Monkey Meat 5

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Dear readers, here's the next installment of the story Monkey Meat. A sterling thank you to feedback from Jake. It's what keeps us writers going. And yes you did have something to say. Thanks.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Drake decided to take a look around the campus before heading back to Bill's house. He started to walk past the Theater Arts building and got to one of the Dorms near the On campus Apartment buildings, when he heard some guy spew out a string of insults and put downs. Drake got closer to the apartment where the insults seemed to just stop. It was on the ground floor and the curtain on the big picture window was open. There were three fairly large guys stripping a skinny wisecracking guy, naked. His ability to insult seemed to slip when he was fighting to keep some clothes on. Then the weasly guy switch to reasoning. and a bit of an involuntary chuckle. But to all appearances nothing really bad was about to happen to the Junior year student. The last of his clothes were pulled from his body( they left the socks on), and he still didn't get the hint. His mouth would not stop spewing rude remarks, or insults. This kid had to be about five eight and one twenty at the most, and he still acted like he could stop his roommates from doing whatever they had planned. The tallest and calmest guy then said, "Don, you really can't learn when to just SHUT UP? Can you?"

Don had not stopped when his fraternity brother asked those two questions. Stark naked and still spouting off like that mouse on those T-shirts. The one flipping off the eagle as it swoops in to devour the little ballsy mouse. The frat brother shrugged to Don and then lifted his hands in a 'What else can I do?' gesture. The other two silent frat brothers just shrugged and all at once the three silent guys picked up the now protesting Don and carried him out of the apartment. Now that Drake and anybody else could see Don naked and Don realized this; Don started to struggle like a man possessed. But to no avail. They took him to an apartment directly across a patio from their own apartment and held the struggling student and fraternity brother against the picture window. The ladies in the apartment must have closed the curtains when the foul language had started. But the tapping struggling sound of Don against the window got their curiosity started. They were seated at a table against the window wall. All four of them. The curtain opened with Don not stopping his tirade for a second. They examined his body for all of seven seconds tops. Don was a bit above average in the family jewels department. But his performance was a serious negative to the girls. After seven seconds of naked Don on display and the curtain closed just as fast as it had opened. This got the three holding Don against the window laughing so hard they decided to let Don down. As soon as Don was on his feet he headed for his apartment and Drake decided to get in his way. It delayed Don enough for one of his frat brothers to get the idea and he ran around Drake and Don in time to get inside the apartment and keep Don from locking them out. Drake eyed Don's package and put on a big smile before he walked away. But as he stepped away from Don, Drake softly said, "Your smarter than that aren't you Don? Or is it going to take being arrested for disturbing the peace and roughed up by a cop, before you realize that there are times it is very wise to just

Don was the only one who heard Drake. Drake headed towards the Gymnasium and weight room. He was only five yards away from Don, who had stood still actually thinking about what Drake had said. Drake turned back and said in parting, "Or maybe you should practice more of your Martial Arts Training. Oh yeah, You were waiting for your Senior year in college to start taking that course. Maybe you should take to heart something good old Clint Eastwood said?"

Don said, "And you're referring to?"

Drake chuckled and said, "A man's gotta know his limitations." Then he chuckled and nodded at the tall frat brother standing in the doorway. He chuckled and slowly started to close the door. He got his desired reaction. Don scrambled for the door and got in as Drake passed out of sight.

Drake was being drawn by the scent and sparkle of an active piece of magic. The spell was a kind that remained attached to the one who cast it, working it ways as intended. Drake walked by the Ceramic Arts building and his trained ear could tell a reduction firing was underway in the large Kiln attached to the single story building. Drake always took a moment to enjoy the pride he felt for his ancient ancestors, who gave the invention of firing clay pots in a confined area, to the chinese humans so many years ago. Literally the invention eventually became the name the land of his birth was known by.

