Tobias 301

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I had just finished up with dinner and was about to go and scan Fisher’s now infamous beach photo (I wanted it on my laptop) when the phone rang. It was Tobias!

-“Hey Dar…” he began. That was a first. By shortening my name like that, it sounded like he was actually calling me, ‘darling’. I could get used to that just fine.

-“Listen, I changed shifts with a buddy of mine so I’m home for the evening!”

-“Great!” I said casually, still very much aware that Mrs. Chesney would be there if I arrived earlier than planned. “What about Fisher? Is he home?” I asked, again, trying to sound as casual as possible.

-“Nope, not yet anyway… he should be home soon though.” And then his voice hushed a little, “are we still going to hypnotize him?” he asked me like a child who was about ready to do something he knew he shouldn’t. I just loved the uncertain, devilish tone in his voice.

-“If you want…” I went along with it, making him think that it was his idea to put Fisher under and not mine. “But what about your kid brothers, won’t they be in the way? And your mom? Maybe we should leave our plans for the 10:30 point, like we had them originally” I suggested.

-“Dude! My mom’s not even home, she’s out with a friend and then she’s going straight to work. That’s another reason why I had to change shifts at work… Matthias is studying at the library tonight, Jude has Tae-Kwon-Do class ‘till nine or nine thirty and Elias, well, you met Elias… he’s not… mature enough to watch himself. So here I am, Tobias to the rescue, as usual!” He sounded a little put off with it all, but from what he told me, he was now home alone watching Elias and his even younger brother.

-“Ok Toby! You twisted my arm. I’ll leave here in a few – I just want to change and make myself more comfortable. I’ll be there… say within the hour?”

-“Freakin’ A” was his excited response. It was getting harder and harder to tell just who was more excited about the whole hypno-evening, me or Toby?

-“Cool. I’ll see you soon dude, right after I grab myself some hypnotic sleep!”

There was no sound on the other end of the line, just some heavy breathing punctuated by the occasional sigh of abandonment. Delicious! This little phone encounter was going to be my ‘aperitif’ for the evening.

-“Can you hear me Tobias?” I asked mischievously, thinking about what I might make him do while waiting on mine and Fisher’s arrivals.

-“Yes sir” was his autonomic response.

-“What are you wearing now Toby?” I was grinning ear-to-ear at the thought of even being able to ask him such a question. A few days ago, I’d never have had the nerve.


-“And??? What else?” I prodded him further.

There was a brief pause before he answered,

-“And underwear of course, sir.”

Damn! Well, no one is perfect I guess, but that was something that could be easily rectified. I hadn’t as yet seen Toby nude, just… almost nude. I knew tonight that was all going to change though and shit, I could hardly wait!

-“Are you wearing socks?” I asked, trying to get a visual picture of Mr. Hunk as he spoke to me on the phone.

-“No, sir. I took them off when I got home… m’feet were sweaty…” he explained.

-“Tobias, listen to me… before I arrive you are going to wash your feet and put a pair of clean socks on. Is that clear?”

-‘Wash my feet… put on socks… yes, clear…’ he acknowledged.

Suddenly, from beyond Toby, a voice on the other end began to wail,

-“Toby!! When are you going to let me hypnotize you?!” It was Elias. Shit! I couldn’t let him see his brother in a trance! Does this kid have timing or what?!

-“Tobias, you will wake up and remember nothing of this at the count of three! One, two, three!”

-“Wha? Get outta here squirt! Always knock!” He lectured his younger brother sternly.

-“I did knock Toby, you didn’t answer!” Elias continued to protest. “You said you’d let me hypnotize you! You’re such a liar!” And I could hear the door slam to his room, indicating that he was alone once again.

-“Sorry about that Dar, my brother is kinda obsessed with this whole hypnosis thing we’re…

I cut him off mid-sentence.

-“Hypnotic sleep” I intoned melodramatically before continuing, not even bothering to check if he was under my sway again. I knew he was.

-“When we get off the phone you will go wash your feet, put on fresh socks and then you will allow Elias to hypnotize you. Is that clear?”

-“Yes sir, wash my feet, put on socks, let Elias hypnotize me…”

-“Very good. Now wake up at the count of 3 and remember nothing of this. I will be over within the hour. One, two, three! … So, I guess I’ll see you in a little bit?” I spoke as if there had been no lapse in the conversation and indeed, to him, there hadn’t been.

-“What? Oh, sure, sure, I’ll see you soon Darnell. Easy!” I could tell by his voice that Tobias was a little confused, perhaps a little disoriented even, but he answered me clearly enough. So, with that, our phone call was over and done with. I ran upstairs to get dressed and was out the door some twenty minutes later.


