Tobias 501

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Ok, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Tobias wanted to hypnotize me… how quaint! The question is why did he want to hypnotize me? I hadn’t programmed him to want to put me under, so where was this coming from?

-“Tobias, I totally trust you to hypnotize me, if you wanna. But first, you gotta tell me why you want to. I mean, you sounded pretty intense just before and I…

This time he cut me off mid-sentence.

-“When you’re hypnotizing me, it’s like I’m in love with you!” He blurted it out with the speed and tact of an unsuspecting belch.

-“What did you say?” I asked, just to make sure I had heard him correctly.

-“Dude, I’m not gay or anything!” He protested, as much to himself as he appeared to be to me.

-“I didn’t say you were Tobe, but you just said you were in love with me!”

-“I did not! Dude, I said when I’m in your power, it’s like… it’s hot… you know?”

I looked at him directly, heck, I was trying to look through him – what was it about Tobias Chesney that just made me want to melt? I had to return his honesty with some of my own. I just had to.

-“Tobias, I like hypnotizing you too…” I started, only to be cut off again mid-sentence.

-“But you’re not in love with me… yeah, yeah I know!” Uch, he was so cute, he was even anticipating my rejection! Yeah, like that would ever happen!

-“No dude!” I suggested sternly. “I LIKE hypnotizing you!” And on the word like, which I emphasized tonally, I raised and lowered my eyebrows several times, to further suggest my true meaning.

Tobias just stared at me, almost stunned.

-“Y…you mean… you…?” he couldn’t finish the sentence so I did.

-“Yes Tobias. When I am hypnotizing you, it’s like, I also get this feeling… that I’m, well, that I’m in love with you too!” Instead of looking downward at the floor this time, I looked directly into his eyes. This was serious talk and I needed for Tobias to know I was being serious and that I took his confidence in me, seriously. And I did.

He seemed relieved, even relaxing several key muscle groups, most notably his entire upper chest, which now sank back down somewhat to the couch.

-“That episode of Happy Days… it made me want to jerk off!” He said to me, taking the next step and trusting me now, even more.

-“You wanna?” I asked him playfully.

-“Are you nuts?! Here? My mom’s home!” He seemed stunned that I’d even suggest it.

-‘Your mom’s no longer a problem.’ I said to him coyly, my tongue-in-cheek, literally.

-“Whatya mean? What did you do? Hypnotize her or something?” Boy, was he going to be in for a surprise!

I stood up and walked down the hall to the far end, where Melanie Chesney’s room was. Her door was closed, so polite boy that I am, I knocked and entered without waiting for a formal invite.

-“Aaaaargh!” She screamed, one boob in her bra, the other out. I had literally the best/worst timing sometimes, again, depending on perspective. Still, this was too perfect a picture for Tobias to miss.

-“HYPNOTIC SLEEP Mrs. Chesney… deeep hypnotic sleep!” And I used my left index finger to motion her downward.

I closed the door behind me and approached the now sleeping mostly naked form of Tobias’ mother. I wasn’t into breasts, but seeing her standing there, one boob exposed like that, well it made me think of seeing Tobias, with one sock on and one sock off – vulnerable. It was just a very vulnerable look that I guess I liked.

-“Melanie, I am your master, remember!”

-“Yes master I remember.” Her tone was utterly void of inflection.

-“You will come with me!” I commanded like some kind of master-hypnotist – hey, this was my fun, and I was going with it!

-“Yes master…” she cooed after me as I began to walk backward toward her door. Opening it, I lead her to the living room slowly, making sure to block her as much as possible from Tobias’ view until the last possible minute. I did want to shock him some.

-“Dude! Mom…? Is that you?”

-‘She can’t hear you Tobias! She only hears and obeys me now, isn’t that right Melanie?” I stepped aside, revealing Melanie Chesney in all her hypnotized semi-naked glory.

-“Yes master, I hear and I obey!” She sounded like a freakin’ Stepford Wife!

