Polywog 3

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story with Male to Male(sort of) sex and Love relationships. If you ar under the age of eighteen years you should not be here. You have been warned!

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Leo thought the week was going to pass slowly but on the third day after his release from the Autodoc, he received two letters from Red.

The Official Letter read:

To: The Junior Ambassador of the Outreach Program, to The Bian People The Honorable Leonard Carvin Mayor's Residence MosShoals, Penbrick

From: The Shielded Visage of the Champion of The Bian People The Emperor EmRex Ben~aug Tan-rom Emperor's Residence, Summer Session Communion, QueAug

Dearest Brother,

We find Ourselves humbled before the magnitude of Your offering to the Bian People. No Other Species, visiting Us from a distant star has ever Altered Themselves to resemble so closely, the Bian Form. And to further Honor Us, by retaining all those Qualities, Your own Species contained, that have become so endearing to the Bian People. No Word or Deed can reflect the Depth of LOVE you have shown Ourselves or the Bian People. Yet WE SWEAR, We will strive to Give YOU All the LOVE We have for YOU in Our Heart, for as long as WE LIVE. For in Truth, Your Transformation is just such a Declaration of LOVE to US, and One WE will Cherish till the End of Our Days. Henceforth, Let it Be Known, That The Most Honorable Leonard Carvin, has Received a Second Name from The Champion of The Bian People. If He WILL, Let Him be Known as EmCom Leo~garet Dan-carvn, Friend to The Emperor, and Our Companion.

Signed: EmRex Ben~aug Tan-rom Witnessed: RegEm Dan~bek Van-rom

The Second Letter read:

Leo, My Love,

We haven't even physically met yet, but the pictures you sent, make my heart leap each time I look at them. Surely the Bian's around you have let you know how handsome you were before your transformation, and Now.

I still have the picture of you the Outreach Program sent me before we started sending each other letters. They thought it was being sent to an officer of the Government, so I sent you a picture of myself at the age of 25. In your recent photo, you look to be seven and a half feet tall, and that's how tall I was at twenty five.

In four days I will be arriving by Un-Marked Motorcoach. I am doing this as is our tradition for those of Noble birth. It gives the young lovers a bit of space and privacy from the eyes at Court. It also lets any of the News Media know that, while they may not report any of the events that occur during the Courtship of the Companion; they will be informed at the completion of it, and given any and all recorded Media taken by the lovers during their courtship. Keep that in mind when either of us want to play erotic fashion photographer during our love making.

I sat thinking a while after I wrote that last part. I know your people have a broad range of beliefs and customs, regarding bonding and falling in love. My people have a deep respect for love of any kind, and on many occasions, show it with carnal acts of love. And my people are not shy in sharing our joy with close friends. I would never hurt you or your feelings. So if any of my physical displays of Love embarrass you, I ask for your patience with me. And I ask that you speak of these feelings as soon as they come to you. For only then, can I truly please you, as I truly wish to do.

Your words to me, had me falling in love with you a long time ago. You spoke of delighting in all the simple joys of my planet and my people. I long to return to some of those simple joys. In four days I believe I will be.

I hope the official letter doesn't scare you off or put a damper on our meeting. I want you to realize how much your love means to me. But the one thing other Bians may not have told you is my size.

It's common knowledge for my people that, "advanced" Bians are taller than the common genetic group of Bians. And the Noble name attached to certain Bians, simply means another size and ability difference. We keep in mind the fact that while the name may say something of a difference between types of Bians; the Bian people do not and will not consider one type more important than another. My own Father forgot for a brief while and I had to remind him in my own unique way.

Unfortunately, those considered, "Royal" are treated with more difference than we deserve or, at times, desire. Fortunately certain traditions allow us to reconnect to normal Bian pastimes.

It seems I got off the subject I wished to prepare you for. I was seven and a half feet tall when I was twenty- five years old. When my father died and I became Emperor, I was eight feet tall. Within a year of taking the crown I grew to my present height of ten feet three inches. I pray that our size difference will not be a problem for us.

As you said in your letter, we need to talk. I know our love will be able to see us through what ever problems we encounter. You are my Leo, and I am your Red. That alone makes me think we can do anything we set our minds to.

