Polywog 4

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male (?) Sex and Love relationships. Is you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here! You have been warned.

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Leo was floating on a calm sea, in the arms of someone much larger than himself. He felt safe where he was, with no urge to move or look around. After a few moments of this serenity, his belly started to swell up. He thought, 'I know I've been eating like a pig, but this is ridiculous.' Then his chest did the same thing, but it was like he was a balloon. The rest of his body was inflating more and more. And pushing Red's body away from Leo.

Leo heard a little burp and then the rumbling bass voice of Red said

"I warned you not to go into the water for at least half an hour after eating!"

Leo could barely twist around to see Red's face and Leo was hit with a much louder burp.

Then a very loud belch......

...... Which is what actually woke Leo from a very silly dream.

Leo burped again and said to himself, "I never woke myself up with a burp before."

He looked down at his body and realized he was a little bigger than yesterday.

Leo muttered with a grin on his face, "Ain't Love Grand?!"

He stood up and went to the bathroom and finally had an appreciation for the height of the Bians who chose to serve their people. The first month in the Mayor's residence, had Leo in awe of the height and width of the doors, hallways and rooms. You could be fifteen feet tall and four feet wide and still not have a problem going from one room to another.

Leo stopped by s few chalk marks on the wall outside the bathroom . He stood up straight and put his hand across from the top of his head to the chalk marks. He kept his hand on the wall and twisted around to see where to make another mark.

Leo groaned and said, "Eight foot seven inches!? That's six inches in one day!"

His stomach rumbled again and he muttered, "Soon! Be patient."

He moved into the bathroom to relieve himself. Then he showered quickly and found he needed one and a half towels to get dry.

Leo walked back into his bedroom and held up a pair of short legged pants that were obviously larger than needed. He glanced over at three very large shirts.

Leo said, "Thank you, Kel. At least I'll have a few days to wear some clothes before I have to look to a bigger size."

His stomach growled and grumbled like it was having a conversation with Leo.

He just frowned at his stomach and quickly got dressed.

The pants were only a little baggy on Leo, and the shirt looked like a Bian version of a loose fitting Hawaiian Shirt.

And the Shoemaker came through with flying colors, too.

The sandals had a little room to grow still.

Leo walked quickly to his kitchen and pulled out eight eggs from his refrigerator. He put them by the frying pan on the stove and went back for something similar to sausage. Then he pulled out a large bottle of orange juice and promptly emptied it. His stomach had started up again when he pulled out the eggs. But the orange juice got it to shut up.

He got to work on his breakfast before his stomach could start complaining again. He didn't even bother sitting down to eat. His dirty dishes went into the sink to soak.

He looked at his stomach and said, "Happy now?"

He couldn't hold back a burp. He said, "I'll take that as a yes."

Leo had a self satisfied smile on his face as he opened his front gate to a sea of towns people.

When they were sure Leo was the one opening the gate they all silently kneeled and bowed their heads.

Leo was so shocked he didn't even think to open the gate back up and hide behind it.

That trapped feeling got a bit surreal when Leo saw Rus kneeling next to his shop ,

but looking at his watch as he bowed his head.

In the silence Leo could hear Rus mutter the words, "That's long enough."

Rus stood up and darted through the still kneeling crowd as he said, "We show our respect and love for our Emperor and his EmCom with our WEEKLY prayer of thanks to the One."

The crowd started to get up and some moved off without another word or sign they had just been kneeling. For those who thought they would speak to Leo, Rus had a few words.

Rus was by Leo's side and guiding him over to his shop as he said to the crowd, "I know we will all be following the traditions of the Lovers, and not impose on the EmCom's time."

A few people looking at Rus and Leo's progress to Rus' shop sighed or slumped when they heard this. After only a few more minutes, the rest of the town went about it's normal early morning activities and no one came over to talk to Leo.

Leo looked a bit dazed still and the large mug of Rus' fine tea was very welcome along with the chair Rus had Leo sit in. Leo held the mug with both hands, even though he didn't need to.