-“Holy cow mom! Dude! What did you do to her! How could you do this to her?” He ran up to her with the throw from the couch and immediately covered her up. He seemed to want to wake her up. And so, our serious talk over for now…

-“Hypnotic sleep Toby!”

His clutch on her arm completely gave way and he was now standing almost like an orangutan before me, and his hypnotized mother.

-‘You are hypnotized now Toby aren’t you?” I tested him, for no apparent reason. It was beyond obvious the dude was under.

-“Yes master. I am hypnotized.”

I started up right away. Tyler was due here in moments.

-“Toby! Having your mother hypnotized IS a great idea, you wanna know why? Because if we control her, then we can have all the fun we want – even when she is here. And not only that – all your brothers, who are getting so into hypnotism, will be able to practice more and do things right under her nose, without her realizing it. And, she’s programmable. We can pretty much make her see, believe, say anything. She’s a slave isn’t that right Melanie?” I grabbed the draping her son had put on her and threw it to the floor at her bare feet.

-“Yes master. I am your slave!” She was as gone as Tobias.

-“Do you understand why it’s good to have your mother hypnotized Tobias?”

-“Yes master. Mother must be hypnotized…so…we can continue hypnotizing each other.”

He did understand. Ok, great! Time to get back to any last minute preps before Tyler’s arrival.

I sent Melanie back to her room with the hypnotic command that she dress and ready herself as soon as possible and then, promptly leave, even if that meant she’d be early for her evening plans. She practically ran back to her bedroom, her C-cup breasts bouncing up and down with each extended stride.

Tobias of course remained in trance.

-“Toby, what were you thinking before when we were watching that episode of Happy Days?” Now I could push a bit more, I was talking to his uninhibited self.

-“I kept thinking… how Ralph reminded me of Tyler… and how I wanted to do to Tyler what that professor did to Ralph…” This was so amazing – we were thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time!

-“Tobias, we are going to hypnotize Tyler very soon. In fact, once he gets here you will tell him that the girls are running late and will be here later. When he comes in you will offer him a beer. Once he is done with his beer you will brag to him about how you and I have hypnotized Fisher. Do you understand what you’re going to do?”

He was so inanimate I had to reach out and touch him. I fondled his crotch through his pants as he gulped seductively and answered me,

-“Yes master I know what I must do.”

If this were a movie, the timing of things couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a knock at the front door seconds later!

-“Tobias! I am going to go hang out with Fisher for a few. You will now wake up and remember my orders as they pertain to us hypnotizing Tyler tonight. At the count of three you will awaken! 1-2-3!” And I skipped away to the brothers’ bedroom, intent on preparing Fisher for the big rouse.

I heard Tobias welcome Tyler into the house. I heard the door close just as I closed the door to Fisher and Tobias’ bedroom behind me.

-“Fisher!” I called at him. He was lying down on the bed, though I could tell he was not asleep.

He got himself into a sitting position within seconds.

-“Yo Darnell. What up?” He asked sounding like an inner-city rapper.

-“Did you cancel both your dates for tonight?” I asked like a parent who had just grounded their teenager.

-“Yeah I did. Now are you gonna tell me why I did that? I feel like a fuckin’ idiot! I coulda had two fucks tonight man!”

Funny I thought to myself. One brother cries, the other pouts and complains. More behavior modification therapy required on both fronts. I made a mental note.

-“Fisher you moron! The reason why you cancelled your plans is because you are in a hypnotic sleep! Now you will hear my voice and obey me, right slave?”

-“Yes master I will obey!” Instant transformation. Is anything more erotic?

-“You are going to stay in here and go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. You will stay here in your room until either Tobias or I come to call on you.”

Fisher was quick to agree, like he had a choice! I touched his t-shirted chest and he fell backward onto his bed. I couldn’t help myself. I removed his socks. Might as well have someone going barefoot and it might as well be the hottest guy in attendance. Man, were this dude’s feet magnificent – without any liquid on them, they shone in the light, like angels!

