Bigger is Good 8

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Here's the next installment I hope you enjoy.

Disclamer: This is a sci-fi story with male to male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of 18 you should not be here. You have been warned.

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As luck would have it Sam and Peter were the only ones in the Gym when Doc walked in. They hadn't noticed yet and Doc watched Sam coaching Peter with a mantra of words for each rep. Peter was on a modified Lat Pull down Machine with a thicker than normal cable that connected to heavier than regular plates. He was using a wide bar and must have done ten reps since Doc walked in and Sam was holding Peter down by his traps to help insure proper form. Peters Lats were wider than Doc remembered. Then again, Doc's lats were getting wider too. Doc moves closer and waits for Sam to urge one more rep out of Peter before he asks, "You two mind if I work in? I'll try to keep up!" He smiles.

Sam still holds Peter down as the bar moves slowly back up for his last rep of the set, and only then did Sam and Peter turn to see who it was. They both say, "Doc" at the same time. Sam reaches out first for a handshake and changes his mind half way through and gives Doc a quick hug as he says, "Glad ya took me up on my offer. Pete said you'd get bored with the hospital Gym. I always thought it was good for a quick light workout."

Peter is up and about to just shake hands and thinks better of it with Sams example. As he gives Doc a hug he says, "Sam's got that last part worded right. Light workout!" Peter steps back and smiles at Doc and then notices Doc is taller than him.

Doc agrees with the assessment as he says, "Yeah, light is the right word. When you get up to Twenty-five or thirty reps on the heaviest it can go, and it feels easy to you, then the weight equipment is a too light."

Sam grins and says, "So you came here for a heavy workout?"

Doc smiles back and says, "Yes I did. I just finished one of everything on the menu at the local diner and I have all this energy I need to put to good use."

Sam says, "That's what I like to hear. And Heavy is the name of the game at this gym. You're in luck; Pete's only on his second set first exercise, so we'll just get you warmed up and then see how strong you are ."

Doc says, "Sounds good to me coach."

And they started. Sam had Doc warm up on the first set and then tested his range with two reps up two reps up till they found Docs limit (the weight he could just barely do two reps) and then dropped down twenty pounds. After that, three more sets and on to the next exercise. They started cranking out the reps, Sam kept them in line and using proper form. It looked like Doc was stronger than Peter, though that didn't seem to matter that much to Peter. At the end Doc noticed how Sam and Peter would touch each other; how they looked at each other. Those little things that added up to say they were lovers. Sometimes Doc couldn't stop his brain from thinking too much. Now was one of those times. He saw the way Sam and Peter were with each other and it all said 'I Love You'. Doc thought about that and how long it had been since anyone had said those words to him. But he couldn't stop there. He had to think the next thought in line . ' Nobody Loves Me '. In his mind he knew his colleagues and co-workers cared for him, but in his heart the lack of anyone saying those words left a big empty hole in his middle. Taken together, he couldn't take it. He was embarrassed but didn't have the energy to drag himself into the bathroom. He ended up turning away from Sam and Peter, covering his face with one hand and holding on to some equipment as he tried to sob quietly.

Sam sees Doc first and gets Peters attention before he says, "Doc? You Ok?" Doc just shakes his head no.

Peter and Sam get a little closer to Doc before Peter ask, "What's the matter Doc?"

Doc gets calm enough to say, "I'm sorry. It's just seeing you two and how in love you are. Nobody has said I love you to me for over four years. My life has just been work with no one to share anything with. And I can't stop my mind from rolling around the thought that No Body Loves Me!. " He starts up again but Sam can't just sit there.

Sam moves over to Doc and pulls him into a hug as Docs crying takes on that kind of sobbing that just wrings you out like a wet rag. Doc holds onto Sam, and Peter moves close and starts to rub Docs Back.

Sam looks at Peter and has a questioning look on his face. Peter looks at Doc and then looks into Sams eyes and nods Yes. Docs emotions calm down a bit along with his breathing and before he can think to pull away Sam Says, "Ahh Doc. You know that's not true." Sam pauses to get the right words, but doc jumps in.

Doc says, "I know in my head but my heart wants more."

Sam tells Doc, "Doc, Me and Pete have been thinkin about this for a bit. We tried ta figure some way we could show ya how grateful we are for all ya done to fix Pete ."