My heart was racing as I pulled up at the Chesney house. What, I wondered would I be walking in on tonight? I could hardly contain my excitement, not to mention a few other things…

I knocked several times on the old door, kicking at the chipped paint on the porch as I waited. I was just about ready to knock a second time when the door opened for me.

It was Fisher! Thump-thump-thump-thump. I wondered if he could hear my heartbeat it seemed to be so loud, coming through my own ears even!

I briefly scanned the dude from head to toe, taking a mental picture of every part of him – his hair was combed more orderly than yesterday; the ride sight of his neck had a red blemish that I didn’t remember from yesterday – could that be a hickey, I wondered to myself? He had on grey sweat socks this time and I could faintly make out the outline of both his big toes through them.

-“Hey Darnell, come in! Toby is, um, well, he’s indisposed of at the moment,” he explained, pointing to his older brother who was lying suspended between two strategically placed armchairs. Tobias was in one of the most standard hypnotic poses and though completely dressed, he was still a sight of angelic loveliness.

-“Shit! What’s with him?” I asked Fisher trying to make as much small talk as possible with Mr. Model-boy.

-“Elias fuckin’ hypnotized him!” His voice was a cross between disbelief and stupefaction.

-“Elias?! When did Elias learn how to hypnotize?” I asked him suspiciously with a curious raised right eyebrow.

I walked into the hallway and began approaching the frozen statue of Tobias cautiously. I don’t know why, I wasn’t afraid of waking him, but shit, I was kinda stunned you know? I mean either Tobias was like this super-subject or 14-year old Elias was a well-practiced hypnotist! What others talents were these brothers keeping from me, I wondered to myself.

Then I got close enough to look at Tobias’ eyes, and he gave me a wink - a conscious wink that told me he was pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.

I turned back to Fisher, walking toward him with the same slightly raised eyebrow, trying to see if he indeed was ‘in the know’ or not. My question was answered seconds later, when he amicably placed his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I could possibly ‘de-hypnotize’ Tobias for him!

Apparently, Elias had hypnotized him and then couldn’t get him to wake up!

-“So where’s the young Svengali now?” I asked, amused as all heck! This was just like walking into a live-action play!

-“I sent the punk to bed! I told him I’d wake Tobias up, but man, the guy’s like a statue, he won’t budge an inch! Help me get him off these chairs and onto the couch!” he directed me and I quickly maneuvered towards Tobias’ socked feet, intent on lifting him from that part of his anatomy and not his upper half.

-“I woulda taken his feet guy!” I could tell Fisher was trying extra special to be nice to me, hoping I’d help him revive his hypnotized brother. It was all so cute, even given that I knew it was a lark.

Knowing what I knew, that Tobias was only pretending to be hypnotized, I couldn’t help myself. Fisher had grabbed Tobias by his armpits, I took hold of his heels, not his ankles and we walked him to the couch. Tobias maintained his rigid posture the entire time, making it somewhat easier to carry him together I suppose. As we laid his immobile body onto the couch though, I turned to Fisher who looked at me, worried.

-“Dude, don’t worry!” I said as reassuringly as I could. “Hypnosis is like sleep. Your brother, Tobias is just in a very deep hypnotic sleep!” And I momentarily turned my focus back to Tobias to ensure my trigger had the desired effect. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell since he was already acting hypnotized, his body remained in the same alert stance.

-“This whole hypnosis thing is starting to creep me out a little actually.” Fisher just came right out and said it. I could tell he wanted to say it but didn’t quite now how. I appreciated his candor for whatever it was worth.

-“Why is that?” I asked seductively curious, eyeing him eye-to-eye in one of the more intense moments of my waking life. Man was this guy hot, it was actually intimidating and here, I had to be, playing the upper-hand at every turn.

-‘Man, this morning Matthias is hypnotizing Jude in his underwear! Then, tonight I come home to find Elias hypnotizing Tobias into being a statue. I mean look at him! What’s going on here with all this hypnotizing? Why are all my brothers suddenly interested in hypnosis? I don’t get it?!”

-“Have any of them tried to hypnotize you?” I asked sounding a little concerned.

-‘I… I don’t think so… except last night… maybe he tried… I don’t remember, shit! What if Toby hypnotized me last night and I can’t remember?!” It had suddenly dawned on Fisher that he was a member of this fraternal cast. Dreamboat that he is, how could I keep him from all festivities?

-‘Dude, calm down! I think maybe you need to be hypnotized!”

-“What?! I just told you the whole hypnotizing thing is what’s freaking me out!? Are you deaf?” He wasn’t lying. He was freaking out.

-“If you want to remember whether or not Tobias hypnotized you and what he did with you when you were hypnotized, then maybe I can help?”

-“Y…you want to hypnotize me? I… I Dunno… I shouldn’t want this, but something is just telling me to trust you and go with it… ok Darnell, see what you can find out, but shouldn’t we try and wake Tobias first?”

