Tobias 601

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It was weird. I was naked in a kitchen filled with three fully dressed guys and here I was the one holding all the power - no hypnosis required, though it was imminent.

-"Ok! Fine." I agreed to Bruce's terms. He'd let me turn him into my hypnotized slave in exchange for my not pressing charges against him. What a joke! Like there was ever any chance of that. But Bruce, thug that he was, was none the wiser.

I pointed in the direction of the living room and Jude took the lead, followed close behind by Bruce, Matthias and then me. We walked streamline back into the living room where Tobias, Fisher and Tyler lay in the exact same positions I remembered leaving them.

I watched Bruce intently. It was obvious he was nervous - he was looking in every which direction but the one that would lead his eyes to the three naked hypnotized dudes on the couch and recliner.

-"That's gonna be you in a few minutes!" I said tauntingly, knowing I had this bear right where I wanted him.

-"Uh, look, do you really have to hypnotize me like that? I mean, I'll be your slave without the hypnosis stuff..." Bruce was now in the bargaining phase of his neurosis - I loved it! So what...? In effect, he was offering to be my slave sans hypnosis? How quaint. The slave attempting to dictate - that showed some nerve I thought.

-"Bruce, Bruce, being hypnotized was part of the deal. Now strip!" I said as commandingly as possible.

Bruce just looked at me, like I was crazy or something. Ok and maybe I was. I mean, a couple of days ago I would never even have conceived that little ole me would be ordering all these straight masculine guys around and having them under my power and yet here I was. The whole thing was kinda crazy in a Twilight Zone sorta way.

-'What did you say?' Bruce asked me, looking over toward Jude and Matthias, for help, most likely. He got none.

-'I told you to strip Bruce. I'm waiting. You said you wanted to be my slave without hypnosis - so I'm ordering you to strip without the hypnosis. If you prefer I can just hypnotize you and get you naked that way..."

-"Ok, ok! I'll... I'll do it!"

Slowly, ever so resistant, he began to peel down. He took off his sweatshirt first revealing a rather large stomach held back by a rather snug fitting white undershirt. When I saw what was awaiting me on that end, I couldn't help but turn my attention back to the two waking Chesney's.

-"Matthias, can I see you for a minute?" I asked.

-"Can I see less of you for a minute dude?" he replied back comically, pointing at my crotch in a somewhat disinterested fashion.

-"What? Oh, yeah!" I bent down and retrieved Tyler's underpants. We were about the same size waist and they fit well enough. And of course, as soon as my dick touched the crotch of Tyler's underpants, I got hard again.

-"Lead on!" I pointed toward the kitchen, turning back once to see Bruce undoing the fly on his jeans. He'd be naked by the time I returned with the very hypnotized Matthias.

-"Darnell, I really think you should ease up on Bruce, I mean, he was just caught up in the moment and he..."

I cut Matthias off as soon as we were in the kitchen and clear out of everyone's earshot.

-'Hypnotic Sleep!' I touched my right index finger to his forehead and his eyes closed instantly. 'Going ten times deeper than ever before... let go Matthias... that's it... let it all go...'

I noticed that Matthias was shifting from left to right, unsteady on his feet, so I did the most logical thing. Well, the first thing that popped into my mind anyway.

-"Matthias! You are a statue. You cannot budge one inch. Feel every muscle in your body turning to stone - freezing you in this spot, in this very stance. You cannot move. You cannot move. Completely frozen..." His body ceased its rocking and in complete compliance, froze on spot.

Matthias was certainly a good looking dude and I behaved myself where he and Jude were concerned, primarily because of the age thing. Ok, Matthias was seventeen, and it's not like what I was doing to Tobias and Fisher was legal just because they were. I knew I had crossed some lines, but there were still some I was not prepared to cross. Still...

I looked Matthias over from head to sneakered foot wishing I had a time machine or some trans-dimensional porthole that would take forward in time one year, along with Matthias of course. I so wanted to slobber all over him. I wanted to sniff his nutmeg hair, I wanted to taste his boy-juices, I wanted to lick his toes! His toes!

-"Matthias! Hear me and obey! You can move now but only to do one thing: You will take off your shoes and socks and hand them to me right now! OBEY!" I threw obey in to satisfy my own bulging cock. I was so turned on, I could hardly take it any more! I needed to get back into the living room, with Matthias in toe...

