The Christmas Journal 6

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Journal entry December 30th

Evening Journal…my little journal…my very small journal……If I could’ve foreseen what would happen to me I would’ve bought you in a regular or large book size instead of the half book, cause now you seem to fit in the palm of my hand, so hard to hold onto and write in at the same time. But, I’m getting ahead of myself again…

It was pretty much another sleepless night. Oh I tried to get a good sleep, kind of…. Well I finally got the mattress from the guest bed and it and mine together on the floor, so I was taken care of length wise, although width wise my shoulders were just barely fitting on them and my thighs caused each other to lie precariously on the edge of either side of the mattress. LOL And while I was at it, I took a couple of sheets and a couple of comforters, got my mom’s old sewing machine out, hooked it up and sewed them together so I had sheets and comforter that would fit me, again primarily in length not so much in width.

Still, with all my preparations to make myself comfortable, “normal” for sleeping, I still was aroused by the feeling. The stroking of the sheets against my hairy, muscular body, the caress of my big, bear-paw hands over my mounding muscles, the weight, pad, and slap of my huge boats of feet, the fact that my body stretched out and beyond one regular sized mattress and then some! I just had to move and stretch and flex and pop and touch my body here, there, and everywhere.

The only thing I am happy to say is I didn’t have quite as many wet dreams as I did the night before, although how that happened is beyond me. But when I woke up late this morning, I immediately got up and showered, still amazed and becoming fond of my new “wall-door” I NEED to get into the shower. Then went to the bedroom and pulled out all of my shoes and gloves and pants and shirts. I placed my feet next to them. I put my hands over them. I laid my old jeans on my legs looking at how they were far too short and way too thin for my massive columns. I looked at how the shirt looked against me – like it belonged to a child! Then, and then, I tried to slip some of them on!

Oh, that was a rush. That really got me going, got me hornier than hell! I mean the shirts I couldn’t get into at all. Some of the shirts, depending on the fabric, I didn’t even need to flex. My unflexed forearm caused them to start to rip! But I really enjoyed it when I managed to get some of the shirts on. My arms were caught up, hanging almost straight out from my sides, my chest, upper arms, delts, and back straining the fabric. Even my abs – the middle of my torso was too big for the shirts, causing what little fabric that hung below my chest to all bunch up right there under my pecs. And then, then I’d do a crab shot…. …. OMG I nearly blew the first time I was finally able to get one shirt on and do the crab shot. RIIIIP! In like one second! No long drawn out sound, no taking some time to rip, or needing to double crunch to tear. Just a split second RIP! And the entire back was gone! Ripped into two pieces!

Then, then I’d blow the arms, but not cause I wanted to, you see. I was trying to grab the ends of the shirt in back and hold them down while I puffed up and did a front chest pose, but by moving my arms like that, I created a lil flex of the biceps and POP! POP! Split at the biceps, but my forearms and delts would cause it too and it started in the middle, ran to the end of the sleeve and then over the shoulder RIP! One long tear and the sleeves were now two pieces of material. What a rush, such a turn on! And still I’d bunch up what was left of the shirt, hold it tight and do the chest shot to watch my pecs burst and bounce of the remnants of the shirt!

And the pants… oh man what can I say about the pants? I couldn’t get any of them past my thighs. Hell, I couldn’t get some of them past my calves! But I’d force them on, and then flex and bust, bend and rip, watching my calves and thighs make short work of the denim material. I got to see and feel what the hulk goes through and… I gotta tell you, there is no way the hulk after transformation has any of David Banner’s pants on his frame. I managed to get one, after grunting and struggling, hoisting and hefting, pulling and straining…. I got the pair of pants, the waistband up to my waist. I couldn’t close the waist band, I couldn’t close the zipper! I had blown out the leg portions totally, nothing but shredded strips hanging around my thighs. It was like a denim hula skirt! The only thing keeping them on me was the strips that held the zipper parts (the zipper being wide open and threatening to rip apart), and some fabric that just managed to cling to my ass. So, I grabbed my bed end, got up underneath it and proceeded to heft it doing squat lifts. It only took like three or four times doing that and my calves, thighs, and buttocks swelled with power and then….. POP! My butt blew the back end of the jeans and the whole mess came off of me.

Well that did it. It popped and now I was ready to pop. I ran downstairs, tattered rags clinging to me as best as it could, knelt down in front of the next house and proceeded to whack away like I had to in order to save somebody’s life. I spewed and then some. I coated the roof of the house and the entire front. I think I managed to flock a part of the tree! I lay back on the floor, exhausted but totally enraptured by my huge, broad, muscular, bear like body…I wanted more. And then the a garage door on the newest little house opened up.