Doc pulls away enough to see Peter and tip his head so he can glance up at Sam. Peter tells Doc, "We don't want to mislead you about this, and besides ; we kinda think there's a certain doctor you work with who has your heart" Doc sort of tips his head sideways but then nods yes.

Peter says, "What we want to tell you is something that isn't going to get in-between Sam and I and we don't want to let it screw up anything you want to get going with that doctor." Doc has a puzzled look on his face.

Sam says, "What me and Pete want to tell ya is that While we ain't in love with ya, we do love ya! and we want to make love to ya. That is if it don't sound all weird and kinky to ya. We figured we didn't have much else we could give ya ta really thank ya for what ya done. But sharing our love made sense. We won't get jealous cause we'll be sharing love with someone we really care about; someone who helped us keep our love, and I think it's something we're real good at."

At this point Doc has buried his head into Sams side, and Sam peeks over the top of Docs head as he asks, "You're not crying again are ya, cause I can just shut up and let ya think about the idea." Doc's head shakes no then all of a sudden Doc crouches a bit reaches around enough of Sams waist then he picks Sam off the ground a few inches.

This shocks Peter and Sam until Docs head turns outward and he tells them, "No I'm not crying again. I'm just real happy my good friends want to make love to me. In fact I'm so happy" he puts sam down. and it appears that Sam is getting a woody from being picked up so easily and Peter is starting to tent up from that little display of strength on Docs part. For Doc, he had picked up Sam because he was getting a hard-on from what they both were telling him. He thought, 'well I guess thats as good as any way to show I like the idea'

Doc finishes, "I'm so happy, because I get to show you two another part of me that has grown quite a bit." and true to his word Doc started to get an alarmingly huge erection. Doc says, "While I am becoming an exhibitionist and wouldn't mind starting down here in the gym can we go upstairs?"

Sam gets an evil little grin and asks, "Pete could ya get the doors?" and then he winked at Pete.

Peter had an idea what was coming and tells Sam, "Ok. We'll have to lend Doc some clothes."

Sam says, "No problem,. So Doc. Ya want us to go somewhere a little more private?"

Doc looks a bit confused but smiles and says, "Yeah."

Sam says, "Doc, You're wish is my command" and with that Sam picks up Doc under one arm and runs to and up the stairs to his apartment and then to the bedroom. Halfway up the stairs Doc yells, "Yeah, "and starts giggling like a kid on a roller coaster ride. Sam wasn't even breathing fast.

A minute later Peter comes into the bedroom.

Peter grins at Doc and asks, "Fun ride huh?"

Doc grins back and says as he starts to rub Sans forearm, "Ya got that right."

Peter asks Sam, "Sam, Show Doc how we get rid of clothes for these special events and let him see if he'd like to try that too." Sam sits up and grips his shirt at the collar and suddenly the shirt was at either side of the room. The same with Peters shirt and then Sam made Peters sweatpants disappear and finally Sams sweatpants.

Sam asks, "Well Doc?

Doc asks, "Sam Please do that magic trick to all the clothes I'm wearing. I just love magic tricks."

In three little flicks Sam removed Docs Shirt shorts jock strap, and socks.

While this happened Peters massive man-meat grew larger and caught Docs and Sams attention.

All Doc could Say as the might edifice was rising was, "WOW."

Sam replied to that with, "Awesome ain't He?!"

Peter starts to laugh and starts to get onto the bed dick tip first and pushes his dick along as it continues to get bigger. Doc can't take it. He asks, "Peter can I hold it, play with it a little?

Peter just gins and says, "Doc what ever you want to do short of sharp objects and leather whips. Little Johan is at you're disposal."

Doc tells Peter, "Johan here is anything; I should say everything but little" Doc has both hands around Peters manhood two thirds up the shaft from his overgrown balls. Doc is still getting used to the sheer girth of this tallywacker. and the fact that at twenty-two inches It's still not fully erect, is giving Doc that roller-coaster ride feeling again, and in a very different way.

Doc snorts and shakes his head and tells them both, "It's like a birthday present that just keeps on opening itself."

Sam giggles like a little kid with a very bass voice, and says, "That's exactly the way it feels when I play real slow with Pete's Master meat. I never could find the right words for that joy it gave me. Thanks Doc."