Drake was soon at the weight room and heard only one student in there. The indoor basketball courts were in use in the rest of the building and the sound of sneakers squeaking in the building was a soothing sound for Drake. He pushed the door open and walked into the weight room and paused to get his bearings and a good look at the student with the meaty spell crackling through his body. The kid was no older than nineteen But the massive development of his body spoke of a mature Hardcore bodybuilder in his thirties. He was as thickly muscled as Drake but six inches shorter. Say over three eighty at six foot would describe him well. Overgrown musclebound freak would be one description a major part of the population would use for this kid. Kid? Only his face said kid. And that bright smile, just plastered on his face. If he just showed his face at a liquor store, this guy would be carded aggressively. It was those massive muscles bunching and straining and flexing under the very heavy weight, that would get him and his fellow Sophomores a keg of beer. Carried out of the store on his shoulder like a six-pack, with the tapper in his back pocket.

Drake shook his head and was again impressed by the power of the integrated spell working on the kids body and anybody's mind who could be distracted enough to get the Message. 'This kid was growing bigger. Don't get in his way. He will stay nice as long as you do.'

Drake shook his head again and started a mantra that peacefully tuned down the spells message. Drake stretched for a few minutes and the kid noticed the size of Drake. Drake smiled when he got his attention and said, "Looks like we use the same weights. Mind if I work in?"

The kid was alone and had been using the weight machines. With a workout buddy, he could use the free weights and go heavier. Jeb Pulaski smiled and said, "How about free weights? I go heavier when I can get a spotter."

Drake smiled and glanced again at what the machine was set for. The Max it would go for Bench Press was three fifty. Drake noticed the locking sleeves on the barbell and said, "So like four thirty, four forty or just a little higher."

Jeb got enthusiastic and said, "Yeah or even push it to four fifty or sixty for five reps. Oh cool man. My names Jeb Pulaski, and I have not found one workout partner that can keep up on free weights. We either have to take up two benches and Bars, which pisses the night crew off no end. Or we jerk back and forth putting on and taking off almost a hundred and twenty pounds."

Drake took the hand offered and said, "My name's Drake. And I have some idea where you're coming from. My older brother had moved out ten years before I started to lift. Dad was never around during the day, and I had to wait for a year and a half for my little brother to catch up. I still played a bit mean with Chen and always was able to lift more than he could. I played it off as brotherly encouragement."

Jeb had finished mirroring Drake's placing of enough plates on the Barbell to equal four hundred pounds for a warm up. Jeb finished the idea as he said, "But you still felt like you were playing mean, huh? Never let him catch up completely. I was that little brother."

Drake was spotting Jeb, who was about to lift the weight. Drake stretched his head up enough to give the impression he was checking out Jeb, and particularly Jeb's very large package. Drake chuckled and said, "I Don't think there's anything on you that could still be considered, "little"."

Jeb had already pumped out three reps before Drake got to the word little. Jeb let the bar stay at his chest as he took a better look at Drake. Drake acted like he needed to help and Jeb shook his head and pumped out eight more reps. Jeb got up and they swapped places. Drake took a moderate speed pumping out fifteen reps. then he worked three more reps but a a super slow rate. Perfect form and looking at Jeb's crotch for the last three. Then into his smiling eyes.

Drake set the bar on the bench and got up. He asked, "Forty or sixty more?"

Jeb liked the attitude and said, "Sixty sounds good." They loaded the extra weight and Jeb started to pump out twelve reps before showing signs the bar was feeling heavy. Drake chuckled and softly said, "Come on Jeb. You know it's as light as a feather."

Jeb's smile got harder and bigger. Even with the spell helping his muscles grow, he still needed to work them and put the emotional energy into the actions that fed the spell. He had been dreaming of a workout partner who could tell when Jeb needed some pushing and some good ole' positive reinforcement.

Jeb acted like a pass receiver in football. He caught that encouragement and ran with it. Jeb pumped out ten more solo reps and three more after that with just some light assistance. Jeb would have gone for a few more assisted reps, but Drake said, "You really respond well to some pushing."

Jeb said, "Man I have been hoping for some guy like you to come along for a year now."

Jeb was at the third assist when Drake said, "About the time you found that book in the library, huh?"

Jeb went rigid for a second, then returned the bar to its rack on the bench. Jeb looked a bit afraid but he still asked, "That wasn't your book was it?" Jeb sat up but didn't get up off the bench.

