Tobias 401

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With Saturday night just around the corner, I knew I had to act quickly so as to ensnare the young redhead, Tyler Godfried, into my hypno-cell. The easy part of it was, Tyler and Tobias were already getting together Saturday night. The hard part was figuring out how to curtail their plans so as to make it all work out to my benefit… Y’see, my nefarious hypno-plot required a bit of a masterminded manipulation of the 1st class derivative, and I was pretty sure that I was up to that challenge. At least… I hoped I was.

See, Tobias, Tyler and these two other dudes (who I did not know) were going into Camden to take in, of all things, pathetic as it was - a cock fight! I kid you not! I was convinced Tobias was joshing me when he told me, but as it turns out, he even had this promotional flyer advertising the event that he showed me! I couldn’t believe it! And according to Tobias, getting Tyler to bolt on those plans and their two other buddies was not going to be an easy affair. Apparently, Tyler, “Mr. Country-bumpkin”, had been looking forward to seeing these cock fights for several weeks. Whatever! Painting-by-numbers was a more intellectually challenging/stimulating activity, and I’d be damned if I was going to “let” my Tobias partake in such inane activities, and on a Saturday night! Pahlease! Even my life wasn’t that pathetic!

-“I’ll give him cock fights!” I thought to myself vindictively, imagining him and Fisher in a hypno-induced penile sword-fight… to the death!

When Tobias consciously reported to me that Tyler was not into ditching the cockfight plans in favor of a more “relaxed” video evening at home, I wanted to wretch! I mean, who the hell was this Tyler dude and who did he think he was anyway? I mean if Tobias Chesney wanted to “chill” on Saturday night then, screw Tyler, Tobias was gonna “chill”! Ok, Saturday night, I can’t say as I blamed Tyler, he wanted to do something fun and exciting -- but damn!!! Cockfights? What-up with dat?!

So, I needed to devise a lure – and a powerful one at that! Something that was more tantalizing than cocks (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). And then, through thinking of that exact play on words, it dawned on me! These were straight, red-blooded American males I was trying to entice! What then would appeal to them more than cocks? Pussies! Lots and lots of available pussies!

I knew Tyler Godfried was nowhere near as popular with the ladies as my guy – Tobias. So of course, I also knew that if Tobias was able to arrange for three hot chicks to come by his place on Saturday night, the cock-fights, would seem like bullshit in comparison!!

Ok, so I had the plan in my head, now I just needed to find three quasi-desperate, semi-hot chicks to use as bait for the unsuspecting Tyler.

Ding-dong! Hullo?! MCFLY?! ANYBODY HOME?!!! It all came together in one hot flash of instant awareness. Sometimes providence was sweet and I am a direct testimonial witness to that, I’m sure.

I called Tobias up in a near panic, knowing that he was at work and that his manager hated when he got personal phone calls. I made it quick, in consideration of that fact.

-“Listen dude, call me after work. I have a great idea!”

-“Sure thing chief. Speak to you later!” His voice, even in conscious-busy-mode sent shivers from the tips of my toes to the tips of my hair on my scalp! I think even if Tobias simply said, “Hello, how may I take your order?!” I’d find it bordering on the orgasmic, so, ok, I’m not really unbiased in this instance. I have to say though, hearing Tobias call me “chief” in the waking world, with no prompting from me, told me that his subconscious was helping mold his conscious perception of me. I controlled him in trance, and so by extension, when he was out of trance, he felt comfortable doing what I asked of him.

Ha! A few days ago… he woulda done anything to get out of doing our hypno-project together. Today, he was calling me chief and helping me plot his straight friend’s hypnotic enslavement! HOW COULD THIS NOT BE A FREAKIN’ DREAM?!

And yet, despite all logic, everything else pointed to the contrary – I wasn’t dreaming! And Tobias Chesney was indeed ONE of my hypnoslaves, though admittedly, all my ‘hypno-slaves’ currently hailed from the Chesney-family clan… I personally, couldn’t wait to change that!

And that was that. For an hour or so anyway... Tick, tock, tick tock! Every second that passed after Tobias and I got off the phone seemed to pass like an eternity, and it was all I could do to keep from jerking myself silly in anticipation of the fun and games that I was about to institute. Garsh, sometimes I can be such a manipulative little fucker!