He handed me his sneakers and white sweat socks and I immediately took a second to re-familiarize myself with the tops of his feet. Plenty of time to look into his soles later...

-"Come with back into the living room Matthias. Follow me... come!"

Matthias began walking toward my drifting voice like a bee honing in on its floral nectar - my voice was indeed Matthias' sustenance in that instant. Heck, I was his Queen!

-"Holy shit, he zapped him too!" Bruce's voice was one of total stunned disbelief. He was of course talking about Matthias who was now standing behind me barefoot and as blank-faced as a department store dummy.

-"Ha, ha! I was wondering what you were waiting for Darnell!" Jude jumped up all excited, approaching the now frozen form of Matthias and with pubescent glee, began flaunting his brother's total lack of awareness of his surroundings. He flashed his chest at him, he waved his fingers 'magically' in front of Matthias' zoned out face, he even gave his brother the finger for five seconds, placing his middle finger right up against Matthias' left nostril. Matthias reacted none. Without knowing it, Jude was turning me on, demonstrating to the now naked Bruce (his hands had been cupped around his crotch from before I had even re-entered the room) just how 'out of it' his brother Matthias really was.

Turning my attention to the quivering giant now - he seemed to be asking for it, showing me his nervousness.

-"Wh...what are you going to do to me?" He asked me, unable to maintain eye-contact.

-"How old are you Bruce?" I reminded myself of this criteria.

-"Seventeen. W...Why?"

Seventeen. It was becoming my unlucky number.

-"Slaves don't ask questions, isn't that right Tobias?"

-"Yes master." Tobias answered back tonelessly.

This was enough to send Bruce over the top. It did have the side benefit of getting him to temporarily remove his hands from his crotch. Holy cow! The man was built like a bull! I've never seen such a huge set of balls on another human. At the zoo, maybe!

He must have seen my reaction cause he quickly re-covered with his hands.

-"Yes Master? Man, what's up with that?"

-"Nothing unusual for a slave. In fact, Bruce, from now on, that's how you'll address me, as master. And one more thing, hands by your sides. I want you standing at attention!"

He thought about it for a few seconds. Before responding, 'yes master' and he dropped his hands to his sides as directed. His 'yes master' was a lot less convincing than Tobias' and I did have to strain some to hear it. Still, I thought, "A" for effort.

Jude seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as I was.

-"Dude, it's cool. We're all dudes here!" I was almost expecting him to strip down to his birthday suit. But he remained dressed like Matthias (though Matthias' shoes and socks were now resting on the side of the sofa.

-'That doesn't reassure me any Jude!" Bruce protested, almost as if he were asking his friend for an intervention here on his part. Jude would have none of that. He was enjoying himself, I could tell. I'd keep him awake and aware for as long as possible. I was enjoying that he was enjoying the way things were unfolding.

-"Ok Bruce, come sit down!" I ordered.

-"Where?" He looked around the room. Short of squishing between Tobias and Tyler on the couch, or sitting on the floor, there was nowhere else to sit.

-"On the couch Bruce! Sit between Tyler and Tobias!" I pointed.

-"No fuckin' way man! Oh come on!" He continued to protest.

-"Ok Bruce. Have it your way. Jude, take Bruce into your room and hypnotize him!"

-"Oh, yes master!" An excited Jude rose to the direction.

I think Bruce saw this as his exit from the scene, figuring that if he and Jude left the room, he'd be done with the whole slave scene. Little did he know! Jude was as programmed as Matthias was to hypnotize others and I could tell he has a certain skip in his step as he and Bruce exited the room post haste.

Finally! Time for some real fun!

"Tobias, Tyler, stand up!" The two couch-bound dudes rose like shaky towers of flesh, unsteady, uncertain on their hypnotized feet. Tobias' hard-on had completely dissipated; flaccid, Tyler and Tobias' penises actually looked to be about the same size. I still hadn't seen Tyler's package at it fullest.

-"Turn and face each other! Look deeply into each other's hypnotized eyes... your hypnotized eyes..."

The two turned on one foot so that they were indeed facing and opened their eyes to gaze blankly into each other. It was hot, seeing both of them oblivious and unaware that their flaccid cocks were but several inches from each other. Tobias' I noticed, was just starting to grow.

