I was a College Weresinewa 5

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I'm not sure what happened, the night before. I remember being somewhere very green and lush just at the break of dawn and my vision started sinking lower and lower, much lower than it had been. I remember there being some kind of delivery truck? maybe.... that actually backed into me, then pulled up, and a man got out and opened the doors. He said something about "easy there big fella" and with a small shove to my shoulder pushed me into the truck.

I woke up in the early afternoon to some voices, talking very loudly. Very loudly indeed. There was shouting. It was an extremely heated argument.

"Look, you young sirs must listen to me."

"Why should we listen to you? You lied!"

"And for a very good and precautious reason! He needed to be sequestered. Kept safe until we routed the cause of his condition and it was over."

"Like you were able to do that?! Look where it got him. Now he's an undeniable freak!"

"And whose fault is it I had lax security, Master Pickles? The indignity! Call me a liar to my face and yet, who came here to drop off his things under false pretenses, using an intrusive power to read my mind, and then came in here, without asking permission, without asking me appropriate questions with your new found knowledge, without knowing how to treat his condition and wound up setting him free!"

"Pick, Dr. Zimbalst, just calm down and ...."

"I am calm!"
"I am calm!"

"Uh-huh..... I don't care how big Stephen has become, he's not awake now to save either of your asses, and I'm more than big and powerful enough to take both of you on, down, and out. Now pull yourselves together and act like gentlemen. And that's our friend up there, George. I don't care if he reaches a billion feet tall, you ever call him a freak again, he won't be able to save you."

I suddenly felt myself get all hot and flustered. That last comment was made by Joel. I didn't know he cared that much about me. I could tell from the gasps of irritation during the heated conversation, most of the gang were there: Pick, Joel, Thomas, Eric, James, Ricky, Alistair, and Dr. Zimbalst. I tried to move forward, quietly out of the bedroom to listen in on more of the conversation. That didn't work too well. I suddenly discovered how tall I was as I walked head first into the blades of a rotating ceiling fan.

".... and as far as being a freak goes, Master Pickles, he is far from it, now that the sun has risen and he has lost three-quarters of the height he acquired last night."

"But he was ten feet tall! He's as big as Hagrid from Hogwarts!"

"Hagrid is a fictitious character, Master..."



"Good Gracious. That would be him and he tried to stand up. He doesn't know he's almost seven and half feet tall now."

The gang marched themselves up the stairs and into my bedroom, standing just inside the doorway.

"Good knight... this is him in shrunken, normal form?"

"He looks like a giant gymnast..."

"No, more like a giant rugby player. Damn... he steps out of this house they are going to be teams begging him to play even if he is American."

"Look at the size of his feet!"

"I can't.... look at what's flopped out. Damn, Steve-o, did ya fuck a male horse last night too!"

There was suddenly gasps from almost everyone in the room.

"Sorry, guys... didn't mean to be such an... uhm...exhibitionist for ya." I reached for a sheet to pull it over me like a toga, although I discovered with my muscle size and height, a regular bed sheet was only going to work as the bottom half of one on me.

"Quite understandable, Stephen. You weren't aware of your new height, which also meant there were no clothes we had to fit you."

"My new powers of being able to instantly know what my size is isn't working right now, Professor. Care to enlighten me?"

"Well, you're are exactly seven feet, five and three-quarters inches tall. You weigh approximately somewhere around 360-70 pounds, you wear a size US 28 men's shoe, and your... well, your 'mini-me' there is up to about fourteen inches now when fully erect."

"Oh..... my....god....."

"Easy... easy young mister. I know it's a shock, but you can still live a relatively normal life. There are quite a few men around your height in college and professional basketball, so it's not unheard of, although seldom heard. You'll be able to maybe get some endorsements, play parts of large characters in movies and TV.... you will find it hard to fit into society, but not impossible. You're out of a full moon phase right now, and if we can find the answers to what we need before the next one comes, we'll be able to keep you right where you are."

"You can't guarantee that, you couldn't do it last time!" screamed Pick.

Dr. Zimbalst turned round very quickly and with an extremely stern face confronted Pick. "MASTER PICKLES! You do not have your gift of E.S.P. right now, nor any other tele-powers, so you have nothing to save you from my knowledge and actions. Let us get this straight, once and for all. Yes, I deceived you gentlemen into thinking he was away at a hospital for tests. Yes, that was a lie. But if you, Pick, hadn't invaded my privacy by reading my mind, you wouldn't have known about it. Yet the real moral dilemma is this, since you had found out, why didn't you track me down and confront me, ask me, why a gentleman of my standing would have your friend locked up? If you had, you would have been able to find the truth out. Number one because I would have told you, and number two because you would have been able to rudely use your powers to see that I was telling you the truth when I told you!
"But you didn't do that, did you? No, you planned a daring escape, that backfired. You caused him to grow. You caused him to escape, which in turned caused him to grow even further. And now he's performed the acts on five people, so even if I had wanted to be able to let him out for walks in the city, which I did, that can't happen now cause he can be identified as an extremely big man. He will have to lie low in someone's house for a number of years."

