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Ed woke up the next morning. He was sleeping on his side which lay on the soft, comfortable, squishy and pliable mattress. If he wanted to, he normally roll over and enwrap himself in the comforters on his bed and protect himself from the morning coolness. Today however, although his side lay on the soft and giving bed, his front was leaning on a hard, solid, warm mass. Gingerly with eyes still shut, Ed rain his right hand down Mark from shoulder to chest, across a nipple, down the abs and rest there. He tried to picture it in his mind without looking, and he tried to feel every crevice, every pore, every muscle fiber with just the lightest touch of his finger tips.

He knew though that the day must start and so ever so quietly he slipped out of bed leaving this newly bigger Mark to sleep on the bed. After taking his shower, brushing his teeth, and having something to eat, Ed opened up his lap top and began to look once again at his new game. What had happened to Mark? It was what happened to him in the game. The same could be said for Hank. How could he prove it though? Was there a connection? He had played Dominick and Dmitri in the game too, but hadn’t really seen anything happen to them. And what about Trey? He stared at the screen a long, long time and thought the only way to find out is to play more.

Ed first opened up Hank’s avatar and played him. He played and he watched monitoring the situations happening during the game. At one point he saw Hank taking more of the pills bought from the mysterious catalog. Hank in the game also seemed to be working out more. Not only that, but he seemed to be working out more and more with Amanda and at one point he swore that he saw Hank share his pills with Amanda. Sure enough, this pattern was confirmed. After a few minutes of playing, during a workout both Hank and Amanda stopped and proceed to do stretches and jumps and finally hop up and up a set of numbers flying away from them. Immediately following was the stretching, and flexing, bunching, and finally the pop pop pop and the two looked changed, bigger, stronger, taller and healthier.

Ed backed out of Hank’s house quickly and called up Dmitri and Dominick’s avatars. He was shocked. He couldn’t see anything with them in real life, but with the not exactly real looking avatars, he noticed that they looked more similar than usual. Allowing the game to play on it’s own, he watched as they took similar pills as the other ‘characters’ in his game, and they worked out, and performed tumbling moves, and just like the others the stomping, the stretching, the hopping, the flexing, the bunching, the pop pop pop, and they were bigger, taller, larger, stronger. But something caught Ed’s attention, there was another set of stomping and another set of popping and it looked liked the two boys were slightly larger.

Confused, Ed moved in closer, a magnified close up on the two young men in his game and noticed, they actually weren’t bigger a second time – the swelling took place in their crotch. Ed wondered how that happened and controlled one of the young men to do a search of their house and discovered while letting the game run on it’s own the two had ordered on their own the Penile Power Pills and Titanic Testicle Tidbits. While pondering what effect this might have, they game continued to play on it’s own and the two headed to the bathroom for a shower. Realizing he was still in a close up mode, Ed watched as they showered once again using the Gemini Soap. After a long hot bath the boys appeared to stand still and suddenly streams of something, streamers? Confetti? Came out of them and then went into the opposite one. Ed adjusted the view for a closer look up and realized the items coming in and out of them looked like strands of DNA. Once this action was done, he decided to back out of the game and noticed upon doing so that the boy’s avatars looked even more similar than before.

“Hey there.” Suddenly Ed felt a pair of large arms encircle his torso. “Playing a game this early in the morning? You really like gamin’ don’chu?”

Ed looked up to see Mark standing there looking down on him in a playful, interested, loving manner? “Yeah I really do like it.”

“I…uhm…thought you liked big things.”

“I do…I like you.”

Mark stopped, looking down at Ed and bent down giving him a full blown kiss. Ed closed his eyes, lost in the feeling, the moment, the heat, nearly passing out. Mark broke it off, stood back up, then knelt down to be a lil’ closer to eye level with Ed.

“Do you really like big things?”

“Yeah, I really like big things. I like big guys. Always have. The taller, the broader, the stronger, the more hung, the bigger feet, larger hands…..”

“And so you liked me?”

“Well, just the way you are, I’d like you even if you were average. But you weren’t, you were big and tall… and nice. I fell for you the moment I saw you.”

“And now? With…” and Mark flexed his arm and stretched one leg out. “…this… this… happening. How do you feel about me?”

“Well, you’re still the same nice guy, just a larger form, so you know I like it – a lot.” And Ed laughed a little. “The question is, how do you feel about it?”