-"Look deeper into each other's eyes - hypnotize each other with your eyes! That's it, deeper and deeper, get more and more turned on as you relax even more into hypnotic sleep.

Sure enough, I noticed the beginnings of some twitching in Tyler's dick - he was, particularly suggestible, responsive to suggestion with no need even to repeat. Considering this was his first time being hypnotized, I was somewhat impressed.

As Tyler and Tobias' dicks continued to grow, almost in sync with each other - it was now I who was hypnotized. It was like watching some discovery channel late night sex show and I was riveted by the view I was taking in. Two penises, almost touching now, continuing to grow as per my commands as their owners stood frozen and paralyzed facing each other, staring each other down into the darkest abysses of their subconscious.

Even though I was the 'master', the one in control of this party, I got down on my knees, kneeled in front of both ever-bulging dicks. Immediately apparent, Tobias' penis was almost twice as thick as Tyler's. While their dicks appeared to be the same length, size-wise, Tobias, my hypno-stallion brother-in-arms, was still the reigning champion in the dick department (though I was pretty sure Bruce's package would easily surpass them all)!

It was the most perfect second and a half of all time! As I sat staring at their growing manhoods, taking it all in like the most engrossing movie I could remember, there was this brief second when both boy's cock-heads came into direct head-to-head contact. And I, hypnotized as I was, brought my face even closer to their dickheads to watch the action unfold from as close a vantage point as possible. Neither boy displayed any awareness of his penile predicament and after about a second and a half, Tyler's penis continued moving upward, brushing past Tobias', which seemed to be growing on a more forward and outward curve. Damn! That was HOT! Where's my digital camera, I thought to myself as snapped myself out of my penis-trance. I looked about the room, my eyes honing in on my knapsack I had left in the hallway when I arrived earlier.

I unzipped it, got my trusted Nikon, turned it on and immediately took several photos of Tobias and Tyler just standing there (even got one with Fisher still asleep on the chair in the background)! I moved back into the scene with the seductive swirl of a snake, about to devour its prey.

Man, my cock was hard as a rock and it was tenting through Tyler's underpants, which I still had on, I don't know why. But I kept them on. Maybe the thought of my erect dick being in Tyler's underwear got me hot too. I think that's what it was. Plus, by remaining partially clothed, I maintained my overall authority and control of the situation. At least from a visual perspective...

-"Fisher! You will stand up and remove your pants and t-shirt now!"

It was time to bring the King into my hypno-Kingdom. Even though, something very special had happened between Tobias and myself earlier, and I was, finding myself falling utterly in love with the guy, there was still something about Fisher's overall aesthetic that sadly, would have made me drop Tobias like a hot potato, if of course, I knew he was interested. Of course, I also knew that Fisher was as straight as Tyler's cock - which was, by the way, ramrod erect against his stomach, pointing directly up at the ceiling! No angle, no nothing! It looked as though his erect cock was actually glued to his mid-torso.

Fisher got up from his chair and began to disrobe. He hadn't responded to me in the designated fashion I noted.

-"What do you say slave Fisher when I give you a command?!" I tested him.

-"Yes Master." There was that voice that made me shiver whenever I heard it.

His t-shirt was soon on the floor alongside his discarded pants. Time to pull out all the stops.

-"And remove your underwear too Fisher, you'll be ten times more relaxed when you do! Ten times deeper in a hypnotic sleep!" The trigger phrase eliciting a noticeable reaction from both Fisher and Tobias.

-'Yes Master.' And his underwear was chucked just as quickly as I made the suggestion. Pure bliss. Fisher's penis was a true sight to behold, and it was not one hundred percent flaccid, in fact, it looked to be growing!

Three naked hypnotized hunks - two standing together one off to the side. What's wrong with this picture?

-"Now, you will come join Tobias and Tyler... Come!" I loved intoning the command "come"... it just seemed to foreshadow the other 'cum' command that was soon to follow.