When the phone rang at 9:45 exactly, I knew it was my Adonis-in-training on the other end, anxious to hear about the “great idea” I had alluded to earlier. Gosh, he sounded so cute… even when playing the part of his own un-hypnotized self – I still couldn’t believe, deep down, that I had hypnotized THE Tobias Chesney… to say nothing of the control I seemed to be exerting over his brothers, both directly, or indirectly.

-“Yo, Tobe, listen… any chance of you getting that chick we saw at the cafeteria and a couple of others to your place this Saturday night? Tell them that Tyler, you and I are looking for a fun, casual, no-strings-attached time?!”

-“I thought…” he paused, long enough, I guessed, to check whether anyone was within earshot of his phone call. “I thought we were going to hypnotize Tyler this Saturday night?” he spoke quietly… perhaps there was someone nearby?

I had created a hypno-monster!

-“Leave that to me Toby! For now, get on the horn and call that brain-dead bitch and get her to bring two of her idiot friends. Once they’re on board… tell Tyler you’re backing outta the cock fights for pussy! That ought to get his attention!” I declared smugly. “You heard me dude! Brag to him smugly that you’ll take pussy over cock any day! Make him feel weird for wanting to go to the cock-fights instead of getting some ‘sure-thing’ pussy!”

Again, a brief 3-second pause on his end told me Tobias was not only processing, but considering what I had said. I could also tell that he was, at least on the subconscious level, agreeing totally with what I was saying. On a conscious level too actually – it made sense, I mean, see a buncha chickens fighting or get to make out with a hot chick? Hmmmm…? If you were a hot-blooded heterosexual male… which would you choose? I wonder. NOT.

-“You know… you might be right Dar! I’ll call what’s-her- name now!” And I could practically hear him smirking on the other end, as if to indicate that he knew what I was up to.

-“Let me know once you’ve set it up!” I instructed Tobias. Even though he wasn’t in a trance, his subconscious had gotten so used to doing what I asked, that as long as I kept my requests reasonable, I was finding I could essentially tell Tobias to do just about anything, even in the waking-realm, and he seemed super-comfortable fitting into the role of ‘the obeyer’, doing whatever I had asked him to. It was sooo freakin’ amazing!

I didn’t see Tobias in school on Friday, but he called me Friday night to give me the update: Three girls were on Saturday night’s ticket – Elyse, Francine and Brittany. Elyse and Tobias had some kind of a thing going, on and off like, and Francine and Brittany were two of her friends, willing to “tag-along” for Elyse’s sake. Whatever!

Even better than the girls getting on board Saturday evening’s festivities was the fact that Tyler had conceded to Tobias, via phone, that indeed, pussy was way better than cock, any day! When Tobias called him to tell him that Brittany was going to be there, Tyler’s whole attitude for the evening’s pre-arranged plans changed - like 180 degrees changed!

Tobias, was just too cute telling me about his progress on the matter, from his kitchen telephone. This time though, in the background, I was able to discern a female’s voice suddenly ‘popping-into’ the conversational fray.

-“You’d better not be plannin’ any orgies here Saturday night Toby – you’ve got yer under-aged brothers here to think about and you know I’m working!”

It was his mother! She sounded a little rough around the edges, but maybe it was just the telephone connection or something, I dunno?

-“Don’t worry ma, it’s just five people and we’re gonna just hang out, have a few beers and maybe watch a flick and make out, whatever. Ok?! Chill, I’m not turning your house into no brothel or anything!”

Had I been drinking a beverage at that point I probably woulda spewed it everywhere! How comical indeed! Well, ok, maybe not quite a brothel, but a house of sin, nonetheless…

I told Tobias I’d be over the next day (Saturday) at around 4pm to go over our notes for the abnormal psych paper. I wanted to make sure we had our data straight and fairly similar, since we were being marked individually on the actual reports, but also, as a team on the quantitative aspects of the research.

After I arrived, we’d just wait on the others to get there – and by others I mean, Tyler, Fisher, Matthias, Judas and perhaps even the exotic Jayson Larson?

My arriving at 4pm, I knew, also meant that I’d be meeting Mrs. Chesney for the very first time. No worries. There’s no way in heck she’d suspect anything with two guys and three girls coming over. I was just one of the five “guests” so to speak, so I wasn’t particularly worried about meeting Mrs. Chesney under those circumstances… in fact, I quite welcomed the idea of meeting one of the “sources” of her sons’ good looks.