“On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…….6% increase in testicle volume – after taking into consideration the percentage bigger than average man you are…”

What? It was all said so fast to try and fit in meter and rhythm to the song I don’t think I understood it correctly. I think it said something about an increase in my testicle volume? I stood up trying to figure it out, what the last part of the verse was. I need to remember, understood or no, whatever the gift mentioned was it’s going to bestow itself fairly soon after the announcement. So I’m there, standing in the living room and suddenly there is a tingling to my balls. It grows to become kind of an itching feeling, then a pressing feeling, finally a squeezing feeling. It felt similar to just after being kicked in the nuts, and then the feeling came back again only feeling like I was kicked in the nuts.

IT HURT! I went down. I dropped to my knees! The pain was incredible. Worse yet, I began to feel them swell. To increase in size. This turned me on and I started to get slightly erect, which made the pain intensify. Still the grew larger…and now because of the size of my thighs, my legs rolling out to walk and swinging back in, just walking alone caused me to now rack myself with each step and it was getting harder and harder cause by balls were still growing!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, that hunger feeling kicked in…very small at first, but I knew I had to be in the kitchen. I was glad I had already made a bee-line for it. But then the sensation of being drop kicked in the gonads happened again. I tried to brace myself with the kitchen island to no avail. I smacked the floor hard. I was in pain, I was seeing stars and I felt my balls swell larger.

And then it stopped. It was one of those moments that just hung in time. I was still reeling from the pain, wondering what would happen next. I felt the new weight and size of my balls as they rested on my thighs, which due to their size pushed them out and forward. I felt them pulling on my ball sack and therefore my groin. Shakily, I reached down and touched them…they were a good size. They were like me, a bit larger than the average size proportionately to an average guy and then some. I guess that’s what the song was saying…. A six percent increase in testicle volume after taking into account my already larger than average size. Oh…damn these things are big….hmmmm and so sensitive…. Only problem is they make my still kind of small prick look even smaller now.

So there I lay, cupping my balls…and I could feel that hunger feeling still building in me for some reason. I’m going to need to eat. Wait…I didn’t have breakfast this morning yet. That’s why I’m hungry. That’s why I’ve got the shakes…that’s why…why….why my balls are inflating? My balls began to inflate, and they felt hot and were getting hotter! I have no idea what was going on at the time, but I do now. My balls, my new, huge balls, for some reason produced a huge amount of testosterone. That is why they were swelling and getting hot. Suddenly I felt an incredible pain. The hunger kicked in like nobody’s business and my balls started to rapidly shrink to their normal way above average size, and I felt this icy-coolness run through my veins throughout my entire body, which quickly began to heat up.

I had to eat, I had to eat now! But there was pain still coming from my balls, and my not used to this size of this new pair, had me racking them with each step. I fell to the floor right in front of the fridge. I saw stars. I saw comets. I saw white noise, I was beginning to black out. In desperation, I flung the fridge door open – I think I might have broke it. Lying on the floor, I could hard must up all this massive muscle strength to kneel let alone stand, so I took my long arms and my huge bear paw hands, grabbed the top shelf, and just pulled it down, busting it, the next one, the one under that, and the crisper drawers on the bottom. Then I grabbed everything like a wild animal and just started eating, stuffing it in, scarffing it down, guzzling it away. Three gallons of milk, ten pounds of beef, 12 pounds of chicken, two shelves of vegetables and entire crisper drawer full of cheeses. I opened condiment jars of olives, relish, whatever and just poured it down my open mouth and then opened the freezer and noshed some more of meatcicles. … …. … ….

Then it happened….I’ve come to the conclusion it was due to the increase of testicle size. The new amount of testosterone they pumped into me, caused me to grow. TO GROW. GROW EVEN BIGGER! TALLER! LARGER! STRONGER! I saw as my feet began to grow farther and farther away from me, moving more and more towards the other side of the kitchen island. I also saw the tops of them stretching, reaching higher and higher up the side of the island than they did before. I felt myself sliding up up up the refrigerator as my vision went up higher and higher. The width of the fridge got smaller and smaller as my shoulders and back spread out farther and father. Then I felt myself get heavier and heavier and not just proportionately. I saw the muscles on my body bunching, popping, swelling, increasing, thickening, hardening, expanding, more and more than just the size in proportion to my new height. I was adding on even more muscle! I could see it! I could FEEL IT! I WAS STRONGER!

