.

Tom frowns and deactivates the security and unlocks both doors on his car with the little device on his key ring as he reminds Doc, "I know I told you a least once in the past, what, four years just what my wife does career-wise."

Doc is just buckling his seat belt when he does a Homer Simpson cringe as he says, "Dooh!!" He hangs his head and closes his eyes and then in this position he asks, "please don't tell Marla I forgot she's a CPA.."

Tom cuts him off with, "Head CPA."

Doc continues with, "Head CPA. Wow. And a great cook, and consummate hostess, devoted mother." He looks at Tom who is driving but looks a little introspective.

Tom continues with the train of thought, 'And a Sweet wife. And my true love. " Nothing more need be said in that regard. His face suddenly lost all doubt or worry. Doc could see the profound truth of Toms words and the effect they have on Toms demeanor. Quietly self assured. Aware of his limitations and his strengths. A perfect example of the adage ' Knowledge sets us free'. Then Doc thinks knowledge and LOVE.

Doc thought of Lalo and himself. Well the Love was there, but the knowledge part was tripping Doc up. He knew he loved Lalo, and on which levels he loved him. Hell! All levels. And Doc knew that Lalo loved him in at least one way, as a good friend. Friend. What an unassuming and yet deceptive word.

A friend could take on those aspects of a relationship that spanned the spectrum from casual aquantence to Dutch Uncle. And yet falter in the vicinity of Best Friend And Lover. A lover. Doc hadn't had that many lovers, though as a rule, he found that each one had to be a friend of some sort before they had become a lover. But for some reason they never stayed a lover. A friend perhaps, but not for very long after the lover part ended. That was what really cut to the bone. Even for the 'non/never had been lover' friends. That they could just walk away. Sure a heartfelt 'So Long' and waves and one or two phone calls from wherever they went (just so you have our number). But with a medical and research career for his part and no more phone calls on their part, it was as if they just walked away into some fog. As if their friendship hadn't existed at all. That was what was so destructive to his self confidence, when it came to personal, private relationships. If it had been something he had said or done. If it had been a clash of personalities or beliefs. If only there had been some yelling and screaming. Then he would know. At least then he could see that there was some kind of passion involved with it, even if that something was dying. But no, all were so calmly uninvolved with the act of UN-Friending. Wow a new word. Is that possible in this age of internet. But without that sign of some passion, he was left with questioning himself. Was it him, was it them. No clear answer seems to always lead to self doubt and all sorts of internal dialogue. The kind that never really gets resolved. So the doubt starts to set up shop and for your part the knowledge of the love you get and give to the friends who do remain counteracts that doubt. But for how long? Still holding but you're just starting to notice that you're getting a little tired of just holding on. He turns these thoughts away as they pulled up to the new building.

They hadn't had far to go. The warehouse was on the edge between college/hospital and the town. Tina did well, the facade wasn't just some stairs up to the warehouse level and offices. The building had half of the street side down on the street level. A people oriented business.. Now if only it has what they need to properly set up a kitchen by the deadline he had set up. Tom has two clip boards and hands one to Doc as he stars to go around the building inside and out while writing down notes. Doc looks to the break room and sees again that Tina did a good job. The break room is of a size that can accommodate more pantry storage, More refrigerators, and more stoves and ovens. And looking through the other rooms Doc sees some can be used for the Lab work needed, and one would be good for the Electro-stim table and the other associated equipment. All thats left is setting up a Dorm style series of rooms to keep them under observation and prevent snacking without documenting the caloric intakes. The kitchen is going to be hopping twenty-four seven. Not a problem, they had planned for that. Tina had contacted a temp service to send over enough people to interview for the nine cooks position, three per shift. They had a local contractor who had been hired by the hospital many times scheduled to begin work on the warehouse to get the kitchen, restrooms, and two work rooms remodeled as well as add Dorm style rooms in the actual warehouse area. He was scheduled to begin work tomorrow with any necessary demolition, and be done in three weeks. At least the guy acted like he could get it done in such short amount of time, and the contract was written up with penalties if the work wasn't finished by the time he said he could finish it.