Pick backed up against a wall, with his head bowed down, looking very sheepish. But Thomas stepped forward and addressed the professor.

"That's not entirely true, sir. Well, it was but by the end of last night it wasn't."

"What do you mean?"

"The two guys Pick got to help him out were hirable thugs. Not too bright of individuals, but more importantly no one really notices them accept the criminal element, but because they're criminals, if one goes missing, no one really cares. Pick contacted me telepathically after Steve escaped last night. He had already told all of us about you having Steve, although he didn't tell us how he knew. But I was aware of his powers, so after Steve's escape, he contacted me and we all came over as fast as we could. He wiped the two thugs memory and we dropped them off in the park. We then uhm....well, followed the trail Steve left behind. There was the thug, already taken care of, then some guy in an apartment building, two guys who were friends of another who is missing, and one woman whose thoughts say she knows the two guys, but they don't know her.
"Pick wiped their minds too, except for the woman. For some reason he couldn't wipe hers. We arrived at the scene before the police did. Everyone was out cold. We hosed everyone down with soap and water, bleached the house down, took the damaged and soiled clothes, put used ones from inside the house back on the injured, and tore out of there. That's when we came over to your place to wait for you."

Dr. Zimbalst looked up startled and shaken for a moment. "What did you say?"

"That's when we came over to your place to..."

"No, before that, about the woman. Pick couldn't wipe her mind?"

"No, he couldn't. He's not sure why."

"And there's one gentleman Stephen attacked and you couldn't located him?"

"No. Pick tried to sense him but couldn't. He says he's got a pretty far range of telepathy too, and..."

"Shush.... Steve... Stephen, I want you to look at me and think. Think extremely hard now. There were three gentlemen you wound up engaging at the same time during the course of your evening. Can you remember them?"

"Vaugely.... it was because of the guy.... on a motorcycle?"

"A guy on a motorcycle. Was he a person you were following...."

"I believe he was the main person of my lust.... he was close to seven feet tall .... a couple inches shy of it, maybe.....pretty extreme build.....like contest ready, but not ready for the competition of the more seasoned bodybuilders....."

"And what happened to him? Did you....partake of him?"

"Yes...but....but something....."

"What? What was it Steve? What was the something that happened?"

"I'm not sure... he.... he just disappeared. I remember kind of coming to, being lost, confused. There were three people on the ground. The two men I encountered, I think they came out of the house trying to protect their friend, and then there was this.... woman."

The professor let out a small cry and sighed, closing his eyes as if he just heard the worst possible news. Soon, all the guys were asking him what was up. He excused himself for a moment and brought up the old tome he had shown me earlier and proceeded to show all the guys and explain to me about one more strange creature of the night.

"I'm afraid, young man, you've created an even worse problem than another weresinewa. You've created a succubust."

"A succubust. What's a succubust?"

.................................................. ...................

Meanwhile across town, in a hospital bed, a young woman lies asleep, possibly comatose. Suddenly her stats begin to rise and become elevated. She begins to buck her hips and moan in her sleep.

"Aaaah.... ahhhhh.... AI... AI.... AIIIIIIE! AIIIIIIIIIIE! I... I MUST HAVE HIM IN ME!"

A nurse hearing her moans and cries, rushes to her room to help calm her down. "Shh shhh shh shhh shhh. Miss, it's alright. You're safe now."


"No... no it's okay... you're in the hospital. You're safe. They've caught the two gentlemen that raped you. You will be fine. Just relax, calm down. You need to heal. We'll have a specialist come and talk with you in the morning."

"NO! I need him... I NEED HIM NOW!"

"I need assistance in here stat! She's going hysterical! Miss..... ok.... Miss. Just breathe.... you're fine... you're safe... We're going to have Ms. Nancy here give you a sedative to help you relax and sleep this evening o...kurrrgh...."

The diminutive woman just suddenly grabbed the nurse around the throat and with surprising strength pinned her to the wall. In a flash she tore open the nurse's scrub top and began to suck on her breast, first one and then the other. She sucked and sucked and began to grow and grow, inflate, become taller, stronger, and more buxom. She took care of the other nurse that came into her room as well, the same thing happening. She was a short woman, but now she was around five foot ten inches tall with moderately sized breasts. She squeezed her breasts with a look of pleasure, yet knew these were not enough. She was not enough. She needed to be taller, stronger, leggier, bustier, in order to get her man back. She needed to leave that hospital, and she did so in nothing but a hospital gown as she sashayed her hips while she walked, leaving behind two wall flowers in her room that none of the staff had seen come in. Nor had they seen two of their staff members walk out.

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