Polywog 5

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Dear readers; Here's another chapter of Polywog. I apologize for the small size, but I wanted to get to when Red arrives and have that start the chapter. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to send feedback. I'll get it eventually.

Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story with Male To Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

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The waves were bigger than he thought they would be. But then again, in this dream, he was bigger than he thought he would be. And there was Red on a truly huge surfboard.

The dream Red said, "It's gonna be a good one this time."

Just as the wave started to lift them up they both started to paddle like mad. They hit it just right and they were far apart enough to keep from getting in each others way. In the dream the wave went on forever without flooding MosShoals. just as it petered out Leo could see a huge smile aimed at him from Red. Then he woke up. Talk about putting you on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Leo got a quick shower and decided to ignore his hight change today.

During breakfast Leo was sure he heard shouts of, "Pebble Soup!" and, "Journeybian Col ".

'Well at least, ' he thought, ' I'm not going to find a crowd outside my gate today.'

Leo cleaned up his dishes and headed to the gate in new clothes that still fit and comfortable sandals.

But when he opened the door there was a small crowd outside. The visiting bians from yesterday were there with Kel, Col, Jeb and Rus.

The left third of the group said, "Hellooooo" in english, the the middle third said, "Helloooo" a note higher, then the right third said, "Helloooo" a note higher still. Before Leo could start laughing the whole group chirped, "Hello" just like a three stooges bit.

Leo tried to keep it together enough to say, "When did you guys have time to learn that bit?" Then he lost it and laughed his ass off, along with the whole group.

Dom was still in the village and said, "Jeb helped get us together after you went to sleep."

Leo smiled and walked over to the blushing Jeb and gave him a big hug. Leo said, "Thanks. That brought back some good memories."

Jeb said, "Thank you for yesterday. You attracted somebody who's real attractive to me."

Dom was standing right next to them and blushed next. Leo let go of Jeb for a second and rubbed the top of his head as he rubbed Dom's.

Leo said, "You two look good together. Must be the big smiles."

Dom grabbed Jeb and kissed him hard and deep. Leo hugged then both and kissed the tops of their heads. Leo looked over at Col and said, "So, Journeybian Col, more Pebble soup for lunch today?"

Col smiled and said, "Yes Leo. More Blue Pebble Soup."

Leo smiled and said, "I feel left out. This is a very fine stewing cabbage isn't it?"

Col came over and examined Leo's choice. Col said, "Why, yes it is."

Leo said, "I'll take two of them. I think this should cover it."

Col frowned and said, "Em-Con, you know your not supposed to be paying for anything."

Leo said, "I've been reading up on that. You know if I offer money, you're supposed to give it to your favorite charity. Like the Senior Surfers fund you started three years ago. Such respectful work for your elders from such a young Bian."

Col blushed and nodded as he said, "I suppose that is a good use of funds. Thank you Leo."

Leo said, "Your welcome, my friend."

Rus was sitting down as Col took the two cabbages into the kitchen. He patted a slightly larger seat and asked Leo, "Care for some Tea?"

Leo sat down and said, "Yes, thank you. that sounds perfect." He sipped his tea and then asked, "Has Col decided on a menu for tomorrow night?"

Rus sipped his tea and said, "Yes he has and it's a surprise for you both. So don't try weedling it out of him."

Leo looked up and the sky started to get cloudy. He said, "I thought we'd get another sunny day like yesterday."

Rus said, "No. Today looks like the kind of day to stay curled up by the fire. I suggest going to the book seller and get a romantic novel. Then sit by the fire with some hot Karo. Tomorrow will be a sunny day. I know, whether it rains or shines, tomorrow will be a sunny day for you and Red."

Leo smiled and said, "How very true, my friend." They clinked their cups together and took another sip.


At The Book Seller's

Van~tan Tam-ked looked up and saw Leo enter his shop and smiled. He said, "Sorry about the height of the ceilings. I knew better when I had the place built but I was on a tight budget at the time."

Leo chuckled and said, "I always thought a book store should feel cosy and warm."

Van smiled back and said, "Thank you. At least I have the right size chairs to sit in. Can I get you some tea, karo? How about some of your delicious hot cocoa?"