Mark paused for a moment looking away. Finally he turned his gaze back to Ed and said, “I like it too. I like it a lot too! I’ve never told anyone this, but I like being big. I’ve wanted to be bigger. I’ve been working out and training with various techniques, but I’ve never seem to be able to gain any more size. This happening, well, it happening all at once was a bit frightening, but I like it. Even though I grew up to be a pretty big guy, I’ve always been fascinated by big, tall, muscular, strong, men too. It may sound weird, but I’ve always wanted to grow up to be the Hulk, without the green skin though.”

“Really? You wanted to be the Hulk?”

“Yeah. The Hulk. On steroids. Either that or the Hulk with all the proportional mass and strength combined with Paul Bunyan or the Brawny man.”

“The Brawny man!”

“I know… it’s silly, but I’ve always wanted to be huge, a giant, a colossus. Think you’d still like me if that happened?”

“Probably. No, I know I would. But that won’t happen. Hey, it’s close to class time. You’d better get in that bathroom and shower, you have a bit more to wash.”

Mark looked down at himself and laughed. “Yeah. I wonder what I’m going to do for clothes?” He shrugged and walked into the bathroom. “I’ll leave the door open for you. It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked after all.” And he flashed a smile at Ed.

Ed smiled back, but more with a devilish grin. He heard Mark start the shower and Ed turned back to his lap top and quickly clicked on Mark’s avatar. He turned the game time mode on to it’s fastest and then proceeded to match it with his own pace of clicking on game Mark and ordering him to stretch, to work out, to pump, to pump…that, to pop pills. In the game Mark spent the next couple of days doing nothing but lifting, stretching, pumping, and eating, and was totally devoted to that. With the game time flying at such a high speed, it didn’t take long and Mark’s avatar stood still and began the stomping, the stretching, the flexing, followed by the massive hop hop HOP! and the pop Pop POP! Ed then turned the speed back to normal play, backed out of the game and waited.

Mark meanwhile, was taking a very long and hot shower. He had begun to run his hands up and down his torso, feeling his chest moving up and cupping the slightly higher peaks on his arms, caressing back over to the shoulders, moving down his lats and coming back to feel his abs all while the hot water cascaded down his body. He next looked down and wiggled his toes, then began to flex his feet causing his calves to bunch and harden. Eventually he started shifting his weight on each leg, pointing the other out to flex his thighs and look at them.

“Ya know, Ed. I think this new size will come in handy for the football team. We’ve needed more mass and power, maybe I can give it to them.”

Ed didn’t answer. Mark laughed thinking he must be caught up in that game of his. He looked down at his chest and attempted to bounce flex them individually. When that didn’t work he snickered and then proceeded to do a crab shot.

“Oh yeah! Who’s the big man? Yeah… who’s Mr. Big? Yeah! WHO’S GOT THE POW- wuh-OW ooooohhhhhhh…”

Mark’s head swooned. He placed his hand upon the shower wall to brace himself. The water from the shower head washed over him, luckily the school installed their heads higher than most stalls placed them. But something else was washing over him and the more it did so, the more he swooned, the better he felt.


And Mark stood up. He wiggled and stretched his feet. Were they tired? He looked down at them and wiggled them more. Stretched them to try and get a kink out and watched them respond by actually moving further out although he never moved his heel from where it was.


He watched as his feet get longer, longer, his toes stretch out further and further from the base. He saw as the sides got wider and wider and his foot begin to completely over take a large floor tile and begin on the next one. The feeling in his feet moved up his legs and just as quickly into his torso and arms. Interlacing his fingers together, he raised his hands above his head, cracking his knuckles, and stretching as far and as high as he could, leaning backwards while releasing a groan.


The strain from the stretch almost took all his breath away and he saw spots in front of his eyes, nearly blacking out. But then he stood up straight and began to watch as the top of the shower curtain and the rod holding it, just slightly below his head and right at his eye level, dropped down a bit. Then it dropped down more. And it dropped down again. And still once more the bar lowered itself until it came probably to his chin.

Mark would’ve begun to question this, but the warm sensation was moving all over him again from his toes and he began to flex. No reason was there to flex; he just knew he had to. Nothing happed when he did so and he knew he must do it again. He flexed hard. Harder. HARDER! He strained to flex those calves. He stood on tip toes as high as he could. He attempted to be like a ballerina. When he could stand no higher, he brought himself down flat footed again and then repeated the stance as if he was working a pump. Suddenly he saw it. The calves seemed to swell and swell more, just a little more, and a little more.