Tom was finished with his inspection and the clipboard was full of notes, so he went looking for Doc and found him in the warehouse area, and a clipboard full of notes too. He told Doc, "Well I'm ready to leave when you are. I need to get back to my office to print up the purchase list for the security system and all the bells and whistles that go with it. You still haven't told me if you want a security service off site or one with an actual guard on the premises."

Doc just now decided and tells him, "An actual guard sounds better. Even though Colonel Maitlan seems to be repentant about the theft, I just don't have enough actual time to be able to say I can trust him. So if one group under his wing could steel the samples, and another has tested soldiers with their own results from the samples, how do we know there isn't another group that wants to get one of our people after we put them through the procedure and test him to see how we do it. Obviously they don't want to make any more ravenous giants."

Doc pauses as he see tom get a good idea and smile. Then he tells Doc, "Why not?"

Doc is just confused. " Uhh, because of the price of groceries for people that size, or the aching hunger that doesn't quite go away completly. " Doc can't see it coming.

Tom says with a perfectly straight face, "Perhaps the particular division of the military is trying to create a new weapon. " Docs frown deepens, but tom continues, "The men would eat everything in site and the enemy would starve to death. Or perhaps they intend them to become cannibalistic and just eat the enemy, but then they're gonna have to be much bigger to be able to just swallow the enemy whole cause if they try to tear them apart with their teeth they might cause some damage to our people while they're being eaten alive. " By now Doc has shaken his head and turned towards the entrance they came in through. Tom has caught up with Doc just as Doc was starting to close the entrance.

Doc is still shaking his head as Tom slips through and Doc locks up. As Doc turns to Tom he says, "And you call yourself an adult."

Tom just grins and puts his sunglasses back on. He unlocks his car and just before Doc can get the door open, Docs face flinches and he doubles over like someone hit him in the stomach. Doc is gritting his teeth as a low groan escapes his lips. He recovers quickly but Tom is very concerned as he asks Doc are you alright?"

Doc can stand and the pain on his face has seems to be fading. But the truth is that he is controlling himself and as much of the shockingly intense pangs of hunger he suddenly finds himself suffering from. He nods yes but tells Tom, "But the hunger pangs are much too early. " Doc gets himself into the car and buckled in before he tells Tom, "With safety in mind, we need to get to the cafeteria as soon as this vehicle can do so, or I might actually start gnawing on my arm. Ok?"

Tom had the car running and headed back to the hospital before Doc got to the OK part. He realized this and said, "Thanks Tom."

Tom just stayed attentive to his fast driving and grunted out, "you're welcome". Seeing Doc double over like that really got Tom nervous and worried about his friend.

Doc waited for the hunger to subside to an acceptable level where he could think and breath normal again before he let Tom know that he could slow down a bit that the pain had let up a bit.

Toms velocity did not decrease, though his facial tick did go away and he stopped grinding his teeth. At about that time Tom had been able to call to Tina. Tom told her to, "contact the kitchen services and tell them to start a cookin, Doc was holdin his own but he would soon be unable to keep from wanting to eat everything in site. " Tina understood and by the time they got to the parking lot Kasey was there with a wheelchair and little sign with Dr. Marantz written on one side. Doc was feeling a little better but realized the last thing he wanted to do is pass-out in the hallways of the hospital he works at. So he heads for the wheelchair but half way there Kasey turns the sign around and the sign reads ' All You Can Eat Buffet ' which gets Doc laughing for a bit as he sits and Kasey quickly wheels Doc to the cafeteria. Mrs Corrigan herself walks out with a large glass of something that looks like a vanilla shake.

Mrs Corrigan tells him, "This should help to take the edge off for a few minutes till we can get some more solid food to you. " He had started drinking as soon as she handed it to him, and only paused to say thank you after she finished.

What ever it was, it tasted better than the drinks they had concocted themselves for the test subjects. He just sucked the whole thirty ounce glass of whatever down in twelve seconds and that included him pausing to say thank you. He sucked in air and got his breathing back to normal before he asked, "Mrs Corrigan, that not only hit the spot for now, It really tastes great. What is in that? Cause we will need some for the people we'll be testing at the other facility."