Drake put his hand on Jeb's very thick shoulders and started to kneed the meaty trap muscle as he said, "Oh no. I know of what is written in books like the one that set you on a path of pure physical growth. But I have eidetic memory. It's a family trait. I have read some very powerful spells and I have deliberately forgotten some particularly nasty, 'nothing but evil', spells."

Jeb said, "Are you one of the local Magi?" By now Drake was massaging both traps and a bit of Jeb's delts.

Drake stopped rubbing muscle and ruffled Jebs head of hair. Drake said, "No, Big guy. But I just met the new apprentice Mage. Nice guy. Um, not to be nosy, but what's your major?"

Jeb looks down then stands up so Drake can work in. Jeb chuckled and said, "Would you believe English Lit? I even got a scholarship for it."

Drake is slowly pumping out one after another rep as if it doesn't weigh a thing. But he's moving through the range of motion slowly and smoothly. He paused through the first rep when he heard what Jeb said. Then Drake said, "While the english lit part is no stretch of the imagination, your body just screams football scholarship."

Jeb is captivated at how machinelike Drake can pump through each rep. Just flawlessly. Jeb chuckled when Drake mentioned football and said, "At Loyola? I heard years ago this university blew it's opportunity to get the local professional football team to fix up a stadium for them if they just let the team work out during the summer. The Jesuits said 'no'. Go figure."

Drake pumped out thirty reps before he grunted a little to let Jeb know he could use some help. Four more reps with a little help and Drake put the bar on the rack. Drake sat up and said, "Twenty more?" And he smiled real wide.

Jeb smiled back and said, "Sure."

They went at their work out like that for an hour and a half. When they were done and started to stretch, Drake said, "I never did hear where you got a magic book that told you how to become a mountain of muscle."

Jeb looked embarrassed. He said, "I love books. I was reading some book for my screenwriting class. Oh yeah, My major may be english lit, but I'm really going for a career in screenwriting. Ok, so, I'm reading on the bottom floor of the library and just outside of the private collections conservation room are these boxes stacked one on top of another. I thought that was strange. It was the early afternoon, no body on that floor. And no security cameras at the time. So I go over and open one box. There are little books with glass tintype photos in the front cover and velvet covered linings. These may not have been really valuable but they looked like they had mattered to someone at one time. And to just leave them where anyone could do what I was doing and walk off with some thing like that just made me mad. I looked some more in the box on top and brushed my hand over one medium sized book and it was like I had stuck my hand in a light bulb socket and turned on the power. I couldn't let go of it until I had it out of the box. Then I could let go. The next time I touched it nothing happened. I slipped it into my backpack and closed the box up. I went to my dorm room and looked through the book. I kept telling myself I was only borrowing the book. But the more I read the more I decided to try some of the spells."

Drake chuckled and said, "Like the 'Don't mess with me' kind of spells?"

Jeb grimaced and said, "Well yeah. I was five foot four and one hundred and thirty pounds dripping wet. I needed something to keep from being pushed around by my room mate. He was six five, two eighty and liked pushing me around. He sure changed his ways that day. And then when I started using the strength spell he actually acted like he wanted to get to know me. He had a hot body. Just too bad he was as dense as a box of rocks. He had a baseball scholarship and his grades just never stayed up high enough. Even when I tried to help. But it was too late by then."

Drake said, "So you never put the book back?"

Jeb said, "A week after I started using the strength spell, I felt guilty taking it. I went back to see what happened and the boxes were in the Private Collections area. I could never think of a good enough excuse to want into that area. After another week the books in the boxes were placed in the stack. I tried to help people with the book, to feel less guilty, and that helped. My next room mate looked like I did when I had started LMU. So I did the spell for him one night when he had passed out after a kegger party. I was just being nice, cause the guy was very straight. He thought I was going to attack him and have my way with him when I told him I was gay. When I didn't make him feel small, he lightened up. He got me laughing when one day he said 'You're alright Jeb. Your proof not all gay guys are trying to ram their dicks up some straight guys butt.' I got him when I replied 'Maybe I just like blow-jobs better.' His eyes got real big until I started laughing. He kept on saying ' Not funny.' That just got me laughing again, each time he said it."

Three fairly large weight lifters came into the weight room as Jeb and Drake were getting ready to leave. The largest guy said, "Oh no. Are you telling stories about me again, Jeb?"