I Love You, Leo~garet Dan-Carvn!

See you in four days.

Red (Ben~aug Tan-rom )

Leo's heart was so full he had to share it with someone. He forgot to fold up the first letter and the royal seal sparkled in the sunlight. He walked out his front gate and saw Rus putting these long fat zucchini type vegetables in a tub of water and bubbles coming out of each end of the things.

Kel followed a customer out of his shop with a murmured, "Good day ", and walked over to Rus shop just after Leo handed Rus the letters. Rus started to read the top letter for a second and then saw the Royal Seal and the words, "and Our Companion" on the letter beneath.

Rus gasped and fell to his knees and bowed his head. This action allowed Kel to see the Royal Seal, and he gasped and bowed his head as he went to his knees.

Leo was shocked and was about to say something when Col walked up to the scene and seeing the Royal Seal, muttered, "WOW" . He blinked a few times and carefully put down the tray of coffee on the counter top before he too, bowed his head and bent his knees.

Leo almost yelled, "What is going on?!"

Rus was the first to bend and so with a little smirk as he looked up at Leo and said, "We all have a deep respect for the Emperor." Rus got up off his knees and handed the letters back to Leo.

Leo said, "So?!"

Kel looked up at the same time as Col, and both got up off their knees at the same time.

Col said, "It's not everyday, somebody from our little village Is named Companion to the Emperor."

Rus gave Leo a hug as he said, "I'm so happy for you both."

Kel and Col did the same with, "Congratulations."

Leo had a grin on his face after it all and said, "Now that's much better."

Kel gave Leo's right nipple a little pinch/tweak. Leo jumped a little, but was still smiling. Kel said, "Many Bians kneel to the Companion, like it was a prayer thanking the ONE for finding someone so beautiful to take care of and Love the Emperor."

This got Leo a bit bashful and he said, "I hope I make him happy, I sure do Love him." He looked like his confidence was gone.

Rus pulled Leo into a bear hug and shook his head in wonder. He said, "You humans seem to manufacture self confidence at the strangest times and then lose it at the silliest of times. Such as when you have written proof of your great and good qualities."

Rus let Leo go and then stepped back as he looked up higher than he did yesterday, to look at Leo's face. Rus said, "You're taller."

Col pulled out a measuring stick and ran it up Leo's back a few times, to the tune of eight foot one inch tall.

Leo said, "What is going on? The AutoDoc should have left me at one height. Why am I getting taller?" This actually was getting Leo a little bit aroused.

Col tapped the measuring stick against the width of Leo's cock showing through his pants and with a smirk said, "Perhaps you should use the word Bigger?"

Rus pulled the stick out of Col's hand and tapped him lightly on his head and frowned at him for his familiarity with Leo.

Col dipped his head a bit, but still had a randy smile as he said, "With all due respect to the EmCom, you are quite a sight, Leo. Bigger looks very fine on you." Col pretended Russ was going to tap him again and cowered away from him. Col still had his playful smile and didn't pull away from his punishment. For Leo this compliment got him to go through a multi-colored blush. Normally tan, his face and upper chest rippled through iridescent hues of blue and green. He could feel the heat on his face and knew he was blushing; he just didn't know what colors he was going through. Leo smiled anyway.

Rus saw all this and almost bit his lower lip. Then in the spirit of playfulness and Master/Apprentice status, Rus tapped Col a little harder on his own swelling member which was showing through His pants!

Col and Rus had been here before and the next words spoken were Col saying

"Thank you Sir! May I please have another, Sir!" Col is now standing as tall as he can at attention and his member is trying to give Russ a better target. At least a larger one.

Rus is playing the put upon Master, so after the first tap just got sass from his apprentice in the form of a soldiers response; Rus took Col on his word.

All four there were surprised at the sound as the stick whistled through the air and the volume of the impact on Col's cock. Russ had not meant to hit him that hard and Col hadn't expected it either. But to Col's credit he did not gasp or cry out. His erection was not complete but his whole body seemed to spasm as in an orgasm and his eyes fluttered for a moment. His face became serious and respectful as he took in a deep breath. He stood straight and threw out his chest. Russ and Leo and Kel all had wide eyes after the impact, but nobody said a thing, waiting for Col to speak.

