Bigger is Good 9

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Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story with Male to Male sex and love relationships. I f you are under the age of eighteen years then you shouldn't be here. You have been warned.

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Lalo has shaved, showered, made himself a sausage burrito, with toaster eggy waffle, found clean clothes, dental maintained, And called Tina to set up one more non-life threatened procedure. For today. For himself. And while he didn't have to pull rank, she sounded like she thought he should wait.

The problem in his mind was he was already behind, and his insecurities said small could lose Doc (correction . Matt) . Those wimpy voices said Matt Likes Large. Go Large!

So with that motivation guiding him, Lalo asked to talk to Kasey. He was able to direct Kasey to the correct spot in the research fridge for the serum he had profiled two weeks ago and blended up last week.

Kasey came back to the phone and said, "Right where you said it would be and labeled with your name on it. Do you want the new reduction style activation for the serum, or the regular oxidase activation?"

Lalo pondered for a moment until his vision of just how much growth the new activator would cause, and how many buildings he would then actually be able to enter. Damn Few!

Lalo tells Kasey, "Hell no!. The new activator would make me bigger than Sam. I'd never be able to perform surgery again. I would frighten my little nieces and nephews. Please just use the regular activation process and I should be there in an hour."

Kasey says, "Good thinking Boss. I will get right on this and you will be good to go when you arrive." Kasey frowns and asks, "Lalo ? Did that come out right?"

Lalo chuckles and says, "I shake my head. I close my eyes. Kasey, lets review. please finish this sentence. English is my ..?"

Kasey finishes with, "Second language . Sorry boss. Sometimes I get the feeling that English isn't even one of my languages."

Lalo helps out with, "I know which one you mean, I speak it fluently myself. Confusion!"

Kasey has said, "Confusion!" at the same time as Lalo and they get a good laugh from each other over it.

Kasey tell Lalo, "We'll be ready for you."

Lalo says, "Thanks."

Kasey says, "You're welcome. Here's Tina, she looks loaded for bear."

Tina stops any comment with, "I am not angry with you or anyone else here. It looks like Doc won't be in today, and for some stupid reason I can't remember, I forgot to tell Doc you were back from LA. He was just on the other phone, saying he was going over to Sam's Gym for a work out. I had planned on getting you two squared away but I'm not getting the quality help I need from both of you."

Lalo says, "Sorry. I'll do better. I promise."

Tina giggled and muttered, "Your Mom has you well trained. But I am serious about this situation." She looks down and then at the receiver as she says, "So me just telling you that Dr. Matt Marantz is in love with you and he doesn't know how to tell you, and that will light a fire under your ass?"

Lalo says, "Put that way, sure I'll tell Matt ."

Tina frowns and says, "Now there you go dragging doubt and fear and lack of self confidence into the mix. I can hear it in the way you just answered. The correct response should have been ' Hell yes. I'm in love with him and he should know that, whether I'm loved back or not."

Lalo tells her, "Tina I'm five minutes away. I need to think for a few. Can we continue this when I get there?"

Tina tells him, "Ok boss. Drive safe. And when we start the serum/IV drip, You will submit to my own form of head shrinking and help me identify the roadblocks on the path to your mutual Bliss with Doc. Is that understood?"

Lalo tells her, "Yes Ma'am, "He hung up and thought, 'If I had been able to identify what's keeping us tongue-tied; I would have worked on it. I just hope Tina has the right words to get through to Doc.

Lalo thinks, 'Wait a minute. The words and how I say them to Matt, are my responsibility. '

Lalo pulls into his parking space and gets out of the car and then sets the alarm. He turns and walks towards the entrance and it suddenly hits him. He turns back to his car and sees the little red indicator light flashing. He thinks as he walks quickly towards the Lab, ' Matt is far to intelligent for him to be unaware of. That can't be it!'

The Lab

Lalo throws open the doors and from across the room asks Tina, "Tina, please tell me that Dr. Matt Marantz is aware that I am gay!? He can't possibly think I'm straight. He's a genius!"

Tina says, "Mama has to burst that little bubble mejo. While in so many ways Doc is head and shoulders above us whiny mortals. When it comes to someone he loves, his gaydar ain't worth shit. I may sound flippant about this but I am not. Apparently when he deals with affairs of the heart, Doc is a Moron."

