Monkey Meat 3

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Dear readers; here's the next part of Monkey Meat. Thanks to Darryl, I got this out sooner than I normally would have. I hope you guys like it. More sex next time.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, then You Should Not Be Here. You have been warned.

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Jake's girlfriend Sherry was having a wonderful dream where all these men were massaging her. Jake woke to the sound of Sherry and someone else purring. Jake rumbled a, "hummmm."

Sherry's eyes opened and she smiled at Jake and said, "Morning handsome."

Jake smiled and said, "Morning beautiful. Good Dream?"

Sherry smiled then frowned as she said, "Yes. And it hasn't stopped. Cat on my back?"

Jake was just barely able to keep from laughing as he said, "Yup. Cat on your back."

Sherry said, "Giving me a massage?"

Jake chuckled and said, "Yup. Massaging away. Any claws?"

Sherry said, "Nope."

Jake said, "Then that's a good kitty."

Just as he started to say kitty the cat on Sherry's back sat down. Jake picked Belzebub off of Sherry's back and pulled her closer for a good scratch.

Jake said, "Good Kitty."

Sherry started to scratch Belzebub under the chin and the loud purring began. Then Belzebub stopped, looked right into Sherry's eyes and said, "Mroarrraowhhr."

Sherry said, "She says she's been fead." Sherry frowned for a minute then closed her eyes. She said, "Mouse skull on my back?"

Jake said, "Yup. I'll get it."

Jake had a kleenex in hand and grabbed the little cat love offering and dropped it in the trashcan.

Sherry smiled at Jake and said, "Thanks handsome. " Then she looked at Belzebub and said, "And thank you for the broken toy."

Belzebub said, "Raouaoooyuu."

Jake was halfway out of the bed and stopped to hear Sherry's interpretation of that. He said, "And that was?"

Sherry frowned like he couldn't understand perfectly good CAT. She said, "You're welcome. Thought you'd have fun with it?!"

Belzebub said, "Meyah."

Jake picked up Belzebub and laid her on his chest and shoulder and said, "That I understood. You never used to talk."

Belzebub said, "Yeaerrrhuuuh" Then started to lick his earlobe.

Sherry was about to say something as she got out of bed but Jake cut her off as he said, "That I understood. I wasn't listening before you came along. Thanks sweetheart."

Sherry said, "You're welcome" at the same time Belzebub said, "Raou."

Jake and Sherry started to laugh and Belzebub decided to go somewhere else.


The sound of Bill getting into the shower stopped Jake in his tracks. He said, "Too late. We'll have to wait till he's done. He won't be too long." He turned back to their bathroom to use the toilet and Sherry caught sight of Jake's morning wood.

Sherry said, "I know what we could do while we're waiting."

The sound of pissing started and Jake said, "Oh you do, do you." The sound got louder as if someone was putting more pressure on the bladder. Jake finished and washed his hands and the tip of his dick.

He walked back in to find Sherry tweaking her nipples and shifting her knees back and forth As she said, "Did you wash something for me?"

Jake grinned and strutted over to the bed. His thick rod pointed right at her mouth as she softly said, "Just for me?" She took hold of his cock at the base and licked just under his piss slit.

Jake nodded real fast and had a goofy grin on his face.

She said, "Love that smile." With a sexy look on her face as she proceeded to suck his cock. It was Sunday. She made sure it was a religious experience. He returned the favor.

For all of that they really didn't take that much time. When she stopped calling out his name, and they both got their breathing back to normal; Bill was finished with his shower.

Just then the water kettle started to whistle. They frowned and Sherry asked, "Did Bill bring someone home last night?"

Jake said, "I thought he was alone when he got in, but I thought I heard two voices coming from his room just as I dozed off."

The sound of someone heavy walking down the hall and then the whistle stopping; got their curiosity going.

They threw on their robes and went to the kitchen.

Few people expect to see a six and a half foot tall dragon in their kitchen pouring hot water into a teapot.

He looked like a cross between Markus Rhul with a bigger roid gut and one of those chinese dragons(the ones with the mustache and the catfish whiskers). He (they could tell it was a he by the enormous cock dangling between his legs) was biting his lower lip as he poured the water. He shuffled over to the stove and put the water kettle back. As he turned back to the teapot he finally noticed them watching him.

He said, "Hello. Care for some tea?"

The lengthy pause had him saying, "It's Red Rose tea, you're favorite?"