Col let out his breath and just a little into it said in a very low but less than loud voice, "Thank you, Sir! Permission to change pants, Sir?" Col's smile fought with his serious face.

Rus was shocked with the stoic nature of his apprentice, but was also fighting his smile as he saw why Col needed to change pants. Col apparently had never revealed his enjoyment of limited amounts of harsh discipline. Rus had never gone there, not personally wanting to. He was wondering if he had neglected his apprentice in this regard. He wondered at his own actions, moments ago.

All this zipped through Russ' mind, then Russ said, "Permission granted." Col practically leapt to the door leading into the residence part of the grocery.

Rus put the stick back where it belonged in an exaggerated way. He looked at them in a general way and then looked at where Col just ran. Then back at Leo and then Kel. He got a randy smile on his face, the waved them to follow, then held his index finger up to his lips to ensure their silence as they followed. They snuck into the apprentice quarters, and heard Col apparently muttering to himself in the bathroom and the sound of furious wanking.

Rus smiled in a self satisfied way and gestured them to flank the sliding door that lead into Col's bathroom.

Col was facing the sink and the mirror in back of it. He was jerking off and avoiding the last two inches of his dick. Luckily he had a little over twelve inches of Bian dong, but habit is hard to break, so his hands still went to far.

Col said, "You always have to be the center of attention, always have to get people going, Don't you. " He wanked over the swiftly discoloring two inches of his cock near it's base.

He yelped and slowed but didn't stop. He continued in a quieter voice with, "That's gonna be a good bruise." Then his voice went back to a normal volume as he said, "You're lucky he didn't cut you off for the way you were being with the EmCom." Yank, yank.

Col said, "But he is gorgeous. Thank the One, the Emperor has somebody that beautiful to Love him. " This got Leo blushing again.

Col said, "OOh, but Kel is so beautiful too. He presses all the right buttons."

This got Kel to stand a little taller and look proud of himself.

Rus put his finger up to his lips again to remind Kel. Kel nodded yes.

Col sounded troubled as he said, "I'm starting to fall in love with Kel, and that's more than just you. It's my heart too. So don't screw this up. I don't know what I'd do if Uncle sent me back to Father."

Col's jerking velocity had slowed. then it started up faster. Col chuckled and said softly, "Yeah, I know. Thinking of Kel makes you wanna get taken care of faster, huh?"

Kel was in the middle and right in front of the sliding door. Kel stood up taller and put out his hands palm out, to stop any comments or actions from Rus or Leo.

Just as Col said, "He is so fine." Kel opened the door.

Col froze with a deer in the headlights look as he sees Kel in the mirror. His butt muscles tighten up.

Kel has a hopeful question on his face as he said, "Am I?"

He tipped his head down a bit still looking at Col and said again with more need of an answer, "Am I?"

Col could see Leo and Rus, and that they stayed silent. His erection did not waver in his hand as he turned around to face Kel. Kel saw the intensity of the emotions passing through Col. Col decided to let his actions speak for him. He started to stoke his cock fast and had such a happy smile on his face as he tipped it toward Kel. Col said, "So Very Fine." as he started to cum looking only at Kel.

The first volley went over Kel's head. Kel let the next five hit his chin and chest as he stepped closer to Col

Kel ripped his pants open as his cock burst out of them. It almost slapped his belly before he caught it. With his other hand he reached up and pulled Col's head down for a good long kiss. They swapped prizes and started jerking the other one off.

Rus had a huge smile on his face as he closed the door and walked to the kitchen. He started the kettle for some tea and pulled out two mugs and two tea balls. He opened a jar with loose leaf tea in it and scooped some into each tea ball and set them aside. He had an unfocused look to his eyes as he chuckled.

Leo said, "What?" through a smile.

Rus focused back in and turned to Leo and said, "It's funny that Col should use the phrase ' all the right buttons '. About a year ago I asked him why none of the hunky happy Bians he had dated for a short while never lasted. You see he was moping around a bit just before you came to MosShoals. Which just so happens to be about the same time Col came to be my apprentice. Well I asked him what the problem was. He told me none of them pushed the right buttons."