-“I guess so. Ok, dude, do you have a Sprite or 7up or something?” I needed buffboy out of earshot so as to program Tobias quickly.

-“Wha? Oh, yeah, sure, I’ll get ya one!” And he was up and off the sofa that instant. I began almost instantly.

-“Tobias, when I wake you, you will wake up and go upstairs to bed. Once you are lying down, you will go back into hypnosis, just as if I had said your trigger phrase, hypnotic sleep. You will then remove all your clothes, bring your body to full military attention and wait there for me. Is that clear?”

-“Yes sir!”

Fisher came out of the kitchen a second later with an orange can of soda pop. Pukeville!

-“Dude, is orange ok?”

-“Sure whatever! Ok, listen, I think I have a way to wake him up, but dude look at the position his body is in!”

-‘I know, it’s like he’s at attention or somethin’!”

-“Do you know when Elias hypnotized him?” I asked, engagingly.

-“Earlier this evening, I don’t exactly know when. Why?” The dude was oblivious.

-‘Look at his muscles – they’re all strained and stressed… if he’s been like this for hours, he’s gonna be in a lotta pain come tomorrow. I think I should wake him up and have him just go to bed. I can leave after that…”

-‘No no! You were going to hypnotize me right? To find out if any of these fuckers tinkered with my cerebral cortex, right? Don’t bail on me dude, I don’t know any other hypnotists!”

-“Right! I forgot!” And I chuckled inwardly to myself. Yeah the only way I was going to forget about my invitation into Fisher’s mind was if I was hypnotized!

-“Ok Tobias, at the count of three I am going to wake you up, you will wake up feeling refreshed and not in any pain – you are tired though, so, after I wake you, you will want to go upstairs to bed. Now at the count of three Tobias, one, two, three, awaken now!”

Tobias stirred for the first time since I had gotten there.

-“That’s all it took? Just some hypno-mumbo jumbo?” Fisher couldn’t believe his eyes or ears for that matter.

-‘What hypno-mumbo jumbo?’ asked Tobias as he stretched, yawned and came to a full sitting position on the couch. “Was I… was I hypnotized?”

-“Never mind Toby. Shit you look so tired…” I gouged the suggestion in there, for the kill.

He yawned instantly. Perfect!

-“I am… I’m gonna call it an early night dude, sorry. Now that I know Fish is home for the evening, obviously scoreless, right bro’? I can go to bed!” Tobias slapped his brother’s left cheek as he walked by him, almost sexily.

-“Fuck off you perv! I really was at the library!” Fisher protested, but it didn’t matter; Tobias was on course, following coordinates to his bedroom and to his awaiting bed.

I turned to Fisher next. We were now alone. Though, looking at the clock, I knew Judas and Matthias could be home sometime soon and so I’d have to work quickly and then relocate us back to their bedroom.

I took the chain off my neck and began swinging it near his face, slightly above his eye-level. At first he thought I was joking… no way was this hokey carny-crap gonna work on an alpha male like him! Yeah right! He’d already fallen deeply under Tobias’ power last night, enough so as not even remember his older brother using his foot to masturbate on. Now, I was going to have my turn on him, no matter what it took.

It was truly amazing how quickly he went under. I mean, I knew he wanted to, real bad, so in effect, he willed himself into the initial stages, sans help from me or my swinging choker. But I was the one who got him counting down those steps, descending past stair 500 before I was ready to walk him back to his bedroom, the way I had envisioned doing it, for the last few hours anyway…

With his limp penis now protruding through his boxer briefs and through his open fly, I was treated to my first view of Chesney brother cock. And view I did. And touch it I did, and grab it I did. That’s how I walked Chesney brother number two back to his room, pulling on his flaccid cock and guiding him down the hallway into the bedroom, where a naked, hypnotized Adonis awaited us.

I almost fainted when I entered that room, seeing Tobias lying there like that. I knew I would find him in that position but I never thought seeing it, seeing him utterly nude, powerless, huge boner pointing to the ceiling, lying at attention… it was a true sight to behold. And now I was going to have a pair! Fisher, it’s so hot in here, it’s becoming utterly unbearable… so scorching hot, over 100 degrees now… you need to make yourself more comfortable, do whatever it takes to be cooler… you need to get cooler… so, so hot!”

Articles of clothing began to get chucked left and right, a sock here, a sock there… underpants there. Where? In my pocket, that’s where? Ha! I needed something to change into afterwards, right?

I was now myself utterly and completely hypnotized. Even though Fisher was completely entranced and just stood there like a nude department store dummy, I was the one standing there like a dummy, truly entranced by his timeless, ethereal beauty. Seeing him standing there like that… just made me realize it all the more, and I was momentarily spooked – it’s like I was hypnotizing an angel or something very special, gifted even! (May God of have mercy on my soul!)