I lost myself for a bit, coming to on my knees, Fisher’s huge size 15 and a halfs in my face. In fact, they were all I could see – that’s how close up I was to them. I had also cum all over myself at some point, as I noted my hand, in a slow stroking motion moving my dick through my jeans.

Shit! Shit Shit!

I jumped out of my pants and was relieved to see none of my jism had made it through to my jeans – but my underwear (to say nothing of my pubic hairs) were totally drenched!

Fuck, I’d been saving that for Tyler, I thought to myself as I grabbed Fisher’s discarded sock and began cleaning myself up.

When I was satisfied that I was sufficiently clean up, I chucked my wet shorts into the garbage can under the desk. I was about to leave when I realized Fisher was still lying there – helplessly hypnotized. I bent over his sleeping face and kissed him loosely on the lips, allowing some of my wayward saliva to trickle onto the corners of his mouth.

Then I left. I had hypno-project-Tyler to get to!!


I couldn’t believe it! When I walked into the living room, well, nothing could have prepared me for what I was seeing! I thought Tobias, Fisher and I would have to pull out all the stops to get this goody-two-shoes Tyler to let one of us hypnotize him. Obviously my assessment of the guy’s barriers was wrong.

Tyler was sitting on the couch, his eyes fixated on some pendant on a chain Tobias was very lightly spinning in front of his eyes. Tobias was hypnotizing him without me! I couldn’t believe the nerve of the guy! Still the view I was taking in from the hallway was worth it. Tyler was well on his way (If not already there) and his vacant stare told me all I needed to know.

-“Pssst! Tobias, is he under?” I whispered carefully.

-“Pretty much. Just not very deep yet!” He whispered back as he gave me the briefest of ‘thumbs-up’.

-“Then he's in a hypnotic sleep?” I asked ever so innocently, watching with immense satisfaction as Tobias’ raised arm (the one holding the pendant) fell flat to his lap and his entire body posture just seemed to let go.

I took a few steps closer to the scene to examine things more closely. Tyler was still completely dressed, including the pair of doc-martin knock-offs he was wearing. I guessed his foot size to be about a 12 or 13 or so. But I was far too engrossed at the look on Tyler’s blanked out face – it was a look of total capitulation, as if he had surrendered to the process before realizing what exactly being hypnotized meant. He looked oh so vulnerable, oh so touchable. But I backed off some. There was time for that later.

-“Tobias, I want you to instruct Tyler to accept suggestions and commands from me as well as you.”

Tyler did not reply this time with his ceremonial ‘yes master’ – instead he simply opened his eyes some and spoke directly to his friend.

-“Tyler, you will listen to Darnell and do what he tells you to.” Tobias’s voice sounded so hypnotized, so robotic! And then, Tyler’s response, more sleepy than blank still,

-“Listen…to…Darnell… do what he says…”

Perfect! It was then that I realized I didn’t need Fisher to be my hypnotic lure; the hottest stud in the house was being kept isolated for nothing! Before proceeding any further with Tyler, I retrieved the very hypnotized Fisher bringing him out to the living room to join in our little hypno-conference.

With Tobias and Tyler on the large couch, I positioned Fisher in the armchair immediately opposite. I had him put his bare feet on the ottoman, which I had to move some in order to get the perfect view. With Fisher’s ten toes now staring me in the face, I was ready to get to work on my red-head boy next door, Tyler Godfried.


It all took less than an hour! What you might ask? The process of disrobing my three hypnotized studs.

Fisher and Tobias were fully programmed and offered zero resistance to the suggestions I gave them. I told all three guys that they were in a sauna but had forgotten to get undressed. At the mere mention of the word “sauna” Tobias and Fisher, well conditioned that they were, knew what was expected of them, and they began to shed clothes almost violently! Tobias threw his t-shirt half-way across the room while Fisher got out of his jeans, bunched them into a ball and also threw them in the same direction. God these Chesney brothers were so athletic – even when in the deepest of trances – they still had much of the energy of their waking selves.