She points towards the curtained area and says, "Lets get you started and we can discuss the best ways for you to correct misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Lalo pulls the curtains closed and takes off his clothes and folds them before putting them into the night-stand drawers. The hospital gown is a bit smaller than he thought it should be. Must be a practical joke from Kasey, or Pat. Tina swears she has and will never spring a practical joke on anyone. { except maybe just this once due to his moron reaction to Tina's idea about what Matt thinks Lalo's sexual orientation is).

Tina grins and says, "You have lovely legs. You should show them off more often."

Lalo's eyes get very big as he backs away from her. He tells her, "You can't be Tina. You must be a Tina cloning alien. Cause she swore she would never ever practical joke."

Tina smiles and says, "Too late! We must now suck your brain out of you through a straw." Kasey moves around her carrying the Serum/ IV drip on a rack, and gestures Doc up onto the bed. Tina says, "We need the brain sucking straws as soon as your done with that."

Kasey shakes his head no and says, "They're on back order till next week. We could try forcing him to view twelve hours of infomercials. That would liquify anybodies brain."

Kasey puts the catheter into Lalo's forearm and adjusts the Serum drip. He looks into Lalo's eyes and tells him, "Doc and I were talking one day about lifelong friends. Two of my friends I have known since elementary school." Kasey's face clouds up as he says, "Doc told me every friend he ever really cared about just up and walked away. I couldn't believe it at first. I know I think of Doc as my friend and I hope my words and deeds make him feel like my friend. I can't see how a real friend would just stop coming around, stop answering the telephone, or just walk away. Doc is a good guy, how could people do that to him?"

Tina has been looking at her toes while Kasey had his say. She tells Lalo, "Maybe that's where Doc's coming from. I don't recall either of you ever actually saying the words ' We're friends, "Now I've heard you two say partners, like in a business, but never friends."

She shakes her head and is frowning. " Maybe he feels that if he never says My good friend, or the word doesn't get used, then he won't lose you one day. He won't have to watch another person he cares about just walk out of his life. Then add romantic love and you have to be masochistic to even think of speaking the truth to someone you love."

She thinks' Where do you get the proper test for a good friend. What's the collateral used to prove you're serious when you start a love affair.'

She asks Lalo. " So Boss, how are you going to do it. Convince Matt you're in love with him.?"

Lalo shakes his head and says, "I'm open for suggestions."

Tina tells him, "Take a nap. Maybe it will come to you in your dreams."

Lalo nods yes and then closes his eyes and nods off.


Sam's bathroom

About the same time, half way across the city, Sam starts to fill a very very large bath tub with hot water and bubble bath juice. Doc just finished explaining to Sam why he uses bubble-bath.

Sam is nodding his head and he says, "That all sounds logikal and such. I just squirt it in cause it smells good an I likes the bubbles."

Doc says, "I think I like your reason better than mine."

Sam was blending the water to get the right temperature and Doc moved over to the rather large Shower and asks Sam, "Is the water heater strong enough to let me use the shower while still being able to fill the tub?"

Sam looks at the tub and almost closes his eyes before he smiles and says, "The plumber said you could take a quick rinse off in the shower while still fillin' the tub. Go ahead Doc, and leave it goin. I'll jump in there right quick after ya and rinse the sweat off. Less body sweat means more tub bubbles." Sams grin got huge.

Doc got the shower temp just right and grabbed a hand cloth, and rinsed all he could reach when a huge and gentle hand starts to get Docs back and an awesome deep voice said softly, "I'll wash your back, if you'll wash mine."

Doc gets a silly grin on his face and says, "Sounds like a good deal for both of us. We just gotta keep an eye on the tub, Ok."

Sam nods and says, "And an ear too" He picks up Doc by his waist and holds him against his belly by Docs but as he slowly rubs his huge hand over Docs thick wide back. Doc starts to purr and even rubs his head back and forth across Sams chest. Then Doc looks up at Sam.

Doc tells him, "OK Sam It's your turn. Hunker down and turn around so I can get at your back." Sam obliges after a quick little kiss on the top of Docs head and after he puts Doc back on his feet.

