Bigger is Good 10

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This one is a quick one, I hope you like it

Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story that has Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Doc noticed their eyes being so large first. then he remembered some of the looks he'd seen on the faces of the people in the restaurant this morning. Then he noticed how much food was disappearing into his face. He consciously kept his fork on the plate and swallowed.

Doc looks at them and asks, "What? It's good food!"

Peter starts to talk and says, "Thank you. But I never got to see ..."

As soon as Peter started to talk again Doc couldn't help himself. He started to shovel in more food. This action caused Peter to pause. Doc swallows and puts the fork down.

Doc asks, "See what?"

Peter glances at the fork and then Docs face before he continues with, "How fast I used to eat when ..." Doc has started shoveling again. Sam lets out a low bass giggle . He's seen this before. Sam scoots closer to Doc.

Doc stops again and forces his fork onto the plate and asks, "When What?"

Peter glances at the fork again before he looks at Docs face and finishes with, "When I was starving. But I didn't think I was stuffing my face when people were talking to me!"

This get through to Doc. He had started the shoveling action after a few words from Peter, but stopped when Peter was finished. He hung his head after dropping the fork. His whole body shouted hunger at him and it was hard to hear anything else when it got this bad.

Sam scoots a little closer and says, "Aaww. Pete didn't mean to make ya feel bad."

Peter realized what his words did to Doc and was about to tell him how it was with him when he got so hungry, but Sam wasn't done yet.

Sam asks" Doc. Here's a joke I learned, ya might like. Put your hands up here." Sam indicated just above the table, and Doc put them there. Them Sam took a chance and asked, "Hey Doc? Have any Italian in you?"

Doc says, "Well Yes, I'm Half Italian, on my mothers side. Why?" the trap is sprung!

Sam says" Well I heard Italians cant talk without their hands. Just then Sam grabs Doc's hands tight.

Doc is shocked. He looks at Sam then he looks at Sam then he looks at his hands again and before he can think he looks at Sam again and just as he starts to speak Sam lets go of Docs hands.

Doc is still not thinking and bursts out with, "That's not true. Hey that's not funny."

Just then Sam grabs Docs hands again and Doc is so shocked he's silent as he looks at Sam then his head faces his hands then whips up to Sam and back to his hands before he can think what to say and as he does his face whips back up to Sams face. Just as he's about to speak, Sam lets go of his hands.

Doc tells him" Hey let go of my hands. That's not funny!" By now Peter is laughing too hard to notice just exactly what Doc is saying.

Sam goes for it one more time and as Doc hands are grabbed he falls silent for long enough to look at his hands and to look up at Sam.

Doc says, "Let go of my hands!" Just after Sam let go. Sam is laughing now, but his face is telling Doc he's laughing with him.

Doc sees what's just gone on and says, "That's not funny. It's not." but he's laughing now himself.

Sam says, "Then why're ya laughin Doc?" Sam scoots back real close to Peter, who is just now winding down.

Doc not wanting to give in so bad says, "Cause of your big handsome face."

This causes Peter to calm himself, but Sam has just a little more to go.

Sam says, "Sorry Doc I couldn't resist. But it works on anyone. " Sam grabs Peters hands and Peter is very serious. His mouth falls open as he looks at Sam and then his hands, then back to Sam and back to his hands again. Doc is chuckling and just as Peter is about to say something, Sam lets go of his hands

Peter says, "Sam let go."

Sam says" It's all in the timin." as he grabs Peters hands again. Peter looks down and then to Sam, then down again before he starts to laugh himself. Sam lets go of Peters hands and ruffles his hair. With a huge paw holding the back of Peters head Sam gives his lover a tender kiss to the top of his head. Before Sam can sit back down, Peter grabs Sams head.

Peter says, "You don't get away that easy." Peter pulls the giant into one of those long drawn out kisses. Doc thinks, 'they'll be laughing when they stop, but I'm starving." as he shovels more food into his face.

The sound of a huge burp and a fork hitting the plate, brings Sam and Peter up for air. They see a surreal scene before them. The table is bare. Dishes have remnants of food, but nothing else.

Sam is in awe. " He says, "Damn Pete, he wins. Not even a bone left!"

Peter frowns and asks, "You even ate the bones, Doc?"

Doc lets out a burp of a laugh and hold up a little trash bucket. Doc says, "Nah! But I thought I'd let you think that for a second." Doc is pleased with himself.

Peter asks, "Where did our plates go?"