Arriving at Tobias’ house on Saturday, felt, I dunno… weird! At first, I didn’t get it – why I felt so displaced, like I didn’t belong there or something? Then, it dawned on me! Idiot! I’d always been there (To Tobias’ home) at night, under the cover of darkness so to speak. Coming over to his place, during the day, I felt somehow… exposed, like I was being watched, even though I of course knew I wasn’t. …Or was I?

I hardly had to knock on the door once before it flung open revealing a rather pretty forty-something woman who could have easily passed for someone in her thirties! That’s what I pictured Tobias’ mom to look like, but her voice…? The voice I had heard earlier on the phone just didn’t match up with the youthful, albeit somewhat tired-looking face.

-“You must be Darnell! Howdy! I’m Melanie Chesney, Tobias’ mom. Come in! It’s nice to meet you!”

-“You too Mrs. Chesney!” I extended my right hand politely and she accepted it almost instantly; in fact, she shook it more manly-like than her son Fisher. I’d have to refer him to her for handshaking lessons at some point I decided.

-“Your school project has had quite an effect on this whole household you know!” I had taken but two steps into the house and already the conversation was being steered toward hypnotism. Up until this point, I wasn’t even aware that Mrs. Chesney was aware that her sons had been ‘fooling around’ with hypnosis.

Ok! Yes, my heart did skip a beat or two on that one. I waited for her to elaborate as I swallowed hard, the saliva tickling my Adam’s-apple as it went down my esophagus like a car driving with it’s parking break on.

Geez, I needed a pill or something! I thought to myself but Mrs. Chesney went on, explaining her interest in me, in particular, further.

-“All this hypnotism stuff… it’s quite interesting really! I’ve always wondered what it was like to be hypnotized myself…” she seemed to be inviting me in. I mean… she had already invited me into her house, but she seemed to be inviting me to hypnotize her! Was I misreading her perhaps? I had to know for certain.

-“You’ve never been hypnotized?” I inquired with a curious pitch in my tone of my voice.

-“Nope! Can’t say as I ever have! But ever since you and Tobias had that assignment for school, all my kids are busy hypnotizing the crap outta each other! Do you know that this morning, after breakfast, Jude jumped off his chair, collected all our plates, took them to the sink, washed and scrubbed them like I’ve never seen before… and then, when he was done, he turned around, took one or two steps forward and announced that he was ready for further orders! I couldn’t believe it! Do you know how many parents would pay for something like that?!” She sat down and lit a cigarette. Aha! That’s why her voice sounded so atypically gruff – she smoked! She must have seen me notice her light up too because she quickly offered to put it out if it bothered me. I told her not to worry. I could deal… for now. Besides, the smoking thing combined with the interest in hypnotism… my mind was racing with the possibilities this opportunity presented.

-“I don’t normally smoke in the house…” she went on to explain endearingly, “but I thought maybe… if you saw my problem, you’d be able to help. I do want to quit this disgusting habit already, I’m fed up with it! But I’m also a weak slave! I’m addicted! I’m a slave to tobacco! There I said it!” She took a huge drag of her Marlboro Light as if to demonstrate her argument to me in the practicum.

I, for one, was still in relative shock, not only at this ‘bizarro’ turn of events… but, here was Tobias’ mother, confessing to me that she was “a slave”, and all the while, I’ve hypnotically enslaved her sons right under her radar and she’s been none the wiser!

-“Y…you want me to try and hypnotize you?” I asked her uncertainly, looking down at the floor, moreover at my own sneakered-feet.

She took another deep drag off her cigarette, before continuing. Though I hated the smell of it, I did have to admit, she was a ‘sexy smoker’ – very 1950’s movie-starrish. All that she was missing was one of those foot-long cigarette holders and she could have past for Gretta Garbo.

-“I couldn’t ask one of my boys to hypnotize me. That would be too weird. But… could you? Would you?!” She batted her eyelashes at me furtively trying to get me to agree to her request. “It’s just Tobias and me home right now… we should have an hour or so before the other boys start to pile back into ‘Camp Chesney’… d’you want a drink or something?” She seemed to be offering me booze, just by her intonation, I could sense it, but something told me to accept nothing more eyebrow-raising than water, H2o – couldn’t go wrong with that!

-“Um… do you have any ice-water? That’d be great!” I didn’t want beer, I didn’t want no-name orange crapola soda nor did I want any more of that nuclear-waste punch -- I figured water, was safest.

Mrs. Chesney then disappeared into the kitchen and I bolted like a son-of-a-bitch down the hall to Tobias’ room just as she did. I opened the door up halfway and, peering in, I nearly had myself another coronary! There was Tobias, partially clothed, lying on his bed, jerking off to some Playboy mag that was resting alongside his exposed, hardened groin.