-“Lie down Fisher… you need to lie down!”

-“Lie down…” he murmured back at me in acknowledgment before positioning his body onto the bed, as requested. Not one single shred of resistance, I loved it!

With him now in position, though, not erect like his older brother, I took a moment to just look at them, take in their simultaneous sleeping nakedness – their statuesque bodies, all mine for the taking. I couldn’t wait to get at them.

I positioned myself on the side of Fisher’s bed, at his crotch.

-“Look into my eyes Fisher!” I commandingly spoke to the already hypno-fucked Chesney brother. “Your body is becoming as stiff as a metal plank, feel your muscles freezing into position as I speak…” And for good measure, I grabbed his flaccid cock and began gently stroking it. Totally limp, his dick was about 3 ½ inches, long enough to use as a leash, as I had done.

As his body hardened into place, so too did his penis, coming to life in my hand, like a flower budding in the spring, tra-la… Once I had him fully erect, mind, body and soul, I stepped back once again. Now the two of them looked like human bookends! Each positioned in the center of his bed, lying in the same position, naked… Ok, it was now time. I could hardly contain myself anymore!

I climbed him. Mounted him like Mount fuckin’ Kilimnajaro, and for all his hypnotized lifelessness, he could have cared less, or at the very least, had no awareness that I was about to plant my flag atop his majestic peak. We were now, cock to cock, I could feel our mutual rigidity as I enveloped myself in his body aroma, squirming ever so slightly to smell various parts of his upper chest, neck, his pits even smelled masculine and musky!

-“Fisher, repeat after me… I am Darnell’s hypnotized slave… I am Darnell’s hypnotized slave…”

-“I am Darnell’s hypnotized slave. I am Darnell’s hypnotized slave…” He began his recitation on cue, sounding a lot like the Robot on Lost in Space.

-‘And let yourself go deeper and deeper into my power with each repetition…’ I made sure to throw that it too. I turned my head and saw Toby, his body ever-erect on the twin bed. That’s when I thought to myself, ‘I’d like to hear this in stereo!’

From atop my position of Fisher, I hypnotically intoned my next set of orders, this time to Tobias. As I spoke I had Fisher’s hypnotized drone repeating in the background.

-“Tobias, hear me and obey! Hear your brother and follow his words, repeat them with him, in sync, and you too will go deeper and deeper and deeper with each repetition.”

I almost came! Tobias’ voice, his hypnotized one anyway, was significantly deeper than Fisher’s, even though when they were both awake and alert, they sounded remarkably alike. The addition of Tobias’ mantra, in conjunction with Fisher’s just did something to me – it’s like they were harmonizing their own brainwashing mantra or something. They were very effectively synched up.

With both Tobias and Fisher in repeat mode, focused on taking themselves even deeper into my clutches, I slithered down Fisher’s metal-beam body till my own erect dick was between his knees allowing my mouth full access to SPECIMEN 1A – Fisher Chesney’s erect, hypnotized penis. If flaccid, his penis was 3.5 inches, then erect it would have to be somewhere near 7.5 inches or so. He was circumcised, as was Tobias, and I’m guessing the other Chesney brothers. These things tend to run in families…

His crotch was very lightly covered with blonde hair. Unlike his brother Tobias, Fisher was practically hairless. Tobias had hair on his legs and some on his arms, albeit light hair, but hair nonetheless. At best, Fisher had peach fuzz in various places, on his own chest for example, but really, aside from his crotch and his head obviously, Fisher was hairless, naturally I guessed. There was no sign that this man’s man had ever shaven – even his face seemed virgin-like, probably having never been exposed to a single razor blade.

I began slowly, taking single licks every five or six seconds. In between each lick, I’d tilt my head backward and examine it again, forming a deep mental picture of every aspect of it, like it was a map of some new territory that I had to navigate, and my life depended on it! His dick was, like the rest of him, a symbol of perfection, but for the slight (ten degree) tilt to the left. It wasn’t overrun with intersecting lines of veins, just a couple were visible and they were pretty in their own right. He had one mini-vein that began at the end-tip of his mushroom head and went into a kind of hypno-spiral pattern. I swear! It was kinda freaky ‘cause I was already feelin’ pretty hypnotized by this guy’s penis, I didn’t need further hypnotic stimulation, I was almost as gone as my two straight victims, I thought to myself, as I continued to lick and kiss the tower of meat that was in my face. I decided to scratch my ‘lick and look intervals’ in favor of just licking. As I slowly and sensuously licked my way up the head, I began to finger the sack. Man this guy’s balls were huge, bigger than mine anyway. I looked forward to comparing them with Toby’s.