Sherry surprised Jake by crossing her arms as she said, "Yes it is. If you're going to use my tea and borrow Bill's teapot, the least you could do is borrow a pair of Bills shorts."

Jake looked at her and then at the dragon's privates. Jake said, "I suddenly feel a bit inadequate."

Sherry smiled and shook her head NO.

The dragon looked down and muttered, "Sorry." as he moved over so the kitchen island counter was covering his bottom half.

He looked up and said, "I must say, most people would be screaming by now." He smiled like it was something really new and cool.

Jake said, "Sherry is not a, oh wait a minute, yes you are." At that point she slugged his shoulder to shut him up.

That's when Bill walked in and passed Jake and Sherry. Now their mouths popped open in a little bit of shock. Bill was a few inches taller than the dragon, and wider.

Bill hadn't noticed his size change yet and just said, "Morning. Who are you two talking to?"

Bill nearly walked into the dragon before he yelped then backed into Jake.

Jake said, "Watch out big guy!" Which stopped Bill from pushing Jake into the wall.

Drake (the dragon's name) said, "Morning, Bill."

Bill said, "He talks?"

Drake said, "Of course I talk. We talked a lot last night."

Bill said, "I was dreaming!"

Drake said, "No you weren't."

Bill now figured it out and said, "You bit me!"

Drake said, "Not last night."

Bill looked frustrated and said, "No. Two weeks ago when I pulled you out of the box."

Jake said, "That must have been a big box."

Bill said, "No. He was little then."

Drake said, "Well you shoved your hand into my mouth. And you know you should wash your hands every once in a while."

Sherry has the teapot and starts to pour four cups as she says, "Good luck. I haven't been able to get them to do that regularly yet."

Jake and Bill look at her and say, "Hey!"

Jake frowned and said, "I was good this morning."

Sherry felt bad about her remark and said, "Yes you were. I'm sorry." They kissed and Bill was still confused.

Bill said, "I still want to know what's going on. And do you have a name. It seems like you know ours."

Drake said, "I go by many names, but Drake is my favorite."

Bill said, "Ok, Drake. So what is going on?"

Jake and Sherry started to make breakfast and both sort of nudged Bill and Drake over to the kitchen table. Jake asked, "Pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage OK with you two?"

Bill and Drake both say, "Yeah, thanks."

Bill turns to them and says, "Hey. You two are taking this awfully well. A six foot six inch dragon in our kitchen and you're not batting an eye."

Jake started the eggs going while Sherry mixed the pancake batter. Jake said, "You didn't say anything when I got the cat. I figure what's fair is fair."

Bill was still shocked and said, "Yeah, but the cat can't talk."

Suddenly from under the table Belzebub said, "Meraaah."

Bill looked under the table for a second and then said, "I stand corrected."

Drake said, "Tell me you didn't like what happened last night."

Bill frowned but said, "OK. yeah I did."

Drake gave in and said, "You were lonely and sent away for a dragon lust statue, guaranteed to attract the love of your life. Well there was a little mix up and I got sent. I usually charge up those statues. But A friend of mine is here for an extended stay. I thought I could help out until the love of your life shows up." Drake's tail is rubbing Bill's inner thigh and growing cock.

Bill smiled and said, "That was fun last night."

Sherry said, "OK. None of that at the kitchen table. Dinning room table maybe, not the kitchen."

A little light bulb went on over Bill and Drake's head. Sherry saw this and said, "Give it a break. Wait till after breakfast."

Bill and Drake both said, "Yes, ma'am." Their feet started to play with each others feet.

Sherry said, "Bill, could you please get Drake something to wear."

Jake said, "Distracting, sweetheart?"

Sherry reached over and kissed Jake and said, "Just a little."

Bill found a pair of old sweat pants and cut a hole in the butt. Drake had followed him and slipped into them in an instant.

Drake smiled and said, "Cool. Thanks." And hugged Bill Bill got a little needy and hugged Drake tighter.

Drake said, "Don't worry puppy. We'll find him. I promise."

Bill said, "Thanks, Drake."

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I know. Another short chapter. But I need to figure out where Mr Right is coming from, so I can get this right. Thank you for the encouragement, Darryl.

The rest of you. Please send feedback. I'm dyin' here.

P.S. If you want a good image of the dragon find an old copy of"Tea with the Dragon". His name is Oolong.