-“Hey!!” He seemed pissed at first. Then, noticing it was me, he seemed to… I dunno, relax some, though he immediately stopped jerking and pulled his pants back up. I could tell he was somewhat embarrassed.

-“Gotta do what you gotta do right bro?!” Are you ready for tonight’s evening with the chicks?” He slapped me on the shoulder and rubbed me a little in the same spot right after, as if to ‘make nice’ - all very platonically I might add.

-“Tobias, Hypnotic sleep!” I said rather curtly.

-“Tobias, hear me and obey! You will call Elyse and cancel plans with her and the girls this evening. Tell her that you forgot that you had prior plans and apologize. Do you understand? Do not call Tyler and do not tell Tyler that the girls are no longer coming over, is that clear?”

-“Yes master, clear sir.”

-“Darnell?” I heard Toby’s mother calling me from the living room.

-“Now Toby, wake up at the count of three and follow my instructions! 1 –2 –3! So, dude, I’m just gonna hypnotize your mother and see if I can’t get her to quit smoking once and for all!”

-“You’d do that!?” He seemed a little stunned, perhaps a little discombobulated. Waking him up so quickly, sometimes had that effect.

-“Of course I would Toby! What are friends for?!” And I smiled warmly at my buddy, pointing my index finger at him in a “I got your back” motion.

Mrs. Chesney would be giving up cigarettes alright, but she was also going to be giving up control of her sons. That was my fee for hypnotic services rendered.

With Mrs. Chesney in my power, along with all her sons (minus Elias at this point and Gavin, who was on another continent) I’d be able to move into that house with no protest or issue. Not that I wanted to move into “Camp Chesney” as Melanie Chesney called it mind you, but you know what I mean. Controlling Mrs. Chesney meant much easier access and control of her sons. And here, she was presenting me with an opportunity to do just that. I left Tobias in his bedroom as he blankly headed to the telephone on his nightstand, presumably, to call his squeeze Elyse and cancel her ass outta tonight’s plans. Elyse was the weakest link, so… goodbye! Now onto Mrs. Chesney…


-“…Four hundred twenty two…four… hund..erd…twent –y- five…four hundred tw’nty sixxxx…” Mrs. Chesney continued her downward descent and her upward counting as I continued to check on her body’s reaction to stimuli – she felt no pain when told various parts of her were numb. She had no idea I made her entire body rigid, much as I had done with her sons, and she seemed to not even realize when I pulled off one of her socks and began to play/squeeze/tickle her bare foot. She was gone, for all intents and purposes and no longer a problem for me in the grand scheme of things.

Y’see, at step 100, she responded amazingly to an amnesia suggestion – she forgot her own name! By step 200, I was able to get her to forget all her sons names! By step 250, she was convinced she only two sons – Gavin and Elias. By step 300, she was done with smoking and by step four hundred she was lying in an erect stance, on the couch, one of her feet bare and propped up on the armrest as if on display for my viewing pleasure. She did have a good-looking foot for a woman and I was momentarily distracted from my true raison d’etre in this whole scenario. Taking hypnotic control of her sons – not her, though this was certainly an interesting sidebar to the story, to say the least.

I made her count backward now, instructing her that once she reached “0”, she’d be wide awake, refreshed and completely repulsed by cigarettes. She began her downward counting as I left her in the living room to check on Tobias. It has been nearly an hour that I had been busy with Melanie Chesney and I was starting to really miss my boy.

I re-entered his room to find him sitting at his desk, his head in a pile, seemingly collapsed into his arms.

-“Toby? Tobe what’s wrong?!” I approached him from behind cautiously, could he be sleeping or still in a trance? I had woken him up, remember?

I took another step closer to the desk and was stunned. Toby lifted his head, slowly, almost shamefully… he’d been crying!

-“Man!? What’s up? What the matter?!” I was truly concerned. I never thought I’d see Tobias Chesney crying so openly.

-“It’s Elyse! She called me… she called me a creep and a weirdo! No one’s ever called me that! Why would she say that to me?!” He seemed really freaked out, perhaps he didn’t even remember canceling on her at this veritable last minute? I had to find out.

-“Tobias, did you call her to cancel your plans with her for tonight?” I asked intrepidly.