Doc had been tasting the huge head and poking the tip of his tongue in as far as it would go into Petes piss slit. He was watching the reaction to each move of his tongue. He focused in on lips over dick head as much as possible and testing the inner sides of Petes piss hole. After about the first minute of this Sam joined in by trying to copy what Doc was doing to Pete, on Docs Dick. At first Peter was only softly moaning or gasping, but eight minutes into it He let out an, "OH WOW" that didn't match any action on Doc's Part This got Doc curious and pulled off his mammoth meat.

Doc asks Peter, "What did I do that got that reaction. I think I'll want to go back there a few times" He says this with a very big grin on his face.

Peter just shakes his head and tells them, "Sorry Doc that wasn't for what you were doing. It's for how big you've gotten. I was just taking in how big you are now, and with Sams monumental body in back of you, I hadn't really noticed the size your Pecker has grown to. Doc Your cock is Huge. It's as big as Sam's and just as thick. At first I thought it was Sams, cause he's real flexible." Peter moves closer to the two.

Peter tells Doc, "Humor me for a minute. Sam put your upper back against the wall and Doc, plant your but right above Sams pubic bone so both dicks are pointing at me. They arrange themselves and Doc has to admit his pecker got much harder as he settled on top of Sams body. Sam must have felt that way too cause both dicks have so many similarities. Girth, vascularity, length, looseness of skin. the only major difference was Sam had foreskin and Doc was cut. Funny thing, but at the level of erectness both heads were so engorged it was hard to see the foreskin still hooked to the back of Sams Glans

Sams hands reach over and starts rubbing the inside of Docs thighs as well as his own.

Peter decided to show just what he meant by similar. He takes a dick in each hand and starts narrating, "Well they are definitely the same length" He moves from base to head and flips over the crown of the head with his thumbs and then back to the base four times increasing his grip as he went.

Peter then says, "And the girth is so close, "with this he first takes Sams with both hands and sort of squeezes and massages as he goes up and back four times and then repeats this action four times for Doc.

Then he holds one in each hand and alternates licking and nibbling the rounded top of the head of each dick like tasting different ice cream cones. This gets Sam and Doc groaning just alike and then giggling at their own reaction.

Then Peter plunges one head at a time fully in his mouth and rotating his head four times while applying some medium vacuum. This got both faces scrunching up with a happy little moan.

Peter still holds them both but moves back a little and says, "It's tough gentlemen. The members in question are so similar I have to say It's a tie. I'll have to get two blue ribbons.

Doc starts to laugh and says, "I've had a blue ribbon there before but that contest ended with a tie also."

Sam says, "That sounds like a good story. Ok Doc give it to us. It has somethin ta do with your dick and a blue ribbon and a two winners."

Peter not letting go of either dick forced Doc to tell the story in that wonderful position.

Doc starts, "Ok ya got me. On weekends in the spring I used to work at something called A Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The booth I worked at was called Quoits and Rams bowls. Those were games where the person running the game made sure that the customer always won. Since each Play of the game was only a dollar and the prize was a few feathers on a stick; the booth made money and the customers got a kick out of us cheating so they'd win. Great gig for a fair. Across from us was a game called the Rat Race and they really did have rat races, the customer backing the wining rat gets a prize. The Participants, us workers at the booth, would either sleep at the booth or in a tent camping area set up just for us. Now for the participants, at the time the fair closed each day, they have been in heavy clothing all day and for the women they have had a confining laced Bodice on for at least eight or nine hours. So at closing time, when security sweeps through to remove any stray customers and verify camping passes for the participants to remain after hours; that signals the great un-Bodicing.. Now for all the years I'd been going to fair, I had never seen anyone from any booth do a strip tease, but damn if the Rat Race manager lady didn't start stripping off her clothes in the middle of the street and with the right music playing on a tape player. This lady was a bit on the heavy side but her enthusiasm made up for any extra weight. And even though I am gay, I thought She still looked real sexy. Well I thought it was a fluke but when she was done a guy at their booth started his own strip tease. And then two very young women from our booth started to take each others clothes off and right in the middle of their strip, our very gay manager got right in the middle of those two charmers and got them to pull his clothes off as well as their own. Everyone was applauding. That, unfortunately, was the last for that particular saturday night, and sunday closing time had everyone packing up to go home. But next weekend both booths and any other booth around them were prepared for a strip-a-thon. Now If you've been to any Renaissance Pleasure Faire you probably have heard a song about a lusty but drunk Scotsman who fell asleep by the road and two young lasses who walk by, and wonder if it's true what they've heard about what a scotsman doesn't wear under his kilt. So the song goes on to tell how the two wenches lift up his kilt to discover the truth and their admiration of the young Scotsman's endowment. They would have told him if he had been awake and so the only way they thought to show their delight at his stature was to tie a blue ribbon around his member. The song ends with the scotsman waking to the need to empty his bladder, getting up and pulling back his kilt and finding something new tied to his manhood and sayin ' I don't know where you've been lad but I see you've won first prize."