Doc tips the water higher to the top of Sams head and shoulders. Luckily Sam is on his knees, or Doc would need a step stool to reach Sams head and shoulders. Peter softly walks in and sees Sam finally getting a little attention. Doc sees Peter enter and waves him over to help with the massage. Doc points at Sams Massive left shoulder and then points at Peter. He then points at Sams right shoulder and points a thumb at his own chest. then he holds up three fingers. He indicates ' On Three'. Then Doc holds up just one finger then two and then on three both hands reach down and with all his strength kneads as much blood out of Sams shoulder, neck, and back muscles. This is the best kind of massage for someone as strong as Sam.

Sam moans and visibly relaxes a bit. His voice has a smile in it as he says, "Meaty Pete came to help . Aww that feels so good. I didn't rub your back like that Doc."

Doc tells him, "Sam you relax and don't you worry. Doing this right now makes me very happy." He looks over and smiles at Peter. Peter is squeezing Sams muscles as hard as Doc. But Peter looks at Doc and leans over, which give Doc the idea and he leans into a quick 'you-are-a-good-brother" kiss. Then with out any one saying anything they both kiss Sams neck. This kiss moves to the sides of Sams neck and then to Sams ear lobs, which then get nibbled.

Sams breathing gets faster, but then He Tells Peter, " Pete I think the tub is full now."

Peter glances over and sees its just right for three. He turns the water off and says, "looks just right for just us three." He looks to Doc who is still working on Sams back.

Doc holds up two fingers for two more minutes, and Peter grins and nods yes and helps finish Sams massage. All that squeezing blood out of Sams back forced it to go somewhere else. Sam erection would not bend or deflect and his pulse could be read by the massive thick veins throbbing over his pecker. Sams erection, along with all the back meat, Doc and Peter just pushed, has had an effect on Docs and Peters man-meat. Doc didn't have much more to go, while Peter was at half mast.

Peter tells them, "I'm gonna get the food on track for us when we get out of the tub, and even bring back something for us while we're in the tub. You two should get in the tub. Ill be back in under five minutes."

Sam said, "Ok Meaty Pete. I'll have Doc help me get that special place ready for you."

Peter chuckled and said, "Doc you're in for a treat. Just remember. Breath in, breath out."

Doc turns off the shower and turns to Sam. Sam has gotten off his knees and has scooped up Doc again and gently crouches into the just right hot tub of bubbles. They both moan together as they slip into the water. Docs pecker is now very stiff, and Sam rubs it just twice and then tell him, "Doc I think you're ready for this." and then Sam guides Docs thick foot and a half long cock right up Sams love chute.

Sam purely loves the look on Docs face as he goes through a few moves to see how Doc likes where Sam just put him.

Doc first felt like powerful hands had pulled him all the way into Sam and then pulled more blood into Docs dick. Then Doc could have sworn he felt tongues and lips glide around and around the head of his dick as even more blood was pulled into Docs dick. Then the feeling of a huge set of hands stroking up and down Docs shaft, while at least two thumbs were rubbing circles at the tip of his dick. Then the tongues and mouths returned with more power and finesse. Doc couldn't take it and just writhe and moan. His head whipped back and forth a few times and then Doc eyes flew open to locate one of Sams nipples.

With the locating done, Doc drops onto Sams nipple and tries to do as close a rendering of what Sam was doing to his dick, on Sams Nipple. Sam gasped and that alone was a neat compliment. Doc redoubled his efforts and soon got a groan and then purr from Sam. Then Sam turned it up one more notch and Doc had trouble with his higher brain functions and as Peter had said, Breathing.

After at least fifteen minutes of this onslaught, Peters voice cut through the fog and said, "Doc you are in the hands of a master."

Doc shocked himself with his ability to speak, let alone think. Still he says, "Hands, Mouths, Tongues, fingers."

Sam decides that a faster wrap-up would be best, now. Doc is caressed and licked and grabbed and a jacking rhythm started. In five minutes Doc is gushing come up Sams love chute and after another five is blown away by the amount and duration of his much stronger Orgasm. Doc went limp when his orange sized balls are finally drained. Sam gently pulls him from his backside and kisses his face and cheeks before he sets Doc to his right.

Sam started saying, "Meaty Pete, Meaty Pete, My Pete." Sam was laying back in the tub as Peter moved to the lip of the tub. Sams eyes were bouncing from Peters truly gigantic cock and Peters smiling face. Peters eyes just slipped from Sams so handsome face and his mammoth muscles. Peter wasn't getting in the tub fast enough for Sam, so Sam inches his upper body out of the water and starts rippling his pecs like a wave on the ocean. and then let the motion continue as he flowed into a right biceps flex. It really isn't fair. Sam can tell right away when he's getting Peter turned on. By now Peter is pointing a three inch diameter twenty six inch long dong at Sams chest. and Peter isn't even fully erect yet.

