The Christmas Journal 5

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Journal entry December 29th

Journal, it surprises me more and…. …. … … …. Holy crap. You’re so small to my hands now, even more so than before. I just nearly dropped you cause trying to hold you one of my fingers overlapping you covers up like an eighth of the page. ha ha ha I just can’t believe what these gifts are giving me, what they’re doing to me, and I’m liking it very much.

So I got up this morning…well, more like right at noon. I didn’t sleep very well last night. It wasn’t because I was worried or troubled or anything, just constantly in a state of arousal. My pillow pushing my new mane of thick gloden hair around my face and neck and shoulders, feeling it’s silky softness caress them. Worse yet though was the sheets! The sheets felt so different last night. I sleep nude, well, even before I had his body I slept nude, and now how else could I sleep?

So I got into bed, hunkered down, pulled the sheets up, had the revalation with the pillow and my hair, but then I felt the sheets. Normally I would feel them glide across my skin touch me feeling baby smooth skin get stroked by silky smooth sheets (yeah, I like the real high thread count sheets) But I’m not baby smooth anymore. This time those sheets glided across silky hair! I could feel it interact with hundreds, thousands of thick, silky, strong folicles. Pulling hairs up and back, wrong direction, on my legs, shifting and swirling the hair across my torso: chest and stomach, caressing that next around my cock (not to mention it jut hellped highlight the feeling of the sheets running across my cock and balls!)

I was in a state of arousal so bad I had a sem-hard to hard on all last night. I kept caressing myself, thinking about how beautifully hairy I’d become. And then through the hair I’d feel the smooth feeling of my large butterball self, but feeling how large and solid it was all over my body. How thick my frame was, how even though I was fat there was still this massive athletic shape to it. And then every once in a while a muslce I was feeling would twitch or pop suddenly exploding more in size, increase in denseness cause it involuntarily flexed and I knew how big and strong I was, not to mention how BROAD as I felt my shoulders and back laying across the whole width of the now small bed. (Well, it’s been too small since day one right? Ha ha ha ha ha)

But there I lay all through the night, even in my sleep feeling, caressing, stroking myself, and when not, feeling the hair move and interact with the sheets. This filled my mind with dreams, of finding someone, some man, who really likes big and strong, muscular hairy men… …. REALLY big and strong, muscular, hairy men. And I’d see them coming to me…coming to ME! And we’d make love and they’d compare feet sizes and hand sizes and height and biceps and back and….oh man I must have blown my load like five times last night in my sleep and that was after I jacked off twice before I went to bed.

Needless to say, I’m was a little worried this morning that I might be spent. It was even worse, cause I got instantly turned on when I woke up and sat up cause some parts of the long mane of hair remained stuck to the sides of my face, like they were held on by glue. But no, it wasn’t glue, more like velcro. I had a beard. A BEARD! Me, Mr. Babyface of the year this year and every year. No, I have a beard and what a beard. Honey gold just like the rest of my hair, with beautiful highlights even and this was my morning shadow, but it came in so thick, just the one day/nights growth and it looks almost like two to three! And I do mean that, cause I shaved and all to see what it would do and by like noon- one o’clock I already had the start of a five o’clock shadow!

At any rate, that morning though, realizing how thick my beard came in durning the night, I got so turned on again. But I felt like my balls were so light, as if I had drained and completely run out of sperm! This bothered me anyway cause my balls and penis had grown with me, but only in direct proportion, and like I told you a couple of days ago, I know just cause a man is really tall, or even really big, broad, and built, doesn’t mean he’s going to have a huge prick and pair of gonads, but with all this mass and height, I look so small, downright tiny. I only had a six incher to begin with when I was 5’ 9” and that was on a really good “I haven’t jacked off in weeks” kind of day. It didn’t equate to much more than that now at 7’ 4”.

Well, I knew I had to try. I couldn’t let the day go by and not do it. I mean, I could lose the gift for today, or worse yet break the whole cycle and lose today and the next seven days! I got up and fumbled my way to the bathroom. I’m getting used to the size but it’s so hard to balance myself, my width, this bulk, on my lil average size feet. I opened my new wall-door on my shower, stepped in and took a long, cold shower. That’s right a cold one to snap myself out of arousal. I dried off, and the cold water made the coolness of the air in the house feel that much more brisk and my skin broke out in goosebumps, and my nips got rock hard. It was hard not to get aroused again.

Leaving the bathroom I grabbed the hairdryer, put on my toga, and went downstairs to my computer. I ordered some more milk just in case I would need it later this week and looked up what foods were good for testicle health and development of sperm. I made a dish with those items for breakfast instead of the usual breakfast fare, reading the newspaper while I ate, taking my time, and turned on the hair dryer on low, sitting it in a chair directly across from me lettting it blow on my balls to keep them warm. I know, really odd, but I wanted to make sure I could decorate that house!

It was about four in the afternoon by the time I finally decided I could try and hopefully I wouldn’t be spent. I kneeled down real close to the house and I began to feel myself up, thinking about myself now….I was taller than the seven foot Christmas tree before me in the living room. I was taller and broader than the doorways/ frames in the house. I was bigger and badder than the shower stall, I was such a mountain of muscle and bulking up building further muscle fat that with each step I caused a rumble, a shock wave to go through the house – not just the room I was in. I could flip a couch with just a couple of fingers. I can lift a fridge! I ran my finges all over my body, feeling the muscles, running them through the hair, running them though the hair on top of my head, picturing, hoping, dreaming of some man totally lost in the kind of guy I was he couldn’t help but make love to me.