Fisher's 'yes master' response was prompt and robotic, just as I liked. Even better, he was standing between his brother and Tyler growing erect without even the slightest suggestion from me. Yes, I did take note of that. However, I also seemed to recall reading how it wasn't at all that uncommon to see erections in deeply hypnotized males - similar to a sleep state, men tend to get erect when deeply relaxed. I remember when reading that too I immediately thought, 'that can be used to manipulate and control'. The old adage that there was no quicker way to a guy's heart than through his stomach was proving ridiculously inaccurate. In fact, the way to a guy's heart, I was finding, was through controlling his penis, and through that one organ, his mind and entire being.

I pushed my way behind Fisher so that I could bear hug the whole group. Actually, what I was really trying to do was squeeze the three of them into an ever tighter circle. By pushing on Tyler and Tobias' backsides with each of my hands and pushing with my erect cock against Fisher's ass I maneuvered the three guys into my desired position. Now Fisher and Tobias' cockheads were in direct contact, with Tyler's still incredibly reminiscent of a statue itself!

-"Your bodies are becoming rigid. You have no will. Hear my voice and obey! Feel all your muscles from the tips of your toes to face stiffen, becoming hard as steel! Your arms are becoming glued to your sides, feel your fingers stiffen and tighten to against your thighs, that's right... stretch ever muscle out and freeze in that stiffened position, going deeper and deeper as you do!

The three men responded wordlessly but their body postures soon began to take on a uniform appearance - the elongated neck, chest out, the slightly arched back, legs jammed side-by-side, their hands tightly outstretched and glued down to their thighs - and their feet! All three guys were standing so close to each other that all three sets of bare feet were touching and overlapping in what was to me, a wave of natural beauty.

I continued to walk around the three hypnotized guys deciding which one I would plant my seed into. Tyler was not really an option - I needed a few more sessions with the guy to ensure he'd be ready for that kind of indoctrination. I was stuck between Fisher and Tobias. And then I thought, what's the big decision? I'll have them both! But Tobias first. He did after all, confess to me in his waking state that he liked being my hypnotized slave. Well, now was the time to see just how much he liked it.

I grabbed him by the back of his shoulders and pressed my body against his. The strain his muscles were under made his body even slightly warmer than its normal temperature. Then again, the sexual stimulation might have been doing that as well. I pressed myself harder against him, almost becoming a part of the sculpture-statue before me. Through Tyler's underwear, my dick was already moving toward its entry point as I continued to bear-hug squeeze my main boy Tobias.

I'd peer down every now and then - at the slipshod pile of man-feet that was the threesome, just for a little extra stimulation on my part, but with my dick now completely up Tobias' hole he was having the cutest reaction, I almost died! Don't forget, he was still 'a statue' and couldn't move... And yet here I was shoving my six inches of man-meat into his virgin hole - and he couldn't even move a muscle! Talk about hotness! Phew! Well, he moved a few inches as I thrust forward and backward. With every forward thrust I made, he'd do this mini-sigh-grunt. I could tell he couldn't help himself, that had he been awake through this he'd probably have been yelling in a combination of ecstasy and pain.

I whispered into his ear as I prepared to release millions of my hypno-soldiers into his bloodstream.

-"Tobias, once I do this, you will be transformed into my hypno-slave forever! You know what I'm doing to you, don't you? You can talk slave!" I continued with a few more thrusts, I was about to...

-"You're fucking me master!" He announced lifelessly, which was ironic, because I came to full life inside Tobias at that exact second - my life force entering him, penetrating his body, becoming one with his. It was another cosmic moment. One of those moments where time just seemed to stand still, and indeed, looking around briefly at my surroundings, it certainly looked as though that's what was happening. Looking at the three frozen guys, it looked as though someone had stopped time, and I guess maybe I did, as far as they were concerned.

I pulled out of Tobias gently, I was deflating anyway so it wasn't as hard as the entry, by any means. Just as I pulled out, Jude and Bruce re-appeared in the hallway, Jude leading Bruce on a neck-leash that seemed to be fashioned completely out of tied-together white sweat-socks! Bruce, it was obvious, was deeply hypnotized. Jude had managed to put his friend under, and for that, Jude deserved some kind of prize I decided. But he had just walked in on me pulling out of Tobias, so I had no idea what his reaction to that would be.

-"Man, were you just... fuckin' him?" Jude asked me utterly fascinated, no trace of disgust whatsoever.