Sam has been teased by Docs Massive but still not big enough pecker. And now Peter wants a little more meat flexing. Sam needs it now. Sam sinks into the hot water and says, "Please Pete. I need you in me in a powerful way."

Peter started to get in the tub just past Sam saying ' I need you' . He pushed his hips forward and Sam pulls him up to his lips. Sam starts licking and rubbing his lips over the three and three quarter inch diameter cock head. His head is moving in patterns and his breath is part of the loving Sam gives Peter. Sams voice gets all rumbly and seems to sustain vibrations in the skin of Peters dick and belly.

Sam is actually whispering to Peters dick, but only Sams whispers would carry so many deep low vibrations. He tells Peter, "Pete I never told you, I think your dong has ears in him somewhere. I can whisper something to Johann and hear you answer the question, or talk to me like you heard everything I said to Johan. Watch I'll prove it.

Sam covers his mouth from view and whispers to Peters dick. " I love you Pete, more than I love makin my muscles grow bigger. And Johan, I love you cause you was what brought us together. But I love Pete more than you." Sam licks the tip of Peters wang, then smiles at Peter.

Sam wants to know and asks, "Am I right Pete?"

Peter answers with, "Something on my body heard you tell Johann you love me more than him." Sam looks into Peters soul and smiles and nods yes. Peters body reacts by making Johann even longer and a bit thicker. Peter throws his arms around Sams enormous neck and tells him how much he loves Sam, with his tongue and tallywacker. Peters cock is gently guided by none other than Doc. Doc saw they had their hands full with each other, and helping Peter into Sam was something he hoped some one would do for Lalo and himself.

Peter was focusing in two different places and doing well by both. Sam was doing the same. Lips and Peters cock, lips and working Peters cock. after about twenty minutes they came up for air. Sam and Peter said in unison, "Thanks Doc for help with the cock."

Peter pulled a small towel off of a two quart bowl full of egg rolls, and still warm or hot.

Doc grabs two and stuffs one down his throat in three seconds flat. Peter has to ask. " did you chew on it at all?"

Doc tells him, "Ohh chewing on food before swallowing. I remember now. It's that loud little voice that wouldn't shut up, that distracted me. You know what its saying."

Peter and Doc take a breath and shout the same word, "EAT!!!!"

Peter tells Doc, "Don't worry. It finally does shut up. It happened for me today. this morning. I was able to eat a normal breakfast and that without me going through the pantry or fridge for more."

Doc says, "I shouldn't complain . It's already day three, only two more to go."

Two-thirds of the egg rolls were gone already. Doc sure could throw them down his throat. Peter tells them, "Dinner is ready. " he looks into Sams soul and tells him, "We'll get back to that right after dinner." Peter kisses Sam and tells him, "you two dry each other off and by that time Lunch will be on the table."

Sam says, "Ok Pete."

Peter is already drying as he heads for the Kitchen. Sam helps Doc out of the tub and starts to dry him off. Then Doc gets a truly humongous bath towel and he gets Sam dried off.

Then they head for the dinning room. Doc Tells them loudly, "This food smells so good!"

Peter tells them, "Sit, I 'll be there in twenty seconds."

Peter brings out five roasted chickens and hands one to Doc and three to Sam, keeping one for himself. the table is loaded with food. Sam saw that look on Docs face and he gives Doc one more.