It was a comfort thing, and Rus picked up on it. After Leo took a few sips of tea Rus reached over and put his hand on the top of Leo's head, like he would a young child.

Leo took the contact for the loving connection it was and put his hand on top of Rus' hand.

Leo said, "Thank you Rus. It was a bit overwhelming."

Rus said, "It can be overwhelming even for Bians who are raised with the Traditions."

Three different growers trucks were pulled up on the opposite side of the shop and Col was helping to off load the produce. Looking through the shop, Leo saw one of the really big surfboards Rus had hanging in the rafters. Col had taught Leo how to surf, but Leo had been human and much shorter.

Leo turned to Rus and said, "I wonder if my body remembers the surfing lessons Col taught me?"

Rus said, "You're part Bian now, and Bians know the sea. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Rus looked over at Col working hard and said, "Was that a subtle way of asking if Col could have a long lunch to go surfing with you?"

Leo grinned and said, "I would have gotten to the actual asking part sooner or later. Definitely before lunch time. And that's about the time the weather satellite showed we'd be getting eight to ten foot swells."

Rus looked at the other surfboards in the shops rafters and said, "I may join you two tads. It has been too long since I've had a ride on Papa Ocean."

Kel had just finished with a customer and walked over to sit with Leo and Rus. Kel perked up when he heard what Rus had just said. Kel said, "Col is a surfer?"

Rus said, "My nephew, Aup~bel Col-tet, has been surfing since he was five years old."

Kel looked shocked. He said, "Aup~bel?"

Kel left his coffee on the table and headed to the sea side of his shop/residence.

He came back with a short surfboard and turned it so Rus and Leo could see the graphics on the top of the board. The stylized letters spelled out Aup~bel in amongst the seaweed graphics.

Kel said, "I bought this eight years ago and it's been the best board I ever used."

Just then Col came over with the invoices from the growers and he saw what Kel was holding.

Rus took the invoices out of Col's hand and signed them. Then he stood up and took them to the growers as Col recognized one of his signature brand surf boards in Kel's hands.

Col said, "I didn't know you surfed."

Kel said, "I didn't know you were 'The surfer'. You haven't been in a competition or a magazine for over a year. I knew you looked familiar when you started to work for your uncle.

But you were too tall to be Aup~bel. You've been five foot ten for close to fifteen years!"

Col stood straighter and said, "My whole family thought it was a glandular problem but the doctors couldn't find a thing. But when I finally started to grow, Father thought I needed a better career than Surfing Expert."

Col glanced over at Rus, still talking to one grower. Col got closer to Kel and said

"And my father worried about his older brother, so far from family. So I came out here to remind Rus we love him. And to catch some pretty decent waves, on occasion."

Just then a fourth grower's truck drove up and took the place of one of the earlier grower's truck.

Rus walked over with a smirk on his face and asked Kel, "Don't you have an apprentice to brow beat? You're distracting my apprentice from his duties. But after yesterday's little measuring stick mishap, I'm afraid to use anything but my voice."

Col jumped to attention when Rus started talking but he didn't move to help unload the new truck, like Rus really wanted. He just stood at attention.

Rus glanced at Kel then, at a level not much above normal speech he told Col

"Don't just stand there Private! Empty that truck, double time! Hup two, hup two!

Asses and elbows, are what I want to see! You know the drill!"

Col had already taken off like a shot after the first words out of Rus' mouth. Rus let the rest of his breath out and chuckled. He said, "That was one of the few things I liked about being a general."

Leo and Kel frowned their question and Rus explained, "Generals don't have to shout."

Rus then said, "Since Col is working so hard right now, I guess he'll need a longer lunch than normal. And Jeb is going to need a long lunch because Kel and he are going to go surfing with us, right?"

Kel grinned and said, "I have my sign. Do you still have yours?"

Leo chuckled and said in disbelief, "No! Gone Surfing?!"

Kel and Rus shouted, "Surfing, "at the same time as Leo.

Col was just finishing up off loading the produce and looked over at his uncle.