-"And what if I was?" I asked snidely and cockily. Even if Jude had put up some kind of futile protest, it would have been just that, futile. A single utterance of his trigger phrase from me and I knew he'd be as out of it as the other hypnotized boys in attendance.

Jude didn't answer. Instead, his mind seemed to shift gears and he pointed at the huge frame of Bruce, his seemingly thoroughly hypno-fucked friend. He smiled triumphantly too, I noted that.

-"Good job Jude!" I flashed him a smile, which seemed to act as an invite for him - he wanted to check out more closely, the three guys, two of whom were his older brothers, standing before me. I could tell he was enjoying the scene.

-"Man, this is so fuckin' hot! I never thought this would make me feel like this, you know, this whole hypnotism thing, but it's… I mean look at them!" He seemed blown away, no pun intended.

-"Wanna see something else that's cool?" I asked enticingly.

-"What?" he asked, just a touch uncertain.

-'Tobias, Fisher, at the count of three you will both cum. Once you do you will go ten times deeper into hypnosis than you are now!"

-"No way!" Judas seemed ready to explode too, with excitement that is.

-"1 - 2 - 3! CUM!"

It was like watching two side-by-side brother-volcanoes erupting simultaneously, and from the way their penises were touching and positioned, each brother's cum wound up affixed to the other brother's helpless dick. Neither Tobias or Fisher made any moans, sounds, or even physical movements when they shot their loads, they just did it, seemingly on auto-pilot. Judas was in his own trance during this, enjoying the scene as much as I was. Or almost!

-"Man, this is too much! Darnell, I know we don't know each other very well, but I need to masturbate bad!" Jude confessed to me while fumbling with his fly.

That was my cue to re-assert control over the young man.

-"Hold off guy! Why don't you have a deep hypnotic sleep first!"

The blond haired sixteen year old dropped like a sack of potatoes, nearly falling backward onto his brother Tobias whom he’d been approaching gradually.

-"Freeze Jude!" And all that Judas was ceased to exist in that very second. If nothing more, his glazed over blue eyes told that story with remarkable depth - of all the brothers I quickly decided, Judas had the sexiest hypno-face - anyone who had seen him standing there would have said the same thing - the dude was as hypnotized as they come.

With an entire house filled with hypnotized guys, two of whom had just creamed each other's dicks, and four more as yet to be milked, I was myself, seeing stars at that very moment. Each hypnotized guy in the Chesney living room could have won a separate award in my book.

-“Bruce, Judas and Matthias, I want you three seated on the floor over here, your backs up against the wall!” My voice ushered the three enthralled boys to the western wall in the room I had been pointing to.

-“And sleep!” I ordered them as Judas’ butt hit the floor and his body assumed the desired sitting position, legs out in front of him. The three young’uns were now entirely unaware, completely removed from my scene until I changed my mind that is.

I turned my attention to Tyler, Tobias and Fisher, all three of whom were still in their tightly knit circle.

-“Tyler, Tobias, Fisher, I want you three to sit down on the couch!”

Expectantly, there was no resistance whatsoever from the hypno-zonked trio as they shuffled sleepily to comply with my orders.
Once they were seated, their half-lulled corpses leaning against each other like limp rag dolls, I proceeded to push the coffee table up toward the couch for my next round of pleasure activities.

-“Tobias, Fisher, Tyler – put your feet up on the table now!”

Sleepy grunts of acknowledgment and next thing I knew, I had three pairs of bare feet in my face. With Matthias Bruce and myself also sporting no socks, that left only Jude who seemed to be hiding his toesies – that would change shortly I decided, but first, I had an appointment with a very important coffee table…

I must have sat there for an eternity – staring at the beautiful soles of three handsome young men. Like some kind of renaissance cartographer, I studied each foot, one at a time and then, comparatively, checking them out side by side by side. All three had gorgeous dawgs, even Tyler, who’s pinkish white skin seemed even more prevalent on his size 12 soles.

I looked over at the immobilized red-head and decided it was going to be his turn.

-“Tyler, listen to my voice and obey! You’re so turned on now… you want to release, you need to release. You may touch your penis if you want to, see for yourself, how turned on you are now…”

Mechanically, his left arm moved to intercept his lightly- twitching penis, already responding to my suggestions. He gasped a large breath as his hand came into contact with his dick, and to be honest, so did I, for when it did, like a springboard, it sprung outward, reflexively, almost atypically fast. Again, it was I who was the mesmerized one!