Jeb just stood taller and flexed and said, "You have a problem with that Mike?"

Mike stood taller but was still four inches shorter than Jeb. Then Mike made a fist and thumped the top part of Jebs chest.

Jeb didn't react, even though Mike used some power behind his thump. Mike smiled and said, "No, as long as you don't make me out to sound like some homophobic jerk-off. Lisa can't stand anybody talking bad about gay guys. Her brother's gone through too much shit for her to have a boyfriend that talks shit about gays." By now Jeb is smiling at the group and Mike in particular.

Jeb said, "We still doing that double date?"

Mike shook his head and said, "Yeah, and I'm glad you and her brother get along. But it still seems just a little weird going out with Lisa, her brother and You."

Jeb put his towel over his neck and said, "Don't worry. You'll be too distracted with Lisa rubbing your crotch while you play with her tits, for you to notice what her brother and I are doing to each other."

One of mikes friends said, "Eeuuh. Ok Jeb. Too much information. Mike your up." They had started working out while Mike and Jeb had been talking.

Jeb said, "Ok. I'll give you guys a break. So Mike. Six o'clock friday night?"

Mike was smiling now. He said, "Yep. Six o'clock. At Lisa's parent's house. You get to meet Mom and Dad."

Now Jeb looked afraid. He muttered, "What?"

Mike started to pump out a few reps and chuckled. He said, "Don't worry big guy. I survived it. You should be able to."

Jeb said, "See ya."

A chorus of 'see ya's' were heard as Drake and Jeb left.

Outside Drake and Jeb started to take leave of each other. Jeb said, "I could really use a workout partner. A guy who can lift as much as me and willing to push me when I need it. Like you man. Whaddya say?"

Drake smiled and said, "I am going to be around for awhile. And I like the way you treat people. So, Yeah. I'll help you work out."

Jeb was excited and just hugged the taller Drake. He said, "Thanks Man."

Drake hugged him back and said while he held Jeb, "There's only one thing we have to get straight."

Jeb let him go and bit his lip. He said, "Oh wow man. I'm sorry. I'm hanging all over you and... You're straight and just being friendly, huh? I don't mean anything by it. I'm just physical by nature..."

Drake smiled and put his hands on Jeb shoulders to calm him down. Drake said, "Whoa Jeb. lets not jump to conclusions." Jeb calmed down and Drake took his hands off of Jeb's shoulders. Then Drake mussed up Jeb's hair and said, "Just for your information, I happen to be bisexual. But that's not what we have to get straight."

Jeb sighed and bit his lower lip. Then he smiled and said, "Cool, Man. Then what is it?"

Drake looked around to see if there was anybody in sight. They were alone. Drake put his hands up in front of his face and pulled at something. A rippling of the air appeared in front of Drake's face and as he pulled down the Glamour stretched off of Drake's face. Jeb could see that Drake was a Dragon. Drake said, "I'm not a man, Man."

Jeb hardly flinched and didn't draw back. He reached over and pulled Drakes hands up and down a few times to see the difference between Real and Glamour Drake. Jeb bit his lower lip as he held Drake's hands down and stared at Drake's mouth. Drake said, "Still want a kiss?"

Jeb looked into Drake's eyes. Jeb's teeth released his lower lip as his mouth opened a little wider, then Jeb kissed Drake. After a good long tongue twisting, Jeb pulled back and said, "How did you know I wanted to kiss you. Telepathy?"

Drake said, "No. Your lips told me." Just then Jeb bit his lip for a third time and Drake gave Jeb a quick little kiss. Drake allowed the Glamour to cover his face again with a human image. They exchanged telephone numbers and agreed to get in touch that night.

Before they parted Drake said, "Are you going to have fun friday night?"

Jeb said, "Oh yes! Friday will be my third date with Steve, that's Lisa's brother. Mike thinks it's our first date, that's why he agreed to the double date idea. Lisa thought the thing up cause she wanted to see how Mike reacts around us. She really likes Mike. I went along with it cause I really like Steve. He kinda kisses like you."

Drake smiled and said, "I'll call you tonight, See ya."

Jeb said, "See ya." And they left.