The grower handed Col the invoice and he brought it over to Rus double time, too.

Col handed the invoice to Rus but remained silent. But he glanced at Kel still holding his surfboard and looked at Rus, like he wanted to ask but didn't want to question his master.

Rus handed the papers back to Col and had a bit of a smirk and a frown. He said

"Don't be that way Col. I have not once had to discipline you for your work or your behavior. Except for yesterday. You can always ask me anything and speak your mind when you feel like it.

And you're yanking my chain aren't you?"

Col kept his mouth shut but smiled and nodded yes.

Rus snorted a laugh and said, "Get those back to the Wes~tan's driver and start breaking down their produce first. They pack it well but if you don't get them out of the crates as soon as you can they pick up the wood smell and no one wants them then."

Col smiled and started back to the driver when Rus said, "And If we can get all those crates taken care of in two hours, then we'll close the shop with a 'gone surfing' sign and take a long lunch.

Maybe get to see the Best Surfer around try using a bigger board."

Col smiled and said, "Like a handicap?"

Rus shook his head and said, "Like anything could slow you down on the water."

Col blushed and said, "Thank you, Uncle Rus."

Rus said, "Welcome, nephew."

Leo and Kel looked at each other, then Leo looked at Kel's store. Kel glanced at his shop then back to Leo and nodded his agreement. Kel walked over to his shop door and called Jeb over.

While Kel told Jeb about their plans for mid-day, Leo started to help Col get the produce taken car of. A few minutes later Kel joined in opening crates and laying out the produce.

When the customer that Jeb was serving left Kel's shop, Jeb joined Leo and Kel removing produce from the crates and putting it out on the tables. Rus was the only one in his shop not moving double time, in fact, when Jeb joined in, Rus stopped moving altogether. His fists were on his hips for only a few moments.

Rus dropped his hands and joined them but warned Kel, "If the union hears about this, I'm claiming peer pressure, and you're paying the fine."

Kel said, "Deal. Now get moving! Asses and elbows. Double time! Hup Two Hup Two!"

Rus pretended to be bullied into faster work. Kel only walked a few feet in Rus' direction when he was gently stopped by Col.

Col whispered, "You do that very well. My hero."

Kel smirked and whispered back, "I have the best teacher."

Col bent down for a quick kiss and after Col stood up straight again, Kel yelled

"Get to work Private!"

Col took off running barely able to keep a straight face. Kel didn't even bother.

Leo walked by Kel just standing there and said, "You too soldier!"

They were done in no time and Leo disappeared. Rus went over to Leo's looking for him.

He found Leo sitting on his bed holding his wet-suit, with a strange frown on his face.

Leo said, "It's silly. I know that. The minute I decide to complete my conversion to a true ambassador, I knew I would never fit in it again."

Rus said, "Now you don't need it."

Leo said, "No, I don't. I'm not human anymore. I got into this program because it matched my beliefs. In my heart I believe at a certain level, we are all alike. We are all brothers."

Rus sat down and took the wet suit from Leo, "You never actually said that, but quite a few of us saw that in you. Like we were your brothers the very first day you arrived."

Leo smiled, but behind it was something he was trying to get out. Leo said, "You were and still are. But this reminds me of a sweet lie my parents told me. My father is a xenobiologist and my mother was a geologist. Every summer I could remember until I was eighteen, our whole family went on vacations where Father was studying a planets animals and insects, while Mom studied the planet itself. And I didn't know until I was eighteen, that my mom hated the last eight summer vacations. She hated having to do the same things that she would at home but with less help and in very primitive conditions. She hid it very well until I told my family I was going to train for the Outreach Program."

Rus said, "What happened then? I know the Outreach Program Training lasts four years, and your just now twenty-five years old."

Leo said, "She just started crying and said ' No! Not another far off God forsaken world taking my son away from me'. Dad was just upset because Mom was. He told me later he was very proud of me, ' but don't tell mom that.' The summer before was the last vacation the whole family would ever take again. Shortly after my announcement Mom was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer."

Rus said, "It affected your mother that much?"