-“Yeah! And that’s when she blew my head off! She even said… she said… the only reason why Francine was coming was as a favor to her and that she wasn’t interested in you at all! Then, she called me a creep and a weirdo and told me never to speak to her again. And then, she hung up on me! That kinda stuff happens to Fisher all the time, but not to me! Shit, what’s wrong with me lately?!” He started to bawl again. To be honest, this was not a turn on, but I felt bad, because it was after all my tinkering and manipulating of his subconscious that was causing him to do things that were atypical of him and hence, causing him grief. It’s like, in a very odd way, I had created a paradox, a conflict in his waking and subconscious realities that I felt bound to rectify.

-“Hypnotic sleep!”

The crying, the sniffling, it all stopped in that split second. His head drooped to his chest and I knew he was back in “my zone” now. Now, to fix this latest issue...

-‘Ok, Tobias, listen… I know everyone knows you as Mr. Nice Guy, but you don’t always have to play that part you know… you have feelings and needs too and you don’t have to defend them or justify them to anyone! Because you are strong, like Fisher is strong! Fisher knows that there are lots of good fish in the sea… and so do you. Elyse wasn’t good enough for you anyway… she was a lying slut, a harlot, a tramp – you don’t need her and you never needed her. Repeat that Tobias and listen to yourself as you say it!”

I could tell he was struggling to process all this info – and I know I was pushing him some, but he was in a vulnerable state and I was offering him a quick and easy way out of it, albeit hypnotically.

-“Elyse is a tramp --- I don’t need her --- she’s a lying slut…” Good enough I figured. I looked at my wristwatch and wondered how long before Fisher would be home. I hadn’t programmed him to bring Jayson over to the house tonight because I knew I’d have my hands full, working with Tyler. But wouldn’t it be cool I thought? If Fisher got home soon, I’d have him call Jayson Larson and invite him over for some “quiet time”. Having both brothers help me convince their friends ‘that hypnosis was cool” and moreover, that “I was cool”, would only help my cause.

-“Ok, Tobias, stay right there!”

I peaked out his door. I could hear Mrs. Chesney still counting away – I strained to hear what number she was on –

-“Two hundred forty one… two hundred forty… two hundred thirty nine…”

Cool! I shut the door to Tobias’ room so hastily and aggressively I surprised myself with my own demonstration of animalistic need. I wanted a piece of Tobias and I wanted it right now!

-“Toby, undo your fly!” I commanded, with zero room in my tone for second-guessing.

-“Yes master!” His hands moved sleepily but methodically to his crotch area as he pulled his zipper down.

Today, Toby had on boxers, light blue with orange stripes from what I could see.

-“Your body is paralyzed below the waist Toby, you feel nothing below your belly button, is that clear?”

-“Yes master, I feel nothing.”

I pulled his dick out from his shorts and began to jerk it slowly at first, then more assuredly. I wanted him to climax as quickly as possible this time ‘cause I had plans for Tobias’ hypnotized sperm.

-“You will release your load as soon as you are ready to, you needn’t wait for my permission this time!” I noticed his dick was nearly at full size, thick, heavy and warm. I prepared for what I was sure was coming and within twelve seconds, he had spilled his load directly into my awaiting hands; I was managed to secure about a tablespoon and a half or so of it. I squeezed his deflating dick dry and scurried out of his room to the living room where Toby’s hypnotized mother still lay in hypnotic stasis. But for her counting, there was no other bodily movement to be seen.

-“Eighty nine… eighty eight…”

-“Melanie! Freeze! Stop counting!” I stopped her right before she got to “87”.

-“To ensure you don’t smoke any more I’m using a new-age cream that is applied to the sole of the foot. This cream seeps into the bloodstream and makes the urge to smoke disappear completely. I’m applying it to your bare foot now, then I’ll put your sock back on for you and you’ll remember nothing of this specific treatment. You will also remember all the other suggestions I gave you when you were much deeper… and above else, when you hear me and only me say the words… hypnotic sleep you will immediately go back into trance, deeper than you were before, and ready to obey all my commands! What is the phrase that will hypnotize you in the future Melanie?”

-“Hypnotic sleep!” she lulled in a somnambulistic tone; Melanie Chesney was still significantly zoned out.

Her bare foot covered in her son’s cum, her hypnotic trigger planted, and Tobias still hypnotized in the bedroom… what can I say? I was ready for Tyler Godfried! Bring the red head cockfight-lovin’ dude on! And heck… bring Fisher home soon too! That’s what I was thinking as I washed up in the bathroom, the sticky remnants of Tobias’ cum cascading down the drain along with the Ivory liquid soap I had used. Bye-bye spermies! Have a nice trip to the sewer! LOL!