I could see I was having an effect on him. His reactions evident in the way his voice had changed while repeating his hypno-mantra. You could tell he was getting turned on, and not only that! Because I told Tobias to repeat in sync what his brother was saying… Tobias began sounding like he was pre-orgasmic as well. I of course knew I needed to inject further control into the scene here.

-“Guys, both of you listen to me and obey! You may stop saying that phrase for now. I need you to listen to me because this is very, very, important. You must trust me and obey me on this and it must be very clear to you. You will not be able to cum until I tell you to, and when you do finally, release your load, you will be simultaneously releasing the last bits of will you have left, to me as well. It is imperative that you obey these instructions. Do you both understand?”

From Tobias,

-“Yes sir.”

From Fisher,

-‘Yeah ok’

Now to sync things up in the title department…

-“Boys, from now on, after I tell you something, you will respond, like good hypnoslaves with the phrase, ‘yes master’. You know I’m your master, that I have mastered you both, so this is how you will acknowledge me!”

From both end of the room now, “Yes Master”. This was just all too sexy! I wondered as I went back to my work on Fisher’s quivering penis, if either of these two studpies had ever been with another guy before. The thought got me hot and I wanted an answer – I wanted a certain answer obviously, but I asked the question anyway.

-“Fish, have you ever been with a guy…? You know? In a sexual situation?”

-“No master.”


-“But I used to masturbate with my older brother all the time. He kinda taught me how!”

-“Tobias taught you how to masturbate?” I asked incredulously.

-“Nah, not Tobias! Gavin. M’oldest brother… He’s in Iraq now… in service…”

Gavin Chesney? Another potential hunk on the horizon I wondered to myself.

-“How old is your brother Gavin?” I asked still slurping away on my hot Popsicle.

-‘Same age as Tobias!’ That answer almost made me choke. No freakin’ way! Why hadn’t Tobias ever mentioned that he had a twin brother! Sheeeet! And in the service? I couldn’t help but wonder when his tour of duty was up or when his next familial respite time was. Military men often make for the best hypnotic subjects. In fact, in all my extensive readings on the subject, I came across a few instances in the past, particularly during the early days of the cold war, when hypnosis and mind-control techniques were being used not only on captured POW’s, which was against the Geneva convention, but also on American military “volunteers”. Some of the results of these hard-to-find studies remain classified to this day, but the preliminary data suggested that with the right combination of drugs, hypnosis and brainwashing techniques, a man’s mind can essentially be wiped and whole new realities injected into it. It was some of the more fascinating pages of reading material I read on the subject.

I found myself once again daydreaming about the prospects of a potential hypno-encounter with the twin-brothers Chesney. Gosh, this scene just kept getting hotter and hotter, my puny little brain couldn’t take it all in. Besides which, I was becoming extremely turned on taking his dick into mouth, biting it ever so gently while fondling and pinching some of the fine nerves in his ballsack. I was about ready to… to…

-“Fisher!! CUM NOW!” I ordered as I began to climax myself.

He exploded into my mouth something fierce and I came all over his knees and lower legs as he did. I held out swallowing, waiting for my mouth to fill with him warmth and essence, and it did, on the first three squirts. I dislodged even as he continued to shoot a few more squirts, but I now had a meeting with Fisher’s gorgeous soles.

I grabbed his two large feet, lifting them up toward my awaiting mouth. I could smell his feet – they were not disgusting, but could do with a wash and I was about to accommodate.

I opened my mouth, like a dam, ever so slowly, allowing the last bits of his seed to drop onto the sole of his right foot first. Gradually, I opened my mouth more and more until the middle part of his right foot had a considerable translucent glob on them, the rest of my mouth’s contents went onto his left sole, in practically the same place as the right – ok, with minimal spillage onto the bedspread, big deal.

With my mouth now free of liquid encumbrance I was once again able to articulate.

-“Fisher, do you feel the warm liquid on the soles of your feet?” I asked all sexily, my recently deflated dick now twitching again and what I had planned to do next.

-“Yes master.”

-“It’s magic hypno-juice and even as I stand here speaking with you, it’s absorbing into your skin… getting into your bloodstream… on a microscopic level, the hypno-juice is hypnotizing every cell in your body that it comes into contact with, making it more and more enslaved to me. From the inside out Fisher… your will is slowly becoming all mine!”

-“Yes master. I feel it!” He exclaimed somewhat blandly as I tongue licked sperm-saliva cocktail onto both his soles evenly, not missing a single millimeter of foot-skin. From toe to heel, Fisher’s size 15.5’s were now sparkling brilliantly in the light.

I looked over at Tobias, who was still in rigid-plank mode. Man was he hot! And he still hadn’t gotten off!

-“Tobias, stand up and come here!”