The Lab

Lalo was floating, and then there was fire and spreading flames . He wasn't afraid. His hero was there dressed like a fireman but he wasn't carrying a fire-hose. It was Matt and he was putting out the fire with his dick. OH MY GOD Matts dick had to be at least four feet long and getting longer . the fire was out but he was still just gushing come. Then Matts dick was pressed up to his chest pinning him against a wall that suddenly fell away. Lalo was shrinking. the monster dick on Matt was returning to a normal size but now Lalo was only eight inches tall. there was a playful feeling to his size and Matts size, so Lalo ran like the gingerbread-man and Matt followed but kept knocking things over or off the shelves. Oh, now Lalo sees the shelves are full of action figures that look just like him and Matt knocks another pile of figures off a shelf and Lalo plays hide and seek with Matt. Then Lalo hears the pain in Matts voice and the words 'Where'd he go, where'd he go?' Lalo couldn't stand hearing the pain in Matts voice. He pushes his way through the other action figures and finds Matt has put his head down. Lalo touches Matts face and tells him ' I'm sorry, don't be sad. I'm right here. Matt I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here when you wake up.' Lalo hugs Matts neck and snuggles up to him and tells him ' I just wanna be with you. I love you Matt. ' Lalos eyes close and he realizes he's dreaming. So he thinks ''' I'll act like I'm going to sleep and I'll be able to wake up... wake up, wake up.


Tina tells Lalo, "Wake up. Lalo wake up."

Lalo says, "That was what I was hearing in my dream, so I laid my head down to wake up." He sees her reaction and says, "Well it sounds logical when your dreaming."

Tina grins and says ' That is almost the exact same thing Doc said when we woke him up for his e-stim. I don't have goose-bumps, but I should." She removes the catheter and puts a large sized band-aid over where the catheter had been, and has him hold it.

Lalo uses his best Freud/Dr. Ruth german accent and asks, "Unt in your professional opinion, what is the significance of this shared dream logic?"

Tina tells him, "In my professional opinion, I think it proper to first make sure you can pay your therapy bill. Then I would tell you that I believe you two were meant for each other. Unt finally I would urge you to make your feelings known to Matt and I would have you insist on hearing directly from Matt, just what his feelings are towards you, since you are in love with him."

Lalo tells her, "It all sounds like good advice to me. Thank you Tina. I will tell Matt how I feel about him the very next time I see him. I have to. There is so much love I feel for him in my heart. It is his and his alone. I must give it to him or I deserve none of my own."

Tina smiles on Lalo as an angle would and tells him, "I believe you will find A Lot of Love for you in Matts heart."

Lalo says, "Thank you Tina."

Tina checks her watch and says, "We've got about thirty minutes before e-stim . Try meditation, or just close your eyes and imagine you are alone in a movie theater. The upholstery is black and the walls are black and the ceiling is black and the curtain over the screen is black, and the lights dim and the curtains part and there is one word being projected onto the screen, but it is out of focus, and your chair gently starts to float up over the other seats, towards the screen with the out of focus word projected on it. and as you float closer and closer to the screen, the word starts to come into focus and just as you are able to touch the screen with the word projected on it ; the word comes into full focus, and the word is STIRFRIEDECHOS!" Lalos right eye opens and Tina says, "What? You thought the word was going to be sleep? Your name isn't Kevin Bacon." Lalo chuckles and closes his right eye.

Lalo chants, "Ohm, Meaningful Mumbo-Ju-humbo."

Lalo tells Tina, "My other favorite mantra is --' Giiive Me Mohney."

Tina walks away as she says, "Perhaps silent meditation would be best."

Lalo closes his eyes for what he thinks is only a moment. He jerks awake. Just before Tina wakes him for the zap.

Tina says, "Good. You aren't the easiest person to wake up. We'll let you walk yourself over to the e-stim table, but Kasey and I will be moving you back. Ok?"

Lalo starts walking over to the e-stim table and says, "Since we're not telling Doc about this yet, and I'd like to be a bit larger before we do, " He gets to the table and looks down, " So who gets to hold my hand."

Tina and Kasey realize just how important Doc really is to Lalo.

Kasey has the glove and so he smiles and pats Lalo on the back and says, "I'll be there for ya pup."

Lalo tells him, "Thank you Kasey. " Lalo got up on to the table and Tina started to strap his legs down. Kasey shaved the four little spots for contact with the harness and then adjusted it for Lalo. Pat started the EEG recording and got a good page. He nodded at Tina who strapped Lalos arms down and asked the questions.

Tina said, "We'll be starting in just a few moments. The e-stim will last six seconds and then we will need to get a page of data from the EEG to verify no brain trauma, then we'll remove the straps an wheel you back to your bed. Ok Lalo?"

Lalo nods and says, "OK Tina, I'm ready."

Tina straps his head down and Kasey has the rubber glove on and takes Lalo's hand.

Tina asks, "Ready Pat?" His thumbs up gesture lets her know they can start.