Sam and Peter chuckle and then Sam reaches over and surrounds the base of Peters dick with one hand and says before he lets go, "I know who would've won first prize."

This gets Peter to start stroking Docs and Sams cocks much faster. For a moment Doc and Sam are lost to the feeling. Doc remembers and says, "I don't have to finish the story right away, but if I do you're gonna have to slow down a bit" In response to this Peter playfully just stops but still holds on to them both. He gets his desired reaction. Both Sam and Doc say, "Don't stop!" and then all three laugh as Peter starts slowly stroking and milking their very thick erections. All three breath an, "Ahh."

Doc clears his throat and continues with, "Ok so with that song in mind and the prospect of a strip tease version of Twister along with a Multi-booth Strip-a-thon; I prepared for my strip tease during the week with a spinner. Each wedge of the spinner had a different piece of clothing written in it and I was going to get someone to spin and have them remove that article of clothing from my body. Of course there was one extra thing listed on the spinner and I put it on an hour before the closing time. This one cute blonde chick from Rat Race decided to help and she spun the spinner and got my Jerkin, then my hat, then my shoes and then she got the blue ribbon. She had no trouble with the previous items, but while she found one end of the ribbon fast enough, she did not feel the need to remove the other end from my body. This disappointed a few at both booths. The manager lady who I gave back rubs to and our manager who gave me all over rubs, were two of those who wanted the blonde to finish what she started. Then again so did I. I guess I like showing off."

Sams says with a bass rumble and a grab around Docs chest, "You've got a lot to show off!"

Doc kisses Sams huge forearm and looking at Peter says, "Sam always knows the right things to say, Huh?"

Peter just nods and kisses both heads in his hands. He asks" You said there was a tie decision?"

Doc blinks and says, "Oh yeah! well I thought that stunt was a winner but I had not counted on those two young women from the first weekend's strip tease. They also had prepared the previous week. And an hour before the fair closed they had slipped out back where no one could see and taken off their clothes; wrapped themselves in saran wrap, and put their clothes back on. So after my little strip tease they came out and presented us with another show of taking each others clothes off . But the crowd watching just goes wild as they see the saran wrap and when they both pull out cans of whip cream and start spraying each other and grinding against each other the contest was over. Everyone there starts to yell 'The Winners!' And that is my Blue ribbon tie decision story" Peter starts to absentmindedly rub the dick heads together, rolling and rubbing as he drawls, "Well. It was a long one" Sam moans in agreement and stimulation. Peter continues, "And it explained where I'd heard that line before".

Doc moans with Sam and asks, "I take that as approval of my story."

Peter says, "Yes that was a good story" Peter pulls both cocks closer together and Doc helps. Now with his balls on either side of Sams dick, Doc is getting a bit extra stimulation from Peters actions. Peter now has his hands holding the dicks together and rubbing his hands up and down like they were one dick. Peter gets to their heads and holds each while rubbing each together then stroking them from base to head, rub rub rub, stroke stroke, rub rub rub, Stroke . Peter starts to get his tongue involved and Docs eyes cross for a few moments.

Doc is still able to think, if only in a sexual way, and realizes that Peter is doing all the work. Doc leans back and whispers to Sam, "Hey Sam . Can you grab Peters dick with your feet and guide it into your tunnel of love?" Doc is a bit goofy when he finishes saying this, but Sam likes the idea a lot.

Sam tells him, "Just hold on this should be fun. He might wanna resist just for show."

Peter finally hears some of what they said and asks, "resist what?'