-“Yes Master.” He joined me at the foot of Fisher’s bed where I was sitting. When he stood at my side, I had a front-row-center seat of his erect penis, and man, it seemed aching to erupt!

-“Tobias, have you ever been with a guy before?”

-“I masturbated with my brother growin up and last night, I came on Fisher’s bare feet, but otherwise, no master, I have never been with a guy before.” His response was cold, non-assessing, like I’d ask him if he’d ever been to Chicago or something.

-“Ok Tobias, come here, I want you to take a good look at Fisher’s bare feet. What do you see?”

He turned to look directly at one of Fisher’s feet I was now holding in mid-air.

-“They look wet master.” He assessed correctly.

-“Ok, Tobias! Your job is to make them wetter! I want you to grab hold of Fisher’s feet and on the count of three you will release your load all over them. You won’t be able to control it, because you know I control your will as well as your penis! Now, look down at your brother’s helpless feet, shiny as they are… stare into them and find yourself getting more and more turned on… One… two… three… Cum Now Tobias!!!

Pure heaven! Tobias’ first squirt musta high jumped some three feet before coming to land on one of Fisher’s knees, near my own spunk, which remained there, still. His next few were outrageous and he quickly covered his brothers feet with his cum. Then, the next part of my earlier suggestion took hold. Tobias, dropped his brother’s lifeless feet to the bed, stood up straight and just stood there, looking even more blank and unaware than he had before, if that was even possible!

I quickly noted that Tobias’ cum was dripping off his brother’s soles onto the comforter and instructed him to evenly distribute his discharge all over his brother’s soles, doing, for all intents and purposes, what I had just done before.

Turned on as I was. I needed to pee. Sometimes happens after ejaculating, what are ya gonna do? I put on my pants and t-shirt and stomped out of the room, quite masterfully in my bare feet. I figured, at the same time I’d grab a drink or something other than this Orange crap Fisher had given me earlier. Tasted like nuclear waste with an orange twist – what was that crap?

So I left them to it, the sleeping brothers, as I went to the washroom to pee, tidy up and check myself out in the mirror. Man were my cheeks red! I guess blood was flowing through me like never before, and I made my way into the kitchen, totally invigorated, determined to quench my thirst on something other than bodily liquids.

I found some no-name brand punch and poured myself a glass. Yich! Tasted like window cleaner!

As I exited the kitchen I heard the front door open, and wouldn’t ya know it, in walks Judas and Matthias, I guess they had somehow snagged a ride back home together. They were talking about hypnosis as they entered the house, Judas saying something like,

-“Well you gotta let me hypnotize you, I let you do it to me!”

And then they saw me and seemed momentarily taken aback.

-“Darnell!” Matthias came at me as if to shake my hand. “Man, thanks for last night!” And he did shake my hand.

I looked into his eyes, and all I could say was… “Last Night?”

-“Yeah, for teaching me how to hypnotize. Now I can control Judas with a single word! Heh heh heh!”

-“Quit it dude. You don’t control me!”

-“REMOTE!” Matthias barked the word like it was some kind of military command in and of itself.

The first change to come over Judas, his arms went up into mid-air; next, he began walking toward Matthias and me, like some kind of sleepwalking zombie. That woulda been cool even if it stopped there. But it didn’t. The kid came right up to Matthias, dropped to his knees and said,

-“Command me Master. I will obey!”

-“Ok Matthias, I’m gonna leave you here with Judas… that’s really cool what you’ve done to your brother, reducing him to some slave, but you know turnabout is fair play. You should let him hypnotize you! I, I’ve got to get back to Toby, we still have work to do, so please, don’t disturb us ok?”

-“Sure thing chief!” Matthias saluted.

And I left the living room area, looking back several times to see if those two were somehow pulling my leg. It didn’t look that way at all to me. Still, I had a meeting with Tobias and Fisher in their love-den, circa right now!

If Fisher’s huge feet were shiny before, well let’s just say I was convinced they’d glow in the dark know! They were sparkling, and starting to prune from all the moisture of the cum and saliva.

Tobias just stood there, as I had left him. His will, seemingly as spent as his brothers – both men utterly helpless and under my sway.

-“Hypnotic sleep Tobias… you are in a hypnotic sleep… a hypnotic sleep… a hypnotic sleep…!”

I could tell he was having a hard time taking all these sleep suggestions so I gently nudged him on the shoulder, and he collapsed head first onto, guess where? Fisher’s cum-drenched knees! In fact, Tobias’ nose was resting in a small pool of my own man-seed. What a delightful and delicious opportunity I thought to myself.

-‘Lick your brother’s knees Tobias, lick them clean of my spunk! Obey me and go deeper as you do…”

-“Yes Master.” And he began to eat out his brother’s hairless knees, and more importantly, my stuff.