Tyler was a little slower to react predictably – he did kick off his shoes, revealing a small hole in the big toe of his left sock. I grabbed his shoes as he kicked them off and put them aside for later. I had plans for Tyler’s Doc Martin wanna-be’s.

Tobias and Fisher were about to take off their underwear when I decided on spot to freeze them. Tyler had only kicked off his shoes and undid a few buttons on his shirt so I wanted him to catch up with the brothers Chesney before seeing all three men’s packages simultaneously. Having not yet seen Tyler’s equipment, I was determined to unveil it at the same time as Tobias and Fisher. To me it was like Christmas morning in the Chesney house - everyone had to open their 'presents' at the same time, to be fair of course...

-“Listen to me Tyler…” I spoke in the most hypnotic monotone I could muster. I was right up against his ear – my lips, no more than two inches away. “It is getting hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter…. So hot, you’re sweating up a storm now… you need to make yourself more comfortable – we’re all guys here… you’re in a sauna… you’re burning up, so hot, so hot…” I watched as his closed eyes seem to register my suggestions. His body began to squirm, slightly, but it was obvious Tyler was uncomfortable. There were even a few slight trickles of sweat forming above his brow – he was hot, in both senses of the word.

And you know… looking around at the almost naked Fisher and Tobias, I noticed, it really was getting hot in the room. on my end too. So what the hell, we were all getting comfortable! As Tyler slipped out of his socks, I did the same. As he sleepily undid more buttons on his shirt, I took off my jersey. It’s like we were getting naked together for some imminent encounter Tyler knew nothing about.

-Tobias, Fisher, Tyler – you may move again, but you are still so hot… you can’t bear it any more – the only way you can get relief is you are totally naked, totally nude! You must get rid of all your clothing – once you are naked you will be comfortable, even more relaxed and totally focused on the sound of my voice…” I stood up and stepped back a few steps so as to take the scene in – three guys, simultaneously chucking their underwear – for me! Tobias was down with his first revealing the slight beginnings of some inflation. Fisher was next, his penis was totally limp, about as lifeless looking as he was. Tyler was again slower to comply, but he gradually wiggled himself out of his light blue boxers, leaving them at his ankles. Like Fisher, there was no activity in Tyler’s privates but it was still a sight to behold. I had never seen red pubic hair before and contrasted on Tyler white creamy skin, he looked like the Canadian flag or something – his crotch taking on the look of the red maple leaf against the white backdrop.

I slowly made my way to Tyler’s feet. It was so perfect that he had left his boxers there I thought – it gave me a chance to get down there for close inspection. Lifting his left leg first, I was immediately struck by the thickness of Tyler’s ankles. His legs were ever so lightly sprinkled with blondish-red hair that basically ended at the ankles. There was not a trace of hair on either his left or right foot. Lifting his right foot next, (this time by his bare heel) I slowly dislodged the boxer shorts from his sleeping body. The dude, like Tobias and Fisher was now utterly naked, with the exception of a wrist-watch, which I decided, could stay on. For now…

What to do next? Even though I had planned to do all kinds of stuff with the trio once they were under, I was somewhat overwhelmed at the sight before me. I needed some water. I know, it sounds nuts, but I was parched and in need of a three minute breather, so I traipsed my naked self over to the kitchen, a certain bop in my walk, probably because of the power I felt I was now wielding. I had time, right? Heck, I had all the time in the universe!

Tap water was all I was able to find, so I took a glass and threw a couple of ice cubes in. I took one large gulp, nearly downing the whole glass and then refilled it before re-entering the living room. Or actually, nearly re-entering the living room.

I heard voices, and no, they weren’t in my head – though I was even starting to wonder. No, these were younger voices and I was pretty sure I could make out at least two, perhaps three males speaking. Could Tobias, Fisher and Tyler have woken themselves up or something? If so, I had like three seconds to bolt.