Mrs Corrigan has a sly look on her face as she tells him, "That's a trade secret! I need something for my retirement. But I'll be glad to supply your research group with however much you need."

Doc says, "Thank you Mrs Corrigan. I'll take you up on that offer."

Thus started Docs meal schedule . Oddly enough it matched Peters and Sams. Within two days Peter suddenly lost that gnawing hunger and felt full after eating only one third the amount he had for the past seven days. Doc felt compelled to release Peter as well, which pleased Sam and Peter very much. Peter had found that he had gotten stronger than the hospital gym and needed to use Sams gym, and the driving back and forth was annoying. Now he could use Sam's gym and try to return to his classes after an almost two week gap. The real trouble would be to convince all his teachers that he was really Peter!. He was now at six foot four and a half inches, and a growth spurt of six and a half inches was a bit much to explain. Luckily Agent Erickson told Peter if he had any problems then Erickson would talk to that teacher and explain everything. Of course that teacher would be restrained by the National Security Secrets Act from talking about anything he's told except to say, "Peter had a growth spurt."

Doc sort of missed Peter and Sam being there when he had to eat but getting the new test facility started took up a lot of Docs time and by the end of the fourth day Doc took some time to go home and water the plants and soak in the tub. He thought he had plugged the charger in the wall, he saw the light go on but as he left the kitchen the charger fell out of the socket. After only a few minutes the cell phone flashed a battery low signal and turned itself off. So Doc missed Lalo calling him when Lalos flight came in, and Lalo was too tired from the flight to do anything but crawl into bed when he got home. Dreams came for both of them, but none they could remember, except for the feeling of love and longing for the other.

Doc awoke and realized he was going to have to eat and now. But his fridge was practically empty. This lead him to miss the charger being out of the socket when he pulled the charger off the phone, and he didn't check again until after he had ordered and eaten one of everything on the fast food menu. Apparently he was at a certain size that caused people to hurry when he asked for anything. He didn't even notice the looks of those around him as he ate. The manager was torn between hoping he wouldn't return and asking him to advertise their food since he finished off the whole menu in fifteen minutes. In fact he got applause when he did finish and finally sat back and burped. He was so shocked at first then went along with it and got half way out of his seat to bow. That decided it for the manager.

He walked up to Doc just as Doc had finished folding all his trash into one ball, and told him, "Sir we'll take care of that for you. I wonder if you would be interested in appearing in a commercial for our restaurant chain?" Doc smiles but starts to shake his head no as he gets up. He suddenly realizes he is towering over the manager. The manager had been prepared and just stepped back and kept on smiling. Doc had sort of ignored his growth stats up to this time. He knew he was taller but he'd lost track of just how tall.

The manager continued with, "A man of your size would be a good element in any restaurants advertising. " the smile was still there.

Doc thought, 'My size?! ' He looks down at the manager and asks, "How tall do I look?"

The manager frowns then smiles again and tells him, "Well I'm six foot even, you look to me like you're six foot four. Am I right?"

Doc just smiles and says, "You're right. But I already have a job. Sorry. But thanks anyway. Nice compliment. Bye now" He left wondering if his voice had gotten a little bit lower.

Now he had too much energy and the hospital gym just wasn't strong enough for him any more. Just yesterday he had bent the pull down bar in the lat machine. Then just that morning while leaving he had crushed the old door knob on his kitchen door. His hunger had kept him from thinking too much about it till now since the door did close. He hoped it would open again.

He thought about Sam's gym and Sams offer to come by anytime. He tried to call Tina and found out the phone was dead. He thought, 'Oh just great, where's a pay-phone?' He stops at a phone outside the restaurant and calls Tina telling her where he's going and she gives the Ok with a 'be good' reply. He gets there in record time and then waits a few moments out in his car watching Sam coach Peters work out. Too many thoughts flicker through his head for any one to rise to the top. He thinks, 'Stop procrastinating!' and heads into the gym.

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