But then the warmth moved up to his thighs and began to stick his legs out alternately, flexing them hard. Snapping them into position and showing cuts. He snapped them into a flex so hard it felt as if he might break his knees and caps causing the leg to bend backwards. He started doing squats without and weights, but repeating the motion, more and more, faster, harder and all the while those thighs and his but began to swell, thicken, harden.

The sensation moved up to his middle torso and he began to moan and rock his hips working into a rolling of his abs. Swaying to and fro he began to look like a male belly dancer. Faster and faster he rolled that six pack as it began to take on the faint appearance of an eight pack, until finally he began to place his arms behind his head and then slightly crunch his abs holding them in a pose that showed each and every single brick.

Still the burning went on traveling to his lats, back, chest, shoulders, arms all at once. He turned placing his hands on his hips and started popping his back and lats harder and harder, striking the pose over and over. Each time he felt his back tighten, harden. He stood up straighter and taller. His sides felt thicker, harder, and pushed his arms out further and farther. He heard his shoulders crack and pop and he swore not only did his shoulder muscles bunch, get more cut and striated but even without muscle become broader, wider.

Moving forward these prickles focused solely on the front deep in his chest and he once again began doing crab shots.

“Oooooohhhh yeeeeah!”

Side shot.


Pec flex.

“Hmmmmmm yeah!”

And the shelf he had on top of his torso began to stick out farther, broader, thicker, harder. It bunched and swelled teasing the eyes telling them, “I don’t care how big his feet get, you will soon never be able to see them.” He watched as his nip stuck out further, and move their way down as his pectorals swelled with more strength and mass.

Suddenly the arms sprung up into a double bi and then one went down and Mark started performing single bi shots, left and right, flexing the arm harder and harder, watching the peak reach up higher and higher. He saw the arm, bi and tri, swell out larger and larger. Gone was the baseball on his arm, replaced with the foot ball. Hanging down his arms were beginning to look like thighs, like a hamhock hung up to dry.

Just when Mark couldn’t take anymore he stopped flexing, his body trembling, his chest heaving, the water still pouring down and over him. The water was losing its heat, but Mark and his body was producing so much of its own now that the water was steaming off of him. And then he began to notice, a little buldge, first on one arm and then on the other. Looking past them he saw the same thing happening on his legs. This ledge appeared further and further on top of his muscled, right under the skin. It pumped. It throbbed. It coursed further and further over the arms, up the legs. It was his veins plumping, pumping, forcing blood to his muscles. They crossed over the arms, across the shoulders, over the back, up the neck, down the chest, across the abs. Up they came from his feet, over the ankles, across the diamond of the calves, over the ridges and buldges of the thigh.

As Mark watched the veins converge on his groin, he suddenly felt the warmth hit him hard there and saw, no felt, as his balls began to swell and hang lower, then his prick began to swell and reach out, more, longer, further, and yet it wasn’t becoming erect. The sensation spread, built, worked to a fevered sensation until he began to feel the same kind of swelling, hardening in his member he felt in all his muscles. It stretched, it swelled, it turned red, deep purple and suddenly.


Ed was startled by the scream that came from the bathroom. It wasn’t a scream it was more like an orgasmic cry. He shut off his computer and stared at the bathroom doorway. Eventually he heard the shower curtain move to one side. He head the heavy pads of two feet hit the floor. He heard those same feet heavily pad, no plod their way towards the door. Through the mist of the shower Ed saw the shadow, the large shadow of Mark come into form as it moved towards the door. Out of the fog, he saw that shadow become a living form. It came to the door and stopped. Mark’s head stood a fraction taller than the doorway. Mark’s shoulders were broader than the doorway. It appeared that even Mark’s thighs were broader than the doorway.

Mark turned slightly sideways and dipped a little to get through the doorway. He walked over looking down at Ed with a slight questioning look on his face. Ed looked up staring at Mark in awe, a slight bulge forming in his pants quickly accented by a growing wet spot. Mark noticed this and his expression went from one of fear to one of bliss and looked again at Ed and said, “You like big things?”

Ed stood up and wrapped himself around Mark as much as he could, holding on as if Mark were going to leave. “No, I like massive things.”

Mark responded by picking Ed up and carrying him to the bed, laying him down and saying, “I think we’re going to have a sick day today.”

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