For the next hour, almost two actually, Tobias and I played with each others feet non-stop- not getting off mind you, but closing in on it several times. I had to maintain control here – I wanted to get off several times later with Tyler, and perhaps Fisher around and I didn’t want to be ‘pre-spent’ for that experience! No siree!

Anyway, we were lying, head to toe on his bed, licking and cuddling each others’ bare soles for what seemed like an eternity. I was no artist or anything, but man, if I had to draw a picture of Tobias’ bare feet, I think I could have rendered one with the ease of a police-sketch-artist.

I knew for instance that he had one bizarrely placed hammer-toe – it was no distraction from the perfection of his feet, don’t get me wrong, but his fourth toe on his left foot was slightly bigger than his third and as well as the fourth toe on his right.

Odd, I know. But I had memorized Tobias’ feet like a Shakespeare script, inside out… I knew every line, every nuance that were his perfect feet. And yes, I could do the same with the dude’s dick. Heck knows I spent half my time with Toby thus far, staring at his cock, limp, quasi or erect, it didn’t matter – the dude was adorable in whatever form!

-“HOLY FUCK!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” Fisher stood at the doorway of the room, his mouth hanging to the floor in utter disbelief over what he was seeing. Tobias had one of my feet in his mouth and I had one of Tobias’ in mine.

-“Fisher… I… we…” I didn’t know how to handle this but one way… “HYPNOTIC SLEEP!”

Like Tobias before him, Fisher’s head came to rest on his chest, his arms dropped limply to his side and he just stood there, waiting…

Seconds later, in pops Mrs. Chesney – having heard Fisher’s yell moments before, she appeared concerned, and once having seen us, she appeared utterly nauseated, shocked, almost like she was ready to faint or something.

-“Hypnotic sleep Mrs. Chesney!” And I pointed my finger at her, I don’t know why… maybe because I was using the same hypnotic trigger for all the Chesney’s, I wanted to be sure she knew I was talking to her.

Like Fisher, who was standing to her immediate right, her head came to rest on her chest, her hands fell to her sides and she just waited there – waited presumably, for me to tell her what to do!

I was getting used to all these ‘neurotic’ interruptions, to the point where they weren’t even freaking me out anymore. Ok, truth be told, now that I essentially controlled everyone in this household, what worries did I have?

-“Tobias! You will put on your socks and do up your pants and wait for Elias to come home. When he does, you will hypnotize him. It is imperative that you hypnotize Elias, do you understand?”

-“Yes master. Hypnotize Elias, I understand and I will obey!”

Though I had no plans whatsoever to do anything with young Tobias, other than send him to bed early, I realized that with him being the only Chesney brother in the house not yet compromised, he posed a potential security risk to me that I could not have. I was not going to be taken down by some immature 14 year old. So getting him under and out of the way was another essential component to my plan.

Tobias began to pull himself off the bed, grabbing my discarded socks as he did, I guess thinking they were his. Cool, I thought to myself. I should have told him to put on my socks in the first place. I liked the idea of him wearing my socks.

He walked past his brother and mother, who were still standing at the entryway of the room, utterly hypno-fucked. In fact, I watched him carefully as he exited the room, to see if he’d take notice (or care) that both his mother and brother seemed to be under as well. No reaction. To watch Tobias leave the room, you’d think he didn’t even notice his two other hypnotized family members standing there. My dick twitched at that as well, though I wasn’t expecting Tobias’ obliviousness to others to turn me on! I had to take note of that for future sessions…

Next, I turned my attention to Melanie Chesney.

-“Mrs. Chesney! You saw nothing in Tobias and Fisher’s room just now. You came by to tell the boys that you’re leaving early tonight because you have plans to go out with a friend… isn’t that right?”

-“Yes. I’m going out with Julia for dinner…” she replied back vaguely. I of course knew that because Tobias had told me earlier.

-“Then you will go get ready for your dinner plans now. You will remember nothing of what you saw in this room just now! You are very relaxed, at peace and totally focused on your evening plans with Julia. Now, at the count of three, you will go to your bedroom and begin getting ready for your evening out! 1 --- 2---- and 3!”

I watched with hypnotized-like satisfaction as the she-zombie did a total about face and marched herself further down the hall to her bedroom.

And then there was one…

-“Fisher, come into your room, I want to talk to you!”