As the last of the muscle packed on to me, I felt strong enough to stand up, and stand up I did. I was still fat, but the good fat of an off season bodybuilder, with huge muscle mass just barely hidden under the fat, still seen to be popping and bulging and rippling. And I was of course still hairy too. But there’s the thing, I stood up, and up….I felt my head brush the ceiling. I walked to the kitchen door….the top of the door frame to that door from floor to its top was 6’ 10” tall and it now came up to just under my friggin’ shoulders! I was eight feet tall! EIGHT FEET TALL! Screw muscle bear, I was a mother fucking muscle KODIAK!

I took a step and the whole house shook. My dresser upstairs vibrated. The vents in the basement vibrated. From back door to front door vibrated and all of the windows and the sounds of the thud of my feet from downstairs, could be heard upstairs on the first floor! I strutted through my house….I went through the kitchen dinning archway, ducking – no bending over – to get through barely fitting through its wide open stance. Tight was the squeeze through the dinning living room archway and the one from the living room to entry way. Then I had to go up the staircase, even narrower fit, and then from the hall to the bathroom through it’s regular sized doorway.

Bending down and going sideways I tried to get through like I had the last couple of days, but now I was so much taller, I was therefore so much thicker proportionately with muscle, and I had added some to that to boot. My head went down and in, my shoulders went down and in, my chest when down and STUCK…. I was so broad chested, along with my back muscles there I was stuck for several minutes. I moved my arms and placed my hands upon the wall and pushed and pushed. In a matter of minutes my hand dented and caved the plaster in the wall, my pecs strained and fought against the framing of the doorway. Before the used to slightly give and get a small scrape or cut on them and slightly bend the doorframe, now they were steel and they bent, broke, and splintered the door frame as I squeezed and pushed my gargantuan frame through.

I walked over and stepped on the scale… I had to position myself carefully cause before my feet had become too big and now it was impossible: heels hanging off the back, toes hanging off the front, sides hanging off the side. I wait in a precarious balancing act for the numbers to flash up on the tiny, miniscule, digital screen….

1,012! One thousand twelve pounds! Just over half a ton of muscle!

I’m so excited by this new number, what it means, the sheer size of me! My head brushing the ceiling lets me know I’m eight feet tall, the scale says I have half a ton of pure muscle power, and I lay down the yard stick placing my foot up on it, read the numbers and do the calculations….18 inches of foot which means I’ll wear a U.S. men’s 32 shoe! I can’t believe it…it’s so hard to comprehend…I’m so turned on by it. So aroused by having all this strength, this size, this power….I become erect and realize something else has grown, at least somewhat. Picking up the yard stick, I lay it out under my throbbing, veiny, massive member to see it’s reached a length of twelve inches long. I have a foot long prick. Maybe a little small for an eight foot tall guy, but it’s better than I had and better than most men ever will have.

I open the wall-door to the shower and squeeze inside. The shower head on the wall now only comes up to where the top row of my abs would be if I was all cut and defined. I turned the shower on, full steam, full heat, just a hint of cold, hose myself down, then soap myself up. I sit down in the shower, my back on one wall, my feet at the other wall and my legs are… feet at the other wall-door ha ha ha…and my legs are slightly bent to keep me from breaking the other wall or pushing the wall door open.

With the soap I lube my cock up and I begin to stroke myself off. Feeling the water hit my hard body and repel off of it like it was hard steel. Feeling the water droplets running off of individual strands of hair off my legs, my arms, my chest, my head. Seeing this massive muscle bear daddy reflection in the glass of the wall with this good sized cock and massive balls. Knowing I must reserve myself or I could snap the shower head off the wall, kick the wall in or down. My feet covering the drain and stopping it up they are so large and meaty. I jacked off and off and off and off and off…. And these balls, journal….they coated the wall-door, the old door, and part of the back wall before I they were spent. I’ve spent the whole night jacking off to this new body.

This massive, muscular, hulking, hunky body…so big…so strong… I… I…won’t fit in rooms…some houses….not in a car….auto or subway… clothes will have to be tailor made….I will have to meet a man who wants the hulk as a partner…..but…I don’t….care….feels so ….good….to ….be….so….strong….so….virile…so massive…so big….so….tired…..sleepy….now….. must dream…of tomorrow’s….tomorrow’s…..tomorrow’s….gi…….

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