-“Shit! They’re hypnotized or somethin’!” I heard some thug of a voice that I did not recognize. Who the hell was in the house? And what if they came into the kitchen? I was fuckin’ buck naked myself! How the hell would I explain this?!

I suppose I could’ve just opened the window and slipped out that way, but what was I going to do then? Walk home totally naked?! My keys were in my jeans! Shit, I had to think of something and fast.

The door to the kitchen swung open and I was just standing there like an idiot, my head down, in shame. I briefly noted who it was standing in the doorway – It was Matthias, Judas and some other large guy whom I didn’t know. I was pretty sure they didn’t notice me looking at them, so I did the only thing I could do. I closed my eyes and froze, figuring maybe I could pass myself off as another hypnotized victim.

-“Shit another one! But I don’t get it! Why are they all naked?!” The fat guy’s gruff voice was kind of annoying, almost like sandpaper on the ears.

-“I told you Bruce! My brothers have really been getting into this hypnotism thing! All you have to do to get someone out of their clothes once they’re hypnotized is to tell them they are hot. I guess that’s what they did!” Judas seemed to be boasting. My eyes were closed but I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, almost as if to check my reaction. I remained frozen.

-“This is Darnell, he’s Toby’s friend.” Judas went to explain to Bruce. “Isn’t that right Darnell?”

What could I do? I had no choice but to play along.

-“Yes” I answered back like a robot, not wanting to include the “master” part, at least not yet.

-“But I don’t get it Jude, if Darnell’s hypnotized and the three of them in the other room are hypnotized… then who hypnotized them?” Bruce asked in a tone that was utterly perplexed.

Matthias started laughing as he poured himself some soda. “Dude, how much you wanna bet it was Elias! He hypnotized Toby the other day. In fact, he put him under so deep, he couldn’t wake him up!”

-“Where is Elias anyway?” Jude asked his brother, grabbing the soda bottle from him and chugging some down.

-“Use a glass you pig!” Matthias’ stern tone made me twitch a little. Again, I don’t think anyone noticed. In fact, I got the feeling that all three of them in there were doing everything possible not to look at my naked body, on display some few feet away from them.

-“So how do you wake them up?” Bruce asked and I could sense that at the same time he had waved his hand in front of my fallen face as if to check my awareness level. I could feel the wind of his hand moving up and down as it barely grazed the tip of my nose.

-“We don’t! If Elias hypnotized them, then he’ll have to wake them up!” Judas went on to explain, “house rules!” Judas high-fived Matthias who had just finished his beverage and was burping like a fuckin’ boar!

All the while I kept thinking, shit if this Bruce dude wasn’t here I could have easily triggered Judas and Matthias back into trance. Instead, my luck, I was stuck in the kitchen, unable to move, unable to play with my hypno-harem in the next room. Why me?!

Then something happened that nearly forced me to “come out” of my fake-trance, right then and there.

-“Man, he’s got a long dick!” I heard Bruce say and the next thing I knew this large, fat hand had wrapped itself around my now totally deflated penis. Oh no!

-“Come on Bruce! You’re not gay!” I heard Judas proclaim lightly.

-“Yeah I know, but it’s kinda hot, you know, seein’ him like this!” And he continued to manipulate my penis, which against my own will, was beginning to grow in his hands.

-“Why don’t we milk him?” Bruce suddenly announced as if it was the idea of the millennium.

Man, I did not want this!

-“Dude! That’s sick!” Matthias chimed in, but I could also tell he had moved closer to me, his voice seemed much nearer than before.

-“I can’t believe you Bruce – look he’s getting hard!” Judas proclaimed as if it was some kind of celebration.

Ok, it was going to happen. I seemed totally powerless to stop it, lest I wanted to wake up and blow my cover. Either way, something was gonna get blown and I didn’t have time to think about it. I had to act.

I began to moan, at first in response to his manipulation of my dick, but then, I gradually started making sighs and then waking noises, even talking to myself sleepily a bit as I “revived”.

-“What’s… what’s… going on… ? Who- who – are you?!” I asked in the most groggy voice I could muster.