Just then Sams feet come closer to Peter and Sams toes on his right foot act like fingers and grab onto Peters peter as Sams left foot grabs Peters but by the right but cheek and with no resistance once Peter saw his destination; Sam was able to pull Peter in up to his massive balls. Then each foot held a but cheek.

Doc is so jazzed by the execution of his plan he yells, "Yeah, "then he says, "WOW that is a lot of meat to slide up a mans backside." He gets a goofy grin and says, "It's nice to know some people were meant for each other" Doc grabs Peter with his legs and pulls Peter in a bit tighter.

This gets Sam and Peter looking into each others eyes for one of those forever moments and then Sam tenderly reaches around Docs chest and pulls him against Sams chest as he kisses the top of Docs head . While Sam does this Peter pushes his legs so Sams but and Peters member get closer to Doc and Sams head so Peter can plant a big kiss on Doc. When the kiss begins Sam takes his hand off Docs chest and puts one hand on Peters but (kneading it while holding it) and one hand on Peters back to help with the kiss.

Doc can only react to this avalanche of love by reaching and grabbing Peter around the back, and Sams huge hand at the same time.

The kiss ends but Doc doesn't let go completly. He tells Peter as he pulls on Sams dong, "I think with some help I can get this mass of meat up inside me, and I really want to see what that feels like." Doc gets a real big smile on his face thats mirrored by Peter.

Peter looks up at Sam and says, "Well you heard the man. He wants MY giant muscled lover up deep inside him."

Sam reaches over to the night stand and gets a tube of lube and says, "Doc, we aim to please." Sam hands Peter the lube and Peter slaps some on Sams member and a dollop on Docs rosebud.

But then Peter says, "Sam I think you should do the honors. I always appreciated how you opened me up the first time for you to fit in and I know Doc will like the way you finesse the flesh." Sam just chuckles and takes the lube back and coats his three first fingers.

Sam puts his index finger tip at Docs opening and says, "If I get going too fast, any time at all you shout out, Doc. And If ya think I should speed up give a holler too. Here we go" His first finger slides in easy, though the size of Sams hands would make you think even one finger would be a strain. Doc purrs a little HMMMM. Sam reaches in fully and gently locates Doc Prostate. A circling massage and rub across and Sam pulls back and pushes two fingers in.

Now there's some natural resistance and Doc moans a bit as he deliberately relaxes his muscles down there. Sam feels the muscles relax and pushes forward until both fingers are on either side of Docs Prostate and rubbing each side of it. After he hears a deeper moan from Doc he puts the fingers together and rubs over the bump and gets Doc to arc his back for a moment before he moves on to the magic number.

Sam pulls slowly out enough to start all three fingers in, and gets enough resistance to make him stop only one knuckle really in. Docs breathing had sped up, so Sam waited until it returned to a more normal rate. Then pushed in another knuckle. Think of it like two inches first then two and a half inches, so at the second knuckle Sam had almost Five inches into Docs chute. Sam tested a little more into Doc and saw no signs of pain. On the way back out Sam ripples all three fingertips over Docs prostate and gets the arched back again.

Now Peter is ready to help and has been stroking both wangs to full hardness and now points Sams in and up Docs love chute. The head moves in to the outer muscles and Doc has to relax them but no Pain. Then Sam sensing no problem decides to slowly but continuously slide his massive meat all the way into Doc.

At one point the wide surface area of Sams dic rubbing over Doc prostate causes him to get that roller-coaster feeling again, but it just keeps on going.

And as soon as Sam is buried to the hilt he immediately starts to slowly pull out and he keeps this up for a good fifteen minutes. From dick head just inside Doc to all the way in. After the first minute of this Doc has arched his back and started moaning till it sounds like a low growl or Purring from a big cat. As this was going on Peter has been sucking on Docs Dick and pumping in and out of Sams Love chute. Sam has a real blissful look on his face as he is attentive to giving Doc pleasure and gettin Pleasure from Peter.

That 'almost there' feeling goes on and on, and then as one they all start to speed up a bit and start to get vocal. All that comes out is inarticulate moans or oohhs and aahhs. But they know they are close.

Doc turns out to be the trigger for their release. He starts chanting, "Oh Yeah, Oh fuck, Oh Yeah, Oh Fuck!" and Sam and Peter start chanting with him. They start chanting faster and louder and just before they all bust a nut, they're chanting, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, "over and over till it hits them.