Leo said, "Doctors claimed it was from one of the planets we researched, but none of the rest of the family had a trace of it. She never actually claimed my decision to train for the Outreach Program was the cause of her cancer, but she got the idea across in different ways.

She refused to leave Earth or go anywhere that involved tents, camp-stoves, or sleeping-bags.

Then we found out how much she hated those vacations And how much she feared all the animals Dad encountered. It frightened her that her middle child would become one of those animals in the not too distant future. I put my training on hold and went to a university that taught Xenobiology . A university that just happened to have facilities to train for the Outreach Program."

Leo tossed the wet-suit into the walk in closet and said, "While I was getting grief from Mom the first year at the university, my brothers were all for me. In fact my little brother told me he wanted to be an ambassador for the Outreach Program, too. Though we never discussed it in front of our parents."

Rus said, "But you did still talk to your parents?!"

Leo said, "Yes. But Mom started avoiding certain topics and when she was diagnosed with cancer, we all did our part to keep her alive. Three years later we're crying at her funeral.

Father got me sobbing when he told me she had known the last year I was taking preliminary courses for the program and remained silent because she didn't want to hurt my dreams."

Rus said

"Maybe she discovered she would love you if you looked human or like an overgrown frog."

Leo gave Rus a shaky smile and said, "Yeah, maybe."

Rus said, "Lets surf!"

Leo's face broke free of the clouds as he said, "Yeah. Brother."


At the Break

The sea was just starting to pick up along with the wind. This felt very different from when he surfed as a human. His skin seemed to taste the sea and the qualities of the water.

Salinity, drift, minerals, pressure and fluctuations, and the electric potentials drifting by.

These voices of the sea told of great waves in only two more minutes, and they could see them start to line up, as if just for their enjoyment.

Leo paddled closer to Rus before they got ready for the first set.

Leo said, "I think Mom would have loved her other sons."

Rus pushed Leo away but held on to his board and pulled him back so he could bump heads.

He let go with a smile and found one on his brothers face.

Rus said, "Mom, huh? I like the sound of the name."

How do you describe surfing?

You have to see it or be part of it.

Better men than I, are able to put you on that board, barely slipping out of a collapsing tube of water. The crash as it tries to push and pull you. The spray whipping past you as the tube does collapse. The turbulent foam trying to play with your feet.

You really should go to the beach and see it first hand.

Col was just brilliant. Taking waves the others thought were breaking hard. He just slid through and played with Papa Ocean.

It was a beautiful day.

As they were walking up the stairs from the beach, Col caught up with his Uncle and said

"Uncle Rus, Thank you for letting us surf."

Rus said, "You're welcome. Thank you for teaching Leo to surf. I love that smile on his face. Sometimes he worries too much."

Just then Leo passed them and goosed Rus. Leo said, "I do what?" and started to run the rest of the way up the stairs.

Rus said, "You better run, if you don't want this surfboard shoved up your butt."

Then Col and Rus started to laugh. Jeb followed Rus up the stairs with his board.

Kel was laughing too, after he goosed Col while running up the stairs.


At the Produce Stand

Col was the last one to shower off the salt water. The shower was actually a produce nozzle over a basin with a drain to the sewer system. When you realized, whatever you let slide down the drain would be in the ocean swimming with your own infant tadpoles; you made sure the sewage was as clean as it could be, before it reached the ocean.

Col said, "Uncle Rus? If this was really for produce, why does it have a hot water supply like a bian shower?"

Rus said, "Because the old Bian I bought this place from didn't like cold showers after surfing half the day. I actually convinced him to sell it to me after two hours of some truly great waves. Same board you used today."

Col turned off the water and said, "Thank you, Uncle Rus. For today and .. " Col looked down then into his uncle's eyes and said, "Thank you."

Rus took the towel he was holding and draped it over Col's shoulders. then he gave his favorite nephew a big hug as he said, "You're welcome."

Kel was in the kitchen and called out to Rus and Col, "What is this great smell coming from a huge slow cooker?"