V-Dub Dealership Service Department

Bill looked at the clock and wondered if it was stuck at five twenty two. Then the hand flicked to five twenty three. It turned out to be a light day. No walk-ins and no emergency repairs. The last scheduled tune-up was already taken care of and called. Now if only his boss will let him go at five thirty instead of at six.

Just then a very large chinese guy walked into the service area and asked Jenny if a Bill Foley was still there. Jenny stood up and made eye contact with bill before he could duck his head out of sight. She said, "Bill you have a customer."

Bill smiled anyway and said, "Thanks, Jenny." Then as the guy got closer Bill noticed he was wearing clothes that looked very very familiar.

Bill said, "How can I help you sir?"

Drake said, "Well My name's Drake." His voice got quieter and he then said, "And I was hoping you could give me a ride home."

Bill bleated out the name, "Drake?!" then he smiled. Jenny looked over but then went back to work.

Drake smiled and reached up and pulled his Glamour off his face for a moment.

Bill said, "Wow. Handsome either way."

Drake smile a bit shyly then poked his finger in Bill's navel, just for laughs.

Drake said, "Takes one to know one."

Bill turned his terminal off and said, "Jenny, I'm taking off early. If the Boss gets upset, just tell him an old friend showed up and that I'll be into work early tomorrow morning."

Jenny said, "Sounds good to me. Will you be bringing your handsome friend in too?"

Bill said, "I don't think so. I forgot how good your hearing is."

Jenny said, "How else can I keep up my reputation as the office gossip. You guys don't always want to dish the dirt when I want ."

Bill chuckled and said, "Have a good evening."

Jenny said, "You, too."

Bill said, "My car's out this way." As he went through the employee only door.

They walked past the maintenance men and Bill stopped at Jerry's service bay. Jerry was just wiping his hands and smiled when they stopped to say hi. Drake started to sniff the air and then walked closer to Jerry.

Bill frowned at Drake's behavior. Bill said, "Jerry this is Drake. Drake this is Jerry a good friend of mine." Then it hit Bill and he said, "In fact a much bigger friend recently."

Drake stopped sniffing and said, "Sorry for the weird sniffing. I'm very sensitive to odors and such. You have a friend visiting from the orient, don't you?" Drake's smile was huge, now.

Jerry's mouth dropped open and then he smiled as he said, "Yeah. You could tell that from smelling me?"

Drake said, "Oh yeah. Monk has a special scent all his own."

Jerry was real happy now. He nearly shouted, "You know Monk?" He surprised himself and said in a quieter voice, "Um. I mean how do you know Monk?"

Drake looked around and saw no body was looking. He did the Glamour pull down just once for Jerry. Drake said, "We're not all monkeys."

Jerry said, "A Dragon." Like it was a prayer or a whisper.

Drake said, "You wouldn't happen to have a number I can reach Monk at, would you?"

Jerry said, "Sure. Let me get my hands clean and I'll write it down for you." Jerry used hand cleaner and some paper towels and soon had Darryl's telephone number written on a post-it note.

Drake said, "Thanks. Ya know, Bill and I are having a few people over for a bar-b-que. You might invite your special someone and your two friends Monk is staying with over tonight around seven-thirty-ish."

Bill smiled and nodded yes even though it was the first he'd heard of it. Jerry smiled and said, "Thanks, Drake. I'll let them all know. I know Toby and I were just going to hang out. I think he'd love to go some where, where he doesn't have to worry about serving someone else."

Bill said, "We'll plan for all five of you guys anyway. And if you're a little late, don't worry about it. Come on over when ever you can."

Jerry said, "Whithin reason."

Bill smirked and said, "Yeah well three in the morning is a little out of range."

Jerry said, "I'll see you tonight."

Bill and Drake said, "See ya."

As bill got in his car, he said, "I think we should go to the market, don't you?"

Drake blushed and said, "Sorry Bill. I should have asked first. But I do have a special someone coming over tonight. For you."

Bill said, "You do? Thanks Drake. That sure was fast. You're going to be staying for a while, aren't you?"

Drake said, "As long as I'm welcome."

Bill giggled and said, "Then this weekend you and I have to clean out the guest bedroom. Cause you're going to be living with us for quite a while."

Drake said, "Thanks Bill."

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