I sat down at the desk for a moment, feeling another potential erection coming on. I wanted to assess my situation some and what I could actually do with this mini-harem of hypnotized brothers. I knew that sex and sex alone would eventually wear thin with a buncha automatons, I wanted more… I wanted to exert more of my control over them – this wasn’t just about sex… somehow it was about control – my control over them and their lives, and somehow that just added a whole new dimension of sexiness to the equation.

I believe I assessed the pecking order in the house correctly, it basically went by age, as it does in most households.

-“Tobias, Fisher, hear me and obey! From now on, whenever one or both of you are in the house with your younger brothers, watching them while your mother is out or at work, you will become their slaves. You will do what they tell you to and obey their every command as you do mine!”

I went on…

-“You are both also going to realize that you have a thing for each other’s feet. Tobias you love Fisher’s feet. Say it!”

-“I love Fisher’s feet!”

-“And you Fisher are in love with Tobias’ feet! Say it!”

-“I’m in love with Tobias’ feet.”

Next, I wanted them each to ensnare one of their friends into my little hypno-web. With Tobias, I had already decided it would be Tyler, that red-haired guy we saw at the cafeteria. Though he wasn’t anywhere near as handsome as these two, he had a very boy-next-door apple-pie look that I couldn’t help but want to alter. Nah, for Tyler, I saw him going more grunge – he needed to let his hair grow, get a tattoo or two, let some facial hair come out, and I, hypno-image consultant extraordinaire was gonna play Queer-Eye for the straight guy with him something fierce.

-“Fisher, who’s your best friend?” I asked him matter of factly.

-“Jayson… Hmmm… Jayson Larson. Best friend.”

-“And what does Jayson look like?”

-“Tall, not as tall as me… but over six feet… dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes… his dad’s African American, his mom’s Indonesian or something…”

He sounded rather exotic. Ok, I’m in I decided on spot.

-“Tobias, what is your friend Tyler’s last name?”

-“Godfried, master.”

How appropriate, ‘cause I was gonna free his inner Godliness and then enslave it, not necessarily in that order mind you.

As I lifted the rest of Tobias’ body onto his brother’s bed, forcing his scalp to nestle in his brother’s blond public hair as I pushed him upward on the bed, best I could. I guess I could have ordered him into position, but there was something too about moving the helpless, sleeping body of another guy. In fact, I didn’t realize how much even this sheer, simple act, of moving his inert body, would turn me on. But I sprang one right then and there on spot, particularly as I grabbed Tobias’ left ankle and positioned it right atop my crotch.

I had to lose the jeans and t-shirt pronto. T-shirt, off in a second; the pants, I had to get up off the bed to get myself out of.

Ok, so it was a momentary diversion from what was coming next.

I grabbed hold of Tobias’ left foot and placed it vertically on my erect cock which tingled with the sensation of having Toby’s slightly rough sole rub against it. It only took three rubs, and like the genie out of the magic lamp, out sprang mine in all its enslaved glory. Oh yes. I was even starting to make that connection… that somehow I was being enslaved at the same time I was doing the enslaving – I was I had decided, in love with both these two brothers, and their hunky feet.

I squeezed every last bit of juice outta me using three of Tobias’ toes to push against the balls and then upwards to the dickhole. I pushed his foot hard onto my dwindling cock, making sure I twitched and spasmed every last bit of jism out of me and onto Toby’s foot.

Once regaining myself, I issued Toby the same hypno-juice on the foot suggestion I had with his brother as I proceeded to rub my cum into his foot, using my two index fingers, like a child who was finger-painting for the first time, I just went at it, until spent, I literally collapsed onto both of them, worrying for a second that the bed might give way. I got up off the heap of brothers quickly, that thought fresh in my mind – woulda been really great, them waking up from their trances to find themselves in this type of situation? My luck! I’m surprised it didn’t happen!

Still, there was something else I wanted to happen here tonight, on this, my night of hypno-inauguration into the Chesney brother clan. This next stunt, required that I be lying down on the bed y’see.

Just as I had programmed them into being in love with each other’s feet, it was imperative that I get them off on my dawgs as well.

-“Fisher, Tobias! Hear me and obey! Get up off the bed and come stand at the foot of Tobias’ bed. Come now!”

A non-synchronized ‘yes master’ followed as two cum soaked, sweaty, zoned out brothers got up and came to stand in the position I was now pointing to. Each was standing at attention, completely oblivious to anything but my voice.

-‘Each of you, grab hold of one of my feet! Put it up to your faces, take a deeep whiff? Smell my feet! My feet hypnotize you… the smell is like an aphrodisiac to you both… turning you on immensely… turning you… your penises are beginning to inflate as you stare and sniff at my feet – you want to worship my feet don’t you Tobias?”