Fisher walked three steps before stopping, I guess he figured, he was in the room, why walk more? But I wanted him closer to me.

-“Come to me Fisher! Come to me!” I gestured too while I said it. I know I didn’t have to – but there was something extra hot about gesturing hypnotically to him, somehow in my head I guess it reinforced the fact that I completely controlled him and I loved the feeling that gave me so… I gestured!

He was within several inches of me know – his slacken body and blank face looking oh so ripe for the picking, but I had a mission here, first things first!

-“Fisher! What are your plans for tonight?” I asked knowing his answer could be anything – no way was this hot stud sittin’ home on a Saturday night!

-“I’m seeing Trudy at 8.” His voice was as empty as his face, I loved his hypnotized voice… and Tobias’ too!

Fisher suddenly began talking again – I wasn’t expecting it since I hadn’t asked him another question.

-“Then I’m meeting up with Trina at 11:30…”

Two dates? The guy had two dates in one night?! What a WHORE!

-“Fisher, you’re gonna call these two girls and cancel with them, do you understand?”

-“Yes master… but… why?!” He was genuinely confused. I could tell he was looking forward to his ‘bunny-rabbit’ evening and didn’t understand why he had to cancel.

-“Listen to me Fisher… hear me and obey! You remember we talked about us hypnotizing Jayson Larson?”

-“Yes, master, I remember.”

-“Well, we’re going to do it tonight. You will call Jayson and invite him over here tonight!”

-“Jayson has plans already…” Fisher replied back lightly.

Shit! My luck! Ok, I could either tell Fisher to lie to Jayson in order to get him over here, or I could keep Jayson on the backburner and use Fisher and Tobias tonight to help me recruit Mr. Godfried. That works too, I finally decided.

-“And you have plans too – with Tobias, Tyler and me – we’re going to relax at home tonight and at some point, you and Tobias are going to bring up the subject of hypnotism. Together, the three of us are going to hypnotize Tyler tonight, and I need you here for that Fish, so get on the horn and cancel both your dates!”

-“Yes master. Cancel my dates…” And he sleepwalked over the nightstand where the telephone was. I didn’t need to be here for this I thought, so I crept out of the room quickly, giving Fisher some privacy. Like he cared! One thing I knew for certain, Fisher would not be crying when I saw him next.

In the living room, Tobias was lying on the couch, watching tv, channel surfing really, and doing it so fast I had to wonder how his brain was able to process what it was seeing before he flicked the channel-up button on the remote! I thought I saw him pass over an episode of Happy Days so I asked Tobias he wouldn’t mind checking a few channels back.

Sure enough, TV LAND had on a weekend marathon of Happy Days episodes. Ok, we could watch an episode or two while waiting on Tyler and the other Chesney brothers to return home from wherever they were.

I couldn’t believe my luck! It’s either I have the best luck in the universe, you’d think I was Irish or something, or I had the absolute worst luck you’d think I was jinxed! Thankfully, in this particular instance, it was the former that I was experiencing – good luck! And I had the good folks at TV LAND to thank, ok, serendipity and providence might have also played prominent roles!

I recognized that episode of Happy Days immediately because it was an older episode and it was a scene that was shot “at the university” – not part of the ‘regular’ Happy Days set. Ritchie, Potsie and Ralph Malph were in some professor’s laboratory and the professor has just told them that a tornado was coming! Of course, the three boys get nervous upon hearing the odd news that a tornado was going to touch down in Milwaukee, but Ralph (the red head) completely freaks out, becoming hysterical even!

Ritchie, good guy that he is, sees his friend on the verge of a nervous breakdown, turns to the professor and begs him to help Ralph. (Like, what honestly was the professor going to “do” to help someone freaking out that bad?!) The professor thinks (for literally under two seconds) and then announces his idea (a la Eureka!) to the boys.

-“I can hypnotize him!” He announced with Svengali-like intensity, ok, for a sitcom anyway…

Ritchie barely had enough to time to ask the professor how he was going to do that when the professor clapped his hands twice in front of the quivering, petrified, whimpering red head achieving the desired result.

In split second, Ralph Malph went from being on the precipice of psychosis, to being an inert statue! His body came to full military-style attention. His eyes went completely blank and lifeless as he stared emptily straight ahead, into the camera.