They start coming like one big throbbing member. Their orgasm starts and after two minutes Doc is still coming as much as Peter and Sam.

Sam and Peter are used to their orgasms lasting minutes and adding up to quarts of cum. Most people can't keep up, which impresses all three of them.

Sam bursts out with, "Damn Doc ! You're as spunky as we are."

Peter has long since released Docs wang from his mouth letting his spooge cover them all so they have a slicker playing field (Sams belly).

The last drop falls and Doc says, "I have never come that hard or that long."

Sam says, "Sorta normal for us" as he pulls out of Doc.

All Doc can think to say is, "WOW".

Peter chuckles as he pulls out of Sam, "Uh Move over a bit Doc. Nows the fun part."

Doc moves over with help from Sam. They are coated with spunk, mostly from Doc, and Peter slides up onto Sams belly as he says, "Now we're all spunky, we can Sam surf."

Sams other hand grabs Peter an slides him over and around Sams belly and chest. Doc had grabbed Sams hand as he was pulled to one side, and now he flips onto his belly and pats Sams hand onto his back so he can Sam surf too.

Sams face lights up like a kid on christmas. Doc and Peter start giggling and purring as they are rubbed and rolled over a rippling flesh ocean of Sam. Time disappears for a while.

In the midst of something so powerfully sexual, was something so purely innocent.

Time floods back in with a vengeance . Doc gets one of those massive hunger pangs. Sam is the first to see it on Docs face and he says, "Pete ! I know that look Doc's got on his face. We better get somthin into him fast."

Peter jumps off of Sam and the bed and runs to the kitchen as he says, "You hold onto Doc and I'll get some things started and back with one of Mrs Corrigans Super Shakes in a minute."

Sam is rubbing Docs back as the spasm releases Docs stomach. Sam sees the pain fade from Docs face and says, "I bet ya'll be glad when the fifth day comes around!"

Doc musters a smile and looks into Sams eyes and says, "Amen Brother."

Sam slides Doc further up on his chest and Doc can feel the rumble of his bass voice through his chest as San Says, "That's how I feels about ya. Like your one of my brothers. When I was smaller than them I knew they would always protect me. Well that's what ya did Doc." Sams arms reach around and with his chest he envelopes Doc like a flesh blanket. Docs body relaxes a bit more.

San tells him, "Ya protected me when ya saved my Petes life. Cause If he'd a died, then I would'a been dead inside too. So ya saved two people that day Doc, not just one." With that he gently kisses the top of Doc head.

Peter comes back in with a blender full of a pinkish colored shake. Sam pulls himself away from Doc and turns him around so he can just pour the shake down his throat.

Doc tells Peter, "Thanks Pete, "and then chugs the whole blender-full of shake. The blender starts to slip from his hands but he catches it before Peter can and smiles before he ask, "One more?" Sam chuckles cause he's heard that from Peter.

Peter takes the blender and says with a crafty look, "I thought you'd say that. Coming right up."

Sam and Doc admire Peters back from top to bottom. Sam feels a need to tell Doc, "Now I gotta admit, before My Petes change, I really liked what I saw. Slim waist, wider than average shoulders, gymnast muscles, and the most sexy and biggest dick I have ever seen on a human bein. But now I'm findin a lot to like about my Meaty Pete. And best of all his dick is about six inches longer and over an inch wider. And my bum LIKES it."

Peter comes in just then and he says, "That's my new nick name - Meaty Pete. I kinda like it."

Peter hands the blender to Doc, and he chugs it almost as fast as last time.

Doc hands Peter the blender and says, "Thanks Pete, I think my body can wait for lunch now."

Peter looks at Doc and Sam and suggests, "Sam, you and Doc might want to jump in the new tub and soak. It's gonna take at least twenty minutes before the food's ready."

Sam gets a bit excited but holds it in as he says, "Hey Doc Pete's right. I think you'll like our new tub. It can fit Pete and me plus one more and everyones covered. Brand new water heater just for the bathroom too. What a ya say?"

Doc smiles real big and says, "That sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Lead the way."

Sam helps Doc up and then decides to just carry Doc on his back and flips him up there. Peter goes back into the Kitchen, but knows Doc approves of the tub when he hears a loud Wow.

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