Leo said, "Well that's changed."

They stood silent for a while with smiles on their faces. Lost in happy reverie.

The world called them back from their thoughts as the kettle started to do a three tone whistle. Rus turned the burner off and poured the water into the cups. Then he put the tea balls into the cups and went to the refrigerator and brought out a small jug of cream and put it on a tray with the cups and a bowl of sugar. Rus opened a tin and pulled out a dozen chewy looking cookies and put them on a small plate.

Rus looked over at Leo who had just finished folding his letters and put them in his shirt pocket. He said, "Shall we sit outside?"

Leo said, "Sounds good to me."

Rus picked up the tray and followed Leo out to the small table by the side of Rus' shop. Just as Rus was putting the tray down he saw the drink holder with three coffee cups in it. Rus groaned and said, "I hate when I forget these simple little things." He chuckled at his forgetfulness and said, "Well now we have a choice. Would you care for tea or coffee?"

Leo smelled the cup of tea nearest him and said, "Tea please, Your tea always tastes better than mine. And I make it the same way you do."

Rus chuckled and sat down next to Leo. They were both facing out towards the street. Leo started to fiddle with the tea ball and after a minute, pulled it out of the mug. Rus had a knife on the tray and had snagged a lemon on the way to the table. As Leo spooned sugar into his mug and poured a little cream in, Rus sliced the lemon in wedges and added just one small spoonful of sugar into his tea mug. The lemon wedge got squeezed in and another hooked on the side.

After they took a sip, they both sat back in their chairs and sighed.

Leo broke the spell first. He had slipped both shoes off, and was wiggling his toes. He said, "I'm going to have to go see the shoemaker. They were loose on monday, and now I can barely get them on."

Rus looked at his friends toes and said, "Are your joints all itchy, and do you get up in the middle of the night feeling very hungry?"

Leo turned to him and said, "Yes! What is going on?"

Rus looked down at his lap and smiled. He said, "Either your going through puberty again, and I don't think your AutoDoc would make that mistake, even if it could. Or..."

Rus looked up at Leo's face as Leo said, "What?"

Rus finished with, "You're in love."

Leo felt lost as he muttered, "Huh?"

Rus said, "You, my friend, are discovering what the power of love does to the Bian people.

When you're in love, when you connect in a loving relationship, you feel like there's more to the world, More inside of you. When you love somebody and they love you back, you find there is more inside your heart, inside your mind. And for some strange reason, the Bian biology responds to that feeling of more, the need to be more for the one you love. We grow larger. And usually if one of the lovers starts out much larger than the other, no matter what genotype or genetic make up of the smaller one is; they grow until they are close to the size of the larger."

Leo was taking this in but almost immediately said, "Even if you've never physically met the one you love?"

Rus said, "Not very often, but it does happen. My case was a bit unusual. I had followed my Brothers to the Mabian frontier and was a colonel in the Border patrol. It was during a lull in the fighting, I met and fell in love with Mat. Within the month we were wed and changing things around on our plantation. And while I was frequently pulled away from the farm by nasty little skirmishes, the farm was far enough from the border, I didn't worry about any surprise attacks from the Mabian tribes."

Rus took a sip and thought for a moment before continuing.

He said, "We were only together for four months and trying for children. When we met I was seven foot even. In those four months I grew a foot taller and so did he."

Rus stopped to just breath and hold on to the joy of the time.

He said, "Who could have guessed that Mat was violently allergic to two of the local fungi, and the weather had turned damp the week before. Mat was inspecting the plantation when he walked through one spore cloud, and while coughing from the effects of that fungus; he trampled a patch of a second type, which spewed out an even bigger cloud. He was able to reach one of his managers on the radio, before he couldn't talk. The manager was a local and knew of the normal reaction to those spores and had an emergency medical helicopter come out to get Mat to a real hospital. When they got to Matt he was barely able to breath. They got him in the helicopter and his heart stopped three times. They were only able to get it restarted twice. The second type spore caused heart muscle death. I came home to Mat... It wasn't home after that."