Leo looked up from a large format book and said, "You have some of that?"

Van said, "Oh yes. My brother has a book store on the human base. He sends me Ibarra cocoa all the time."

Leo smiled and said, "Yes please. That sounds perfect on a day like today."

Van rustled about in the back as a customer came in . The bian's name was Len something.

He said, "Oh hello Leo. Good day to read a book, Huh?"

Leo said, "Yes. just right."

Len said, "I love your human romance novels. Maybe you could suggest one."

Leo scratched his goatee and said, "Well, I think Van has Nigh Howls by Kris Olsen. An old book but still a classic piece of fantasy and true romance. I have a copy you can borrow if Van is out."

Van hustled back to the front and handed Leo a large mug of cocoa. Van said, "I heard that. Trying to woo away my customers. I have that particular book in question right over here."

Van plucked the book off of a far shelf and brought it to Len.

Van said, "Put it on your account?"

Len said, "OH no. I follow the traditions. I'd like to settle my account. I don't know if Leo knows, but it's good luck to settle accounts and start anew when there a new lovers in town."

Len and Van had such sweet smiles Leo had to join them.

Leo said, "Well I hope Red and I bring a lot of luck to MosShoals in the next few weeks."

Len slipped the book into his carrypack and frowned as he looked at Van. Van smiled and shook his head no.

Len walked over and sat down for a moment. He said, "Leo, don't you know?"

Leo frowned now and asked, "Know what?"

Len smiled then and said, "We were lucky the first day you set foot in MosShoals."

Leo blushed a bit but didn't understand yet.

Len said, "You reminded us of all the good thing we work hard for and protect. You gave us new eyes to see the joys we bring to each other. And all the wonderful new things you introduced us too, from your people. We were lucky the first day you arrived."

Len put his hand on Leo's arm and Leo picked it up and kissed it. Len patted Leo's face and said, "Well I have to go. I'll be seeing you around."

Leo said, "See you." and smiled. Van echoed, "See you." and sat next to Leo."

Van said, "Night Howls is one of my favorites, too." Leo just smiled and toasted Van when they next took a sip of cocoa.


At Leo's Home

Col found Leo curled up next to the fireplace reading. He said, "Rus sent me over with your soup. A big bowl this time. I brought mine, too."

Leo said, "Thank you Col."

Col handed the bowl and bread over to Leo. he looked at the book and said, "Good story?"

Leo smiled and said, "The Mechanic. Yes a good story. It's science fiction, but its a romance, too."

Col and Leo ate a bit before Col asked, "Ready for tomorrow?"

Leo chuckled and asked, "Are you?"

Col smiled and said, "Oh I think you both will like what I have planned for supper."

Leo said, "Good. And yes I'm ready. But I have no idea when Red will arrive."

Col said, "My money is on him arriving early in the morning."

Leo said, "Should I have breakfast ready for him?"

Col said, "Couldn't hurt. Those pancakes you make are real tasty."

Leo said, "Thanks. I'll try them first then. Will we be having Pebble soup tomorrow?"

Col shook his head all serious all of a sudden. He said, "Oh no. That's unlucky on the first day of the Lovers."

Leo smiled and repeated the phrase, "First day of the Lovers. I like that. Like there's going to be a lot of them."

Col said, "A whole lifetime of them. That's what we all hope."

Leo pulled Col into an embrace and kissed the top of his head. Leo said, "MosShoals is full of the best friends I've ever had." Col just hugged him back and buried his head in Leo's chest.

They finished their soup and Col picked up the dishes. He said, "Rus invited you over for dinner. Just Rus, Kel, You and I. Jeb is having a farewell dinner with Dom. It will be a week or two before he can relocate his boats to MosShoals. The local fisherbians really like him so there shouldn't be any problem."

Leo said, "Thanks for the soup."

Col frowned and said, "Have you forgotten already? It's your soup. We're all just sharing."

Leo said, "Oh yeah. I did forget. But I won't forget tonight. About six o'clock?"

Col said, "Just right. See you then."

Leo said, "See you then."

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