Rus frowned and looked at Col. Col blushed, smiled and said, "That is Pebble Soup. The faithful who started to gather in front of uncle Rus' shop were reminded that this is a business, by a loyal apprentice of his. When they asked what I meant by my reminder, I asked if they remembered the story of the wandering Bian and Pebble soup. All twenty of the tourists that just happened to show up last night in MosShoals and today in front of our produce stand, chuckled and bought something. Then they promptly gave me over half of it back. I couldn't very well just use the story without using the gift it brought. So I pulled out the largest slow cooker we had, half filled it with water and fish stock, pulled out my favorite Blue stone and made a show for the first few tourists of putting it in the pot with the vegetables. It snowballed from there."

Kel came out half way through Col's story. He frowned a bit and said, "So the soup is almost ready. What about the rest of the story?"

Col looked at the large clock on the back wall and said, "Well I knew about when it would be ready, so I.."

A group of eight unfamiliar faces stepped up to the produce stand and their leader asked, "Apprentice Col? Are we too early?"

Col walked up to where they were standing and smiled as he said, "Not at all Gentlebian. My Master's good neighbor just now mentioned the savory aroma coming from your generous act of sharing. The slow cooker should have completed it's task and with my Blue pebble's help, we will soon have a fine lunch. Let me get some bowls and spoons and we can sit and share our meal."

A rather massively muscled Bian jogged up with five loaves of bread and said, "Oh good. I wanted to make sure we all got some bread with your Pebble soup."

Col said as walked back out with the slow cooker, " Please, Friend. It's OUR Pebble Soup." Kel and Leo brought out soup bowls and spoons, while Rus started to pull off paper towels from a roll to the tune of twenty five towels. Jeb brought out salt and pepper shakers as well as a chunk of hard cheese and a grater. The meaty Bian started to tear the bread into chunks and hand them out to the others. The other eleven Bians showed up moments later and got in line.

After handing chunks of bread to Kel, Col, Rus, Jeb and Leo; he handed Rus another chunk thinking he had missed him. Rus grabbed his hand and put the bread back in it. The meaty Bian looked confused, then looked at his bowl full of soup, but with no bread in it. He said, "Oh yeah! Thank you. You have a very fine apprentice."

Rus didn't look anywhere but in the muscly Bian's eyes and said, "Thank you. But as of today, I have a very fine Journeyman. He's my nephew, the humble Aup~bel Col-tet. And I am very proud of him."

Col had been standing at his elbow when Rus said that. Col's face smiled and clouded up. In truth, his Father had always made him feel like a child when he got so much attention for surfing. He rarely ever got a word of praise from his Father for anything he did. His Papa tried to fill in the missing parts, but it never seemed to do the trick.

Col hugged his uncle and hid his face as he cried for joy. everyone there felt a need right then to rub his head or back. Rus just rubbed Col's back in a circle until his breathing evened out.

Col pulled back a little and said, "Thank you, Uncle Rus."

Rus said, "You're welcome, Col."

Leo handed Col a bowl of soup with the bread on top and all the additions sprinkled on top.

The tourist murmured, "Yeah, Col." and, "Journeyman Col ".

Col smiled and toasted them with his soup bowl. They all sat around the produce stand and enjoyed the communal meal. Leo finished first and went to the slow cooker for a little more. There was enough for about five more bowls, so he didn't feel like a complete pig.

With the scoop of soup, Leo also pulled out a very blue piece of the soup. He reached into his bowl and pulled out the Blue Pebble. He wiped it off on his paper towel and held it up for all to see before handing it to Col. Leo said, "The story runs full circle. Around your heart and ours. Thank you Col."

Every Bian spoke up and thanked Col and Rus. The meaty Bian had another bowl and then helped with clean up in the very produce shower used earlier by the local surf Bians. He talked a while with Jeb and after the other tourist took their leave, he shared a pot of tea with the locals.

Jeb and Dom~pel Sol-fet exchanged mobile phone numbers. It seems Dom only lived a few miles away in the next town over. He was a fisherman and was actually thinking of relocating to MosShoals. Jeb was very happy. They tested the waters with a rather long first kiss. Then Dom was sure he was going to relocate. They parted with the words, "See you soon."