Tina tells Lalo, "Lalo, We are about to start. I will count down from five. The e-stim will last six seconds and you have to remain on the table for half a minute." She places the breather -gag in Lalo's mouth to bite onto.

Tina tells the Lab, "We begin in five seconds . And five - four - three - two - one -"

Lalo's whole body clenched and his mind stretched around the pain and then it was over.

Tina pulls the breather gag out of his mouth and says, "Just a few more seconds."

Pats index finger pointing at her says all is well.

Tina and Kasey start removing the straps.

A little whimper slips out of Lalo and then his face gets very stern as he says, "We have got to find a better way to do that." And Lalo is released from the straps. Tina and Kasey move to transfer Lalo to the gurney and find Pat there ready to help too.

Tina synchronizes them with, "On four. One - two - three - FOUR." and Lalo is wheeled over to his bed and they repeat the procedure.

Just as he gets under the covers, Mrs Corrigan enters the Lab with a dispenser thermos and a malt shake glass and a straw. She tells Lalo and Tina, "I heard about this just this morning and I thought that this time we could get a jump on that nasty aching hunger. I brought about a gallon of Mother Corrigans Hunger Helper. I hope that will last till this evening. The kitchen services were only geared at present for Dr. Marantz and then only for three more days. " She pulled out a folder and from that she pulled an excess grocery request form with Dr. Edwardo Sanchez name on the Patient line already written in. " But it seems Dr Marantz is taking care of his own nutrition for todays breakfast and lunch, which means we have the groceries required to feed you Dr Sanchez, and by tomorrow I'l have the rest you'll need till the end of the hunger cycle."

Lalo is very happy. He asks her, "Mrs Corrigan do you have a lot of children?

She is surprised by the question but gets a hint where this is leading. She smiles and tells him, "As a matter o fact I do. Seven college graduate angels, though they weren't always that way. Four daughters and three sons. And I should tell ya, if you and Dr. Marantz weren't always looking at each other the way you do, I'd of introduced you to my middle son, awhile ago."

Lalo is touched, and while he had seen his mother just yesterday, now he misses her. He tells her, "I was right, You treat us like your children." He puts his index finger up and gestures for her to come closer. When she is close enough he gets her in a bear hug, tells her as she struggles just a bit" No use tryin, you can't get a way." After a minute he lets her go and asks her, "How could we get a thing done, without people like you and Tina?"

Tina says, "Well it would take twice as long."

Mrs Corrigan says, "Oh yes. And it would probably be twice as difficult."

Tina then says, "Oh and the budget."

Mrs Corrigan tells him, "She's right there too, It probably would cost twice as much."

Agent Erickson has come in as the ladies tell it like it is. He turns to Lalo and asks, "Who started this?

With a frown on his face he tells Tom, "I did . Why?

Tom looked pained and explained. " Don't remind these ladies just how much they're really worth. Get them seeing just how much they save us on the budget and they'll want a salary increase. We can't afford that." Tina and Mrs. Corrigan roll their eyes at Tom.

Tom tells the truth with, "But what we truly couldn't afford would be losing these two."

Lalo asks, "So what are you doing today? Showing them another place they could work at."

Tina tells Lalo, "Hush now. Mrs Corrigan and I are going over to the testing building and do the final layout for the Kitchen, the e-stim room, the Lab, the dorm rooms, and the office layout."

Mrs. Corrigan finishes with, "And we are going in a purely advisory capacity. Our original responsibilities and duties will not be compromised."

Lalo says, "Sounds good to me as long as she, "he points to Mrs Corrigan, "Is still going to provide the great cooking Kitchen services gives us, and She, "he points at Tina, "keeps this circus running like a top."

Tina smiled and said, "Lalo, You're stuck with us." Lalo relaxes even though he never thought there was a potential that either would leave the hospital.

Lalo suggests to Tina, "You might want to talk to Sam about advising us on a proper Weight room for these test subjects."

Tina smiles and says, "Excellent idea, I'll call Sam when I get back."

The three start to leave and Lalo tells them, "Be good and make sure the contractor plays nice, or we'll have Sam go over and adjust his attitude."

Tom says, "Get some rest, we'll be back soon."

Kasey closes the curtain and dims the lights. He says, "Sweet dreams Lalo."

Lalo says, "Thanks Kasey, "before he nods off again thinking of Matt while he does.

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