-“Shit you woke him up dude!” Matthias seemed concerned with the direction this was all going. So I took my cue from him. I opened my eyes, slowly as if just waking up and made eye-contact with Bruce the ape, for the first time. What an uggo I thought to myself. He had large green eyes, but they weren’t spaced equidistantly apart from his nose, which was rather large and sloping off slightly to the left. His lips were weird too: His upper lip was as thin as a piece of paper or so it seemed, but his lower lip looked to be about three times the size – like some kind of collagen experiment gone awry. His hair, while blondish, was a little oily looking and he had a few zits on his face, one on his chin and a couple on his forhead. A beauty contest this one would never win!

Bruce had a look of absolute fear in his eyes and realizing that he was still holding my dick, he dropped it so fast, you’d think it was on fire or something.

-“What the hell just happened?” I asked sternly. I knew how I was going to play this now. Hallelujah! “Wh… why am I fuckin’ naked? Where are my fuckin’ clothes? Why were you touching me and who the hell are you?!” I was going for an academy award and it was performance time.

-“Uh… Darnell, relax, it’s ok, this is my buddy Bruce!” Jude jumped in, with an out-of-place introductory tone.

-“Jude, I don’t care what the guy’s name is! Why in hell was he touching my dick! Are you sick or what?!” And I cupped my hands over my crotch for effect. Bruce took a brief look right before I did that and I noticed it. And he noticed that I noticed. Great!

-“You… you are gay! You… were trying to do something to me… hypnosis… someone hypnotized me… Was it you?!” I asked threateningly to Bruce, glaring at him with fake daggers. If he only knew how much of a kick I was now getting out of this turn of events, he’d probably want to pop me one.

-“No way man! I don’t know the first thing about hypnosis!” He retorted defensively, now actively trying not to look at my exposed body. I could tell it was somewhat of an effort for him too.

-“Man, I’m calling the cops!” I just blurted it out, no real awareness where that comment would take things, but determined to raise the ante some.

-“What?! No! Please! Don’t! I… we…we found you like this, here in the kitchen…I…” Bruce was suddenly panicked.

-“Oh come on Darnell, you’re not going to call the cops!” Matthias was doing a great job at trying to placate me. And Jude jumped in next.

-“Yeah man, come on!” He even seemed to be begging on behalf of his friend. Bruce for that matter was in a complete state though trying desperately not to show it. I could tell I had ruffled his feathers and now with talk of bringing police into the scene (hmmm… an idea for later on, maybe?) he was utterly beside himself.

-“Why shouldn’t I call the cops?!” I asked leaning toward the phone.

Bruce jumped in next, in desperado mode.

-“K, I’ll make you a deal! You don’t call the cops, and I’ll let you hypnotize me!” This was new! I eyed him skeptically as I reached yet closer to the receiver.

-“Ok, ok, you can hypnotize the shit out of me… do whatever you want… I’ll… I’ll even be your… your… slave!” I could tell that last part of his offer was tremendously difficult for the neurotic behemoth. And so I pretended to consider his offer, withdrawing my right arm from within reach of the telephone, to look back at Jude and Matthias before speaking directly to Bruce. Jude was smiling slyly, almost like he knew what I was doing, and he may very well have. Matthias on the other hand, seemed to be caught up in the drama.

-“Look it Darnell. We didn’t hypnotize you, ok? Maybe it was Elias, or Toby… but you can’t tell the cops that we hypnotized you because we didn’t.” He sounded so resolute and totally convinced that this game was serious! It was adorable, from my perspective.

-“Dude, this has nothing to do with hypnosis! I came to and found you jerking me off – that’s just not cool!”

-“I’ll do anything you say Darnell! Please! Please!” Bruce was no officially begging.

So in effect, this little kitchen distraction resulted in another unexpected hypnosis subject, this time begging me to make him my hypnotized slave!

And all I kept thinking was, it’s a real good thing I didn’t jump out that window!

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