You could not have sandblasted the smile off of Jeb's face.

Apparently Rus was feeling good, too. He was noticing how Col's pants seemed to be about six inches short for his height, when he looked at his own pants. His pants were short, too. He looked over at Leo who was now about eight feet nine inches. Then he caught Col's eye and nodded over to Leo.

Great minds think alike. They strolled over to Leo and discovered they were at the perfect height in relation to Leo's nipples. They both looked up into Leo's slightly confused face, just before they both pulled open his shirt and latched onto Leo's nipples. This started to buckle Leo's knees, but they caught him and held him up. For a good ten minutes.

A ripping sound caught Kel's attention. He looked over and found two hands pulling on a very long, very stiff Cock, that had burst free of Leo's pants. He shook his head and called over to Jeb. He said, "Jeb? Close up shop and come over here for awhile. I need to keep my neighbor and his Journeyman from giving a free show to the whole town."

One local who had remained quiet up till then groaned loudly and said, "Thanks Kel. I'll come back later." And left. With a smile.

Kel chuckled because the antics from Rus and Col hadn't stopped, even with an audience of three.

Kel pulled the three towards the private residence and even had to have Leo duck his head down, so he wouldn't hit his head on the door jamb. Kel just herded them along with words like, "No, you don't have to stop, just move with me." and, "There you go. That's right. Just a little farther."

Kel had them lined up just right, but he didn't want a tooth/nipple tragedy, so he said, "Ok, break for some air. All three of you."

When they let go of Leo's nipples, Kel pulled his feet out from under him as he pushed his upper body onto Rus' bed. He elbowed Rus and Col on top of Leo, before he joined them on the bed.

Kel said, "Ok. Back at it. But leave the big Bian's cock alone. My turn to play."

Kel then won Col's lustful heart completely, when he took more than half of Leo's massive dick, in one gulp. And stayed there, just sucking on the monster cock. Col's hand reached out and started to rub the side of Kel's head. Kel remembered what Leo had talked about earlier that week. Kel started to Purr and Leo started to Gasp. Leo was able to last a full nine minutes of this sweet torture, before he gave Kel another full meal. Col and Rus became so blown away (bad pun intended) with the amount of cum going into Kel, they forgot to keep sucking on Leo's nipples. Leo didn't mind. His hands hadn't stopped massaging Rus and Col's shoulders, the whole time. They knew he was done when his hands just rested on their shoulders.

Kel pulled himself off of Leo's deflating uber-cock. Col couldn't wait and while Kel was doing that he said, "Kel! Oh My Love. I have never seen anyone take that large of a member, that far down their throat and completely swallow that much liquid love. You are my Hero."

Col then kissed Kel and pulled him on to his body. Kel started to rub his own belly, which now stuck out a good six inches farther than it did just minutes before. Col helped rub Kel's bigger belly.

They came up for air to find Leo napping with Rus held against his chest. Rus was dozing and lightly rubbing Leo's massive fore arm.

Kel whispered, "I can't do that too many time or I'll be too fat to sew."

Col said, "We'll just have to help you exercise that off with surfing and other stuff."

Kel chuckled and said, "That's a hard combination to beat. Surfing and 'Other Stuff'."

Col said, "Hey. You're a strong Bian. You can take it. And I'll be there to help."

Kel had so much emotion, he didn't have the right words to say right then. Col could see him searching for the words and then smile and give up on words for a while. Kel started to kiss Col's neck. Then he moved to the jaw and chin. then to the other side and end with a gentle ear nibble. Then Kel nibbled from shoulder to nipple to nipple to shoulder. That went on for a while, until Col decided he was a bit hungry, too. Kel did not object.

And the way Dom left Jeb feeling, Jeb didn't object to being left out front to take care of the shop. He knew in a day or two, Dom and he were going to take care of each other. And then some.

And Leo was another day closer to being with Red.

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