As I watched with hypnotized-like satisfaction, Tyler getting himself all hot and heavy, I too was getting ready. I picked up one of his limp feet, the left one, stared at it briefly, then used his inanimate toes to peel down his underwear that I had been wearing. Once at my ankles, I positioned his heel on my ballsack and his toes practically wrapped around my dick at the top. Man was it hot, I was shooting in less than ten and I made sure to get it all over Tyler’s left sole. Watching myself cum all over this guy’s feet and him none the wiser… I don’t know, it’s almost like the thought of it was getting me hard all over – even though I had just came! It was like I couldn’t help myself – this was just way too hot. I lowered Tyler cum-drenched foot to the coffee table and watched as portions of my seed slowly made their way down his sole.

-“Fisher! Come here!” I ordered my next victim.

-“Yes Master!” And he lifted his deceased-like body off the couch and joined me on the floor at the foot of the coffee table.

-“You see Tyler’s foot?” I asked seductively, ensnaring.

-‘Yes master.” That was just about all Fisher was able to say at that moment, so don’t blame the literary messenger!

-‘That’s my semen Fisher! Now, I want you to use your tongue to spread my seed evenly all over Tyler’s foot. Make sure his foot is covered from toe to heel with every last drop of my cum and your saliva!”

-“Yes master!” And he began unhesitatingly. Wow, now this was even better! Programming the mighty Fisher to lick my cum into Tyler Godfried’s bare feet – what could be better I thought to myself as I sat back and watched the action unfold.

As Fisher gently licked the cum around Tyler’s foot, I made my way to Fisher’s feet, which were now scrunched up on the floor, under his butt. Why not, I thought to myself? And I was down on the floor grabbing Fisher’s right foot and putting it directly into my mouth before you could say “foot-orgy!” And Fish ole boy, didn’t even seem to realize what I was doing! He was too caught up and engrossed in his own missionary task at hand and seemed to be quite fastidious in his approach and ‘work ethic’. His tongue was an experienced entity that much I could tell. In “straight mode” I was sure he had chewed out tones of girl-pussy in his time. He just had a seductive snake-like movement to his tongue, like indeed, he was using it to smell and feel around. He was doing such a great job, I decided to imitate him, using his own foot which was now in my groin and right up against my face at the same time. I had curled up into a ball almost, to afford myself this luxuriant position.

Hypnosis or not, I couldn’t control myself any longer. With Fisher’s gorgeous sole in my face, his toes on my nose, his heel on my erect cock, I exploded right onto them. What little bit of cum made it to my nose and chin, I used his heel to wipe up. I was gasping uncontrollably as I ‘came down’ from my sexual high, but for all his awareness, Fisher’s reactions were negligible, if existent at all.

Sated, I took my right pinky finger and massaged/spread my cum evenly all over Fisher’s sole – as I did, I traced outlines of spirals, hoping that perhaps as it dried, it would leave a shiny ‘hypno-spiral’ of cum on his heels. If it worked, I’d use them to re-hypnotize him later I decided.

My fun was still just at the beginning stages…

-“Judas, Matthias, Bruce, Come here!” I ordered suddenly, almost surprising myself with the instantaneousness of this plan.

The three guys rose robotically and approached the coffee-table, couch area.

-“Sit on the floor here!” I pointed. All three took seats on the floor where I had pointed, essentially, opposite Tyler, Tobias and Fisher.

-“Fish! Get back up on the couch!” I ordered Fisher back onto the sofa. He mechanically dropped Tyler’s foot to the coffee table and took his place on the sofa.

-‘And finally, Bruce, Matthias, lie down and put your bare feet up on this end of the coffee table!” The two other barefoot guys moved to comply with my orders. As for Judas…

-“Judas, take off your socks now!” I commanded.

-“Yes Master!” Judas began to pull off his socks as commanded and I was so drawn to the image of it all, I didn’t hear the front door unlocking and someone walking in.

-“Holy Fuck! What the hell is going on in here?!” A voice that sounded sort of similar to Tobias suddenly emitted from the hallway.

It was Gavin Chesney, Tobias’ twin brother! I knew it! My luck right?! Now what the heck was I gonna do?!!!

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