Ritchie’s reaction too was one of priceless amazement – circling his hypnotized friend in utter astonishment, Ritchie’s mouth fell open and his own eyes bugged out in incredulity, particularly once he noticed that Potsie, his dark-haired friend was standing right behind Ralph, in the exact same hypnotized pose as him!

-“Hey Doc, you got two for one here!” Ritchie pointed to Potsie’s blank hypnotized face. He was a complete statue, also standing at attention, staring straight ahead at nothing.

The doc woke Potsie up after that and then proceeded to give Ralph suggestions about how he was brave and afraid of nothing, including and especially tornados. Of course, the suggestion, that he was afraid of nothing is what took mostly, forcing Ralph into near fisticuffs with Fonzie later on. When Fonzie is about to go and ‘cripple’ Ralph for throwing him outta his office (the bathroom at Al’s) Ritchie stops him and explains, “He’s been hypnotized Fonz!” and the Fonz, cool dude that he was, repeats back, “he’s been hypnotized? Well, I sure do hope that makes him immune to pain!”

I kept peering over my shoulder at Tobias as we watched the Happy Days episode together. Sitting on the same couch, our thighs occasionally touching, I kept looking at a lot of things! But particularly, when Ralph, the teenage red head (who looked a lot like Tyler Godfried) was just standing there, utterly hypnotized, I noticed some movement in his crotch area. Fascinating, I thought to myself… was he starting to make the association between hypnosis and sex? I wondered…

When the episode was over, I reached over his crotch and grabbed the remote, shutting the tv off altogether. I wanted to have a talk with Tobias.

-“Toby…” I began somewhat uncertain. I mean, I coulda hypnotized him and had this discussion with his subconscious, but a big part of me wanted to do it in the here and now, ya know?

-“What’s up Darnell? You look so serious.” He flashed me one of his million dollar smiles, melting me even more. Ok, I was going to do this.

-“Tobe, you’re having fun, right? With all this hypnotism stuff we’re doing, right?” I looked down at the carpet to my left, not sure what his answer to me would be.

-“Dude, are you nuts?!” he exclaimed to me, like a teenager busting out with hormones or something. “I’m loving it! Dude, I hypnotized Fisher this morning while he was brushing his teeth… I had him spit the toothpaste onto his foot – and he didn’t remember a thing!”

Boy, I needed to start getting reports from all these Chesney’s – with the sheer amount of them, it was getting hard to keep track of who was hypnotizing who and when and what they were doing with each other – the whole household was turning into a carnival!

-“That’s great guy! Keep it up! But I mean… does it… um… excite you any? The concept of hypnotizing another guy, or you yourself being hypnotized?” I managed the confidence to look him directly in the eye for that one. And he didn’t answer me straight away.

-“Look, Dar, can be totally honest with you?” he asked me super-sensitively, I could tell he was about ready to confess something to me. And remember this was not hypnosis, this was Tobias Chesney, and me, Darnell Clarke having a frank and candid discussion about our, well our recently intersected personal lives. How diplomatic is that?

-“For real man!” I nodded and came in a bit closer so that Tobias could speak softly if he wished to.

-“Dar… hypnosis has opened up something in me… I can’t quite explain it. I mean, ok, don’t get me wrong, I still love chicks, and like anyone else, I think about getting some like all the time, but ever since we started working on this hypnosis project together… I’ve been feeling different things…” Now Tobias was the one to break eye-contact with me in favor of the floor. This was so cute, if it’s where I thought it was going!

-“Go on Toby, it’s cool. I think I know what you’re going to say anyway…”

-“Y…you do?” He looked back at me, those innocent puppy dog eyes returned. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess you do. I mean, you’re not gay either are you?” he asked me, and yeah it was a little unexpected, but I think I fielded it well under the circumstances.

-“Do you think I’m gay?”

-“Nah, of course not! I mean, it wouldn’t matter if you were…” he seemed to be leading to something so I kept my mouth close for fear any interruption might cause him not to say what I thought he was just about to. “But, I don’t think you have to be gay to be turned on by seeing other guys being taken down through hypnosis – it’s a hot scene! And I don’t think either one of us expected for it to get that hot, but man, it did! And I don’t care, heck, I’m enjoying it!” His resolute tone did tell me something, but I still didn’t hear the words I was hoping to.

-“Tobias, are you trying to tell me something?” I asked him, this time it was I who cupped my hands around his, sympathetically, compassionately, engagingly.

-“Just that I want… I want…”

-“YES? YES?!” (That was my brain screaming, not my mouth).

-“… I want to hypnotize you Darnell!”

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