It didn’t take long… I was so hard once again, and I pounded my meat so hard I thought I was gonn break it off! And soon I was spewing all over the new house that stood in the center. It wasn’t as much as usual, but it was enough. I lay back, nearly collapsed, I’d jacked off so much during the night I just was worn out. I was still so tired I let myself be overcome with fear, staring at the house, waiting for seconds, minutes, hours … NO it wasn’t doing it! I took too long! … … … but it was just my mind. It had only been a couple of minutes and suddenly cellar doors on the side of the house burst open and the carol was heard once more.

“On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me……. Five inches to my feet with corrosponding hand size!”

What did it say? Five inches to my feet with what about my hands? I was sitting there pondering it, looking at my feet, wiggling my toes and again the hunger took over. I had just eaten but still I was ravanous! I ran to the kitchen, throwing open the fridge and grabbing a gallon of milk began to chug. I thought to myself, “good thing I ordered more milk.” In seconds the gallon was drained and I had made and was scarfing down cheese sandwiches. I stood there after that, feeling how tight my stomach felt…not only because of it being a muscle gut, but because it just took on another full meal only a couple hours after the last. I walked a little bit to the other side of the kitchen island. I was so full, if I had to waddle because of my small feet before I was really doing so now because of having just stuffed myself full of food.

Then it kicked in. That feeling, once more. Only this time, after it pulled all the engergy to the center of my gut, when it sent out, it travelled over my body directly to my feet! The pain was incredible! It brought tears to my eyes, I almost collapsed, couldn’t stand…. But I stood my ground, so to speak…ha ha… I watched as my feet bunched and stretched the toes lengthening, the arch and sides widening.

My feet were like 12” long to begin with, they matched the length/width of the kitchen tiles which were a foot square. But slowly….painfully……arousingly….. I watched them creep, grow, move….past the grout line, touching the next tile…further still moving in on the next tile further….longer…..longer…..the balls of my feet touching the grout line, laying over it, beginning to touch the next tile, while my heel still stayed firmly touching he back grout line of the first tile!

While that was going on, I went to grasp the counter top more firmly to keep my balance, and realized, not all the pain was coming from my feet…. My hands were growing too, getting longer, thicker, wider, become true huge bear paws and they looked even more monsterous in size too because after all I was a bodybuiler which means these hands were used to tossing around, picking up, and holding great amounts of weight. So now, I not only had giant hands, but giant bodyb uilder hands that somewhat matched, a little toned down, my huge giant feet! I watched at those hands on the counter began to creep and inch long the tile there until they covered up and huge portion of the counter surface.

When it was done, I held up my hands and I looked at them, how masive they were, how thick, and how strong they felt. Of course, I went straightway to using them to feel myself up again…. Oooooh….. these hands feeling all my muscles, my strength, my size, my hair…. My body, feeling these massive paws, hands that were equivalent to their size and power, hands that might actually be able to squeeze them while flexed and make them cave in. Absentmindedly, while I was feelig myself up, I began to alternately tap my feet back and forth. My mind was kind of brought to by the loud and heavy slap that was made against the tile.

Looking down, well, down, bend and over due to my huge barreling chest, I could see these huge dogs of feet now…really long, they were now about a tile and a third long, and very wide, as well as very muscular looking and veiny as well. They might have been maybe a little too big for my body now, but that was fine. They looked great on my body… feet that had really grown with the tall tall body, and grew thensome due to the huge amount of weight the body’s frame carried, and the weight lifted to create such a monsterous, mountain, muscle mass! Most bodybuilders have feet bigger in proportion that their regualr average size counterparts right? So I do too. At least it looks better in proportion than my tiny feet.

I began to walk around the house. Well strut, or attempt to strut cause due to my muscular size, I had to the bodybuilder walk with side like steps, so I swaggered around the house. And I got so turned on! Not only was there the usual “boom” of when my step hit the floor and the whole house shook due to my weight and size, but just bfore it there was this slap…and nice, hard, meaty slap, that let you know: “Not only is the guy creating this shaking a man of immense size and weight muscularly, but from the sound of his foot slap he was a man of incredible height too!”

Well I spent the day playing with my feet. I pulled out all my old shoes, size nine and half, and put them next to my feet. Oh my gawd! The difference is incredible! I was so freakin’ turned on by it. I went back to the kitchen and placed them against the tile and looked at them. I went to the bathroom to see what they looked like against that tile. I pulled out rulers and yard sticks and slapped them up against my feet. I did the same thing with my hands and pulled out my old gloves and did a size comparison.

Eventully I took the masurement…16” long on my feet. I got online and put the measurements into a shoe calculator, I nearly came on the spot! I will have to have shoes made for me, special ordered. I’m like a men’s US size 26 quadruple wide! I think the only other guy to have feet this size is like 7’9”? five inches taller than me. I’m like three inches taller than Shaquile but I wear like what three to five sizes larger than him or something?

I have no idea, Journal what I’m going to do for clothes. I will probably have to sell all my furniture (course I might have to do that anyway as I’m too big for most of it) and cash in my retirement plan early in order to pay for clothes! To fix my shower stall! Oh, hell, to reformat my car! Will my feet even fit in the driver’s side floor board? Will I even fit in the car?!? But you know what? I DON’T CARE! I’M FRIGGIN HUGE AND STRONG! I CAN TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING!

Well, I pulled out some yoga DVD’s and I’m gonna use that to work out now. All those stretches to bend over and touch your toes… I’m gonna feel them all over with these big paws, and then I’m gonna try and do the probably impossible….take a bath before I go to bed so I can caress myself, and my feet, and my hands, and my hair all while I wash, and then probably wash my dick and have to take another bath all over again. But even in the two person tub, I don’t if I’m not too large to fit in it! Still I don’t care…feels sooo good… soooo sexy….sooooo hot….so large….so strong…I think I’m gonna have the same low sperm level tomorrow…. … … … …

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