Rus took a sip of tea and said, "The war heated up and I was privileged to command Bians of the highest caliber. I was eight foot tall at the rank of colonel. By the time I was made general I was eight foot five inches. My love for and love from my soldiers caused me to grow five inches in fifteen months and I never had any more physical contact with my troops than a pat on the shoulder or a hug."

Leo said, "Wow. But what happened to you? You're six foot six?"

Rus said, "The Bian biology takes both cues. When the war was over I retired and moved down here. Far from all my friends and family. Far from the things that reminded me of Mat. With no feeling of connection to my troops or a lover, the Bian body diminishes. It's not considered something that's bad, like a disease. It's sort of a wake up call to the mind and heart. Like' Hey! You! Find somebody to love!' So when a new alien species made contact with my people and one of their number was stationed in my little town, I paid attention to just how humans acted towards my people and their customs."

Leo said, "I'm thinking I passed a few of the tests."

Rus smiled and said, "Every single one. With honors."

Leo blushed again and softly said, "Thank You, Rus."

Rus said, "You're welcome, but I must thank you. I hadn't had sex with anyone since Mat. But when you were invited to a few Mating Dances that I also attended, I was moved by your passion to help the couple have a child. It got me wanting to be part of the world again."

Leo was surprised but very happy he had helped his friend without even knowing he had. Leo blushed again just before he asked, "Does that mean that eight months ago was the first time you had sex since Mat's death?"

Rus had a randy grin on his face as he said, "Yes and you were my first since Mat."

Leo said, "A human and you only knew me for about three months."

Rus said, "Long enough to get a sense of what kind of person you were. If your heart had been free I might have fallen in love with you. Now I know who you were falling in love with. At the time I just knew it wasn't me and decided I really wanted a good friend. And that's what you have been and still are."

Leo said, "That's how I feel about you. Next to Red, you're my best friend."

Rus took the last sip of his tea and just then three separate customers showed up for some assistance in planning their meals for the next few days. As local (and only) grocer for the village, Rus was often asked for his idea on what's good with what for dinner. This was why he had enough experience with food preparation to be able to suggest that Col start a restaurant.

One of the customers happened to be the shoemaker and he stopped before heading to his shop and had Leo stand on a piece of butcher paper. The Bian outlined both feet and told Leo to see him tomorrow. He promised a pair of sandals that might last a few weeks. Leo wasn't able to get him to accept any money upfront, but he did take a cookie.

While Rus was busy and not looking, Leo took the tray into Rus kitchen and washed the dishes. Just as he was drying the tray itself, Kel and Col snuck up behind Leo and goosed him.

Col said, "That's my job!"

Leo said, "Sorry. I got bored."

Col said, "Right. If you really are sorry, then you'll let me make dinner for you and your lover the first night he gets here. OK?"

Leo didn't even have to think about that. He said, "If accepting a meal for my lover and I will get you to accept my apology then so be it. You are the chef at my lover's first dinner."

Col was so happy he blurted out, "Apology accepted. Thank you Leo." He hugged Leo and told him and Kel, " I better get out front. I'll see you at dinner time." He said the last to Kel and kissed him, before he went out to the grocery store.

Leo noticed a bundle in Kel's hand and his pants were a little loose. Leo said to Kel, "Taylor heal thy pants."

Kel looked down at the bundle and said, "These are a lost cause. The material will become something else. Something smaller."

Leo said, "Why do I get this feeling you're going to be doing a little growing soon?" His smile let Kel know he understood about the height thing.

Kel smiled at that and said, "Yeah. He is taller than me. I never felt like this before. And he's so young! But I know it's love. He pushes all of my buttons." Kel's smile turned into a goofy one.

Leo said, "That smile says it all."

Kel turned to Leo and got a serious look on his face. He said, "Leo, you are a catalyst for good. I don't know how long it would have taken us to say those things to each other."

Leo looks a little bashful at the praise. Kel saw that and said, "Don't be embarrassed when people do this to you." Kel knelt in front of Leo and bowed his head.

Leo helped him back up and Kel said, "If it does embarrass you think of it as a compliment to your lover. Then you have to take it. You love him so much, don't you?"

Now Leo had a goofy grin on his face. He nodded yes.

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