Doc says, "All part of the joke. I figured if I could get your plates into the kitchen then I could have time to finish eating . You two didn't even notice me getting up from the table. And Peter. Excellent supper! Thank you."

Peter says, "You're welcome. By the way, how long were we out?" He looks at Sam and smiles.

Doc say, "Oh, about ten minutes."

Sam says, "Hard ta stop when you're kissin the best kisser" his hand comes up and hangs on Peters now much thicker neck.

Peters hand comes up and hangs on Sams huge forearm. He says, "I was going to say the same thing." They just look into each others eyes.

Doc murmurs, "I wouldn't know" He looks down at the table. " I haven't been kissed that much."

Sam heard this and frowns. It got through to Peter and he glances at Doc and shrugs with his face at Sam. Sam smiles winks and jerks his head towards Doc. Peter nods and they both softly get up from the table. They stalk Doc without him even noticing until they are almost next to him.

Doc sits up straight and looks like a creature caught in the headlights. He says, "Ok, what' I do now?" Sam lays a huge hand on Docs back.

Sam says, "Nothing Doc. Don't be so skittish."

Peter puts a hand on Docs shoulder opposite Sam and says" Yeah Doc. You'd think we're gonna do something to you."

All three are still naked as a jay-bird and Doc notices that Sam and Peter are at half mast and rising. This helps his own erection very well.

Sam and Peter both put their free hands on Docs thick thighs. Doc tips his head back as Sams face comes closer.

Sam says, "We just thought we'd give ya something to compare to." Sam starts kissing Doc, and his pecker hits the bottom of the table with a thud. A moan escapes Docs lips.

Sam and Peter drag Doc and his chair away from the table and Docs dick springs back and loudly hits Doc in the chest. This makes Peter groan. He nuzzles Sams hair and Sam stops kissing Doc to let Peter start. Doc hasn't even had time to take a deep breath.

Sam being a bit impatient decides his lips could be doing somethin else right now. He bends over just a bit and starts pulling his lips over the head of Docs dick to the tip. A bit like an ice cream cone. Doc moans again and Sam starts sucking on docs manhood like an icecicle. This lasts for a little bit and by now Doc has had his hands up on Sams and Peters biceps, just rubbing and stroking.

Peter lets Doc up for some air and Sam straightens up a bit.

The first words out of Docs mouth were, "Well, ya know. Both techniques are so close It's hard for me to tell which is better."

Sam says softly, "Well hell, We'll all just have ta keep testin. " Sam starts kissing Doc again and Peter starts sucking on Docks dong. Docs hands lower to Sams and Peters dicks and he starts stroking them from base to tip and then he concentrates on the tips with a lot of thumb work.

After about three or four minutes if this Sam stops kissing Doc and laughs as he says, "I swear your tongue is doing to mine what your thumb is doing to my pecker."

Peter says, "I think he was following instructions pretty good."

Doc has a real big grin on his face as he has not stopped fiddling with the ends of their dicks.

Sam says, "Ya mean like this Peter? As he goes down on Docs dick.

Peter says, "We'll have to see" as he starts kissing Doc again. This lasts for a while.

As one they all let up with a contented little sigh.

Doc looks a bit sad as he looks a t Peter and says, "Peter, I'm sorry. I can tell he's taught you a lot, but Sam.."

Peter cuts him off with" It's ok Doc. I don't mind losing to someone so handsome," Sam straightens up, "So studly" Sam flexes his pecs, "So Mighty!" Sam does a double biceps shot, "SO........" Peter is lost for words but his face says volumes. Same glances sideways and smiles at Peter and Peters dick.

Doc is presented with three dick close in his field of view, and he grabs Sam and Peter by them as he says, "So Big!" A chuckle . He continues as he starts to stroke them a good foot back and forth, "I mean really really big" They are all laughing now.

Doc stops for a second and looks at them and asks, "Did I mention Big?" He starts jerking them again. Sams index finger comes down into view and stops on the piss slit of Docs dick. This slows doc down and then Sam starts a stirring motion that moves to Docs dick.

Sam has a sly look on his face as he tells Doc, "I think ya did."

Doc lets out a, "OOHH" and Sam smiles before he starts stroking Doc. But Sam leans over and starts kissing Peter.

Doc looks up and smiles and lets out a sigh. Doc now has a memory that shouts Happy. People who love each other helping their friends. That's happy.

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I know It's a short one, but it's the only part of this story that's short. I hope you liked it. Please send feedback, it really helps.