-“Worship your feet.” He droned back in between licks to the ball of my foot.

-“And you Fisher – you too want to be a slave to my feet, don’t you? Say it!”

-“I…I want to be a slave to your feet.”

-‘Now boys, each of you take my foot and put it directly on your growing cocks, I want to feel them grow – using my foot, I want to feel your penises grow, that’s it guys, I’m just going to turn you on with my foot… Your dicks are almost rock hard now… that means when I count to three you will shoot your loads all over my bare feet, this one time and one time only! This act will also solidify my hypnotic control over both of you! 1-2-3 SHOOT!”

First Fisher than Tobias creamed me toes-to-heal with their inner selves, boy was it phantasmagoric, I was euphoric! I came about fifteen seconds later, not at the sight of seeing them, blank-faced straight dudes shoot their loads on my feet, but at the sheer thought of what that power implied.

What’s that Spiderman line…? With great power comes great responsibility?

Then again, I was no superhero.

And the two of them were just standing there, still holding my feet to their quickly deflating cocks… just waiting. It was to take a picture! But plenty of time for that! (I had to leave something new for my weekend session with Tobias and Tyler, which I was going to arrange for very soon). Photographing these hot hypno-sessions seemed like another way of showing off my control over these guys, even if the photos would be, for-my-eyes-only.

I had them lick each other’s cum off my feet and yes, I did tell them to swallow. They had to get used to it after all, even though I knew I personally didn’t swallow. No I had better uses for fresh cum that found its way into my mouth.

Once I was sure my feet were relatively free of sperm, I had Tobias give me a pair of Fisher’s socks. I put them on and again, put my t-shirt and jeans on. Guess where I was going…? Or so I thought. I had to pee again so I was heading to the john, when in the living room from the corner of my eye, I could see Matthias, standing there like a statue.

What the heck? I guess Matthias had allowed Jude to hypnotize him after all. Hey, it was part of my post-hypnotic programming after all, and a convenient way for them to strengthen my hypnotic control over them. They shared a bedroom for crying out loud! That meant, every morning, every evening, ever opportunity they had together would now be spent hypnotizing one another.

I still couldn’t see Judas until I walked into the living room area. He was lying at ramrod attention on the floor, like a plank of wood. He might just has easily been a piece of flooring for that matter.

If Judas was hypnotized and Matthias was hypnotized, then… who? I looked around a little worried. There was no sign of Elias anywhere. Ok. I approached Matthias and spoke to him, as I had been with Tobias and Fisher.

-“Matthias, who hypnotized you just now?”

-“Jude.” His one word response.

-“And who hypnotized Jude?” I asked curious to hear his answer.

-“I did… I programmed him to go into trance whenever he hypnotized me. He’s supposed to lie down and make his body go as stiff as possible and await my commands!”

I thought to myself, how quaint… but utterly stupid! If you’re under how could you possibly be able to give him orders.

-“Listen to me Matthias, you got it mostly right. You simply have to program Judas to command you go into hypnotist mode as soon as you are hypnotized. Ya got that? Otherwise, if your both hypnotized, then there’s no one telling anyone what to do!”

He seemed to be registering what it was I saying.

-“Also, Judas, can you hear me?”

-“Yeah, I can hear you.” He said sleepily.

-“Come here Judas, I want you and Matthias to hear this!”

He got up off the floor, his body showing no signs of discomfort from being in such a tightly held position.

-“The two of you now control your two older brothers. I have decided to in fact “give them to you” – you wanted Tobias to be your slave? Well you’re both getting your wish, and you’re getting Fisher too. There are only several conditions to this – your control over them will only work when your mother is not in the house, it will only work in this house. Do you two understand what I’m giving you? I’m giving you your two older brothers on a silver platter, to essentially, do with as you please.”

The two had smirks on their faces. I knew they were gonna have some fun at Tobias’ and Fisher’s expense.

I gave them Tobias’ trigger before realizing I hadn’t established a trigger phrase with Fisher. So, I told them that they both had the same trigger phrase, Hypnotic sleep. Once equipped with this piece of ammunition, the two would be unstoppable in the household, I knew it.

I went to pee and then returned on my two older subjects. I had to install Fisher’s trigger and get them both to disregard any evidence of sex in this room or in the house.

I was gonna be there for another hour…maybe two. I yawned. I was tired and it was late and I had a decent drive back to my place, so I wrapped things up, sent them both to their beds and gave them each a huge passionate kiss on their half-opened lips as they nestled their bodies into normal, relaxing sleep. I crept out of their bedroom, closing the door behind quietly as possible. I was pleased to see too that both Matthias and Judas had gone to bed too – enough hypno for one day, it was now time for some real sleep!

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